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					Begin an
                              A LIFe-cHANGING
                              SeT IN ONe
                              OF eUROpe’S
                              mOST VIbRANT

                                We ARe ONe OF
                                THe LeADING
                                UNIVeRSITIeS IN
                                THe UK WITH

                 We ARe
                 ONe OF
                 THe OLDeST
                 IN THe UK
                 WITH OVeR
                 150 yeARS
                 OF HeRITAGe

                                We ARe AN
                                WITH AN

We ARe
exceLLeNce AND
Welcome to Queen’s
This Undergraduate Prospectus has been designed
to help you answer important questions, such as:

What should I study?
How do I apply to Queen’s and when?
What sort of university is Queen’s?
What are the facilities like?
What do current students really think of Queen’s?

the ProsPectus Is dIvIded
Into three sectIons
Section 1: The Student Experience
Section 2: The A-Z of Degrees
Section 3: Thinking About Applying?

Good luck
We wish you well with your UCAS application
and also with your forthcoming examinations.
We look forward to seeing you at Queen’s.

admIssIons and access servIce
Queen’s University Belfast
Northern Ireland
T: +44 (0)28 9097 3838
F: +44 (0)28 9097 5151

                                                      Meet	the	staff:	profile	                         66
ThE STudENT                                           Faculty	profile:	welcome	to	the	Faculty	of	
ExpEriENCE                                            Engineering	and	Physical	Sciences		              67
                                                      A life-changing student experience:
Welcome to the world of Queen’s:                      	 Queen’s	Students’	Union	                       68
	 A	warm	welcome	from	the	President	                  	 Spotlight	on	Queen’s	clubs	and	societies:	
	 and	Vice-Chancellor		                        6	     	 Queen’s	Radio		                                71	
Student life doesn’t get any better:	                 	 Spotlight	on	Queen’s	clubs	and	societies:	
	 Hello	from	the	Students’	Union	President	    7      	 Queen’s	University	Officers’	
A	University	with	a	personal	touch		           8      	 Training	Corps		                               72
Putting	student	experiences	first		            9      	 Queen’s	Sport	                                 73	
We’re	diverse	and	inclusive		                 10      	 Spotlight	on	Queen’s	clubs	and	societies:	
Meet	the	students:	profile	                   11      	 The Gaelic	Athletic Association	               76
A	unique	university	location	                 12         The	Science	Shop                              77
Meet	the	students:	profile	                   14         A	University	that	provides	more	than	an	
Student	life	in	Belfast	                      15         education                                     78
Meet	the	students:	profile	                   17      The journey of a lifetime:	
Culture	and	arts	at	Queen’s	                  18      	 Keeping	in	touch	with	alumni	                  80
Meet	the	students:	profile	                   20      Useful	maps	                                     82
We recognise the needs of our students:	
	 The Student	Charter	                        21
	 Meet	the	students:	profile	
	 Student	finance	/	Scholarships		
	 Meet	the	students:	profile	
                                                      ThE A-Z Of
                                                      dEGrEES                                         2
	 A	degree	with	a	plus	                       27      Full	degree	listings	                            88
	 Opportunities	to	study	and	work	abroad	     28	
Meet	the	staff:	profile	                      30
Faculty	profile:	welcome	to	the	Faculty	
of	Medicine,	Health	and	Life	Sciences		
A helping hand for students:
                                                      ThiNKiNG ABOuT
                                                      AppLYiNG?                                       3
	 Student	Guidance	Centre	(SGC)		             32	     Choosing	your	subjects	                         250
	 Graduate	profile	                           33      Studying	for	a	degree	/	The	modular	system	     251
	 International	and	Postgraduate	                     Teaching,	learning	and	assessment	              252
	 Student	Centre	(IPSC)		                     35      Thinking	about	applying?	                       254
Meet	the	students:	profile	                   36      Course	requirements	                            256
A global institution:                                 Entrance	requirements	                          258
	 International	students	                     37	 	   Alternative	target	grades	                      259
Student	profile:	Study	Abroad	at	Queen’s	     43      Entrance	requirements	tables	–	
Meet	the	students:	profile		                  51      course	requirements	and	typical	offer	grades	   260
The	Language	Centre		                         52      Other	qualifications	                           280
Student	accommodation	at	Queen’s	             53      Access	course	requirements	                     283
Hospitality:	places	to	eat	at	Queen’s	        56	     Access	course	requirements	tables		             284
Meet	the	staff:	profile	                      58      How	to	apply	                                   288
Faculty	profile:	welcome	to	the	Faculty	              Admissions	policy	                              294
of	Arts,	Humanities	and	Social	Sciences		     59      Welcome	Week	                                   295
World-Class	facilities	                       60      UCAS	Course	Codes	index	                        296
Queen’s	research	centres	                     62      Your	questions	answered	                        306
Library	facilities		                          64      Acknowledgements	                               307
Information	and	Communications	                       Degree	index	                                   308
Technology	(ICT)	                             65	     General	index	                                  310	

    1        OUR	
             HAS	OVER	
             150	YEARS	OF	
             ExCELLEnCE	In	
             RESEARCH	AnD	
                     YOUR	TIME	
                     AT	QUEEn’S	
                     YOU	WILL	
                     ExPERIEnCE	An	
                     ECLECTIC	MIx	
                     OF	ACADEMIA	
                     AnD	LIFESTYLE


                                      WE	HAVE	A	
                                      CAMPUS	SET	In	
                                      OnE	OF	EUROPE’S	
                                      MOST	VIBRAnT	
                                      AnD	FRIEnDLY	
                                      CAPITAL	CITIES

1    Welcome to the world of Queen’s

                                                       status,	as	one	of	the	very	best	universities	in	
                                                       the	UK	and	Ireland,	is	a	major	asset	for	our	
                                                       graduates	that	employers	will	recognise.	

                                                       The	‘Queen’s	Experience’	goes	far	beyond	
                                                       the	stimulating	academic	experience	that	we	
                                                       offer.	Our	distinctive	range	of	cultural,	social	
                                                       and	sporting	opportunities	can	be	enjoyed	
                                                       through	more	than	150	student	clubs	and	
                           WE’RE	DYnAMIC;	             societies.	
                           WE	HAVE	A	
                           REPUTATIOn	FOR	             We	believe	that	our	students	deserve	
                           ExCELLEnCE	AnD	             the	best.	The	McClay	Library	at	Queen’s,	
                           EMPLOYABILITY               which	opened	in	2009,	is	one	of	the	
                                                       most	impressive	university	libraries	in	the	
                                                       world.	And	the	Elms	Student	Village,	our	
    A WArm WELCOmE frOm ThE
                                                       refurbished	Students’	Union	and	a	state-of-
                                                       the-art	Physical	Education	Centre	offer	some	
                                                       of	the	best	student	facilities	in	these	islands.	
    Choosing	a	university	and	a	degree	course	
    are	among	the	most	important	decisions	you	
                                                       You	might	expect	me	to	be	positive	about	
    will	ever	make.	At	Queen’s,	we	place	great	
                                                       life	at	Queen’s,	but	don’t	just	take	my	word	
    importance	on	helping	you	make	the	right	
                                                       for	it.	Students’	positive	personal	experiences	
    choices	–	choices	that	will	lead	to	some	of	
                                                       are	being	recounted	every	day;	through,	
    the	most	valuable	experiences	of	your	lives.	
                                                       for	example,	social	networking	sites	and	
    This	Prospectus	is	designed	to	help	you	make	
                                                       through	the	good	work	of	our	alumni.	
    an	informed	decision	about	your	future.
                                                       We’ve	captured	just	a	few	of	these	stories	
                                                       through	the	student	profiles	featured	in	
    An	investment	in	higher	education	is	one	
                                                       this	Prospectus.	They	provide	a	snapshot	
    of	the	most	worthwhile	decisions	you	can	
                                                       of	student	life	at	Queen’s,	and	I	hope	their	
    make	and,	at	Queen’s,	we	are	renowned	for	
                                                       enthusiasm	will	be	infectious	and	help	you	
    the	quality	of	the	academic	and	personal	
                                                       choose	this	University.	
    experience	we	offer	our	students.	We	
    provide	a	unique	learning	environment	
                                                       I	have	no	doubt	that	your	student	days	at	
    where	full	potential	is	developed	and	
                                                       Queen’s	will	be	among	the	most	exciting	and	
    academic	ambitions	achieved.	
                                                       fulfilling	times	of	your	life.
    Queen’s	not	only	provides	an	internationally	
                                                       I	look	forward	to	welcoming	you	and	wish	
    recognised	educational	qualification;	it	also	
                                                       you	every	success	for	your	future.
    paves	the	way	to	ensure	that	you	gain	the	
    right	balance	of	real	life	and	work-related	
    skills,	which	will	set	you	apart	in	your	future	

    As	a	Russell	Group	University,	we	are	one	
    of	the	UK’s	20	leading	research-intensive	
                                                       professor peter J Gregson
    universities,	providing	world-class	education	
                                                       president and Vice-Chancellor
    underpinned	by	world-class	research.	This	

6    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                         Student life doesn’t get any better          1

                                                    learning	with	cutting-edge	technology.	
                                                    The	facilities	offered	by	Queen’s	are	of	an	
                                                    exceptional	standard	and	the	Students’	
                                                    Union	is	no	different,	having	won	the	bronze	
                                                    Students’	Union	Evaluation	Initiative	Award	
                                                    in	2010.

                                                    Our	Students’	Union	building	has	had	a	£9	
OUR	InSTITUTIOn	                                    million	facelift,	transforming	it	into	one	of	
HAS	OVER	                                           the	best-equipped	Union	buildings	in	the	UK	
150	YEARS	OF	                                       and	Ireland.	It	is	recognised	as	one	of	the	
ExCELLEnCE	In	                                      foremost	entertainment	complexes	in	the	
RESEARCH	AnD	                                       UK	and	Ireland.	As	well	as	offering	social	
TEACHInG                                            and	support	mechanisms,	we	are	leading	
                                                    the	way	in	developing	new	initiatives	such	
                                                    as	our	Enterprise	and	Employability	Unit,	
  hELLO frOm ThE STudENTS’ uNiON
                                                    which	provides	a	mix	of	career	and	business	
                                                    development	opportunities.		
  Hi	folks
                                                    Once	you	register	at	Queen’s,	you	
                                                    automatically	become	a	member	of	the	
  Welcome	to	Queen’s	from	the	Students’	
                                                    Students’	Union.	We	are	here	to	make	a	
  Union!	By	choosing	Queen’s,	you	will	
                                                    difference	and	to	provide	you	with	support	
  become	part	of	one	of	the	best	universities	
                                                    and	a	voice	that	will	be	heard	by	both	the	
  in	these	islands.	With	elite	Russell	Group	
                                                    University	and	external	bodies.	There	are	also	
  status,	our	institution	has	one	of	the	
                                                    ways	that	you	can	get	involved,	including	
  highest	records	of	academic	achievement	
                                                    through	our	150	clubs	and	societies.
  coupled	with	a	heritage	of	over	150	years	of	
  excellence	in	research	and	teaching.
                                                    My	time	at	Queen’s	has	equipped	me	with	
                                                    the	necessary	skills	needed	in	work	and	life,	
  Queen’s	campus	is	set	in	one	of	Europe’s	
                                                    and	has	left	me	with	lifelong	friends	and	
  most	vibrant	and	friendly	capital	cities.	
  World	renowned	by	employers,	Queen’s	
  provides	the	academic	platform	essential	
                                                    If	you	decide	Queen’s	is	the	place	for	you,		
  to	developing	your	employability	skills	and	
                                                    I	hope	you	have	an	equally	memorable	time.	
  offers	an	unmatched	student	experience	–	of	
                                                    If	you	have	any	questions,	please	don’t	
  which	our	Students’	Union	is	a	vital	part.	
                                                    hesitate	to	contact	me.	
  Queen’s	has	benefited	from	massive	
                                                    All	the	best,
  investment	in	recent	years.	Our	Elms	Student	
  Village	caters	for	tailored	student	needs.	
  A	multimillion	pound	investment	in	our	
  Physical	Education	Centre	(PEC)	provides	
  top-class	sporting	facilities	on	every	level.	
                                                    Gareth mcGreevy
  More	than	£45	million	has	been	invested	
                                                    president of the Students’ union
  in	developing	the	award-winning	McClay	
  Library	–	offering	students	access	to	a	world-
  class	library	experience,	blending	traditional	

     		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012         7
1    A university with a personal touch

                                                    DURInG	YOUR	
                                                    TIME	AT	QUEEn’S	
                                                    YOU	WILL	
                                                    ExPERIEnCE	An	
                                                    ECLECTIC	MIx	OF	
                                                    ACADEMIA	AnD	

    A uNiVErSiTY WiTh
    A pErSONAL TOuCh
    A world of opportUnity lies AheAd for every stUdent

    At Queen’s University, we have balanced         Whatever	subject	area	they	choose,	our	
    a blend of heritage and tradition with          students	can	be	confident	that	they	are	
    innovative and future thinking values.          being	taught	by	the	best	academic	staff	
    Academic excellence and ground-                 in	their	field.	Independent	assessments	of	
    breaking research has nurtured a                teaching	standards	demonstrate	that	Queen’s	
    dynamic community of academics and              is	in	the	front	rank	of	UK	universities.
    students who contribute to society
    around the world.	                              The	University’s	broadly-based	curriculum	has	
                                                    something	for	everyone.	In	Arts,	Humanities	
    A	leader	in	innovation	and	education,	          and	Social	Sciences	the	breadth	of	provision	
    Queen’s	is	unique,	both	in	terms	of	the	        is	enormous,	embracing	the	traditional	
    dynamic	student	experience	which	it	offers,	    disciplines	and	more	recent	introductions	
    and	its	world-class	portfolio	of	educational	   such	as	Actuarial	Studies	and	Drama	and	
    and	research	opportunities.	                    Film	Studies.	Across	Medicine,	Health	and	
                                                    Life	Sciences	students	are	benefiting	from	
    Our	students	are	our	best	ambassadors.	Their	   extensive	refurbishment	of	laboratories	and	
    enthusiasm	for	the	‘Queen’s	Experience’	is	     other	teaching	facilities.	In	Engineering	and	
    infectious,	as	they	spread	the	word	about	      Physical	Sciences	too,	students	will	find	
    their	time	at	Queen’s	-	through	storytelling	   first-class	facilities	and	a	range	of	courses	for	
    and	through	the	profiles	in	this	Prospectus.    future	scientists	and	engineers.

8    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                         putting student experiences first           1

                     WE	ARE	An	
                     UnIVERSITY:	IT	IS	
                     THE	LIFEBLOOD	OF	
                     OUR	STUDEnTS

At Queen’s we put our students first.            beyond	academic	disciplines,	we	equip	our	
A wide range of opportunities are                students	with	the	relevant	entrepreneurial,	
available to each and every student - not        business,	interpersonal	and	team	skills,	so	
just on the academic side, but also within       that	they	leave	Queen’s	with	the	invaluable	
the worlds of sport, music, volunteering,        attributes	needed	to	achieve	their	academic	
overseas study and much more.                    ambitions	and	deal	with	everyday	life.

Our facilities	-	Few	other	universities	         One	skill	set	that	is	central	to	all	our	degrees	
throughout	the	UK	and	Ireland	are	investing	     is	entrepreneurship,	which	we	regard	as	
as	generously	in	their	student	experience	as	    a	critical	skill	to	be	embraced	across	all	
Queen’s.	From	our	new-look	Students’	Union	      disciplines.	This	is	one	of	the	factors	that	led	
to	the	Physical	Education	Centre	(selected	as	   to	Queen’s	being	awarded	the	Times	Higher	
a	training	camp	for	the	2012	Olympics),	the	     Education	Entrepreneurial	University	of	the	
magnificent	McClay	Library	and	our	Student	      Year	title	in	2009.	
Guidance	Centre,	we	offer	the	opportunity	
to	study	at	one	of	the	best-equipped	            Queen’s	degree plus Award	initiative	
campuses	in	Europe	and	beyond.	                  underpins	northern	Ireland’s	skills	base	
                                                 and	gives	students	a	competitive	edge	in	
Additional Skills	-	Queen’s	offers	a	            the	graduate	job	market.	This	innovative	
world-class	learning	experience,	and	            programme	acknowledges	skills	acquired	
the	opportunity	for	students	to	gain	the	        through	participation	in	voluntary	work,	part-
confidence,	knowledge	and	skills	to	live	and	    time	jobs	and	sport,	which	are	attractive	to	
work	in	an	increasingly	global	society.	Going	   potential	employers.

   		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012          9
1    We’re diverse and inclusive

                         QUEEn’S	IS	
                         OnE	OF	THE	
                         MOST	SOCIALLY	
                         UnIVERSITIES	In	            Queen’s is committed to diversity,
                         THE	UK                      and our international students are an
                                                     important part of our cosmopolitan
                                                     University family. A new £1.3 million
                                                     international and postgraduate
                                                     student Centre (ipsC) provides a
                                                     contemporary space for students to
                                                     study, undertake group work and
                                                     socialise. Queen’s continues to invest
                                                     in its international and postgraduate
                                                     population and the facilities within
                                                     the Centre further enhance the world-
                                                     class student experience already on
                                                     offer at the University.

                                                     Queen’s	is	also	one	of	the	most	socially	
                                                     inclusive	universities	in	the	UK.	The	
                                                     University	has	an	extensive	range	of	
                                                     bursaries,	scholarships	and	programmes	
                                                     to	raise	educational	aspirations	amongst	
                                                     those	from	lower	socio-economic	
                                                     backgrounds.	This	work	was	further	
                                                     enhanced	during	the	past	year	with	the	
                                                     award	of	generous	Eliahou	Dangoor	
                                                     Scholarships	administered	through	the	
                                                     Russell	Group.

                                                     From	unrivalled	opportunities	to	gain	a	
                                                     degree	and	other	skills,	which	are	valuable	
                                                     assets	in	the	global	job	market,	to	the	
                                                     potential	to	enjoy	the	most	fulfilling	and	
                                                     worthwhile	student	career	possible,	there	
                                                     has	never	been	a	better	time	to	enjoy	the	
                                                     dynamic	‘Queen’s	Experience’.

10   uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                                                       meet the students              1

                                                           ChArlotte Ulett
                                                           BA soCiAl
                                                           history And
                                                           seCond yeAr stUdent

I	decided	to	study	       QUEEn’S	HAS	                     My	time	at	Queen’s	really	has	had	a	great	impact	
at	Queen’s	as	it	is	      SHOWn	ME	                        on	my	life.	The	well-networked	quality	of	studying	
one	of	the	leading	       An	ARRAY	OF	                     at	the	University	means	I	always	feel	I	have	
Universities	in	          OPPORTUnITIES	                   somewhere	to	go	or	someone	to	talk	to	whenever	
the	UK	for	my	            THAT	I	CAn	                      I	need	to.	Queen’s	has	encouraged	me	to	be	more	
course	(Social	           AVAIL	OF                         independent	in	my	learning	and	allowed	me	space	
Anthropology).	                                            to	develop	research	skills.
This,	combined	
with	the	                                                  I	always	find	it	so	interesting	to	hear	about	the	
fact	that	the	                                             research	areas	of	my	lecturers	and	tutors.	Having	
University	is	part	of	the	Russell	Group,	made	me	          studied	at	Queen’s	at	postgraduate	level,	many	of	
have	confidence	in	the	institution	as	a	leader	in	         my	lecturers	are	great	examples	of	how	Queen’s	
higher	education.	With	thousands	of	international	         encourages	and	introduces	research	possibilities	for	
students,	Queen’s	is	renowned	across	the	globe	as	a	       undergraduate	students.	
leader	in	education	and	student	experience.
                                                           Queen’s	offers	entrepreneurial	opportunities	for	
Queen’s	heritage	definitely	means	a	lot	to	me.	            all	its	students.	I	was	given	the	opportunity	to	
When	walking	through	the	campus	I	feel	so	proud	           participate	in	an	entrepreneurial	workshop,	which	
to	be	a	student	of	a	university	that	is	so	impressive	     enabled	me	to	develop	my	social,	academic	and	
in	terms	of	its	architecture	and	its	history.	It	is	       career-based	skills.
something	I	boast	about	to	my	friends	when	they	
come	to	visit,	as	they	too	think	the	buildings	are	just	   When	I	came	to	Queen’s	I	had	no	idea	what	
magical!                                                   Anthropology	was	and	no	idea	what	I	wanted	to	do	
                                                           with	my	career,	but	Queen’s	has	shown	me	an	array	
Queen’s	facilities	are	really	impressive	also.	The	        of	opportunities	that	I	can	avail	of.	I	feel	a	lot	more	
McClay	Library	is	an	exceptional	building	in	which	        confident	about	my	future	now.	It	also	helps	that	
to	work.	I	especially	like	the	CS	Lewis	reading	room,	     Belfast	is	a	very	student-oriented	city,	which	means	
where	students	can	curl	up	on	the	sofa	and	read	           you	will	always	find	something	to	do,	whether	it	is	
their	materials	in	a	relaxing	environment.                 social	or	academic-based!

      		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012                        11
1     A unique university location

     A uNiQuE uNiVErSiTY
     LOCATiON                                  the ChArM of northern irelAnd

     Belfast is a city with a living history; a          WITHIn	50	MILES	OF	
     city famed for its culture and creativity           QUEEn’S	CAMPUS	
     and for the warmth and hospitality of               YOU	CAn	LOSE	
     its people. And it is a city looking ahead          YOURSELF	AMID	
     to an exciting future. life in the rest of          SOME	OF	THE	MOST	
     northern ireland is never dull either.              MAGnIFICEnT	
                                                         SCEnERY	In	EUROPE
     Queen’s	students	are	lucky	to	have	a	wealth	
     of	cultural,	sporting	and	social	opportunities	
     on	their	doorstep.	Within	50	miles	of	
     Queen’s	campus	you	can	lose	yourself	amid	        International	and	George	Best	Belfast	City	
     some	of	the	most	magnificent	scenery	in	          airports,	which	are	both	quickly	and	easily	
     Europe.	You	can	plunge	into	Atlantic	surf,	       accessible	from	the	University	area.	
     explore	ancient	ruins,	or	mingle	with	the	
     locals	enjoying	a	pint	and	a	plate	of	pub	    In	addition,	adventure-hungry	travellers	
     grub	in	one	of	our	lively	towns	and	villages. can	fly	from	here	to	many	destinations	
                                                   in	mainland	Europe	and	there	are	several	
     And	take	in	the	fresh	air.	northern	Ireland	  direct	services	to	north	America.	There	are	
     has	a	healthy	and	wholesome	natural	          also	regular	ferries	across	the	Irish	Sea	to	
     environment.	Our	air	tends	to	be	cleaner,	    Scotland	and	England.	But	don’t	forget	the	
     our	waters	purer,	our	fields	greener	than	    rest	of	Ireland.	Dublin	is	only	a	two-hour	
     elsewhere	and	we	are	blessed	with	the	finest	 journey	from	Belfast.	
     beaches	for	surfing	and	swimming.
                                                   northern	Ireland	offers	a	high	standard	of	
     It	is	no	surprise	that	many	visitors	to	      modern	living.	It	is	a	thriving	and	sociable	
     northern	Ireland	have	chosen	to	make	this	    place,	yet	it	will	never	lose	the	warm	
     their	home.	People	from	all	over	the	world	   community	atmosphere	for	which	it	is	
     have	put	their	roots	down	here	and	are	now	 known.	It	is,	as	one	local	author	suggests,		
     making	an	important	contribution	to	life	in	  “a	great	country,	pretending	to	be	small.”	
     northern	Ireland	–	in	medicine,	business	and	
     industry,	education	and	tourism.	             This	“great	country”	has	undergone	
                                                   a	transformation	in	recent	years.	It	
     getting to northern ireland	-	Travelling	to	 looks	ahead	to	new	opportunities	for	
     and	from	Belfast	is	much	easier	and	cheaper	 development,	which	will	further	celebrate	
     than	you	might	imagine.	Most	major	British	   the	innovation	and	creativity	of	its	people.	
     cities	are	within	an	hour’s	flying	time	from	 Queen’s	University	is	central	to	this	process.
     Belfast’s	two	main	airports:	Belfast	

12    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                               A unique university location      1

                                   WE	HAVE	A	
                                   HERITAGE	CAMPUS	
                                   SET	In	OnE	OF	
                                   EUROPE’S	MOST	
                                   VIBRAnT	AnD	
                                   FRIEnDLY	CAPITAL	

        ‘GET	HERE	EARLY	
        AnD	EnjOY	IT	
        OF	THE	WORLD	
        LOnELY	PLAnET	
        GUIDE		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012   13
1      meet the students

                             peter roBerts
                             BsC geogrAphy
                             geogrAphy And
                             third yeAr stUdent
                             BAngor, Co down

     I	chose	to	study	at	Queen’s	as	the	teaching	             I	FEEL	THAT	THE	              distinguish	themselves	
     environment	and	facilities	on	offer	appealed	to	         ExPERIEnCE	OF	                from	the	crowd	
     me;	plus	the	vibrant	student	culture	evident	in	         BEInG	A	STUDEnT	              and	show	Queen’s	
     Belfast	was	something	I	wanted	to	be	a	part	of.	I	       AT	QUEEn’S	HAS	               to	be	a	forerunner	
     felt	that	Queen’s	heritage	would	hold	more	value	        BEEn	THE	BEST	TIME	           in	recognising	the	
     for	potential	employers	when	deciding	between	           OF	MY	LIFE                    need	for	students	
     graduates	from	different	universities	in	terms	of	                                     to	improve	their	
     the	prestige	of	their	education	and	the	standard	                                      future	employability	
     of	their	degree.                                                                       prospects.

