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    This Week                                                    June 5, 2008

Crofton I Gambrills I Odenton I 21 PAGES

    FANTASTIC — Knowing all
    the right moves on the dance
    floor, three-year-old Gavin 
    Warburbon thinks Monica
    Capella makes a great dance
    partner at St. Joseph’s
    Catholic Church’s shrimp
    feast. See pages 4-5 for the 

    Photo by Donna McCormick.

EAGLES SOAR:                               Boy Scout Troop 758 inducts 5
                                           new Eagles at Court of Honor
                                                       Page 20
                                                                                               POLICE BEAT
      Where                                              Crofton Police Chief William H. Booth reports the following activity in the special tax district:

      on the                                            DATE     ADDRESS
                                                                 1700 Blk.
                                                                                                          A Crofton Police Officer responded to a call of a disorderly

      Scene                                             05/29/08 Dana Street          Conduct/
                                                                                      2nd Degree
                                                                                                          persons screaming in the 1700 Blk. Dana Street. Upon his
                                                                                                          arrival he found the suspect Steven Stanton, standing at
                                                                                                          the door to a residence screaming at residents inside. The
                                                                                                          officer ordered him to stop and step away from the door
                                                                                                          and he refused. A resident opened the door and the suspect
                                                                                                          began punching him. The officer attempted to separate the
                                                                                                          two but Stanton pulled away from the officer and continued
                                                                                                          to strike the victim. The officer then ordered the suspect to
                                                                                                          stop or he would be Tasered. When he continued punching
                                                                                                          the victim the officer used a Taser to subdue him. The
                                                                                                          suspect was transported to Anne Arundel Medical Center for
                                                                                                          treatment. The suspect was identified as:

                                                                                                          Steven Paul Stanton M/ 52 Years Old
                                                                                                          2200 Blk. Montauk Dr.

                                                                                                          Crofton Md. 21114
         ccording to grandma, an apple a day may
         prevent visits to this local facility.
           This Week with Suburban Scene invites        06/01/08 1800 Blk.            Theft >From         Unk. Suspects smashed the passenger side front window of
 you to participate in a name-that-local-landmark                Stonegate            Auto                a 2003 Ford Focus and removed a $300 Tom Tom GPS unit.
 contest. Each week we will publish a photo of a                 Ave.
 local landmark.
   To participate, inspect the photo and email its     For further information, contact the Crofton Police Department at 1576 Crofton Parkway or call
 identity along with your own name and address to      410-721-2301
   Those who correctly identify the picture will
                                                       County police run for Special Olympics
 be entered into a monthly drawing for a $25 gift         The Anne Arundel County Police Department participated in the annual Law
 certificate from a local merchant.                    Enforcement Torch Run for the Special Olympics yesterday.
   Deadline to identify this week’s mystery photo is      To help raise money and awareness for the athletes taking part in the Summer
 11:59 pm. June 10.                                    Games, Anne Arundel County police officers ran approximately fifteen miles carrying
                                                       a flaming torch they received from Annapolis police officers at the WWII Memorial
                                                       on Route 450 and Chase Road in Annapolis. They carried it along the Baltimore
Six readers correctly
                                                       Annapolis Bike Trail to the Glen Burnie Town Center.
identified last week’s
mystery photo as the                                      Tomorrow, an opening ceremony for the event will take place at Towson University
Gambrills Post Of-                                     from 4 to 9 p.m. For more information on the event and fundraising items, contact Lt.
fice. Congratulations                                  Katherine Goodwin at 410-222-1950.
to Karen Sullivan,
Debbie House, Mike
Sweeney, Sharon Wa-
namaker, Jen Blanford
                                                                                   HERE’S THE SCOOP
and Ashley Dennison. They have all been entered                                  This week’s newsTories of local inTeresT —
into the drawing for our June mystery photo                                                             click To read
prize, a gift certificate from My Butcher and More.
                                                       MD175 project planning study                                Two types of Odenton, one sales pitch
...AND THE WINNER IS                                   Foster parents needed

                            Congratulations to Jen     http://www.hometownannapolis.com/cgi-bin/
                          Blanford who has won a       read/2008/06_04-15/TOP                                      No tuition increase for Md. in-state
                          $25 gift certificate to My   Tough times for county’s private                            students
                          Butcher and More in our      schools                                                     http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/education/college/bal-
                          May drawing.                 http://www.hometownannapolis.com/cgi-bin/

                                                       Arundel High’s graduates succeeded                          Route 450 closing, detour announced
                                                       in sports, scholarship                                      http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/local/annearundel/bal-ar.

