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                                              2007-08 School Improvement Plan
                                                   Goal Setting Action Plan
SCHOOL NAME:                                                  TEAM MEMBERS: Leadership Teams
                                                         ILLINOIS STATE LEARNING STANDARDS
                                                                     STATE GOAL 1: Reading
                                                                     STATE GOAL 3: Writing
1.C.2a Use information to form and refine questions and                     3.B.2a Generate and organize ideas using a variety of planning strategies (e.g., mapping,
predictions.                                                                outlining, drafting).
1.C.2b Make and support inferences and form interpretations about
                                                                            3.B.2b Establish central idea, organization, elaboration and unity in relation to purpose
main themes and topics.
                                                                            and audience.
1.C.2c Compare and contrast the content and organization of
selections.                                                                 3.B.2c Expand ideas by using modifiers, subordination and standard paragraph
1.C.2d Summarize and make generalizations from content and
relate to purpose of material.                                              3.B.2d Edit documents for clarity, subjectivity, pronoun-antecedent agreement, adverb
                                                                            and adjective agreement and verb tense; proofread for spelling, capitalization and
1.C.2e Explain how authors and illustrators use text and art to             punctuation; and ensure that documents are formatted in final form for submission and/or
express their ideas (e.g., points of view, design hues, metaphor).          publication.

1.C.2f Connect information presented in tables, maps and charts to          3.C.2a Write for a variety of purposes and for specified audiences in a variety of forms
printed or electronic text.                                                 including narrative (e.g., fiction, autobiography), expository (e.g., reports, essays) and
                                                                            persuasive writings (e.g., editorials, advertisements).
Goal One (2007-08): To increase academic performance in the area of reading comprehension

Goal Two (2007-08): To increase student performance in the area of writing and extended response

SCHOOL GOAL: Students will comprehend a broad range of reading materials.
            Students will improve their writing skills in the area of extended response.


 In the subcategory of reading comprehension on the reading ISAT, 80% of students in grades 3-5 will score 75% or higher.
 In the area of extended response on the reading ISAT, 35% of students in grades 3-5 will score a 3 or 4.

   ISAT Results
   DIBELS Benchmarking Results
   Reading Maze Benchmarking Results

                 WHAT?                                WHO?           TIMEFRAME?                RESOURCES?                      RESULTS?
What actions need to be taken to complete the     Who needs to       When will each       What tools/strategies need   What data or documents will
                   task?                          be involved           action be         to be collected, developed    indicate closure or success
                                                  with each            conducted?         or organized to complete           for each action?
                                                  action?                                          the task?
Provide training for teachers grades K-5 on       Brad              August 2007          New series alignment with Training is completed
the new reading series.                           Hutchison         Fall Academy         the language arts         Teachers are using various
                                                  Elementary        Teacher Institute    curriculum                aspects of the new language
                                                  Building                                                         arts series

Compile a list of “Target” students for grades Elementary           Prior to the start   All Assessment Results        “Target” List is completed
K – 5 using results from the spring ISAT and Building               of school (ISAT)
fall/winter DIBELS                             Principal and        Following fall
                                               Teachers             DIBELS and
                                                                    winter DIBELS
Add Response to Interventions aide at each    Brad         To be determined   Funds to employ the aides   Aides are employed
elementary building to assist with students   Hutchison    at each building
who are struggling in reading                 Elementary   by the building
                                              Building     principal
Monitor the use of Accelerated Reader by      Teachers     Ongoing            Accelerated Reader          Student Accelerated Reader
students as one measure of reading                                                                        reports

Seek input from ROE on various professional   Elementary   September-         Meeting needs to be         Suggestions for professional
development opportunities that should be      Principals   October 2007       scheduled                   development provided to
provided for the area of reading              Diane                           Options for trainings and   Brad Hutchison
comprehension                                 Stempinski                      workshops need to be
                                              (ROE)                           prioritized
Assess all K-5 students with DIBELS           Building     September 2007     DIBELS Testing              Assessments are completed
                                              Principals   January 2008       Materials and Reading
                                              Teachers                        Improvement Aide Time

District training on writing offered          Brad         November 2007      Consultant time and         Training is on-going
throughout the year for various levels        Hutchison    And TBD            appropriate training
                                              Teachers                        materials

ISAT Writing Workshops sponsored by ROE       Elementary   October 2007       Funds for training and      Training is completed
and other organizations                       Building     And TBA            substitute teachers

Review the rubric with teachers for scoring   Elementary   November 2007-     Released test items and     Training is completed
the extended response answers                 Building     March 2008         student responses (2007)
                                              Principals                      from Illinois Interactive
                                                                              Report Card
Review the release student writing samples    Elementary     November 2007-     Released test items,          Training is completed
for extended response answers and the         Building       March 2008         student responses, and
suggested strategies for teaching             Principals                        suggested teacher
                                                                                assessments (2007) from
                                                                                Illinois Interactive Report
Look into guided reading and the needs for    Ginger Payne   2007-2008 school   Collect data regarding        A plan for implementation
implementing guiding reading district wide.   and Brad       year               needs                         or a reason for not
                                              Hutchison                         Determine if this is          implementing
                                                                                appropriate for Olympia
                                                                                If so, create a plan for

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