     I	feel	that	the	experience	of	being	a	student	at	the	    Belfast	is	the	hub	of	modern	life	in	northern	Ireland,	
     University	has	been	the	best	time	of	my	life.	I	have	    offering	everything	a	student	might	need.	The	city	
     fully	embraced	student	culture,	actively	participated	   boats	a	multitude	of	clubs,	shops	and	restaurants	
     in	groups,	social	events	and	fundraising	activities,	    catering	for	all	tastes	and	pockets.	For	music-
     enabling	me	to	develop	skills	and	interactions	that	     lovers	Belfast	offers	venues	that	have	played	host	
     will	prepare	me	for	the	rest	of	my	life.	Before	I	       to	world-class	entertainers	such	as	Kanye	West,	
     attended	Queen’s	I	would	have	shied	away	from	           Coldplay,	Snow	Patrol,	Metallica	and	Kings	of	Leon.	
     presenting	material	in	public,	now	I	can	stand	in	       Belfast	is	definitely	a	student-friendly	city!
     front	of	a	lecture	hall	full	of	students	and	speak	
     with	confidence.                                         The	overall	experience	of	being	a	Queen’s	University	
                                                              student	has	been	worth	every	penny.	Without	the	
     Queen’s	has	excellent	student	support	facilities,	       advice	and	support	of	the	University,	it	may	have	
     providing	a	range	of	employment	opportunities	to	        taken	me	years	to	develop	certain	skill	sets	myself,	
     help	fund	student	life	and	provide	a	foothold	on	        and	I	have	made	friends	and	memories	that	will	stay	
     the	employment	ladder.	Skills-building	accredited	       with	me	long	after	I	leave	higher	education.	
     courses	such	as	Degree	Plus	enable	students	to	

14     uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                                      Student life in Belfast      1

Belfast is a truly cosmopolitan city.             top	travel	guide	to	comment	that	‘Belfast	
students who study here find it very hard         could	take	its	place	alongside	Barcelona	
to leave.                                         or	Berlin	as	a	cultural	capital’.	2012	will	
                                                  see	Belfast	showcasing	its	rich	social	and	
Belfast	is	the	ultimate	student	city.	It	is	      industrial	heritage	as	it	marks	the	important	
welcoming	and	friendly,	historic	and	cultural,	   international	milestone	of	the	centenary	of	
scenic	and	interesting,	as	well	as	providing	a	   the	maiden	voyage	of	the	Titanic,	which	was	
great	social	setting	that	completes	student	      built	at	Belfast’s	famous	Harland	and	Wolff	
life.	Let	us	take	you	on	an	insider’s	journey	    shipyards.	And,	of	course,	northern	Ireland’s	
around	northern	Ireland’s	vibrant	capital:        legendary	‘craic’	continues	to	underpin	every	
                                                  aspect	of	local	culture	and	society.
retail therapy	-	Take	your	pick	from	the	
designer	styles	in	the	elegant	Victoria	Square	   Eating out	-	You	will	be	spoilt	for	choice	
and	on	the	Lisburn	Road;	fend	off	the	            with	the	wide	selection	of	eateries	boasting	
budget	fashionistas	in	the	huge	Primark	and	      a	truly	international	flavour	and	available	
the	giants	of	the	high	street;	or	hunt	out	       to	suit	all	palates	and	bank	balances.	From	
vintage	finds	in	the	trendy	Rusty	Zip,	mere	      the	finest	European	and	world	cuisine,	to	
minutes	away	from	Queen’s	main	campus.            Michelin-starred	local	restaurants	and	budget	
                                                  cafes,	Belfast	offers	it	all.
history and culture	-	Right	next	door	
to	Queen’s	is	the	redesigned	and	award-           Bars	-	Pay	a	visit	to	some	of	Belfast’s	most	
winning	Ulster	Museum,	which	inspired	one	        fashionable	bars,	including	the	Apartment	

   		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012        15
1     Student life in Belfast

                                                      as	well	as	big	names	like	Michael	McIntyre	
                         BELFAST	COULD	               have	taken	to	the	stage	here.	Queen’s	
                         TAKE	ITS	PLACE	              Comedy	Club	in	the	Mandela	Hall	on	
                         ALOnGSIDE	                   Wednesdays	is	also	not	to	missed.	
                         OR	BERLIn	AS	                Cinema	-	For	all	the	latest	big-budget	
                         A	CULTURAL	                  releases,	check	out	the	Movie	House	on	
                         CAPITAL                      Dublin	Road,	the	Odeon	in	Victoria	Square	
                                                      or	Storm	cinema	in	the	Odyssey.	If	you	prefer	
                                                      a	wider	mix	of	art	house	and	international	
                                                      cinema,	then	visit	Queen’s	Film	Theatre	(QFT),	
     and	the	Cloth	Ear.	For	a	more	traditional	       which	is	mere	steps	away	from	Queen’s	
     touch,	head	to	one	of	Belfast’s	many	historic	   main	campus.	QFT	is	proud	to	be	northern	
     pubs,	like	the	Garrick	on	Chichester	Street,	    Ireland’s	only	art	house	cinema	and	screens	
     the	national	Trust-owned	Crown	Bar	on	           classics	as	well	as	modern	masterpieces.
     Great	Victoria	Street,	or	Hatfield	House	on	     	
     the	Ormeau	Road,	or	enjoy	some	culture	at	       festive treats	-	The	festive	period	in	Belfast,	
     the	john	Hewitt.                                 means	it’s	time	to	wrap	up	warm	and	head	
                                                      down	to	Belfast’s	iconic	City	Hall	and	sample	
     The club scene	-	Whatever	your	musical	          the	delights	of	the	ever-popular	Continental	
     tastes,	you’re	guaranteed	to	have	a	great	       Market,	featuring	cuisine,	tipples	and	unique	
     night	out	in	this	thriving	city.	Head	to	the	    Christmas	gifts	with	a	continental	twist.	
     Odyssey	in	the	Titanic	Quarter	for	a	night	of	
     dance	music	in	the	Box	or	Beach	Club,	or	turn	   These	are	just	a	few	highlights	that	Belfast	
     up	the	heat	in	Mono	on	Ann	Street.	If	your	      has	to	offer,	but	there	is	so	much	more	
     musical	taste	is	more	Led	Zeppelin	than	Lady	    to	enjoy	and	explore.	The	welcoming	
     Gaga,	then	Belfast’s	huge	indie	population	      atmosphere,	its	spectacular	setting	and	
     means	there	is	an	abundance	of	bars	and	         the	massive	selection	of	things	to	do	and	
     clubs	for	you	to	rock	out	in.	Try	Lavery’s	      see,	mean	that	Belfast	has	become	an	
     for	three	floors	with	three	very	different	      increasingly	popular	visitor	destination,	
     atmospheres,	or	the	Limelight,	which	is	a	       featuring	prominently	in	many	tourist	guides.	
     legendary	venue	on	Belfast’s	gig	scene.
                                                      Find	out	more	from:
     Students’ union	-	Queen’s	Students’	Union	
     is	the	student	nightlife	behemoth,	boasting	     discover Northern ireland –
     a	selection	of	entertainment	venues,	  
     activities	and	events	with	staff	who	know	
     the	importance	of	quick	service,	great	offers	   Go To Belfast	–	
     and	even	better	times!	The	Mandela	Hall	is	      The	official	tourism	website	for	Belfast:	
     the	venue	of	choice	for	many	of	music’s	big
     names.	The	Hall	also	hosts	Shine,	Belfast’s	
     ultimate	club	night.	

     Comedy	-	Enjoy	a	few	hours	of	laughter	
     at	one	of	Belfast’s	many	stand-up	nights,	
     including	the	Empire	Music	Hall	on	Botanic	
     Avenue	every	Tuesday.	Upcoming	local	talent	

16    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                                                   meet the students            1

                                                        CAMillA thoMpsell
                                                        geogrAphy (BsC)
                                                        geogrAphy And
                                                        seCond yeAr stUdent
                                                        ChiswiCk, london

I	chose	to	study	       IT	IS	UnDEnIABLE	               feedback	from	its	students	as	possible	and	really	
at	Queen’s	for	         THAT	QUEEn’S	IS	                takes	this	feedback	on	board,	continually	trying	to	
a	number	of	            A	WORLD-CLASS	                  develop	and	strive	for	excellence.	
reasons:	its	           InSTITUTIOn	FROM	
fantastic	academic	     ITS	RESEARCH	                   The	Careers	Service	at	Queen’s	has	really	gone	
reputation	as	a	        ExCELLEnCE	TO	                  out	of	its	way	to	provide	me	with	advice	and	
Russell	Group	          ITS	ACADEMIC	                   opportunities	to	meet	employers	at	fairs,	events	
University;	the	        REPUTATIOn                      and	lectures,	to	develop	my	employability	skills	
huge	variety	of	                                        through	workshops	and	through	one-on-one	
course	modules	                                         guidance	about	my	career	plans.	The	Degree	Plus	
available;	the	range	of	Study	Abroad	programmes	        Award	is	Queen’s	initiative	to	recognise	skills	and	
available	to	students	and	its	location	within	the	      excellence	gained	outside	of	academia.	It	is	a	great	
welcoming	and	buzzing	city	of	Belfast.                  way	for	students	to	demonstrate	to	employers	
                                                        the	value	they	can	bring	to	their	organisation	in	
I	have	found	that	the	University’s	‘red	brick’	         addition	to	their	academic	record.	
heritage	has	been	useful	in	aiding	my	success	with	
applications	for	internships	and	graduate	positions,	   Queen’s	has	developed	my	employability	by	
as	it	demonstrates	Queen’s	long-standing,	strong	       equipping	me	with	transferable	skills	such	as	
academic	reputation.	In	fact,	I	have	been	offered	      presentation,	communication,	organisation	
a	place	on	the	Study	USA	scheme,	which	allows	          and	leadership.	just	as	important,	Queen’s	has	
me	to	develop	my	business	knowledge	studying	in	        developed	me	as	a	person.	
the	US.
                                                        I	have	loved	moving	to	Belfast.	It	is	an	absolutely	
It	is	undeniable	that	Queen’s	is	a	world-class	         fantastic	city	for	socialising	–	large	enough	to	
institution	from	its	research	excellence	to	its	        include	stunning	public	spaces	such	as	the	Botanic	
academic	reputation.	What’s	great	about	Queen’s	        Gardens	and	thriving	enough	to	offer	a	varied	
is	that	it	is	committed	to	maintaining	this	            social	life,	meaning	that	all	students	are	able	to	
reputation	and	works	hard	to	encourage	as	much	         find	a	scene	to	suit	them.	

     		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012                   17
1      Culture and arts at Queen’s

     CuLTurE ANd ArTS
     AT QuEEN’S
     The Queen’s film Theatre                          for	the	University	and	welcomes	over	15,000	
                                                       people	through	its	doors	each	year.
     Queen’s	Film	Theatre	(QFT)	is	the	University’s	
     own	full-time	cinema.	Open	seven	nights	          In	2005	the	Gallery	was	named	as	one	of	the	
     a	week,	QFT	presents	the	best	of	new	and	         Top	Five	University	Galleries	in	the	UK	by	the	
     classic	world	cinema	in	a	relaxed	and	friendly	   Times	Higher	Education	Supplement	for	its	
     environment,	including	an	expanded	bar	           programme	of	exhibitions;	and	in	October	
     area.	It	was	the	first	cinema	in	northern	        2008	it	won	the	Times	Higher	Award	for	
     Ireland	to	showcase	the	work	of	Martin	           Excellence	and	Innovation	in	the	Arts	for	the	
     Scorsese,	Quentin	Tarantino,	the	Coen	            Silver	Sounds	display.
     brothers	and	Steven	Soderbergh	among	
     countless	others.                                 Open	Tuesday	to	Sunday	11am	-	4pm	(with	
                                                       late-night	opening	until	9pm	on	the	first	
     QFT	hosts	many	special	events,	seasons	and	       Thursday	of	every	month).
     festivals	throughout	the	year	including	the	
     Belfast	Film	Festival	in	March,	Ulster	Bank	      T:	+	44	(0)28	9097	3580
     Belfast	Festival	at	Queen’s	in	October	and	       E:
     november,	the	Cinemagic	Film	Festival	and	
     the	Outburst	Queer	Arts	Festival.	
                                                       ulster Bank Belfast festival at Queen’s
     T:	+44	(0)28	9097	1097                         The	Ulster	Bank	Belfast	Festival	at	Queen’s	
                                                       is	the	largest	festival	of	its	kind	in	Ireland,	
     The Naughton Gallery at Queen’s                   showcasing	the	best	of	international	art	and	
                                                       northern	Ireland’s	rich	and	vibrant	cultural	
     Since	2001,	the	naughton	Gallery	at	              scene.
     Queen’s	has	become	one	of	Belfast’s	most	
     sought-after	visual	arts	platforms,	featuring	    For	three	weeks	in	October,	the	city	buzzes	
     works	from	the	University’s	own	collection,	      with	the	Festival’s	celebrated	mix	of	the	
     touring	exhibitions	and	shows	by	local	and	       widest	imaginable	range	of	art	forms	
     international	artists.                            including	theatre,	dance,	literature,	comedy,	
                                                       the	visual	arts	and	music	to	suit	all	tastes,	
     The	Gallery	aims	to	reflect	the	international	    attracting	audiences	of	40,000	annually	and	
     reputation	of	the	University	through	its	         growing	every	year.
     programme	and	many	of	the	exhibitions	
     showcase	academic	research	through	the	           Since	its	launch	in	1963,	the	Festival	has	
     visual	arts.	As	a	registered	museum,	it	also	     welcomed	a	who’s	who	of	prominent	artists,	
     co-ordinates	commissions	of	new	artworks	         including	Ennio	Morricone,	Dizzy	Gillespie,	

18    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                             Culture and arts at Queen’s      1

QUeen’s provides A wide
rAnge of CUltUrAl And
ArtistiC events for stAff,
stUdents And the wider

Laurence	Olivier,	jimi	Hendrix,	Seamus	
Heaney,	Van	Morrison,	Moscow	State	                                        CULTURE	AnD	
Ballet	and	Yoko	Ono.	Michael	Palin	                                        CREATIVITY	nOT	
vowed	never	to	take	his	one-man	show	                                      OnLY	PROVIDE	
anywhere	else	on	earth	-	such	was	his	                                     EnjOYMEnT	AnD		
love	for	the	event.                                                        PLEASURE;	

Sign	up	to	the	Festival’s	monthly	e-zine	
on	the	website	to	find	out	first	who	and	
what	will	be	this	year’s	hottest	tickets!
                                                                           THEY	PLAY	An	
T:	+44	(0)28	9097	1197                                                     IMPORTAnT	PART                                                    In	THE	ECOnOMIC	
                                                                           AnD	SOCIAL		
The Bookshop at Queen’s                                                    DEVELOPMEnT	
                                                                           OF	A	CITY
The	Bookshop	at	Queen’s	is	northern	
Ireland’s	leading	independent	bookseller	
with	an	extensive	stock	of	over	50,000	

The	Bookshop’s	primary	objective	is	to	
meet	the	book	needs	of	the	students	
and	staff	at	Queen’s.	In	addition,	the	
Bookshop	provides	the	facility	of	a	full	
general	bookshop	to	the	wider	public,	
and	is	now	one	of	only	a	few	booksellers	
in	Ireland	to	stock	an	extensive	range	of	
both	general	and	academic	titles.

The	Bookshop	at	Queen’s
91	University	Road
Belfast	BT7	1nL
T:	+44	(028)	9066	6302/9066/2552
F:	+44	(028)	9066	6099

   		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012   19
1      meet the students

                             seAMUs Collins
                             Joint frenCh with
                             SChOOL: lAngUAges,
                             literAtUres And
                             perforMing Arts
                             third yeAr stUdent
                             MAgherA, Co l’derry

     I	chose	to	study	at	Queen’s	because	the	University	      THAnKS	TO	                      also	had	a	lot	of	my	
     has	a	proud	reputation	and	a	wonderful	heritage.	        QUEEn’S	I	HAVE	                 work	read	on	Queen’s	
     I	spent	a	year	working	and	studying	in	France	as	        BEEn	ABLE	TO	MAKE	              Radio	and	in	nearby	
     part	of	my	degree	at	Queen’s,	which	was	one	of	          COnTACT	WITH	                   bookshops.
     the	best	years	of	my	life.	As	well	as	improving	my	      PEOPLE	I	WOULD	
     language	skills,	I	also	met	some	wonderful	people	       nEVER	HAVE	BEEn	                 The	music	and	theatre	
     and	had	the	opportunity	to	travel	further	afield.	       ABLE	TO	SPEAK	TO	                scenes	in	Belfast	are	
                                                              On	MY	OWn                        buzzing.	Queen’s	
     Thanks	to	Queen’s	I	have	been	able	to	make	                                               players	have	done	
     contact	with	people	I	would	never	have	been	able	                                         a	fantastic	job,	with	
     to	speak	to	on	my	own.	I	was	introduced	to	award-        more	and	more	students,	not	just	drama	students,	
     winning	playwright	Owen	McCafferty	through	the	          getting	involved	in	the	Society	and	producing	great	
     University,	who	acted	as	a	mentor	to	me.	With	his	       theatre.	There’s	always	something	fun	to	do	or	take	
     help,	I	have	had	two	of	my	own	plays	performed	in	       part	in	at	Queen’s.	There	is	an	energy	in	Belfast	that	
     The	Brian	Friel	Theatre	at	Queen’s,	as	well	as	one	of	   I’ve	yet	to	find	in	any	other	city	in	the	world.	I’m	not	
     my	plays	representing	Queen’s	at	the	Irish	Student	      from	Belfast	originally,	but	I	now	feel	like	I’ve	lived	
     Drama	Festival	and	another	being	shortlisted	for	the	    here	all	my	life.	My	time	at	Queen’s	has	truly	been	
     International	Student	Playscript	Competition.	I’ve	      life-changing.

20     uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                               We recognise the needs of our students            1

the stUdent ChArter

Queen’s student Charter is the outcome          	 feedback	on	your	progress	that	promotes		
of a dialogue between students and              	 learning	and	facilitates	improvement;
the University and helps to create an           •		 provide	you	with	opportunities	to	access		
environment where expectations can be           	 extra-curricular	cultural,	recreational,		
met and ambitions realised.                     	 social	and	sporting	activities;
                                                •		 provide	representation	and	advice	through	
The	online	version	of	the	Student	Charter,	     	 the	Students’	Union	Advice	Centre;
available	on	the	Student	Guidance	Centre	       •		 provide	guidance,	assistance	and	advice		
website:     	 through	Schools,	the	Student	Guidance		
sgc	is	supported	by	a	matrix	of	links	to	key	   	 Centre,	the	Postgraduate	Office	and	the		
documents.                                      	 International	Office	on	academic	matters,		
                                                	 welfare,	disability	support,	English		
You can expect the university to:               	 language	training,	finance,	tuition	and		
•	 promote	an	active	learning	community		       	 accommodation	fees,	scholarships	and		
	 in	which	you	will	have	the	opportunity	to		 	 bursaries	and	complaints	and	appeals		
	 develop	as	an	independent	learner;            	 procedures;
•		 treat	students	equally	and	respectfully		   •		 provide	positions	for	student		
	 regardless	of	gender,	religion,	community		 	 representatives	on	relevant	University		
	 background,	nationality,	race/ethnic		        	 committees,	boards,	working	groups,		
	 origin,	disability,	marital	status,	sexual		  	 forums	and	reviews;
	 orientation,	or	age;                          •		 provide	opportunities	for	you	and	your		
•		 be	professional	in	its	dealings	with	you;   	 student	representatives	to	give		
•		 provide	timely	and	accurate	information		   	 feedback	to	the	School	and	University		
	 about	arrangements	for	your	enrolment,		      	 on	your	experience	as	a	student,	including	
	 registration	and	induction;                   		 participation	in	appropriate	quality		
•		 safeguard	all	the	personal	information	you	 	 assurance	and	enhancement	procedures;
		 provide,	in	compliance	with	the		            •		 provide	information	on	action	taken	in		
	 requirements	of	the	Data	Protection	Act		     	 response	to	feedback	received	from		
	 and	the	Freedom	of	Information	Act;           	 students.
•		 provide	an	induction	process	to	help		
	 familiarise	you	with	the	campus,	introduce	
		 you	to	other	students,	and	provide		
	 an	introduction	to	your	studies,	available		
	 resources	and	key	people;
•		 provide	appropriate	learning		
	 opportunities,	resources	and	support	to		
	 assist	you	in	your	studies;
•		 provide	you	with	appropriate	and	timely		

   		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012      21
1      We recognise the needs of our students

     in return you are expected to:                      	 Office	or	central	University	department;
     •	 fully	engage	as	an	active	student	in	our		       •		 pursue	your	academic	studies	in	a		
     	 shared	educational	experience;                    	 diligent,	honest	and	professional	manner;
     •		 comply	with	the	terms	of	all	Statutes,		        •		 make	use	of	any	comments	on	your		
     	 Ordinances,	Study	Regulations,	Conduct		          	 academic	work	and	ask	for	clarification	if		
     	 Regulations,	policies,	rules	and		                	 you	feel	it	is	needed;
     	 requirements	of	the	University	and	any		          •		 attend	all	scheduled	sessions	related	to		
     	 professional	standards	and	requirements		         	 your	studies	and	be	an	active	participant;
     	 which	are	applicable	to	your	programme;           •		 attend	all	examinations	and	submit	all		
     •		 treat	fellow	students,	University	staff	and		   	 work	on	time;
     	 visitors	equally	and	respectfully	regardless		    •		 inform	your	tutor,	supervisor,	Adviser	of		
     	 of	gender,	religion,	community		                  	 Studies	or	School	Office	if	you	are	unable		
     	 background,	nationality,	race/ethnic		            	 to	attend	a	teaching	session,	examination		
     	 origin,	disability,	marital	status,	care	of		     	 or	are	unable	to	submit	coursework	on		
     	 dependants,	sexual	orientation,	or	age;           	 time;
     •		 behave	in	a	responsible	manner	on	and		         •		 use	the	facilities	and	resources	of	the		
     	 off	campus,	and	ensure	that	your	actions		        	 University,	whether	in	Schools	or	centrally,		
     	 do	not	have	an	adverse	impact	on	the		            	 with	respect	and	consideration	for	others;
     	 University’s	reputation,	its	environment,		       •		 pay	fees	or	charges	when	they	are	due;
     	 your	neighbours,	the	local	community	or		         •		 give	your	views	honestly	and		
     	 those	who	work	or	study	at	the		                  	 constructively	on	your	educational	and		
     	 University;                                       	 university	experience.
     •		 read	information	provided	to	you	about		
     	 the	University,	its	services	and	your	School		    More	detailed	information	about	the	
     	 and	retain	it	for	future	reference;               responsibilities	and	entitlements	of	students	
     •		 familiarise	yourself	with	the	information		     and	the	support	and	services	provided	by	the	
     	 provided	about	your	programme	and		               University	are	set	out	in	the	Student	Charter	
     	 seek	clarification	on	anything	which	you		        Matrix,	which	can	be	found	at:	
     	 do	not	understand	from	your	School		    

                             OUR	STUDEnT	
                             CHARTER	SETS	OUT	
                             THE	EnTITLEMEnTS	
                             AnD	RESPOnSIBILITIES	
                             OF	OUR	STUDEnTS	
                             AnD	EMBODIES	
                             THE	PRInCIPLE	OF	

22    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                                                    meet the students            1

                         lUki AdAM
                         nUrsing sCienCes
                         nUrsing And Midwifery
                         phd stUdent
                         originAlly froM soUth

I	used	to	drive	past	Queen’s	on	my	way	to	work	          I	APPLIED	TO	STUDY	            UK.	When	I	came	
a	long	time	ago,	and	the	main	campus	Lanyon	             nURSInG	SCIEnCES	              to	Queen’s,	I	had	
Building	looked	so	imposing.	I	knew	a	little	bit	of	     AT	THE	SCHOOL		                completed	short	
the	University’s	history	and	was	aware	that	it	had	      OF	nURSInG	AnD	                courses	at	university-
an	excellent	reputation.	I	used	to	think	that	if	life	   MIDWIFERY.	GETTInG	            level	elsewhere,	but	
had	turned	out	differently	for	me,	I	might	have	         ACCEPTED	TO	STUDY	             getting	a	prestigious	
been	able	to	study	at	Queen’s.	Then	I	applied	           HERE	WAS	A	DREAM	              degree	was	very	
to	study	nursing	Sciences	at	the	School	of	              COME	TRUE	FOR	ME               important	to	me.	I	
nursing	and	Midwifery,	never	thinking	that	I’d	be	                                      was	a	mature	student	
accepted	-	and	I	was!	It	was	a	dream	come	true	                                         who	was	a	single	
for	me.	I	finished	my	nursing	degree	in	February	        parent	with	no	family	support	and	three	children	
2010	and	I’m	now	continuing	my	education	at	             to	look	after.	I	finished	my	undergraduate	degree	
Queen’s	studying	for	a	PhD.                              by	being	presented	with	the	Florence	Elliott	award	
                                                         for	the	most	outstanding	nursing/midwifery	
I	was	attracted	to	study	at	Queen’s	as	I	valued	the	     student	of	the	summer	graduations	in	2010.	I	
fact	that	it	was	a	member	of	the	Russell	Group	of	       think	that	speaks	volumes	regarding	the	impact	
the	top	20	research-intensive	universities	in	the	       that	Queen’s	has	had	on	my	life.