                                                       http://www.hometownannapolis.com/cgi-bin/                   briefs040jun04,0,2394038.story
                                                                                                                   A name with ‘Pow!’
                                                       Engineering for all
                                                       read/2008/05_31-03/SCH                                      batman03jun03,0,2290676.story

    2                                        This Week with suburban scene                   June 5, 2008                                                                    2
2       Where on the Scene?
        Police Beat
        Here’s the Scoop

4       Love out Loud:
        St Joseph’s feast will send
        workers to help poor

                                                           SPECIAL YOUR AD HERe                                        !
        Crofton Elementary continues
        22-year-old writing program
                                                              4 WEEKS JUST $100
8       Crofton Elementary                                  Thousands are enjoying our weekly enewsletter, with
        grounds get a facelift                                  more photos,
                                                                         more news
10 Crofton Meadows celebrates end                                               more events
                                                                                of the week!
   of school with an ice cream social                       Take advantage of this new advertising opportunity
                                                            to share your business services to this local audience.
12 Crofton Woods rocks ‘n’ rolls                             For information on sponsoring a weekly enewsletter, contact
   at convalescent center
                                                                         
14 Girl Scouts undertake a
   myriad of spring activities
   is alive and strong
18 New bikes for lucky students                                  
                                                                    
20 5 new Eagles for BS Troop 758
        On the Scene
    3                      This Week with suburban scene   June 5, 2008                                            3
                                 IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD

                                                                        loud          St. Joe’s shrimp
                                                                                           feast raises
                                                                                        funds to send
                                                                                    40 to serve needy
KNEE HIGH — Three-
year-old Gavin Warburbon
takes Monica Capella for a
twirl around the dance floor
at St. Joseph’s Catholic
Church’s shrimp feast.

                     The Chicken Dance
                     always brings the dance
                     floor to life, as shown by
                     (L to R) Brian, his mom
                     Michelle, and Matthew
                     Morris, John Bigora, and
                     Tessa Rendina.

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4                                    This Week with suburban scene   June 5, 2008                               4
                             IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD
                                                                Enjoying one of the last
                                                                plates of shrimp, Shelby
                                                                Weinstein jokes with her
                                                                brother Nikko and mother

         t. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Odenton held a well-attended Shrimp Feast and silent auction recently,
         with proceeds helping to fund a youth group program that will send more than 40 to Youngstown, Ohio at the
         end of June.
            The program, Love Out Loud, sponsored by Group Work Camps, provides services to the needy in more than
         300 cities, including areas outside the U.S.
            This is the fourth year that St. Joe’s is participating in the work project.

    Cathy Klein and her daughter Jessica help themselves         The Rendina family tried to outbid others for a set
    to a great dinner. Photos by Donna McCormick.                of imported jars in the silent auction. Parents Pete
                                                                 and Becky, with kids Tessa, Tyler and Tayah.

