Issue 1 • Winter 2003

                 A Quarterly        Newsletter for the United Way Retirees Association

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UWRA Professional Council
                                               ADVISORY COUNCIL
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President’s Corner
Tropman Reports                     Formation of an advisory group, comprised of currently active United Way
Page 3                              professionals, was heralded as “a critical step in the organization’s continuing
Don’t Forget Fido and Fluffy        quest to enhance and expand programming to serve both the United Way field as
Time for a New Box                  well as its members” according to Don Sanders, UWRA Board Chair.
                                    Accepting the invitation to serve as UWRA’s first Professional Advisory Council
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United Way Readiness
UWRA Gifts Rolling In
                                    -Ellen K. Annala, CEO, United Way of Central Indiana, Indianapolis, IN
Page 5                              -Meg Baxter, President, United Way of Greater Portland, Portland, ME
UWRA Leadership Givers              -Larry G. Burdette, President, United Way of Davis County, Layton, UT
UWRA New Members                    -Viney P. Chandler, CPO, United Way of Tarrant County, Fort Worth, TX
Special Phone Consulting Offer      -Ralph Dickerson, Jr., President & CPO, United Way of New York City, NY
Page 6                              -Elisse Glennon, President, United Way of Greater Union County,Elizabeth, NJ
Remembering Friends                 -Joseph V. Haggerty, President, United Way, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Who, What, When, Where              -Debbie Jones, Director, United Way of Chippewa County, Sioux Ste. Marie, MI
Page 7                              -Gloria King, President & CPO, United Way of Central Carolina, Raleigh, NC
UW Leadership Summit                -David Lee, President & CPO, United Way of Wyoming Valley, Wilkes Barre, PA
Page 8                              -Jim Morrison, President & CPO, United Way of North Carolina, Raleigh, NC
Have You Heard This One?            -Robert C. Reifsnyder, President, United Way & Community Chest, Cincinnati, OH
Page 9                              -Larry E. Walton, United Way of Central Maryland, Inc., Baltimore, MD
Health Notes
                                    -Clarece Walker, President, United Way of Beaufort County, Beaufort, SC
Page 10
                                    Sanders noted that local United Ways provide a significant percentage of our
UWRA’s Membership Contest
                                    organization’s annual budget. Creation of the Council provides an opportunity for
Page 12
                                    feedback and assistance to assure our outreach programs remain relevant to the
Household, Garden and Other Hints   rapidly changing United Way environment.
Page 13
Where are They Now - Owen Davison   In the formative stages, the Board appointed an ad hoc committee to determine the
Page 15                             direction and purposes for the Council. Tom Laing, Waterford, MI., was selected
Quick Quiz for Small City CPOs      as Chair. Other retiree members were: Don Sanders, Charlotte, NC; Dell
Editor’s Comments                   Raudelunas, Plainfield, NJ; Bernard Hyman, Cary, NC; George Wilkinson, Reno,
UWA South Central Conference        NV; Dale Gray, Oro Valley, AZ; and Tom Vais, Monte Sereno, CA.
Page 16
Invitation to SE Regional Retreat   Following several conference calls with committee members, Laing indicated the
                                    following purposes were initially established: (Continued on page 2)
Page 2                                                   UPDATES                                                        Winter 2003

                                         advisors to us, particularly in relation          TROPMAN REPORTS
                                         to our membership, resource devel-                       by John McCormick
     President’s                         opment and program functions. We                          NE Regional Chair
         Corner                          believe these folks will give us in-
         by Don Sanders                  sight into what the issues are and how         How well will you and I be remembered
                                         best we can do our work. The Coun-             after we are gone?
  One of the advantages of being cil will work primarily through the
  retirees is that we remember what it mechanism of conference calls, the               I am sure that Elmer J. Tropman, a friend
                                                                                        and mentor to many of us, would be
  was like to feel alone and frustrated first of which will occur soon.
                                                                                        pleased by the latest recognition he has
  about one or many issues as we pur-                                                   received.
  sued our careers. We can identify The Executive Search Committee,
  with those active colleagues who co-chaired by Dell Raudelunas and                    In 2001 the William J. Copeland Fund,
  have need for help and wish they Bernie Hyman, will soon conduct                      a supporting arm of the Pittsburgh
  knew how to access it.                 interviews with those who might be             Foundation, created the Elmer J.
                                         interested in assuming Lyanne                  Tropman Applied Research Fund to
  In many communities United Way Wassermann’s position. Their job                       generate practical information of
  professionals are unique in their role won’t be easy. We look forward to              strategic issues and management
  and have only minimum persons to their work and positive results.                     challenges facing the nonprofit sector.
  talk to about things that puzzle or
                                                                                        The Tropman Reports are a series of
  confound them. These are not easy Thanks to all retiree members for
                                                                                        briefing papers, prepared by experts, and
  times. All are bound to have at least your ongoing interest and willing-              issued periodically by the Tropman Ap-
  moments of confusion.                  ness to work together to help our
                                                                                        plied Research Fund. Among the top-
                                         chosen field. This is our Association.         ics covered recently were: Recruitment
  We hope that our active colleagues,                                                   and Retention of Managerial Talent; Le-
  especially those in smaller commu- Professional Advisory                              veraging Human Capital; Staying Ahead
  nities, will recognize that retirees Council...                                       of the Curve: An Assessment of Execu-
  may be able to help and stand ready (Continued from page 1)                           tive Training Needs and Resources; So-
  to try.                                ·Acting as communication conduits,             cial Services in Faith-Based Organiza-
                                              which bring the latest direction,         tions; New Economy Entrepreneurs:
  Our Association has two programs      thinking and strategies from the                Their Attitudes on Philanthropy.
  which may be able to help - the       current active field to assist
                                        UWRA in its planning efforts.                   To read a briefing paper and/or the full
  phone consulting and mentor pro-                                                      text of these reports log on to the
  grams. We are pleased to have a · Providing feedback, pointing out                    Copeland Fund web site at
  coterie of caring members that have   possible program opportunities                  (www.copelandfund.org).
  made themselves available to assist   valuable to the field, which may not
  when asked by our active colleagues.  be in the current capacity of United            These Tropman Reports follow up the
  We hope they will call on us and that Way of America.                                 publication in 2001 of “Grandma Called
  we can put on our best thinking caps                                                  It Charity,” which is the collected
  to respond in a useful way. Please ·Suggesting new products to explore                writing of Elmer by his son John, a
                                        which would be of value to all                  professor of Nonprofit Management at
  feel free to ask. We’re with you!     retirees and prospective retirees.              the University of Michigan School of
                                                                                        Social Work. Free copies of this
  As the result of a Board decision and   ·Identifying potential leadership to assist   publication are still available. Please let
  the work of Tom Laing, the Asso-            UWRA in direct service and
                                                                                        me know if you would like your
  ciation will have soon launched the         enhancement of individual,
                                              associate   and  corporate                personal copy.          Contact me at
  establishment of the Professional                                                     johncon@adelphia.net or phone
  Advisory Council, reporting to the                                                    412-854-5766 or write to me at
  Board of Directors. This group, made    Criteria for selecting members of the         105 Sonnybrook Ct., Bethel Park, PA
  up of active CEOs from communi-         Council included a balance of Metro size      15102
  ties of various sizes, will serve as    and geographic representation.
Winter 2003                                                UPDATES                                                          Page 3