      		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012                   23
1     Student finance / Scholarships

     STudENT fiNANCE /
                           QUEEn’S	ALSO	
                           A	STUDEnT	
                           SUPPORT	FUnD	
                           FOR	STUDEnTS	
                           In	FInAnCIAL	

     the current student funding                     be	available	to	full-time	undergraduate	
     arrangements mean that students can             students	from	lower-income	households.	
     study now and pay later. the payment            ELB	maintenance	grants	are	for	northern	
     options, available to students, are             Ireland	residents	only.	Students	from	other	
     detailed in the section below.                  areas	should	contact	Student	Finance	
                                                     England	(in	England),	SAAS	(in	Scotland)	and	
     The	student	funding	arrangements	in	            Student	Finance	Wales	(in	Wales).	For	further	
     northern	Ireland	for	2012-13	have	not	yet	      information,	please	visit:	
     been	confirmed.	Students	who	defer	from
     Academic	Year	2011-12	until	Academic	Year	
     2012-13	will	be	subject	to	the	student	fees	    Queen’s	also	administers	a	Student	Support	
     and	support	package	in	place	for	2012-13.	      Fund	for	students	in	financial	difficulties.	
     The	University	will	determine	the	level	of	     Please	contact:	Connie	Craig	at	connie.
     its	tuition	fees,	and	any	associated	bursary,	or	on	+44	(0)28	9097	
     scheme,	within	the	framework	approved	by	       1049.
     the	northern	Ireland	Assembly.	                 	
                                                     pAYmENT OpTiONS
     STudENT SuppOrT
                                                     1. New full-time uK/Eu undergraduates
     A	comprehensive	system	of	student	support	      Students	can	defer	their	fees	by	applying	for	
     ensures	that	prospective	students	from	less	    a	fee	loan	up	to	the	maximum	fees	amount.	
     well-off	backgrounds	can	access	higher	         Students	also	have	the	option	of	paying	(i)	
     education.                                      the	full	fee	up	front	to	the	University,	(ii)	a	
                                                     combination	of	part	deferring	their	fees	and	
     maintenance loans:	applicants	should	           paying	the	remainder	up	front,	or	(iii)	by	an	
     refer	to	for	        instalment	plan.
     information	regarding	maintenance	loans.
     	                                               2. Applying for financial support
     maintenance grants from the Education           Students	have	only	to	complete	one	
     and Library Boards (ELBs):	grants	will	         application	form	for	financial	help	with	their	

24    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                             Student finance / Scholarships         1

tuition	fees	and	living	costs.	The	application,
with	guidance	notes	on	completing	the	             StudentSupportArrangements201112	
form,	can	be	downloaded	from	                      Connie	Craig	(Students’	Union)	Students	              Advice	Centre	Manager	(Financial	Adviser)
should	apply	as	soon	as	possible	to	               E:
determine	entitlement	to	financial	support	        T:	+44	(0)28	9097	1049
before	starting	a	course.
                                                   Department	for	Employment	and	Learning	
NON-uK EurOpEAN uNiON STudENTS                     (DEL):
Fees	for	non-United	Kingdom	EU	students	           Students	Loans	Company	Ltd:
will	also	be	set	within	the	framework	   	
approved	by	the	northern	Ireland	Assembly.	
Students	are	entitled	to	loans	for	fees	and	       QuEEN’S SChOLArShipS ANd priZES
will	be	able	to	defer	payment.	
                                                   A	range	of	scholarships	and	prizes,	for	
fAiLurE TO pAY dEBT                                both	undergraduates	and	postgraduates,	
                                                   is	available	from	the	University.	For	
Failure	to	pay,	or	make	appropriate	               more	information	on	existing	and	new	
arrangements	to	pay,	all	fees	and	other	           scholarships,	please	visit:	
monies	due	to	the	University	by	the	relevant	and	
deadline	will	result	in	a	student	being	 	
suspended.	Students	under	suspension	will	
not	be	eligible	to	enrol	or	graduate.	Queen’s	     If	you	would	like	to	find	out	more	about	
reserves	the	right	to	withhold	a	degree	           these	and	the	many	other	awards	available,	
certificate	or	transcript	from	any	student	        please	contact	the	Academic	Affairs	Office	
who	is	in	debt	to	the	University.                  at:

Such	debt	includes	outstanding	tuition	            Academic	Affairs
and	accommodation	fees,	unpaid	library	            Level	6,	Administration	Building
charges	and/or	other	amounts	owed	to	              Queen’s	University	Belfast
the	University.	By	withholding	the	degree	         Belfast	BT7	1nn
certificate	or	transcript,	the	University	will	    T:	+44	(0)28	9097	3006
not	be	precluded	from	pursuing	repayment	          E:
of	the	debt,	including	the	use	of	a	debt	
recovery	agency.
                                                   Note: this information is correct at the time
furThEr iNfOrmATiON                                of going to press. Updates on tuition fees,
                                                   scholarships, prizes and maintenance grant
Further	information	on	fees	is	available	from	     thresholds for 2012-13 will be available on
the	Fees	Helpline:                                 the University’s website and provided directly
T:	+44	(0)28	9097	2767                             to applicants.

    		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012        25
1      meet the students

                              NAmE: JACoB Mills
                              COurSE: Meng
                              CoMpUter gAMes
                              design And
                              SChOOL: eleCtroniCs,
                              eleCtriCAl engineering
                              And CoMpUter sCienCe
                              seCond yeAr stUdent

     When	I	was	completing	my	UCAS	form,	Queen’s	             DEGREE	PLUS	IS	                  Queen’s	means	there	
     really	stood	out	for	me,	because	of	the	high	            A	GREAT	WAY	TO	                  is	great	value	and	high	
     quality	of	learning	I	knew	its	students	receive;	its	    GAIn	ExTRA	CREDIT	               perception	placed	
     excellent	reputation	for	research	and	education;	        FOR	CARRYInG	OUT	                on	the	grades	you	
     and	the	potential,	for	me	moving	from	England,	          ACTIVITIES	THAT	                 receive	throughout	
     to	meet	new	people	and	experience	life	in	a	             YOU	LOVE	OUTSIDE	                your	course.	The	
     different	country.	                                      OF	THE	LECTURE	                  University	has	
                                                              THEATRE                          exceptional	contacts	
     Queen’s	heritage	is	important	to	me	and	is	very	                                          for	placements	across	
     obvious	just	from	walking	around	the	campus;	the	                                         the	globe.
     buildings	are	incredibly	majestic	and	I	love	the	fact	
     that	I	attend	a	university	with	such	a	rich	history.     Degree	Plus	is	a	great	way	to	gain	extra	credit	for	
                                                              carrying	out	activities	that	you	love	outside	of	the	
     The	McClay	Library	is	phenomenal;	its	group	study	       lecture	theatre.	I	love	that	extra-curricular	skills	are	
     rooms	are	invaluable	when	working	on	projects	           recognised	at	Queen’s	and	that	students	are	given	
     as	part	of	a	team.	There	are	plenty	of	computers	        the	power	to	leverage	those	to	demonstrate	our	
     available	for	students	to	use	and	the	atmosphere	        employability.	
     and	flexible	opening	hours	are	perfect	for	studying.	
                                                              Belfast	is	a	great	city.	It	is	less	frantic	and	much	
     Before	I	came	to	Queen’s	I	could	never	have	             cosier	compared	to	other	capital	cities.	The	
     realised	how	much	I’d	love	living	away	from	home.	       University	is	located	within	the	city	centre,	which	
     Befriending	my	hall-mates	has	provided	me	with	          is	a	huge	luxury	that	a	lot	of	my	friends	at	other	
     some	of	the	best	friends	I’ve	ever	had.	The	feeling	     universities	don’t	have.
     of	independence	is	unparalleled.	I	love	my	course	
     and	my	life	in	Belfast.	                                 not	only	has	my	course	cemented	in	my	mind	
                                                              where	I	want	my	career	to	go,	but	I’ve	been	given	
     Queen’s	reputation	is	very	impressive	and	has	           an	amazing	level	of	support	in	achieving	my	career	
     been	instrumental	in	helping	me	secure	a	work	           goals.	More	than	this,	I’ve	grown	as	a	person	just	
     placement.	As	part	of	the	Russell	Group,	studying	at	    from	being	in	such	a	brilliant	environment.	

26     uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                                         A degree with a plus        1

A dEGrEE WiTh A pLuS
yoU’ve AlreAdy given yoUrself A heAd stArt By
seleCting QUeen’s As yoUr ChoiCe of University, so why
not Add to yoUr stUdent experienCe By registering for
degree plUs?

WhAT iS dEGrEE pLuS?                               the	concept	of	Degree	Plus	and	what	you	
                                                   are	required	to	do	to	obtain	accreditation	for	
Degree	Plus	is	an	award	for	Queen’s	               activities	in	which	you	are	involved.	You	are	
students,	which	allows	full-time	and	part-         encouraged	to	undertake	as	many	activities	
time	undergraduate	degree	students	from	           as	you	feel	are	appropriate	during	your	
their	first	year	of	study	to	gain	accreditation	   academic	study.	
for	skills	developed	outside	of	their	academic	
programme,	for	example,	through	part-              dO EmpLOYErS rECOGNiSE iT?
time	work,	volunteering,	international	
experience,	sports,	clubs	and	societies,	or	       Absolutely.	During	university	life,	you	will	
additional	courses.	It	basically	means	you	        need	to	balance	learning	and	becoming	
can	gain	accreditation	for	activities	you	are	     involved	in	student	life	to	really	benefit	
undertaking	in	addition	to	your	degree.            from	all	that	Queen’s	has	to	offer.	It	is	
                                                   this	mixture	of	studying	and	involvement	
hOW dOES iT WOrK?                                  in	extra-curricular	activities	that	makes	
                                                   you	more	appealing	to	employers.	In	a	
As	a	Queen’s	student,	Degree	Plus	will	            competitive	graduate	job	market,	Degree	
encourage	you	to	take	advantage	of	all	            Plus	is	a	positive	way	of	developing	your	
the	great	clubs,	societies	and	volunteering	       employability	skills	and	making	your	
opportunities	the	University	has	to	offer.	        experiences	work	for	you.	It	will	give	you	
Additional	courses	or	programmes	may	also	         a	head	start	after	university	life.	For	more	
be	included	eg	ECDL,	languages	training	           information,	visit	Degree	Plus	at:	
and	career	development	programmes	       			
offered	by	Careers,	Employability	and	Skills.	
Opportunities	to	study	overseas	include	the	
Erasmus	programme,	which	allows	Queen’s	
students	to	study	in	Europe	for	a	year,	
Study	USA	for	one	academic	year,	Study	
China	programme	or	IAESTE	(International	          DEGREE	PLUS	IS	
Association	for	the	Exchange	of	Students	          A	DYnAMIC	WAY	
for	Technical	Experience).                         OF	DEVELOPInG	
                                                   SKILLS	THAT	WILL	
To	become	familiar	with	Degree	Plus	you	
                                                   GIVE	YOU	A	HEAD	
are	encouraged	to	attend	an	induction	             START	AFTER	
workshop.	The	workshop,	delivered	by	              UnIVERSITY	LIFE
Careers,	Employability	and	Skills,	explains	

   		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012          27
1      Opportunities to study and work abroad

     OppOrTuNiTiES TO STudY
     ANd WOrK ABrOAd
     studying or working abroad is one of              to	serve	as	interns	in	the	offices	of	US	
     the best practices of modern times. it            politicians	and	government	departments.
     provides exposure to new cultures and
     helps you to develop your professional            Looking	to	the	East,	undergraduate	and	
     and personal aims and ambitions.                  postgraduate	students	can	also	gain	
                                                       experience	in	India,	Malaysia	and	China	
     Queen’s	plays	a	major	role	in	the	global	         through	a	variety	of	projects	funded	by	
     higher	education	environment,	with	links	         the	Prime	Minister’s	Initiative	and	other	
     to	many	leading	universities	around	the	          international	agreements	between	leading	
     world.	Queen’s	is	able	to	offer	an	array	         institutions	and	Queen’s.	
     of	international	opportunities	to	broaden	
     students’	horizons	and	enrich	their	university	   WhAT iNTErNATiONAL STudY OpTiONS
     experience.                                       ArE AVAiLABLE?

     Queen’s	is	ranked	within	the	top	10	of	           Queen’s	encourages	students	to	take	
     universities	throughout	Europe	for	the	           advantage	of	a	period	of	study	at	an	
     number	of	students	who	gain	semester	work	        overseas	university	or	an	international	
     placements	as	part	of	the	Erasmus	scheme	         work	placement	as	part	of	their	degree	
     within	120	universities	across	Europe.	For	the	   programme.	Many	students	participate	in	
     past	two	years,	Queen’s	students	have	won	        the	European	Erasmus	programme.	The	
     the	overall	UK	Erasmus	student	essay	prize	–	     International	Office	or	your	School	can	help	
     an	unprecedented	achievement.                     you	to	research	your	options	and	organise	
                                                       your	exchange	placement.	Some	degree	
     The	University	also	has	a	close	relationship	     courses	(especially	those	with	a	language	
     with	Santander	Universities,	and	many	            element)	include	a	compulsory	year	abroad.	
     students	following	interdisciplinary	             These	are	generally	four-year	courses,	during	
     programmes	within	the	arts	and	social	            which	you	will	either	spend	a	year	studying	
     sciences	benefit	from	study	visits	to	leading	    at	a	partner	university,	or	on	work	placement	
     universities	in	Spain,	Portugal	and	Latin	        with	an	employer.	Many	other	degree	
     America,	particularly	Brazil.                     courses	offer	the	option	of	participating	in	
                                                       a	study	exchange	scheme	for	one	or	two	
     Many	opportunities	exist	within	the	United	       semesters,	usually	in	your	second	year.	The	
     States.	Queen’s	was	directly	involved	in	the	     ‘semester	abroad’	option	will	allow	you	
     establishment	of	a	new	Mentoring	Scheme	          to	graduate	within	the	usual	three	years.	
     with	leading	US	corporate	organisations,	         You	will	still	be	entitled	to	your	student	
     and	supported	through	the	American	Ireland	       loan	whilst	abroad,	and	students	of	any	
     Fund.	Meanwhile,	the	Washington	Ireland	          nationality	going	on	an	Erasmus	exchange	to	
     Program	offers	the	chance	for	students	           Europe	will	also	normally	receive	an	Erasmus	

28    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                    Opportunities to study and work abroad             1

grant	to	help	cover	the	additional	costs	of	
study	or	work	abroad.	At	the	time	of	going	          OVERSEAS	
to	press,	home	and	EU	students	who	go	               OPPORTUnITIES	ExIST	
on	an	Erasmus	study	or	work	placement	               FOR	AnY	STUDEnT	
for	the	full	academic	year	will	also	receive	        WHO	WAnTS	TO	
a	tuition	fee	waiver	at	Queen’s	(subject	to	         BROADEn	THEIR	
confirmation	by	government	in	future	years).	
                                                     organisational	skills.	Many	students	report	
Advanced	language	skills	are	not	always	             that	studying	abroad	has	been	the	highlight	
necessary	in	order	to	study	abroad	–	many	           of	their	degree.	
of	the	University’s	European	partners	teach	
in	English,	as	well	as	the	University’s	partners	    ANY OThEr BENEfiTS?
in	north	America	and	Australia.	However,	
if	you	already	have	some	knowledge	of	a	             Students	who	undertake	an	Erasmus	Study	
foreign	language,	then	studying	abroad	              Placement	are	eligible	to	apply	for	the	
is	an	excellent	opportunity	to	improve	              placement	to	be	considered	towards	the	
your	fluency.	All	students	–	not	just	those	         Queen’s	Degree	Plus	Award.	The	Award	
studying	Modern	Languages	–	are	strongly	            provides	official	recognition	of	the	non-
encouraged	to	enhance	their	language	skills	         academic	benefits	of	an	Erasmus	placement,	
and	many	choose	to	attend	the	University’s	          such	as	improved	employability	skills,	global	
Language	Centre	before	they	go	abroad.	              and	cultural	awareness	and	increased	self-
(See	page	52	for	more	information.)                  confidence	and	motivation.	For	further
                                                     information,	visit:
                                                     mOrE iNfOrmATiON
Queen’s	has	approximately	120	Erasmus	
partner	universities	in	Europe	and	a	growing	        For	more	information	about	the	Erasmus	and	
range	of	opportunities	outside	Europe.	Our	          Study	Abroad	programmes,	visit:	
selected	partner	institutions	offer	a	high	,	or	contact	the	
standard	of	student	academic	experience	             Careers,	Employability	and	Skills	service	at	
and	support	abroad,	and	we	work	closely	   
with	our	partners	to	ensure	your	time	
abroad	is	enjoyable,	safe	and	rewarding.	            Further	details	are	also	available	from	the	UK	
Some	of	the	best	universities	in	the	world	          Erasmus	national	Agency	(British	Council)	at	
are	amongst	our	partners,	including	the	   	
University	of	Alberta,	Canada,	Queen’s	
University	Kingston,	Ontario,	Canada,	
and	the	University	of	newcastle,	new	
South	Wales.	This	means	you	can	study	at	            This project has been funded with support
international	centres	of	academic	excellence	        from the European Commission. This
without	having	to	pay	extra	tuition	fees.	           communication reflects only the view of the
Studying	abroad	enhances	your	employability	         author and the Commission cannot be held
prospects	after	you	graduate,	and	helps	you	         responsible for any use which may be made
to	develop	independence	and	improve	your	            of the information contained therein.

    		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012           29
1      meet the staff

                                                    Jenny good
                                                    CliniCAl teAChing
                                                    fellow in restorAtive
                                                    MediCine, dentistry
                                                    And BioMediCAl

     I	attained	my	         QUEEn’S	                 combining	a	reputation	for	academic	excellence	
     primary	degree	        OFFERS	THE	              with	superb	recreational,	social	and	sporting	
     from	Queen’s	and	      TOTAL	STUDEnT	           opportunities.	
     was	always	very	       ExPERIEnCE:	
     impressed	by	the	      COMBInInG	A	             The	University	employs	innovative	teaching	methods	
     high	standard	of	      REPUTATIOn	              to	train	its	students,	for	example,	in	my	School	we	
     teaching	provided	     FOR	ACADEMIC	            use	a	special	teaching	laboratory	with	‘phantom’	
     by	the	University.	    ExCELLEnCE	              heads	where	students	learn	all	their	operative	
     I	was	delighted	                                techniques	before	they	work	on	any	patients.
     to	have	the	
     opportunity	to	                                 Queen’s	provides	its	students	with	excellent	
                            WITH	SUPERB	
     return	to	my	alma	                              opportunities	for	fun	and	personal	development.	
     mater	to	help	         SOCIAL	AnD	
     educate	and	train	     SPORTInG	                northern	Ireland	has	it	all	–	stunning	scenery,	
     the	dentists	of	the	   OPPORTUnITIES            a	vibrant	arts	and	music	scene	and	legendary	
     future.	                                        nightlife.	The	University’s	students	run	events	
                                                     such	as	’Mystery	Tours’,	which	offers	them	the	
     Queen’s	offers	                                 chance	to	socialise	outside	of	class	and	see	parts	
     the	total	student	                              of	the	country	which	might	otherwise	remain	
     experience:	                                    undiscovered.

30     uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                                                      faculty profile         1

      WELCOmE TO ThE fACuLTY                           Dean	-	PROFESSOR	SEAn	GORMAn
      Of mEdiCiNE, hEALTh ANd
                                                       T:	+44	(0)28	9097	5177
                 LifE SCiENCES                         E:	

The	University	is	justifiably	proud	to	be	one	of	      Across	the	four	Schools,	continual	review	
very	few	institutions	within	the	Russell	Group	        and	ongoing	investment	in	the	supporting	
of	leading	UK	universities	to	offer	the	four	key	      infrastructure	ensures	our	courses	are	modern,	
subjects	in	the	health	sciences	field,	together	       stimulating	and	relevant.	This	strong	tradition	
with	a	broad	spectrum	of	subjects	in	Biological	       and	reputation	in	education	in	turn	attracts	
Sciences.                                              high	calibre	students	who	go	on	from	Queen’s	
                                                       to	work	in	the	professions	within	health	and	
The	Faculty	comprises	the	following	Schools:           life	sciences	or	follow	highly	successful	careers	
                                                       in	other	fields.
•	   Biological	Sciences	
•	   Medicine,	Dentistry	and	Biomedical	Sciences	      Increasingly,	education	in	the	Faculty	is	enriched	
•	   nursing	and	Midwifery                             by	the	number	of	international	students	
•	   Pharmacy	                                         and	staff	which	it	attracts	as	the	University	
                                                       develops	its	standing	in	an	increasingly	global	
The	full	portfolio	of	subjects	in	the	health	          environment.	
sciences	(medicine,	dentistry,	biomedical	
science,	nursing,	midwifery	and	pharmacy)	             Major	refurbishment	has	been	completed	in	
is	accredited	by	the	appropriate	professional	         the	landmark	Medical	Biology	Centre	(MBC)	
body.	Enrichment	of	the	overall	education	             building	on	the	Health	Sciences	Campus,	
experience	is	just	one	of	the	benefits	of	this	        where	much	of	the	education	activity	of	all	
multidisciplinary	environment;	a	practical	            the	Schools	in	the	Faculty	takes	place.	Also	on	
example,	encouraged	through	a	specific	inter-          this	site	is	a	prestigious	new	Health	Sciences	
professional	education	initiative,	is	the	excellent	   Building	occupied	by	the	School	of	Medicine,	
clinical	skills	training	facility	used	by	medicine,	   Dentistry	and	Biomedical	Sciences.	Close	by	is	
nursing,	midwifery	and	pharmacy	students.	             the	impressive	McClay	Pharmacy	building	and	
                                                       the	renowned	Centre	for	Cancer	Research	and	
In	the	life	sciences,	the	School	of	Biological	        Cell	Biology	(CCRCB).	Significant	improvement	
Sciences	offers	a	diverse	range	of	programmes	         works	have	also	been	completed	on	the	Royal	
from	Agricultural	Technology	to	Zoology,	              Victoria	Hospital	site,	where	Dentistry	is	based,	
providing	flexibility	and	choice	for	any	student.	     and	where	much	undergraduate	medical	
The	AFLU	(Agri-food	and	Land	Use)	division	            training	takes	place.	
offers	innovative	pathways	based	within	the	
School,	which	is	also	home	to	the	Gibson	              Education	is	research-led	throughout	the	
Institute	for	Land,	Food	and	the	Environment.	         Faculty	and	major	focus	continues	to	be	
The	School	has	a	well	established	record	in	           placed	on	developing	research	and	education	
adding	value	to	its	programmes	by	improving	           programmes,	the	outputs	of	which	translate	
employability	through	student	placement	               into	policy	and	practice	thus	making	a	positive	
activity.	Valuable	work	experience	is	now	an	          difference	to	life	in	northern	Ireland,	while	
important	feature	in	many	of	the	School’s	             raising	the	University’s	profile	in	health	and	life	
programmes.	                                           sciences	on	the	international	stage.	

     		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012                 31
1     A helping hand for students

     A hELpiNG hANd
     fOr STudENTS
     the stUdent gUidAnCe Centre (sgC)

     Queen’s recognises that the key to               •	   Student	Welcome	and	Administration
     making the most of the student                   •	   Student	Employability	and	Skills		 	
     experience is ensuring that students –           	    Development
     from those just thinking about higher            •	   Student	Welfare
     education options to those completing
     their studies – have access to high quality      STudENT WELCOmE ANd
     information, advice and guidance. the            AdmiNiSTrATiON
     University’s innovative approach ensures
     that clear and helpful advice can be             When	you	are	accepted	to	Queen’s,	we	will	
     accessed face-to-face, by telephone or           be	in	contact	with	you	to	let	you	know	what	
     email, through the student guidance              happens	next.
     Centre (sgC). 		
                                                      Get	off	to	the	best	start	with	a	Queen’s	
     The	Student	Guidance	Centre	brings	              Welcome.	University	life	begins	the	week	
     together	a	range	of	student-focused	             prior	to	the	start	of	your	lectures	with	events	
     services	in	key	areas	of	student	support	        and	activities	in	your	School	and	across	
     and	development.	These	services	offer	           the	University	to	help	you	get	to	know	
     students	fantastic	opportunities	for	gaining	    other	new	students	and	members	of	staff,	
     employability	skills,	personal	development	      and	learn	what	you	need	to	know	to	be	
     and	achieving	your	full	potential	on	your	       successful	in	your	studies.	
     course	of	studies.
                                                      When	you	first	come	to	Queen’s,	you	will	
     The	Information	Assistants	at	the	reception	     need	to	enrol	on	your	course	and	modules.	
     desk	on	the	first	floor	have	the	answers	        Student	Services	and	Systems	is	where	
     to	most	queries	and	can	direct	you	to	           you	find	information	about	enrolment	and	
     the	service	or	person	you	need,	including	       registration,	examinations,	graduations	and	
     services	found	at	other	locations	across	        student	records.	
     the	University.	The	Centre	also	provides	a	
     relaxed,	informal	Wi-Fi-enabled	space,	where	    Before	coming	to	university,	it	is	critical	
     you	can	have	a	coffee,	read	a	newspaper	or	      that	you	are	clear	about	your	financial	
     check	email	using	an	open	access	terminal.	      arrangements.	The	question	of	fees,	student	
                                                      loans	and	the	availability	of	support	funds	
     The	services	based	in	the	SGC	relate	to	three	   are	dealt	with	on	page	24	in	this	Prospectus.
     main	areas	that	will	be	important	to	you	as	
     you	apply	to	Queen’s	and	when	you	become	        The	staff	of	the	Income	and	Student	Finance	
     a	Queen’s	student:	                              Office	can	advise	you	on	your	course	tuition	

32    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                            A helping hand for students            1

fees,	including	the	assessment	and	                                         prOfiLE
collection	of	fees,	and	other	funds	that	
may	be	available	to	you.	                                                   NAmE: vAnessA
STudENT EmpLOYABiLiTY ANd SKiLLS                                            MArks & spenCer
dEVELOpmENT                                                                 JOB TiTLE: grAdUAte
                                                                            food teChnologist
Studying	at	university	can	be	very	different	
to	your	previous	experience	of	learning.	
The	Learning	Development	Service	can	
help	you	develop	the	academic	skills	           During	the	final	year	of	my	degree	at	
required	at	university.	You	can	get	            Queen’s	University	I	applied	for	the	M&S	
one-to-one	help	with	essay	writing,	            graduate	scheme	after	having	gained	a	year	
presentation	skills,	time	management	and	       of	work	experience	with	Sainsbury’s	on	their	
exam	preparation,	or	attend	a	workshop.	        food	technology	placement	scheme.	The	
You	can	also	complete	a	Study	Skills	           following	February,	I	was	invited	to	attend	
Certificate,	which	involves	attending	          an	assessment	centre,	shortly	after	which	I	
four	workshops	out	of	a	range	of	topics	        was	offered	a	place	on	the	M&S	scheme.		
such	as	referencing,	critical	thinking	and	
writing	skills.	                                My	average	day	involves	working	with	
                                                product	developers,	buyers,	suppliers	and	
                                                merchandisers	on	numerous	issues	to	do	
                                                with	the	quality,	safety	and	functionality	of	
                                                new	or	existing	products.	At	least	once	a	
                                                week	a	food	technologist	will	also	undertake	
                                                visits	to	suppliers	in	their	category	to	review	
                                                factory	and	product	standards.	

                                                My	advice	to	anyone	who	is	pursuing	
                                                this	career	is	to	undertake	a	year	of	work	
                                                experience	either	in	a	retail	or	factory	
                                                environment	if	it	is	offered	as	part	of	your	
                                                course.	A	placement	year	will	give	you	a	far	
                                                greater	awareness	of	the	food	industry	and	
                                                the	majority	of	placements	are	paid.

