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                                           & ANGLES
      Volume 19                              Number 5                            May 2010

                   “Dedicated to the conservation, preservation, and restoration of
                    North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.”

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BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                  SLV TU Calendar of Events:
President:              Darrell Lewis 589-4733
Vice-President:         Doug Camp     588-5524         Tuesday, May 25th
Treasurer:              Duane Bussey 589-2471              Regular Chapter Meeting
Projects Director:      Mark Seaton 378-2751           Sunday, June 27th
Grants & Presentations: Kay Watkins 589-6813               Highway Clean-up
Resource Chairperson: Dave Kenvin 657-0724             Tuesday, September 28th
Resource Co-chair       David Hayden 589-5280
                                                           Regular Chapter Meeting. We
Newsletter Editor(s): Eric & Tesa Frevert
                                                           adjourn for the summer. See you
Program Coordinator: Marty Jones      589-4327             next fall.

     This Month’s Program                           WHAT: Chapter Meeting
               Dan Russell
                                                    WHEN: Tuesday, May 25th,
   Dan will be speaking about saltwater fly         @ 7:00 pm
     fishing for a variety of species. More
specifically, he’ll be discussing his experiences
                     in Belize.                     WHERE: Inn of the Rio
                                                           Grande, Alamosa

“The curious thing about fishing is you never want to go home. If you catch anything,
you can’t stop. If you don’t catch anything you hate to leave in case something might
                                                              Gladys Taber (1941)
          This Month’s Meeting                        who purchased items! Your donations benefit
This month Dan Russell will speak to us about         local waters and support sustainable fisheries
saltwater fly fishing for a variety of species in     for you and your children’s children.
one of his favorite locations in Belize. If
you’re like me, you’ve spent many nights              A few words from our chapter president,
dreaming of the warm, sunny day you’ll be             Darrell Lewis, “We would like to thank all of
fishing the flats; stalking elusive bone fish and     the donors for their contributions to our annual
having crab, lobster and pina coladas for             fundraising auction. Special thanks to the Inn
dinner. Sounds like my kind of vacation. As           of the Rio Grande, A&B Auction Services LLC
if I wasn’t already thinking it, I’m sure I will be   and the SLVTU Board of Directors for making
after Dan’s presentation…man I should have            this year’s auction a huge success.”
bid on one of those trips to Belize at the
auction! Congrats to those who did purchase                       Highway Clean-up
the trips and thanks to Dan for donating them.        We hope to see everyone at this year’s highway
                                                      clean-up on Sunday, June 27th. As always,
          Last Month’s Meeting                        we’ll meet at the “green bridge” at the
Jack Bombardier spoke about fishing                   northwest end of the Coller State Wildlife Area
opportunities in the “Flat Top Mountains.”            off Highway 149, just outside of Southfork.
Jack lives and guides on the Upper Colorado           After the clean-up please join us for lunch,
River. He’s available to guide year around.           beer, and fishing.
You can find his contact information on his
business website                        Fishing Report(s)
His presentation was loaded with pictures, and        Conejos River
very helpful information on put-in and take-out       Conejos River Anglers reported on May 13th
locations, as well as how to navigate tricky          that flows on the upper Conejos had recently
sections of the Upper Colorado. If you’re             been raised to 180 cfs, “which is about perfect
looking to tackle it on your own, or you’d like       flow for the upper river.” Jon Harp also
someone to handle the trip details for you, I’d       reported that he’d been guiding the last few
give Jack a call first! We’d also like to extend      days and the action was good. He was mostly
a special thanks to Jack for donating a guided        nymphing or fishing shallows and side
trip for the auction this year.                       channels with dry dropper rigs. Two tone
                                                      worms, Rainbow Warriors, Red Ass, and a biot
       Electronic Communication                       peacock stonefly nymphs were the best flies.
If you are receiving this newsletter by US
Postal mail and would like to help save the           Rio Grande River
environment and money for the chapter, please         On May 7th, Joel Condren with South Fork
send your e-mail address to,          Anglers Guide Service, reported the “official”
so you can receive the newsletter electronically.     start of run-off. Joel feels that it will peak
                                                      early, perhaps late May or early June. On May
                                                      12th Joel reported, “Some sort of “sink hole”
              Annual Auction                          has developed in, or near the dam face at
The annual SLVTU auction took place Friday            Beaver Creek Reservoir. They are releasing
May 7th at the Inn of the Rio Grande in               water at an extremely high rate to help
Alamosa. It was another successful auction,           reduce pressure on the dam and to draw
and quite a bit of money was raised for our           down the level of the reservoir to see if they
Conejos River project and other stream                can locate the source of the problem. DO
improvement projects in the works. In fact, we        NOT go wade fishing below the dam. Flows
raised approximately $7,000 this year, which is       have fluctuated 350 cfs +/- in one day. This
about $1,000 more than last year. Thanks so           was the source of mud in the Rio in the
much to everyone who donated and all those            past couple days below South Fork. As I
have been recommending almost all                                          hill. The continuing mixture of weather, as seen
spring, if you are going to float- stay above                              in this week's forecast, should keep runoff to a
the Fork. For now- DO NOT go fishing on                                    minimum and continue to provide good fishing
Beaver Creek. Play it safe and let’s see what                              opportunities over the next seven days or so.
happens.”                                                                  Caddis and blue wing olive hatches are moving
                                                                           on in the lower river, but remain active from
Arkansas River                                                             Brown’s Canyon and above. Golden stonefly
Ark Anglers reported on May 17th, “The                                     nymphs, hares ear, and pheasant tails remain as
mixture of warmth and cool that we have had                                good      choices    this    time    of     year
all spring has conspired to melt away our low
elevation snow. What remains is high on the


For Sale: Outcast PAC 900 pontoon boat (see
for a picture. Contact Doug Camp (588-5524) for more information.

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               PO BOX 7400                                                                        Chapter # 303
               WOOLLY BUGGER, WV 25438

    Area Shops and Guide Services (we encourage your support of these folks - they support us!)

         Arkansas River Fly Shop, 7500 W. US Hwy 50, Salida, CO 81201 [(719) 539-3474]
            Broadacres Ranch, 25671 Highway 149, Creede, CO 81130 [(719) 658-2291]
               Fox Creek Store, 26573 Hwy. 17, Antonito, CO 81120 [(719) 376-5881]
        Rainbow Lodge & Grocery, 30306 Hwy. 160, South Fork, CO 81154 [(800) 873-5545]
                 Rio Grande Angler, 13 S. Main, Creede, CO 81130 [(719) 658-2955]
                 Ramble House, 116 Creede Ave, Creede, CO 81130 [(719) 658-2482
            Conejos River Anglers, 34591 Hwy. 17, Antonito, CO 81120 [(719) 376-5660]
                South Fork Anglers, 30359 Hwy 160, South Fork, CO 81154 AND/OR
                      13 South Main Street, Creede, CO 81130 [877-656-FISH]
               Duranglers, 923 Main, Durango, CO 81301 [(970) 385-4081] AND/OR
                      1003 Hwy. 511, Navajo Dam, NM 87419 [(505) 632-5952
        Royal Gorge Anglers, 1210 Royal Gorge Blvd, Canon City, CO 81212 [(888) 944-6743]
           Wolf Creek Anglers, 001 Browns Dr., South Fork, CO 81154 [(719)-873-1414]

SLV Trout Unlimited
PO Box 503
Alamosa, CO 81101

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