    Taking Care of Loved                     is invalid. If legal in your state, make       Time for a New Box
    Ones after Your Death:                   sure you use the proper form so that
                                             your wishes will be respected and the      “For years, we’ve been challenged to
    Don’t Forget Fido and                    courts will uphold the gift.               ‘think outside the box.’” Dick Aft told
            Fluffy                                                                      those who attended the Peter Drucker
                                             One means to express your caring is        Foundation Conference, “It’s time for
 The close bond that develops                an outright gift of assets directly to a   a new box!” as he addressed the sub-
 between a person and their pet is           friend or family member on the             ject of “Philanthropic Leadership.”
 undeniable. Many of us have expe-           honorary trust for the benefit of the      “Thinking outside the box is good ex-
 rienced firsthand the joy and com-          pets caretaker. The caretaker is           ercise.” he said. “Getting outside of our
 panionship a beloved pet can bring          named the beneficiary of the trust,        traditional organizational boundaries
 into our lives. In fact, studies show       with instructions given to the trustee     offers terrific perspective, but operat-
 that when Pet Facilitated Therapy           to make distributions to the benefi-       ing outside the box is disastrous. With-
 (PFT) is introduced between the eld-        ciary to cover the expense of caring       out clear organizational definition, it’s
 erly and household pets, positive re-                                                  too easy to lose focus and market….to
                                             for the pet. It can be wise to have        get lost in space.”
 sults occur in social behavior such
                                             different parties serve as trustee and
 as a decrease in patients’ sense of
 loneliness and social withdrawal.           caretaker so that the trustee can over-    Dick asked the corporate, government,
 Regardless of one’s age, pets play an       see that the pet is receiving proper       and non-profit leaders who attended the
                                             care.                                      annual Drucker Conference to look at
 increasingly important role in                                                         the things that differentiate those orga-
 people’s lives. As such, you don’t                                                     nizations in the marketplace of philan-
                                             A final, yet still relatively uncom-
 want to be left with the following                                                     thropy. He asked conferees to sketch
                                             mon, option is the use of what has
 unanswered question: Who will                                                          the current “boxes” that defined their
 care for your beloved animal                been termed a Pet Retirement Home.
                                                                                        organizations. Then he challenged them
 companion(s) upon your death.               Check to see if there are any in your      to re-draw them as they ought to be.
 Just as it is reasonable to plan for the                                               •“Why are you in business? Why
 care of a child upon a parent’s death,      Correction: In the last issue, Jim         should you be in business?
 it is also important to plan for the care   Morrison was incorrectly listed as         •“Who are the people with whom you
                                                                                        work? With whom should you be work-
 of a pet. Thus consider a testamen-         State Association Chair for the 2002
 tary gift for the benefit of this loved     campaign. It should have been Chris        •“What are your current markets? What
 one. However, you must check your           Nelson.                                    should they be?
 state law because in some states this                                                  •“What are the outcomes of your work?
                                             No one can defeat us unless we de-         What should they be?
                                             feat ourselves. -Dwight Eisenhower         •“Why do people support you? Why
        NOTICE TO UWRA                                                                  should people support you?”
                                               Questions About Membership?
   Interested in the latest news from UWA        Concerns? Suggestions?                 Answers to these questions defined
       and a Daily Breakfast E-Mail?                 Stories to Share?                  sides of “boxes” whose shapes were
                                                                                        seldom drawn as clearly as “gift boxes”
     REGISTER FOR UNITED WAY                    UWRA STAFF STANDS READY                 donors would like to fill.
             ONLINE                                   TO HELP YOU.
                                                                                        In closing, he challenged leaders in phi-
    Go to http://online.unitedway.org                         Call                      lanthropy to streamline the shape of
     and complete the application.                                                      their organizations. “Pay close attention
                                                                                        if your design looks more like an an-
    Once your membership in UWRA is                                                     chor than a rudder.”
      confirmed, you will receive a call
    from United Way Online authorizing                                                  After concluding a 40 campaign United
             your new account.                            Anne Hunt
                                                                                        Way career, Dick has been applying his
                                                         Tricia Smith                   strategic planning skills as a coach-con-
      *Associate Members not eligible
     *Acceptance subject to approval of        1-800-892-2757, Ext. 621 or 624
                                                                                        sultant to new college presidents. He
          United Way of America                   uwra@uwa.unitedway.org                recently completed his Ph.D. in Orga-
                                                                                        nizational Leadership.
Page 4                                                  UPDATES                                                 Winter 2003

  “United Way Readiness”                  nity readiness. This new role will be    system is responding during these
                                          explored in greater detail under the     uncertain times, please call Tamara
 One cannot help but feel some dis-       leadership of a nine member group,       Schomber of the Community Readi-
 comfort when listening to the con-       including a United Way retiree,          ness Initiative Team at 703-836-7100
 stant reminders in the news about the    which will soon embark on an ag-         at ext. 391.
 likelihood of war or another possible    gressive four month timeline to
 terrorist event that may hit our home-   evaluate the following:                   UWRA Gifts are Rolling
 land. For some reason,                                                              In…Thanks to You!
 it bothered me last night                   •   Define and determine the                   By Dorothea Heiden
 that I did not have the                         scope the United Way com-                     Vice President
 plastic, duct tape, or                          munity readiness plan will                Resource Development
 water supply to last for                        have within the United Way
                                                                                   The United Way Retirees Association
 three days in my home                           system
                                                                                   (UWRA) is pleased to report that the
 storage supply.                             •   Develop long term commu-
                            David Jones                                            2003 Campaign has kicked-off with
                                                 nity outcomes for local
                                                                                   some lead gifts that will truly make
 While I have personally been inept              United Ways and United Way
                                                                                   a difference in this year’s operation’s
 in my own personal planning, I take             of America
                                                                                   budget to support our many functions
 comfort that some of my colleagues          •   Identify barriers and chal-
                                                                                   in support of United Way of America
 from United Way of America are                  lenges (e.g. legal issues and
                                                                                   and the small United Ways, includ-
 very diligent in getting the United             field engagement)
                                                                                   ing mentoring new United Way
 Way system prepared. This effort is         •   Implement strategies to over-
                                                                                   executives, helping support the
 being carried out both immediate                come barriers and achieve
                                                                                   Planned Giving Program, Crisis
 and for the long term.                          outcomes
                                                                                   Consulting, phone consulting and our
                                             •   Recommend and develop re-
                                                                                   history project. A heartfelt thanks to
 The immediate planning is princi-               sources and processes for
                                                                                   those individuals who have so gen-
 pally being carried out by commu-               strategies including partner-
                                                                                   erously responded. (A list of those
 nicating the work from a UWA in-                ship agreements, training and
                                                                                   givers can be found on page 5.)
 ternal task force called Helping                technical assistance, and
 Communities Collaborate in the                  technology
                                                                                   We’re pleased to announce that the
 Event of War to assist local United
                                                                                   following retirees have accepted
 Ways. The products include a toolkit     On a more personal note, the United
                                                                                   leadership roles in this year’s Metro
 for United Ways to reference when        Way of America headquarters build-
 there is mass troop deployment to aid    ing has begun to reevaluate and im-
 military families as well as a check-    prove its own readiness procedures.      Leadership Giving:
 list for local United Ways to map out    In fact, I take great comfort in know-    Michael Thompson
 a preparedness plan for their own        ing my workplace already has an ad-      Metro I – Al Cooper
 community. In addition, UWA is           equate supply of food and water;         Metro II – Leon Matthews
 forging partnerships with other na-      identified several safe zones within     Metro III-IV – Alice Thacker
                                                                                   State Organizations: Jim Morrison
 tional organizations in war response     the building; and implemented alter-
 so assistance to families can be bet-    nate communication procedures in    The Metro I-IV chairs are in the pro-
 ter coordinated.                         the event telephone connection or   cess of recruiting United Way execu-
                                          power is lost. In weighing my home  tives to co-chair the individual United
 The long term planning is evident by     and work environment, I must admit  Ways campaign (Metro Campaign).
 a project team being convened as         that I currently feel much safer at If you have not been contacted or
 part of United Way transformation        work.                               have any questions in the next thirty
 efforts. United Way has tradition-                                           days, please don’t hesitate to call any
 ally been in the role of crisis recov-   If you would like more detailed in- one of the individuals listed or my-
 ery, but now also recognizes the need    formation about the toolkit I de- self at 863-667-2338 or e-mail
 to be more proactive with commu-         scribed above or how the United Way dc.heiden@worldnet.att.net
Winter 2003                                        UPDATES                                                    Page 5

