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									                                                                 PROJECT PLAN
                                                                  29 SEPT 2008

                                                                     DRAFT 3
Document owner:       Anna Lewis

Ref   Action & Milestones                                                           Lead         Target date   Progress

1     Recruitment
1.1   Advertise and recruit to a secondment post, to project manage the start-up    AL           1 Sep 08      Dr Jane Simmons
      of the service, while the substantive service manager post is advertised.                                appointed. Start date
1.2   Finalise job description for service manager and advertise                    AL           8 Sep 08

1.3   Set up interview arrangements for service manager, to include                 AL           8 Sep 08
      representatives from AWP, Second Step and PCT, and LIT

1.4   Confirm skill mix for each service element (incl admin), assemble job         Project      15 Sep 08     CW assembling JDs for
      descriptions and initiate recruitment process. At Step 2, this will include   manager                    step 3. AL to advertise
      volunteer recruitment.                                                                                   by end of this week
                                                                                                               AE doing same for Step
                                                                                                               2, and will also write to
                                                                                                               AL confirming
                                                                                                               requirements. This will
                                                                                                               be reflected in the SLA
                                                                                                               between AWP and SS.
                                                                                                               Agreed with PCT to
                                                                                                               recruit IAPT staff now,
                                                                                                               and non-IAPT for April
                                                                                                               09 start.

1.5   Clarify employment situation of existing counselling staff in primary care.   KE/Project   8 Sep 08      TUPE does not apply.
      Ensure they are informed of new posts and given the opportunity to apply.     manager                    AL has written to each of

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                                                                                                                the 7 counsellors to
                                                                                                                introduce service, and
                                                                                                                met them informally as a

1.6   New staff take up posts                                                                      From 1 Dec

2     Estate
2.1   Identify office base for service, maximising opportunities for economies of     Project      22 Sep 08    Process initiated to get
      scale with secondary care. Check out PFI implications.                          manager/DB                space allocated at Coast
                                                                                                                Resource Centre, WSM

2.2   Confirm office start-up needs and costs (e.g. IT cabling and hardware)          Project      29 Sep 08    Part of process in 2.1
                                                                                      manager                   above

2.3   Liaise with PCT to confirm clinical space in primary care bases                 Project      6 Oct 08     PM to write to all practice
                                                                                      manager                   managers to seek space,
                                                                                                                using GP clusters.

2.4   Identify & cost other community estate (village halls etc) to deliver psycho-   Project      27 Oct 08    Suggestions – Friend,
      educational courses                                                             manager                   Carlton Centre, The
                                                                                                                Campus, community

2.5   Undertake risk assessment for every proposed space                              Project      30 Nov

3     IT Requirements
3.1   See 2.2 above. Place order for IT work for office set-up.                       Project      6 Oct 08
3.2   Confirm requirement for York IT system, liaise with IT Dept and place order     Project      6 Oct 08     Simple purchasing
      via AWP                                                                         manager                   process
3.3   Set up York system training dates for new staff                                 Project      30 Nov 08

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3.4   Explore SMS messaging for appointment reminders                              Project         15 Nov 08
                                                                                   manager, with
                                                                                   support from

3.5   Set up website for service                                                   Project         1 Oct 08    Brought forward as PCT
                                                                                   manager                     and GPs want to use this
                                                                                                               as the main source of
                                                                                                               communication through
                                                                                                               the start-up period.
                                                                                                               Construction is

3.6   To resolve electronic booking system to operate between ATOS and the         Project         1 Nov 08    CW is already exploring
      rest of the service.                                                         manager                     this. Solution via NHS
                                                                                                               Mail is being agreed.

3.7   Set up 0800 freephone number for Step 1 (ATOS)                               Caroline Ronald 1 Dec 08    Underway

3.8   To explore homeworking for all staff                                         Project         1 Dec 08    Used successfully in
                                                                                   manager/KE                  Swindon service, but
                                                                                                               further work on Trust
                                                                                                               policy is required.