   		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012        33
1         A helping hand for students

                                                         WE	WAnT	TO	
                                                         EnSURE	YOU	
                                                         HAVE	THE	RIGHT	
                                                         AnD	SUPPORT	
                                                         TO	SUCCEED	AT	

     CArEEr dEVELOpmENT ANd GrAduATE                    on	academic	achievement,	develop	
     EmpLOYmENT                                         employability	skills	and	work	experience.	
                                                        Think	of	your	time	at	Queen’s	as	an	
     The	staff	within	Careers,	Employability	and	       opportunity	to	build	skills	and	experience	as	
     Skills	can	help	you	plan	your	route	from	          well	as	achieving	academic	goals.	
     study	to	graduate	employment.	The	range	of	
     services	on	offer	include:                         STudENT WELfArE

     •	    Professional	guidance                        We	want	to	ensure	you	have	the	right	
     •	    Skills	and	professional	development		        information	and	support	to	succeed	at	
     	     programmes                                   Queen’s.	Inside	and	outside	of	the	lecture	
     •	    Events	to	link	you	directly	with	employers   halls,	laboratories	and	lounge	areas	is	a	
     •	    Support	to	help	you	succeed	with	job		       network	of	staff	who	can	point	you	in	the	
     	     applications	and	interviews                  right	direction,	make	a	helpful	telephone	call	
     •	    Access	to	part-time	and	vacation	jobs,		     or	provide	a	listening	ear	when	you	need	it.	
     	     graduate	employers	and	graduate	jobs         You	only	need	to	ask	for	help.
     •	    Information	on	years-out	placements	and		
     	     international	experiences                The	Student	Welfare	Team	works	to	make	
     •	    Further	and	postgraduate	study           you	aware	of	where	you	can	go	for	help,	
                                                    connecting	the	different	people	concerned	
     Figures	released	in	2009	from	the	Destination	 about	your	well-being	and	promoting	ways	
     Leavers	from	Higher	Education	(DLHE)	survey	 to	keep	yourself	well	–	physically,	mentally	
     show	that	six	months	after	graduation	88	per	 and	academically.	
     cent	of	our	graduates	were	in	employment	
     or	further	study.                              Your	time	at	Queen’s	will	be	exciting,	fun	
                                                    and	interesting,	but	we	all	know	that	life	
     Competition	for	graduate	jobs	can	be	          has	its	ups	and	occasional	downs.	The	
     intense;	to	succeed	you	need	to	focus	         Counselling	Service	is	staffed	by	qualified	

34        uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                              A helping hand for students            1

and	experienced	Counsellors	who	can	          iNTErNATiONAL ANd pOSTGrAduATE
help	you	to	work	through	personal,	           STudENT CENTrE (ipSC)
academic	and	emotional	difficulties.	You	
can	use	this	free	and	confidential	service	   The	International	and	Postgraduate	Student	
to	discuss	anything	that	may	be	a	source	     Centre	(IPSC)	provides	dedicated	spaces	and	
of	anxiety	or	unhappiness,	however	           services	for	international	and	postgraduate	
small.	We’re	here	so	you	can	focus	on	        students.	
your	studies	and	make	the	most	of	your	
time	at	Queen’s.                              Postgraduate	taught	and	research	students	are	
                                              able	to	enjoy	dedicated	social	and	study	facilities	
STudENTS WiTh diSABiLiTiES                    on	the	upper	floors	of	the	Centre,	which	include	
                                              a	study	area	with	open	access	computers,	social	
Queen’s	welcomes	and	encourages	              space	giving	you	the	opportunity	to	meet	other	
applications	from	all	students	with	          postgraduate	students	from	across	the	academic	
disabilities	and	specific	learning	           disciplines	and	a	quiet	zone	for	those	who	need	
difficulties	such	as	dyslexia.	While	         to	take	time	out.
it	represents	a	personal	decision,	all	
prospective	students	are	encouraged	          The	Postgraduate	Student	Association	also	
to	disclose	any	disability	or	medical	        hosts	a	number	of	organised	social	events	such	
condition,	which	may	require	support	         as	film	nights	and	stimulating	lectures.	The	
during	your	time	at	university.	Disclosing	   Centre	is	the	base	for	the	Postgraduate	Skills	
your	disability	does	not	affect	the	          Training	Programme.	Courses	are	specifically	
application	process,	and	ensures	             designed	to	give	you	the	skills	needed	to	be	
your	individual	requirements	can	be	          successful	academically	and	personally,	as	well	
addressed	from	the	beginning	of	your	         as	equip	you	for	future	employment.
                                              T:	+44	(0)28	9097	2585
Disability	Services	co-ordinates	a	range	     E:
of	services	to	support	students	with
disabilities,	including	School	and	exam	
support,	accommodation	requirements	          The	IPSC	is	also	home	to	International	Student	
and	assistance	with	applications	for	         Support,	which	specialises	in	immigration	
Disabled	Students	Allowance	(DSA).            advice	for	international	applicants	and	students	
                                              as	well	as	support	while	you	are	in	Belfast.	
You	can	ask	for	advice	from	Disability	       If	you	are	an	international	applicant,	please	
Services	at	any	stage	in	your	application,	   contact	the	team	with	any	queries	about	your	
and	further	information	is	on	the	            visa	application	prior	to	coming	to	the	UK,	
Student	Guidance	Centre	website.              or	if	you	are	wishing	to	extend	your	current	
                                              visa	in	order	to	study	at	Queen’s.	Staff	in	this	
For	further	information	about	any	of	         office	are	the	only	staff	at	the	University	who	
these	areas,	you	can	visit	the	SGC	at	        are	permitted	to	give	you	immigration	advice	
University	Terrace,	beside	The	Bookshop	      and	will	liaise	closely	with	the	Admissions	and	
at	Queen’s,	email	the	Information	            Access	Service	to	ensure	you	have	the	proper	
Assistants,	or	visit	our	website.	            documents	to	be	able	to	study	at	Queen’s.

T:	+44	(0)28	9097	2727                        T:	+44	(0)28	9097	3899
E:                              E:	                  	

   		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012          35
1      meet the students

                               ronAn o’flAherty
                               eleCtroniCs And
                               softwAre engineering
                               eleCtroniCs, eleCtriCAl
                               engineering And
                               CoMpUter sCienCe
                               third yeAr
                               frOm: londonderry

     I	chose	to	study	at	Queen’s	because	of	the	               STUDYInG	AT	                   The	University	
     University’s	excellent	reputation	and	for	the	            QUEEn’S	HAS	                   provides	a	great	
     outstanding	facilities	available	to	all	its	students.		   BEEn	A	GREAT	                  service	tailored	
     Also,	I	liked	the	fact	that	the	University	is	situated	   ExPERIEnCE	In		                towards	gaining	
     in	a	vibrant	and	growing	city,	which	is	easily	           MY	LIFE.	                      work	experience	
     accessible	and	boasts	a	thriving	nightlife.                                              within	your	field	of	
                                                                                              study	and	will	help	
     All	of	the	student	facilities	provided	by	Queen’s	are	                                   you	not	only	hone	
     of	an	extremely	high	quality	and	easily	accessible.	                                     the	skills	you	have	
     Everything	is	within	walking	distance	of	the	main	                                       learnt	from	your	
     University	campus,	and	open	at	suitable	times.	           IT	HAS	ALLOWED	                course,	but	can	
                                                               ME	TO	BECOME	                  enable	you	to	gain	
     Queen’s	has	a	global	outlook	and	provides	                MORE	COnFIDEnT	                valuable	experience	
     students	with	opportunities	to	meet	many	                 In	MYSELF	AnD	                 within	your	chosen	
     different	people	from	around	the	world.	With	the	         HAS	HELPED	ME	TO	              industry	sector.	
     array	of	facilities	and	clubs	and	societies	on	offer,	    ACHIEVE	GOALS
     you	also	have	an	opportunity	to	meet	students	                                            Studying	at	Queen’s	
     outside	of	your	course,	whom	you	would	not	                                               has	been	a	great	
     normally	have	met.                                                                        experience	in	my	
                                                                                               life.	The	course	I	
     Queen’s	is	continuously	leading	the	way	in	research	      am	studying	is	comprehensive	and	is	preparing	me	
     and	advancing	technologies.	Students	at	the	              well	for	full-time	employment	in	the	future.	On	a	
     University	are	given	the	opportunity	to	work	with	        personal	level,	Queen’s	has	allowed	me	to	become	
     world-leading	researchers	throughout	their	course.        more	confident	in	myself	and	has	helped	me	to	
                                                               achieve	goals,	which	I	would	never	have	thought	
                                                               possible	for	me.	

36     uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                                         A global institution        1

internAtionAl stUdents

Queen’s welcomes growing numbers                  Medical	University,	and	Minzu	University,	
of international students each year.              Beijing	(China);	national	Institute	of	
we believe that our students deserve              Immunology,	Delhi,	Bengal	Engineering	and	
the best and have put this belief into            Science	University,	University	of	Hyderabad,	
action by creating some of the finest             and	the	University	of	Madras	(India);	
student facilities and services throughout        Terengganu	University	College,	Taylor’s	
the Uk and ireland, including the new             University,	University	of	Kuala	Lumpur,	
McClay library, our refurbished students’         Universiti	Malaya	(UM)	and	International	
Union, elms village accommodation,                Medical	University	(IMU)	(Malaysia);	Foo	
and our outstanding Queen’s sports                Yin	University,	I-Shou	University,	Lung	Hwa	
Centre. A dedicated international and             University	and	national	Taiwan	University	
postgraduate student Centre was also              (Taiwan);	Sogang	University,	Kangwon	
opened at Queen’s in 2010.                        national	University,	Chonbuk	national	
                                                  University	(Korea);	and	Georgetown	
Approximately	1,200	international	students	       University,	Washington	DC,	University	of	
from	over	80	countries	currently	study	at	        Massachusetts	Lowell,	Vanderbilt	University	
Queen’s.	The	majority,	from	outside	the	          and	Boston	College	(USA).
European	Union,	come	from	China,	Malaysia,	
the	United	States,	the	Indian	Sub-Continent,	 Preparatory	foundation	programmes	in	Social	
Taiwan,	Brunei,	the	Middle	East	and	Canada.      Sciences	and	Engineering	at	undergraduate	
                                                 level	have	been	run	jointly	with	Shenzhen	
Queen’s	graduates	are	making	their	mark	         University	in	Southern	China	for	more	than	
all	over	the	world	in	fields	as	diverse	as	      10	years.	On	the	successful	completion	of	
medicine,	civil	engineering	and	music.	As	a	     these	courses,	students	proceed	to	Year	One	
result,	there	are	active	graduate	associations	  of	undergraduate	studies	at	Queen’s.
in	Australia,	Belgium,	Canada,	Hong	Kong,	
Malaysia,	and	the	United	States.                 InTO	Queen’s	University	Belfast	offers	
                                                 academic	preparation	and	English	language	
Queen’s	is	a	strong	player	in	the	global	        courses	to	help	prepare	students	for	future	
community	and	has	forged	many	                   undergraduate	study	in	a	wide	range	of	
international	partnerships	with	highly	          degree	programmes	at	Queen’s.	At	the	new	
regarded	institutions,	focusing	on	both	         purpose-built	InTO	Queen’s	centre	you	will	
education	and	research.	Formal	collaborative	 find	state-of-the	art	facilities,	an	intellectually	
agreements	are	in	place	with	institutions	       stimulating	learning	environment	and	
across	the	world,	including	Institut	            staff	dedicated	to	the	highest	standards	of	
Teknologi	Brunei	(Brunei);	Beijing	Institute	of	 teaching	and	personalised	student	support.	
Technology,	Tsinghua	University,	Shanghai	       Please	see	overleaf	for	further	details	of	InTO	
jiaotong	University,	ningbo	Institute	of	        Queen’s	programmes.
Technology,	Zheijang	University,	East	China	
University	of	Science	and	Technology,	China	

   		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012          37
1      A global institution

     STudY prOGrAmmES ANd hOW TO AppLY                  iNTO QuEEN’S uNiVErSiTY BELfAST

     Queen’s	welcomes	applications	from	
     students	wishing	to	enrol	on	undergraduate	
     degree	programmes	or	who	wish	to	attend	           InTO	Queen’s	University	Belfast	provides	a	
     the	University	on	a	non-graduating	basis.          range	of	academic	preparation	and	English	
                                                        language	courses	to	help	you	prepare	for	
     uNdErGrAduATE dEGrEE prOGrAmmES                    future	study	at	Queen’s.

     Applications	for	full-time	undergraduate	          English Language programmes.	The	
     degree	programmes	at	Queen’s	must	be	              University	offers	excellent	English	language	
     made	through	the	Universities	and	Colleges	        programmes,	which	are	delivered	through	
     Admissions	Service	(UCAS).	Details	of	the	         InTO	Queen’s	University	Belfast.	A	range	of	
     application	process	can	be	obtained	from	          English	language,	English	writing	and	study	
     your	school,	or	from	British	Council	offices.	     skills	courses	is	currently	available	or	can	be	
     UCAS	operates	an	online	application	facility	      provided	subject	to	appropriate	demand.	
     -	please	see	Students	               Special	English	language	summer	schools	are	
     progressing	from	InTO	Queen’s	to	Queen’s	          also	provided.
     may	complete	a	direct	entry	application	form	
     at	this	stage.                                     The	English for undergraduate Study	
                                                        courses	have	termly	start	dates	in	Sep/jan/Apr/
     The	application	deadline	for	international	        jun	of	each	year	and	are	run	in	term	blocks.	
     students	is	30 June 2012,	however,	you	are	        Students	can	book	onto	the	courses	for	the	
     advised	to	apply	earlier	than	this,	as	popular	    length	of	time	required	for	them	to	reach	the	
     courses	may	fill	up	quickly.                       appropriate	level	required	for	their	academic	
                                                        course	of	study.	These	courses	are	designed	
     Note: The	deadline	for	all	Medicine	and	           to	help	students	reach	an	appropriate	level	of	
     Dentistry	applicants	is	15 October 2011.           language	proficiency	for	successful	academic	
                                                        study	through	the	medium	of	English.
     For	further	details	see	the	‘How	to	Apply’	
     section	on	page	288.                               Every	full-time	international	student	at	
                                                        Queen’s	is	entitled	to	attend	a	semester-long	
     Candidates	with	queries	about	the	                 in-sessional English language	course	at	
     acceptability	of	their	qualifications	can	email	   the	InTO	Queen’s	centre,	which	normally	
     their	inquiries	to	the	Admissions	and	Access	      involves	a	class	running	for	two	hours	
     Service	before	submitting	their	application	       per	week.	Where	necessary,	international	
     to:	Please	include	          students	are	initially	given	a	free	test	of	
     detailed	information	about	academic	               language	competence	at	the	beginning	
     background/qualifications.	Alternatively,	         of	each	semester	and	then	allocated	to	
     you	may	contact	the	International	Office	for	      an	intermediate,	upper	intermediate	or	
     advice	on	how	to	apply	at:	                        advanced	course	as	appropriate.

38    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                        A global institution     1

                                                              QUEEn’S	IS	A	
                                                              STROnG	PLAYER	
                                                              In	THE	GLOBAL	
                                                              AnD	HAS	
                                                              FORGED	MAnY	

        InTO	QUEEn’S	
        OF	ACADEMIC	

        AnD	EnGLISH	

        FROM	OVER	
        80	COUnTRIES	
        AT	QUEEn’S		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012   39
1        A global institution

     There	are	no	tuition	fees	for	the	in-sessional	   Students	who	successfully	complete	the	
     course.	Apart	from	a	small	charge	to	cover	       International	Foundation	Programme	will	
     books	and	materials,	in-sessional	English	        be	guaranteed	progression	to	degree	
     language	courses	are	provided	free	to	the	        programmes	from	the	above	pathways	at	the	
     student.                                          University,	provided	they	have	fulfilled	the	
                                                       requirements	of	the	course.
     Pre-sessional	English	language	courses	of	
     four,	eight	or	12	weeks	are	also	available	       international diploma programme.	The	
     for	students	who	need	to	improve	their	           one-year	International	Diploma	Programme	
     standard	of	English	before	commencing	their	      is	a	full-time	academic	programme,	which	is	
     academic	studies.	Longer	courses	can	also	be	     designed	to	provide	international	students	
     arranged.                                         with	a	high-quality	education	equivalent	to	
                                                       the	first	year	of	an	undergraduate	degree	at	
     You	may	apply	for	the	English	for	                a	UK	university.	It	prepares	you	for	entry	to	
     Undergraduate	Study	or	the	Pre-sessional	         the	second	year	of	a	relevant	undergraduate	
     English	course	by	completing	and	submitting	      degree	programme	at	Queen’s	University.
     an	application	form.	Forms	can	be	downloaded	
     from:            There	are	two	pathways	on	offer:

     Alternatively,	for	further	information	or	for	    •   international diploma in Business
     an	application	form,	please	telephone:            •   international diploma in Engineering
     T:	+44	(0)28	9097	6850
     E:                                 Students	who	successfully	complete	the	
                                                       International	Diploma	and	have	fulfilled	
     Note: For	English	language	requirements	for	      the	requirements	of	the	course	will	be	
     international	students,	see	page	255.             guaranteed	progression	to	the	second	year	
                                                       of	an	undergraduate	degree	programme	
     international foundation programme.	              in	Business	or	Engineering	at	Queen’s	
     The	one-year	International	Foundation	            University.
     Programme	is	designed	to	enable	
     international	students	who	do	not	have	           Students	can	enrol	on	the	International	
     the	required	qualifications	(academic	and	        Foundation	and	the	International	Diploma	
     English	language)	for	Level	One	entry	to	         programmes	in	September	and	january	
     gain	entrance	to	undergraduate	degree	            each	year,	with	both	start	dates	leading	
     programmes	at	Queen’s	University.                 to	the	University’s	September	intake	
                                                       for	undergraduate	programmes.	Both	
     There	are	two	broad	pathways	on	offer:            programmes	are	taught	over	three	terms,	
                                                       with	assessment	taking	place	in	the	middle	
     •    Business, humanities and Social              and	final	weeks	of	the	programme.
     •    Science, Engineering, Computing and          All	programmes	delivered	by	InTO	Queen’s	
          mathematics                                  University	Belfast	take	place	entirely	within	

40       uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                                         A global institution      1

the	University;	students	are	accommodated	         You	may	apply	for	the	International	
in	the	Queen’s	Elms	Student	Village	and	are	       Foundation	Programme	or	the	International	
taught	by	experienced	tutors	within	the	new	       Diploma	Programme	by	completing	and	
purpose-built	InTO	Queen’s	centre.                 submitting	an	application	form.	Forms	can	
                                                   be	downloaded	from:	
InTO	Queen’s	students	are	full	members	  	
of	the	University	and	have	access	to	all	the	
academic,	welfare,	social	and	sports	facilities	   Alternatively,	for	an	application	form	or	
of	the	University.	A	high	level	of	student	        further	information	on	any	courses	available	
support	and	care	is	offered	to	each	student.       at	InTO	Queen’s,	please	contact	us	at:
                                                   T:	+44	(0)28	9097	6850
Both	the	International	Foundation	                 E:
Programme	and	the	International	Diploma	 	
Programme	are	designed	by	the	nCUK	
(northern	Consortium	United	Kingdom*)	             *nCUK	(northern	Consortium	United	
and	recognised	by	Queen’s	University	Belfast.	     Kingdom)	is	owned	by	11	leading	UK	
Successful	completion	of	the	International	        universities.	nCUK	has	offered	widely	
Foundation	Programme	leads	to	the	award	           recognised	university	pathway	programmes	
of	the	nCUK	International	Foundation	              to	international	students	for	more	than	20	
Certificate.	Successful	completion	of	the	         years.	Further	information	on	nCUK	and	the	
International	Diploma	Programme	leads	             nCUK	universities	can	be	found	at:
to	the	award	of	the	nCUK	International	  
Diploma	Certificate.

Subject	to	achieving	the	specified	grades	
for	progression,	students	will	be	guaranteed	
entry	to	their	chosen	undergraduate	
degree	programme	at	Queen’s	University.	
The	International	Foundation	Programme	
guarantees	progression	to	the	first	year	of	
a	wide	variety	of	undergraduate	degrees,	
while	the	International	Diploma	Programme	
offers	direct	entry	to	the	second	year	of	
a	number	of	undergraduate	degrees	in	
Business	and	Engineering.                          ErASmuS prOGrAmmE

Students	who	successfully	complete	the	            This	programme	is	open	to	students	
International	Foundation	Programme	or	the	         attending	a	European	university	outside	the	
International	Diploma	Programme	are	also	          UK	who	wish	to	study	at	Queen’s	for	one	
guaranteed	a	University	place	in	their	chosen	     or	two	semesters	as	part	of	their	degree	
field	of	study	at	one	of	nCUK’s	owner	             programme	at	their	home	university.	The	
universities.                                      partner	university	must	hold	an	Erasmus	

    		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012       41
1      A global institution

     University	Charter.	Erasmus	students	are	         A	wide	range	of	courses	is	available	and	
     not	permitted	to	undertake	full	degree	           students	may	register	in	virtually	any	subject	
     programmes	at	Queen’s.	Due	to	the	high	           with	the	exception	of	medicine,	subject	to	
     demand	for	places,	Queen’s	accepts	Erasmus	       having	the	necessary	prerequisites	from	
     students	only	from	institutions	with	which	       their	home	university.	Students	undertake	all	
     we	have	bilateral	agreements.	Students	must	      aspects	of	coursework	and	take	examinations	
     be	nominated	by	our	partner	institutions.	        just	as	local	students	do.
     Interested	students	should	contact	the	
     office	responsible	for	Erasmus	at	their	home	     Students	should	make	their	own	
     university	to	find	out	if	there	is	a	link	with	   arrangements	for	the	transfer	of	credit	to	
     Queen’s	University.	Erasmus	students	are	         their	home	university,	but	as	a	guideline	a	
     expected	to	take	a	normal	course	load,	           full	undergraduate	year’s	workload	would	be	
     equivalent	to	30	ECTS	credits	per	semester,	      equivalent	to	between	30-36	US	credits	or	
     and	complete	the	usual	coursework	and	            60	ECTS	(European)	credits.	Full	personal	and	
     examinations.	Students	who	wish	to	               academic	details	should	be	given	and	must	
     attend	the	University	outside	the	Erasmus	        be	supported	by	authenticated	transcripts.
     programme	can	apply	to	enrol	under	the	
     Study	Abroad	Programme.                           An	application	form	and	guidance	notes	can	
                                                       be	downloaded	from:	
     For	further	information	on	the	Erasmus	 	
     programme	and	Queen’s	links	visit:           ExChANGE prOGrAmmES
                                                       Queen’s	has	University-wide	undergraduate	
     STudY ABrOAd prOGrAmmE                            student	exchange	agreements	with	Queen’s	
                                                       University,	Kingston	(Canada);	the	University	
     The	Study	Abroad	Programme	is	open	to	            of	Alberta	(Canada);	the	University	of	
     students	from	any	country	(outside	the	UK	        newcastle	nSW	(Australia);	and	the	national	
     or	Republic	of	Ireland)	wishing	to	attend	        University	of	Singapore.	Other	exchange	
     Queen’s	on	a	non-graduating	basis.                agreements,	which	are	subject-specific,	
                                                       include	those	with	Sogang	University	and	
     This	programme	is	particularly	popular	with	      Sunkyunkwan	University	(South	Korea)	and	
     students	from	the	USA,	Canada,	Australia	         Soka	University	(japan).	Exchange	possibilities	
     and	member	countries	of	the	European	             also	exist	with	institutions	in	China,	India	and	
     Union.	The	University	offers	opportunities	       Malaysia.
     for	students	to	take	time	out	from	their	own	
     institutions	and	spend	either	one	semester	       Note:	Students	from	the	institutions	named	
     or	a	full	academic	year	(two	semesters)	at	       above	wishing	to	attend	Queen’s	under	the	
     Queen’s.	It	is	possible	to	attend	on	a	credit-    terms	of	an	exchange	programme	should	
     earning	or	non-credit-earning	basis.	The	         contact	the	Study	Abroad	Office	of	their	
     normal	entry	requirement	is	a	GPA	of	3.0		        home	university	in	the	first	instance.
     (or	equivalent).

42     uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                                                  A global institution         1

                                                                                        STudY ABrOAd
                                                                                        AT QuEEN’S
                                                                                        NAmE: BrAndon
The	provisional	tuition	fee	rates	for	non-EU	                                           hOmE uNiVErSiTY:
students	for	the	academic	year	2012/13	are	                                             king’s College, UsA
given	below	in	pounds	sterling,	with	the	                                               STudYiNG ABrOAd
approximate	equivalent	in	US	dollars	(rate	                                             prOGrAmmE
                                                                                        uNdErTAKEN AT
of	conversion	used	£1	=	$1.602,	March	                                                  QuEEN’S:
2011).	Please	note	that	exchange	rates	may	                                             english literAtUre
vary,	and	all	fee	payments	must	be	made	in	                                             third yeAr stUdent
pounds	sterling.

