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					                                   THE SACRED PORTION
                                   CHILDREN’S OUTREACH
                                      A Child Caring Ministry
 Fall 2006
“And you . . . shall rejoice in all the good which the Lord your God has given you and your household. And you . . . shall say before
   the Lord your God, I have removed the sacred portion from my house, and have given it to . . . the orphan according to all thy
                commandments which thou hast commanded me . . . I have listened to the voice of the Lord my God.”
                                                     Deuteronomy 26: 11, 12 & 14

         Our Mission                                       THE MIRACLE OF TIME
                                                                             BY JAN DRUCKENMILLER

                                              Summer Miracles 2006 has come
                                              and gone. It was a successful
                                              summer in that 16 out of 18
                                              participating children will have
                                              an adoptive family as a result of
                                              their sojourn to the U.S. and
                                              Bozeman, Montana. This always
                                              raises the question, “What of the
                                              children who did not find a
                                              family?” We have learned to
The Sacred Portion Children’s                 rest at ease with that question as
Outreach is a non-profit                      time has shown us that miracles
organization dedicated to providing           continue to happen long after
for the needy children of the world           the children have returned to
who are without homes or families.            their countries and respective
                                              orphanages. Duman is one such
Formerly known in our community
                                              case in point. Duman, who was
as Southwood Child and Family
                                              seven years old at the time,
Education Center, the organization            participated in Summer Miracles
was directly involved for 22 years            2002 along with 18 other children
in the development and operation of           from Kazakhstan. He stayed with
an early childhood program. In                a host family for six weeks who
1997 the organization passed the              had an interest in adopting him.             committing to adopting Aidar
care and continuation of that                 However, after Duman left, the               and his older sister, Aigerim. The
program into another’s hands and              family decided that they could               Haynes family traveled to
the founders, Craig and Jan                   not move forward with his                    Kazakhstan in May of 2003 to
Druckenmiller, turned their hearts            adoption. Duman’s best friend                complete their adoption of these
towards serving a more needy                  in the orphanage, Aidar, had                 siblings. When they went to meet
population of the world’s children.           also come to Bozeman that                    Aidar and Aigerim at Krupskaya,
                                              summer. Aidar and Duman had                  they, of course, encountered
The organization, as part of its new
                                              been together in the orphanage               Duman. Duman was delighted to
mission seeks to assist facilities that
                                              since they were tiny, first the              see these familiar faces from the
care for orphaned and abandoned
                                              baby house, then moving to the               summer program.         But it was
children in providing healthy,
                                              preschool orphanage and finally              obvious that he was waiting and
secure environments in which these            to Krupskaya, an orphanage for               expecting his host family to come
children can grow and develop as              older kids. Aidar’s stay with his            for him as well.
normally as possible.                         host family had a positive
                                              outcome with the family                                 Continued on page 2
George and Debbie Haynes were                 Duman and had shared some
heart broken for Duman but felt it            pictures via e-mail.     Brian and
was important that he know the                Marty approached Debbie at
truth - that his host family was not          the wedding saying that
going to adopt him.              The          adopting Duman was something
orphanage staff, however, not                 they felt they could do.
wanting to be the ones to break
this news to Duman, refused to                The paperwork process to adopt
translate for George and Debbie.              is long and arduous and it
As time went on and the months                wasn’t until October of 2005 that
turned into a year and then two,              Brian and Marty were ready to
Duman no doubt came to realize                travel to Kazakhstan. The day
at some point, for himself, that his          they were leaving they received
host family would not be coming.              a shocking call from the
Even so, he hung on to hope and               facilitator in Kazakhstan telling
maintained faith in the idea that             them not to come. A blood
someday he would return to the                relative, Duman’s aunt, had
U.S. and have a family.                       materialized out of nowhere and
                                              was laying claim to Duman. This                   Duman 2006
                                              news was devastating to the           patience and persistence.         It
                                              Lucas’ and to Duman as well as        requires making the need known
                                              he saw his long awaited dream         in every circle in which you move.
                                              of having a family slipping away.     She stated, “Sometimes it’s in the
                                              Duman refused to see the aunt         wildest corner of your life that
                                              (whom he never knew) and              someone steps up.” In His word,
                                              protested the whole situation. It     God promises that He will not
                                              took some time to smooth out          leave us as orphans (John 14:18).
                                              this hiccup but, five weeks later,    We have seen His faithfulness in
                                              Marty and Brian were able to          the case of Duman and other
                                              board a plane for Kazakhstan.         Summer Miracles children who did
                                                                                    not immediately gain a family.
                                              As the new year rang in on            And so, we wait in confidence
                                              December 31, 2006, Duman              that miracles will happen for those
                                              l a n d e d o n c e a g ai n on       few remaining children of the
       Aidar and Duman during                 American soil to begin a new life     summer of 2006. But we must do
        Summer Miracles 2002                  with his adoptive family. Duman       our part in continuing to
                                              now lives on a ranch outside of       advocate for them until that
 After a six week stay in                     Molt, Montana, has his own            miracle of God’s timing takes
Kaza k h st a n fi n a l i zi n g t h e i r   horse and attends a small             place.
adoption in the court system                  country school.       His parents
there, George and Debbie                      describe him as a really good
returned home with Aidar and                  boy and an absolute delight.
Aigerim. Debbie vowed to herself              Duman frequently sees his best
that she would find an adoptive               buddy (and now cousin), Aidar,
family for Duman, no matter how               and their big brother/little
long it took. She spent the next              brother relationship continues to
year talking to everyone she knew             this day. Aidar has remained the
and telling them about the boy in             “protector”, a leftover role from
the orphanage in Kazakhstan who               their days in the orphanage, and
needed a family.              Some 100        we can only imagine Aidar’s
people later, Debbie hit a                    satisfaction in seeing Duman find
“bingo”.. It happened at a family             the love and security of a family        To read another Summer
wedding where Debbie was in                   of his own.                            Miracles story about how time
attendance along with her cousin                                                         brought a successful
and his wife, Brain and Marty                 Debbie’s relentless efforts to find       conclusion for a pair of
Lucas.    Debbie had previously               a family for Duman proves that           Russian brothers, turn to
spoken to this couple about                   advocacy works but it does take                   page 17

This was our fourth summer of doing the Summer Miracles program in
Bozeman, MT. Eighteen children were hosted by twelve families which
was our biggest summer ever in terms of numbers of host families.
Thirteen of the children were from the Philippines and five of the
children were from Colombia. This was our first summer to bring
children from Colombia. Because we chose to add the Colombian
component to this summer’s program, it became necessary for us to
raise additional funds over and above what we had held in reserve
from 2005’s program that never happened due to issues with DHHS.
We decided to hold a MiracleWalk which took place in June. Having
never done this particular type of fundraiser before, we didn’t know
what to expect and had no idea if we would even come close to
meeting our fundraising goal of $36,000. Our host families and other
community volunteers formed teams and solicited pledges for the
MiracleWalk. We had great support from the community with publicity
and people began contacting us whom we didn’t even know, saying
that they wanted to participate in the Walk. The day of the event was
drizzling rain, but we had a good turn out in spite of the weather. When
all was said and done, the MiracleWalk and other donations to Summer
Miracles generated over $55,000! We exceeded our fundraising goal
by leaps and bounds. This astounded us and we realized how low we
had set our sights in comparison to what God had in mind!

