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Accountability, Goal Setting and Budget
  2006-07 Dashboard Indicators
  Placements by Campus 2005
Class Placement    2005        Totals   All Campuses

English            900         990      RDG 0900   RDG 0990   ENGL 1010
    Redwood        646         1490     539        1027       2790
    SCC    191     378         155      269        880
    Jordan 104     349         73       161        693
    Concurrent     39          207      33         100        402

           980     2424        800      1557       4765                           10526
           9.30%   23%         7.60%    14.70%     45.20%

Math               0900/0920   0950     0970       1010       1050        1060    1210
    Redwood        1703        2450     809        2079       374         98      49
    SCC    517     711         230      555        104        20          3
    Jordan 330     585         190      576        94         15          8
    Concurrent     53          108      23         866        307         65      7

           2603    2854        1252     4076       879        198         67      12929
           20.1%   29.80%      9.60%    31.50%     6.70%      1.50%       0.51%
2006-07 Dashboard Indicators
CPT Totals by Month
                                                        CPT Totals



Students (thousands)

                       2000                                          CPT totals by month 2004
                                                                     CPT totals by month 2005
                       1500                                          CPT totals by month 2006



                                                      O er

                                                      ec er


                       Fe r y

                                      ri l


                                                      pt t

                                                    Se us

                                                    N be














2006-07 Dashboard Totals
GED Totals
GED Totals
                         SLCC Redwood   State
Total Examinees                1173               6672
Total Completed                1134               6419
Total Passed                    927               5163
% Passed                     81.75%             80.43%

Total Examinees                1251               6599
Total Completed                1183               6254
Total Passed                    978               4988
% Passed                     78.18%             75.59%

Total Examinees                1189               6524
Total Completed                1143               6231
Total Passed                    989               5145
% Passed                     86.50%             82.50%
Budget/Expenditure History
                2006-07     2003-04         2004-05        2005-06
                Base Budget Actual          Actual         Actual
                             Expenditures   Expenditures   Expenditures
  Hourly        0            0              0              0

  Hourly Non-   $53,118.54   $53,926.00     $43,637.00     $47,269.00

  Travel In     $127.35      $173.30        0              $25.60

  Travel Out    $254.70      0              0              0

  Current       $54,673.56   $46,453.00     $58,878.00     $53,598.40
2005-06 Departmental Goals

  To provide GED clients with an easy to
   navigate process, respectful and caring
   interactions and quick results.
  To maintain or increase the number of CLEP
   and challenge tests administered in 2006
   compared to the previous year.
  To provide students a comfortable, secure
   environment in which to take distance
   education/on-line courses and make up tests
   for instructors
2005-06 Departmental Goals

  To support Learning Outcomes by
   providing students an opportunity to
   improve their skill level and their course
   placement in the CPT by providing
   access to an on-line skill building
2005-06 Goal
Outcomes/Improved Processes
  GED process – A survey of all GED test takers
   was completed in April, using a Likert forced
   choice scale.
  Over 80% of responders indicated they agreed
   with all statements.
  The statement with the highest agreement rate
   was “The person(s) who administered the test
   were knowledgeable, helpful and informative.”
   94.4% of responders agreed.
  Based on the results of the survey, no changes
   are planned.
2005-06 Goal
Outcomes/Improved Processes
  A limited number of students took part in
   this program, but all of them placed into
   English 1010, including one who was not
   a native English speaker.
  The majority of students placed into Math
  Advancer seems to help students
   improve their placements, but more study
   is needed.
Other 2005-06 Accomplishments
and Challenges

  The Assessment Center was able to
   purchase 33 new lab computers with one
   time monies.
  The Assessment Center was able to
   assist Dev Ed Reading faculty in getting
   College approval for the Reading
   Initiative. We continue to work closely to
   initiate the plan.
Other 2005-06 Accomplishments
and Challenges

 Challenge: Lack of a full-time position at
  Jordan campus leaves Assessment
  unable to offer full services there.
 Challenge: Constant short-staffing
  because of budget constraints leave the
  Director and Tech Manager working front
  line and unable to accomplish their work
  in a timely manner.
Other 2005-06 Accomplishments
and Challenges

  Challenge: Sandy Campus needs to
   have an Assessment Center, but there is
   no funding to open one.
Progress Report on New Dollars
Received July 1, 2006

 $70,000 in new dollars was received.

 $15,000 was put into current expense to
   purchase tests.
  $55,000 was put into part-time salaries.
2006-07 Departmental Goals

  Students who have completed the CPT
   for placement into English and math
   classes AND who have placed into
   developmental education classes will be
   offered the opportunity to utilize
   Advancer to improve their skills (and their
   placement) before retesting. Both
   Advancer use and the retest will be at no
   cost to the student.
2006-07 Goal Action Plans

 * Students who are testing for placement
   in Spring semester are being recruited.
   They are supplied with a password and
   instructions for utilizing Advancer. Once
   they feel adequately prepared, they will
   come back and retest. Scores from the
   two testing sessions can then be
   compared for improvement.
2006-07 Departmental Goals

  In order to help the College accomplish
   the Reading initiative and to
   accommodate the numbers of students
   needing to test under that initiative, the
   Assessment Center needs to have a
   bigger space that will hold more
   computers. Money has been set aside
   for the remodel.
2006-07 Goal Action Plan

  Plans for the remodel of the basement of
   the CT building will be completed. Input
   from Assessment Center personnel will
   be sought and incorporated in order to
   make this new space an efficient, cutting
   edge assessment area that meets NCTA
   best practices.
2006-07 Departmental

  The passing rate of students who take
   the GED at the Redwood Road campus
   will equal or exceed the passing rate of
   the state as a whole.
2006-07 Departmental Goals
 The Assessment Center will begin the
  use of Prosper test system software.
  This software will replace the current
  SCOUT system, which is no longer
  supported by its maker. The system will
  provide instructors the opportunity to link
  class learning outcomes to test
  questions, then give them objective
  reports on how well classes are meeting
  their objectives.
2006-07 Goal Action Plan

  A requisition for the software has been
   entered. Completed purchase is
   expected within the month, with
   installation and training happening during
   December. The system should be ready
   for use at the beginning of Spring
2007-08 Proposed Departmental
Programmatic Goals

  Move to new space which will allow more
   room for computers. (College goal – all)
  Hire a full-time person at Jordan
   Campus, which will allow development of
   full services. (College goal – all)
  Work with Skills Center Assessment to
   develop a combined testing area at SCC.
   (College goal – all)
2007-08 Proposed Departmental
Programmatic Goals

  Work with various departments to pick up
   testing done in departmental labs, as
   requested in Dean’s Council. (College
   Goal – all)
2007-08 Base Budget Request

  One full-time test specialist for Jordan.
     (Grade 12 – approx. $51.097

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