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					                                   tooling &
                                   p av i l i o n

    no industry functions                          widE rangE of Cutting toolS
    without its tooling.                           Sandvik Coromant specially designed CoroDrill 854 and CoroDrill 856 tools
                                                   are developed to withstand the harsh demands of the latest CFRP materi-
    Maximize the investment in your
                                                   als and aluminum stacks, offering long and consistent tool life to meet tight
    machinery and equipment with                   tolerances time after time.
    the latest technology that will                    Sandvik Coromant inser t grade
    allow for minimum setup and                    GC1135 offers excellent quality for thread-
    machining time. Good tooling                   ing operations in stainless steels, super
    can give new capability to older               alloys, and profiles requiring sharp cutting
                                                   edges. The grade is available in the 0.630"
    equipment. If productivity and
                                                   insert for CoroThread 266.
    cost efficiency is your focus, you                 CoroMill 490, the milling cutter that can
    must visit this pavilion. The latest           shoulder mill, face mill, edge, contour, slice, and slot, in all materials, can
    in state-of-the-art workholding                now take up to 0.393" depth of cut. The latest release is a 0.551" insert
    systems are also featured in this              designed for larger depths of cut and engagements up to 0.393". The new
    area.                                          insert size is introduced in an extensive program of cutter bodies in diam-
                                                   eter range 1.574" to 9.842" and in grades and geometries for steel and cast
    » west Building                                iron machining.
      9am to 5pm
                                                   iMtS Booth w-1500
                                                   Sandvik Coromant
                                                   Fair Lawn, NJ

    tCu CoMpEnSation unit
    Schunk has developed the TCU, a compensation unit with base plates
    connected together by elastomer elements. As a result, the TCU can provide
    compensation in the X, Y, and Z directions, as well as angular compensation.
    Pneumatic locking is also available as an option to allow the compensation
    unit to rigidly lock the two base plates together. This prevents the gripper
    and tooling from vibrating during movement of the robot arm, which can
    cause undue wear on the elastomer elements. The compensation range
    in the X-Y directions are 2mm to 4mm, depending on the size, while the
    compensation angles are between 1.5° and 3.5°. The payload range
    on the TCU is 1kg to 24kg.

       iMtS Booth w-2000
       Schunk inc.
       Morrisville, NC

August 2010                                                                         Today’s Medical Developments |     107
           tooling & workholding SYStEMS                          pavilion

      CoMpaCt induCtion hEating unit
      Briney Thermax II is a powerful compact induction heating unit for
      shrink-fit tooling. It is capable of shrinking in and out any design of
      shrink-fit tooling (ANSI, DIN, etc.), plus high speed steel and carbide
                                                      cutting tools. The user
                                                      friendly (PLC Controlled)
                                                      protects the toolholder
                                                      from exposure to high
                                                      temperatures that cause
                                                      shorter holder life. The
                                                      Briney Thermax II also
                                                      has four cooling positions
                                                      to handle multiple tools,
                                                      and all accessories are
                                                      included in purchase
                                                      price of unit. Thermax II
                                                      unit and our toolholders
                                                      are proudly made in the

        iMtS Booth w-2200                                                             ZollEr produCtS
        Briney tooling Systems                                                        with a dEkra SEal
        Bad Axe, MI                                                                   Aside from Zollers certifications ac-                                                             cording to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN
                                                                                      EN ISO 14001, the Zoller tool presetter
                                                                                      and measuring machine product line
                                                                                      has now been awarded the DEKRA
                                                                                      seal for product safety which guaran-
                                                                                          • Usability, longevity, machining,
                                         SiMplifiEd diSpEnSing                        and handling check, meaning easy
                                          The Hybrid Accu-Cab consists of a heavy-    and user-friendly operation of Zoller
                                          duty, double-walled cabinet internally      Tool Presetter and measuring ma-
                                          equipped with highly sensitive scales,
                                                                                      chines, and software;
                                          four RFID antennae, and a secure door
                                                                                          • Technical and electronic docu-
                                          lock. When a user walks up to the Hybrid
                                                                                      mentation of the appearance and
                                          Accu-Cab, they must identify themselves
                                                                                      workmanship of the presetter and
                                          prior to the door being unlocked. They
                                                                                      measuring machines as well as a cer-
                                          can do this by using the touch screen
                                                                                      tificate confirming quality;
                                          monitor mounted on the door, or with a
                                                                                          • Proof of high demand on qual-
                                           bar code or proximity badge scan. Once
                                                                                      ity and safety results in ergonomic
                                           the door is unlocked, the user opens the
                                           door to find bulk inventory in bins, and   handling thanks to the design, which
                                      inventory on adjustable shelving – which is     allows for a comfortable working po-
      tagged using Passive Gen2 Tags. The user removes the inventory and shuts        sition even during long working pro-
      the door. The inventory is automatically adjusted and properly accounted for.   cesses; and
      The same procedure takes place when returning an item.                              • Product reliability.

        iMtS Boot w-1737                                                                iMtS Booth w-2022
        winware inc.                                                                    Zoller inc.
        Marietta, GA                                                                    Ann Arbor, MI                                                        

