July 2009 - Part A
                             An occasional publication of the Emmaus Community
                             Co-chairs: Jeanne Fogg and Peg Mooney              Editor: Jim Duffy

Arriverderci Francis!                                 The heading for this item repeats the first two
                                                      lines of a song that Peg Mooney provided as a
Good- bye, farewell to Dick!                          send-off message to the pair. While the
On a June Saturday evening the Emmaus                 provenance of the melody remains obscure the
Community wrote its version of a love letter for      message of the words is all Emmaus. The last
two of our Redemptorist priest-members. Both          verse of Peg's song sums up the community's
are leaving for distant places, with Fr. Francis      feelings:
Gargani going off to Boston and Fr. Dick Shiblin
heading for Berkley, California. See details                  Arriverderci Francis!
elsewhere in JOY.                                             Good- bye, farewell to Dick!
                                                              We're all so sad that you are leaving.
The combined reception, pot-luck buffet,                      You're in our hearts and well be grieving,
"roasting" and "thank you" was hosted by Pat                  But we're so grateful for receiving
and Jim Murphy at their beautiful home.                       All your gifts!

                                                      Save the Date! Sat. August 29
                                                      Come to the Great Emmaus
                                                      Super Seafood Shindig
                                                      at Marie Hawe's beach.
                                                      The party will go on rain or shine, indoors or
                                                      outdoors, starting around five in the evening.
                                                      Feel free to invite a friend.

Photo by Brenda Henning
    Francis and Dick enjoy being "roasted."

A warm-up social allowed us to chat with the
guests of honor and share memories of many
memorable Emmaus moments with them.
Following a buffet boasting a monster menu the
party passed into the "roast" stage. A good
number of members took turns recalling
moments of our relationship with Francis and
Dick. Most of these recollections seemed
designed to embarrass either our honorees or
the tellers themselves.                               Photo by Betsy Nagurney
                                                      Graham Wallace shouts for "more" (2008).
Since Dick had been with us a shorter time than
Francis Brenda Henning did some digging on            While the basic clam-bake will be supplied by our
the activities of the young Dick Schiblin. One        caterer the party goers will supply appetizers,
item of great interest was 'a 50s newspaper           desserts, wine and soda.
photo showing Dick being arrested during an           Details will follow. If you just can't wait for the
anti-war protest. You just never know what your       details contact Kitty Sample or Clare Duffy now.
current heroes did in the past.
 (Occasionally, as here, the surprise is pleasant)
      The Emmaus Prayer Pot - Part A                             Keep It Bubbling!
 Remember to pray that Patricia Sheridan will find lasting relief for her back problem.
 Pray for all those searching for new jobs, especially our children and other family members.
 Keep praying for the Don and Barbara Smalter's son Kent, who continues his fight with ALS.
 Prayerfully remember Jeanne Fogg, now in physical therapy following a knee replacement.
 Offer up a prayer for Mary-Ann Bunting's mother Betty Bunting. (AKA Betty Boop).
 Pray for John Robben and tell God about John's prayer that God bless us, everyone!
 Urge God to guide Brenda Henning's friend John in his search for a job.
 Don't let God forget Graciela Rodriguez and her children (3) and her children's children (7).
 Say a prayer that Louise Dunn may have success in selling her subdivided property.
 Say an "ave" for George Cranston's granddaughter Cate, who has numerous health problems.
 Storm heaven on behalf of Clare Duffy in her continuing recovery from breast cancer.
 Implore God to watch over Marie Hawe's Navy pilot friend Peter Antonacci, who is going back to Iraq.
 Praise the Lord while you celebrate the 45th wedding anniversary of Brenda and Gerrit Lydecker
 Ask the Spirit to guide Annemarie Welte's 99 year old mother in coping with her broken hip.
 Tell God about the family problems faced by Brenda Henning's friend Gita.
 Remind God to expedite Bill Fickett's recovery from a recent automobile accident.
  Lastly, always pray for, or to, Tom King (Died 04/09/09) and Helen Hansell (Died 05/26/09)

