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									                         THE BROWARD CHAPTER
                              CHAPTER 76
                           MEETING MINUTES
                               July 10, 2008

                                  Timpano’s Chop House
Officers Present:
Kristopher, President
Maria Rynning, Vice President
Sue Brenton, Secretary

Members & Guests: See sign in sheet (pg 2)

Call to Order (1920) Kristopher Pidgeon
General Introductions and welcomes were made.

       Dinner sponsored by Sanofi Aventis
       Thank you to Joe Sangiacomo, Scott Birmingham, and Brenda Leahy

Presentation – Clopidogrel bisulfate
               by Owen Peller, MD, FACC, FACP Plantation Cardiology.

Candlelight Tribute in honor of Mindy Freeman, chapter treasurer, who passed away on June
14, 2008. Mindy will be greatly missed. Tribute led by KC and Maria Rynning.

Verification of Quorum at 2020: Kristopher Pidgeon

Rewards and Recognition:
   Ethena Jereza from Memorial Hospital West in recognition for recruiting 21 new
     members in 2 months
   Maria Cabral from Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital (JDCH) for recruiting 18 new
     members in 2 months
   Debbie Rice for being recognized in RN magazine for Forensic Nursing.
   Sue Maymon from JDCH representing ENA and our chapter as a delegate to China.

Update from FENA past state meeting given by Candice Bromley:
    As of June, our membership was 274.
    There are a total of 41 delegates needed from Florida to the ENA General Assembly in
      Sept. There were 25 delegates who were chosen to represent FENA so far. There are 16
      more openings for delegates. Sue Brenton will be representing our chapter as a delegate.
      If interested, complete an application from the FENA website (link from and send to Darleen Williams. Applications are to be in by July
    FENA expressed interest in helping set up a Mindy Freeman Scholarship fund with our
      chapter. Chapter will discuss. Decision made by chapter members present to keep
      scholarship fund within our chapter.
Old Business: Minutes from May 13, 2008 were approved as presented by Sue
              Brenton with an amendment:
              Recognition to Marisa Rietema for receiving Nurse Excellence Award
              from Broward General Hospital. Congratulations.

      Name Change
       We are officially the Broward Chapter of the Emergency Nurses Association. Maria has
       updated our website to reflect our new name.
      Logo/shirts
       The new polo shirts are in with the new Broward ENA logo. The new shirts can be
       purchased for $20 each.
      Distribution list – distribution list for our membership has been completed. You should
       be receiving e-mails on chapter news. If you are not, send information to Maria Rynning
       through the website.
      Goals were approved with an amendment by Maria Rynning. Amendment to state, Will
       hold a CEN review course at least once a year instead of what is now stating twice a
       year. Motion made and passed to finalize goals with Maria’s amendment. Maria will post
       the goals on the website.
      Bylaws approved with amendment by Candice Bromley to use the same verbiage to
       every office in relation to the responsibilities. Motion seconded and carried.

Committee Reports:
   ENCARE – Maria Cerasani
    Maria brought ideas of Child Passenger Safety, Drowning Prevention, Drunk Driving
    Campaign, and SBIRT in which our chapter can become involved in. Idea posed that
    members can volunteer to speak on safety and injury prevention at local facilities.
    Chapter members can bring ideas for community involvement back to their individual
    facilities to become involved in injury prevention.

      Membership: Krystle Rasumoff
          Membership has been increasing for our chapter.
            Continue with most new recruits in the state. Great job!
          New members recognized – Kate Gillespie “Nurse of the year from JDCH”

      Fundrasing: Ellen Woods
        Shirts with logo are now on sale.
        50/50 raffle to continue ( ½ ENA chapter and ½ to winning member).
        Fund raising dinner event suggested. Motion made by Mel Stibal to have funds raised
          50/50. 50 to go to the Mindy Freeman Scholarship fund and the other 50 to go to our
          chapter. Motion approved.

      Education: Juanita Redondo
        Ideas for educational offerings to be sent to Juanita at
        First Annual Broward Chapter ENA Seminar is being planned.
        CEN review locally – KC is working on one and will bring information as soon as
          plans are more finalized.
        Online studies now available on the ENA website.

      Website:
        Very nice tribute done on website to Mindy by Maria
          Distribution list is being worked on by Maria to go through Yahoo. Groups may be
           set up within the web site.
          Send Maria information on members receiving awards or happenings at facilities so
           she can place on website.
          Newletter – important information for chapter in keeping in touch.

New Business:
   Establishment of Mindy Freeman Scholarship Fund
     As a chapter it was agreed to establish a scholarship fund in honor of Mindy Freeman.
     KC has been in contact with her family who are honored by this endeavor. Chapter will
     decide how scholarships will be awarded.
   Nominations for Treasurer
      Bylaws call for 2 nominees. Based on the Bylaws, the Executive board will make the
         decision from the nominees. ARTICLE IV Section 4: Elections: “Unless stated
         otherwise in the Bylaws, vacancies may be filled for the unexpired term of office by
         vote of the Broward Chapter Executive Committee.
      Nominees by membership:
          Lynn Grubb
          Ann Marie Serrano
   Community Involvement
      Pediatric Symposium being sponsored by JDCH coming up in October.

       CPN (Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse) beta test will be in October.
       Certification exam is to be offered January ’09.

Next meeting: September 9, 2008

Adjourned: 2110

Respectfully submitted: Sue Brenton
                          Attendance Per Sign in Sheet:
Kristopher Pidgeon                       Ada B. Eco
Maria Rynning                            Tricia Hawkins
Sue Brenton                              Marisa Rietema
Frantzie Michel                          Rachel Arenberg
Candice Bromley                          Ellen Woods
Nayda Boehm                              Jo Rizzutto
Juanita Redondo                          Krystle Rasumoff
Cathy Sakers                             Annette Boothe
Michelle Trigg                           Jacinta Guevara
Mel Stibal                               Denise Bertucci
Katherine Gillespie                      Larry Synder
Deb Hurt                                 Ann-Marie Serrano
Karl Rentel                              Annette Boothe
Maria Cabral                             Robyn Franco
Julie Cedilot                            Michelle Lugo
Tracy-Ann Peterkin                       Leah Charnov
Marie Jean-Pierre                        Lynne Grubb
Chyrril Greerra Charles                  Katherine Irvine
Susan Mayman                             Catherine Hill
Karen McCavour                           Maria Cerasani
Suzan Zembal                             Jency Godoy
Joanne Puig                              Gino Canto
Debbie Rice                              Holly Costa
Karissa Smith                            Cathy Sakers
Kathy Poage                              Stacy Silverman

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