108   Today’s Medical Developments |                                                                     August 2010
                                       tooling & workholding
                                             tooling & workholding SYStEMS                     pavilion
                                          SYStEMS p a v i l i o n

    pEnEtration drilling SYStEM
    The GEN3SYS High Penetration Drilling System is a tool designed to tackle your
    difficult-to-machine drilling applications. The innovative design of the GEN3SYS
    High Penetration Drilling System improves hole
    quality, surface finish, and true position. The
    GEN3SYS replaceable drill insert allows for
    maximum machine up time and reduces costly
    set-up time. It also has been proven to penetrate up
    to 35% faster than competitive drilling products.
       AMEC will also showcase their i-Form Revolution Drill,
    Opening Drill, as well as many others.

       iMtS Booth w-2034
       allied Machine & Engineering Corp.
       Dover, OH

    CarBidE Milling CuttErS
    Seco’s Jabro-Solid2 (Solid Square) carbide milling cutters are available in sizes
    from 1/8" to 1". These easy-to-use, versatile square shoulder mills are optimized
                                    to provide a great price/performance ratio in
                                    general machining applications across a wide
                                    range of material groups – from carbon steels to
                                    stainless and super alloys, in both wet and dry
                                    applications. Benefits include reduced inventory,
                                    lower cost per cutter, lower cost per part, and
                                    fewer tool changes. Solid2 is offered in a JS510
    easy-to-use series for all basic operations in steel and stainless steel, and are
    available in two- three-, and four-flute cutters for side milling and/or slotting.

       iMtS Booth w-1564
       Seco tools inc.
       Troy, MI

    adjuStaBlE Ball loCk pinS
    Newly redesigned adjustable ball lock pins from Carr Lane now have added
    clamping strength. These locking pins are
    ideal for pulling two components together, or
    to provide an adjustable grip length. Available
    in steel or stainless steel, adjustable ball lock
    pins are manufactured with four balls instead
    of two, for more distributed ball pullout force in
    clamping applications. Available in three handle
    styles, knob, T or L, and in shank diameters from 1/4" to 1" (6mm to 20mm).

       iMtS Booth w-1663
       Carr lane Mfg. Co.
       St. Louis, MO

August 2010                            Today’s Medical Developments |      109
           tooling & workholding SYStEMS                               pavilion

      prECiSion finiSh Boring hEad
      The EWN04-7 series from Kaiser features the world’s smallest precision
                                  finish boring head for use on micro-milling
                                    machines with high-speed spindles such as
                                     HSK-E25, E32, or E40. The head features
                                      a high precision adjustment accuracy of         Y-pro SEriES
                                      0.0001"/Ø with a Vernier scale, a diameter      for CopY turning
                                      range of 0.016" to 0.276", are available with   Y stands for a corner angle of 25° which is
                                      Kaiser’s KA1 tool connection or Ø10mm           10° smaller than conventional VNMG inserts.
      straight shank, and can accept boring cutters with Ø4mm shanks. Big             This innovative tool reduces undesired
      Kaiser will also present their SW series, EWN 2-54D Digital, Mega ER            interference with the workpiece, allowing
      Grip series, as well as other new products.                                     for machining operations in difficult areas
                                                                                      where 35° inserts are not effective.
        iMtS Booth w-1600                                                                • YWMT inserts with 25° tip angle. The
        Big kaiser precision tooling inc.                                             YWMT inserts complement Tungaloy’s
        Elk Grove Village, IL                                                         current YNMG16 negative style inserts.                                                                    • The YWMT inserts can reduce costs by
                                                                                      covering a broad machining area with a 25°
                                                                                      tip angle.
                                                                                         • The YWMT can be used for a wide array
      SupEr-prECiSion ground BarS                                                     of copy turning.
      The accuracy of medical components manufactured to exceptionally                   • The YWMT provides excellent chip
      close tolerances is dependent on the bar stock                                  control in copy turning using Tungaloy’s ZF
      from which they are machined. Boston Center-                                    chip breaker for finishing or ZM chip breaker
      less’ strength lies in its ability to supply these                              for semi-finishing.
      super-precision ground bars that consistently                                      • The YWMT inserts are offered in both
      meet customer specifications for size toler-                                    CVD and PVD coated carbide grades.
      ance, straightness, and roundness. This pre-                                    Tungaloy’s CVD coated carbide T9025 is
      ciseness improves machinability. Capabilities                                   used for general turning of various steels.
      encompass diameters from 0.008000" to 3"and                                     PVD coated cermet GT730 excels in finishing
      tolerances to 0.000040".                                                        and some hard turning applications.

        iMtS Booth w-1271                                                               iMtS Booth w-1654
        Boston Centerless                                                               tungaloy america, inc
        Woburn, MA                                                                      Wood Dale, IL                                                  

