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					Program Overview
The Program

The ASVAB Career Exploration Program provides high
quality, career exploration and planning materials at no
cost to high schools throughout the country. The Program
encourages students to explore a wide variety of careers,
rather than limiting their exploration by telling them what they
can or should do.
Importance of Career Exploration

Students make decisions about college or careers before
they have spent time thinking about the following key areas:

The ASVAB Program gives students the opportunity to
explore a variety of careers using knowledge they have
gained about their interests and skills through assessment
components and structured activities.
Keeping Options Open

Planning and decision making will benefit students
throughout their lives.

                 Career Development is an Ongoing Process

               Students’ career plans are in formative stage
              Career plans develop and change over time
Who Benefits?
Student Benefits

The ASVAB Program encourages students to:
• Explore
   – Learn about themselves and the world of work

• Plan
                                                    The career exploration is
   – Find out what they need to do to              wonderful. I think it
     meet career goals                            especially helps because it
                                                 uses interests and skills to
• Do                                            look at careers. Often, students
                                               have a hard time putting those
   – Take steps toward getting                together on their own.
     skills and qualifications
                                                            -- High School
     for various                                             Counselor
School and Counselor Benefits

The ASVAB Program gives schools and counselors:
• Comprehensive Career Program
   – Designed for all students, regardless of future career or
     educational plans
   – Aligned with current career development theory and practice
• Ready-to-Use Activities
   – Created to guide students through career and coursework
What are the Main
Multiple-Aptitude Test

• Assessment of student’s ability to learn new skills
• Predictor of success in training and education programs

 General Science                                      Arithmetic Reasoning
 Knowledge of life science, earth and space           Ability to solve basic arithmetic word problems
 science, and physical science

 Word Knowledge                                       Paragraph Comprehension
 Ability to understand the meaning of words through   Ability to obtain information from written material

 Mathematics Knowledge                                Electronics Information
 Knowledge of mathematical concepts and               Knowledge of electrical current, circuits, devices,
 applications                                         and electronic systems

 Auto and Shop Information                            Mechanical Comprehension
 Knowledge of automotive maintenance and repair,      Knowledge of the principles of mechanical devices,
 and wood and metal shop practices                    structural support, and properties of materials
Interest Inventory

Find Your Interests (FYI)
• 90-item interest inventory
• Work-related interests
Career Exploration Tool

• 400+ occupations
• Skill Importance Ratings
  occupational descriptions
Interpretation Session Overview

Who Runs the Sessions?     How Long do They Last?
• Education Services       • 30-60 minutes
• High school counselors   What do Students Receive?
                           • ASVAB test results
                           • Exploring Careers: The
                             ASVAB Career Exploration
                           • FYI
Interpreting Test Scores

ASVAB Summary Results Sheet
Student Reaction to Scores

Questions for Students to Ask Themselves
•   Have I put as much effort into my school work in an area (verbal,
    math, or science and technology) as I can?

•   To what extent have I taken the right classes? Have I avoided the
    extra math or English classes that would have likely allowed me to
    increase my scores?

•   Has the fact that I have not taken some of the technical classes
    lowered my scores? Will this impact my readiness for a career?

•   Did the climate at home or in school make it difficult to focus
    on school work?
Taking the FYI

Importance of the FYI
• Interest types can help determine career fields
• Work-related interests link to career development
  and enjoyment of life
Using the OCCU-Find

With results from the ASVAB test and the FYI, students
can explore occupations using the OCCU-Find.
ASVAB Program Website
Career Planning Materials

Classroom Activities
• Coursework planning
  based on career
  interests and goals
Is the Program
Right for Your
Another Assessment Test?

How the ASVAB Test Differs
• Important component in
  career counseling
• Objective ability                The ASVAB test “is
                                  distinguished by superior
  assessment with links          norms, a thorough
  to career planning            investigation of test fairness,
                                and unsurpassed criterion-
                               related validity data.”

                              -- Ryan Krane and Tirre (2005).
                             Ability Assessment in Career Counseling
Administering the ASVAB Test

What Role Does the School Play?
• Determines test date
• Sets aside a quiet, well-lit room for three hours

What Role Does the ASVAB Program Play?
• Administers and proctors the test
• Arranges follow-up interpretation session
ASVAB Program and the Military

Important Facts

• Civilian education services specialists administer ASVAB

• Schools determine whether or not student information is
  released to the military

• Recruiters serve as test proctors only; they are expressly
  prohibited from recruiting actions during test

• Participants have no obligation to speak to a recruiter or
  pursue a military career

• 50% of participants intend on going to a 4-year college;
  9% have an interest in military careers
Career Intentions of High School Students

Student Testing Program, 2007-08
Let’s Review
Why the Program Benefits You

• The ASVAB Career Exploration Program is a cost-free
  and comprehensive program for high school students.

• Students explore occupations in line with interests and
  skills, and develop strategies to realize career goals.

• The Program is easily integrated into the high school

• The Program presents a full-spectrum of career
  opportunities to students.

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