                                    Donald J. Frey
                                                                                 NEW MEMBERS
    LEADERSHIP GIVERS               Richard A. Fusco
                                    Charles E. Gagen                            As of Februrary 14, 2003
          As of February 13, 2003   Robert Garrison
                                    Robert W. Gilmore                     Gerald Beckendorf, Puyallup, WA
        Benefactor Level $500+      John Byford Goessman                  Loretta Callahan, Hickory, NC
                                    Elizabeth G. Gower                    Pat C. Gobble, Denton, TX
 Alan S. Cooper                     Ferdinand V. Grayson                  Bob Gragson, Kent, OH
 John B. Dillencourt                W. James Greene                       Geneva Johnson, Brookfield, WI
 Dorothea & Chuck Heiden            John E. Hall
 J. Thomas Laing                                                          Melinda W. Wilson, Houston, TX
                                    Gerald W. Harner
 H. Allen Larsen                    Mack D. Hixon
 W. Leon Matthews                   Bette D. Hoffman
 Donald Lee Morgan                  John L. Jaco                               SPECIAL PHONE
 Dell Raudelunas                    Ann R. Jacobson                          CONSULTING OFFER
 Donald C. Sanders                  William A. Kerrigan                      FOR THE UNITED WAY
 Thomas T. Vais                     Elizabeth F. Knowles
                                    Russell W. Leedy
        Patron Level $250-$499      Carol MacElwee
                                                                           The United Way Retirees Association
                                    Ruth Maldonado
 Robert E. Anthony                                                         would like to encourage you to take
                                    Francis A. Marzolf
 Stephen P. Beer                                                           advantage of a specially designed
                                    John G. McCormick
 Charles J. Devine                                                         program to serve the United Way
                                    William G. McCullough
 Francis R. Grady                                                          Field.
                                    Francis X. McNamara
 Winifred M. Helton                 William B. McQueen
 Bernard J. Hyman                                                          Forty five UWRA Phone Consultants
                                    Joe B. Medlin
 Merritt L. Johnson                                                        are standing by to provide assistance
                                    Phillip A. Merriman
 Myron L. Liner                                                            to CPOs and staff members on a
                                    Ted L. Moore
 Russy D. Sumariwalla                                                      variety of subjects pertaining to
                                    Sarah Smith Orr
 George W. Wilkinson                                                       United Way management, such as:
                                    Sunshine J. Overkamp
 Garth R. Winckler                                                         Campaign; Finance; Strategic
                                    Robert L. Pennock, Jr.
                                                                           Planning;      Planned      Giving;
                                    Sheila B. Plank
      Leadership Level $100-$249                                           Marketing/Communications; Fund
                                    Arthur C. Redding, Jr.
                                                                           Distribution/Agency Relations;
                                    George E. Rice
 Richard N. Aft                                                            Community/Service Planning; Board/
                                    Rita Martinez Robertson
 Gerald T. Beggs                                                           Staff Relations; and, Board
                                    Henry J. Russell
 Kenneth D. Bennett                                                        Development/Recruitment/Training.
                                    Ronald A. Spillane
 William W. Bent
                                    Barbara Stankus
 William W. Blodgett                                                       Consulting services are free. The only
                                    Michael G. Thompson
 James E. Bourque                                                          cost the Local United Ways will incur
                                    Claude A. Townsend
 Tom B. Brown                                                              is for telephone calls.
                                    Raymond Unk
 La Verne Hawes Byfield
                                    Joseph W. Valentine
 Frank A. Cleaver                                                          To participate in this program, contact
                                    Lyanne L. Wassermann
 Chesley Cochran                                                           John      Kuropchak,         Director,
                                    Sammy G. White
 Roger L. Congdon                                                          UWA Small Cities Program,at:
                                    John H. Yerger
 Leo P. Cornelius                                                          john.kuropchak@uwa.unitedway.org
 John C. Costello                             REMEMBER                     or call: 1-800-UWA-2757, ext 491.
 Martin Covitz                        Send any changes of mailing          The request will be forwarded to
 Bobbie Creque                        address, phone and fax numbers or    UWRA.
 Joel O. Davis                        e-mail address to:
 Owen R. Davison                              Anne Hunt
                                                                          In the depth of winter, I finally
 Dawson Dowty
                                              701 N. Fairfax Street       learned that there was in me an
 Fred L. Evans, Jr.                           Alexandria, VA 22314
 James G. Fletcher                                                        invincible summer. -Albert Camus
Page 6                                                 UPDATES                                                 Winter 2003

                                                 Curt Johnson                     team he recruited to attain the suc-
                                                                                  cess achieved.
     Remembering                         Curt Johnson, a member of the United
                                         Way of America (UWA) team, passed
                                                                                  Ralph accepted the chairmanship role
       Friends                           away on Thursday, January 30.
                                                                                  in the summer of 2001. Our initial
                                         Curt dedicated 26 years of service to    solicitation letter to Metro1’s was set
                                         improving people’s lives through his     for September mailing...then 9-
         Eleanor V. Merrill              work in local United Ways and at         11...and all was put on hold. In No-
                                         UWA. Curt’s local impact was felt        vember, I called Ralph expecting to
                                         in the following communities:            ask him if he would take time to sug-
                                                                                  gest a replacement for his position,
                                         -United Way in Lehigh County and         he certainly had a thousand legiti-
                                         United Way of Northampton and            mate reasons to pass. I should have
                                         Warren Counties, Bethlehem, PA           known better. He said he was stand-
                                         -United Way of Licking County,           ing on his word.. so let’s get started.
                                         Newark, OH                               He then committed his support staff,
                                         -United Way of the St. Paul Area, MN     Fran Charles, Winnie and Rose to
                                         -United Way of Phoenix-Scottsdale, AZ    help administer the program. Fran
                                         -United Way of Buffalo & Erie County,    directed the personal letter from
                                         NY                                       Ralph to all the Metro 1 UWs and
                                                                                  assisted in the recruitment of the
                                         Curt came to UWA in 1989.                campaign team of UWRA retirees
                                                                                  and active CPOs.

                                                                                 The team:
                                                                                 •Northeast - Joe Calabrese (Roch-
  Eleanor V. Merrill passed away after                                           ester) and Dick Fusco, UWRA.
  a short illness (cancer) on December                                           •Mid-America - Rob Reifsnyder
  11, 2002, at the age of 86.                                                    (Cincinnati) and Phil Merriman,
  Eleanor had attended the University                                            • Southeast - Harry Shaw (Mem-
  of Rochester, Case Western Reserve,                                            phis) and Frank Marzolf, UWRA.
                                         • Frank Karr, Missouri State Chair, • South Central - Viney Chandler
  and received her Masters from the      writes: I’ve had the honor and privi- (Ft. Worth) and Stan Wakeham,
  University of Buffalo.                 lege for the past two years to serve as UWRA.
                                         co-chair of the Metro 1 campaign • Western - Joe Hagerty (Los Ange-
  She retired from her various social    among member United Ways.
  work positions (Convalescent Hos-                                              les) and Tom Ruppanner, UWRA.
  pital for Children, Rochester          In reviewing the Fall issue of Up-
  Children’s Nursery and United Way                                               The campaign kick-off was Jan. ‘02
                                         dates, I am appreciative of the recog-   and ran through mid Sept ‘02.
  of Greater Rochester ) when she was    nition given to the participant United
  68.                                                                             Weekly status reports and lots of
                                         Ways and Tom Laing’s campaign            phone efforts pushed the team to ex-
                                         team.                                    ceed last year’s success.
  She was predeceased by her husband,
  Theron O. Merril and is survived by As co-chair with Ralph Dickerson,
  her 7 children, 20 grandchildren, and CPO, NYC, I felt the need to expand       This post 9-11 campaign had all the
  2 great-grandchildren.                                                          reasons to fail, but this team would
                                        the story with our membership about       not quit because UWRA is needed
                                        the strong support we received from       and is very important. Oh, and for
  She had resided in Pittsford, NY.     Ralph, his staff and the campaign                 (Continued on page 11)
Winter 2003                                                    UPDATES                                                            Page 7