The children from Colombia arrived on July 7 and the children from the
Philippines arrived on July 11. The host families and children were kept
busy with a calendar of activities and events that included taekwondo,
swim lessons, art classes, an outing to Hyalite Lake and Palisade Falls, a
day at the Big Timber Water Slide and weekly potlucks. The host
families also kept busy taking their children to various medical
appointments. These services were graciously donated by doctors and
dentists in the community. When not running here and there to
activities and appointments, the families just enjoyed down time at
home with their host children and doing family focused activities. Our
last potluck before the Philippine children left was a Despedida, a
Filipino style farewell party complete with lechon baboy (whole roasted
pig) and other traditional Filipino food. The host families, children and
escorts put on a program that included lots of singing and dancing
with everyone having an opportunity to show off their various talents.
Saying goodbye is always the most difficult part of the summer
program and the escorts prepared the children for their return to their
respective countries and orphanages.            There were some very
emotional moments at the airport when the day of departure arrived.
The separation is softened by the fact that the host families are allowed
to keep in contact with their host children, particularly those families
who are planning to move forward with adoption. With the summer
program behind us, we are focusing on completing the home studies
for those families who will pursuing adoption and getting them started
on the paperwork process. The month of November will find us in the
Philippines identifying children for Summer Miracles 2007! The various
facets of the Summer Miracles program have caused it to become a
year round project that begins again as soon as it ends!

    Summer Miracles Host Families and Children

The Philippine Contingent
     Escorts & Kids

The Colombia Contingent
     Escort & Kids


 Craig, Julie, JC, Jennifer and Jessica Blockey
hosted Maritess, age 12 and Mariz, age 11. The
 Blockey family is ecstatically moving forward
with the adoption of these lovely young ladies.

                                                      Jack, Tana, Ryan, Aaron and Taylor Devine
                                                     hosted Michelle, age 11. The Devine family is
                                                    looking forward to a new experience of having
                                                               a “daughter” and “sister”.
    Mike, Kathy, Larissa and Tyrel Boman hosted
      Victor, age 14. The Bomans are moving
    forward in faith with the adoption of Victor.

                                                       Paul and Denise Thomas and their bunch
                                                    hosted John Rey, age 9. John Rey is a good fit
  Gabor, Susan, Lucas, Kaitlin, Danielle and           for their family and they are happy to be
 Hannah hosted James Francis, age 11, as an         increasing their numbers by one more through
   advocate family. We have a potential                            John Rey’s adoption.
     adoptive family for James Francis.

Host families and does it all work? Some families go
into the hosting experience with a clear intention to adopt,
others approach the situation more tentatively, and still others
come on board with a desire to help a child find a potential
adoptive family with no intention of adopting themselves.
Sometimes there are surprising outcomes and a little bit of
“musical chairs” takes place as families discover what they
believe to be the best match for their family and the child,
which isn’t always the host situation.      Families who move
forward with adoption must go through an arduous
paperwork process and their adoption plans are subject to
approval by the home study agency, the international
placing agency, the foreign country and the orphanage.

                                                                           Chuck and Tina Wambeke hosted
                                                                            siblings, Anna Joy, age 14, Ariel,
                                                                           age 12 and Aileen, age 10. They
                                                                            will be creating an instant family
                                                                           with the adoption of these three.

  John and Kristen Marble and their seven
children hosted brothers, Sherjor, age 13, and
    Sherwin, age 12. We are continuing to
advocate for a family for Sherjor and Sherwin.           Randy, Jenny
                                                       and Drew Mead
                                                        hosted Johnrel,
                                                         age 9, as an
                                                       family. A former
                                                        Miracles family,
                                                       Tanis and Jamin
                                                          Casey, are
                                                        hoping to add
                                                        Johnrel to their
                                                        brood of boys.
                                                        The Meads are
                                                          planning to
  Dave, Laura, Alex and Kati Furniss hosted
                                                        Geraldine and
Jenalyn, age 14. Jenalyn was a participant in
                                                          Jesus from
Summer Miracles 2004. She will have a family
 this time around as Dave and Laura plan to
        move forward with her adoption.


    Don, Ramona, Sam and Gabe Linabary hosted
    Angelica, age 10, and Alfredo, age 9. They are
       planning to add these two to their clan.

                                                     Matthew, Damaris, Kimberly and
                                                         Ethan Monforton hosted
                                                     Geraldine, age 7, and Jesus, age
                                                     9 as an advocate family. Randy
                                                        and Jenny Mead, another
                                                       Summer Miracles host family,
                                                     made a decision to move forward
             David, Patricia and Alex Loia
                                                        with the adoption of these
             hosted Andres, age 9, as an
             advocate family. They were
              successful in finding several
           prospective adoptive families for

Adoption is an arduous and expense process and definitely not a road to be embarked upon by the faint-hearted. It is a
sacrificial journey that doesn’t end the day the child comes home. Adoptive families often have to forego some of the
materialistic pleasures of life in order to gather the financial resources needed to complete their adoptions. Adoption also
demands a significant commitment of time in terms of paperwork and travel. Yet, there is something about giving a child
a home and a future that causes people to make a commitment to go down that road no matter what the cost.

The cost of an adoption ranges from $10,000 to $30,000. Adoption from both the Philippines and Colombia is in the area of
$15,000 to $16,000. Most families are able to take advantage of the $10,000 adoption tax credit in the tax year following
when their adoption is finalized. The difficulty can be, however, in coming up with the funds to pay for their adoption
expenses as the family goes through the process leading up to that finalization. We have provided our families with a list
of ideas for funding their adoptions and directed them to organizations that offer adoption assistance. The Sacred Portion
Children’s Outreach is one such organization. Our Adoption Assistance Fund provides interest-free loans to families to help
them front the cost of their adoption. As families receive the benefit of the tax credit the loans are paid back, and the
money can then be given to help other families. In this regard, our Adoption Assistance Fund becomes a self-replenishing
fund. Some families, however, do not pay enough income tax to benefit from the tax credit. For those families, grants
are a more appropriate form of assistance. For families who may receive some, but not the full benefit of the adoption tax
credit, a combination of a grant and loan is a solution. Through our Adoption Assistance Fund, we have been able, since
its inception, to provide financial assistance in the form of interest free loans and grants to ten families. We have nine
families from Summer Miracles 2006 who are moving forward with adoption. Through our advocacy efforts, we expect to
add at least two more families to that number for a total of eleven families. We know that some of these families will be
seeking financial assistance. We have a need to build up our Adoption Assistance Fund in preparation for helping our
Summer Miracles families complete their adoptions and bring their children home for good.

