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Tianjin Economic
Agency (TEDA)
Investment Holding
Co. Ltd.

Project Duration:
April 2002–
June 2004

Contract Value:
$55 million

conceptual design,
final design, and

                       Boasting the latest in stadium technology, January 2002, and the final design and con-
                     TEDA Soccer Stadium opened in Tianjin, struction management was awarded in April
                     China, on May 15, 2004. The Parsons stadium 2002. The soccer stadium is the first project
                     project is one of the first in China to have for which a Chinese state-owned company
                     a field sized to meet Federation Interna- hired only one firm—Parsons—to provide the
                     tional Football Association (FIFA), Olympic, conceptual design, final design, and construc-
                     and World Cup play.                                                  tion management.
                     Parsons, in conjunc-
                     tion with architec-                                                    T h e p ro j e c t w a s
                     tural firm Peddle                                                    built under TEDA
                     Thorp Architects,                                                    Bidding Bureau regu-
                     based in Melbourne,                                                  lations; thus Parsons
                     Australia; designed                                                  was required to work
                     and built the sta-                                                   under very detailed
                     dium. The Parsons                                                    and time-consuming
                     team also included                                                   bidding procedures.
                     Connell Mott Mac-                                                    The process includ-
                     Donald, engineer-                                                    ed everything from
                     ing consultants from           Inside the stadium, looking from      visiting and vetting
                     Melbourne, Austra-                       the end zone.               all potential bidders,
                     lia, Page Kirkland, quantity surveyors from creating bid evaluation criteria specific for
                     Sydney, Australia, and Shanghai; Tianjin each contract, performing technical evalu-
                     Architects and Engineering Consultants; the ations, and scoring the bids for acceptabil-
                     Chinese Design Institute, and inspectors and ity to participate in the financial bid open-
                     administrative staff provided by the client. ing. On occasion, rebids were necessary.

                      The completed stadium has a capacity of          The stadium is a structure of curved col-
                     35,000; most of the seating is under the roof   umn frames that arch round the back of
                     and in the east and west portions of the        the stadium seating areas and form masts
                     stadium. The stadium provides excellent         above the suspended roof. The curved roof
                     views of the playing field from any angle.      trusses are suspended by tension cables from
                                                                     these masts. The resulting curved shape
                      The $55-million project was awarded in         of the stands and roof gives the complex a
                     two stages. The initial master plan and con-    high-tech look. The architecture is unique
                     cept design of the stadium was awarded in       and creates visual impact for the project.

November 2004                                                                           www.parsons.com
TEDA Soccer Stadium                                                                         November 2004

Upper left and         Parsons de-                                                challenges in managing the
far right: Parsons   signed level                                                 construction. These challeng-
designed a large
lagoon, which        one of the soc-                                              es included communications
is surrounded        cer stadium to                                               and mutual understanding,
by a walkway         include soccer                                               the requirement for inter-
and elegant
                     club offices,                                                national standards (as com-
                     retail, players                                              pared with local standards),
Center: The          rooms, and VIP parking; levels two and four       work methodology, and quality control.
stadium is a         for general admission seating; level three for
structure of
curved column        VIP function rooms and super boxes; and             Safety was the number one priority: ag-
frames that arch     the final level encompasses the corners for       gressive and continuous attention to safety
round the back       plant rooms. All public concourse levels have     resulted in over 10 million accident-free
of the stadium
seating areas and    natural ventilation. The super boxes, adminis-    manhours for the project. Throughout the
form masts above     tration, player, umpire and official, and press   SARS epidemic, Parsons maintained strict
the suspended        areas have both heating and cooling systems.      health and safety conditions, which al-
                                                                       lowed for continued construction. Local
                       The scope of work went well beyond the          officials praised Parsons’ commitment to
                     stadium design and construction. The overall      safety and its ability to provide guide-
                     project is known as the TEDA Promenades,          lines to keep workers healthy and safe.
                     and the master plan serves as the basis for
                     future development of the site. Adjacent to        Tianjin is located on the Bohai Sea, 85 miles
                     the stadium, Parsons designed a large lagoon,     east of Beijing. Tianjin, a city of ten million
                     which is surrounded by a walkway and el-          people, is one of four municipalities di-
                     egant promenade. One of the goals of TEDA         rectly under the Chinese central government.
                     Promenades is to move beyond industrial
                     development and manufacturing to improve            The stadium was built for the TEDA soccer
                     the quality of life within the region. Parsons’   team, which plays in the Chinese Premier
                     master plan includes an 80,000-square-me-         League. In addition to soccer, the facility sup-
                     ter retail complex, 5,000 units of high-rise      ports other public and cultural events, includ-
                     residential units, theme-park-type water          ing concerts. The Parsons team completed
                     features, and a sports and aquatic center. In     the project within the budget and in time to
                     addition, the TEDA Promenades is served by        host the league opener for the 2004 season.
                     a high-speed rail station—which Parsons also
                     designed—that connects TEDA with Tianjin.

                      The complex was constructed using a 100
                     percent local workforce. It was the first time
                     that many of the contractors had worked
                     with a foreign firm, and this posed many


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