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									           CMiC – Submittal Packages via Collaboration(Phase 1)

Using collaboration on a project means Subcontractors, Architects, Owners, Consultants and other business project
partners can access CMiC to facilitate efficient flow of information through the system to one another. By using
collaboration on projects, more information can be captured, referenced and utilized both during construction and post job
completion. While there are various ways collaboration may be used, Swinerton has identified the workflow below as a
successful path to process submittals on a collaborative project.


    1. Logon to CMiC

    2. Open the “Document Management” object in the tree view
    3. Open the “Submittal Packages” object
    4. Click on the blue submittal package hyperlink to the spec section you are uploading documents into.

    5. Click on the blue submittal hyperlink to the submittal within the package you are uploading documents into
       (see note below two screen shots below before proceeding).

       CMiC – Submittal Packages via Collaboration(Phase 1)

NOTE: you will be able to see all submittals for the entire project. In order to make it easy to upload your submittals,
simply click the “Enter Query” button and type your company name between % signs (one at the beginning and one at
the end).

6. Click on the “Attachments” tab

       CMiC – Submittal Packages via Collaboration(Phase 1)

7. Click “Upload Multiple” (even if only attaching one document, using this button in lieu of “Upload New” is much
   faster and will save you countless minutes).

NOTE: File size limit is 500 MB per file. Should you need to upload a file larger than 500 MB, you will need to use
the “Upload New” button. Using this button may take longer, but there is no restriction on file size limit using the
“Upload New” feature. It is, however, much slower.

        a. Click “Add”

        CMiC – Submittal Packages via Collaboration(Phase 1)
8. Select files from your machine you wish to upload. You can select multiple files out of sequence by left clicking
   one file, then pressing Ctrl and clicking the remaining files. You can select multiple files in sequence by clicking
   the first file, then pressing Shift and using the mouse or keyboard arrows to select your files. Once selected, Click

9. Confirm the correct files are now shown and click “Upload”

10. Use the drop down arrow in the “Type” column to select which folder you want to save your files in. If you are
    uploading submittal information, you would choose folder 27. Submittal Documents. If you are uploading
    submittal data, you will only be uploading information into folder type 27. Submittal Documents. Do not save any
    submittal data in any other folders.

11. Click “Enter Additional Fields” to ensure all required fields for files are entered. Each time you upload a file, you
    will be uploading the file into a specific folder in CMiC. Each folder has required fields that must be filled out
    before you can upload your files.

        CMiC – Submittal Packages via Collaboration(Phase 1)
        a. Submittal Type – Use the up arrow to generate a list of values and select what type of submittal you are
           uploading, i.e., drawings, data, etc.
        b. Submittal Number – enter the submittal number that matches the attachment(s) you are uploading.
        c. 2 Description field – Type “Subcontractor Submittal”
        d. Click “Save”

NOTE: You can’t upload multiple submittals at the same time, only multiple documents for the same submittal at the
same time.

12. Verify all attachments have been uploaded in the system.

13. Send general contractor an email notifying them that submittal “insert name” has been uploaded for review.

NOTE: Once a submittal has completed the review process, the General Contractor will forward a transmittal to the
Subcontractor. This transmittal will be bold in their queue, will contain a link to the submittal (s) being transmitted and
will be available for download in CMiC to serve whatever purpose the Subcontractor requires. They can access the
reviewed copy on CMiC or save it to a local draft folder for easy access.


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