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									                           The newsletter of the National Capital Area (NCA) Emmaus
                                               for the glory of God

                                   Fourth Day Journal
                              Vol. XXII No. 5                           May 2004

From the Emmaus Lay Director . . .                                 In both stories, I‟m glad those folks didn‟t
                                                           give up. You see, Mary and Mary Magdalene
                 “Church Mice!”                            were the first witnesses to the Glory of our Risen
         DE COLORES! Well, that‟s the way the              Lord! They were faithful in their service. And
April Gathering at Springfield UMC started out.            those folks on Friday night were just as responsi-
What a wonderful worship and fellowship time I             ble for bringing about that same experience of
had. And from the emails and comments I‟ve had             witnessing the Glory of Jesus! It was in the songs
since, I believe everyone there felt the Holy Spirit       we sang, the music we heard and saw (yes, what
and experienced a rekindling of the fire you expe-         an awesome gift Sara shared with us), the Fourth
rience on your weekend.                                    Day Talk and worship of our God.
         Several events came together this week as                 All this came together in the short two
I was pondering what I would write about this              hours we had because a lot of “Church Mice” with
month. Friday night‟s Gathering, which always              servant‟s hearts love the Lord and want nothing
inspires me, my devotion from the morning be-              more than to serve. The Theme of the Board this
fore, and the phone calls and emails about the Ga-         year is taken from Psalm 127:1, “Unless the Lord
thering, all came together this morning during my          builds the house, it‟s workers labor in vain.”
quiet time.                                                Likewise, the companion verse is taken from Co-
         As it happened, I arrived at the Church on        lossians chapter 3, verse 17, “And whatever you
Friday night about 6:45, (early at least for me) only      do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name
to find a whole group of folks already working hard        of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father
to get the place ready for the evenings activities---all   through him.” Truly, the Body of Christ is at
going about their tasks without any fanfare. The           work in our Community, and I pray you are in-
Communion elements were in place, offertory plates         spired and challenged to Christian action in your
positioned, the Prayer List posted for concerns,           local church, your homes and places of work.
sound systems being checked, overhead projector            That is what we are about, as we become active
and refreshments set up. Folks you probably don‟t          disciples of Jesus Christ in our world through our
even know were carrying all this out. At best, you         local churches. DeColores,
may know them, but you probably don‟t realize who
was doing the tasks. I remember hearing my                 In His Grace,
Grandmother talk about the “Church Mice” and how           Jerry Taylor
they always kept everything running smooth. They           Community Lay Director
were hardly ever seen. In fact, when any light is
shinned on them, they tend to scamper away.                             New Journal Editor
         Tie this example with the story of Mary                   Starting with the June edition of the Fourth
and Mary Magdalene and the tasks they were on              Day Journal, Jon Holstine will be taking over as
their way to do on that first Easter Morning. Je-          editor. Jon is new to our community, having just
sus‟ body had to be prepared for burial. No one            walked on E-114. He is a member of Cameron
else had chosen to perform the task. What if they          UMC in Alexandria. His email address is
had decided that there was no use? What if they   His phone number and ad-
had given up? What if they felt they were the only         dress are on the last page of this Journal.
ones who did anything? Have you felt that way?
From the Board Spiritual Director                             Engaged Encounter Weekend Scheduled
                                                                 ENGAGED COUPLES - START YOUR
―But Thomas, one of the twelve, was not with
                                                         MARRIAGE OFF RIGHT - attend an Engaged
them when Jesus came.‖ John 20:24
                                                         Encounter weekend, May 28 to 30, 2004, at Camp
                                                         Overlook, near Harrisonburg, Virginia. Engaged
        Maybe it was because there was finally some
good weather after a long, cold rainy spell. Maybe it    Encounter is a weekend away from your daily ac-
was because work had been hectic and it was time to      tivities so you can plan your future together.
kick back and relax. Maybe it was time to get the boat   Strengthen your relationship with God, learn posi-
out or dust off the fishing gear. Whatever the reason,   tive communication skills, and increase your
the disciple Thomas was not with the others when Je-     awareness of your partner‟s feelings and needs
sus “breathed on them and said to them, „Receive the     through Engaged Encounter. The total cost of the
Holy Spirit‟.” If he had any idea of what he was miss-   weekend is $250.00 with a $25.00 discount for
ing, Thomas would have been there.                       registration by the deadline of April 30, 2004.