3.9   To set up email accounts and intranet access for all staff employed within   Project         1 Dec 08
      PositiveStep partnership.                                                    manager

3.10 Confirm compliance with information governance requirements as set out in     Project         15 Nov 08
     the NHS Information Governance Toolkit                                        manager

4     Information Systems
4.1   Set up cost centre/s for PositiveStep North Somerset, and confirm income     SR/Project      15 Sep 08   AL has initiated process.
      receipt.                                                                     manager

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4.2   Set up quarterly invoicing arrangements for SecondStep, ATOS and NHSD            SR            30 Sep 08

4.3   Agree standard data set and reporting interval for performance reporting to      Project       30 Sep 08   Awaiting detailed
      PCT, drawn from York system.                                                     manager/GR/JK             outcome data from SHA.
                                                                                                                 Fidelity criteria set. AL
                                                                                                                 leading work to build
                                                                                                                 balanced scorecard of
                                                                                                                 KPIs for service.

5     Service Delivery & Structure
5.1   Draw up list of self-help materials and order.                                   Project       15 Sep 08
5.2   Agree GP practice clustering arrangements                                        Project       15 Sep 08   See note below
5.3   Design staffing and supervision structure around clusters                        Project       15 Oct 08
5.4   Timetable day, evening and weekend work, covering dedicated slots in GP          Project       30 Oct 08
      practices as well as psycho-ed courses                                           manager

5.5   Agree protocols with partners such as ARA, Carlton Centre & Friend. This         Project       15 Nov 08
      should include provision for self referral.                                      manager

6     Staff Induction & Training
6.1   Design and schedule induction training for all new staff. This will need to be   Project       30 Oct 08
      repeated as staff are likely to join at different times over a 2 month period.   manager

6.2   Establish further training needs for individuals as they are appointed.          Project       30 Oct 08
6.3   Dedicate time to service development day with staff from all steps – cultural    Project       15 Dec 08
      development etc                                                                  manager

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7     Governance
7.1   Performance Management Board to be established (in place of Partnership       Project      1 Oct 08     Confirmed approach
      Board).                                                                       manager/JK                from PCT. Meeting in
                                                                                                              place for 10 Sep.
7.2   Draft terms of reference incl membership for Performance Management           JK           15 Oct 08

7.3   Confirm partner representation on the PMB, incl GP rep.                       JK           30 Oct 08    Complete – GP (Mike
                                                                                                              Taylor), user (Davish
                                                                                                              Adamowicz), PCT (Julie
                                                                                                              Kell), and +Step (Anna
7.4   Set up internal governance arrangements, via specialist primary care group    AL/project   30 Oct 08    In progress within AWP
      within AWP, to be attended by PositiveStep representatives.                   manager

7.5   Develop annual workplan for primary care services, to incorporate             Project      1 Dec 08
      commissioner priorities and provider compliance requirements.                 manager

7.6   Develop Standard Operating Procedure for the service, to be ratified          Project      30 Nov 08
      through governance route.                                                     manager

7.7   Consider the need for a Stakeholders Reference Group, to include              Project      1 Oct 08     Refer to Directory of
      voluntary and user organisations.                                             manager                   Services in original
                                                                                                              tender spec. To include
                                                                                                              user ref group, GP
                                                                                                              Patient Forums, PBC
                                                                                                              clusters, BME groups

7.8   Develop risk register for the project and start-up phase                      AL/project   15 Oct 08

8     Marketing & Publicity
8.1   Develop a suite of patient information leaflets, in line with national best   Project      From 1 Oct

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      practice set out in AWP’s Patient Information Strategy. The priority leaflet     manager      08
      will be to advertise the service itself, followed by development of condition-
      specific leaflets.

8.2   Agree schedule of visits to all GP practices, Carlton Centre, Friend and         Project      Throughout   Early priority for Jane
      other stakeholders listed in the Directory of Services, to publicise the         manager      Oct and      Simmons.
      service, hear priorities, and build relationships.                                            Nov 08

8.3   Develop a regular GP briefing/newsletter during the start-up period              Project      15 Sep       We have been asked not
                                                                                       manager/JK                to distribute a paper
                                                                                                                 newsletter, but instead
                                                                                                                 use the website to
                                                                                                                 provide updates

8.4   Determine what time is available to undertake market testing – e.g. for          AL/JK        20 Aug 08    After brief market testing,
      service name, role titles etc.                                                                             name and logo agreed.

