Sheet1 - Medical Fitness Association by hedongchenchen


									                                                  20th Medical Fitness Annual Conference - ACSM Approved Credits 2011

Day        Time                                                             Title                                       CEU    Notes:
Tue     9:00-5:00pm    Wellcoaches Workshop                                                                             8.0
        1:00-5:00pm    NPI Workshop                                                                                     4.0
Wed     9:00-1:00pm    NPI Workshop                                                                                     4.0
       11:30-1:45pm    Effects of Aging and Physical Activity on Individuals with SCI                                   2.25
       11:30-12:30pm   Bill Sonnemaker (TBD)                                                                            1.0
       11:30-12:30pm   Clinical Integration as a Suvversive Activity                                                    1.0
        1:00-2:00pm    The four Ps: Positivity is the Path to Peak Performance                                          1.0
                       STEP, Field Based Research in Preventing Falls Through Exercise                                  1.0
                       Evaluating Medical Fitness volumes and outcomes along the patient care continuum                 1.0
                       Neurac - connecting Physical Therapy and Medical Fitness                                         1.0
        2:15-2:30pm    Business Meeting - Ken Germano, Executive Director of MFA                                        2.0
        2:30-4:00pm    Dr. Pamela Peeke, Keynote Speaker - "Why ELMM - Eat less, Move more"                             1.5

Thur   8:00-12:45pm    PHYSICIAN TRACK
        8:00-9:00am    Dr. Nick Potochy - "Treating Obesity: Diet, Exercise and What Else"                              1.0
       9:15-10:15am    Dr. James Silliman                                                                               1.0
       10:30-11:30am   Dr. Jim Bowen - "Exercise is Medicine"                                                           1.0
       11:45-12:45pm   Dr. Nick DiNubile, Keynote Speaker                                                               1.0

        8:00-9:30am    HealthCare vs. Healthclub: The medical fitness difference                                        1.5
                       New Members? Complete guide to selling the Medical Fitness Difference                            1.5
                       Anthology of a large renovation project                                                          1.5
                       Initiating the Journey to Wellness                                                               1.5
                       Periodization of Strength Training for Regular Guy or Gal                                        1.5
       9:45-11:15am    Career 2.0 Social Media: A Game Changer                                                          1.5
                       Where does Kinesiotherapy fit in the Medical Fitness Facility?                                   1.5
                       Maximum Net Membership Growth - A Case Study                                                     1.5
                       Weight Management: Small Town - Big Results                                                      1.5
                       Integrating a wellness coaching practice into a medical wellness model                           1.5
Fri     8:00-3:00pm    CEO TRACK
        8:15-9:00am    Dr. Allen Weiss                                                                                  0.45
       9:15-10:15am    CEO Roundtable- Bill McBride, Gary Reigy, Tom Rhind & Craig Livermore                            1.0
       10:30-11:30am   Nuffield Hospital CEO                                                                            1.0
       11:45-12:45pm   Jim McPartland, Keynote Speaker                                                                  1.0

       8:30-10:00am    Aligning Exercise is Medicine and Healthcare Reform at Your Medical Fitness Center               1.5
                       Exercise for EveryBODY: Inclusive Fitness Training Development for Physical Disabilities         1.5
                       The Overlooked Hip Joint: Exercises for Injury Prevention and Recovery                           1.5
                              Hidden Risks: The Science of Free Radicals                                                          1.5
                              Integration by Design: Implications for Programming, Staffing and Facility Planning                 1.5
           10:15-11:45am      Successful Physician Referral: Easier than you think                                                1.5
                              Strength Conditioning for Individuals with intellectual, cognitive and developmental disabilities   1.5
                              Learn to Analyze Posture through both Static and Dynamic Assessments                                1.5
                              Weight Loss from Our Perspective - Biggest Loser Contestants                                        1.5
                              Medical Fitness Outcomes and the Electronic Medical Record (EMR)                                    1.5
            12:00-1:30pm      Athletic Business Keynote - Bill Walton                                                             1.5
            4:00-5:30pm       Preparing for Facility Certification: Increasing Medically Integrated Procedures and Programs       1.5
                              Outdoor Fitness                                                                                     1.5
                              Integrating Personal Trainers- The Oregon State Univ Rec Center                                     1.5
                              Tai Chi Basic Skills for Clinicians                                                                 1.5
                              Exercise Therapist - Essential Partner in Treatment of Chronic Disease                              1.5
  Sat       8:30-10:00am      The Medical Fitness Membership Sales Cycle: How to Acquire Leads and Increase Sales                 1.5
                              Bridging the Gap: Retaining All Shapes, Sizes & Ages                                                1.5
                              The Integrated Movement Solution to Chronic Pain and Degeneration                                   1.5
                              Benchmarks & Compensation Survey Roundtable                                                         1.5
                              Natalie Johnson - TBD                                                                               1.5
  Sat      10:15-11:45am      The Engine that Drives Accountable Care Organizations                                               1.5
                              Lymphatic System, Cancer and Exercise: Healthy Steps                                                1.5
                              "Diet" is a Four Letter Word                                                                        1.5
                              Comprehensive Behavior Modification Programming Aimed at Lowering Employer Costs                    1.5
                              2010 Program Innovation Winner - "Wellness 180"                                                     1.5

Maxium credits for the day    TUESDAY - 8.0
Minimum credits for the day   TUESDAY - 4.0
Maxium credits for the day    WEDNESDAY - 3.75
Minimum credits for the day   WEDNESDAY - 3.50
Maxium credits for the day    THURSDAY - 4.0
Minimum credits for the day   THURSDAY - 4.0
Maxium credits for the day    FRIDAY - 6.0
Minimum credits for the day   FRIDAY - 5.25
Maxium credits for the day    SATURDAY - 4.0
Minimum credits for the day   SATURDAY - 4.0

        Total Maxium Credits 25.75 contact hours
        Total Minimum Creidts20.75 contact hours

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