        Why is it that we tend to separate ourselves             For more information and a registration
from the faith community that is so often the very
                                                         form, visit the local Engaged Encounter website at
source of experiencing the presence of the Risen Chr-
                                                or contact Duff &
ist? I was reminded of this at our last Ultreya. There
was no doubt about it; the living Lord came to our       Polly Means at (703) 860-1506, email: the-
April Ultreya! The music was great, the fellowship
warm, the prayers were powerful, sharing in commu-
nion was awesome and Tom Rogers gave a Spirit-filled      Tapestry in Faith—A Fourthday Celebration
witness of how God had been preparing him through        Tapestry IV, has been rescheduled for Sat., August
the Emmaus community to deal with his serious ill-       21. Our original date conflicted with the NCA
ness.                                                    Chrysalis candlelight. I know NCA will be in the
        One thing that was clear from Tom‟s message      middle of a Women's weekend on the 21st, and
was the power of meeting in small groups. By meeting     perhaps we can encourage a huge turnout for
together weekly, praying and sharing with one another,   Mañanita during our service Saturday evening.
Tom‟s small group was a powerful blessing in his life.          Brian Lewis, coordinator Tapestry in Faith
How appropriate that Board Member Suzie Beeson
announced a major initiative to encourage us to be in
reunion groups. I know that the small group that I                                            Service of Worship and Praise
have met with weekly during this past school year has     You are invited…
been a powerful way for me to “receive the Holy Spi-
rit.” Check out our website to get hooked up with a
reunion group. You will be blessed!                                   Messiah United Methodist Church
                                                                             Saturday 5:30 PM
         DeColores,                                                 6215 Rolling Road, Springfield, VA 22152
         Pastor Dan Horner
         Board Spiritual Director                        “Reaching out to people with the relevancy of the gospel to today’s
                                                            world through an energetic service of worship and praise.”

                                                           Gifts  Cards  Books  Bibles  Jewelry
                                                                   Music  Palanca  T-shirts
                                                           If we don’t have it, we’ll order it for you.
                                                                            (703) 242-9145
                                                                 108-110 Church Street NE  Vienna, VA

Page 2                                                                           Fourth Day Journal  May 2004
          May Chrysalis Corner                                          Yes, brothers and sisters...the "Jeremiahs" are
                                                              out there and they need OUR support. Let's look at
         This month I am blessed to introduce you to          what's coming up:
another member of the Chrysalis Board. This month's                 Team selection is almost complete for C-57 and
submission comes from Bryan Buckles. Bryan was                the team meetings start soon. Occurring July 8-11 at
born in Louisiana in 1961. Raised a United Methodist,         Mar Lu Ridge Conference Center, C-57 will be one
he accepted Christ at the age of 14. After a detour           truly awesome and God-filled Young Adult weekend.
from the cross of Christ in his late teens, twenties and      Cadre and team selection are well underway for C-58,
early thirties, he was renewed in his faith through the       also to be held at Mar Lu Ridge Conference Center.
Walk to Emmaus in 1996.                                       The dates for C-58 are August 12-15.
         Bryan walked on NCA E-69 in May of that                        Our awesome God also has terrific plans for
year and sat at the table of Hope. Since that time he         this, His High School weekend. And, as always, the
has teamed several times, been blessed to become a            NCA Chrysalis community needs support from all of
heavily involved layman in two Untied Methodist con-          us in finding and sponsoring caterpillars for both of
gregations, and, as of last summer, has been licensed as      these weekends. Remember, a Young Adult caterpillar
a local Pastor in the Virginia Annual Conference of the       needs to be a high school graduate and be no older than
United Methodist Church. A retired U. S. Marine,              25 at the time of their walk. A High School caterpillar
Bryan currently serves as the Associate Pastor at Dum-        must be 15 and a rising sophomore. Please prayerfully
fries United Methodist Church in Dumfries, Virginia.          consider sponsoring one of God's caterpillars as He
He also works as a government contractor and attends          turns them into His butterflies in the blessed way in
seminary part time. Bryan has a beautiful 14-year-old         which only He can!
named Hannah who lives in Michigan.                                     Other ways you can help? I'm glad you asked!