Some people have a God-given desire in their heart to adopt a child but do not have the financial resources to do so.
Others may not have the desire or feel called to adopt but have the financial resources to help facilitate an adoption for
another family. Our Adoption Assistance Fund provides a mechanism to match up the funds with the families. If you
would like to make a contribution to the Adoption Assistance Fund, please send your check made payable to:

The Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach                                Please make a notation on your check that it is for
7104 Bristol Lane                                                     Adoption Assistance. We will provide you with a
Bozeman, MT 59715                                                     tax-deductible receipt. THANK YOU!

 Sky Miles Needed:

 Our family is in the process of adopting two children from Colombia. We have been told
 to be prepared for a stay of up to 9 weeks in-country during the process. Because of
 the time being so extensive, we will need to bring our two sons with us. Though the
 departure date is not determined as of yet, we are estimating that we will be leaving
 in February or March.    We will need to purchase four round trip tickets to Bogota,
 Colombia. For each ticket we will need blocks of 35K Delta Sky Miles. We would be
 very blessed and it would help us a great deal with our adoption expenses if there
 would be any individuals who have sky miles they would be willing to offer to us. If
 anyone has smaller amounts to offer than 35K it may still be of benefit. The smaller
 amounts of sky miles have to be transferred to the ticket purchasing account at a cost
 of $10 per 1K miles. In the end this would still be less expensive than purchasing the
 tickets with cash. There is a process involved. If you are able and willing to help
 us out or have any questions please contact Ramona Linabary at 406-388-7935 or e-mail:   No doubt, there are other families who could benefit from
 receiving sky miles as well. Thank you very much.

                                                                                Sherjor and Sherwin
     Children Needing a Family
                                                                             Sherjor and Sherwin are a pair of
                                                                             brothers who have been living in
                                                                             the Philippines with a foster family
                                                                             since 1998. A police officer found
                                                                             them abandoned near a
                                                                             garbage dump when they were
                                                                             four and five years old. Efforts to
                                                                             find their birth parents were
                                                                             unproductive and, thus, they were
                                                                             placed into foster care.       They
                                                                             have been legally cleared for
                                                                             adoption. Sherjor and Sherwin’s
                                                                             foster parents work as farmers and
                                                                             the boys help during harvest time
                                                                             in selling the crops in their
                                                                             neighborhood.       They also help
                                                                             take care of the animals that the
                                                                             family raises. The boys attend an
                                                                             elementary school where Sherjor is
                                                                             in grade six and Sherwin is in
                                                                             grade five.      Both Sherjor and
                                                                             Sherwin show an interest in their
                                                                             studies.     Sherjor is a typical
                                                                             adolescent boy who loves to
                                                                             hang around with his peers. He
                                                                             has a set of friends in school and
         Sherjor, age 13                       Sherwin, age 12               in their neighborhood. Sherwin is
                                                                             very bonded to his foster family
Sherjor is a healthy 13 year old      Sherwin is a healthy boy whom          and spends a lot of time going
boy whose only known medical          his host family described as quiet     places with his foster mom such as
problem seems to be a                 with a sweet personality. He           visiting relatives, to the market,
perforated left ear drum. His host    appears to be shy in new               etc.
family described him as a sweet       situations and around new
boy who longs to be loved and         people. However, he is very
accepted.      At times he was        observant         and     quickly
somewhat challenging and              incorporates his observations
defiant, pushing the boundaries,      into his behavior. He is well-
although he did generally respect     mannered and expressed his
and follow the guidelines that had    thanks to his host family for what
been set in his host family’s home.   was provided to him. Sherwin
He expressed remorse over his         eagerly participated in the daily
mistakes and readily apologized.      routine and activities of his host
Sherjor was rather “stand-offish”     family, seeking out opportunities
with his host family but towards      to help. He interacted well with
the end of his stay was beginning     his host family’s other children,      If you would like more information
to open up more in sharing his        playing with all of their children     about these boys, we can put you
thoughts and feelings. He seems       in a variety of settings. Sherwin is   in touch with the family who
to interact better with adults than   quite shy about speaking English       hosted them this summer. Please
other children and his host family    and therefore was not very             give Jan a call at (406) 586-5773.
feels that he would do best in an     forthcoming with his host family
adoptive family who either has no     regarding his feelings but did
children or whose children are        initiate short conversations with
older or gone from the home.          them.

                         Children Needing a Family
We have several Summer Miracles Children who stayed in host/advocate homes. The host families helped to
introduce these children to potential adoptive families. James Francis and Andres have several families
interested in adopting them but it is uncertain at this point whether those families will either be approved to
adopt or will follow through with their interest. So, in the meantime, we are continuing to advocate for these
two boys as we don’t want them to miss out on the opportunity to have a family of their own.

                                                                            plate, even if he doesn't like it.
                                                                            He prays with us too, which is a
                                                                            blessing for our family.” Andres
                                                                            will do best in a supportive
                                                                            environment.      He likes to be
                                                                            engaged in activities that need
                                                                            his full attention. He likes to be

      James Francis, age 11                     Andres, age 9

James Francis is a friendly, warm      Andres is a happy, energetic
and accessible child. He treats        boy who likes to experience new
others well and deals with them        things. He enjoys all activities        James Francis roller blading
fairly.   He has an adaptable          offered to him.       He is very
attitude and bonds easily with         intelligent,   engaging       and
others, including strangers. He is a   communicative.      He loves to
very verbal child, expressing what     play with other kids, swim, and
is on his mind and what he views       ride a bike. His host family says
as right and wrong. James Francis      “Andres’ interaction with others -
is an intelligent boy and excels at    adults and kids - is really open,
academics. He is especially good       outgoing and respectful. He is
at math. He is a deep thinker and      also an exceptionally intelligent
can quickly grasp concepts and         and studious boy.       He loves
ideas.     He enjoys school very       doing math problems in a study
much, being a hard worker and          book every night before bed; he
good in following instructions. He     will even stay up past his
is inquisitive, asking appropriate     bedtime to do it. He is very
questions when he want more            smart, and if he finds a good
information about something and        family to guide him, he will be a
also generates many of his own         good and peaceful leader.
ideas. He enjoys reading brain         Andres has been a blessing to
twisters, joke books and silly         our home, and an especially
poems and writings. He does a          good role model for our son.
nice job with drama and acting.        Andres is obedient, following
He has a good understanding of         instructions at once. He eats
both the Cebuano dialect and           everything that we serve on his
                                                                            Andres at Lewis & Clark Caverns