      Swing ClaMpS
      Carr Lane Roemheld’s newest heavy-duty swing clamps are of high quality, but are spe-
      cifically designed to be more affordable than previous models. With a maximum operat-
      ing pressure of 5,000psi, the compact clamps are double acting, with a robust swing
      mechanism for faster clamping cycles.
         The robust swing clamps are also ideal when using longer, heavier custom arms.
      These top-flange, cartridge-type clamps are designed specifically for space-saving
      manifold mounting, with position monitoring available as an option. They are available in
      two sizes.

        iMtS Booth w-1663
        Carr lane roemheld Mfg. Co. inc.
        Ellisville, MO

110   Today’s Medical Developments |                                                                           August 2010
                                               tooling & workholding SYStEMS                           pavilion

    dpE ElECtriC parallEl grippErS
    The DPE series electric parallel grippers are designed for any application
    currently using pneumatic grippers. The DPE series requires no
    programming, tuning, or adjusting on site – it is truly
    a plug-and-play technology. The simple light
    switch operation requires only a 24VDC power
    supply, and even with its 100% duty cycle, the
    gripper generates very little heat.
    The DPE series can handle up to 120
    parts per minute and can achieve a
    grip force of 20 lb (90N). The fully-
    sealed motor housing protects
    against contaminants and moisture in
    the toughest applications.

       iMtS Booth w-2079
       Auburn Hills, MI

    QualitY air gagES                                               iMprovEd Milling of partS
    Stotz produces various types of air                             The Helido line of milling cutters is now available with
    probes and air rings such as open                               H490 ANKX/ANCX 0904… 9mm inserts to improve
    jet, ball jet, leaf jet, and snap ring                          milling of smaller parts.
    style gages. Air rings and probes                               They can enable in-
    are typically offered with two air                              creased insert density
    jets positioned 180° apart. They                                to produce a finer finish
    can also be made with three,                                    or reduce chip loads at
    four, or six jets depending                                     elevated feed rates. The
    on the application. Master                                      new small inserts are
    setting rings and discs are offered in X, XX, and XXX           available for ISCAR’s
    classes and available in steel, chrome, or carbide. Stotz       H490 E90AX…-09 end-
    manufactures air gages to check the following:                  mills in diameters down
       • Inside Diameter,                                           to 0.625" and H490 F90AX…-09 1.250" for face mills.
       • Outside Diameter,                                          All the new tools include the key features such as:
       • Straightness,                                                 • Helical cutting edges for a gentler
       • Lengths,                                                        cutting action and reduced tool costs;
       • Perpendicularity,                                             • Secure dovetail clamping;
       • Parallelism,                                                  • Sumo Tec surface treatment providing low friction
       • Tapers,                                                         – proven to improve edge life by 30% on average;
       • Flatness,                                                     • Positive rakes to reduce cutting forces; and
       • Cylindricity,                                                 • Designed for modern, economical
       • Classification/Category Sorting,                                fast-fed/shallow-cut processing.
       • Matching Applications, and                                    As a result of the line expansion, Helido endmills are
       • Many other Geometrical callouts.                           now available in more than 20 sizes.

       iMtS Booth w-2405 / E-5708                                     iMtS Booth w-1800
       advanced Machine & Engineering Co.                             iscar Metals inc.
       Rockford, IL                                                   Arlington, TX                                              

August 2010                                                                      Today’s Medical Developments |   111
           tooling & workholding SYStEMS                              pavilion

      aluMinuM EndMill SEriES
      Helical Solutions is introducing the H40ALV and H40ALV-RN, representing a major
      expansion of its aluminum end mill series. The endmills are robust additions to
      the Helical lineup and include intricate geometry additions for a non-ferrous
      machining solution. This new H40ALV line includes a variable-pitch flute
      configuration and cutting-diameter tolerances that are among the tightest
      in the industry (-0.0001" to -0.0004"). This precision delivers reduced
      chatter, fewer tool offset adjustments, and optimum tool performance.
         Both the H40ALV and the H40ALV-RN are available in shank diameters
      ranging from 1/4" to 1". Special configurations can be manufactured within
      10 days.

        iMtS Booth w-1868
        helical Solutions llC
        Gorham, ME

      diSk-tYpE oil SkiMMEr                                               Cutting tool
      The fully covered design of the DG-260TSL offers a 10"              inSpECtion SYStEM
      stainless steel disk with a reach of 5.75". The disk picks up       The PG 100 cutting tool inspection system is a preci-
      the coolant/oil mixture from the                                    sion inspection system for various cutting tool ge-
      machine’s coolant tank. The                                         ometries on twist drills and step drills, form tools,
      coolant sinks to the bottom of                                      reamers, taps, and endmills.
      the oil skimmer’s separation                                        All systems are sold ready-
      tank and is routed back into the                                    to-use with these standard
      machine’s coolant tank. The                                         features:
      waste oil rises to the top where                                       • V-block assemblies
      it is diverted into a containment                                   that consist of a 19"
      barrel for recycling.                                               x 21" grade A black
                                                                          granite base;
        iMtS Booth w-1171                                                    • 8" horizontal measuring
        CnC indexing & feeding technologies                                    length using high precision
        Wakeman, OH                                                            linear motion guideways;                                                      • 3" vertical measuring length using
                                                                               high precision linear motion guideways ;
      high pErforManCE tap                                                   • 1.5" focus distance using high
      MultiTAP is a high performance tap designed to cut a wide                 precision linear motion guideways;
                                   range of materials as well as being       • 16 pitch precision Acme lead screw
                                   designed to produce threads                  with anti backlash nuts on both axes;
                                   within both 2B and 3B classes             • Fully ground interchangeable swiveling V-block
                                   of fit. MultiTAP is constructed of a        mounted on base block with 360° of motion,
                                   proprietary grade of high speed             carbide tipped length stop, top clamp, and V-
                                   steel (HSS-E), Nitrided with a Ne2          block insert for small diameter tools;
                                   surface treatment. It is available        • 0.118" to 2.362" (3mm to 60mm) workpiece
      in both spiral point and spiral flute configurations for through-        diameter range; all standard lengths; and
      or blind-hole applications.                                            • Halogen work light.