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5                               This Week with suburban scene         June 5, 2008                                      5
                                 AROUND THE SCHOOLS

                                                                               tudents of Crofton Elementary School recently
                                                                               wrote, illustrated, and produced their own
                                                                               books to share with friends and family.
                                                                            It was all a part of the school PTA’s PAW Printers
                                                                          program, which stands for “Publishing Advances
                                                                            Begun by parent Nancy Gough in 1986, this is the
                                                                          longest running program at the school. Upwards of
                                                                          600 students participate every year.
                                                                            The dedicated members of this committee have
                                                                          helped Crofton Elementary students make more
                                                                          than 8,000 books over the years.
                                                                            In the program, every book binding is
                                                                          handmade, the students’ stories are typed on heavy
                                                                          vellum, the pages are sewn into the binding, and
                                                                          the students illustrate their stories. The project
                                                                          culiminates in a special event at the end of the
                                                                          school year, when the budding authors read their
                                                                          creations aloud to their classmates and families.
                                                                            This year, the work effort was distributed among
TOP: Brian Schwob talks about his publication.
                                                                          Grade-Level Coordinators who worked with parent
ABOVE: Madeline Cloyd, Cassidy Hill, Eddie Clark, Ryan Hogan and
                                                                          volunteers in their childrens grades, to type, proof,
Willa Coenen show off their works to the camera.
                                                                          and produce the books.
Photos by Allison O’Brien.
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 6                                 This Week with suburban scene    June 5, 2008                                            6
                             AROUND THE SCHOOLS

                                                         Phillip Archuletta reads his own piece to classmates

Alexis Thomas shows the crowd a quick look at one
of her pages.

       Crofton Elementary program encourages young authors
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                                This Week with suburban scene    June 5, 2008                                   7
                  AROUND THE SCHOOLS

Kim Hannon
of Patuxent
Roll-Off, Vice
Brusca, SGA
Vice President
SGA President
Will Schwob,
and Principal
Donna O’Shea
cut the ribbon
the new
at Crofton

Kim Hannon
of Patuxent
Roll-Off (left)
accepts thank
you letters
from CES
students and a
framed photo
and letter
from outgoing
PTA president
(right) and
Carolyn Wood.
by Allison

   8              This Week with suburban scene   June 5, 2008   8

             e ntar
      n Elem
  ofto s get a
Cr nd

T                                                                        SPECIAL YOUR AD HERe                                       !
      he Crofton Elementary School community held a ribbon-cutting
      ceremony for their new garden last week. The new area plan also
      calls for adding bricks to a path this summer.
   Said outgoing CES PTA President Maggie Schubert, “We’ve had
tremendous support from the community and several local businesses,
including Owen Lawn and Landscaping, Patuxtent Nursery and Patuxent
Roll-Off, in giving the school a face lift!                                4 WEEKS JUST $100
                                                                         Thousands are enjoying our weekly enewsletter, with
                                                                             more photos,
                                                                                       more news
                                                                                             more events
                                                                                             of the week!
                                                                          Take advantage of this new advertising opportunity
                                                                          to share your business services to this local audience.
                                                                          For information on sponsoring a weekly enewsletter, contact

                                                                                       

                                                                               
                                                                                  

 9                                     This Week with suburban scene    June 5, 2008                                            9
                   IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD

                                                              Teacher Gary Mills gets
                                                              a mouthful of whipped
                                                              cream from incoming PTA
                                                              President Cindy Drabick.

ice cream
     Crofton Meadows Elementary celebrates
     end of school year with a rockin’ and rollin’

       social        This Week with suburban scene   June 5, 2008                        10
                                    IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD

          he staff, parents, students,
          and even former students of
          Crofton Meadows Elementary
     School celebrated the end of the
     school year with an ice cream social
     Friday night.
       Sponsored by the school’s PTA, the
     event concluded with an outdoor
     movie showing of Alvin and the

TOP: Parent volunteers Julie Gabel, Sophia                                             MIDDLE RIGHT: Fifth grader Tyler
Quinn and Mike Drabick scoop the ice cream                                             Rogers enjoys the sweets.
at the CMES Ice Cream Social.
                                                                                       ABOVE: James Taylor, James
MIDDLE LEFT: CMES alumnus Brendan                                                      Dougherty, Jalen Gillespie and Doug
Parlett takes some sprinkles from CMES                                                 Ahearn strike a pose.
teacher John Trumbule.
                                                                                       LEFT: Kennedy Cole with twins
ABOVE: Simone Brown, Daizha Parker,                                                    Carinna (left) and Brianna Powell.
Camryn Cheatham, Khaila Blakmey and
                                                                                       Photos by Allison O’Brien.
Felicia Hallworth celebrate the end of the

   11                                   This Week with suburban scene   June 5, 2008                               11
                                  AROUND THE SCHOOLS
                                                        Crofton Woods brings

                                                             rock ‘n’ roll
                                                        to convalescent center

5th grader Reilly
Wagner with her
and Center resident
Florence Mitchell.