                                                              We all can and should pray, sign the prayer wheel,
Jeremiah 1: 7-8 "But the Lord said to me, 'Do not say, 'I     write agape, provide weekend snacks, and attend can-
am only a boy; for you shall go to all to whom I send you,    dlelight and (if possible) closing. And - most impor-
and you shall speak whatever I command you. Do not be         tant - let's all evangelize about this wonderful ministry
afraid of them, for I am with you to deliver you', says the   in our churches. The Chrysalis outreach team was
Lord."                                                        blessed to have six youth from Dumfries UMC and
      Jeremiah. A young man. A teenager, in fact.             Grace Baptist witness to a huge crowd of youth at Fair-
Called by God. Anointed by God for His own very               lington UMC in Alexandria on Palm Sunday. They
special purposes. Jeremiah. A teenager CALLED BY              had loads of questions and took several applications.
GOD and told by God to NOT doubt himself because                        And we'll be looking for our Fairlington broth-
of his youth. Jeremiah needed to be reminded by God           ers and sisters on the mountain!
what we all need to be reminded of when we find our-                    NCA Chrysalis will have new NCA Emmaus
selves in the midst of self-doubt, apprehension and un-       directories on sale at the May Ultreya. This will in-
certainty. God tells all of us, just as He told the tee-      clude names and addresses for both of our communi-
nage prophet Jeremiah, "I am with you - don't doubt           ties. Please come prepared to help us with this latest
yourself."                                                    fundraiser. Another really great way to support Chrysa-
         I have been blessed to work with NCA Chrysa-         lis is to register your grocery, credit, and debit cards on
lis since the Spring of 2001. Since that time I have          e-Scrip. All you have to do is head on over to
always been indescribably blessed and amazed at the  and register!! We thank all of you
"Jeremiahs" I see - boys AND girls - go up to the             that have already helped out by registering.
mountain and come down again refocused, energized                       Remember, God is calling and equipping
and equipped by the same awesome God who refo-                young "Jeremiahs" all the time. Let's remain receptive
cused, energized and equipped Jeremiah all those years        to His guidance and join the effort! And speaking of
ago.                                                          time...God is good! All the time!
         I have met folks in their mid-thirties who
walked on C-1 and who currently serve as youth coun-          Fly With Christ!
selors. I have seen teenagers with seemingly insur-
mountable challenges give it all up to the Lord and go        Bryan Buckles
back to their home churches ready to "turn the place          NCA Chrysalis Board of Directors
upside down." And I have seen adult Chrysalis team
members draw tremendous inspiration and renewal
from the leadership and devotion of these same young
    Fourth Day Journal  May 2004                                                                             Page 3
           Emmaus Board Members                                                     Emmaus Support Staff
              Term Expiring January 2005                                                       Board Secretary
Denise Bates SD      703-815-8098                Trudy Shearin      703-876-0922
Garey Eakes          703-892-8634                                     Treasurer
Jim Leamon           703-978-3220              Sandy Theiss       703-455-0375    ---
Regina Segnari       703-670-3145                             Newsletter Editor
Jerry Taylor LD      703-644-9480     JATaylor@Cox.Net                  Jon Holstine       703-329-7019
Susan Young          703-491-5460                               Newsletter Mailing
              Term Expiring January 2006                                Garey & Sara       703-892-8634
Suzie Beeson         703-455-9150           Eakes
Vic Granger          540-720-4827                               Name & Address Data Base Manager
Dan Horner SD        703-644-7738             Jeff Tidd           703-491-5560
April Moore          703-680-4002                                    Website Manager
Diane Smith          703-528-1205                Rob Cannon          703-560-5153
Mike Suddarth        540-856-4041                        Prayer Requests/E-Mail Coordinator
                                                                         Rob Cannon         703-560-5153
   Chrysalis Board & Support Staff                                                             Team Applications
Lay Directors (LD), Assistant LD (AL) & Spiritual Directors (SD)        Sheryl Hope        703-273-0603
LD Gwenda Ayers 703-824-1735                                       Pilgrim Applications (& drops)
AL      Bill Moore       703-369-3868     Tom Beeson         703-455-9150 Emmaus.Applications@Cox.Net
SD      Edwin Clever     703-670-8581                               Community Palanca
        Tom Hazelwood              ver   Grace Granger       540-720-4827
SD                       703-978-0852
                                                                        Caroline Zong       703-878-2972
                   Other Board Members                                                         Outreach Palanca
Anna Ailstock          703-920-0646              Jim & Levina       703-273-2884
Rhianna Ayers          703-824-1735       Conklin
Bryan Buckles          703-897-9762              Bud West                 ---
Lee Gabriel            571-432-5480                                 Emmaus Music Director
Sam Gero               703-690-1695                Rodger Casey        703 430-8990