        iMtS Booth w-1536                                                   iMtS Booth w-2453
        Emuge Corp.                                                         Euro-tech Corp.
        West Boylston, MA                                                   Menomonee Falls, WI                                                 

112   Today’s Medical Developments |                                                                       August 2010
                                                   tooling & workholding SYStEMS                             pavilion

                                              workholding, MaChinE tool CoMponEntS
                                              The new Abrasive Diamond Surface Grippers, with surface comparable to 100-
                                              grit sandpaper bonded permanently to a stainless steel pad, provides excellent
                                              non-slip gripping on smooth or slippery surfaces with minimal clamping force
                                              and surface marking. The individual diamond particles transfer holding pressure
                                              to a very small and well distributed area, in addition to providing unparalleled
                                              wear resistance. These high-strength grippers are available in various sizes and
                                              configurations suitable for a variety of workholding applications. Also featured will
                                              be a range of unique manual clamps from Imao, including miniature, heavy duty,
                                              swing, pull, push, rocker, and snap clamps with forces from 150 lb to 2,250 lb.

                                                iMtS Booth w-2346
                                                Fraser, MI

    150/160 ClaMpS
    Lenzkes Clamping Tools Inc. manu-
    facturers and sells quick-release
    clamping systems and accessories.
    With the focus today on lean manu-
    facturing, reducing downtime on tool,
    mold and die changes is critical to
    stay competitive. These clamps give

                                                   QuiCk-ChangE fixturing
                                                   The Bock Brand quick-change system is an ideal solution for establishing
                                                   flexible and productive machining cells with accurate repeatability to within
                                                   ±0.001" (0.0254mm). The foundation of the Bock system is the alpha-numeric
                                                   locator plate, upon which Twin Vises and Mono Quads can be mounted with
                                                   the patented Dexloc Double Expanding Locator Pins.
                                                       The Ball Lock Mounting System is the most widely used quick change
                                                   fixturing system on the market. Designed to speed the accurate locating and
                                                   locking of vises and fixtures to subplates, Ball Lock accurately positions your
    you easy stepless adjustment both              fixtures with a repeatability of ±0.0005" (+0.013mm), minimizing the need to
    horizontally and vertically. Also shown        indicate your fixture. Fixtures can often be changed in less than a minute,
    will be the Multi-Quick 150 and 160            and can be exchanged between different machines when both are using the
    clamps, which feature a compact de-            Jergens Ball Lock Mounting System.
    sign with more clamping height and                 In addition to hands-on demonstrations of quick change fixturing systems,
    clamping reach. The solid clamping             Jergens Workholding Solutions Group will also debut its Ball Lock Wizard. This
    bar can form an extension of the ma-           web-enabled program empowers Jergens customers to configure and price
    chine table. These clamps provide              a Ball Lock System to meet their specific application requirements. The Ball
    secure, high-clamping pressure by              Lock Wizard guides users every step of the way, providing real-time product
    direct force.                                  visualization, CAD drawings, and cost estimates.

       iMtS Booth w-2272                             iMtS Booth w-2312
       lenzkes Clamping tools inc.                   jergens inc.
       Christiansburg, VA                            Cleveland, OH                      

August 2010                                                                           Today’s Medical Developments |    113
           tooling & workholding SYStEMS                             pavilion

      high prECiSion tooling adaptErS                                        drill faMilY for
      EXSYS Tool’s Preci-Flex is the first                                   StainlESS StEEl
      tooling system on the market                                           For the production of accurate holes in stainless steels
      with a single base holder and                                          with high cutting rates and long tool life, Guhring has
      multiple tooling adapters that                                         developed the RT 100 VA drill family. The RT 100 VA ex-
      utilizes the ER collet pocket,
                                                                             cels in stainless steels due to three primary factors:
      making lathe tooling change-
                                                                               • Guhring’s micro-
      overs quick, accurate, and
                                                                             fine grain carbide
                                                                             substrate, which
        iMtS Booth w-1474                                                    allows for sharper cut-
        Exsys tool, inc.                                                     ting edges and greater
        San Antonio, FL                                                      transverse rupture strength;                                                        • Nano-A heat- and wear-resis-
                                                                             tant PVD coating, which remains
                                                                             stable in operations with temperatures
      grooving, MiCro-turning toolS                                          as high as 1,470°F; and
      Genevieve Swiss Industries will feature the Multidec 1600                • New VA point geometry and flute profile,
      series thin grooving and micro-turning tools with insert               designed for controlled chip formation and free-
                                 widths from 0.0019" up to
                                                                             cutting action.
                                 0.108" from Utilis. Capable of
                                                                                RT 100 VA drills have dual helical coolant ducts
                                 work under 0.125" in diameter
                                                                             through the tool, providing optimum coolant delivery
                                 and cutting edge repeatability
                                                                             to the cutting edges. The specialized VA point ge-
                                 within 0.0004", the 1600 series
                                                                             ometry creates short, manageable chips which are
                                 inserts are available with a va-
                                 riety of coatings.                          easily evacuated from the hole.