A Prayer Pot Testimonial                                 John Robben's Prayer
                                                         I've sat here now for about ten minutes trying to
Barbara Smalter writes:                                  think of what or who to pray for and I couldn't
I thought I would take the opportunity to say            think of anything and then I started to think of this
"Emmaus' prayers really do work!". I am certain          or that, or this person or that one, and before I
that the community's prayers have made it                knew it my list got longer than I would have
possible for our son, Kent to continue to live with      imagined, so long in fact that instead of asking for
ALS.                                                     prayers for this one or that one I decided to ask
                                                         for only one thing and one person: me! So that's
He is very disabled but is cheerful and remarkably       my prayer. Pray for me. Pray for me and mine
involved in everyone and everything. His friends         and theirs. Darn! I knew that was going to
and relatives in Lawrence just raised over               happen. The minute a person starts thinking of
$30,000 to purchase a used SUV that is outfitted         himself his list gets bigger and longer and wider
to handle his wheelchair. Now with the help of           until there's no end to it, like Jack's beanstalk.
others he can be even more involved.                     Ok, ok, enough already. I'm going to ask for
                                                         prayers for something other than me. Hope that's
Emmaus' prayers also brought our
                                                         OK. So instead of praying for me, pray for
granddaughter, Emily through her very premature
                                                         yourself, Jim. And pray for yourself, Clare. And
birth weighing just over a pound. She is now a
                                                         pray for yourself Jackie and Teena and George
sophomore at UCONN in Stamford and a lovely
                                                         and Ted and Kitty and Brenda and Phil and Gerritt
and responsible young lady. I give my eternal
                                                         and Regina and Mary and Betsy and Fredrica and
thanks to Emmaus for its prayers.
                                                         Louise and Dave and Graham and Frank and Sue
Love,                                                    and Jim and Eby and Bonnie and Maggie and
Barbara                                                  Margie and Gloria and Eileen and everybody I'm
                                                         forgetting. Time out, while I now say a prayer for
                                                         myself. God bless us everyone!
                                           (2)           John Robben
What Are You Doing This Summer?
We contacted our current priest-members, asking about their summer plans. All answered within a day or
two, shaming our members' response record. Perhaps Jim Sheehan will clarify his response in September.

Fr. Vin Novak wrote: Good to hear. Re "carefree me", shorn painlessly of my Dean responsibilities (1964-
2004) happy to report that time seldom hangs heavy. Feel very fortunate to have a curious mind that keeps
my UCLA work in Early Modern History on track. The ground in America today is moving under our feet as it
was in the l6th century, and I am afraid we will continue to stumble until we recognize opportunities in the
midst of danger. An observer, I guess I'm a c-span "junkie" and social critic.
Passing 85 this summer, checking health more time consuming than I would want to allow, bur contented
retirement starts there, doesn't it?As my brothers in the Lord pass on in quick succcession, God's gentle
reminder makes me more prayerful and alert to the spiritual.And yes, I do try to get to play golf more often,
a God-given opportunity for calisthenics and humility.Sorry not much above to earn my room and board, or
upgrade my resume'..Best to all. Have a good summer yourselves.
Vin Novak, S.J.

Fr. Jim Sheehan answers: Padre James Coy Sheehan is stuck in the mud for the glory of God. He will be
in Ireland for his 30th anniversary and will be celebrating a Eucharist on a Mass Rock near Monaghan.
He is sending this e-mail note from his other religion--baseball. I am in Omaha, Nebraska about to catch
part of the College World Series.

Fr. Patrick Keyes responds: Thanks for asking. As you know we are moving this summer from Whitestone
to the Bronx where Francis is leaving. For three weeks I will be attending a Formation director's workshop
that will be held right here in Whitestone NY. I plan on going to Milwaukee this summer for a few weeks to
spend some time with my family before I return here for the move across the East River.
Hope that is good. Thanks! Patrick

Fr. Francis Gargani tells us that he is into an evaluative mode, trying to determine how and where he can
be the best possible Francis Gargani. Francis will remain in his current Bronx location for most of the
summer and will be involved in retreat activities. Later in the summer he'll move to Boston, taking residence
in Our Lady of Perpetual Hope parish, a Redemptorist outpost. He has plans to take a course(s) while in

Fr. Dick Schiblin has reported his safe arrival in Berkley, California after driving cross-country with his
brother-in-law. He is now living at a Redemptorist residence We have heard rumors that Dick is in a trial
partial semi-retirement mode (Like Jim Murphy) and it's our understanding that Dick will have some
flexibility in defining his long term assignment, most likely in the area of spiritual retreats.