Joe Lenow              540-899-6162                                               Manuals
Kristi Manwiller       703-590-6162       Tony Bracewell     571-261-3188
Brittany Marz          703-455-2005                                   Weekend Supply
Beth Mickey            703-566-7163                 Winston & Debby 703-878-0878
Bob Weick              703-685-8687                 Krieter
Warren Wooten          540-834-0121    Ed & Paulette       703-490-5805
                     Support Personnel                                                         Facility Liaison
  Treasurer            Secretary               Music                    Lynn Copeland       703-521-0706
Dwain McMullen        Ellen Mickey       Philip Manwiller               Janice Hughes       703-590-2045
        Supplies                      Applications                                       Rector(a) Selection Committee
      Kevin Sanborn              Jon Perkins - chrysali-                Ron Russell         703-250-1709
  Kris & Craig Campesi                                                  Historian
             Crosses & Fourth Day Packets                               Neal Ailstock       703-920-0646
                    Emily McMullen                                                            Fourth Day Packets
                Agape (Palanca) Support                                 Mark Segnari        703-670-3145
      Renea Melec, Ellen Mickey and Beth Ann Eadie                                    Post Emmaus (4th Day & Reunion Groups)
                    Chrysalis Hoots                                     Suzie Beeson        703 455-9150
          Bryan Buckles                              Cindy Rogers        301-585-4676
                   Chrysalis Historian                                                     Wooden Crosses & Ropes
                                                                        George Wakefield 703-494-7020
                      Scott Niehoff
                                                                        Jan Womer           703-670-5236
                   Chrysalis Outreach
                                                                                   Kairos Information (Weekend, Cookies, Etc.)
           Bryan Buckles
                                                                        George Wakefield 703-494-7020
                                                                        Jim Templeton       540-349-9623
                     Prayer Chain                                                          Kairos Outside Information
                  Community Messages                                    Marsha Clements     703-494-4339 ---
                                                                        Barbara Teats       703-354-9043
     If you have prayer concerns or other Information you wish          Lou Ann Bennett     703-913-0926 ---
       made available to the community please send them to :            NOTE: If you have a new or different email address or
                                                                        phone number, or don‟t want one or the other listed, please                                       contact Fourth Day Journal editor at Fourthday-
Page 4                                                                                        Fourth Day Journal  May 2004
                 Community Outreach                                NCA 2004 Emmaus Weekends
                     for May-June 2004                             Please pray for the 2004 Rs, the teams, and the
  Date                   Community                   Number        pilgrims without ceasing. We believe that through
Apr-M 3       Brisbane West Queensland, Austral-   31              power of prayer the Rs will be blessed abundantly.
              ia                                                   All weekends will be held at New Windsor.
May           San Diego, California                M-77
                                                                   Wkend #      2004 Weekend Dates              Rector(a)
13-16         El Shaddai West Central, IN          W-108
              Greater Dayton, OH                   34              E117-W            May 20-23              Linda Girten
              North Indiana Huntington, IN         M-175           E118-M            July15-18              Scott Hamel
May           Erie Koinonia, PA                    K183            E119-W          August 19-22             Nancy Gero
21-23         San Diego, California                W-78            E120-M         September 16-19           Rodger Casey
              New life San Antonio, TX             M-1154          E121-W          December 2-5             Sandy Manwiller
June 3-6      Cleveland/Athans Cleveland, TN       G
              Cleveland/Athans Cleveland, TN       B
              Mountain Top Toledo, OH              M-17
                                                                          Kairos Weekends for 2004
              Houston Bay Houston, TX              M-21                Facility/
                                                                                             Date             Rector
Summer        Oregon Trails, OR Chrysalis          B-12               Weekend #
              Oregon Trails, OR Chrysalis          G-20              Nottoway #14
                                                                                        May 20 – 23        Scott Campbell
                    Community Palanca                                Fluvanna #7 (W)    June 10-13         Teri Johnson
            If you have completed community palanca and              Keen Mtn #5(M)     Sept 7-10          David Morris
    would like to drop it off, please take it to either the Joy      Augusta #14
                                                                                        Sept. 30-Oct. 3    Scott Hamel