        iMtS Booth w-2334                                                        iMtS Booth w-2322
        genevieve Swiss industries inc.                                          guhring inc.
        Westfield, MA                                                            Brookfield, WI                                                   

      viCtorY M1200 faCEMillS
      Two separate geometries are being offered, and any shop milling
      aluminum and non-ferrous materials will benefit from using these two
      inserts in conjunction with the WIDIA Victory M1200 milling cutters.
      Their combination of toughness and wear resistance allow faster fee-
      drates, and the 12 cutting edges per insert, as well as the reduced
      power consumption resulting from the free-cutting geometry, make
      them very economical to use. They are ideally suited for the majority
      of machining centers in use today, using moderate to high spindle
      speeds and regular depths of cut (up to 4.5mm or 0.180").
         The LDJ geometry featuring optimized rake angles is specifically
      designed to be free-cutting. This insert with 12 cutting edges is avail-
      able in two grades, THMU and a TiB2-coated TN6501. Both inserts
      are peripherally ground and feature highly polished rake surfaces.

        iMtS Booth w-1452
        widia products group
        Latrobe, PA

114   Today’s Medical Developments |                                                                             August 2010
                                                   tooling & workholding SYStEMS                           pavilion

    high-fEEd with four EdgES
    The Power-Feed+Mini high feed cutters feature high-speed geometry
    with a double-sided, four-edge insert. The insert was specifically engi-
                                        neered for high-speed machining to
                                        deliver economy, strength, and per-
                                        formance. The robust insert delivers
                                        a strong cutting edge. The infusion of
                                        proven Power-Feed+ technology into
                                        a smaller insert provides high-feed
                                        capabilities with higher insert densi-
                                        ties in smaller diameter endmills. The
                                        cutter bodies incorporate features
                                        such as through coolant, and are
                                        constructed of premium alloy steel
       Ingersoll will also showcase their 3n1 Rounds series 45D and the T-
    Tinox line.

       iMt S Booth w-1822
       ingersoll Cutting tools
       Rockford, IL

                                                                                      tuBE BEnding
    dovEtail grooving inSErtS                                                         luBriCant
    to MaChinE o-ring groovES                                                         Accu-Lube JL-12 is an opaque gel for-
    Dovetail grooving inserts are used to machine O-ring dovetail grooves             mulated specifically for tube bending
    with 66° undercut angles. The insert design is optimized for strength             applications. It can be pumped or hand-
                                            by utilizing a left/OD and right/ID
                                                                                      applied directly to the tube or bending
                                            insert pair to generate the groove
                                                                                      mandrels leaving a clean coating on the
                                            form. Insert sizes are 0.030", 0.070",
                                            0.090", 0.100", 0.125", and 0.150"        mandrel that will not build up over time.
                                            with major diameters starting at          Accu-Lube JL-12 is designed to stay
                                            0.300". They are available in sub-        where it is applied, eliminating the mess
                                            micron grain carbide grades for           of conventional lubricants. No clean-
                                            ferrous and non-ferrous materials         ing is required before welding and it
                                            either undercoated or with TiN, TiCN,     is easily cleaned off before painting or
                                            TiAlN, or diamond film coatings.
                                                                                      plating. Accu-Lube JL-12 enables sub-
                                            Groove ’N Turn dovetail inserts can
                                                                                      stantial cost saving over conventional
                                            be used on conventional, Swiss,
                                            and CNC machines. Toolholders are         products that flow down tubes, by reduc-
                                            available in square shank size 5/16"      ing consumption and improving house-
    through 1-1/4" and round shank sizes 1/2" through 1" with straight and 90°        keeping as well as tool or mandrel life.
    presentations. Groove ’N Turn dovetail inserts fit existing L series Thinbit      Accu-Lube JL-12 is supplied ready to
    toolholders.                                                                      use and is available in 5 gallon and 55
       Also on display will be a new flyer designed to help customers with Swiss      gallon containers.
    Screw machines determine the correct tooling for their applications.