     United Way Leadership                     duction standards and more. There were        system, I asked myself? Brian answered
                                               questions and Brian answered them hon-        it for me pointing out that agencies will
    Summit or Present at the                   estly and with candor. “How will UWA          still be strong partners in the commu-
            Creation                           be able to review all these reports?” I       nity caring system but the emphasis will
              by Cy Cockron                    gathered that UWA would start as they         be on community impact of dollars
          Western Regional Chair               can and build on that. “What happens          raised and allocated.
                                               to a LUW which does not meet the stan-
 In mid January Don Sanders, President         dards and continually refuses to              Transformation to a philosophy of allo-
 of UWRA telephoned to ask if I would          change?” “We will tell them to take the       cating on the basis of community im-
 attend the United Way Leadership Sum-         United Way symbol off their door and          pact rather than to agencies per se will
 mit in Phoenix, January 22 – 24. I asked      stationary. They will no longer be a          require sophisticated strategies by
 if I could think about that for a day and     United Way,” said Brian.                      United Ways and a different level of
 get back to him. First I checked on air-                                                    partnership with agencies and commu-
 lines and found a deal on Southwest.          When the vote was taken it was 100 %          nity leaders. There seemed to be a clear
 Talked to Tom Vais about the meeting.         for the standards. I had trouble believ-      understanding that the emphasis is in
 Called Don and said that I would be           ing it. It was like I was sitting in on the   that direction but getting there may re-
 pleased to go. Sounded like a very in-        United Way Declaration of Indepen-            quire a variety of approaches.
 teresting meeting.                            dence, except it was not that; it was the
                                               United Way Declaration of Interdepen-         In discussing the impact of United Way,
 Flew out of Sacramento at 1:30 pm on          dence. What had taken place was a com-        Cynthia Round, Executive Vice Presi-
 the 21st instead of early morning on the      mitment of United Ways to one another,        dent, Brand Strategy and Marketing,
 22nd. You can’t tell about getting out        a realization that the standards, or lack     UWA, reported on a study by Interbrand,
 of the Central Valley of California early     thereof, of one United Way affects com-       (a company that values a brand) that
 on a winter morning – fog, fog and more       munity acceptance throughout the sys-         places the value of the United Way brand
 fog. Got a Mariott suite five long blocks     tem. This was history being made in           between $32 to $38 billion dollars. That
 from the Summit hotel but for $20 per         the United Way system and I was very          puts the United Way brand in the top ten
 night less.                                   pleased to be a witness.                      global brands along with such brands as
                                                                                             IBM, Coke and Wal-Mart.
 I had never attended a “Summit” in my         The vote was 667 yes, 66 no and 14 ab-
 36 years with the United Way, biannual        stained (included all mail-in votes).         After the Thursday meetings, a number
 yes, summit, no. At 2:00 p.m. Brian                                                         of people talked to me about the good
 Gallagher, President and CEO of UWA           I later talked to Ralph Dickerson, Presi-     things that UWRA does. Amanda
 opened the meeting with a talk, “The          dent of the United Way of New York            Rosenberg, CPO of the United Way of
 State of the United Way System – Stay-        City. I asked him what he thought about       Rock Springs, commented about the
 ing the Course.” Len Roberts, Chair,          the Standards. He said, “The market           value of the UWRA mentoring program
 Board of Governors of UWA and Chair-          place, the donors, are requiring that we      and planned giving training for small
 man and CEO of RadioShack Corp. fol-          act more seamless so there is a clear un-     cities. Kerry Blume, CPO of the United
 lowed with the comment, “Every time I         derstanding of our value to the commu-        Way of Northern Arizona, told me how
 hear Brian talk, I realize more and more      nity. It is no longer a matter of au-         wonderful it was to have Bob Garrison,
 that we made the right move when we           tonomy. It’s a question of whether            Mid America Regional Chairman, call
 hired Brian.” That brought loud and           people will want to support and see how       and volunteer phone consultation help
 sustained applause. Len stressed that in      we affect the lives of people. Approval       during the big fires this past summer in
 order to make the greatest impact: “We        of standards is a transfer of power – but     her area. She reported that Bob later
 must do so as a coordinated body, UWA         it will mean a more powerful and a more       came to the Arizona State Conference
 & LUWs.” He had to head for his jet           seamless United Way system nation-            and did a presentation on crisis response.
 for a flight to Los Angeles on business       wide.”                                        And Edmund Parker, President and CEO
 but told Brian to call him if things aren’t                                                 of United Way of Tucson and Southern
 going well and he will wheel the jet          Chris James-Brown, President of the           Arizona saying, “I think UWRA is do-
 around for Phoenix.                           United Way of Southeastern Pennsylva-         ing a fabulous job. Keep up your good
                                               nia, told me, “You’re not giving up any-      work.”
 The discussion that followed was on the       thing when you’re sharing power –
 proposal of Accountability and Finan-         you’re adding to the power.”                  On Friday, the 24th, participants had the
 cial Standards that would apply to all                                                      opportunity to attend life balance work-
 United Ways. It establishes standards         Another major purpose of the Summit           shops on financial planning, retirement
 with respect to financial accountability,     was to, “define and distinguish leader-       planning, health and wellness and work/
 code of ethics, self assessment, income       ship competencies essential to trans-         life balance. Sally Helgesen, author of
 and expense survey, standard guidelines       forming United Ways to premier com-           Thriving in 24/7, Six Strategies for Tam-
 in reporting campaign revenue, cost de-       munity impact organizations.” Will
                                                                                                      (Continued on page 14)
                                               agencies no longer be important in this
Page 8                                                   UPDATES                                                   Winter 2003