         RIGHT: Maggie
      Nolting delivers an
   inspired performance
       Photos by Allison

                                                             RIGHT: Lindsey
                                                                Airth, Payton
                                                          Shoemaker and Niki
                                                          Anastasis belt out a
                                                                50s number.

   Frequent visitors and volunteers
   at the center, 4th grader Morgan
   Meador and 5th grader Alice                                                          Christina Ryan and
   Engleman pose with self proclaimed                                                   Joelle Frazier dance
   “Mayor of the Convalescent Center”                                                   a little hand jive.
   John Whitmore.

   12                                   This Week with suburban scene    June 5, 2008                   12
                 AROUND THE SCHOOLS

           tudents from Crofton Woods Elementary School
           have been working hard these past few months
           on their spring musical which they recently
     performed both at the school and for the grateful                       Alexandra
     residents at the Crofton Convalescent Center.                           Hunt and
       The program titled Dateline: Rock and Roll included                   Cindy LaBarge
     medleys of music from each decade from the 50s all                      jitterbug in the
     the way up to today.                                                    Crofton Woods
       Also interspersed throughout the music                                production of
     were interludes where the kids spoke about                              Dateline: Rock
     different events of significance that happened in each                  and Roll.

13                   This Week with suburban scene            June 5, 2008                13
                                                 SCOUTING AROUND
           Senior Girl Scout Troop 887 spent the first weekend in April on an environmental service project at Cape
           Henlopen State Park in Delaware. Girl Scouts Alexis Powell, Elaine Healy, Lauren Kiesler, Natalie Wilson,
           Anna Wheeles, Brittany Mills, Alison McClurg, and Sarah Becks planted sea grass as part of a beach
           replenishment project.

Girl Scouts
try it and like it!      Service a big component of
                                      troop activities
    Members of Brownie Troop 299 enjoyed a            of the Brownies of Troop 4064 who visited         program in Davidsonville, “Penny’s Ponies.”
Luau Party to celebrate moving up to Junior           Pizza Hut, and Troop 4807 who completed           (www.PennysPonies.com)
Girl Scouts. They also toured the Gambrills           their Make It/Eat It try-it at the California        Recent happenings for Junior Troop
veterinary clinic.                                    Pizza Kitchen. Brownie Troop 4807 also            626 included the Girl Scout Skate Night
    Enterprising Brownie Troop 808 collected          participated in a service project involving       at SkateZone and a guest speaker, Kathie
donated t-shirts which they plan to make into         flower pots for the Crofton Convalescent Center   Eppinger of the Crofton Christian Caring
a quilt for a local children’s hospital or a Ronald   and enjoyed an end-of-year picnic.                Council Food Pantry.
McDonald House.                                          End of year activities for Brownie Troop          Service has been the focus for the girls of
    Brownie Troop 1478 is planning a tour of          4834 will include a field trip to Kinder Farm     Junior Troop 2189. They attended a Humane
Suburban Bank as part of the Penny Power try-         Park, and a picnic in Crofton Park.               Society project at the Clementine Peterson Girl
it.                                                      The girls of Junior Troop 384 held a re-       Scout Activity Center and planted flowers at
    The energetic girls in Brownie Troop 1739         dedication ceremony in April.                     their meeting place, the First Baptist Church in
made a visit to Gold’s Gym in April.                     A great time was had by Junior Troop 458       Crofton.
    Pizza was on the minds and in the tummies         at the new children’s riding and horsemanship        Junior Troop 4191 helped the members of