Queen’s	offers	a	special	fixed-fee	package	for	
international	students	undertaking	courses	of	
longer	than	one	year’s	duration.	The	fee	you	
pay	in	the	first	year	will	be	the	same	for	each	
                                                            I	thoroughly	enjoyed	my	time	at	Queen’s	
subsequent	year	of	your	course.
                                                            on	the	Study	Abroad	Programme.	Queen’s	
                                                            staff	took	time	to	explain	the	nature	of	life	
prOViSiONAL fEES - fuLL-TimE
                                                            at	Queen’s	to	me	and	went	to	great	lengths	
uNdErGrAduATE COurSES 2012/13
                                                            to	integrate	international	Study	Abroad	
                                                            students	with	the	wider	student	community.	
Classroom-based courses:
                                                            My	transition	from	the	US	to	northern	
£11,266 (Us $18,048)
                                                            Ireland	was	incredibly	easy	and	I	fell	in	love	
                                                            with	Belfast!	It’s	a	great	city	offering	great	
Courses with a laboratory or workshop
                                                            value	to	students	and	I	always	felt	very	safe	
                                                            out	and	about	at	all	hours	of	the	day	and	
£14,460 (Us $23,165)
                                                            night.	There	is	a	great	social	life	in	Belfast.	
                                                            Its	excellent	location	enabled	me	to	travel	
                                                            across	Ireland,	the	UK	and	Europe	easily.	I	
pre-clinical years:
                                                            availed	of	new	opportunities	on	offer,	eg	I	
£14,768 (Us $23,658)
                                                            joined	the	University’s	Fencing	Society,		
Clinical years:
                                                            which	is	something	I	always	wanted	to	do.	
£27,860 (Us $44,632)
                                                            Queen’s	offers	a	huge	array	of	initiatives	
                                                            and	social	opportunities	compared	to	my	
£22,624 (Us $36,244)
                                                            university	back	home.	The	McClay	Library	
This	fee	is	chargeable	each	year	of	the	five-year	course.
                                                            is	a	superb	world-class	facility	and	remains	
                                                            open	at	flexible	times,	which	really	helped	
Study Abroad
                                                            my	studying.	I	would	love	to	return	to	
One semester:
                                                            Queen’s	to	study	a	Masters	degree	and	
£5,070 (Us $8,122)
                                                            would	recommend	a	semester	-	or	longer	-	
Two semesters:
                                                            at	Queen’s	to	anyone.
£10,140 (Us $16,244)

       		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012                43
1     A global institution

     pAYmENT Of TuiTiON fEES                          details,	please	see:
     All	international	students	must	fulfil	
     financial	arrangements	at	registration	before	   uS fEdErAL LOANS
     commencing	study	at	the	University.	Fees	
     may	be	paid	in	two	instalments,	due	at	        Many	US	students	opt	to	finance	their	
     the	beginning	of	each	semester,	or	in	four	    studies	at	Queen’s	through	US	Federal	Loans.	
     instalments	via	direct	debit	if	students	have	 Queen’s	is	approved	by	the	US	Department	
     been	successful	in	opening	a	UK	bank	account.  of	Education	for	participation	in	the	
                                                    Federal	Loan	programme.	Undergraduate	
     OThEr ExpENSES                                 students	may	apply	for	Direct	Subsidized	
                                                    and	Unsubsidized	Loans	(also	known	as	
     For	some	courses	students	are	required	to	     Stafford	Loans)	and	parents	of	dependent	
     purchase	instruments,	equipment	or	attend	     undergraduate	students	may	apply	for	Parent	
     field	courses.	The	funds	required	to	cover	    Plus	Loans.	Further	details	are	available	at:	
     such	students’	needs	may	exceed	the	above	US	Federal	
     fees.	Please	note	that	the	amounts	suggested	 Loans	are	available	for	most	Bachelors	
     do	not	take	account	of	funds	to	support	any	 programmes	at	Queen’s.	At	the	time	of	
     dependants.                                    going	to	press,	medical	programmes	are	
                                                    ineligible.	For	further	guidance	on	applying	
     COST Of LiViNG                                 for	US	Federal	Loans,	please	contact	the	
                                                    International	Office	at:	
     northern	Ireland	is	recognised	by	the	British
     Council	as	having	the	lowest	cost	of	living	
     in	the	United	Kingdom.	As	an	estimate	you	     immiGrATiON
     should	allow	in	the	region	of	£7,500-£8,000	
     to	cover	your	personal	expenses	during	an	     points Based System for immigration
     academic	year.	Estimated	expenses	for	a	full	  Students	from	outside	the	EEA	(European	
     12-month	calendar	year	are	in	the	region	of	   Economic	Area:	this	consists	of	the	countries	
     £10,000-£10,500.	For	immigration	purposes,	 of	the	European	Union	plus	Iceland,	
     non-EU	students	will	be	required	to	show	      Liechtenstein	and	norway)	and	Switzerland	
     evidence	of	funds	to	cover	living	expenses.	   should	carefully	read	the	following	
     Further	information	is	available	at	the	       information:
     following	UK	Border	Agency	web	link:             The	UK	Immigration	rules	are	known	as	the	
     studyingintheuk	                               ‘Points	Based	System’	(PBS),	and	under	PBS	
                                                    the	visa	route	for	students	is	known	as	Tier	
     SChOLArShipS                                   4.	Student	applicants	will	need	to	hold	an	
                                                    offer	of	a	place	on	a	course	from	a	university	
     The	University	offers	a	limited	number	of	     which	holds	a	UK	Border	Agency	(UKBA)	
     partial	tuition	fee	scholarships	for	highly	   Sponsor	Licence	and	will	also	need	40	points	
     qualified	international	students.	For	further	 to	qualify	for	a	visa	to	enter	the	UK	to	study.	

44    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                        A global institution       1

                                  Queen’s	University	Belfast	holds	a	UKBA	
                                  Highly	Trusted	Sponsor	licence.
                                  When	applying	for	a	Tier	4	(General)	
                                  Student	visa,	you	will	require	30	points	
                                  for	a	Confirmation	of	Acceptance	for	
       nORTHERn	IRELAnD	          Studies	(CAS)	number	(provided	by	Queen’s	
       IS	RECOGnISED	             University)	and	10	points	for	evidence	of	
       BY	THE	BRITISH	            sufficient	funds	(money)	to	pay	your	fees	and	
       COUnCIL	AS	                living	expenses.	We	recommend	that	you	
       HAVInG	THE	                read	the	full	guidance	found	at:	
       LOWEST	COST	     
       OF	LIVInG	In	THE	          studyingintheuk/adult-students/
       UnITED	KInGDOM             	
                                  Queen’s	University	is	required	by	law	to	
                                  undertake	certain	Sponsor	duties.	These	

                                  recording: we must:
                                  •	 Take	and	keep	a	copy	of	your	passport		
                                  	 and	visa(s)/immigration	documents	when		
                                  	 you	arrive	in	the	UK;
                                  •	 Keep	an	up	to	date	record	of	your		
                                  	 address	in	the	UK	including	your	email		
                                  	 address	and	telephone	number(s).
       CAn	BE	OBTAInED	           reporting: we must:
       FROM	THE	UCAS	             •	 Inform	the	UKBA	if	you	defer	your	studies	
       WEBSITE                    		 before	arriving	in	the	UK;
                                  •	 Inform	the	UKBA	if	you	do	not	arrive	on		
                                  	 the	expected	date	to	start	your	course;
                                  •	 Monitor	your	attendance	and	inform	the		
                                  	 UKBA	if	you	miss	expected	contact	points	  	
                                  	 –	please	speak	to	your	School	about	what	  	
                                  	 these	contact	points	are;
                                  •	 Inform	the	UKBA	if	you	change	or		
                                  	 withdraw	from	your	studies;
                                  •	 Inform	the	UKBA	if	you	change	to		
                                  	 another	Sponsor	or	change	your	visa		

                                  When	you	apply	for	your	visa	you	will	need	
                                  to	include	a	Confirmation	of	Acceptance	for		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012     45
1      A global institution

     Studies	(CAS)	number	proving	that	you	have	        As	a	visa	holder	you	are	required	by	law	
     been	offered	an	unconditional	place	on	a	          to	keep	the	conditions	of	your	visa.	Failure	
     course	of	study	at	Queen’s.	The	University	        to	do	so	may	result	in	the	University	
     will	provide	you	with	full	details	of	your	        withdrawing	sponsorship	of	you	as	a	
     CAS	number,	which	you	will	need	before	            student	in	the	UK,	which	may	result	in	your	
     you	can	apply	for	your	visa	and	we	will	send	      registration	being	terminated.
     you	an	information	leaflet	which	will	guide	
     you	through	this	process.	Members	of	the	          pLEASE NOTE: We	strongly	recommend	that	
     International	Student	Support	Team	are	also	       you	arrive	via	a	UK	‘port	of	entry’	such	as	
     available	to	answer	your	questions	about	          Heathrow,	Gatwick,	Belfast,	or	Manchester.	
     visas	and	help	you	through	the	process.            In	your	home	country	when	your	visa	is	
                                                        issued	to	you	it	grants	you	permission	to	
     If	you	are	planning	to	study	in	the	UK	for	        enter	the	UK.	When	you	enter	a	UK	port	of	
     longer	than	six	months,	it	is	compulsory	          entry	your	visa	will	then	be	stamped	by	an	
     to	apply	for	a	Tier	4	(General)	Student	visa	      immigration	officer	granting	you	‘leave	to	
     before	travelling	to	the	UK.	It	is	obtained	       enter’	the	UK.	This	stamp	is	very	important.	
     by	making	an	entry	clearance	application	          If	you	come	via	the	Republic	of	Ireland	you	
     at	a	British	diplomatic	post	in	the	country	       will	not	receive	this	stamp	and	you	may	not	
     where	you	are	a	national	or	resident.	The	         be	deemed	as	having	a	right	to	remain	in	
     application	fee	from	April	2011	is	£255.00.	       the	UK	and	therefore	to	study.	If	you	are	
     Details	about	applying	for	a	visa	can	be	          planning	to	arrive	in	the	Republic	of	Ireland	
     found	at:            you	must	obtain	a	prior	entry	clearance	visa	
                                                        but	firstly	you	must	contact	our	International	
     If	you	are	coming	to	the	UK	to	study	for	LESS	     Student	Support	Team	for	further	advice	at:	
     than	six	months	(eg	under	the	Study	Abroad	
     Programme),	you	can	apply	for	a	‘Student	
     Visitor	Visa’.	This	type	of	visa	will	allow	you	   BriNGiNG dEpENdANTS
     to	enter	and	remain	in	the	UK	for	up	to	six	
     months;	you	will	not	be	able	to	extend	the	        If	you	are	coming	to	the	UK	to	study	for	
     visa	in	the	UK	and	you	will	not	be	able	to	        more	than	six	months	you	may	have	a	
     work	(paid	or	unpaid	work)	while	you	are	in	       husband/wife	or	children	who	want	to	come	
     the	UK.	If	you	might	want	to	continue	your	        to	the	UK	with	you.	
     studies	and/or	you	want	to	work	while	you	
     are	here	then	you	should	apply	for	a	Tier	4	       At	the	time	of	writing	the	UK	Government	
     (General)	student	visa.	                           was	proposing	changes,	which	may	restrict	
                                                        who	can	bring	dependants.	It	is	essential	
     Some	students	(see:	http://www.ukvisas.            that	you	check	with	the	UKBA	for	the	latest	do	not	need	a	visa	to	enter	the	       position.
     UK	to	study	for	courses	which	are	up	to	six	
     months.	However,	we	recommend	that	all	            Your	dependants	should	apply	for	a	PBS	
     our	international	students	obtain	an	entry	        Dependant	visa.	The	following	web	link	is	a	
     clearance	visa	prior	to	coming	to	the	UK.          good	resource	and	will	give	more	details:

46    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                                         A global institution      1             Married	international	students	are	advised	
sheets/your_family.php	                            that	it	is	difficult	to	obtain	suitable	
                                                   accommodation	at	short	notice.	Students	
Please	let	International	Student	Support	know	     who	propose	to	bring	their	family	are	
if	you	are	bringing	your	dependants.	If	you	       strongly	advised	to	come	alone	in	the	
have	children	needing	either	childcare	or	to	      first	instance	in	order	to	find	suitable	
attend	school	you	must	inform	International	       accommodation.	If	this	is	not	possible,	they	
Student	Support	as	quickly	as	possible.            should	let	the	Student	Accommodation	
Before	leaving	your	home	country	for	the	UK	       Office	know	at	the	earliest	possible	moment	
(or	Ireland)	please	make	sure	that	you	have	       after	being	informed	that	they	have	been	
the	necessary	documents	to	enable	you	to	          accepted	by	the	University.
enter	the	country.
                                                   The	quickest	way	to	apply	for	University	
Further	information	and	regular	updates	are	       accommodation	is	by	making	an	online	
available	at:	                                     application.
AcademicStudentAffairs/International	              To	apply	online	and	to	see	an	online	copy	of	
StudentSupport/ImmigrationandVisas/                the	Student	Accommodation	Handbook	and	
	                                                  information	on	accommodation	fees,	please	
If	you	require	any	further	information	about	      visit	the	Queen’s	Student	Accommodation	
the	visas	or	the	Points	Based	System,	please	      website:	For	more	
email:                               information,	see	page	53.

All	students	(except	those	from	EU	countries)	     iNTErNATiONAL STudENT SuppOrT
are	required	to	bring	evidence	that	they	have	
sufficient	funds	to	support	themselves	for	        Studying	in	a	new	country	can	seem	a	
the	duration	of	their	studies	in	the	UK.	          daunting	prospect,	however,	Queen’s	
	                                                  University	is	committed	to	looking	after	
Further	guidance	is	available	at:	                 students’	welfare	and	provides	a	number		 	                             of	support	services	to	help	international	
STudENTS                                           iNTErNATiONAL ANd pOSTGrAduATE
                                                   STudENT CENTrE (ipSC)
International	students	are	given	priority	for	
a	place	in	University	accommodation	for	at	        Providing	an	excellent	international	
least	their	first	year	at	Queen’s.	Queen’s	Elms	   student	experience	is	a	key	objective	of	the	
Student	Village	and	other	student	houses	are	      University,	and	in	2010,	Queen’s	established	
located	within	easy	walking	distance	of	the	       a	new	International	and	Postgraduate	
University	in	a	pleasant	residential	area.	All	    Student	Centre	as	the	focus	for	a	vibrant	
accommodation	is	self-catered,	with	en	suite	      international	student	community	and	
options	and	Internet	access	available.             the	hub	for	provision	of	comprehensive	

   		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012        47
1      A global institution

     support	services,	skills	training	and	career	      the	opportunity	to	meet	staff	from	the	
     development.	For	more	information,	see	            International	Student	Support	Office,	academic	
     page	35.                                           staff,	Students’	Union	representatives	and,	of	
                                                        course,	fellow	students.	
                                                        The	programme	includes	tours	of	the	
     International	Student	Support	has	special	         University’s	academic	and	recreational	
     responsibility	for	looking	after	and	              facilities	and	the	city	of	Belfast.	Students	
     supporting	international	students	before	          will	also	be	given	advice	on	adjusting	to	
     their	arrival	and	helping	you	adjust	to	a	new	     university	academic	study,	life	in	university	
     way	of	life	when	you	arrive	in	the	UK.	The	        accommodation,	living	expenses	and	local	
     team	will	be	delighted	to	hear	from	you	           immigration	requirements.
     before	you	arrive	and	are	happy	to	answer	
     any	questions	you	might	have	and	as	often	         WELCOmE ANd TrANSfEr SErViCE
     as	you	want	to	ask!	Please	do	not	worry	
     about	asking	lots	of	questions	as	they	want	       Prior	to	the	orientation	programme	a	
     to	help	you	avoid	any	problems	or	issues.          ‘Welcome	and	Transfer’	service	is	provided	
                                                        at	Belfast	International	Airport,	George	Best	
     The	International	Students	Advisers	offer	         Belfast	City	Airport	and	at	the	Elms	Student	
     specialist	visa	and	immigration	advice	for	        Village.	Free	transportation	is	provided	on	
     prospective	international	students	and	also	       certain	days	from	the	airports	for	all	new	
     to	registered	Queen’s	students	who	need	to	        international	students.	
     extend	their	visas.
                                                        iNTErNATiONAL OffiCE
     Contact	the	International	Student	Support	
     Office	by	email	at:	                 The	International	Office	staff	regularly	travel	
                                                        overseas	to	attend	education	exhibitions	
     iNTErNATiONAL STudENTS’ OriENTATiON                organised	by	the	British	Council	and	other	
     prOGrAmmE                                          organisations,	and	to	offer	counselling	
                                                        sessions	to	prospective	students	and	help	
     International	Student	Support	organises	           them	prepare	for	arrival	at	Queen’s.	
     a	five-day	orientation	programme	in	mid	
     September,	prior	to	the	start	of	the	first	        Further	information	on	planned	overseas	
     semester.	This	falls	within	the	overall	           visits	is	available	at:	
     Welcome	and	Orientation	period	for	all	new
     students	to	Queen’s.                               ProspectiveStudents/InternationalStudents/
     A	four-day	orientation	programme	for	
     international	students	is	held	in	late	january.	   The	International	Office	also	offers	support	
     The	orientation	programme	has	proved	              to	students	on	the	Erasmus	and	Study	
     to	be	very	popular	as	it	gives	students	           Abroad/Exchange	programmes.

48    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                                       A global institution         1

                                               THE	2009-10	CRIME	
                                               LEVEL	In	nORTHERn	
                                               IRELAnD	WAS	THE	
                                               LOWEST	OBSERVED	
                                               In	THE	LAST	

STudENT GuidANCE CENTrE (SGC)                  residential	suburb	about	15	minutes’	walk	
                                               from	Belfast’s	city	centre.	Like	any	modern	
The	Student	Guidance	Centre	brings	            city,	Belfast	has	a	certain	level	of	street	crime	
together	a	range	of	services	offering	         and	burglary,	although	rates	have	been	
information,	advice	and	guidance	              traditionally	much	lower	than	in	comparable	
throughout	your	academic	life	at	Queen’s	on	   European	or	American	cities.	The	overall	
issues	such	as	Student	Records,                trend	of	recorded	crime	in	northern	Ireland	
Examinations,	Careers	Service,	Counselling,	   has	been	downward	in	recent	years	and	the	
Disability	Services,	Learning	Development	     2009-10	crime	level	was	the	lowest	observed	
Service	and	Student	Finance.	For	more	         in	the	last	decade.	(Source:	PSnI	Annual	
information,	please	see	page	32.               Statistical	Report,	March	2010.)

AddiTiONAL SuppOrT SErViCES                    The	increasing	numbers	of	visitors	coming	
                                               to	this	vibrant	city	often	comment	on	the	
As	well	as	the	normal	system	of	study	         warm	and	sincere	welcome	for	which	Belfast	
advisers	and	tutors,	the	University	offers	    and	northern	Ireland	have	always	been	
a	range	of	additional	support	services.	       renowned.
These	include	extensive	chaplaincy	services	
-	currently	17	faiths	and	denominations	       CLuBS ANd SOCiETiES
are	represented,	childcare	services,	and	
the	University	Health	Centre.	For	more	        There	are	over	150	clubs	and	societies	based	
information	please	see	page	78.                in	the	Students’	Union	catering	for	almost	
                                               every	type	of	interest,	including	thriving	
pErSONAL SAfETY iN BELfAST                     Malaysian,	Chinese,	Islamic,	Taiwanese	and	
                                               South	Asian	student	societies.	For	more	
Queen’s	University	is	located	in	a	quiet	      information	please	see	page	70.

   		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012         49
1    A global institution

                                                      furThEr iNfOrmATiON

                                                      If	you	would	like	more	detailed	
                                                      information	about	any	of	Queen’s	study	
                                                      programmes	or	general	information	about	
                                                      the	University,	please	contact:

                                                      International	Office
                                                      Queen’s	University	Belfast
                                                      Belfast	BT7	1nn
                                                      northern	Ireland,	UK
                                                      T:	+44	(0)28	9097	5088
                                                      F:	+44	(0)28	9097	5089
                          InTERnATIOnAL	              ProspectiveStudents/InternationalStudents	
                          STUDEnT	SUPPORT	
                          ORGAnISES	A	FIVE-
                          DAY	ORIEnTATIOn	            uSEfuL LiNKS
                          PROGRAMME	In	
                          MID	SEPTEMBER               Links	to	British	Council	offices	across	the	

                                                      The	British	Council’s	website	for	
                                                      international	students	interested	in	
                                                      studying	in	the	UK:

                                                      Erasmus	-	European	Union’s	main	
                                                      education	and	training	programme:

                                                      UKCISA	-	UK	Council	for	International	
                                                      Student	Affairs	provides	advice	and	
                                                      information	to	international	students	
                                                      studying	in	the	UK:

                                                      Advice	on	applying	for	a	UK	Visa:

50   uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                                                     meet the students            1

                         rizpAh BrinkMAn
                         politiCs, philosophy
                         And eConoMiCs
                         politiCs, internAtionAl
                         stUdies And
                         seCond yeAr
                         frOm: CheltenhAM

I	decided	to	study	at	Queen’s	as	it	sounded	like	        CHOOSInG	TO	                   It	is	exciting	to	be	
an	adventure.	I	can	imagine	nowhere	else	I	would	        STUDY	AT	QUEEn’S	              a	part	of	a	world-
rather	be	-	it	has	totally	fulfilled	my	expectations.	   HAS	DEFInITELY	                class	institution.	The	
                                                         HAD	A	POSITIVE	                University’s	global	
Since	joining	Queen’s,	I	have	attended	the	              IMPACT	UPOn	                   connections	allow	
inauguration	of	our	Chancellor,	attended	                MY	LIFE.	IT	HAS	               its	students	to	travel	
meetings	with	high	ranking	politicians	such	             TOTALLY	FULFILLED	             to	many	parts	of	
as	the	deputy	Prime	Minister	nick	Clegg	and	I	           MY	ExPECTATIOnS                the	world	and	make	
have	stood	with	many	other	students	waiting	to	                                         friends	and	learn	
catch	a	glimpse	of	Hillary	Clinton	on	her	visit	to	                                     within	different	
the	University.	It	has	been	a	thrilling	experience	      cultures	at	an	equally	high	standard.	
to	be	a	part	of	the	ongoing	history	of	this	great	
historical	university.	To	be	able	to	attend	a	‘red	      Degree	Plus	is	a	great	opportunity	to	get	
brick’	university	has	been	one	of	the	greatest	          something	extra	from	your	degree	that	sets	you	
achievements	of	my	life	to	date	-	as	a	degree	from	      apart	and	improves	your	employment	prospects,	
a	long-established	institution	is	highly	regarded	       as	not	everyone	has	a	Degree	Plus	Award.	It	allows	
and	respected.	I	am	a	proud	member	of	this	              you	to	gain	recognition	for	a	variety	of	activities	
University,	and	look	forward	to	its	bright	academic	     outside	of	academia,	for	example	I	have	taken	up	
future.                                                  Spanish	and	ballet.

Choosing	to	study	at	Queen’s	has	definitely	had	         Belfast	is	a	dynamic,	exciting	city	in	which	to	
a	positive	impact	upon	my	life.	Coming	from	             socialise	and	to	study.	It	is	a	beautiful	city	due	to	
England,	I	knew	no	one	in	Belfast,	so	I	was	given	       its	historic	structures	mixed	with	modern	shopping	
the	opportunity	to	develop	into	an	independent	          malls	and	boutiques.	It	has	a	busy	and	positive	
adult	a	lot	quicker	than	other	UK	students	might	        atmosphere	and	a	thriving	arts	scene.
experience.	I	had	the	opportunity	to	master	the	
art	of	making	friends	and	experiencing	different	        My	student	experience	and	my	qualifications	at	the	
cultures.	Travelling	back	and	forth	from	northern	       end	of	my	time	at	Queen’s	will,	without	doubt,	be	
Ireland	to	England	has	allowed	me	to	meet	               worth	every	penny.	They	will	open	doors	through	
individuals	with	different	stories.                      which	I	previously	would	not	have	thought	
                                                         available	to	me.	

     		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012                     51
1     The Language Centre

                         demand for                    students	from	all	areas	of	the	University	who	
THE	LAnGUAGE	            linguistically                wish	to	take	up	or	to	continue	the	study	of	a	
CEnTRE	OFFERS	           competent graduates           language	on	a	voluntary	basis.	These	weekly	
CLASSES	TO	              has been growing              classes	take	place	outside	normal	teaching	
ALL	UnIVERSITY	          dramatically and to           hours.	They	are	mainly	for	conversation	skills	
STUDEnTS	In	OVER	        meet this demand              and	are	mapped	to	the	Common	European	
20	DIFFEREnT	            Queen’s offers all            Framework	of	Reference	for	Languages,	
LAnGUAGES                its students the              giving	recognition	to	the	achievements	of	
                         opportunity to                learners	of	foreign	languages	across	Europe	
                         acquire skills in a           and	ranging	from	complete	beginners	or	
                         foreign language              ‘breakthrough’	in	Level	1A	to	‘mastery’	in	
     to gain broader access to work in other           Level	3C.	A	University	Language	Centre	
     languages and to improve their career             Certificate	is	also	given	for	attendance.	
                                                       LANGuAGES fOr SpECiAL purpOSES
     Queen’s	commitment	to	offering	all	of	its	
     students	the	opportunity	and	the	facilities	      The	Language	Centre	offers	courses	leading	
     to	enhance	their	learning	of	a	foreign	           to	a	University	Certificate	in	Languages	for	
     language	is	evidenced	by	the	state-of-the-art	    Special	Purposes.	These	courses	are	available	
     multimedia	Language	Centre	on	the	ground	         at	beginner,	intermediate	and	advanced	
     floor	of	The	McClay	Library.	It	offers:           levels	(French	commences	at	post-GCSE	
     pCs equipped with the revolutionary
     CAN-8 VirtuaLab™ system	-	This	                   SELf-STudY
     interactive	language	learning	system	
     offers	material	that	incorporates	video,	         The	Centre	also	provides	the	opportunity	
     sound,	graphics	and	text	to	help	improve	         for	self-study	language	courses.	There	is	
     conversation	skills,	pronunciation,	              a	growing	library	of	resources	in	over	50	
     grammar	and	comprehension.	Students	are	          languages,	including	English	for	foreign	
     encouraged	to	work	in	their	own	time	and	at	      students,	available	at	various	levels	and	in	
     their	own	pace	and	all	students’	work,	both	      various	formats.
     written	and	oral,	is	stored	on	the	server	for	
     monitoring	and	assessment	by	the	tutor.	          For	more	information	on	the	list	of	language	
                                                       courses	available,	contact:	
     A private study area -	Where	students	
     have	access	to	networked	PCs	with	the	CAn-        The	Language	Centre
     8	system	installed,	in	addition	to	the	growing	   The	McClay	Library
     library	of	language	learning	and	cultural	        Queen’s	University	Belfast
     awareness	software.	                              T:	+44	(0)28	9097	6178
                                                       F:	+44	(0)28	9097	6360
     LANGuAGES fOr NON-SpECiALiSTS                     E:
     The	Language	Centre	provides	courses	for	

52    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                   Student accommodation at Queen’s           1

for many young people, going to                encourages	students	from	all	backgrounds	
university is their first experience of        and	cultures	to	live	and	learn	from	each	
living away from home and for some the         other.	From	experience,	we	know	that	some	
transition can initially seem challenging.     students	have	more	specific	requirements	
Choosing to live in university                 and	therefore	we	have	limited	rooms	in	our	
accommodation offers a much greater            accommodation,	which	offer	a	choice	of	
level of support and help in settling in.      three	lifestyle	options:
University-managed residences are a
semi-independent style of living, which        Single Sex Accommodation	-	
is reflective of the transition from home      living	with	either	only	male	or	only	female	
to university life and therefore we have       students	on	the	same	floor	or	house.
some rules and regulations on how you          No Alcohol Accommodation	-	
should behave.                                 alcohol	cannot	be	consumed	by	you	or	
                                               your	guests	anywhere	in	the	house,	floor	or	
The	majority	of	our	accommodation	meets	       apartment.
the	requirements	of	most	students	in	their	    Quiet Living Accommodation	-	
first	year	of	study	with	male	and	female	      living	with	other	students	who	prefer	a	
students	mixing	with	one	another.	This	        quieter,	more	study-focused	environment.