                                                                                        iMtS Booth w-2135
       iMtS Booth w-2172
       thinbit / kaiser tool Company, inc.                                              itw rocol north america
       Fort Wayne, IN                                                                   Glenview, IL                                                            

August 2010                                                                          Today’s Medical Developments |   115
           tooling & workholding SYStEMS                           pavilion

      ExpandEd Cutting
      tool Catalog
      The new cutting tool catalog features a full
      line of products and more than 4,000 new
      items to support a variety of applications in-
      cluding turning, milling, drilling, grooving,
      threading, cut-off, and Swiss. New products
      featured in the 2010 cat-
      alog include:
         • Double Clamp
          Tool Holder – in-
          creases clamping
          rigidity with a single
          ction improving ma-                             tool lifE, produCtivitY iMprovEMEntS
          chining stability;                              By channeling coolant through the insert, at the interface of the milling
         • Dynamic Boring Bar                             cutter and insert, Beyond Blast delivers coolant directly where the tool
          – aerodynamic design improves chip              cuts the material, ensuring efficient coolant delivery, heat transfer, and
          evacuation, reduces chattering, and             lubricity.
          improves machining stability;                      Optimizing high-speed milling applications equates to a decision to
         • Double-Sided Swiss Tooling – double-           maximize a company’s milling productivity and reduce manufacturing
          sided negative inserts increase                 costs. Speeds and feeds make a big difference, as does achieving
          productivity and stability; and                 maximum metal removal.
         • SIGE Internal Grooving System – screw             Mechanical cutting generates frictional heat and, at high cutting
          lamp-type toolholder featuring a large          speeds, the rate at which heat is absorbed by the tool increases with
          chip pocket design that provides                velocity. To optimize their performance, tools must be adequately
          excellent chip evacuation.                      cooled. Proper coolant flow means improved tool life and higher
         Kyocera’s 2010 cutting tool catalog in-          maximum effective cutting speeds. If tooling is not properly cooled,
      cludes an improved technical section that           the insert will heat up rapidly. This can shorten tool life and affect
      contains conversion charts, feed and speed          surface finish, because of built-up edge (BUE), where workpiece
      information, and more.                              material bonds to the cutting edge.

        iMtS Booth w-2464                                   iMtS Booth w-1522
        kyocera industrial Ceramics Corp.                   kennametal inc.
        Mountainhome, NC                                    Latrobe, PA                          

      ClaMping aCCuraCY
      Kurt’s HDM690 vise, with a full 9" jaw opening, clamps larger
      parts with repeatable 0.0001" accuracy and minimal stationary
      jaw deflection. The vise features a rigid stationary jaw with
      top-down bolting, a tall body design to reduce deflection, high
      precision roller bearings, and specially-hardened vise screw
      mechanisms. The vise distributes clamping force evenly and
      precisely across the full jaw surface. The AngLock spherical
      segment in the moveable jaw reduces jaw lift. The pull-type body design
      reduces stress in the 80,000psi ductile iron body, resulting in more accurate clamping.

        iMtS Booth w-2423
        kurt Manufacturing Co.
        Minneapolis, MN

116   Today’s Medical Developments |                                                                            August 2010
                                                   tooling & workholding SYStEMS                               pavilion

    Bolt-on ClaMping unit
    TalonGrip is a simple bolt on system that will allow you to perform
    aggressive machining operations while clamping on as little as 0.060"
    – increasing the versatility of your standard 4" and 6" vises. TalonGrip
    is ideal for small lot sizes, difficult application, or prototype work when
    building a fixture would not be beneficial. TalonGrip is also available
    individually for fixturing with Pitbull Clamps or soft jaw applications.

       iMtS Booth w-1246
       Mitee-Bite products llC
       Center Ossipee, NH

    MadE-to-ordEr tooling                                                         prE-EnginEErEd
    North American Tool Corporation is a producer of special and                  rEtrofit SolutionS
    made-to-order tooling including taps, dies, and thread plug                   A new CNC retrofit program from MAG al-
    gages, offering a wide array of special threading tools with quick            lows older equipment to enter a new realm of
    turnaround times. Gaylee Saws manu-                                           productivity, often exceeding original speci-
    factures ultra precise solid carbide and                                      fications and extending the life of some of
    carbide-tipped circular thin saws. Allen                                      the most durable, well-known machine tools
    Benjamin will be exhibiting their high                                        from MAG legacy brands, including Gid-
    performance line of solid carbide taps,                                       dings & Lewis, Cincinnati Milacron, and Fadal.
    HSSE application-specific taps, carbide                                       MAG has pre-engineered retrofit kits available
    insert thread chasers, as well as carbide                                     for G&L vertical turning lathes and horizontal
    and ceramic thread plug gages.                                                boring mills; Cincinnati Cinturn lathes; and Ar-
                                                                                  row, Sabrem and Lancer vertical mills.
       iMtS Booth w-2474                                                             The retrofit program features proven, state-
       north american tool Corp.                                                  of-the-art controls from Fagor, Siemens, Fanuc,
       South Beloit, IL                                                           and Power Automation, offering better NC block                                                                 performance, more program storage, higher reli-
                                                                                  ability, and additional features not available with
                                                                                  the original machine control.
    MEtalworking Catalog
    MSC will showcase the Accupro brand of high performance                         iMtS Booth w-1546
    metalworking products. Created to provide customers with high                   Mag americas
    quality metal cutting and tool holding solutions at a competi-                  Erlanger, KY
    tive price, the product line offers a combination of productivity     
    and product cost savings when compared with many nationally
                         branded products. The Accupro line is fully
                         represented in MSC’s 2010 Accupro High
                         Performance Metalworking Catalog. The
                         154-page, full color catalog features more
                         than 10,000 Accupro products, and intro-
                         duces more than 2,000 new products to the
                         market, including a variety of drilling and
                         end milling categories.