                                         BONNIE’S HEART
                                         Bonnie Burgard passed away on            $50,000 to build a baby home in
                                         June 17, 2006 after valiantly battling   Bonnie’s name as an expansion of the
                                         ovarian cancer for three years.          Rehoboth Children’s Home. You can
                                         Mike and Bonnie Burgard were our         read more about the Rehoboth
                                         partners in starting the Summer          expansion project on page 12 of this
                                         Miracles program in Bozeman, MT in       newsletter. The baby home will be
                                         2002. Mike and Bonnie adopted            Bonnie’s legacy and will stand in
                                         seven children in addition to their      memory of her heart for children
                                         three biological children. Bonnie’s      without families.    The $50,000 was
                                         heart was for children and her desire    pledged as a matching challenge
                                         was to see more children find the        grant and so we hope to double this
                                         love and permanency of family            amount which should give us what we
                                         through adoption.       At Bonnie’s      need for the construction of the baby
                                         passing, the Burgard family              home. If you would like to contribute
                                         designated the Summer Miracles           to this project and to Bonnie’s legacy,
                                         program to be the recipient of           please use the envelope enclosed in
                                         memorials in Bonnie’s name. Bonnie       this newsletter and check the box on
 “Therefore, my dear brothers, stand     impacted many people’s lives and         the outside of the envelope,
                                         we received memorials from all           “Bonnie’s Heart Baby Home.”
firm. Let nothing move you. Always
                                         across the country. In addition to
  give yourselves fully to the work of   the memorials given for the Summer
the Lord, because you know that your     Miracles program, we received one
   labor in the Lord is not in vain.”    very special memorial - a gift of

                 MEMORIALS RECEIVED FROM JULY 3 - SEPTEMBER 30, 2006
XPEDX/National Shared Service            Tim & Kim Mason Children, MT             Joyce Sterkel/The Ranch For Kids
   Center, OH                            Phyliss Wolff, CT                           Project, MT
Tyler & Julie Williams, MT               Mr. & Mrs. William Groepper Jr., MT      Rosemarie Staples/Cards of Note-
C.D. & Kate Forrest, MT                  Karen Boylan/KB Western & Wildlife       Berryville Baptist Church, VA
Beverly Zbyrowski, RI                        Art, MT                              Ronald & Miriam Huisenga, MT
Sue Bedell, MT                           Kathy Tyers, Canada                      Steve & Susan Bratlien, ND
Arthur & Joy Shellenberg, MT             Helen Dofflemyer, VA                     Rose Hornstein, ND
Susan Ash/Partners Inc., MT              Candice Wittich & Kent Miller/Witt       Don & Gloria Thiesen, MT
Peter & Nancy Astrup, MT                     Inc. dba Mountain West Office        Glassell Smalley, VA
Edward & Alice Long, MT                      Solutions, MT                        Richard & Muriel Hill, VA
Gary & Maie Sullivan, MT                 JCCS Accounting-Bozeman, MT              George & Barbara Hill, RI
William & Barbara Shontz, MT             Robert & Kathleen Braaksma, MT           Wendy Behm, VA
Robert & Bernice Mokwa, MT               Douglas Sours, VA                        Carol Ochsenfeld, GA
William & Donna Hawley, MT               William & Patricia Boyce, VA             Kendra White/Mercury Advertising
Mountain West Bank, MT                   Linda Tavenner, VA                          Inc., MT
Norman & Viki Millikin, MT               Bruce & Donna Betts, CT                  Bruce & Rebecca Ruefer, MT
Helen McDonald, VA                       David & Tamys Hoffman, MT                Patti Lou Goldsworthy, MT
Paul & Arlene Wylie, MT                  George & Deborah Haynes, MT              Britt & Debbie Hougen, MT
Robert & Cheryl Darling, CT              Jeffrey & Sarah Cade, MT                 Betty Ann Hill, VA
Norma Ardesson, MT                       John & Karen Barnhart, MT                Jean Robinson, VA
Audree Cameron, MT                       Kari Darken, OK                          Capt. USN/Ret. H.R. & D.P. Miller, PA
Christopher & Kristen England, NV        Arthur Darken, IL                        Suzanne Brown, WA
Network of International Christian       Benjamin & Jerolyn Dirks, MT             Tony & Ann Knick, MT
   Schools, MS                           Kurt & Denise Palmquist, MT              Lori Wood, VT
Dorothy Thompson, VA                     Korean Church of Bozeman, MT             Maureen Sheldon, NH
Veva Hill, VA                            Kyeseon & Soo Yoon, MT                   Eric Lorentzon, VT
O.M. & D.R. Stieg, MT                    Ray & Karen Johnson, MT                  Joseph & Deanna Cox, VA
Elizabeth Mallory, VA                    Wayne & Lee Ann Hanson, MT               Jack & Tana Devine, MT
Lorna McCormick, MT                      Mike & Joni Westfall, MT                 Al & Julie Renneisen, WY
D. Murlene Armold, MT                    Jill Darken & Andre Kapanga, IL          Sherry, Steve, & Lisa/Color World
Margery Hill, RI                         Kathi Kemper, NC                            Printers-Jackson, WY
David & Evelyn Dickey, RI                Mick & Kate Maierle, MT                  Christine Day, MT
Vernon & Beatrice Tourtellotte, RI       Cal & Lisa Doerksen                      Roy & Nancy Hall, VA

                                                                           accredited child caring agency.
                                                                           In addition to providing good
                                                                           care for children, the Rehoboth
                                                                           Children’s Home is dedicated to
                                                                           carrying out Bob and Barbara’s
                                                                           vision of being a temporary shelter
                                                                           with the ultimate goal of providing
                                                                           the children with what they need
                                                                           most - a new family.          Since
                                                                           December, 2005, eleven children
                                                                           have left Rehoboth for various
                                                                           parts of the world and more
                                                                           children have been matched or
                                                                           are waiting to be matched with
                                                                           prospective adoptive families.
                                                                           This past February I had the
                                                                           opportunity to meet with Dr.
                                                                           Laraya, Executive Director of the
                                                                           Intercountry Adoption Board. At
                                                                           one point in our conversation, she
                                                                           commented (with a somewhat
                                                                           surprised tone in her voice) that
                                                                           Rehoboth was “placing a lot of
                                                                           children for adoption!” I think this
Jake is a six year old boy who        Jake, he is also receiving an
                                                                           was surprising to Dr. Laraya
recently came into the Rehoboth       education. We looked to the
                                                                           because many child caring
Children’s Home.          He was      day when we would partner
                                                                           agencies in the Philippines are not
admitted along with four other        with the private, Christian school
                                                                           motivated to do the necessary
children who were transferred         located up the hill behind
                                                                           paperwork to make the children
from another child caring facility    Rehoboth in providing for the
                                                                           in their care available for
that had been closed down by          educational needs of our
                                                                           adoption. They do not have this
the Department of Social Welfare      children. That day arrived when
                                                                           vision of moving children on to a
and Development due to physical       Jake, Rommel and Romeo
                                                                           better life with a future and a
mistreatment of the children. We      began attending there in June
                                                                           hope in the arms of an adoptive
were very glad to be able to          with the start of the new school
                                                                           family. We are very thankful for
accommodate these children at         year. The school has given us a
                                                                           Eden, our fulltime resident social
Rehoboth.       Bob and Barbara       discount on tuition and we are
                                                                           worker, who works diligently to
Morriss’ vision was to provide a      fortunate to have sponsors who
                                                                           complete the paperwork and
safe haven, a place of rescue for     will cover the cost of the boys’
                                                                           move it through the various
children whose birth families could   education.
                                                                           channels for the children to
not adequately care for them. In
                                                                           become legally available for
this case, it has included rescuing   Over the course of its three years
                                                                           adoption, either domestically or
children from a less than             of operation, the Rehoboth
adequate child caring situation.      Children’s Home has steadily
Bob and Barbara chose the             been earning a reputation with
                                                                           As children leave for adoption,
name, Rehoboth, because of it’s       various governmental units and
                                                                           their places always seem to be
meaning - “God has made a             organizations in the Philippines
                                                                           quickly filled and the Rehoboth
place for us.” At Rehoboth, these     a s b ei n g a “ p l a c e o f
                                                                           Children’s Home has been
five children now have a place        excellence.” We recently had
                                                                           remaining full. When the Home is
where they can receive the            our accreditation visitation/
                                                                           full to capacity, we have to turn
nurture and loving care that they     assessment by DSWD and hope
need and deserve. In the case of      to soon receive status as an
                                                                                    Continued on page 14