                    STUDEnTS	FROM	
                    ALL	BACKGROUnDS	
                    AnD	CULTURES	TO	
                    LIVE	AnD	LEARn	
                    FROM	EACH	OTHER

  		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012    53
1      Student accommodation at Queen’s

     There	is	live-in	support	from	our	team	of	         common	room	has	a	TV	and	the	kitchen	is	
     Community	Youth	Workers	and	Residential	           fully-equipped	with	appliances.	If	you	do	
     Assistants,	whose	role	it	is	to	help	students	     not	wish	to	cook,	then	the	Treehouse	Bar	
     deal	with	transition	issues	such	as	settling	      and	Restaurant	is	an	ideal	alternative	in	
     in,	making	friends,	managing	money	and	            the	evenings.	The	Treehouse	shop	offers	
     sharing	communal	living	space.	University	is	      coffee-to-go	and	a	deli	counter	operating	
     about	more	than	academic	achievement.	It	          throughout	the	day.	
     offers	wonderful	opportunities	to	make	new	        	
     friends,	meet	new	challenges	and	become	           The	Elms	Village	facilities	staff	and	
     involved	in	new	activities.	                       Community	Youth	Workers	are	based	in	the	
                                                        Treehouse;	the	accommodation	staff	and	
     The	Treehouse	Social	Space	is	at	the	heart	        security	are	based	in	the	reception	building	
     of	the	Elms	Village	and	is	where	you	can	          located	at	the	security	barrier	where	help	can	
     find	the	Treehouse	Bar	and	Restaurant,	a	          be	found	24	hours	a	day	for	any	issues	you	
     shop,	‘The	Lounge’,	laundry	and	ATM.	The	          may	have.
     Community	team	organises	and	promotes	
     a	weekly	programme	of	social	events	and	           Elms	Village	is	located	in	a	convenient,	
     outings	in	which	all	students	are	encouraged	      quiet	residential	area	and	you	can	reach	
     to	participate.	                                   the	University	easily	on	foot.	Belfast	city	
                                                        centre	can	be	reached	on	foot	or	via	public	
     Many	of	the	events	are	held	in	the	Treehouse	      transport.
     and	are	open	to	all	students	living	in	
     accommodation	and	in	the	University.	Other	        The	accommodation	fee	is	based	on	self-
     events	are	staged	across	the	campus.	Trips	        catering	and	the	all-inclusive	package	offers	
     to	visitor	attractions	throughout	northern	        superb	value	for	money.	Please	read	the	
     Ireland	include	the	Giants	Causeway,	Ulster	       pricing	information	in	the	table	opposite.	
     Folk	and	Transport	Museum	and	Armagh	
     Planetarium.	There	are	also	Belfast	city	events	   QuEEN’S hOuSES
     such	as	the	weekend	markets,	Belfast	Giants	
     ice	hockey	and	shopping	trips.	                    Students	who	want	a	more	independent	
                                                        way	of	living,	combined	with	the	peace	of	
     ELmS ViLLAGE                                       mind	and	security	enjoyed	by	all	students	
                                                        in	Queen’s-owned	accommodation,	will	
     Elms	Village	is	a	purpose-built	                   find	living	in	Queen’s	houses	ideally	suited	
     accommodation	village	with	a	total	of	50	          to	their	needs.	The	majority	of	house	
     three-storey	apartment	blocks,	each	floor	         accommodation	comprises	fully-furnished	
     having	10	or	11	bedrooms	and	a	shared	             and	heated,	standard,	single	study-
     kitchen	and	common	room.	The	majority	             bedrooms.	A	limited	number	of	Premium	
     of	rooms	are	en	suite,	although	standard	          double	rooms	are	available;	these	are	large	
     rooms	(with	a	wash	basin	but	shared	access	        rooms	with	a	double	bed	and	larger	work	
     to	a	bathroom	in	the	corridor	with	four	           space.	There	are	modern	kitchens	equipped	
     other	students)	are	also	available.	Each	          with	appliances	and	televisions	(which	have	

54     uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                            Student accommodation at Queen’s                   3

a	range	of	Freesat	channels	including	some	           ideal	location	if	you	do	not	wish	to	cook.	
international	channels),	and	some	houses	             University	Security	staff	on	the	main	site	will	
have	access	to	a	payphone.	                           respond	to	any	emergencies.	
All	Queen’s	Houses	are	located	close	to	the	          The	accommodation	fee	is	based	on	self-
main	University	site,	within	a	two-minute	            catering	and	the	all-inclusive	package	offers	
walk	of	the	main	buildings,	including	                the	best	value	for	money	housing	available	
The	McClay	Library,	campus	restaurants	               in	Belfast	to	students.	Please	read	the	pricing	
and	coffee	shops.	Our	houses	have	an	                 information	in	the	table	below.

Comparison of university standard accommodation versus private Sector1

university Accommodation                           private rental
(38-week	contract)                                 (52-week	contract	standard	room	ie	shared	services)

Weekly costs         Standard       En suite       malone         Botanic        Shaftesbury Stranmillis
                     room           room
Rent                 £78.96         £93.80         £67.73         £55.21         £50.60         £51.36
Heating              included	in	   included	in	   £7.50          £7.50          £7.50          £7.50
                     rent           rent
Electricity          included	in	   included	in	   £7.50          £7.50          £7.50          £7.50
                     rent           rent
Internet             included	in	   included	in	   £4.00          £4.00          £4.00          £4.00
                     rent           rent
TV	License           included	in	   included	in	   £2.80          £2.80          £2.80          £2.80
                     rent           rent
Cleaning	of	         included	in	   included	in	   Service	not	   Service	not	   Service	not	   Service	not	
communal	areas       rent           rent           provided       provided       provided       provided
24-Hour	             included	in	   included	in	   Service	not	   Service	not	   Service	not	   Service	not	
Reception            rent           rent           provided       provided       provided       provided
24-Hour	Security     included	in	   included	in	   Service	not	   Service	not	   Service	not	   Service	not	
                     rent           rent           provided       provided       provided       provided
Maintenance	         included	in	   included	in	   Service	       Service	       Service	       Service	
service	level        rent           rent           may	not	be	    may	not	be	    may	not	be	    may	not	be	
                                                   provided       provided       provided       provided
Total weekly cost £78.96            £93.80         £89.53         £77.01         £72.40         £73.16

Annual total         £3,000.48      £3,564.40      £4,655.56      £4,004.52      £3,764.80      £3,804.32

       Additional	cost	of	52-week	private	sector	 £1,655.08       £1,004.04      £764.32        £803.84
        contract	vs	University	38-week	contract
1 - Average rents from NI Student Pad website November 2010

      		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012                 55
1      Student accommodation at Queen’s / hospitality: places to eat at Queen’s

     fAmiLiES/dEpENdANTS                                •	 Laundry	facilities
                                                        •	 Car	parking
     Students	travelling	with	family	members	or	        •	 Dry	cleaning
     dependants	are	advised	to	contact	us	when	         •	 Room	cleaning
     applying	for	Queen’s	accommodation	to	
     discuss	your	requirements	for	suitable	housing.    fiNd OuT mOrE

     At	the	time	of	writing	the	UK	Government	was	      Full	details	of	all	these	properties,	including	
     proposing	changes,	which	may	restrict	who	         how	to	apply,	are	available	on	the	
     can	bring	dependants.	It	is	essential	that	you	    accommodation	website:	
     check	with	the	UKBA	for	the	latest	position.	

     TEmpTEd?                                           Why	not	join	or	visit	us	on	Facebook,	at	the	
                                                        Queen’s	Accommodation	page?	
     In	case	you	are	in	any	doubt	about	the	
     cost	of	living	in	Belfast	and	the	value	for	       Contact	us	at:
     money	offered	by	Queen’s	University-               Elms	Village	Reception
     owned	and	managed	accommodation,	the	              78	Malone	Road
     previous	comparison	table	should	help.	This	       Belfast	
     information	is	correct	at	31	December	2010.        BT9	5BW
                                                        T:	+44	(0)28	9097	4403	
     For	a	small	charge	we	offer:	                      F:	+44	(0)28	9097	4524
     •	 Guest	rooms	for	visiting	family	and	friends		   E:
     	 (subject	to	availability)

     hOSpiTALiTY                                            plACes to eAt At QUeen’s

     whether you’re looking for a caffeine              international	flavours.	RELISH	brings	together	
     fix, a quick snack or something more               technology	and	a	fresh	food	cooked	to	
     substantial, there is something to titillate       order	concept;	this	interactive	experience	
     even the most demanding taste buds at              offers	traditional	and	healthy	breakfasts,	
     the many restaurants and cafes provided            home-baked	pastries,	healthy	salad	options,	
     through Queen’s Accommodation and                  delicious	soups	and	sandwiches,	and	a	
     hospitality.                                       selection	of	burgers,	pizzas	and	a	grab-and-
                                                        go	selection.	
     rELiSh @ Queen’s in the Students’ union
                                                        STArBuCKS - rELiSh Coffee house
     This	new	brand	is	located	at	the	rear	of	
     the	Students’	Union	on	the	ground	floor	           The	Starbucks	coffee	house	is	located	beside	
     and	is	the	largest	restaurant	on	campus	           RELISH	in	the	Students’	Union,	serving	a	
     with	seating	for	over	300.	This	restaurant	        sumptuous	range	of	made-to-order	hot	and	
     offers	a	variety	of	fresh	locally-sourced	         cold	sandwiches.	Choose	from	some	of	the	
     foods	including	both	a	traditional	and	            best	coffee	around	and	enjoy	a	perfectly	baked	
     contemporary	twist	and	national	and	               muffin,	made	on	site	from	our	home-baked	

56    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                      hospitality: places to eat at Queen’s         1

range.	The	express	line	allows	customers	to	      deck	overlooking	the	River	Lagan.	Meet	
choose	from	the	grab-and-go	range.                friends	and	enjoy	a	relaxing	Fair	Trade	drink	
                                                  handcrafted	by	the	award-winning	Baristas.	
The daily Grind                                   Clements	caters	for	all	tastes	serving	a	wide	
@ Ashby on Stranmillis road                       range	of	scones,	bagels,	wraps,	sandwiches,	
                                                  paninis,	soups,	salads	and	desserts.
This	new	concept	at	Queen’s	offers	a	range	
of	made-to-order	hot	and	cold	sandwiches,	        hOpE Café
home	bakery	selection	and	Starbucks	Coffee.	      	
The	exciting	‘Soup	nook’	offers	a	choice	of	      HOPE	Café	is	situated	on	the	ground	floor	
delicious	homemade	soups	and	daily	lunch	         of	The	McClay	Library	at	Queen’s,	serving	
specials.	The	price	is	not	the	only	thing	that	   delicious	breakfast,	lunch	and	all-day	snacks	
is	special.	Or	choose	from	our	ready	to	go	       -	whether	you	are	looking	for	a	healthy	
sandwiches,	wraps,	salads	and	branded	snacks.	    option	or	full-on	indulgence.	HOPE	Café	
The	Daily	Grind	opens	for	breakfast	and	lunch.    is	also	a	great	place	to	chill	out,	relax	and	
                                                  meet	friends	over	a	superb,	handcrafted	
The Treehouse Bar and restaurant                  cappuccino	or	latte.	
@ Elms Village
                                                  Café Krem      @ pfC
The	Treehouse	Bar	and	Restaurant	in	Elms	                        @ ECiT
Village	offers	the	best	in	bar	food,	cooked	to	                  @ dKB
order	from	the	freshest	ingredients.	Choose	                     @ iNTO in Lennoxvale
from	platters	to	share	or	if	you	want	to	
stay	in,	order	an	Apache	Pizza	or	any	dish	       Café	Krem	coffee	outlets	are	located	in	
on	the	menu	for	collection.	If	you	are	the	       the	Peter	Froggatt	Centre	and	at	the	ECIT	
designated	driver	why	not	enjoy	a	Blue	Earth	     building,	the	Queen’s	InTO	Centre	in	
Fair-trade	Coffee.	Come	along	and	enjoy	          Lennoxvale	and	the	foyer	of	the	David	Keir	
great	food	and	great	company	in	the	heart	        Building.	These	outlets	serve	great	Danish	
of	the	student	village.                           pastries	and	croissants,	home-made	soup,	
	                                                 made	to	order	sandwiches,	paninis	and	
Apache pizza                                      pasta,	and	great	coffee.	The	ECIT	café	
                                                  overlooks	the	dry	dock	where	RMS	Titanic	
Feeling	peckish	and	want	to	order	a	pizza?	       was	built	in	the	Titanic	Quarter.	
Then	order	and	collect	your	Apache	Pizza	
from	The	Treehouse.	Eat	in	the	comfort	of	        deane’s at Queen’s
your	apartment	or	come	and	join	the	great	
atmosphere	in	The	Treehouse.	You	won’t	            Deane’s	at	Queen’s	is	located	in	College	
believe	the	amazing	deals	on	offer!                Gardens	and	joins	the	family	of	restaurants	
                                                   by	Michael	Deane,	bringing	a	continental	
Clements       @ the Students’ union               style	eating	experience	to	the	Queen’s	
               @ the mBC                           Quarter.	Local,	simple,	hearty	food	is	served	
               @ the pEC                           in	a	stylish	yet	relaxed	environment	and	
	                                                  an	extensive	range	of	wine	and	beer	make	
Belfast’s	popular	coffee	shop	chain	now	has	       Deane’s	at	Queen’s	the	perfect	choice	for	
three	great	outlets	at	Queen’s	located	at	the	     daily	dining	and	for	special	occasions	alike.	
front	of	the	Students’	Union,	in	the	foyer	of	the	 Deane’s	at	Queen’s	also	offers	private	dining	
MBC	and	on	the	ground	floor	of	the	PE	Centre	 and	conference	facilities	in	their	restaurant.	
at	Queen’s	Sport,	which	also	has	an	outdoor	

   		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012         57
1      meet
       Title the staff

                              dr eMMA reisz
                              TEAChiNG ArEA:
                              AsiAn history
                              sChool of history
                              And Anthropology

     Having	a	heritage	is	about	more	than	just	a	                I	THInK	STUDEnTS	               unusually	relaxed	
     beautiful	campus.	Queen’s	has	a	special	place	in	           COMInG	                         and	welcoming	
     the	hearts	of	the	people	of	Belfast	because	it	has	         TO	QUEEn’S	                     university.	Students	
     contributed	so	much	to	this	city	and	to	the	wider	          ARE	ALWAYS	                     coming	here	will	
     community	for	so	long.	                                     PLEASAnTLY	                     find	there	is	a	lot	of	
                                                                 SURPRISED	BY	THE	               support	for	whatever	
     Students	appreciate	getting	a	world-class	                  QUALITY	OF	THE	                 they	want	to	do.
     education,	and	being	able	to	tell	future	                   FACILITIES
     employers	that	their	degree	is	from	a	Russell	                                              Queen’s	researchers	
     Group	university.	Queen’s	being	a	world-class	                                              do	world-class	work.	
     institution	also	means	we	have	ties	to	major	               I	think	what	Queen’s	offers	students	is	a	chance	to	
     universities	around	the	world.	Students	here	have	          get	involved	in	research	much	more	closely	than	
     access	to	some	of	the	best	international	researchers	       in	many	other	universities,	through	innovative	
     and	scholarship,	whether	because	of	the	visiting	           teaching	which	gives	students	the	chance	to	
     scholars	who	come	here	or	by	taking	part	in	student	        participate	in	research	for	themselves.	There’s	also	a	
     exchanges.                                                  lot	of	enthusiasm	for	developing	new	approaches	to	
                                                                 teaching	as	well	as	research.
     I	think	students	coming	to	Queen’s	are	always	
     pleasantly	surprised	by	the	quality	of	the	facilities.	     Queen’s	offers	numerous	opportunities	for	students	
     The	McClay	Library	in	particular	is	modern,	but	still	      to	develop	their	entrepreneurial	skills,	and	our	
     cosy	–	it’s	as	suited	to	curling	up	with	a	book	as	it	is	   students	and	staff	have	won	the	awards	to	prove	
     to	working	online.                                          it!	northern	Ireland	is	a	very	exciting	place	to	
                                                                 be	entrepreneurial	right	now.	Our	students	and	
     Queen’s	offers	a	first-rate	education	at	a	major	           graduates	have	the	chance	to	be	part	of	northern	
     university,	but	on	a	human	level.	Belfast	is	an	            Ireland	business	in	a	really	creative	and	innovative	
     exceptionally	friendly	city,	and	I	find	Queen’s	is	an	      cultural	city.	

58     uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                                                         faculty profile          1

     WELCOmE TO ThE fACuLTY                              Dean	-	Professor	Shane	O’neill
     Of ArTS, humANiTiES ANd
                                                         T:	+	44	(0)28	9097	5347
              SOCiAL SCiENCES                            E:

The	Faculty	is	quite	a	diverse	body,	stretching	         Supporting	Students’	scheme,	similar	initiatives	
from	the	traditional	humanities	and	social	              are	also	being	rolled	out	in	other	Schools.	This	
science	subjects	(such	as	English,	Languages,	           will	enable	second	and	third	years	to	assist	
History,	Politics,	Sociology,	Anthropology)	to	new	      first	year	students	to	make	the	transition	to	
areas	in	the	Creative	Arts	(Music	Technology,	           university	life.	Students	in	the	School	of	Politics,	
Drama,	Film,	Creative	Writing)	and	a	range	of	           International	Studies	and	Philosophy	recently	
applied	professional	subjects	(Law,	Accounting,	         had	the	opportunity	to	participate	in	a	‘town	
Education,	Social	Work).	It	includes	the	Institute	of	   hall’	question	and	answer	session	with	the	
Theology,	through	which	four	external	theological	       Deputy	Prime	Minister,	the	Rt	Hon	nick	Clegg,	
colleges	offer	degrees,	and	also	has	close	working	      while	the	Queen’s	University	Management	
relationships	with	the	two	University	Colleges	(St	      School	recently	held	a	‘City	Event’	featuring	
Mary’s	and	Stranmillis).	The	Faculty	has	a	strong	       senior	executives	from	the	City	of	London	who	
research	profile,	as	demonstrated	by	excellent	          shared	the	secrets	of	their	business	success	with	
results	in	the	2008	Research	Assessment	Exercise,	       students	from	the	School.	Across	the	Faculty,	
and	this	drives	our	teaching	programmes	and	             14	students	were	shortlisted	for	the	2010	
gives	them	a	cutting	edge.                               Undergraduate	Awards	of	Ireland	and	northern	
                                                         Ireland.	Five	of	the	nominees	came	from	the	
Excellence	in	the	Faculty	also	extends	to	the	           School	of	Law,	and	a	student	from	the	School	of	
education	portfolio,	with	award-winning	                 History	and	Anthropology	succeeded	in	winning	
academic	staff	across	the	nine	Schools,	and	             the	overall	award	in	the	Historical	Studies	
Social	Work	being	ranked	as	number	one	in	the	           Category.	Students	in	the	Faculty	have	access	
UK	in	the	Times	Good	University	Guide.	Among	            to	world-class	facilities,	including	the	world’s	
the	programmes	available	for	undergraduate	              first	Sonic	Laboratory,	which	is	located	within	
study	are	the	innovative	new	degree	in	English	          the	School	of	Music	and	Sonic	Arts,	while	the	
with	Creative	Writing	and	the	hugely	popular	            School	of	Languages,	Literatures	and	Performing	
Criminology	programme	in	the	School	of	                  Arts	has	recently	been	accredited	as	an	Apple	
Sociology,	Social	Policy	and	Social	Work,	               Training	Centre,	offering	state-of-the-art	facilities	
which	recently	saw	its	first	cohort	of	graduates	        and	training	opportunities	to	its	students.
achieve	an	unprecedented	number	of	first	class	
honours	degrees	for	the	School.	The	Faculty	             •	   Queen’s	University	Management	School	
will	also	benefit	from	significant	investment	in	        •	   School	of	Education
its	infrastructure	in	the	coming	years,	starting	        •	   School	of	English	
with	the	relocation	of	the	Management	School	            •	   School	of	History	and	Anthropology	
into	state-of-the-art	refurbished	facilities	at	         •	   School	of	Languages,	Literatures	and	
Riddell	Hall,	which	will	also	house	the	Executive	       	    	 Performing	Arts	
Education	Centre	and	the	Leadership	Institute.           •	   School	of	Law	
                                                         •	   School	of	Music	and	Sonic	Arts	
The	quality	of	the	student	experience	is	central	        •	   School	of	Politics,	International	Studies	and		
to	the	activities	of	all	the	Schools	within	the	         	    	 Philosophy	
Faculty.	Following	the	success	in	the	School	            •	   School	of	Sociology,	Social	Policy	and	Social		
of	English	of	the	peer-mentoring	‘Students	              	    	 Work	

     		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012                     59
1     World-Class facilities

     leArning froM leAders

     Queen’s offers a unique learning                 the	quality	of	the	learning	opportunities	we	
     experience for all its students. the best        offer	our	students.
     education happens alongside the best
     research and Queen’s students can look           The	University	has	created	an	environment	
     forward to being taught by world-                where	students	-	the	leaders	of	tomorrow	
     leading academics at the cutting edge of         -	can	achieve	their	full	potential,	while	
     their disciplines, the people who write          promoting	a	spirit	of	creativity,	enterprise	
     the textbooks for future generations.            and	innovation	to	take	a	leading	role	in	the	
                                                      global	higher	education	market.
     One	of	the	University’s	key	aims	is	the	
     development	of	research	and	education	          From	advances	in	renewable	energy	to	the	
     which	is	competitive	with	the	best	in	the	      discovery	of	new	planets,	and	from	ground-
     world.	                                         breaking	developments	in	cancer	therapy	
                                                     and	vision	science	to	cybersecurity	and	sonic	
     The	University’s	position	as	an	international	  arts,	Queen’s	research	impacts	on	society	in	
     research-led	university	was	highlighted	by	the	 northern	Ireland	and	around	the	world.	
     most	recent	UK-wide	research	assessment	
     exercise	(RAE),	in	2008,	which	confirmed	       The	University	is	the	holder	of	the	Times	
     Queen’s	role	as	a	major	global	force	in	        Higher	Education	Outstanding	Engineering	
     research.	The	RAE	identified	world-class	       Research	Team	title,	for	the	development,	
     research	across	all	academic	disciplines,	and	  by	Dr	Bhaskar	Sen	Gupta	and	colleagues	
     the	Research	Power	Index,	which	measures	       in	the	School	of	Planning,	Architecture	and	
     the	quality	and	quantity	of	research,	placed	   Civil	Engineering,	of	a	low-cost	chemical-free	
     Queen’s	in	the	top	20	universities	in	the	UK.   system	to	remove	arsenic	from	water.	This	
     	                                               technology	protects	the	lives	and	livelihoods	
     In	particular,	Queen’s	is	a	world	leader	       of	millions	of	the	poorest	people	on	the	
     in	areas	ranging	from	cancer	research	to	       planet.
     cybersecurity,	and	from	green	chemistry	to	
     creative	writing.                               Another	major	research	breakthrough	
                                                     focused	on	the	creation	of	new	technology	
     The	value	of	the	learning	experience	at	        to	make	shellfish	safer	to	eat.	The	new	test,	
     Queen’s	was	underlined	in	2009	by	the	          developed	through	research	led	by	Professor	
     Quality	Assurance	Agency	(QAA),	which	          Chris	Elliott,	Director	of	the	Institute	of	
     assesses	the	quality	and	standards	in	          Agri-Food	and	Land	Use	in	the	School	of	
     universities	and	colleges	across	the	United	    Biological	Sciences,	is	likely	to	revolutionise	
     Kingdom.	The	assessors	said	Queen’s	            the	global	fishing	industry.	
     meets	its	highest	level	of	confidence	in	the	
     management	of	academic	standards	and	in	        The	work	of	Queen’s	poets	in	the	Seamus	

60    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                                    World-Class facilities     1

                                                WE	ARE	InnOVATIVE	
                                                AnD	FUTURE	
                                                THInKInG;	WE	
                                                ARE	OnE	OF	THE	
                                                EMInEnT	RESEARCH	
                                                UnIVERSITIES	In	THE	
                                                WORLD	TODAY

                    OnE	OF	THE	
                    KEY	AIMS	IS	THE	
                    DEVELOPMEnT	OF	
                    RESEARCH	AnD	

Heaney	Centre	for	Poetry	confirms	the	          among	other	creative	writers.
University’s	role	as	a	world	literary	force.	
Several	of	the	world’s	leading	poets	writing	   And	the	University’s	academics	in	
in	the	English	language,	including	Ciaran	      areas	ranging	from	law	and	the	social	
Carson,	Sinead	Morrissey,	Medbh	McGuckian	      sciences	to	the	performing	arts	and	the	
and	Leontia	Flynn,	are	based	in	the	School	     humanities	underpin	the	professions	and	
of	English,	as	are	internationally-renowned	    culture,	improving	our	quality	of	life	and	
novelists	Glenn	Patterson	and	Ian	Sansom,	      understanding	of	the	world	in	which	we	live.

  		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012     61
1     Queen’s research centres

     QuEEN’S rESEArCh
                             QUEEn’S	IS	
                             RECRUITInG	MORE	
                             THAn	100	OF	THE	
                             WORLD’S	TOP	
                             InnOVATORS	AnD	

     Among Queen’s world-leading,                       The Centre for public health (Cph),	
     innovative research centres are:                   which	has	over	160	researchers	working	in	
                                                        a	number	of	key	thematic	areas	including	
     The Centre for Cancer research and Cell            Cancer	and	Health	Services	Research,	
     Biology (CCrCB),	in	which	more	than	300	           Cardiovascular	Epidemiology,	nutrition	and	
     researchers	from	around	the	world	work	            Metabolism,	Renal	Disease	and	Ageing.		
     with	other	internationally-recognised	medical	
     institutions	in	developing	innovative	cancer	      Other	flagship	centres	include:		
     treatments	and	pioneering	advances	in	
     patient	care.                                      ANSiN,	an	international	research	centre,	set	
                                                        up	in	partnership	with	Seagate	Technology,	
     The	CCRCB	is	the	foundation	model	for	a	           the	global	leader	in	data	storage	solutions,	
     number	of	new	flagship	research	facilities	        which	will	bring	major	advances	in	computer	
     within	the	University’s	new	Institute	of	Health	   hard	drives,	new	and	improved	sensors	and	a	
     Sciences,	including:                               host	of	advanced	coatings.