  14                                           This Week with suburban scene           June 5, 2008                                              14
                                               SCOUTING AROUND
Junior Troop 1632 enjoyed camping
on the banks of the Choptank River
during a trip to Maryland’s Eastern
Shore. Activities included canoeing
and Tuckahoe’s Amazing Race, a
team-building exercise at Tuckahoe
State Park involving logic, orienteering
and footpower. The girls also
completed the Forest Explorer badge
at beautiful Adkins Arboretum. Pictured
in front of the visitors’ center are
l-r Hannah Morales, Sarah Sykora,
Thushi Ramakrishnan, Caroline
Lareuse, Andra Anastasi, Thulashi
Ramakrishnan, Vanessa Hranilovic,
Camila Velarde, Ashley Groves, Mindy
Bush, Abby Brenholtz, and Elise Rizzi.

                                                                               LEFT: Another vet clinic was the destination for Junior
                                                                               Troop 2208; this time it was the Veterinary House Call
                                                                               Service. Also, troop members donated 304 pounds of
                                                                               food for the Harvest for the Hungry.

                                                                               BELOW: Cadette Troops 4066 and 4195 also enjoyed
                                                                               orienteering when they visited the Northern Virginia
                                                                               4H Education Center in Front Royal. Other activities
                                                                               included high and low ropes challenge courses, the
                                                                               climbing wall, stream sampling, animal tracking and
                                                                               canoeing. Pictured on the Appalachian Trail: 1st row L-R:
                                                                               Rebecca Volosin, Becca Debus, Alex Riehl, Gillian Wall
                                                                               2nd row L-R: Julie Volosin, Alex Bartlett, Alex Ewing,
                                                                               Kendall Powell, Katie Keeney, Linda Keeney, Cheryl Riehl

Brownie Troop 1551 earn a try-it.
  The well-rounded girls of Junior Troop 4194 have
plans to go hiking and orienteering at Calvert Cliffs,
as well as sew coats for rescued and retired racing
  Cadette Troop 4195 also took a walk down Beaver
Creek to observe conditions and collect trash.
  Cadette Troop 4068 participated in the Girl Scout
Skate Night at SkateZone too, and practiced their
archery skills at Camp Ilchester.
  Finally, congratulations to Jillian England, Annie
Rackley, and Natalie Street; three members of Senior
Girl Scout Troop 485 who achieved the Girl Scout
Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouts!

   15                                         This Week with suburban scene   June 5, 2008                                         15
                                   IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD

                                                               Twinkle, Twinkle benefit shows

MC Mark Valentine and Karen Ewing pull
tickets for door prizes.

Cam Power was the theme of the evening!
                                                   Power!                 is alive and strong

        t was a lovely evening of food, friends, music, and prizes and the crowd enjoyed sharing memories with each other at the Twinkle,
        Twinkle benefit for the family of Cameron Diamond at Seton Hall last weekend.
          Cam Power was alive and strong, with the proceeds from the event going to the family for Cam’s medical expenses and the
    remaining funds going to the Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital in Cam’s memory.
      To support this effort, log on to www.camerondiamond.org.

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 16                                     This Week with suburban scene         June 5, 2008                                          16
                               IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD


Def Diamond provided the evening’s

Linda and Fred Sayan, Jen Schuette and
Carol Streeter show off their Cam power!

BJ and Carol Diamond made an appearance
to say thanks to friends and neighbors
pitching in to help them out.

Roxanne McClanahan, Gail Kramer, Kristina
Miller, Kelly Buck, Lisa Gibboney, Lauren
Cowan and Jim Buck enjoy the evening.

Photos by Allison O’Brien.

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17                                   This Week with suburban scene   June 5, 2008                               17
                            IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD

Ledo’s Pizza at Eddie’s Place and Family Bike Shop present

new bikes                                to lucky students
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18                             This Week with suburban scene    June 5, 2008                                  18
                                     IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD

                                                    ongrats to the students of local schools who recently won bikes courtesy of Ledo Pizza
                                                    at Eddie’s Place and Family Bike Shop.