    Unlimited store in Vienna or the monthly Ultreya. At             (M)
                                                                     Buckingham #25
    the monthly Ultreya please turn your palanca in to                                  Oct. 7-10          Jim Turner
    Mary Johnson. She will be near the "Community Pa-                                                      Mary Ann
    lanca Box" in the lobby after the Ultreya. You can also          Fluvanna #8 (W)    Oct. 7-10
    pick up blank placemats from Mary or fabric to make              Kairos Outside                        Brenda Rollin-
    the palanca bags. If you would like to make other pa-                                 Oct. 8-10
                                                                     #14                                     son
    lanca please contact Mary at 703/878-1535.                       Pocahontas #16       Oct 14-16        Lauren Muha
                                                                     Greenville #4        Oct 21-24        Larry Scott
                                                                     VCCW #18             Nov. 4-7         Judy Ball
               Executive Moving Systems, Inc.                        Nottoway #15
                                                                                          Nov. 11-14       Wayne Nowell
             Serving Washington, DC and the World                    (M)
                                                                   For information on Kairos weekends see the contact names
                             Dee & Kathy Bailey                    on page 4 or go to the Kairos Web site at
                             P.O.Box 4251
                             Woodbridge, VA 22194-4251               Seatco Custom Embroidery
                             Phone: 703.497.2700
                             Fax: 703.497.2751                        Let us transform your original design into
                                                                           beautiful, lustrous embroidery!
                                                 Jennifer Ailstock E-67
                                                                   5610 Scoville St.    Bailey‟s Crossroads, VA 22041
                  I teach Faithbooking!                               Phone: 703-931-4844            Fax: 703-931-4803
                 Learn how to incorporate your photos                        e-mail:
                  with what God is doing in your life.
                 Photo-safe Scrapbook Photo Albums
                       Classes and Workshops
                       Business Opportunities                              Tom L. Douthat (E43)
                   BARBARA GEATCHES E107                           Gary Douthat (E-75) - Regional Manager
                      Creative Memories Unit Leader               The Carpet Store That Makes House Calls!
           Fourth Day Journal  May 2004                                                                            Page 5
                   Team for E-117                                             PILGRIMS FOR E-117
                    May 20-23, 2004                               CANDIDATE                        CHURCH
 Team Member             Assignment               Talk            Pam Beaton          McLean Bible Church, McLean
Annette Barbier      Mañanita & Closing   Stations of the         Marie Brantley      Edified Christian Church, Landover
                     cha                  Cross (Voice 1)                             Hills, MD
Bev Barthmaier       Table Leader         Growth Through
                                          Study Talk              Tammy Broomall Bethel UMC, Woodbridge
Denise Bates         Spiritual Director   Grace Talks             Lisa Deifer         Calvary UMC, Arlington
Gloria Esterline     Music Director       Lord, I have time       Lois Donaty         Healing Wings Full Gospel,
                                          Reading                                     Fredericksburg,VA
Margaret Fuson       Table Leader         Who Me? Reading         Melissa Dunlap      St. Stephen's UMC, Burke,VA
Ted Fuson            Spiritual Director   Grace Talks
                                                                  Janet Dunn          Seaford Baptist, Newport News
Christine Gibson     Ass‟t Chapel Cha     Priesthood of all
                                          Believers Talk          Kym Etzel           First United Presbyterian, Dale City
Jen Girten           Ass‟t head Cha       Chapel Reading          Abi Foerster        Arlington UMC, Arlington
Linda Girten         Rectora              Fourth Day Talk         Elizabeth Foss      Mt. Vernon UMC, Alexandria
Grace Granger        Table Leader         Christian Action        Mary Fox            St. Anne's Episcopal, Reston
                                                                  Joyce Grace         Dumfries UMC, Dumfries
Robbin King          Ass‟t Dining Room    Please Hear What
                     & Ass‟t Agape Cha    I am Not Saying         Lucy Haynes         Truro Episcopal, Fairfax
Lisa Anderson-       Agape Cha & Ass‟t    Life in Piety Talk      Jeanne Herrmann     St.Vincent dePaul Catholic, Newport
Lloyd                Talk Room Cha                                                    News
Paula Lowery         Palanca Cha          Changing Our            Linda Hough         New Hope Baptist, Alexandria
                                          World Talk
                                                                  Shannon Jacobs      Good Shepherd UMC, Woodbridge
Dawn Mosteller       Table Leader         Discipleship Talk
Allison Palmer       Table leader         Chapel Reading          Dorothy Johnson     Prince of Peace UMC, Manassas
Kris Radcliffe       Floater Cha          Stations of the Cross   Nadine Krutzky-Mitchell Peace Lutheran, Alexandria