       iMtS Booth w-1464
       MSC industrial direct Co. inc.
       Melville, NY

August 2010                                                                             Today’s Medical Developments |    117
           tooling & workholding SYStEMS                           pavilion

      prECiSion workholding ChuCkS
      Model 450WHF chuck uses a special four-port air tube piston to allow
      for open/close/autolube/air-detect functions. The top plate (with pin) is
      a radial banking surface (side
      of pin only) which picks up the
      side of the customer’s part (not
      shown) when it is loaded and
      twisted into position into the
      chuck. The three small pads
      with tiny holes in the very center                                            turning inSErtS
      of the chuck are used to rest                                                 The Sky·Tec family of products, and the
      the part against (tops of pads)                                               latest additions of three ISO insert geom-
      while the holes are used for the                                              etries, are for machining a full range of tita-
      air-detect function for a positive                                            nium applications. The trio in detail:
      indication that the part is indeed                                               • NFT – Finishing to the highest
      loaded into the chuck.                                                             accuracy and high cutting speeds;
         Northfield Precision designs                                                  • NMT – Medium machining with low
      and manufactures air chucks                                                        cutting forces due to the curved
      for any lathe, boring machine, grinder, or VMC. Models include through-           cutting edge, they effectively handle
      hole, high-speed and quick-change. Available in SAE or metric, in                 unstable components and internal
      sizes from 3" (76mm) to 18" (457mm). Accuracies of 0.001" to 0.00001"             machining; and
      (0.254mm) guaranteed. Custom workholding chucks and jaws are                     • NRT – roughing, for very rigid
      available and free engineering assistance is offered.                              geometry for high metal removal rates.

        iMtS Booth w-2108                                                              iMtS Booth w-1700
        northfield precision instrument Corp.                                          walter uSa, llC
        Island Park, NY                                                                Waukesha, WI                                                       

      hYdrauliC ChuCkS
      Power Hydro Chuck (PHC) series
      hydraulic chucks have 20% greater
      clamping force than standard collet
      chucks and are designed for a range of machining
      applications including precision drilling, reaming, fine
      boring, and finish endmilling. They are guaranteed to have a
      runout accuracy of 3µm or less at a projection length of 50mm or 100mm
      (depending on the cutting tool diameter). Additionally, PHC series hydraulic
      chucks feature an optional adjustment mechanism that allows the cutting tool
      projection length to be easily adjusted with a hex wrench.
         PHC series hydraulic chucks are available in bore diameters in inch sizes from 1/4" to 1-1/4" and metric sizes from 6mm
      to 32mm. The 1/2", 3/4", 12mm, and 20mm PHC chucks can accommodate PHS series straight collets, which are sized
      for cutting tools with shanks as small as 1/8" or 3mm. PHC chucks are available from stock in CAT, BT, HSK, and AHO

        iMtS Booth w-2146
        nt tool Corp.
        Franklin, TN

118   Today’s Medical Developments |                                                                          August 2010
                                                    tooling & workholding SYStEMS                          pavilion