                                                       The lucky students had their names entered into the contest when they participated
                                                    in their school’s fundraiser Ledo Nights throughout the school year.

                                                       School participants included Crofton Elementary, Crofton Woods Elementary,
                                          Crofton Meadows Elementary, Crofton Middle, Crofton Children’s Centre and School of the
                                          Incarnation. The schools earn thousands of dollars each year from this effort.

ABOVE: Showing off new bikes are:
CWES 5th grader Monica Bowen, Sarah
Seibold of Family Bike Shop, CMES 5th
grader James Taylor, and preschooler
Annie Trainor from Crofton Children’s
Center with Scott Taggert and Meghan
Patrick of Ledo Pizza at Eddie’s Place.
(not pictured, Hailee O’Dell of Crofton
RIGHT: Crofton Middle School 6th
grader Logan Prevo trys out his new                                                                          Photos by Allison O’Brien.
bike with Sarah Seibold of Family Bike
Shop, and Scott Taggert and Meghan
Patrick from Ledo Pizza.

           To purchase any of these photos, log on to www.suburbanscene.net and click on the PUrchaSE PhoToS link

    19                                    This Week with suburban scene          June 5, 2008                                        19
                                                                                   SCOUTING AROUND
Boy Scout Troop 758
inducts 5 new Eagles
at Court of Honor

       rofton Boy Scout Troop 758 inducted five new Eagle
       Scouts – Scouting’s highest rank -- at a Court of
       Honor Ceremony May 25. It is the largest number
the troop has ever inducted in a single year.

Although these five were inducted together, their Eagles
                                                                 Alex Francesconi, Stephen Sazama, Ryan McGrath, Shawn Bobbin and Jo
were earned over an eight month period between August            Troop 758 at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish May 25.
2007 and April 2008. They decided to officially receive their
ranks at a joint Court of Honor.                                        JOE KIDWELL
                                                                        The press box at Crofton Park, where Joe grew up playing football
According to Charlotte Sazama, Stephen’s mom, Cub Scouts often          and lacrosse, had grown into disrepair. For his Eagle Project, Joe
                                                                        refurbished the building. He led several Scouts and adults in washing,
bridge over to Boy Scout Troops as a group, staying with friends
                                                                        scraping paint, replacing rotting wood, fixing cracked cement priming
who also enjoy the Scouting program and joined by boys from
                                                                        and painting the building as well as creating a Crofton Cardinal game
other Cub Packs. Although many drop out along the way, the ones         banner.
who stay in have a terrific support group that includes a little com-
petition as well. So while the achievement of Eagle is an individual    STEPHEN SAZAMA
accomplishment, the Scouts often work as a group and help each          Stephen led a group of Scouts, family and friends in the construction
other towards their goal.                                               of a picnic table with attached benches and clearing debris to make
                                                                        a fire circle at one of the youth group campsites at the North Track of
Suburban Scene congratulates these five new Eagle Scouts, their         the Patuxent Research Refuge.
families, leaders and fellow Scouts on this singular achievement.