                                          (Voice 2)               Donna Mason         Calvary UMC, Arlington
Carolyn Ritenour     Dining Room Cha      Chapel Prayer
                                                                  Sue Ness            Triangle Baptist, Triangle
Cindy Rogers         Music Director       Chapel Reading
Sharon Russell       Talk room Cha        Priority Talk           Marilyn Nipper      Bible Way Temple Apostolic,
Cheri Sandford       Ass‟t Palanca &      Body of Christ                              Washington, DC
                     Ass‟t Mañanita Cha   Talk                    Peggy Park          Springfield UMC, Springfield
Paulette Santiago    Chapel Cha & Ass‟t   Chapel Reading          Kimberly Pitcher-Crago Foundry UMC, Washington, DC
                     Closing Cha                                  Kara Posey          St. Mark's UMC, Manassas
Kathy Skilton        Table Leader         Chapel Reading
Carolyn Tidd         Head Cha             Chapel Prayer           Miriam Rigal        Living Faith Church, Manassas
Susan Young          Ass‟t Rectora        Perseverance Talk       Joyce Rodgers       Old Bridge UMC, Woodbridge
                                                                  Kelly Schay         First Baptist, Alexandria
                                                                  Nancy Searls        Church of the Good Shepherd UMC,
   Palanca Drop Off Locations                                                         Vienna
You may drop off you Palanca at either of these loca-             Judy Smith          St. Stephen's UMC, Burke
tions no later than 6 PM on he Wednesday immediately
                                                                  Cyndy Stancliff     Messiah UMC, Springfield
before the weekend:
                                                                  Shannon Tucker      Church of the Spirit - Episcopal, Alex.
            Lyn Adams – Joy Unlimited                             Stacey Tuggle       Church of the Good Shepherd UMC,
          108-110 Church St NE, Vienna, VA                                            Vienna,
                                                                  Vickey Van Steyn Old Bridge UMC, Woodbridge
  Winston and Debby Krieter – (703) 878-0878                      Doris Walters       First Assembly of God, Montgomery, AL
            13214 Delaney Road, Dale City, VA
                                                                  Freda Washington From the Heart Ministries, Temple
                                                                                      Hills, MD
                                                                  Melanie Watson      Messiah Lutheran, Alexandria
                                                                  Judy Watson         Messiah Lutheran, Alexandria
                                                                  Kristin Zerkow     St. Mary's Catholic Church,

Page 6                                                                                  Fourth Day Journal  May 2004
                                                                                                NonProfit Org
    Fourth Day Journal                                                                           U.S. Postage
The Upper Room Emmaus of                                                                            PAID
             the                                                                               Alexandria, VA
   National Capital Area                                                                      Permit No. 2357
      P.O. Box 2243
    Merrifield, VA 22161

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Chrysalis Corner                 3
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Community Outreach               5
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Kairos Spring Weekends           5
E-117 Name & Addresses           6

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                                                                    Announcements at Ultreya
     Join us for next Ultreya                            In order to better serve the community and speed
                                                         up the Ultreya, the board will pass out printed an-
           Friday, May 21, 2004                                  nouncements during the Ultreya.
                           7:30 PM                             To have your announcement included,
                                                                 please contact Jerry Taylor by the
                St. Stephen’s UMC                                  Wednesday before the Ultreya
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miles. After passing the Kings Park Shopping Center           Fourth Day Journal Deadline
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will have to make a U-TURN at BRADFIELD DR to                       Deadline is May 24, 2004
get to church.
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 Baby Sitting Provided for Ages 2 through 6 ONLY          
                                                          (If you email a download file, describe it in your
       The June Ultreya will be on the 18th at            email or I may not open it due to the potential of
                  Burke UMC                                                hidden Viruses)
                                                                 Other material may be mailed to
     6200 Burke Center Parkway, Burke, VA                        Jon Holstine – 4321 Gingham Court
                                                                     Alexandria, VA 22310-1440

    Fourth Day Journal  May 2004                                                                    Page 7

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