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                Washington state Sno-Parks open for winter
             Purchase permits and register snowmobiles before visiting parks
OLYMPIA – Nov. 29, 2007 – The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission announces
that Sno-Parks are now open and ready for cross-country skiers and snowmobilers.

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission also reminds winter sports enthusiasts to register
their snowmobiles and purchase Sno-Park permits and cross-country ski trail guides. The public may
purchase Sno-Park permits through more than 125 retail dealers statewide and throughout the State Parks
system. One-day Sno-Park permits also are available for purchase online at www.parks.wa.gov/winter/.
Because dealers are not always located near Sno-Parks, State Parks recommends purchasing permits prior
to visiting Sno-Parks.

New fees for Non-motorized Sno-Park permits
Beginning in 2007-08, a one-day permit will cost $10, seasonal permit $30 and Special Groomed
Trails Permit $30.

The Special Groomed Trails Permit must be purchased with a Seasonal Sno-Park Permit for the
following Sno-Parks: Cabin Creek, Chiwawa, Crystal Springs, CS Road 54, Hyak, Lake Easton State
Park, Lake Wenatchee State Park, Mount Spokane State Park and Nason Ridge. Individuals who
purchase a one-day permit are not required to buy the special trail permit.

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Washington State Parks Sno-Park permits allow visitors to park in more than 120 designated parking lots
that access winter recreation areas in the state, as well as neighboring Idaho and Oregon states.

Permits are available at roughly 125 vendors across the state; an optional $1 per permit surcharge covers
dealer services. One-day permits may be purchased online at www. parks.wa.gov/winter.

Snowmobile registration
More than 80 designated snowmobile Sno-Parks are available in Washington. Snowmobile owners are
issued a seasonal snowmobile Sno-Park permit as part of the annual snowmobile registration fee.
Registration is valid from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30, for $30 a year per sled ($12 a year per vintage sled),
plus additional dealer fees. Snowmobile owners may register their sleds through county auditors or
their local Department of Licensing sub-agency.

Sno-Park closures and New Sno-Parks
Nason Ridge Sno-Park near Lake Wenatchee State Park will be closed this season because of winter
logging. Downriver Golf Course Sno-Park in Spokane and Hardtime Sno-Park along the Wind River
Highway in southwestern Washington are no longer available. Several new Sno-Parks have been
added: Ape Cave and Government Mineral Springs (South Cascades area), CS Road 54 and Lake
Keechelus (I-90 corridor/Mt. Snoqualmie area) and Silver Springs (Crystal Mountain area).

State Parks’ Non-motorized and Snowmobile Sno-Park programs are supported entirely by user fees,
snowmobile registrations and a percentage of the state of Washington’s fuel tax.

For more information on Sno-Park permits and snowmobile regulations or for a list of permit dealers,
contact the Winter Recreation Program at Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, P.O.
Box 42662, Olympia, WA 98504-2662, winter@parks.wa.gov, or (360) 586-6644 or the Washington
Telecommunications Relay Service at (800) 833-6388. Winter recreation information, including trail
grooming reports, also may be found online at www.parks.wa.gov/winter.

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission manages a diverse system of more than 120
parks and several recreation programs, including boating, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. The
94-year-old park system will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2013.

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