                                                                                continue to be so. Even more
                                                                                important than providing
                                                                                needed help in terms of
                                                                                maintenance and fix-up, work
                                                                                team members connect with
                                                                                the staff and children and
                                                                                catch the vision of the ministry.
                                                                                They become part of the
                                                                                expanding support base for
                                                                                Rehoboth in terms of prayer,
                                                                                financial support and other
                                                                             4) We would like to see the
                                                                                Rehoboth Children’s Home
                                                                                develop some self-sufficiency.
                                                                                The land has 50 to 80 mango
                                                                                and other fruit trees and has
                                                                                the potential for some self-
                                                                                sustaining operations.         We
                                                                                envision gardens where the
                                                                                Home could grow some of its
                                                                                own produce. Raising a few
                                                                                hogs and some chickens
                                                                                would be another possibility.
away further referrals of children         It is our goal as a family to        We would like to develop
by DSWD. This has caused us to             eventually do an extended            some small income producing
look to the future. The “for sale”         stay in the Philippines. Fe,         businesses such as an Internet
sign on the property directly              our Deputy Administrator,            café or laundry on the
across the gate from Rehoboth              does an excellent job in             roadside frontage of the
that has been there for the past           running the Home but she             property as another form of
several years has begun drawing            carries a heavy load and we          financial support for the
our attention in a serious way. It is      want to be able to support           home.
2.2 hectors of land with a flat            her by being physically           5) We would like to help the
center area conducive to                   present.       We would, of          people of the Philippines to
building. An expanded vision for           course, return to the U.S.           become better providers for
the Rehoboth Children’s Home               periodically on furlough with        their children. There would be
has begun to formulate in our              the hope that another                fewer children in orphanages
minds and hearts:                          missionary couple could              in the Philippines if the Filipino
1) We would like to build another          come in our stead and the            people had the means by
    house         that     could           residence would be there for         which to support and raise
    accommodate 24 more                    them as well.                        their children.    This includes
    children. We would like this        3) We would like to have                education, heath care,
    facility      to   be    more          dormitory rooms either in a          counseling        and      work
    appropriately designed for             separate        building    or       opportunities. The large size of
    babies and toddlers with               connected to the residence           this piece of ground opens the
    adequate diapering/bathing             to accommodate work                  door to a continued vision of
    facilities and a larger nursery.       teams that come from the             growth in the future.          We
    We would then use the current          U.S., Australia and other parts      envision the Rehoboth
    two houses for the older               of the world. Work teams             Children’s Home becoming a
    children, preschool age and            were an important part of            center where people from the
    up.                                    the Rehoboth Children’s              surrounding area could
2) We would like the building              Home          during      the        receive help in these areas of
    plans to include a residence.          construction phase and               their lives.

As you can see, our dream is big.
The price of the land is $165,000.
Added to that would be the
construction costs as well as the
increased operational costs in
running an expanded facility. But
we know that God is even bigger
than our dream and we are
looking to His provision for the
funding that would be required in
order to purchase the land and
construct the buildings of phase
one. This would include the baby
house, residence and several
commercial spaces. To date, we
have most of the funds needed to
purchase the land and are in the
process of negotiations with the
seller. We hope to secure the
land very soon and can then
move on to working on a site plan
and laying out the present and
future use of the property. We are                     The Rehoboth Children’s Home
inviting others to consider being a                           Current Facility
part of this expanded vision. This
could include making a
contribution toward the land
purchase/construction, donating
architectural or engineering
services or joining a future work
team to Rehoboth to work on the

The Rehoboth Children’s Home
has become all that the founders,
Bob and Barbara Morriss,
envisioned it would be and, now,
perhaps it will become even

  Gifts given in Memory of
   Bonnie Burgard for the
      Expansion Project
         Baby Home
   Anonymous Challenge Grant
                                                               Building Site
        Jessica Burgard
     Richard & Muriel Hill
                                      If you would like to contribute to the Rehoboth Children’s Home
   Michael & Kathy Danielson
                                          Expansion Project, please use the envelope included in this
  Other gifts for the expansion          newsletter and check the box on the outside of the envelope,
 project acknowledged on p. 23               “Bonnie’s Heart Baby Home”. Thank you so much!

                            A Portion of Love
                       Child Sponsorship Program
     Now that it is up and running, the Rehoboth Children’s Home needs to develop a
     support base for the ongoing operation of the Home.            While other types of
     contributions and gifts can be sporadic or seasonal, a sponsorship program provides
     a predictable and consistent income for the Home by which to meet the daily needs of
     the children for food, clothing, and medical care. In addition to providing a stable
     income base, the sponsorship program is an opportunity for others to become
     involved and have a role in providing love and care that can transform the life of a
     child. A child sponsor can be an individual or couple, a Sunday School class, youth
     group or civic organization. Once a sponsor is matched with a child, they will receive
     a description of their child and how he or she came to be at the Rehoboth Children’s
     Home. Regular updates and pictures will be provided throughout the year. Sponsors
     will have the opportunity to send letters, cards and small gifts to their sponsored

     The sponsorship amount is $25 per month. Since it costs more than $25 per month
     to provide for the many needs of a child at the Rehoboth Children’s Home, a
     sponsor’s gifts will be combined with others to form an extended family of support for
     their sponsored child.

     If you are interested in becoming a child sponsor through the PORTION OF LOVE
     sponsorship program, please complete the form below and return it to us at the
     Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach.

     Yes, I would like to sponsor a child for $25 per month.

     Enclosed find my first payment of
         $_____________ to cover ______________ months.

     I cannot become a sponsor at this time, but I would like to make a contribution of
          $ _____________ .