            HAVE YOU
                                           when I die, just before they throw the        Interesting Trivia
                                           dirt on me at my burial, I want you       May not all be true but, ---Interesting!
           HEARD THIS                      each to toss in an envelope with
              ONE?                         $30,000 within.”                        • In Shakespeare’s time, mattresses
                                                                                   were secured on bed frames by
                                           The three attended the funeral and ropes. When you pulled on the
                                           each threw his envelope in the grave. ropes, the mattress tightened, mak-
                                           On the way back from the cemetery, ing the bed firmer to sleep on. That’s
  • A physician claims these are actual    the pastor said, “I must confess. I where the phrase, “good night, sleep
  comments from his patients               needed $10,000 for my new church, tight” came from.
  made while he was performing             so I only threw in $20,000.”
  colonoscopies:                                                                   • It was the accepted practice in
                                           The doctor then said, “I must confess
                                                                                   Babylon 4,000 years ago that for a
                                           too. I needed $20,000 for a new hos-
  1. “Take it easy, Doc, you’re boldly                                             month after the wedding, the bride’s
                                           pital I was opening up, so I only threw
  going where no man has gone be-                                                  father would supply his son-in-law
                                           in $10,000.”
  fore.”                                                                           with all the mead he could drink.
  2. “Find Amelia Earhart yet?”            The lawyer looked at them both and Mead is a honey beer and because
  3. “Can you hear me NOW?”                shook his head. He then said, their calendar was lunar based, this
  4. “Oh boy, that was phincterrific!”     “Gentlemen, I’m surprised, shocked, period was call the “honey month”
  5. “Are we there yet? Are we there       and ashamed of you. I don’t see how or what we know today as the “hon-
  yet? Are we there yet?”                  you could dare to go against that eymoon.”
  6. “You know, in Arkansas, we’re         man’s final wish. I mean, I threw in
  now legally married.”                    my personal check for the full • In English pubs, ale is ordered by
  7. “Any sign of the trapped miners,      amount.”                                 pints and quarts. So in old England
  Chief?”                                                                           when customers got unruly, the bar-
  8. “You put your left hand in, you       • While working for an organization tender would yell at them to mind
  take your left hand out. You do the      that delivers lunches to elderly shut- their own pints and quarts and settle
  Hokey Pokey....”                         ins, I used to take my four-year-old down. That’s where we get the
  9. “Hey! Now I know how a Muppet         daughter on my afternoon rounds. phrase “mind your you P’s and Q’s.”
  feels!”                                  She was unfailingly intrigued by the
  10.”If your hand doesn’t fit, you must   various appliances of old age, particu- • In ancient England, a person could
  acquit!”                                 larly the canes, walkers and wheel not have sex unless you had consent
  11. “Hey, Doc, let me know if you        chairs. One day I found her staring of the King (unless you were in the
  find my dignity.”                        at a pair of false teeth soaking in a Royal Family). When anyone
  12. “You used to be an executive at      glass. As I braced myself for the in- wanted to have a baby, they got con-
  Enron, didn’t you?”                      evitable barrage of questions, she sent of the King, the King gave them
  13. “Could you write me a note for       merely turned and whispered, “The a placard that they hung on their door
  my wife, saying that my head is          tooth fairy will never believe this!”    while they were having sex. The
  not, in fact, up there?”                                                          placard had F.*.*.*. (Fornication Un-
                                           • As a senior citizen was driving down der Consent of the King) on it. Now
  • An old penny pincher had no            the freeway, his car phone rang. An- you know where that word came
  friends. Just before he died he asked    swering, he heard his wife’s voice from.
  his doctor, lawyer, and pastor to        urgently warning him, “Ray, I just
  gather around him at bedside.            heard on the news that there’s a car • Murphy was staggering home with
                                           going the wrong way on the 280 In- a pint of booze in his back pocket
                                                                                    when he slipped and fell heavily.
  “I have always heard that you can’t      terstate. Please be careful!”            Struggling to his feet, he felt some-
  take it with you. But I want to dis-                                              thing wet running down his leg.
  prove that theory,” he said. “I have     “It’s not just one car,” said Ray. “It’s “Please lord,” he implored, “let it be
  $90,000 under my mattress, and           hundreds of them!”                       blood!”
Winter 2003                                            UPDATES                                                       Page 9

                                         The FDA standard is 0.05 parts per        into the food.
                   HEALTH                billion.” Her summarized results have
                                         been published in science journals.       Use paper towel instead.
                    NOTES                Claire Nelson received the American
                                         Chemical Society’s top science prize      (Editor’s note: I’ve read several ar-
      PLASTIC WRAP IN THE                for students during her junior year and   ticles that also speak to the dangers
             MICROWAVE                   fourth place at the International Sci-    of microwaving food wrapped in
                                         ence and Engineering Fair (Fort           plastic. So despite manufacturers’
 As a seventh grade student, Claire Worth, Texas) as a senior. “Carcino-           statements to the contrary (i.e. “safe
 Nelson learned that di(ethylhexyl) gens — At 10,000,000 Times FDA                 to use in microwave”) I’d suggest
 adepate (DEHA), considered a car- Limits”                                         avoiding the practice just to be on
 cinogen, is found in plastic wrap. She
                                                                                   the safe side.)
 also learned that the FDA had never
 studied the effect of microwave cook- On Channel 2 (Huntsville, AL) this
 ing on plastic-wrapped food.            morning they had a Dr. Edward                       Vision Health
                                         Fujimoto from Castle Hospital on the
 Claire began to wonder: “Can cancer- program. He is the manager of the            Healthy vision is one of our most
 causing particles seep into food cov- Wellness Program at the hospital. He        treasured senses. However, many
 ered with household plastic wrap was talking about dioxins and how                of us take it for granted until it be-
 while being in the microwave?” Three bad they are for us. He said that we         gins to fail. As with your overall
 years later, with encouragement from should not be heating our food in the        physical health, vision health ben-
 her high school science teacher, Claire microwave using plastic containers.       efits from proper nutrition, regular
 set out to test what the FDA had not.
 Although she had an idea for study- This applies to foods that contain fat.       exercise, and vitamin supplements.
 ing the effect of microwave radiation He said that the combination of fat,
 on plastic-wrapped food, she did not high heat and plastics releases diox-        Here are some food recommenda-
 have the equipment. Eventually, Jon ins into the food and ultimately into         tions to promote and maintain
 Wilkes at the National Center for the cells of the body.                          healthy vision:
 Toxicological Research in Jefferson,
 Arkansas agreed to help her. The re- Dioxins are carcinogens and highly           Eat foods rich in essential carotenes
 search center, which is affiliated with toxic to the cells of our bodies.         (in particular lutein and lycopene),
 the FDA, let her use its facilities to                                            flavonoids, the amino acid glu-
 perform her experiments that involves
                                         Instead, he recommends using glass,       tathione and other nutrients found
 plastic wrap in virgin olive oil heated
 in the microwave.                       Corning Ware, or ceramic containers       in natural foods. Among other
                                         for heating food. You get the same        things, these nutrients support flex-
 Claire tested four different plastic results without the dioxins. So such         ible lenses and the health of the reti-
 wraps and “found not just the things as TV dinners, instant simian                nal area. Such foods include: eggs,
 carcinogens but also xenoestrogen and soups, etc., should be removed              fresh fruits, dark red and green veg-
 was migrating [into the oil]....” from the container and heated in                etables (especially spinach and
 Xenoestrogens are linked to low something else. Paper isn’t bad but               kale), berries and nuts, and seafood.
 sperm counts in men and to breast you don’t know what is in the paper.
 cancer in women. Throughout her
                                         Just safer to use tempered glass,         Fruits and vegetables also help sub-
 junior and senior years, Claire made
 a couple of trips each week to the re- Corning Ware, etc. He said we might        due oxygen free radicals. Long-
 search center, which was 25 miles remember when some of the fast food             term free radical damage is now rec-
 from her home, to work on her experi- restaurants moved away from the             ognized as the greatest contributor
 ment.                                   foam containers to paper. The dioxin      there is to age-related health prob-
                                         problem is one of the reasons.            lems. The best fruit sources for pro-
 An article in Options reported that                                               tecting eyes from free radical dam-
 “her analysis found that DEHA was To add to this: Saran wrap placed over          age are prunes, raisins and blueber-
 migrating into the oil at between 200 foods as they are nuked, with the high      ries. For vegetable, it’s kale, raw
 parts and 500 parts per million.        heat, actually drips poisonous toxins     spinach and Brussels sprouts.
Page 10                                                         UPDATES                                                          Winter 2003

                                                                                 MEMBERSHIP CAMPAIGN 2003
           SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT                                                                     CONTEST

 Item: Membership Campaign Contest with Special Prizes for recruitment efforts
 Open: To all UWRA members.
 Purpose: To assist in recruitment of new members and expand the membership base.
 Goal: Doubling membership in 2003 – from 600 to 1200. Easily accomplished if each member recruits one new member.
 Rationale: “Word of Mouth” is one of the best ways to recruit new members. Members are asked to reach out to former
 Timeline: January through June 2003
 Membership Categories:                Regular
                                       * Retirees from the United Way System
                                       * 50 years of age and active in the United Way system
                                       * Supporters of UWRA
 Special Opportunity: To sponsor a friend or colleague for UWRA membership.
 Annual Membership Dues: $12.00
 Prizes: To be awarded following the campaign to those who recruit new members – the recruits must actually join in order
 for members to be awarded a prize.