    CYlindriCal toolholdErS
    The powRgrip cylindrical toolholder line brings
    the benefits of the PG system to users of lathes
                  and Swiss automation. The cylindrical
                       toolholders are available in
                       25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 1", 1.25",
                             and 1.5" diameters in PG
                             15 and PG 25 collet series.
                             powRgrip VDI has also
    been added to the Rego-Fix portfolio. This new
    line offers options in VDI 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm        CnC BarfEEdEr
    for the PG 15 and PG 25 collet series, for tools       The Rota-Rack consists of a heavy-duty welded steel turntable,
    ranging from 3mm to 20mm. Rego-Fix is also             solid-state PLC control, and optional integrated conveyor. All
    expanding its powRgrip turning system to include       contact surfaces are covered with a high-lubricity UHMW plastic
    a line of boring bar turning collets. These products   for optimum workpiece protection. A 1m diameter turntable
    are available in metric and inch sizes from 6mm to     provides over 850 square inches of usable surface area and has a
    20mm and 0.25" to 0.75" in the PG 15 and PG 25         payload capacity of 700 lb.
    collet series. These collets feature an exact timing      The universal design of the Royal Rota-Rack enables it to be
    method for the boring bar flat to enable precise       used with any CNC lathe that is equipped with a parts catcher. The
    presetting.                                            unit can be mounted either to the left or right side of the machine
                                                           tool, and it is height-adjustable from 11" to 50". Programming takes
       iMtS Booth w-2364                                   approximately 20 seconds with the intuitive touch-screen PLC
       rego-fix tool Corp.                                 control, and no machine tool interface is required. The Rota-Rack
       Indianapolis, IN                                    operates on standard 110V electrical power.
                                                             iMtS Booth w-1622
                                                             royal products
    Boring SYStEM                                            Hauppauge, NY
    Parlec’s reduced weight, coolant-              
    through, boring system allows for
    vibration-free, high-velocity
    hole making at speeds up to                            gEnEral purpoSE ClEanEr
    15,000rpm. It bores diameters                          Kleen Green comes in a concentrated formula that is strong
    ranging from 0.078" to 1.890"                          enough for the tough jobs, yet mild enough for the every day
    (2mm to 48mm) and can be ad-                           jobs. This all-purpose cleaner is biode-
    justed up to 0.0001" (0.003mm)                         gradable, non-toxic, non-flammable,
    on diameter. A through-hole in the                     non-abrasive, and non-hazardous. Kleen
    receiver allows the boring bar to be                   Green has a mild scent and does not re-
    telescoped for maximum rigidity under the most         lease toxic or caustic fumes. The prod-
    demanding cutting conditions. Setting errors are       uct is excellent for cleaning aluminum,
    eliminated because there is no movement be-            machine tools, concrete, industrial plant
    tween lock and unlock positions. All boring bars       floors, grease filters, showers, and much
    and noses offer coolant-through capability and         more. It is safe for use on painted sur-
    are balanced by design.                                faces and will not harm hands or clothing.
       Parlec will also showcase their AD/B toolhold-      The economical formula can be mixed
    ers, DIN style heat shrink, TMM 1550, and Cen-         with water with just 3% to 5% concentration for jobs like floor clean-
    tering Camera.                                         ing or up to a 50% concentration for tough tasks around the plant.

       iMtS Booth w-2300                                     iMtS Booth w-1283
       parlec inc.                                           wallover Metalworking fluids
       Rochester, NY                                         Strongsville, OH                                  

August 2010                                                                         Today’s Medical Developments |    119
           tooling & workholding SYStEMS                         pavilion

                                                                           EConoMiCal SpindlES,
                                                                           ChroME-platEd QuillS
                                                                           Suhner uses precision extrusions to create the cyl-
                                                                           inders for economical spindles and chrome-plated
                                                                           spindle quills, reducing the possibility of corrosion.
                                                                           Precision bearings and a three-phase motor deliver
                                                                           the torque requirements while interchangeable
                                                                           pulleys simplify the many combinations for spindle
                                                                           speeds. These high performance features, such
                                                                           as smooth movement of the quill and long life of
                                                                           the unit, combined with low purchase price and
                                                                           operating costs, make the ECONOmaster or (PBM-
                                                                           13) drilling spindle very attractive to the typical air
                                                                           spindle user.

                                                                             iMtS Booth w-1352
                                                                             Suhner industrial products Corp.
                                                                             Rome, GA

                                                         poSition and rEtEntion pin
                                                         Building on the PRP patented design which utilizes a metal-to-metal
                                                         seal to eliminate contamination from entering the mechanism, MWH
                                                         has developed the dual-purpose
                                                         hydraulic version to first snap the
                                                         workpiece into position and then,
                                                         once hydraulics are actuated,
      variaBlY-indExEd,                                  clamp the part for machining.
      fivE-flutE toolS                                      An eccentric body and adjust-
      Data Flute has expanded the SSI-4 series
                                                         able head make the H-PRP very
      and developed the new SSI-5 series of tools
                                                         flexible and easily adjustable to
      for machining titanium and other ferrous al-
                                                         casting variations. H-PRP can be
      loys. The expanded sizes and radii offering
                                                         used for primary, secondary, and
      reflect the diversity of machining challenges
                                                         tertiary clamping, while the simple
      that endusers face each and every day. The
                                                         rugged design makes them easy
      updated series includes 50 standard shanks;
                                                         to install and service. The H-PRP
      20 reduced necks; 20 ballnose; and 6-3/8"
                                                         are available in two capacities 500
      shank tools. The SSI-5 is a new series of five
                                                         lb and 1,000 lb clamping force at
      flute, variably-indexed tools with patented
      geometry and was designed with the goal
                                                            The low profile size 500 lb (Ø1.25" x 2") 1,000 lb (Ø1.63" X 2.25")
      of being a go-anywhere, do-anything, sport
                                                         allows for maximum part accessibility and machining from multiple
      utility vehicle for ferrous alloys. The SSI-5 is
                                                         sides while reducing the complexity of prismatic workholding. In addi-
      for those looking to accomplish a wide vari-
                                                         tion, the H-PRP reduces the cost of fixture components up to 50%; it is
      ety of tasks in ferrous alloys while minimizing
                                                         the first hydraulic clamping component without pinch points; and it is
      tool changes.
                                                         designed to utilize standard MWH heads.

        iMtS Booth w-1645                                  iMtS Booth w-1286
        data flute CnC                                     Master workholding inc.
        Pittsfield, MA                                     Morganton, NC                            

120   Today’s Medical Developments |                                                                         August 2010

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