     Name (please print):______________________________________________________________________________

     Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________

     Phone: _____________________________________              E-mail: _______________________________________

     Make checks payable and mail to:         The Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach
                                              7104 Bristol Lane
                                              Bozeman, MT 59715

                                       All contributions are tax-deductible

                                     DAVID & DANIEL
                                                BY TANIS CASEY

Tanis and Jamin Casey hosted as an advocate family in the summer of 2003. Their advocacy efforts were
successful and their host child was adopted by a family who were friends of the Caseys. During their
involvement with the summer program that year, Tanis and Jamin met Artem and Victor, brothers from Russia
who were hosted by another family. Artem and Victor’s host family did not end up adopting them. Tanis and
Jamin held these two boys in their hearts for more than a year until the time was right and they felt that they
were in a position to commit to their adoption. The miracle of time bought a successful conclusion for Artem
and Victor (now Daniel and David). The Caseys adoption story below has many amazing twists and turns and
is a testament to God’s position as a fierce defender of the fatherless and how He persists and perseveres until
He sees His children come home.

Many times there are stories that seem so unbelievable that it’s tempting
to think that the people are super heroes. This is our story but please
note: we are regular people. In 2003, we started attending weekly
meetings for Summer Miracles. We helped with the fundraising, went to
all of the training sessions and had a social worker come to our house to
do an assessment and initiate background clearances. Following that,
we were given profiles of two brothers, Artem and Victor, from Russia to
be matched with as a host/advocate family. At the time, we were not in
a position to adopt but wanted to be involved in the summer program
by hosting and helping a child find an adoptive family. Before the
children arrived in the U.S., another family stepped forward who was in a
better position to host with consideration of adoption of Artem and
Victor. Consequently, this family ended up hosting the brothers and a
different child, Slava, was placed with us. We advocated for Slava and
he was eventually adopted by Elichai and Amber Fowler of Livingston,
MT in July, 2004. That summer the our hearts were transformed in seeing
the plight of children without families. Having gotten to know Artem and
Victor during the summer months and aware that they returned to Russia
without the hope of a family, we wrestled for months with the
implications of adopting the boys ourselves. In the end, we felt certain     Artem and Victor (now Daniel and
that we wanted to be their parents and include them in our family. Thus,     David) during the summer of 2002
we resolved to start the paperwork. The night before our homestudy visit,
we were plagued with severe doubts and were so sure it just wasn’t going to work that we actually called the
social worker to tell her not to come. She wasn’t available and we had to leave a message instead of talking
to her directly. In the meantime, our fears were quieted and we were able to calm down and refocus on
what we felt we had been called to do.

Fast forward to July 2005: I, Tanis, headed to Russia on July 7th, arrived in Moscow on Friday the 8th and
immediately went to Tver, a several hour car ride from Moscow. I took some paperwork to the Center for
Adoption to request a court date and then headed to Emmaus orphanage (remember the road to Emmaus
in the 24th chapter of Luke?). Having previously been at Oshtoshkov, a preschool orphanage, David had
been moved to Emmaus, the older kids’ orphanage, in September 2004 and Artem had been moved there
from Oshtoskov orphanage the same morning that I arrived. David remembered me and ran to hug me.
Daniel was confused as to why he had been moved that morning but was very glad to see his brother again
for the first time in 10 months. It became clear to the director of the orphanage that I already had some sort
of relationship with the boys and was allowed to take them to the hotel for the weekend! This is very unusual
for kids to get to go with a prospective adoptive parent but God made this provision. The boys and I swam,
played games, ate ice cream and taught each other words in English and Russian.

Adopting from Russia requires two trips and, after arriving home, there were only a few days to make
preparations for the return trip to Russia. During this time an article appeared in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle
stating that a woman in the Russian government had drafted a bill that would stop all Russian adoptions to the

                                                  U.S. The bill had been prompted by a number of Russian
                                                  children dying at the hands of their U.S. adoptive parents. This
                                                  led us to wonder if that meant that we wouldn’t even be able
                                                  to have a court date. The Russian judge and social worker
                                                  responded to our concern within a matter of hours and
                                                  moved the court date up to July 27 so that the kids’ passports
                                                  could be ready to go before July ended. Since July is high
                                                  season for travel, three days notice to book an international
                                                  flight was really asking a lot. But through a series of miracles
                                                  and four different travel agencies looking into flights out of
                                                  Bozeman, Denver, Seattle or Salt Lake City, we soon had
                                                  round trip tickets in hand from Bozeman. However, our plane
                                                  tickets were nearly twice as expensive as what we had
                                                  budgeted for originally. We bought those tickets with the last
                                                  of our adoption budget, knowing there was nothing left for
                                                  food, hotels, drivers and other expenses while in Russia. Within
                                                  72 hours, $8,100 came in from the most unlikely sources.
                                                  Someone I hadn’t seen in five months turned up on our
doorstep with a check for $500 simply saying, “God told me to give this to you.” The next day someone I
hadn’t seen in ten months arrived at our house with a check for $1,000. Jamin and I left the morning of July 24
at 8:00 am and made all of our connecting flights. We were awarded custody of the boys on July 27, picked
them up from the orphanage on July 28, had their passports ready to go on July 29 and headed to Moscow
to get the boys’ visas at the U.S. Embassy. It was then that we hit a road block as the Embassy would not issue
the visas. We had met all of the requirements to adopt the boys, but one person at the Embassy decided that
we needed another document, an affidavit of support. We were told that a faxed copy was good enough.
So, once the affidavit was faxed over from the U.S., we went a second time to the Embassy to pick up the
boys’ visas. The same person at the Embassy decided that she wanted the original of the affidavit of support!
That meant sending the document by FedEx or UPS which also meant three to five days of waiting! My visa
was going to expire so I left the country and Jamin remained in Moscow with the boys.

Jamin encountered further problems. While at the Embassy and trying to pay for the visa fees, his debit card
would not run through as a credit card. Who knows why? Jamin had left his cash and credit card back at the
hotel and thus had no way to complete the transaction. Standing there in an impossible situation, a man
tapped Jamin on the shoulder and asked if he could pay for the visas. Jamin allowed him to do so which
amounted to $760 worth! The strange part was that the man was not there at the Embassy adopting any kids,
he was not a U.S. citizen there on some matter of business and he was not Russian. He was just standing
against the wall. After he had came over to Jamin and paid for the visas, he walked out of the building! At
the lowest point, God sent the greatest miracle of our entire adoption!

Jamin, David and Daniel sat for four more
nights and four more very long days in the
hotel waiting for the original affidavit of
support to come from Belgrade, MT to
Moscow via UPS. After a third trip to the
Embassy, the boys finally had their visas.
Jamin and the boys arrived home right
before midnight on August 6th and were
re-united with me, their new mom, and
their new brother, Asher. This August, to
celebrate the first anniversary of their
adoption, we re-enacted that late night
arrival of David and Daniel when they
became a permanent part of the our

 Philippians 1:6 “There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work
         in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears.”