                                                  ON THE SCENE
THIS WEEK JUNE 5                    South County Senior Center, 27      last Day of sCHool                   PG Equestrian Center
                                    Stepney’s Lane, Edgewater           for AACPS students                   Po BoaRD meeting,
West Co. RotaRy
June 5, 7:30 am                     Learn about the cause of the        June 6                               June 9, 6:30 pm
                                    most common progressive                                                  PO Comm. Center
Kaufmann’s                                                              CRofton KiWanis/team
                                    dementia and how it affects         suRlis 10K RaCe
safety Day                                                                                                   CCa BoaRD meeting
                                    thinking and functioning. Hear      June 7, 8 am start                   June 9, 7 pm
June 7, 11 am to 2 pm
                                    about exciting current research     Crofton Country Club                 Crofton Town Hall
Crofton Depot Shopping Center,
                                    for treatment and prevention.
2135 Defense Highway                                                    family game Day                      CRofton RotaRy CluB
The Pennoyer Group is holding       To register, call: 410-222-4464     June 7, 1-4 pm                       June 10, 7:30 am
their “Second Annual Safety Day.”   ext. 3043 or Register on-line at:   West Co. Library,                    VWC Bob Evans
Shredder truck. Carseat check.      http://www.aacounty.org/Aging/
Arundel Volunteer Fire Department   needingCare/compCaregiver.cfm       CCa ConCeRt                          gReateR CRofton CounCil
will have Safety Demos and there                                        June 8, 6 pm                         June 10, 7 pm
will be raffles and give-a-ways.    aRunDel HigH sCHool                 Village Green, Bay Jazz Project      Village at WC Center
301-261-2640.                                                           soutH RiveR HigH sCHool              Dementia
                                    June 6                                                                   June 10, 6:30-8:30 pm
Dementia                                                                gRaDuation
                                    Bowie Baysox Stadium                                                     Pascal Senior Center, 125 Dorsey
                                                                        June 8
June 5, 6:30-8:30 pm
    20                                    This Week with suburban scene          June 5, 2008                                           20
                                                                                            SPECIAL YOUR AD HERe                                        !
oe Kidwel advanced to the rank of Eagle Scout in a ceremony held by

  Ryan led a group of fellow Scouts, andults and friends in constructing six bat
  houses and installing them at YMCA Camp Letts in Edgewater.                                  4 WEEKS JUST $100
  SHAWN BOBBIN                                                                              Thousands are enjoying our weekly enewsletter, with
  Shawn improved the parking lot at Crofton’s Village Green, constructing a
                                                                                                 more photos,
  patio of fire brick for the semi-annual barbeque, clearing the woods of char-
                                                                                                           more news
                                                                                                                   more events
  coal dumped in previous years and planting Redbud trees to control erosion.

  Having spent 10 summers swimming and playing at the Crofton Swim and
  Tennis Club, Alex chose to improve the grounds by installing barbeque grills                                     of the week!
  and garbage can holders. He mulched the area and planted native peren-                     Take advantage of this new advertising opportunity
  nials, supervising 30 men and boys in the moving of 36 yards of mulch in 4                 to share your business services to this local audience.
  hours.                                                                                      For information on sponsoring a weekly enewsletter, contact

                                                        ON THE SCENE
  Rd., Glen Burnie                       West County RotaRy                        many workshops from local artists.
  See June 5 for information.            June 12, 7:30 am                          His paintings are noted for their
                                         Kaufmann’s                                sparkle and clarity of color and are
  BaBies in Bloom                                                                  filled with rich pigments and strong
  June 11, 9:30 am                       alex alligatoR                            contrasts.
  West Co. Library                       sun safety                                Bill is a signature member of the
  afteRnoon aDventuRe                    June 12, 10 am                            Baltimore Watercolor Society,
  June 11, 2 pm                          Crofton Library,                          a member of the Maryland
  for ages 2-5, West Co. Library         CHesaPeaKe tReasuRes                      Federation of Art, and belongs to
  CRofton KiWanis CluB                   smoCKing guilD                            the Annapolis Watercolor Club
  June 11, 7 pm                          June 12, 7:30 pm                          (president 2003/2004). His work can
  Village at WC Center                   Crofton Middle                            be seen at the Main Street Gallery
                                                                                   in Annapolis.
  WesteRn Dist. PoliCe-Comm.             annaPolis WateRColoR CluB                 AWC membership is $30 per year.
  Relations CounCil                      Maryland watercolorist Bill Jaeger
                                                                                   Non-members are welcome to the
  June 11, 7:30 pm                       has been working in watercolor                                                    Bill Jaeger paints at a recent
                                                                                   meeting for $5. For information visit
  West. Dist. Station                    for 14 years. With no formal art                                                  Annapolis Watercolor Club
                                                                                   annapoliswatercolorclub.com or
                                         education, Bill is primarily self-                                                plein-air session at Linthicum
                                                                                   call 410 627 7549.
                                         taught, although he has taken                                                     Walks.
      21                                        This Week with suburban scene              June 5, 2008                                            21

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