     The Centre for Vision and vascular                 QuiLL (Queen’s university ionic Liquid
     Sciences (CVVS),	recently	awarded	£4.8	            Laboratories),	which	is	creating	designer	
     million	through	the	Wellcome-Wolfson	              solvents	to	reduce	industrial	pollution	and	
     Capital	Awards	Initiative,	which	conducts	         improve	working	conditions	for	thousands	of	
     high-quality	research	into	the	major	sight-        people.	QUILL	Director	Professor	Ken	Seddon	
     threatening	diseases	of	the	21st	century.          was	named	the	top	chemist	in	the	UK	in	the	
                                                        Times	Higher	Education	listing	of	the	world’s	
     The Centre for infection and immunity              100	Top	Chemists	of	the	Past	Decade.	
     (Cii),	a	new	initiative	to	develop	high-
     quality	research	programmes	to	investigate	        The Centre for Climate, the Environment
     infectious	and	inflammatory	diseases.	The	         and Chronology (ChrONO),	which	is	
     Centre	is	one	of	only	nine	Therapeutic	            one	of	the	world’s	top	facilities	working	to	
     Capability	Centres	for	Information	and	            enhance	understanding	of	past	and	present	
     Respiratory	Disease	in	the	UK.	                    climate	change,	and	an	international	leader	

62    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                                    Queen’s research centres          1

in	high-precision	carbon	dating	techniques.        The international Centre for System-
                                                   on-a-Chip and Advanced microwireless
The Centre for Secure information                  integration (SoCam),	which	builds	upon	
Technologies (CSiT),	the	UK’s	leading	             work	in	Engineering	to	develop	entire	
cybersecurity	research	hub,	which	creates	the	     electronic	systems	based	on	a	single	silicon	
security	infrastructure	needed	to	safeguard	       microchip.
the	trustworthiness	of	information	stored	
electronically,	both	at	home	and	in	the	           The international research Centre for
workplace.                                         Experimental physics (irCEp),	which	gives	
                                                   students	access	to	state-of-the-art	facilities	
The Centre for Theory and Application              and	develops	the	concepts,	tools	and	skilled	
of Catalysis (CenTACat),	which	supports	           personnel	for	next	generation	technologies.
cutting-edge	research	in	an	area	where	
Chemistry	links	up	with	other	disciplines	and	     The Sonic Arts research Centre (SArC),	
with	global	industry.	                             which	unites	experts	in	the	fields	of	music,	
                                                   electronic	engineering	and	computer	science.	
The institute of Electronics,                      Its	state-of-the-art	sonic	laboratory	is	the	
Communications and information                     only	fully-3D	studio	of	its	kind	for	sonic	art	
Technology (ECiT),	the	flagship	building	          performance	and	experimentation.
in	the	northern	Ireland	Science	Park,	
which	brings	together	world-class	research	        The Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC),	
groups	in	key	areas	of	advanced	digital	and	       which	promotes	competitive	and	sustainable	
communications	technology	to	carry	out	a	          growth	by	enhancing	engineering	design	and	
range	of	pioneering	blue	skies,	strategic	and	     product	development.
industrial	research	projects.
                                                   And,	to	ensure	that	its	global	research	
The institute of Governance, public                standing	continues	to	grow,	Queen’s	is	
policy and Social research (iGppSr),	              actively	recruiting	more	than	100	of	the	
which	brings	together	researchers	from	            world’s	top	innovators	and	inventors,	
Queen’s	and	across	the	world	who	study	            including	academic	leaders	in	areas	from	
how	societies,	from	the	local	to	the	global,	      medicine	to	law	and	from	engineering	to	the	
are	governed.	                                     humanities.	

The institute for a Sustainable World              These	appointments	will	underpin	Queen’s	
(iSW), home	to	more	than	100	active	               plans	to	create	a	world-leading	Institute	of	
researchers	carrying	out	cutting-edge,	            Health	Sciences,	build	on	its	role	as	a	pioneer	
interdisciplinary	research	in	areas	as	diverse	    in	green	chemistry,	and	set	up	a	multimillion	
as	green	chemistry,	resource	management,	          pound	Executive	Education	Centre	to	support	
corporate	social	responsibility	and	sustainable	   economic	growth.

   		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012           63
1      Library
       Title facilities

     LiBrArY fACiLiTiES

     The	McClay	Library	blends	the	best	features	        Library	on	the	Lisburn	Road.	Both	libraries	
     of	a	traditional	library	with	the	latest	           offer	a	wide	range	of	services	for	students	
     technology	to	create	a	truly	21st	century	          in	the	Medical	and	Health	Care	disciplines	
     environment	for	our	students.	The	Library	          and	are	open	during	the	evening	and	at	
     opened	in	2009	offering	a	wide	range	of	            weekends	throughout	the	busy	times	of	
     integrated	library	and	ICT	support	services	        the	year.	There	is	also	an	Agri-Food	and	
     in	a	landmark	new	building.	With	2,000	             Biosciences	Institute	Library	located	at	
     reader	seats	in	a	mixture	of	formal	and	            newforge.	
     informal	spaces,	the	Library	offers	places	
     for	quiet	study	and	significant	provision	for	      resources
     group	work	allowing	students	to	suit	their	
     individual	learning	and	research	style.	            The	McClay	Library	provides	access	to	a	
                                                         wide	range	of	books	and	journals	in	support	
     As	well	as	extensive	collections	covering	          of	each	subject	area.	Increasingly,	the	
     the	arts,	humanities,	social	sciences	and	          Library	provides	access	to	a	wide	range	of	
     science	and	engineering,	the	Library	               electronic	resources	via	the	web	and	these	
     houses	the	University’s	Special	Collections	        are	accessible	both	on	and	off	campus.	These	
     and	a	substantial	short	loan	collection	of	         resources	include	electronic	journals	and	
     undergraduate	reading	materials.	The	Library	       books	as	well	as	bibliographic	databases	and	
     also	provides	a	significant	number	of	PCs	          full	text	services.	
     for	student	use	and	has	wireless	access	
     throughout	so	that	students	may	access	             Training and support
     network	services	using	their	own	laptops.	
     Services	are	available	to	students	across	          Library	staff	are	committed	to	supporting	
     extensive	opening	hours,	including	a	period	        students	in	their	use	and	exploitation	of	
     of	24-hour	opening	in	the	weeks	before	and	         printed	and	electronic	resources	and	Subject	
     during	examinations.                                Librarians	provide	extensive	training	and	
                                                         support	to	new	students.
     In	addition,	there	is	a	modern	Medical	
     Library	at	the	Royal	Victoria	Hospital	site	with	   For	more	information,	visit	the	Library	
     supplementary	facilities	in	the	Biomedical	         website	at:	

64    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                        information and Communications Technology (iCT)                    1

facilities                                           available	at	Queen’s.	This	allows	you	to	hit	the	
                                                     ground	running!	
ICT	is	changing	the	learning	experience	for	
modern	university	students.	ICT	comes	in	            The	Library	hosts	a	number	of	important	ICT	
many	forms,	ranging	from	the	conventional	           services	for	students.	The	ICT	Shop	provides	
desktop	computer	to	a	handheld	device	such	          access	to	a	range	of	ICT	accessories	such	
as	a	smart	phone.	The	University	seeks	to	           as	memory	sticks,	and	can	even	be	used	to	
provide	an	environment	where	students	can	           purchase	a	laptop	or	netbook	computer.	The	
blend	the	use	of	University	and	personal	ICT	        ICT	help	desk	offers	advice	and	support	on	
facilities	to	create	an	individualised	student	      how	to	get	the	best	out	of	University	and	
learning	experience.                                 personal	ICT	equipment	to	support	your	
Queen’s	University	provides	all	students	with:
•	 an	email	account	and	online	storage	that		        not	all	students	are	comfortable	using	ICT.	
	 is	accessible	from	both	on	and	off	campus          The	University	recognises	this,	and	makes	
•	 an	online	learning	platform	which	gives		         available	a	range	of	training	resources	to	
	 access	to	a	range	of	services	and	resources	       develop	the	ICT	life	skills	required	for	studying	
	 to	support	your	learning                           at	university.	For	students	with	good	ICT	
•	 access	to	over	1,700	PCs	based	in	20		            skills,	there	are	opportunities	to	gain	an	
	 centres	across	the	campus                          internationally	recognised	ICT	qualification	–	
•	 access	to	a	significant	number	of	PCs	and		       the	European	Computer	Driving	Licence.
	 laptops	in	The	McClay	Library	
•	 access	to	a	secure	wireless	network		             iCT in teaching
	 within	the	Students’	Union,	libraries	and		
	 major	catering	areas,	as	well	as	many		            ICT	is	also	changing	the	nature	of	teaching	at	
	 areas	that	provide	‘transition	zones’	that		       Queen’s.	Almost	all	of	the	University	lecture	
	 blur	the	boundaries	between	learning	and		         theatres	have	data	projectors,	which	in	
	 social	computing	activity                          some	cases	have	been	partnered	with	voting	
                                                     systems,	similar	to	those	seen	on	popular	TV	
Access	from	home	to:                                 quiz	shows.	This	offers	more	challenging	and	
•	 high	speed	(broadband)	connection	to	our		        interactive	teaching	sessions	for	students.		
	 network	services	and	the	Internet	from	the		
	 majority	of	rooms	in	the	Queen’s	Elms	Village      It	is	also	possible	for	many	students	to	access	
                                                     their	lectures	over	the	Internet,	or	download	
Training and support                                 them	to	their	iPod.	In	addition,	flexible	teaching	
                                                     areas	that	can	accommodate	a	wide	range	of	
new	students	are	invited	to	orientation	             teaching	and	learning	styles	are	increasingly	
sessions	that	outline	the	facilities	and	services	   complementing	traditional	lecture	rooms.

    		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012               65
1      meet
       Title the staff

                              dr CArl griffin
                              leCtUrer in hUMAn
                              TEAChiNG ArEA:
                              hUMAn geogrAphy

     The	recent	investments	in	student	facilities	                QUEEn’S	IS	A	                 fields	of	research	
     at	Queen’s	have	transformed	the	feel	of	the	                 PLACE	WHERE	                  translates	directly	
     University.	The	new	McClay	Library	is	superb	                STUDEnTS	AnD	                 into	the	student	
     and	is	comparative	to	the	best	libraries	of	any	             STAFF	ALIKE	ARE	              experience.	It	makes	
     university	in	the	UK	and	beyond.	The	Physical	               ExPOSED	TO	nEW	               it	a	challenging	and	
     Education	Centre	is	also	world	class;	it’s	a	                IDEAS	AnD	VALUES	             dynamic	place	in	
     wonderful	resource	for	our	students	and	the	                 FROM	AROUnD	                  which	to	work	and	
     wider	community.                                             THE	WORLD                     study.	Queen’s	is	
                                                                                                world	class	because	
     Queen’s	is	both	a	university	with	strong	                                                  everyone	expects	the	
     community	roots	and	a	genuine	sense	of	belonging	            very	highest	standards	from	everyone	else.	
     to	its	city;	it	is	a	place	where	students	and	staff	alike	
     are	exposed	to	new	ideas	and	values	from	around	             The	variety	of	innovative	teaching	methods	used	
     the	world.	                                                  and	the	ethos	of	the	University	mean	that	our	
                                                                  students	are	equipped	with	a	huge	range	of	
     Queen’s	is	truly	a	global	institution	and	a	major	           transferable	skills.	We	don’t	just	create	motivated	
     international	force.	The	teaching	here	is	driven	            and	prized	graduates,	we	also	produce	rounded	and	
     by	the	latest	understandings	in	global	research.	            critical	individuals	with	the	personal	skills	necessary	
     That	Queen’s	is	a	major	global	player	in	so	many	            to	be	the	leaders	of	tomorrow.	

66     uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                                               faculty profile       1

    WELCOmE TO ThE fACuLTY                       Dean	-	Professor	Tom	Millar
        Of ENGiNEEriNG ANd
                                                 T:	+44	(0)28	9097	5443
          phYSiCAL SCiENCES                      E:

The	Faculty	is	a	large	and	diverse	body	which	   The	Faculty	provides	our	undergraduate	
covers	a	wide	range	of	traditional	science	      students	with	an	education	that	will	provide	
and	engineering	disciplines	(such	as	Physics,	   them	with	the	knowledge,	skills	and	tools	
Chemistry,	Civil	Engineering	and	Mechanical	     with	which	to	build	successful	careers.	
Engineering),	and	does	so	through	large	         This	includes	embedding	topics	such	as	
Schools	which	aim	to	provide	both	strength	      innovation	and	entrepreneurship	into	our	
in	core	areas	while	allowing	for	innovative	     programmes,	and	the	work	of	the	northern	
new	subjects	to	develop	and	encouraging	         Ireland	Centre	for	Entrepreneurship	(nICEnT),	
new	cross-disciplinary	research	and	teaching	    which	delivered	modules	to	some	1,500	
both	within	and	between	Schools.	This	mode	      students	in	the	Faculty	last	session	and	
of	working	enables	a	vibrant	intellectual	       helps	engage	students	with	local	Small	
community	to	develop	and	to	share	ideas	         and	Medium	Enterprises	(SMEs),	is	highly	
and	expertise	-	for	example,	the	ability	of	     regarded	nationally	and	internationally.	
Geographical	Information	Systems	to	bring	
new	tools	to	the	study	of	Human	Geography.       •	   School	of	Chemistry	and	Chemical		
The	Faculty	has	strong	international	links,	     •	   School	of	Electronics,	Electrical		 	
mostly	driven	through	individual	research	       	    	 Engineering	and	Computer	Science	
collaborations,	but	we	also	have	a	number	       •	   School	of	Geography,	Archaeology	and		
of	innovative	projects	to	develop	new	           	    	 Palaeoecology	
educational	links	with	overseas	countries	and	   •	   School	of	Mathematics	and	Physics
students.	Much	effort	recently	has	been	put	     •	   School	of	Mechanical	and	Aerospace		
into	the	creation	of	particular	partnership	     	    	 Engineering	
programmes	at	both	undergraduate	level	          •	   School	of	Planning,	Architecture	and	Civil		
and	postgraduate	taught	level,	which	allow	      	    	 Engineering	
for	flow	of	students	both	into	and	out	of	       •	   School	of	Psychology	
northern	Ireland.

   		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012          67
1     A life-changing student experience

     A LifE-ChANGiNG
     STudENT ExpEriENCE
     QUeen’s stUdents’ Union

                             THE	PROGRAMME	
                             OF	EnTERTAInMEnT	
                             WITHIn	THE	
                             STUDEnTS’	UnIOn	
                             IS	WIDE	AnD	

     Queen’s students’ Union is the                    for	planning	and	implementing	the	
     representative body of all Queen’s                campaigns	of	the	Students’	Union.	The	post	
     students. the role of the students’ Union         holder	also	edits	internal	publications.
     (QUBsU) is to provide a range of student-
     focused services that meet and exceed             The Vice-president Clubs and Societies	
     student expectations.                             assists	students	with	day-to-day	issues	
                                                       relating	to	the	many	clubs	and	societies	at	
     The	Students’	Union	is	run	by	seven	elected	      Queen’s.	The	post	holder	offers	advice	with	
     student	officers,	a	management	team	and	a	        regards	to	funding,	sponsorship,	organising	
     range	of	both	full-time	and	part-time	staff.	     events,	etc.
     Student	officers	are	elected	each	year	in	
     March	and	every	Queen’s	student	is	allowed	       The Vice-president Community	ensures	
     and	encouraged	to	put	themselves	forward	         that	community	relations	in	the	University	are	
     for	a	role	and	also	to	vote.	Elections	are	       of	the	highest	standard.	The	post	holder	is	
     carried	out	online	and	Queen’s	Students’	         also	tasked	with	fostering	and	maintaining	a	
     Union	is	the	only	union	in	Ireland	using	         dynamic	sense	of	community	throughout	the	
     an	online	system.	The	elected	posts	are	          campus.
     	                                                 The Vice-president Equality and diversity	
     The Students’ union president	represents	         ensures	that	‘hard	to	reach’	groups,	including	
     student	interests	to	the	Vice-Chancellor,	the	    international	students,	postgraduate	
     University	and	the	community.	The	Union	          students,	mature	students,	student	parents	
     President	also	supervises,	in	conjunction	with	   and	students	with	disabilities,	get	the	most	
     full-time	staff,	all	of	the	commercial	and	       out	of	their	time	at	university.
     social	activities	of	the	Students’	Union.
                                                       The Vice-president Welfare	is	available	
     The Vice-president Campaigns and                  to	assist	with	any	welfare	problems	that	
     Communications	has	overall	responsibility	        students	of	the	University	may	encounter.	

68    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                        A life-changing student experience           1

The	post	holder	also	provides	consultation	        and	chart/indie	discos	are	the	staples.	On	
with	regard	to	problems	with	living	               alternate	weekends,	the	Union	plays	host	to	
conditions,	landlords,	rent,	tenancy	              Pressure,	Twitch,	Ragnarock	or	Cornucopia,	
agreements,	etc.                                   thus	offering	a	range	of	bass,	dubstep,	
                                                   house,	techno	and	rock	tunes.	Check	out	
The Vice-president Education	is	available	for	a	full	listing	of	
to	assist	with	any	academic-related	               what’s	on.
problem	that	students	of	the	University	
may	encounter.	The	post	holder	provides	           Live	bands	are	also	an	important	part	of	our	
consultation	and	represents	students	at	           programme.	Mogwai,	The	Frames,	Kids	in	
academic	progress	hearings.                        Glass	Houses	and	Plan	B	are	amongst	the	
                                                   bands	that	have	played	at	the	Students’	
BArS ANd ENTErTAiNmENTS                            Union.	

The	bars	and	entertainments	complex	is	a	          COmmErCiAL SErViCES
state-of-the-art	facility	and	includes	three	
first-class	bars:                                  The	Students’	Union	provides	a	wide	range	
                                                   of	commercial	services	to	its	members	
The Speakeasy Bar	serves	pub	grub	during	          including	a	shop,	coffee	bar,	chemist,	a	
the	day	and	a	wide	range	of	alcoholic	and	         second-hand	bookshop,	a	general	store,	a	
non-alcoholic	drinks	in	the	evenings.	Home	        bank	and	a	pool/snooker	room.
to	Radar	on	Thursday	nights,	the	Speakeasy	
becomes	a	setting	for	local	and	national	          rELiSh	is	the	new	restaurant	located	at	the	
bands	to	showcase	their	talent	to	a	northern	      rear	of	the	Students’	Union	on	the	ground	
Ireland	audience.                                  floor	and	is	the	largest	restaurant	on	campus	
                                                   with	seating	for	over	300.	It	offers	a	variety	
Bar Sub	is	a	contemporary-style	bar	located	       of	fresh,	locally	sourced	foods	with	both	
in	the	basement	of	the	Students’	Union	-	          national	and	international	flavours.
perfect	for	relaxing	in	after	a	hard	day’s	work	
at	University.                                     The Space	is	the	Students’	Union’s	very	own	
                                                   social	space	designed	for	students	to	work	in	
Bunatee Bar	is	an	atmospheric	basement	            groups,	study,	access	Wi-Fi	or	eat	lunch	and	
club	venue	that	plays	host	to	cutting-             watch	TV.	
edge	dance	music,	intimate	live	music	
performances	and	anthemic	student	nights.          STudENTS’ uNiON AdViCE CENTrE

The mandela hall	is	one	of	northern	               University	life	can	throw	up	all	sorts	of	
Ireland’s	most	prestigious	live	gig	venues	        interesting	situations	and	challenges.	
hosting	major	concerts,	comedy	nights	and	         Sometimes	you	may	not	know	exactly	what	
up	and	coming	new	talent.	Mandela	Hall	            to	do	about	these	challenging	situations	and	
also	hosts	‘Connected’	every	Monday	night	         may	want	advice.	That’s	what	the	Students’	
and	‘Dare!’	every	Thursday	night.                  Union	Advice	Centre	is	for.	Situated	on	
                                                   the	Second	Floor	in	the	Students’	Union,	
The	programme	of	entertainment	within	             the	Advice	Centre	employs	three	Advisers,	
the	Students’	Union	is	wide	and	varied:	           all	dedicated	to	providing	students	with	
live	football	and	other	sports,	quiz	nights	       independent,	accurate	advice:

    		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012         69
1      A life-changing student experience

     Connie Craig, Student financial Adviser	           assistants	and	shop	staff.	Positions	are	
     (,	T:	+44	(0)28	9097	        available	at	various	times	throughout	the	
     1049)	advises	on	grants,	loans,	fees,	Support	     year	and	are	advertised	in	the	Students’	
     and	Hardship	Funds,	the	financial	aspects	of	      Union	and	on	the	website:
     repeating	years	and	course	changes,	Social	        	
     Security	Benefits	and	other	general	financial	     Students’	who	work	part-time	or	run	their	
     issues.	                                           own	business	are	encouraged	to	gain	
                                                        accreditation	for	their	extra-curricular	work	
     debbie forsey, money management                    through	the	Queen’s	Employability	and	Skills	
     Adviser	(,	T:	+44	(0)28	         Award	and	through	Degree	Plus,	another	
     9097	1166)	advises	on	debt.	This	includes	         way	to	highlight	to	potential	employers	
     overdrafts,	credit	cards,	arrears	of	payments,	    valuable	employability	skills.	
     budgeting,	negotiating	with	creditors,	
     consumer	problems	and	any	other	debt	              rEprESENTATiON
                                                        The	Students’	Union	was	originally	
     Brian Slevin, Education and Welfare                established	as	a	purely	representative	body	
     Adviser	(,	T:	+44	(0)28	         and	this	continues	to	form	a	key	part	of	the	
     9097	1135)	advises	on	accommodation,	              Union’s	work.	The	elected	officers	represent	
     including	Queen’s	accommodation,	private	          the	interests	of	students,	both	individually	
     landlords,	deposits,	repairs,	checking	leases/     and	collectively,	at	all	levels.	
     contracts.	Brian	also	covers	academic	
     issues,	including	representation	at	Progress	      The	Students’	Union	at	Queen’s	is	affiliated	
     Committees,	complaints	and	appeals.                to	two	larger	confederate	bodies	–	the	Union	
                                                        of	Students	in	Ireland	and	the	national	
     Students’	Union	Advice	Centre	staff	members	       Union	of	Students	(UK).	By	playing	their	part	
     have	a	wealth	of	knowledge	and	contacts	           in	these	organisations,	the	Union	officers	
     readily	available,	so	even	if	the	issue	needing	   ensure	that	the	voice	of	Queen’s	students	is	
     resolved	is	not	within	their	remit,	they	will	     heard	at	regional	and	national	levels.	
     know	who	to	contact	for	further	information.
     	                                                  The	Union	is	a	democratic	organisation;	
     STudENT EmpLOYABiLiTY ANd                          therefore,	you	can	become	involved	in	it	
     dEVELOpmENT                                        by	simply	turning	up	at	one	of	the	regular	
                                                        Council	meetings,	using	your	online	vote	or	
     Having	a	part-time	job	or	running	your	own	        becoming	a	candidate	yourself.	Members	
     business	is	also	a	great	way	of	developing	        can	also	stand	for	a	number	of	student	
     key	transferable	skills	that	employers	are	        representative	posts,	the	most	important	
     looking	for.	The	Students’	Union	promotes	         of	which	comprise	the	Union	Executive	
     the	development	of	these	skills	and	employs	       Management	Committee,	which	is	effectively	
     around	250	students	on	a	part-time	basis.	         the	student	government.	
     The	Union	also	provides	advice	and	guidance	
     to	students	who	are	developing	business	           If	you	decide	to	come	to	Queen’s,	you	will	be	
     ideas	through	Enterprise	SU.                       encouraged	to	get	actively	involved.
     jobs	available	in	the	Students’	Union	include	     CLuBS ANd SOCiETiES
     bar	staff,	security	staff,	administration	
     assistants,	entertainments	crew,	crèche	           Coming	to	university	gives	you	a	unique	

70    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                 A life-changing student experience / Spotlight on clubs and societies                 1

opportunity	to	develop	your	sporting	and	           along	to	the	Freshers’	Bazaar	in	the	Students’	
other	interests,	as	well	as	allowing	you	to	        Union	at	the	beginning	of	each	academic	
try	your	hand	at	new	ones.	The	Students’	           year	and	sign	up	there	and	then.
Union	supports	approximately	150	clubs	
and	societies	catering	for	well	over	5,000	         GETTiNG iNVOLVEd
members.	Whether	it’s	competing	at	the	
highest	level	in	a	specific	sport	or	enjoying	a	    To	benefit	fully	from	your	time	at	university,	
hobby	with	like-minded	friends,	you	should	         you	need	to	get	involved	in	student	activities.	
find	that	there	is	a	club	or	society	to	suit	       Student	involvement	can	range	from	starting/
your	needs.	To	join	a	club	or	society,	contact	     joining	a	club	or	society,	becoming	a	Council	
the	Vice-President	Clubs	and	Societies	             member,	collecting	for	local	charities	as	part	
on,	who	will	talk	you	            of	RAG	(Raise	And	Give),	or	learning	new	
through	the	process,	or	alternatively,	come	        skills	through	Queen’s	Radio	or	SUTV.

 SpOTLiGhT ON QuEEN’S CLuBS ANd                     wrote	for	a	few	of	the	local	newspapers	
 SOCiETiES: QuEEN’S rAdiO -                         covering	various	stories;	the	highlight	of	
 A GrAduATE’S pErSpECTiVE                           which	was	interviewing	The	Manic	Street	
 NAmE: CAlvin forBes                                Preachers.	After	achieving	my	journalism	
 dEGrEE: BA (hons) philosophy                       qualification	I	took	on	the	role	of	Head	
                                                    of	Music	at	Queen’s	Radio,	which	gave	
                                                    me	even	more	opportunities	to	network	
                                                    within	the	music	industry	and	also	the	
                                                    privilege	of	working	with	a	wealth	of	
                                                    amazingly	talented	local	musicians,	music	
                                                    organisations,	managers	and	promoters.

                                                    My	experience	with	Queen’s	Radio	was	key	
                                                    in	helping	me	secure	a	job.	Last	year,	I	was	
 I	joined	Queen’s	Radio	and	very	shortly	           offered	a	job	with	Warner	Music	as	their	
 afterwards	I	became	a	presenter	on	the	            Artist	and	Repertoire	Scout	for	Ireland.	This	
 station.	It	gave	me	the	opportunity	to	meet	       role	has	given	me	the	opportunity	to	meet	
 new	people,	build	my	confidence	and	               and	work	with	local	musicians	all	over	
 provided	a	platform	to	build	my	skills.	A	         Ireland	and	I’ve	met	a	lot	of	very	helpful	
 few	years	later	and	I’m	still	at	the	station	as	   people	in	the	music	industry,	who	have	not	
 their	Head	of	Music,	but	a	lot	has	changed	        only	been	useful	in	helping	me	understand	
 since	those	early	days.	At	the	station	I’ve	       the	industry	better,	but	have	also	mentored	
 had	the	opportunity	to	interview	headline	         me	and	improved	my	skills	and	knowledge	
 acts	like	Mr	Hudson	and	Frightened	Rabbit,	        even	further.	
 worked	with	the	BBC	and	I’ve	also	met	vital	
 contacts	in	the	industry	as	well	as	many	          My	advice	to	any	new	student	is	to	
 friends	on	the	way!                                definitely	get	involved	in	one	of	the	clubs	
                                                    and	societies	your	university	has	to	offer.	
 After	my	degree	I	decided	to	study	                It’ll	help	you	make	new	friends,	improve	on	
 journalism,	which	was	influenced	by	my	            or	help	you	find	new	skills	and	could	help	
 time	at	the	station	and	during	this	period	        you	get	a	job	after	you’re	finished	your	
 I	worked	with	the	Belfast	Telegraph	and	           degree.	And	you’ll	have	fun!

