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          Writing Terms
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                           Final Jeopardy
            Question 1

An organizational structure of text
in which there is a description or
events and their causes or
        Answer 1

What is – cause and effect?
          Question 2

The accepted rules of written and
spoken language.
        Answer 2

What is – conventions ?
            Question 3

A combination of words that is not
strictly in accordance with grammatical
rules and often possesses a meaning
other that its grammatical or logical
       Answer 3

What is – an idiom ?
           Question 4

A method used in speaking or writing
to get an audience to agree with the
speaker or writer’s point of view.
          Answer 4

What is – persuasive technique ?
           Question 5
The basic argument advanced by a
speaker or writer who then attempts
to prove it; the subject or major
argument of a speech or composition.
     Answer 5

What is – thesis ?
            Question 6

An organizational structure of text in
which events are placed in the order
they occur in time.
        Answer 6

What is – chronological ?
           Question 7

A reference, explanation, or comment
usually placed below the text on a
printed page .
             Answer 7

What is – a definitional footnote ?
            Question 8
The gist of a passage; the central
thought; the chief topic of a
passage expressed or implied in a
word or phrase; the topic sentence of
a paragraph.
      Answer 8

What is – the main idea ?
             Question 9

The initial creative stage of writing,
prior to drafting, in which a writer
formulates ideas, gathers information,
and considers ways to organize them.
       Answer 9

What is – pre-writing ?
            Question 10

The general category of class of ideas,
often stated in a word or phrase, to
which the ideas of a passage as a
whole belong.
 Answer 10

What is – topic ?
           Question 11
An organizational structure of text in
which a description of similarities
and differences among two or more
things occurs
            Answer 11

What is – comparison & contrast ?
         Question 12

The literal or “dictionary” meaning
of a word .
       Answer 12

What is – denotation ?
          Question 13

One of the four traditional forms of
composition in speech and writing
that moves the reader by argument
or entreaty to a belief or position.
    Answer 13

What is –persuasive?
             Question 14

An organizational structure of text that
is similar to cause and effect, except
that outcomes are a result or solution
or a perceived need or problem .
       Answer 14

What is – problem-solution ?
            Question 15

A sentence intended to express the
main idea in a paragraph or passage .
         Answer 15

What is – a topic sentence ?
           Question 16

One of the four traditional forms of
composition in speech and writing
that gives a verbal picture of a
character and an event, including the
setting in which they occur.
  Answer 16

What is – imagery ?
            Question 17

Choice of words in writing or
speaking; clarity and distinctiveness
of pronunciation .
    Answer 17

What is – diction ?
          Question 18

The stage of the writing process in
which one considers and improves
the meaning and underlying
structure of a written draft.
    Answer 18

What is – revision ?
           Question 19

Words and phrases that help explain
relationships between sentences and
allow a reader or writer to move from
one idea to another .
     Answer 19

What is – transitions ?
           Question 20

A spoken or written composition,
intending to set forth or explain.
    Answer 20

What is – expository ?
          Question 21

The distinctive style or manner of
expression of an author or of a
character in a book .
    Answer 21

What is – voice ?
           Question 22

A step in preparing a written work for
publication or review that focuses on
clarity and correctness.
  Answer 22

What is – editing ?
            Question 23

A method used in writing or speaking
in which language is used to influence
or persuade an audience.
        Answer 23

What is – a rhetorical device ?
            Question 24

The quality of a piece of writing in
which the ideas are clearly arranged so
a reader can follow the progression
from one idea to the next.
     Answer 24

What is – coherence ?
            Question 25

The center or interest or attention;
in writing, the central idea.
  Answer 25

What is – focus ?
          Final Jeopardy

To steal and pass off the ideas or
words of another as one’s own; to
use another’s production without
crediting the source.
Final Jeopardy Answer

 What is – plagiarism ?

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