Aid to Orphans in Madagascar has been a project under
the umbrella of The Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach
since 2001. Founded by Annie deMeij, AOM has been
serving the children of Madagascar who are in dire
circumstances through a feeding program in which they
receive nutritious meals on a regular basis. We have been
very blessed to have been associated with Annie in her
work in Madagascar and to see her project grow and
develop over time. Annie achieved her own non-profit
status recently and will now be able to operate
independently of SPCO. We will always treasure Annie’s
friendship and her work on behalf of the orphans of
Madagascar. Future contributions to AOM should be sent
directly to:
Aid to Orphans in Madagascar
13670 Lone Bear Road
Bozeman, MT 59715

 Dear Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach,

 Thank you for all your support and fund raising efforts for the children of AOM. The time has come to take Aid
 to Orphans in Madagascar to a new level.

     Our many projects now need several people to take them on.
     The number of children we are serving has grown and most likely will continue to grow.
     I was getting burned out juggling all the projects by myself and felt the children in the project would have a
     better chance at continuity if there was a non-profit set up for them.

 After many considerations and inner debates, I received a call from someone I had never met volunteering to
 help me get our own 501(c)(3) . I decided to at least look into the process. I had enough on my plate to keep me
 busier than I wanted to be and so began slowly. Four months of dabbling with the 52-page form and a long list of
 requirements that took a long time to understand culminated in the non-profit status. The six month filing
 process took under a month to be finalized, which surprised me and leaves me writing this thank you before I had
 even processed the thought of leaving SPCO.

 Now it is time for AOM to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You helped me raise money for these great
 kids in Madagascar. One year when I ran out of money for the kids’ food and I was worried the children were
 going hungry, you helped feed the children. Every newsletter Jan wrote contained warm, well-written stories
 that helped bring in funds for the kids. Lorene kept clear records for bookkeeping, and all of you have had a
 positive influence on the growth of AOM. I would not be here without all your help. Thank you. You have
 been a safety net for the most vulnerable children. Sometimes I worry about being on my own, plus I am well
 aware of my shortcomings, yet know it is time to share my work with the board of AOM. So with a warm and
 heartfelt thank you, I turn to the future and am thankful for all you have given. The children of AOM thank you
 always. We will stay in touch, and Jan, as you can see I will greatly miss your writing skills!

 Love from all of us,
 Annie and AOM

          We extend our sincere thanks to the following businesses who donated to our

                              MiracleWalk 2006
                               We exceeded our fundraising goal!
     Thank you for helping to make miracles happen in the lives of older children who need

                                           Ambassadors of Hope
                                     First Community Bank, Three Forks
                                            We Care Chiropractic
                                         Martin Control Systems, Inc

         Partners of Hope                     Friends of Hope, Cont.              Mini Nickel Ad Sponsors
      Pinnacle Motor Sports, LLC                         M/4 Ranch                       Lee & Dad’s IGA
  Southwestern MT Financial Center                       Big Sky RV                Montana Homes of Belgrade
           First Security Bank                        Lanphear Agency                      Speedy Print
               Optimation                              The Wood Shed                   Pizza Hut, Bozeman
     Rocky Mountain Timberlands               Great Rocky Mountain Toy Co.
      Automation Resources, Inc.                 Dairy Queen of Belgrade
                                                                                  Frost Excavation, Three Forks
      Big Sky Christian Fellowship                        The Root                   Action Pawn, Belgrade
  Beth Israel Messianic Congregation        Excel Orthopedic Physical Therapy               Big Sky RV
            Bozeman Clinic                           I-Ho’s Korean Grill                    Mini Nickel
            Sir Scott’s Oasis                   The Mountain Inn Big Sky            Farmer’s Insurance Group
       Robinson Brick Company                      Joe’s Parkway Market              Gallatin Valley Furniture
 Concrete Accessories & Rentals, Inc.                   Chalet Market                       Peak Cars
       Zisch Drywall & Paint, Inc.                   Summit Bike Shop                 Pinnacle Motor Sports
      Townsend Backhoe Service                Rocky Mountain Roasting Co.                Montana Tractor
 Sue Hiedeman/Fenno-Mulder Agency                   Bridger Biomed, Inc.
        Feigle & Associates, Inc.            Marilyn de Kleer/Bob Evans Real
       Pierce Flooring & Design                            Estate                  KBZK TV Ad Sponsors
            Bridger Masonry                       Quilting in the Country         Montana Homes of Belgrade
         Sherwin Williams Paint                        Upstage Design              The UPS Store of Belgrade
         Bob Evans Real Estate              Bridger Mountain Log Homes, Inc.        The Clubhouse Daycare
        Valley Glass & Windows                    Double O Trucking, Inc.            Sylvan Learning Center
       Kenyon Noble - Belgrade                       Krown Restoration            Yellowstone Tractor Company
           Jack Rabbit Reds                        Power Train Plus, Inc.               KBZK Television
   Bridger Steel Metal Roof & Siding            Van Dyke Construction &
          Northwest Concepts                             Remodeling
  Emmer Brothers Cedar Outlet, Inc.        Border States Electric/Ron Jacobson   Bozeman Daily Chronicle Ad
        Table Mountain Tile, Inc.            Heather Geiger/Pampered Chef                Sponsor
       Vidmar Construction, Inc.                      Aspen Properties                The Bozeman Clinic
            Bagelworks, Inc.                 Carol & Company Bookkeeping
         OZssage Ltd Massage                  Robert & Marietta Lane/Table             Poster Sponsor
         Building Partners, Inc.                      Mountain Ranch
         Gourmet Pizza Chalet                       Jensen Electric, Inc.
                                                                                          Speedy Print
         Place-Rite Finishers                        Costco Wholesale
                                           Industrial Automation Consulting              Radio PSAs
          Friends of Hope                     Langlas & Associates, Inc.                 KGVW/KCCM
            Cashman Nursery                     Scott Koelzer Masonry                    Clear Channel
              Simkins-Hallin                Fess Foster Ph.D./Geological &
           Churchill Equipment                 Environmental Consulting           Burning Heart Newspaper
              Potty Princess                       OMP Engineering
             Big Sky Carvers                    Western Heritage Inn
       Albertson Automotive, Inc.
                                                                                       Guest Speakers
                                                                                         Rep. Scott Sales
          Richard Nichols, DDS
                                                                                      Pastor Randy VanOsdol
         Land West Real Estate
          Pizza Hut of Belgrade
              L & F Market                                                          Music/Entertainment
      Bozeman TV & Appliance, Inc.                                                          Joe Man
         Town & Country Foods

              We extend our sincere thanks to the following individuals who made
                                       pledges to our

