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									                         Associated Student Government
                                Meeting Minutes
                                  May 21, 2008

1.0 Call to Order at 3:02 pm.

2.0 Roll Call
   Quorum Present: Adam Kidwell, Heidi Austin, Javierh Montero, Jessica
    Henricksen, Kalynn Stearns, Kyle Doran, Latisha Burley, Melanie Kratzer,
    Michael Vu, Mitch Knudsen, Tim Lussier, Whitney Johnson

3.0 Student Comments
   There were none.

4.0 Approval of Minutes
   Will approve minutes from last week next meeting.

5.0 Approval of Agenda
   Agenda approved.

6.0 ASG Reports

     6.1 Clubs- Javierh Montero
          Clubs Banquet
                o 12 clubs/77 people are coming, including ASG.
          Most of the clubs have decided on club member of the year.
                o Appropriations for prize (gift card) was turned in.
          Updated club’s list again.
          Sent out email to clubs inviting them to attend Battle of the Bands. None
            have replied.
          Want to nominate advisor to be “Advisor of the Year” and an ambassador
            or student leader to be “Student of the Year”.
          Talked to Margaret Mallatt about international club. It is officially active
            and needs to be advertised. Need to ask if an ESL person can be in charge.
            Will be hosting an end-of-the year party for them.

     6.2 Community Service- Kalynn Stearns
          Doug from Methodist church is going to pick up barrels from the Canned
           Food Drive on Thursday.
          Hasn’t been able to open the Clothes Closet this week. Will open next
          Need to take down current “Community Service” signs and replace with
           new ones that are in our boxes.
          Dropped off the Road Clean Up supplies at the center. Garbage was
           picked up yesterday.
      Took two trips to Sysco for food order on Monday.
      Sustainability Committee meeting this Friday, May 23rd 12-3 p.m. in
       McLoughlin Auditorium (subject to change).

6.3 Campus Activities- Michael Vu, Kyle Doran
     Volleyball Night
         o Total of 8 participants.
         o $13.00 spent on pizza.
         o Recommendation: Make a sign up sheet to know how many people
              to expect.
         o Recommendation: Don’t do on a Friday because the campus is
              pretty quiet on Fridays.
         o Recommendation: Don’t do Volleyball Night on a sunny weather
              day because people would rather be outside.
     Called Obama and Clinton to come to CCC.
     Video Game Day.
         o No one rents out systems.
         o CCC would be liable for stolen goods.
     Gamer’s Tournament: ASG would be in charge of providing food and

6.4 Public Affairs- Mitch Knudsen, Melanie Kratzer
     Alcohol Awareness went well.
     Will have posters made by tomorrow for Disaster Awareness Week.

6.5 Grant Department- Whitney Johnson, Adam Kidwell
     Childcare Recipient Dinner May 30th, 2008
          o Appropriations were turned in Monday, May 19th.
          o Order to Chartwells will be placed by Thursday, May 22nd.
          o Monday, May 26th will be calling people to remind them of the
          o We will be purchasing decorations and supplies sometime next
          o Set up is at 4:00 p.m. Need to be completely ready by 5:45 p.m.
          o Party begins at 6:00 p.m. and ends at 8:00p.m.
          o Hope to see everyone there. Those who signed up will be getting a
             reminder in your box. Thanks!
     Grant Committee will be meeting Wednesday, May 28th at 2:00.

6.6 Administrative Assistant- Latisha Burley
     Upcoming Committees:
         o Thursday, May 15th – Campus Security 3:00 p.m. CC 126
         o Wednesday, May 28th – CUDC 2:00 p.m. CC 126
     Appropriations: will report on budget next week.
     Sign up for Google Group!
    6.7 Vice President- Jessica Henricksen
         Going over Constitution and Bylaws and finding a time to have a
           committee to change the things that need to be changed.
         Getting the binder for next years’ Vice President ready.
         Checking hours and making sure people are putting in the hours required
           for their position.
         Figuring out the End of the Year Gathering for outside fun.

    6.8 President- Tim Lussier
         Election Update:
               o President - Barack Obama <>
               o U.S. Senate - Jeff Merkley vs. Gordon Smith
               o U.S. Congress (OR-5) - Kurt Schrader vs. Mike
               o Erickson<>
               o Attorney General - John Kroger <>
               o Secretary of State - Kate Brown vs. Rick
               o State Treasurer - Ben Westlund vs. Alan Alley
         OCCSA Meeting May 30th and May 31st.
         Future Candidates on Campus.
         Meeting with Michael and Latisha.
         President’s Council meeting decided on the policy for designated smoking
         Invited student portal to come to our meeting next week and have us test it
           out. They have added a box on the website for ASG announcements.
         Remember to apply for scholarships.
         Type out bullet points for next week.

    6.9 Advisor- Mindy Brown
         Tunnel tours are going to be at 4:00 p.m. today.
         Passed around food survey for everyone to fill out.
         Need to decide how we want to spend the $1580 that we received from
           working at the Phone-A-Thon.
         $866 was earned from the Penny War.
         Honor’s Social is Tuesday, May 27th 11-1 in Gregory Forum. Ice cream
           social and hotdogs. Need people to help set up and serve.
         Will be discussing changes in the cafeteria soon.

7.0 New Business

    7.1 Other Announcements
         Kalynn commented that the water in concessions was cold.
             Events similar to Alcohol Awareness makes ASG visible; especially when
              they’re successful. Good job Mitch!
             Whitney has a job opportunity. See her if interested.

              7.1.1   Goal Planning
                         Will be taking time to go over goals for next year. Latisha
                            will get questions typed up and in boxes.

       7.2 Stand-ups
            Michael and Latisha need to meet with Tim.
            Appropriation Committee stay after.

8.0 Adjourn at 3:58 p.m.

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