8.5   Identify and use secondary care champions in each CMHT                           AL           15 Sep 08

9     Phasing of Service Start-Up
9.1   Explore the need for a phasing of the start-up.                                  AL/JK        1 Sep 08     Agreed in principle with
9.2   Agree phasing with PCT                                                           AL/JK        8 Sep 08     Need to define this and
                                                                                                                 tie it in with IAPT

10   Transition Arrangements
10.1 Plan arrangements for the ceasing of the existing service, and start-up of        Project      1 Oct 08
     the new service to ensure continuity for patients in treatment.                   manager/JK

10.2 Meet with PRS who provide counselling under contract until end Sep 08.            CW           23 Sep 08    JK and CW met with
     Review waiting list, write to people waiting and ask them to self refer if they                             PRS in Sep. New

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      feel the need.                                                                                       referrals to be handled
                                                                                                           via admin support to
                                                                                                           Jane Simmons, and sent
                                                                                                           on to counsellor to be put
                                                                                                           in place for WSM GPs.
                                                                                                           JK is leading on this
                                                                                                           interim capacity to
                                                                                                           manage new referrals
                                                                                                           and address the waiting
                                                                                                           list of 120.

10.3 Undertake impact assessment to establish potential impact on partner      Project         1 Nov 08
     services which we will signpost to.                                       manager

11   Contractual Arrangements
11.1 Receive offer letter from PCT                                             JK              18 Aug 08   Received

11.2 Meet with PCT to agree start date, project plan                           AL              20 Aug 08   Complete

11.3 Agree and sign off contract                                               AL/AW           1 Sep 08

12   PositiveStep Partnership
12.1 Finalise legal arrangements & SLAs between partner organisations          AL/AW           1 Sep 08

12.2 Copyright PositiveStep brand name                                         AL/CH           1 Oct 08

12.3 Review and finalise budget between each partner, and confirm in writing   AL/AE           15 Sep 08

13   IAPT
13.1 To continue membership of NHS SW expert reference group                   Project
13.2 Work with PCT to plan the IAPT expansion from April 09                    AL/AE/service

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13.3 Review workforce requirements and compare against funding allocated             AL/SR

13.4 Clarify PCT expectations in terms of workforce, supervision and training        AL               10 Sep 08   Worked with JK to
     prior to April 09, and the work required in preparation for PCT submission of                                complete business case
     business case to SHA on 1 Oct 08.                                                                            and model workforce
                                                                                                                  needs and timetable.

13.5 Clarify banding of posts, and work to define the difference between IAPT        AL/JK            29 Sep 08   Progress made, but this
     and non-IAPT roles at high and low intensity levels. This should include                                     is a potential tension for
     clarification of equivalent bandings in SecondStep for LI workers.                                           the future, to be included
                                                                                                                  on risk register

13.6 Work through activity implications of IAPT growth for Step 1 ATOS               AL/AE/AWP        30 Oct 08
     workload, and review capacity modelling with Symmetrics                         Client Account

AL            Anna Lewis             AWP Service Director
AE            Aileen Edwards         SecondStep Director
JK            Julie Kell             PCT MH Programme Manager
AW            Amanda Willis          AWP Head of Procurement
SR            Sam Robinson           AWP Directorate Accountant
GR            Gill Ross              AWP Client Account Manager
KE            Kate Ellam             AWP HR Specialist
CH            Charlie Helps          AWP Corporate Secretary
DB            David Bolwell          AWP Area Manager for North Somerset
CW            Dr Claire Williamson   AWP Head of Psychology

Suggested clustering of practices

1. Clevedon & Sunnyside, incl community hospital

2. Yatton, Rington, Churchill, Congresbury

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3. Portishead & Harbourside (& Pill?)

4. WSM – Worle

5. WSM – Central & Uphill, incl Healthy Living Centre

?Long Ashton

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