          Recruitment of 1 new member                             UWRA pen and pencil set
          Recruitment of 2 to 4 new members                       UWRA tote bag or cap
          Recruitment of 5 or more new members                    UWRA Umbrella
                          GRAND PRIZE – HIS AND HERS WATCHES
              • All will be entered into the drawing for the grand prize.
              • Members participating in this campaign and the members they recruit will be acknowledged in UPDATES.

 Process: UWRA members contact prospective recruits to encourage them to join. The members then provide UWRA office
 with their names and addresses using the tear-off form found below. UWRA office will send membership brochure with
 return envelope as well as a cover letter stating the name of the person making the referral to the prospective member. When
 the prospective member sends in their dues, the name of the member who made the referral will be placed in the drawing for
 the grand prize, which will take place at the end of June.

 Please send UWRA membership materials to the following, whom I have identified and personally spoken to as
 prospective members:

 Name                                     Address (city, state, zip code)                                          Phone # (if known)
 Submitted by:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
               Name, Address, and Phone # please          Mail to: UWRA, 701 N. Fairfax St., Alexandria, VA 22314-2045
Winter 2003                                             UPDATES                                                      Page 11

                                         dents yet. Spending time with our 5        If anyone out there is unfamiliar with
                (Continued from page 6)  grandchildren has been a priority for      the location of Lincoln and Omaha,
                                         us. They range in age from 2 to 17.        just open your Rand McNally to Ne-
                                         All of us are big Gamecock fans. We        braska and pry up the center staples.
 those who may not have been aware, go to all home football games and a             See!! There we are!! The weather
 Ralph underwent major surgery fol- few away games. I’ve also become                here is moderate in the wintertime.
 lowed by months of follow up treat- interested in the USC golf team and            Last weekend it was 71 degrees.
 ment during this time.                  participate in many of their activities.   Today it is nine degrees. So you see,
                                         One of our sons, Richie, is a VP of        on average it is a very tolerable 40
 From my perspective, another round the United Way in Charlotte, NC and             degrees. This is also the state that
 of applause for this team and their keeps us up to date on happenings in           used to be able to brag about its foot-
 leader!                                 the field. We’re glad to be retired and    ball team. We still do, of course, but
                                         pray that those in leadership position     now we say things like, ‘as medio-
 • At the urging of Mack Hixon, today will continue to make a great                 cre football teams go, we have one
 South Carolina State Chair, John contribution to our communities.                  of the finest in the country’. Well,
 Heins writes: Lyn and I have been                                                  hope springs eternal, we will be back.
 doing a fair amount of traveling since • Dowson Dowty, Nebraska State              The coach says all we need is money,
 we retired. We’ve been to Europe a Chair, writes: There are three mem-             personnel and facilities.
 number of times,Central America bers of UWRA in the great state of
                                         Nebraska. We meet in a phone booth
 twice, Alaska and the Carribbean on downtown at the corner of Walk and             I am still running The Lincoln Foun-
 several occasions. These trips have Don’t Walk. At our last meeting I              dation and enjoying it very much.
 been great but we especially have en- read into the minutes the letter from        My wife and I really do like Lincoln
 joyed exploring a number of places Myron Liner which urgently solic-               and the quality of life here. Great
 in the U.S. that we had’nt been to ited news from the membership in                people with a strong ethic of philan-
 such as Southern Utah, Montana, order to satisfy your readers thirst for           thropy and voluntarism. The Univer-
 Wyoming and New Mexico . Fortu- knowledge about the Nebraska                       sity adds great value to the living ex-
 nately we were able to get many of contingent. As the exulted Chairman             perience and cultural atmosphere.
 our trips in before Lyn’s stroke and of the State of Nebraska I was elected        My wife, Rose Ann, is an artist, mu-
                                         as a committee of one to discharge
 her two knee repacements. She has                                                  seum docent and all around commu-
                                         this arduous task. The vote was one
 3 different types of arthritis and has to zip, with two abstaining. Actu-          nity volunteer. I play a lot of golf
 had a very difficult time over the past ally, the other two members weren’t        and ride my Gold Wing motorcycle
 few years. In spite of all her prob- even there. I was in the booth all            when weather permits. (A Gold Wing
 lems she has maintained a very posi- alone that day. But as anyone who             is just like a Harley, but it doesn’t
 tive and cheerful attitude. Both of knows me will tell you, I am nothing           leak). We are fortunate in being able
 us have been active in community if not a quorum.                                  to get back to San Diego for part of
 and church activities. I’ve especially                                             the winter. Our son and daughter live
                                         Before writing to you, I telephoned
 enjoyed working with an agency on our membership. I was successful                 nearby, so life is good.
 a very successful capital campaign, in contacting fully one-third of them
 serving on our Private Industry by phone (i.e. I called Jim Sullivan).             I will let you know how the Nebraska
 Council and taking on a major role Jim and his wife Rita live in Omaha             UWRA membership campaign goes.
 in revitalizing our lake’s community so it was a long distance call. Does          There isn’t much more room in the
 associaton.      Boating, skiing, golf UWRA reimburse exulted State                ol’ phone booth, so if we are too suc-
 and power walking , consume a great Chairs for these exorbitant costs? I           cessful, we may have to appoint a site
 amount of my time. It’s unimpor- had to drag a pound bag or quarters               search committee. If the crowds keep
 tant but I’ve exceeded 1000 miles per down to the phone booth just to talk         staying away from the football sta-
                                         to Jim. It was a short conversation,
 year power walking for over 20 con-                                                dium, there might be room for us to
                                         but I was on hold for several hours
 secutive years. Learning to snow ski while he finished putting in his storm        meet over there.
 in the last couple of years has been windows or something. He said he
                                                                                            (Continued on page 15)
 quite a challenge but no major acci- would write you himself.
Page 12                                                  UPDATES                                                  Winter 2003