    		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012           71
1    Spotlight on clubs and societies

     SpOTLiGhT ON QuEEN’S CLuBS ANd                   Degree	Plus	Award.	For	further	details	on	
     SOCiETiES:                                       Degree	Plus,	please	visit:
     QuEEN’S uNiVErSiTY OffiCErS’                     degreeplus		
     TrAiNiNG COrpS
     strive for More – leArn to leAd                  Social and fun

                                                      QUOTC	members	work	and	play	hard	
                                                      enjoying	a	wide	range	of	social	activities	
                                                      described	by	members	as	‘the	best	social	
                                                      life	in	town’.	There	are	also	unique	
                                                      opportunities	to	travel	overseas	on	
                                                      adventure	training	and	community	work	

                                                      Become a member

                                                      To	join	the	QUOTC,	or	for	further	
                                                      information,	visit	us	any	Wednesday	
                                                      evening	between	7pm-9pm	during	term-
     One	of	Queen’s	oldest	clubs,	the	Queen’s	        time	at:
     University	Officers’	Training	Corps	(QUOTC)	
     offers	evening	and	weekend	activities	that	      Tyrone	House
     provide	opportunities	and	challenges	for	        83	Malone	Road
     students	to	develop	their	self-confidence,	      Belfast
     self-reliance	and	initiative	through	the	
     practical	experience	of	a	leadership	training	   T:	+44	(0)28	9226	0464	
     programme	with	a	military	basis.                 E:
     Training in management and
     leadership skills

     Members	undertake	a	wide	variety	of	
     training	activities,	which	enable	them	
     to	develop	employability	skills	such	as	
     problem	solving,	managing	resources,	
     developing	communication	skills	and	
     leadership	–	and	get	paid	in	the	process!	
     Officer	Cadets	are	members	of	the	
     Territorial	Army	and	can	progress	to	an	
     army	career,	though	there	is	no	obligation	
     to	do	so.	

     Students	who	successfully	complete	the	
     appropriate	QUOTC	training	programmes	
     are	eligible	for	the	University’s	prestigious	

72   uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                         A life-changing student experience           1

love sport, love heAlth, love life

Queen’s students are encouraged not                •	   Relaxing	unisex	poolside	sauna
only to participate in sport and stay              •	   Several	3G	pitches	for	recreational	
physically active, but also to enjoy               	    five-a-side	football	
playing and learning from their choice of          •	   13	Grass	pitches	for	multi-sport	use	
sporting activities. Queen’s sport offers          •	   Intra	Mural	sporting	competitions
endless opportunities for a fulfilling and         •	   Coaching,	volunteering	and	sports		
positive experience for all students.              	    leadership	workshops

Classes,	courses,	events	and	activities	are	       performance sport
designed	for	universal	appeal	and	to	meet	         •	 Quality	coaching	and	expert	advice
diverse	student	sporting	needs.	Whether	           •	 Instructional	courses	in	a	wide	range	of		
your	aim	is	to	get	fit	and	healthy,	compete	at	    	 activities
the	highest	level	or	just	have	some	fun,	there	    •	 Intervarsity	and	representative	fixtures
is	something	to	suit	every	taste,	interest	and	    •	 Sports	science	and	related	specialist		
level	of	fitness.	                                 	 services
                                                   •	 Sports	medical	and	rehabilitation	support
Queen’s	Sport	is	one	of	the	most	advanced	         •	 Lifestyle	Management
sport	and	fitness	facilities	in	Ireland,	          •	 Coach	Education	Programme
offering	easily	accessible	state-of-the-
art	facilities,	specialist	equipment,	and	         Events and outreach
professional	expertise	along	with	a	diverse	       The	University	has	a	proud	reputation	for	
and	progressive	student	sport	development	         hosting	a	range	of	community,	Intervarsity	
programme	that	offers	something	for	               and	International	events.	It	also	has	a	vibrant	
everyone.	                                         community	sport	and	outreach	programme	
                                                   working	in	partnership	with	local	schools,	
recreational sport                                 sports	clubs,	voluntary	and	statutory	
•	 Over	90	classes	and	courses	operating		         organisations	to	raise	the	profile	of	student	
	 weekly,	ranging	from	Fitness	and	Dance		         sport	and	increase	participation	in	sport	by	
	 to	Aquatic	and	Holistic                          under-represented	groups	in	society.
•	 120	Strength	and	Conditioning,		
	 Cardiovascular	and	Resistance	pieces	of		        2012 Olympics	
	 equipment                                        Queen’s	Sport	will	host	the	Regional	
•	 Extensive	free	weights	areas                    Selection	Event	for	Volunteers	from	northern	
•	 Fitness	Inductions	and	advice	tailored	to		     Ireland	who	wish	to	volunteer	at	the	London	
	 suit	all	levels	of	fitness                       Olympic	Games	in	2012	and	is	also	an	
•	 Access	to	50	student	sports	clubs               official	pre-games	training	camp	for	Olympic	
•	 Bookable	facilities	for	casual	recreational		   athletes	competing	in	the	Games.
•	 Early	morning,	lunchtime	and	evening		          facilities
	 swimming	and	diving                              The	University’s	four	sporting	sites	include	

    		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012          73
1      A life-changing student experience

     the	Physical	Education	Centre	(PEC),	Malone	       T:	+44	(0)28	9038	7670
     Playing	Fields	(The	Dub),	the	Boat	House	and	      E:		
     a	cottage	in	the	Mourne	Mountains.       	

     The	indoor	facilities	based	at	the	PEC	are	just	   Sport scholarships
     a	five-minute	walk	from	the	main	campus	           Since	the	University’s	foundation,	sport	has	
     across	Botanic	Gardens.                            played	an	important	and	integral	part	in	the	
                                                        Queen’s	student	experience.	The	University’s	
     The	facilities	now	include	a	state-of-the-art,	    long	tradition	of	sporting	excellence	has	
     fully	air-conditioned,	120-piece	fitness	suite,	   co-existed	with	the	academic	excellence	for	
     two	free	weight	suites,	four	dance/exercise	       which	Queen’s	is	internationally	renowned.
     studios,	central	climbing	and	bouldering	
     wall	scaling	two	floors,	25m	swimming	             The	University	has	a	thriving	and	vibrant	
     pool,	diving	pool,	sauna,	two	sports	halls,	       sporting	culture	with	50	different	
     10	squash	courts,	two	handball/racquetball	        sports	clubs	providing	students	with	the	
     courts,	table	tennis	area,	martial	arts	dojo,	     opportunity	to	compete	in	a	range	of	
     outdoor	training	area,	high	performance	and	       competitions	including	Irish	University	
     lifestyle	centre	and	Clements	Café.                Championships,	British	University	Games	and	
                                                        the	World	Student	Games.
     Malone	Playing	Fields	(The	Dub)	are	located	
     just	over	two	miles	from	the	main	campus	          Sports bursaries
     and	following	an	investment	of	£12.5	              The	Bursary	Awards	are	in	their	18th	year.	
     million,	this	facility	is	now	regarded	as	one	     This	is	a	scheme	designed	to	support	top-
     of	the	best	outdoor	sporting	facilities	in	the	    level	athletes	in	achieving	their	sporting	
     UK	and	Ireland,	boasting	a	range	of	synthetic	     potential	during	their	time	at	the	University.
     and	grass	pitches,	floodlit	arena	stadium	
     pitch	with	seated	stand	and	club	house,	           The	awards	are	open	to	all	fully-enrolled	
     catering	for	rugby,	soccer,	Gaelic	football,	      students,	both	sports	men	and	women	from	
     hockey,	hurling,	camogie	and	cricket.              any	sporting	background.	This	year	the	
                                                        recipients	received	free	access	to	training	
     The	University	also	has	a	Boat	House	located	      facilities,	personal	fitness	coaching,	sports	
     on	the	River	Lagan	at	Stranmillis	used	by	         clothing,	sports	science	and	medical	support,	
     our	Rowing	Club,	as	well	as	a	cottage	in	          educational	workshops,	a	mentoring	service	
     the	Mourne	mountains,	which	provides	a	            and	financial	awards.	The	rewards	are	
     great	opportunity	to	take	part	in	hill	walking,	   criteria-set	and	applications	are	available	
     mountaineering	and	orienteering.                   during	enrolment	week.

     membership                                         Academy scholarships
     Flexible	membership	packages	are	                  Further	sports	development	opportunities	are	
     available	to	all	Queen’s	University	students.	     available	through	the	network	of	Sporting	
     Membership	is	also	open	to	staff,	graduates	       Academies	at	the	University;	these	include	
     and	public	users.                                  Rugby,	Gaelic	Games,	Rowing	and	Soccer.

     For	further	information	on	membership	             These	schemes	allow	athletes	to	enhance	their	
     packages	please	contact	the	membership	            performance	by	providing	access	to	the	high	
     team	on:	                                          performance	and	lifestyle	centre	services	as	
                                                        well	as	free	access	to	the	University’s	fantastic	

74    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                     A life-changing student experience          1

sports	facilities	and	excellent	coaching.       well	as	recreational	sport.	They	also	provide	
                                                students	with	the	opportunity	to	represent	
For	information	on	Sports	Development	          the	University	in	their	chosen	sport	at	an	
Programmes	at	Queen’s	Sport,	please	contact	    appropriate	level.
the	Sports	Development	Team:
                                                University	sport	offers	all	students	a	
Karl	Oakes,	                                    supportive	environment	within	which	to	
Student	Sport	Development	Officer               learn	new	skills,	compete	or	officiate	at	a	
T:	+44	(0)28	9038	7688	   			                   high	level,	administer	club	activities	and	
E:	                           forge	new	friendships.	The	numerous                             competitions	and	social	gatherings	in	the	
                                                University	sporting	calendar	create	a	perfect	
Kevin	Murray,	                                  balance	for	achieving	academic	excellence	
PE	and	Sport	Development	Officer                alongside	sporting	fulfilment.
T:	+44	(0)28	9038	7675
E:                           For	those	students	who	have	excelled	in	their                             sport,	there	is	the	honour	of	being	awarded	
                                                a	‘Queen’s	Blue’	at	the	annual	dinner	as	a	
Sporting clubs                                  mark	of	the	high	level	of	achievement	and	
Queen’s	boasts	a	superb	range	of	sporting	      the	contribution	they	have	made	to	their	
opportunities	with	50	student	sports	clubs	     University	club.
recognised	by	the	University’s	Student’s	
Union.	To	see	a	full	list,	visit:	               For	further	information	on	sporting	club                              activity	contact:
                                                 Vice-President,	Clubs	and	Services
The	sports	clubs	provide	a	valuable	service	for	 T:	+44	(0)28	9038	7688
those	wishing	to	participate	in	competitive	as	 E:

                      SInCE	QUEEn’S	
                      SPORT	HAS	
                      PLAYED	An	
                      IMPORTAnT	AnD	
                      InTEGRAL	PART	
                      OF	THE	STUDEnT	

    		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012     75
1    A life-changing student experience / Spotlight on clubs and societies

                                                    the	Academy	offers	top-class	services	
     (GAA) SpOrTS CLuB
                                                    and	facilities	for	players.	We	also	have	
                                                    our	own	Academy	Funds	to	provide	GAA	

                                                    Do	you	want	to	be	a	future	All-Star	or	All-
                                                    Ireland	winner	or	maybe	a	GAA	President?	
                                                    Whether	you	want	to	develop	your	game	
                                                    as	a	potential	county	player,	or	simply	play	
                                                    to	enjoy,	there	is	plenty	for	everyone.	Our	
                                                    clubs	are	run	by	students	and	we	have	
                                                    plenty	of	social	events,	so	we	encourage	
                                                    young	people	to	be	part	of	a	vibrant	GAA	

                                                    Our	most	recent	stars	have	included	niall	
                                                    McKenna	(Tyrone),	Rory	Grugan	(Armagh),	
                                                    james	Kielt	(Derry),	john	Mulhall	(Kilkenny)	
                                                    and	Gemma	Begley	(Tyrone).

                                                    For	more	information	contact:
                                                    Karl	Oakes	at
     The	GAA	is	the	largest	and	most	active	        jack	Devaney	at
     sports	organisation	at	Queen’s,	catering
     for	all	levels	of	players	(from	Freshers	to	
     Seniors)	across	the	five	Gaelic	games.	We	
     have	a	strong	tradition	stretching	back	
     over	80	years	and	our	teams	are	among	
     the	most	successful	in	Ireland.	Many	of	
     Ulster’s	greatest	GAA	stars	have	played	for	
     Queen’s,	including	21	football	and	hurling	

     Queen’s	has	won	numerous	titles	over	the	
     years,	including	eight	Sigerson	Cups.	The	
     senior	football	team	also	competes	with	
     Ulster	counties	in	the	McKenna	Cup.		

     The	GAA	Academy	at	Queen’s	was	
     formed	in	2004	and	is	one	of	the	most	
     exciting	sports	projects	at	the	University,	
     incorporating	Gaelic	Football,	Hurling,	
     Camogie,	Ladies	Football	and	Handball,	

76   uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                                          The Science Shop      1

                                                   ThE SCiENCE
the science shop offers students from
all disciplines an opportunity to carry
out their research project or dissertation

on behalf of a community based
organisation. Community groups submit
research ideas and science shop staff
work with students to carry out the
research as part of their course. students
from all disciplines can develop their
research skills whilst offering community
organisations a useful piece of research.                                   DEMOnSTRATE	
Benefits include:                                                           THAT	YOU	HAVE	
                                                                            CARRIED	OUT	
•	   Gaining	experience	working	with	a		                                    RESEARCH	FOR	A	
	    community	organisation	as	part	of	your		                               REAL	CLIEnT
•	   Being	able	to	demonstrate	that	you		
	    have	carried	out	research	for	a	real		
	    client,	which	will	enhance	your	CV
•	   Choosing	from	a	ready-made	research		
	    project	or	liaising	with	the	team	to	help		
	    you	develop	a	project	you	have	thought		
	    of	yourself
•	   We	help	you	tailor	the	question	to	your		
	    dissertation	requirements
•	   We	support	you	to	work	with	the		
	    community	group;	we	make	the	first		
	    contact	with	the	group	and	go	along	to		
	    the	first	meeting	with	you
•	   We	keep	in	touch	with	you	during	the		
	    research	and	offer	extra	help	and			
	    support	if	you	need	it

Although	you	won’t	be	paid	there	is	a	
£1,000	prize	fund	for	the	best	student	
projects	each	year.

Check	out	available	projects	on	The	Science	
Shop	website:

Contact	us	at:	
Emma	McKenna	or	Eileen	Martin
T:	+44	(0)28	9097	3107/3410
The	Science	Shop
R114L	Lanyon	north
Belfast	BT7	1nn

     		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012   77
1      A university that provides more than an education

     A uNiVErSiTY ThAT
     prOVidES mOrE ThAN
     AN EduCATiON
     University heAlth Centre At QUeen’s

                                                         ChildCAre At QUeen’s

                                                        the University offers a range of childcare
                                                        support. this includes: full-time day care
                                                        in three crèches for children aged two
                                                        months to four years, after-school care
                                                        for children aged four to 11 years and
                                                        a summer activities scheme for children
                                                        aged six to 14 years.
     the University health Centre at Queen’s
     is a general practice providing student-           The	University’s	childcare	facilities	provide	
     focused national health services and               full-time	day	care	for	up	to	98	children,	
     University-funded, non-nhs services                ranging	in	age	from	newborn	to	four	years	
     for Queen’s students, and staffed                  and	an	Out	of	School	Club	for	32	Primary	
     by a friendly team, who understand                 School	children	aged	from	four	to	11	years.
     university life. located close to the
     main campus and student residences,                Childcare	crèches	on-campus	are	open	from	
     the health Centre provides a full range            8.15am	-	5.45pm	Monday	to	Friday	for	48	
     of nhs services and offers out of hours            weeks	of	the	year.
     emergency cover if required.
                                                        The	Out	of	School	Club	is	open	during	
     Students	who	live	within	the	Health	Centre	        School	Term:	
     area	can	register	by	bringing	their	medical	       Post	school	-	5.45pm
     card,	or	if	unavailable,	by	filling	out	a	HS22x	   School	Closures	Full	day:	8.45am	-	5.45pm
     form	at	the	Health	Centre.                         Half	day	sessions:		8.45am	-	12.45pm
                                                        	 	       	         1.45pm	-	5.45pm
     For	further	information,	contact:	
                                                        For	further	details	contact	the	University	
     University	Health	Centre                           Childcare	Services:
     5	Lennoxvale
     Malone	Road                                        Childcare	Office
     T:	+44	(028)	9097	5551                             Students’	Union	          University	Road

78    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                     A university that provides more than an education              1

Belfast	BT7	1nF
T:	+44	(0)28	9097	5342                            QUeen’s welCoMe Centre
Crèche	sites:		
11	College	Gardens,	Belfast,	                     Around a quarter of a million people
T:	+44	(0)28	9066	2146                            have passed through the doors of the
5	Rugby	Road,	Belfast,	                           Queen’s welcome Centre since it opened
T:	+44	(0)28	9032	8407                            as part of Queen’s 150th anniversary
1	Rugby	Road,	Belfast,	                           celebrations in 1995.
T:	+44	(0)28	9031	2353
                                                  Situated	at	the	front	of	the	University,	
Out	of	School	Club:	                              inside	the	striking,	world-famous	Lanyon	
1	Rugby	Road,	Belfast,	                           Building,	the	Welcome	Centre	provides	a	
T:	+44	(0)28	9032	8615                            focus	for	thousands	of	visitors	and	serves	
                                                  as	an	information	point	at	Queen’s.	As	
                                                  well	as	providing	information	about	the	
religioUs representAtives                         University	and	giving	directions	to	specific	
                                                  areas	of	the	campus,	the	Centre	staff	can	
                                                  help	advise	on	what	to	see	and	do	in	and	
Chaplains give a high priority to meeting         around	Belfast	and	there	is	a	range	of	tourist	
students and where appropriate,                   literature	available.	The	Welcome	Centre	also	
offer advice and assistance in a wide             stocks	an	attractive	choice	of	Queen’s	gifts,	
range of areas relating to university             memorabilia	and	branded	items.
and student life. Chaplains and other
religious representatives are appointed           Guided	tours	of	the	University	and	
by the University to represent and serve          its	grounds	are	available	on	request.	
students and staff.                               Alternatively,	the	free	‘Walkabout	Guide’	
                                                  available	from	the	Centre	allows	you	to	take	
Currently,	17	faiths	and	denominations	are	       your	time	and	look	around	the	University	at	
represented	at	Queen’s:	Baptist,	Brethren,	       your	leisure.
Catholic,	Chinese	Church,	Church	of	Ireland,	
Congregational,	Evangelical	Presbyterian,	Free	   The	Centre’s	staff	provide	a	warm	welcome	
Presbyterian,	Humanist,	jewish,	Methodist,	       and	are	happy	to	assist	you	and	answer	any	
Moravian,	non-Subscribing	Presbyterians,	         of	your	queries.	
Orthodox,	Presbyterian,	Reformed	
Presbyterian	and	the	Salvation	Army.              For	further	information,	contact:

There	are	four	Chaplaincy	Centres,	each	with	     Queen’s	Welcome	Centre
a	full-time	Chaplain	and	other	staff	located	     Lanyon	Building
near	the	Students’	Union	and	close	to	the	        Queen’s	University	Belfast
main	University	Buildings.                        Belfast	BT7	1nn
                                                  T:	+44	(0)28	9097	5252
Further	information	and	contact	details	are	      E:
available	at:	                          
UndergraduateStudents/LifeatQueens/               Please note: The Welcome Centre is
ChaplainsandOtherReligiousRepresentatives         accessible by wheelchair.

   		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012         79
1      The
       Titlejourney of a lifetime

     ThE JOurNEY Of A
     keeping in toUCh with AlUMni

     your relationship with Queen’s starts              When	you	decide	to	go	to	university,	you	
     the moment you decide to study at this             may	be	leaving	your	family	for	the	first	time,	
     great university. exciting times lie ahead         but	you	can	be	assured	that	when	you	come	
     for us as we make significant investment           to	Queen’s	you	will	be	joining	a	new	family	
     in our infrastructure and research –               –	the	Queen’s	family.	We	will	provide	you	
     and you could be part of that journey.             with	all	the	support	you	need	to	enjoy	your	
     we have already improved facilities at             Queen’s	Experience.	
     Queen’s that will enhance your Queen’s
     experience. during your studies you                For	further	information,	please	contact:
     will enjoy using the McClay library – an           	
     excellent resource for students. this              Head	of	Alumni	Relations
     £50 million project was made possible              Development	and	Alumni	Relations	Office
     through donations, many from Queen’s               Queen’s	University	Belfast
     graduates, ranging from £5 to £10m!                Belfast	BT7	1nn
     	                                                  T:	+44	(0)28	9097	3114
     The	Development	and	Alumni	Relations	              E:
     Office	currently	supports	a	global	community		
     of	95,000	graduates	in	over	100	countries.	
     An	international	association	network	
     helps	with	professional,	career	and	social	
     networking	in	the	UK,	Ireland,	Canada,	
     America	and	Asia.	

     The	communications	programme	helps	
     alumni	keep	in	touch,	long	after	they	leave	
     the	University.	Tangible	benefits	include	
     graduate	membership	of	the	Library	and	
     the	Physical	Education	Centre	and	a	Perks	
     discount	scheme,	packed	with	offers	for	
     retail	outlets,	restaurants,	hotels	and	leisure	
     activities.	And	we	co-ordinate	over	30	special	
     events	and	reunions	every	year!	All	these	
     benefits	and	services	ensure	alumni	enjoy	a	
     lifelong	relationship	with	Queen’s.

80    uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                  The journey of a lifetime      1

                                   WITH	QUEEn’S	
                                   STARTS	THE	
                                   MOMEnT	YOU	
                                   DECIDE	TO	STUDY	
                                   AT	THIS	GREAT	

       In	TOUCH,	LOnG	
       THE	UnIVERSITY		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012   81
1    useful
     Title maps - Northern ireland

     Most	major	UK	cities	are	within	an	hour’s	
     flying	time	from	Belfast’s	two	airports.	
     Competition	between	budget	airlines	
     has	been	responsible	in	recent	years	for	
     a	dramatic	reduction	in	fares.	There	are	
     dozens	of	flights	a	day	to	and	from	London	
     and	other	destinations	in	Great	Britain	and	
     beyond	-	at	student-friendly	prices.	

     Fast	ferry	services	from	Belfast		
     make	multiple	daily	crossings	
     to	ports	in	Scotland	
     and	England.

                                                         national	 Regional	 national	 national	
                                                         Routes    Routes    Airports Ports	

     Ulsterbus	operates	cross-
     channel	express	coach	

     The	Enterprise	train	service	takes	
     about	two	hours	to	Dublin.

     And,	using	our	integrated	rail/bus	transport	
     system	for	internal	journeys,	you	are	sure	
     to	enjoy	experiences	that	will	enrich	your	
     memories	of	life	here	forever.

82   uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                                         useful maps - Belfast        1

                                 Tourist		 	         Railway		 Bus		   Centrelink		
                                 Office    Railway   Station Station   Bus	Route

                                                               Bs		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012        83
1    useful
     Title maps - Belfast transport map

84   uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|
                                      useful maps - Belfast transport Title      1		|		Queen’s	University	Belfast		|		uNdErGrAduATE prOSpECTuS	2012   85
1   Useful maps - Campus Map

       Queen’s University Belfast
       Campus Map

                       University Buildings

                       Landmark Buildings

                       The Lanyon Building




                       University Accommodation

    UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2012 | Queen’s University Belfast |
                                                                       Useful maps - Campus Map             1

School Offices
A    Biological Sciences                              14   Elmwood Hall
B    Chemistry and Chemical Engineering               19   Elmwood Learning and Teaching Centre
C    Education                                             (ELTC)
D    Electronics, Electrical Engineering and          3    Estates
     Computer Science                                 16   Festival Office
E    English                                          3    Finance
F    Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology         17   Governance
G    History and Anthropology                         1s   Great Hall
H    Languages, Literatures and Performing Arts       18   Guthrie House (Student Accommodation)
J    Law                                              5    Harty Room, School of Music
K    Queen’s University Management School             26   Health Sciences Building
L    Mathematics and Physics                          3    Human Resources
M    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering             11   Information Services
N    Medicine and Dentistry                           34   Institute of Professional Legal Studies (IPLS)
P    Music and Sonic Arts                             4    International and Postgraduate Student
Q    Nursing and Midwifery                                 Centre
R    Pharmacy                                         1n   International Office
S    Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering     33   INTO at Queen’s
T    Politics, International Studies and Philosophy   13   Jobshop
V    Psychology                                       1    Lanyon Building
W    Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work         10   Mathematics
                                                      25   McClay Research Centre
University Faculties                                  11   Media Services
                                                      22   Medical Biology Centre (MBC)
X1   Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences             1    Naughton Gallery at Queen’s
X2   Engineering and Physical Sciences                31   Northern Ireland Technology Centre (NITC)
X3   Medicine, Health and Life Sciences               36   Occupational Health
                                                      2    Peter Froggatt Centre (PFC)
                                                      25   Pharmacy
Location                                              39   Physical Education Centre (PEC)
                                                      31   QUBIS Ltd
3    Academic and Student Affairs
                                                      8    Queen’s Film Theatre (QFT)
3    Administration Building
                                                      1s   Registrar
32   Ashby Building
                                                      1n   Research and Enterprise
27   Belfast City Hospital
                                                      30   Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC)
28   Bernard Crossland Building
                                                      6    South Dining Hall
12   Bookshop at Queen’s
                                                      13   Student Guidance Centre (SGC)
1    Canada Room/Council Chamber
                                                      1n   Student Plus
13   Careers, Employability and Skills
                                                      15   Students’ Union
24   Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology
                                                      11   The McClay Library
                                                      37   University Health Centre
20   Chrono
                                                      1a   Vice-Chancellor’s Office
13   Counselling Service
                                                      1    Welcome Centre
9    Crèches
                                                      7    Whitla Hall
10   David Bates Building
                                                      23   Whitla Medical Building
29   David Keir Building
1n   Development and Alumni Relations
13   Disability Services
                                                      Off Campus Sites
8    Drama and Film Centre at Queen’s (inc.The             ECIT at Titanic Quarter
     Brian Friel Theatre)                                  Medicine and Dentistry at
21   Dunluce Health Centre                                 Royal Victoria Hospital
38   Elms Village                                          Marine Research Centre at Portaferry

  | Queen’s University Belfast | UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2012

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