     The Emmaus Prayer Pot - Group B                              Keep It Bubbling!
 We have received a record number of prayer requests for this issue of JOY. The names below are no
 less important than those in group A even though we have omitted the details of need.

 Jim Hamilton's mother                                Bruce McCandless
 Peter Tobin                                          Jim McCartney OSA
 Tyler Hasty                                          Mary Beth's niece Mary Paquette (Engaged)
 Kim Carter                                           Sandy Kinseley
 John Lodatto                                         Mary Beth Hamilton's mother
 The Iranian people.                                  Ray Zickafoos
 Marie Hawe's daughter Virginia                       Kathy Leonard
 Jim and Mary Beth Hamilton

About Those Grandchildren
                                                        Harpo (Oprah) studios. Liz joins her on a Harpo
And Other News Items
                                                        paid Cruise of 10 or 12 stops on the
Peg Mooney writes: Joey Biggiotti, Daughter             Mediterranean for two weeks later this summer.
Sheila's son graduated from high school in               Tough life. I am healthy and wise, can't
Arizona and is planning to attend the local             remember the other thing. Very sorry about Tom.
community college in the fall - Riley Ann Gorman        Kindest regards to all, Pat King
received her First Communion in May ( Kate's
daughter) - Molly Elaine Willis ( daughter
Jennifer's youngest) graduated from Pre-School
                                                        Antoinette reports: Love to all. I am happily living
as did Maureen Elizabeth Gorman (Kate's
                                                        in Sonoma CA around 3 sisters and my mom. I
youngest). Both cousins will enter kindergarten in
the fall.                                               work with children with autism and/or behavioral
                                                        problems. Also taking art classes etc. My kids are
Daughter Jennifer is preparing to enter Nursing
                                                        fabulous much of the time. They manage through
School and is presently taking the necessary
                                                        life's tribulations and setbacks and are pursuing
courses for admission and daughter Kate will be
                                                        various and interesting things. Charlie still an
teaching English at Roger Ludlow High School in
                                                        engineer/computer expert small business owner
the Fall
                                                        in NYC. Christian in grad school in CA. He will be
Peace ,    Peg                                          opening restaurant soon. Rebecca married, living
                                                        around here, has a citrus farm in Mexico. Luke is
                                                        a snowboard instructor in Aspen, working on
                                                        becoming a fireman. Rachael trains horses,
Judy Becker tells us: Jim Becker, Jr. lives in          teaches riding and studies psychology and gender
Antioch, CA, and is director of development and         studies in Charleston. Sam is graduating from
acting executive director of a non- profit,             Fordham in a few days. Working on becoming a
Richmond Children’s Agency, which funds                 policeman. I am somewhat an agnostic but loving
educational programs in poverty-stricken areas.         the Obama era. Again, love to all you fine people;
He and his wife also own a UPS store. Jim has a         you are examples of the word GOODNESS.
14-year old daughter, Marian.
                                                        With a song in my heart, Antoinette
Jeff Becker lives in Avon, CT, and is vice
chairman, COO and CFO of ING Investment
Management Americas. He and his wife Linda              Clare Duffy reports that on a sunny day in June
have 3 children – Lindsey, 12; Kevin, 9;                our eldest granddaughter, Karen Duffy, graduated
and Kyle, 7.                                            from Lexington (MA) High School. Jim and I were
                                                        there to celebrate the big day with her as she
John lives in a group home in Stamford and              moves on.
spends his days at the ARI (Always Reaching for
Independence) facility in Stamford.                     I couldn't help wondering: Is this the little girl who
                                                        crawled on the floor on Christmas Eve while
God Bless! Judy Becker                                  Father Vin was saying Mass? Her first words were
                                                        "All I see is feet." Then she said "Why is that man
                                                        wearing a dress?"
                                                        Out of the mouths of babes - and just look at her
Hello Emmaus, says Pat King:
Still doing my teaching thing, all Online, no traffic
                                                        Love to All, Clare
problems. Kids are fine, I see them (Atlanta,
Houston, Chicago); Atlanta group visited recently
(all 5) and kids brought 5 friends. Merrill is doing
well, keep the prayers coming. Pat rented a place
on the ocean nearby. Captain Dan flies the US           Totally Trivial Trivia Test
and South America, kids are fine, progressing, no       Q: How many different priests have presided at
problems, happily. Eileen is well, still working for    Emmaus liturgies?
                                                        Answer : Fifty-two, give or take a priest.

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