                                           winter slumber and nail any bugs that    driver? Many golfers don’t realize
             Garden and
                                           managed to survive. Mix 1 cup of         that for every degree of loft that we
             Other Hints                   Murphy’s Oil Soap, 1 cup of tobacco      take down on the clubface, we add
                                           tea*, 1 cup of antiseptic mouthwash,     an additional five to six yards of
 Around the house                          and 1/4 cup of Tabasco sauce in a 20     sidespin. The result you will see is
                                           gallon hose-end sprayer. Apply to        that a shot that fades about 10 yards
 • Here are three but unusual, ways to
                                           everything to the point of runoff.       with a 15-degree 3-wood, may slice
 repel ants: (1) sprinkle coffee
                                                                                    an additional 25 yards for the same
 grounds on the countertops, (2) put
                                           *Tobacco tea is made by buying a shot with a 10-degree driver. Hitting
 pepper on the windowsills and (3)
                                           package of chewing tobacco, draw 3 a ball further into the rough will not
 apply strips of double-sided adhesive
                                           finders of it and place in the toe of a help you at all. My recommendation
 tape along the baseboards. These
                                           nylon stocking. Place in a gallon of is that when you can hit your 3-wood
 safe, nontoxic methods work like
                                           boiling water. Let marinate until the into the fairway 70 percent of the
                                           mixture is dark brown. Add a tea- time, then you should move up and
                                           spoon of this liquid to a pint of water begin to hit your driver.
 • Streak-free outside windows. For
                                           to make the tea.
 dirty windows, mix up in a bucket 1/
                                           Golf                                     2. Do you have the clubhead speed
 4 cup liquid dishwasher detergent
                                           (From bettergolf.net)                    needed to hit a driver effectively? For
 and 1 tablespoon Jet-Dry brand dish-
                                                                                    golfers who have a slower swing (if
 washer rinse agent for every gallon            Use Your 3-Wood to Gain
                                                                                    your swing speed is less than 85
 of hot water. Wash the windows with           More Distance Off the Tee
                                                                                    mph) you will actually gain distance
 a brush, then hose them off. The                       By Bob Rosburg
                                                                                    and accuracy by hitting a 3-wood off
 water sheets up and rolls off without
                                           Many golfers make the mistake of the tee. The reason, if your clubhead
 streaking. No wiping, no drying, no
                                           thinking that they need hit their driver speed is less than 85 mph you will
 fuss, no muss!
                                           off the tee in order to get the most need a greater launch angle to gain
                                           distance out of their drive. In theory, carry distance. If you’re not getting
 • Stubborn toilet bowl stains. Grab a
                                           this may be correct. But for many of the distance you are expecting, try
 package of Kool-Aid (any flavor will
                                           us, hitting a 3-wood versus our driver using a 13- or 15-degree wood off
 do) and sprinkle in into the toilet
                                           will actually add distance to our tee the tee and compare the results. You
 bowl. Let it sit a bit, swish with your
                                           shots and help us lower our scores. will be surprised.
 bathroom brush and flush away the
                                           The fact is that many golfers will
                                           actually lose distance off the tee by 3. Which club are you more comfort-
 • To keep those copper pots shiny, rub    using a driver. Drivers have clubfaces able with? The mental aspect of the
 on a bit of Worcestershire sauce with     with too little loft or shafts that are game will, and does, affect your
 a sponge (a little goes a long way),      too long for many golfers to use.        score. For various reasons, when
 let it sit for a minute or so, and wipe                                            golfers put a driver in their hands they
 it clean.                                 Another factor that causes golfers to tend to tense up. Before you begin to
             In the Garden                 lose distance with their drivers is count on your driver to help you
                                           their clubhead speed. In order to lower your score, you need to de-
 • Enjoy weed-free walkways by giv-        properly use a driver, and to gain the velop a comfort level with it. If you’re
 ing weeds the hot foot. Pour boiling      maximum amount of distance from having any doubts with the driver,
 water on them and they’ll die within      it, golfers need a clubhead speed that you may want to keep it in the bag
 a couple of days. No chemicals, no        is at least 85 mph.                      during your next round and stick with
 weeds and no more work.                                                            the 3-wood. In the meantime, you
                                           When you are on the tee, consider 3 may find that the 3-wood not only
 • Swing into Spring. Jerry Baker          factors when deciding to hit a driver provides great accuracy, but the club
 suggests giving your whole yard a         or a 3-wood:                             also makes it easier for you to get the
 dose of his Rise-n-Shine Clean-up                                                  ball up in the air for better carry and
 tonic to wake it up from that long        1. How consistent are you with your distance.
Winter 2003                                              UPDATES                                                       Page 13

                                                                                      voluntary and governmental agencies
       Where are They Now and What are They Doing?                                    serving the blind and visually handi-
                                                                                      capped. In my first five retirement
                                                                                      years I chaired several field accredi-
                                                                                      tation teams, served as chairman of the
                                                                                      Council’s National Commission on
                                                                                      Standards and as an active board
                                                                                      member and officer. In one of those
                                                                                      summers I had the stimulation of serv-
                                                                                      ing as interim executive of the United
                                                                                      Way of Beaver County, PA.

                                                                                      Soon after retirement I sent a resume
                                                                                      to the International Executive Service
                                                                                      Corps, founded by David Rockefeller,
                                                                                      Frank Pace and other corporate CEO’s
                                                                                      to send retired business and profes-
                                                                                      sional people to bring their particular
                           Owen and Viola (Vi) Davison                                expertise on economic projects to third
                                                                                      world countries. Not too much later,
                        It’s Been Mostly Perfect                                      they asked if I could take a three
                               By Owen R. Davison
                                                                                      month volunteer assignment in Bra-
                                                                                      zil. We decided to accept and found
 When I retired in 1980 from my last two posts - United Way of
                                                                                      ourselves in San Paulo in late fall of
 Pennsylvania and the regional Health and Welfare Council of Philadelphia -
                                                                                      1980 and over Christmas, working
 after forty three years at work, forty in the United Way Movement, I had
                                                                                      with a large organization of 2000 em-
 doubts about what my retirement would bring. As it turned out, it has far
                                                                                      ployees serving more than a million
 exceeded my hopes to wind up what was already a happy career. When Bernie
                                                                                      workers of commercial companies -
 Hyman suggested I do a piece on these twenty-three years, I didn’t see how I
                                                                                      with a program of health clinics, city
 could get it into one short story. I still don’t.
                                                                                      cafeterias, “country clubs”, gymnasia,
                                                                                      theater, band and orchestra and a
 After the sudden death of our oldest son from a newly identified genetic
                                                                                      variety of other services. Between
 disease involving reactions to inhalant anesthetics used during surgery -
                                                                                      1980-90 I took appointments in Indo-
 Malignant Hyperthermia -, a niece of Jean’s and I initiated the Malignant
                                                                                      nesia, Ecuador, Costa Rica and twice
 Hyperthermia Association of the U.S. as a resource for affected families.
                                                                                      to Jamaica and also did screening of
 The death rate for patients carrying the gene was estimated in 1978 at 80%.
                                                                                      volunteers in Central and Eastern
 A leading anesthesiologist from Philadelphia, agreed to work with us as Chair
                                                                                      Pennsylvania being considered for
 of the Medical Advisory group and to help find other potential directors with
                                                                                      overseas assignments. Each of my
 interests in the problem.
                                                                                      countries was different, and the cul-
                                                                                      tures challenge you to find whether
 My niece carried the heavy organizational load, and I performed as the
                                                                                      your skills from America can be
 “resident professional on operation of non-profit agencies”. After assembling
                                                                                      adapted. The opportunity to live and
 a board, at first mostly people with M.H. in their families, a national
                                                                                      work with people of other cultures was
 hotline of volunteer anesthesiologists, was undertaken, an extensive
                                                                                      an experience I shall ever forget. Jean
 educational program for families, hospitals and health professionals
                                                                                      also did some volunteer work in insti-
 established, the inclusion of M.H. as a disease in the International
                                                                                      tutions, mostly with children, helping
 Dictionary of Diseases achieved, and the cooperation of the 20,000 plus
                                                                                      them to practice their English or what-
 American Society of Anesthesiologists and that of the Association of Nurse
                                                                                      ever needed to be done.
 Anesthesiologists enlisted. It is now estimated that this activity and an
 effective drug, (Dantrilene) has helped reduce the death rate to an estimated
                                                                                      You can’t really describe the welter
                                                                                      of new experiences. For instance, I
                                                                                      had a secretary in Indonesia who
 Some years earlier I worked as an extra curricular consultant to the American
                                                                                              (Continued on page 14)
 Foundation for Blind in the organization of the National Accreditation Council for
Page 14                                                         UPDATES                                                       Winter 2003

 Davison...                                      Church, including chairman of the Bud-       children, five in- laws, five great grand-
                                                 get and Nominating Committees. A             children and another on the way, Add to
 (Continued from page 13)
                                                 group of us also formed the Derry Se-        that Vi’s family of four children, two in-
 spoke only Bahasa Indonesian and I only         niors. Jean and I delivered Meals on         laws, and seven grandchildren, and you’ll
 English. Imagine trying to produce re-          Wheels in Hershey for many years when        know we need an old fashioned coordi-
 ports, usually both in the native language      we were in town from 1980 to about           nating council to keep everything straight.
 and English. Normally, our secretaries          1995. A golfing buddy of mine and I          Why wouldn’t it be fun? I tell my doctor
 also served as our interpreters as needed.      organized a weekly golf league. In all       I’m working on at least 120 years, so “get
 In both Indonesia and Ecuador, I at-            these volunteer activities I am now what     cracking on it”.
 tempted speeches in Bahasa and Span-            the “Jaycees” used to call an exhausted
 ish. At an outdoor village celebration          rooster. But when we could, we               Retirement? I’m supposed to be a com-
 in Indonesia on their Independence Day          shuffled off to St. Simons, GA or Florida    munity planner. Didn’t I just prove it?
 my Bahasa was so gross, even my ref-            for awhile in the winter and also man-       NO, NO!! Most of it just seemed to hap-
 erence to greetings from the President          aged some time in Europe and a six           pen. Get going, you old and young retir-
 of the U.S. (he never knew about this so        week auto tour of western USA and            ees. You’ll like it !
 don’t tell Jimmy) brought roars of laugh-       Canada.
 ter from the natives. But perhaps it                                                         Summit...
 helped develop warm friendship with the         But the 1990’s brought a score of health     (Continued from page 7)
 village mayor and others. In Guayaquil,         problems to both of us and in 1998 I lost
 a local professor helped convert my writ-       my beloved Jean after 59 years of mar-       ing the New World of Work, finished the
 ten speech into Spanish. Apparently I           riage. But luck has stayed with me. Two      general sessions.
 delivered it so well many in the crowd          months after her death I moved down
 rushed up and began to spout Spanish            the street in Hershey and into the retire-   Brian Gallagher permitted me to address
 at me. Did you ever wish you were               ment community of Country Meadows,           the attendees for several minutes. That
 dead? Incidentally, I shared the platform       one of about a dozen similar communi-        gave me the opportunity to say a few
 that day with the top general of the Ec-        ties owned and operated by former Penn-      words about the history of the United Way
 uadorian air force, a massive hulk of a         sylvania Governor George M. Leader           movement. After all, no one else there
 man with the chest full of medals. He           and family. While it emphasize assisted      could talk about starting with the Com-
 was later arrested after an attempted           living services. I live in an apartment      munity Chest under Chuck Devine a half
 coup of the country’s government and            building for independent living. This is     century ago. And I had the opportunity
 actually kidnapping of the elected presi-       one very lucky retiree. Some time af-        to talk about the United Way Retirees
 dent for a few days before he and his           ter moving here, I met a widow living a      Association, what it is doing and how we
 cadre were caught. You never know what          few doors down the hall, Viola Short. I      are looking forward to having “all of you
 may happen in 3rd world countries. For          invited her out to dinner and after a few    join with us when you retire or even
 example, in Jakarta I couldn’t get to           months we decided to get married, I at       before.”
 work for several days because of mas-           84 and Vi at 74. It took all my persua-
 sive street riots by radicals and a large       sive powers to convince her. Our prox-       Brian closed the Summit by answering a
 department store was burned. But we             imity down the hall made courting            question (or two) from each table on just
 loved the country and its people, who           easier, though closely observed by 60        about every subject imaginable. With his
 are 95% Islamic. Never have I found             other pairs of eyes. I brag about how        sport coat, open collar shirt and blue jeans,
 more warm and friendly people despite           lucky I really am, because life has          plus an exciting and driving élan, he in-
 life under this benevolent military dic-        brought me two wonderful wives and at        deed represented the new United Way of
 tatorship. In all countries visited, at least   88 continues to be good. I don’t feel        the new century. It is a United Way we
 in that period, many young people               guilty any more when I’m not doing           can all be proud of and proud that we
 wanted to know if I could help them get         something productive, although I do put      helped bring it to this point. And as mem-
 a visas to the U.S. and perhaps admis-          together a lot of copy for the Center’s      bers of the United Way Retirees Associa-
 sion to a university here. In all countries     resident newsletter and try to get in 1-2    tion, proud that we serve it still.
 where I worked, genuine admiration for          miles daily walking in Hershey, using
 the USA was commonly expressed.                 the treadmill, and using the 92 degree
                                                 pool for exercise.                           Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a
 In the last of the 1980’s and early 1990’s                                                   matter of choice; it is not a thing to be
 I served two terms as a “ruling elder” in       Otherwise, Vi and I are busy with fam-       waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.
 the 278 year old Derry Presbyterian             ily. I with two children, seven grand                        -William Jennings Bryan
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                                           UWA South Central Regional
               (Continued from page 11)          Conference                           Quick Quiz for Small City
                                                                                         United Way CPOs
 • George Pfeiffer, North Carolina The United Way Retirees Association
 State Chair, got our President, Don was represented at the South Central Answer the Following:
 Sanders to write the following: In Regional Conference, February 19-
 addition to serving as President of 21, by Alice Thacker, Regional 1) Are you new on the job and do
 UWRA this year and last, Don Sanders Board member.                                  you at times, feel isolated?
 enjoys travel, volunteering in local com-                                                ___ Yes ____ No
 munity causes, listening and perform- The Conference, held in Baton
 ing music, and staying close to his and Rouge, LA, had over 200 people reg- 2) Do you often feel overwhelmed
 Mary’s four children and ten grandchil- istered and many stopped by the
                                                                                     at work and wish you had someone
 dren. Sanders and his wife are mem- UWRA exhibit which was strategi-
                                                                                     to turn to for help?
 bers of their church choir and Don en- cally located close to the entrance
 joys singing and playing folk music and where the general sessions were                  ____ Yes ____ No
 entertaining groups with Broadway and held.
 popular music. Sanders says that he                                                 3) Do you have questions regarding
 plays a game “resembling golf “ once Those who stopped expressed help- non-profit management?
 in a while, often played near his and ful questions and comments. Most
 Mary’s place in the mountains of North felt that if they weren’t retired they            ____ Yes ____ No
 Carolina. Sanders reports that he con- couldn’t be members, so it was good
 tinues to enjoy retirement, including to be able to point out the member- 4) Do you have any concerns on
 staying close to his friends from his ship criteria and encourage them to governance issues and the role of a
 United Way career.
                                            prepare for that day when they will non-profit board?
                                            retire. There was also a misconcep-
 Editor’s Comments                          tion that if their organization contrib-      ____ Yes ____ No
 I hope you have enjoyed reading about uted they were automatically an in-
 our members in both the columns “Who, dividual member. We received some If you answered yes to one or more
 What, When, Where” and “Where Are ideas on ways to organize the mem-
                                                                                     of these questions and are relatively
 They Now and What Are They Doing.” bership directory, designating mem-
                                                                                     new (i.e., six months to two years)
                                            bers who are still at their local United in the United Way system, the United
 Our State Chairs who responded to Ways.
 Myron Liner’s call for assistance in writ-                                          Way Retirees Association (UWRA)
 ing about our members in their states                                               has the answer! Help is available
                                            A presentation was made at the CPO
 did a great job and hopefully this re-                                              through their Mentoring Program
                                            Roundtable with questions regarding
 sponse will increase. We also appreci-                                              in which you will be matched with a
 ate Bernie Hyman’s help in getting
                                            the programs in which retirees are
                                                                                     seasoned United Way retired profes-
 Owen Davison to write his story.           involved. We also discussed way
                                            organizations can provide member- sional who will guide you and help
                                                                                     you become the “best CPO you can
 The remaining deadlines for the 2003 ship as an employee benefit. Educa-
 issues of Updates are:                     tion and communication is key to be.”
                                          raising the level of awareness of
 Spring          May 15, 2003             UWRA and state, regional and na-         For additional information call Tricia
 Summer          August 15, 2003                                                   Smith, Project Manager, United Way
 Fall            November 15, 2003        tional meetings provide an audience
                                          for this promotion and service pro-      Retirees    Association, at 1-800-
   I can be reached via e-mail at         gram. I’m also pleased to report that    UWA-2757, ext. 621 or e-mail:
 georgew610@aol.com or by regualar        Janet S. Durden, United Way of           tricia.smith@uwa.unitedway.org.
 mail addressed to: George Wilkinson,     Northeast Louisiana, Monroe, LA, a
 2319 Sierra Highlands Drive, Reno, NV                                             The only limit to our realization of
 89523 or by phone at 775-747-8834. All   long time supporter of UWRA, gra-
 comments and suggestions are             ciously agreed to cochair the mem-       tomorrow will be our doubts of today.
 welcome.                                 bership recruitment of Metros II-IV.     Let us move forward with strong and
                                                                                   active faith. -Franklin Delano Roosevelt
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