                                MiracleWalk Teams!
Abraham Abuchowski               Mr. & Mrs. Dale Dykema             Joyce Hynes
Tim & Marybeth Adams             Mrs. Jacob Dykema                  Tim & Cindy Jacobsen
Stephanie Alexander              Ron & Connie Dyk                   Wyatt Jacobs & Family
Polly Allard                     Rex & Peg Easton                   Robert & Bette Jaedicke
John & Kathleen Allen            Kirsten Emborg                     Ara Jay
Robert Duffin/Amsterdam Store    Marvin & Deb Erickson              Chuck & Jan Jenkins
Lowell & JoMarie Anderson        David & Mary Anne Ficek            Carolyn Johnson
Juanita Baker                    Linda Fisher                       Jackie Jones
Dennis & Joni Balian             Ben Foreman                        Del & Nell Kamerman
Rebeccah Balian                  Erin Foreman                       Charles Kankelborg
Denise Ball                      Stacy Foreman                      Patricia Karls
Janet Barber                     Caroline Forseth                   Brian & Staci Kesler
Rich & Liz Barton                Paul Franzen                       Fred & Phyllis Kessler
Maria Benda                      Julie Fuller                       Teresa Kessler
Mary Jo Bennett                  Kay Funk                           Scott & Denise Kimm
LuAnne Biggs                     Donna Furniss                      Tom & Denise Kimm
Marsha Bolin                     Mr. & Mrs. Neal Ganser             Silas Kipkosgel
Mike & Kathy Boman               Claire Gardner                     Timothy & Michelle Klompien
Daniel Bos                       Byron & Elsa Geist                 Betty Knutson
Calvin & Kathy Braaksma          Hannah Geist                       Jane Ellen Krabler
Sherri Bradley                   Margaret Geist                     Jason & Abigail Kuiper
Terry Bray                       Helen Gerez                        Meredith Lambert
Abbott Brechbuhler               Greg & Susan Gianforte/Gianforte   Judy Lambros
Stephanie Breen                     Family Charitable Trust         Bruce & Kathy Lange
Ann Brigham                      Rachel Giroux                      Terry Langford
Philip & Cindy Bruckner          Todd Goertzen                      Dr. Michael Lang
Mark Bryan                       Jarren & Jennifer Golay            Brett & Roberta LaShelle
Hannah Burrows                   Marie Goode                        Mary Lawrence
Andrew Bush                      Kathy Goodrich                     Jamie Leachman
Jeff Cade                        Ray & Julie Gossack                Robin Lee
Don & Verna Campbell             Donna Grant                        Ev & Mary Lensink
Mary Certo                       Katie Grimm                        Kodi Lewis
Randy & Linda Chamberlin         John & Judy Grossenbacher          Don & Ramona Linabary
Sophie Clifton                   Marv Hablitzel                     Jim & Irene Loessberg
John & Barbara Cok               Michael Hall                       Robert & LindaLowe
Kay Collins                      Gay Hamilton                       Dan & Arlene Lubbers
Vicki Collins                    Robert Hammer                      Rande & Karen Mack
Joyce Conrad                     Lynne Haniuk                       Tom & Barbara Mack
Peggy Cope                       Rob & Traci Harsha                 Jeff & Nancy MacPherson
Cindy Corless                    Wayne & Heidi Harsha               Bank Tellers/Manhattan Bank
Irene Dahl                       Kelly Harvey                       Tim & Kim Mason
Steve Daines                     Penny Hatten                       Doug & Susan Mavor
Dan & Judy Dyk/Dyk Seed Farm     Bill & Donna Hawley                Scott McClain
Kathy Dawkins                    George & Debbie Haynes             Rosalie McCormick
Anita DeClue                     John Heintz                        Kevin McCullum
Ryan Devine                      Margaret Hendrix                   DW & CA McGoldrick
Frank & Siri Diebold             Dan & Janis Hertel                 Stan McHann Sr.
Tod & Donna Diebold              Linda Hessen                       David & Deb McLaughlin
Teri Dieter                      Dr. Pamela Hiebert                 David McLure
Trina Domenico                   Susan Higgins                      Connie McMurray
Boyd & Paula Dressler            Barbara Hilton                     John & Kate Mickus
Glenn & Patricia Droge           Tracy Hirneisen                    Linda Miller
Javan Druckenmiller              Robert & Margaret Hofman/Hofman    Gerry & Mary Monforton
Kalie Druckenmiller                 Seed & Cattle                   Barb Montague
Krista Druckenmiller             Daniel & Lynne Hooper              Andrew Mueller
Julia Durgan                     Verne & Nancy House                Ann Murphy
Barbara Dykema                   Bryan & Bev Hughes                 Melody Murray

                 We extend our sincere thanks to the following    A HUGE THANK YOU!
                    individuals who made pledges to our
                                                                 The children had a summer full of
                       MiracleWalk Teams!                        new and fun experiences. The
                                                                 following summer camp programs
Chris Myers                        Mr. & Mrs. C. Spencer Smith   arranged special sessions:
James & Linda Nallick              Scot Smith                    Beth Kennedy
Aaron & Ashley Nieuwsma            Mike Soule                    Cunningham’s ATA Black Belt
Duane & Barbara Nieuwsma           Deanne Strong                 Academy
Luella Nieuwsma                    Mary Sullivan                 Barbara Mutter Swim Program
Kathi Noaker                       Wright Sullivan
Bob & Linda Oldenkamp              Lois Swanson
                                                                 Children residing in institutions
Nick & Becky Oltean                Gigi Swenson
                                                                 receive only minimal medical
OMP Engineering                    John & Harriet Tamminga
                                                                 care.     Thus, our goal was to
J. Orr                             Philip & Shelley Tamminga
                                                                 provide host families with the
Mariette Osen                      Rainny Tamminga
                                                                 opportunity to have their host child
John & Sue Padilla                 Charles & Sharon Taylor
                                                                 evaluated medically and to
Judi Parks                         Ian Taylor
                                                                 receive some dental care. The
Charles Pass                       Linda Tenney
                                                                 physicians at the Bozeman Clinic
Rick Pawlowski                     Justine Thanepohn
                                                                 offered free medical exams for the
Jan Peace                          Paul & Denise Thomas
Beth Peery                         Mitch & Tami Thompson
                                                                 Dr. David Hoffman
Kathleen Petit                     Tommy Thompson
                                                                 Dr. Gabor Benda
Mickie Petty                       KC & Wendy Tolliver
Dallas Peuse                       Karen Towers
                                                                 Dr. David McLaughlin
John & Jane Phillips               Shirley Trent                 Dr. Larry Sonnenberg
Karen Phillips                     Linda Trousil                 Dr. Heather Wheeler
Sharon & Rick Pielaet              Timothy Trzinski              Dr. Steven Roberts
Arden Pieper                       Jeff & Donna Tucker           Dr. Christine Mitchell
Jim & Angela Pierce                Lynn Turner
Barb Pierre                        Tom & Sandy Tursich           Dr. Larry Walker and staff also saw
Geneva Pruett                      Phil & Beth Ulrich            some of the children at the Three
Debbie Quinn                       Edward & Kristina Urband      Rivers Clinic in Three Forks, MT.
Richard & Kate Reid                Bob & Karin Utzinger
Restoration Massage                Judy Van Abbema               The following dentists donated
Kathy Ricardi                      Jeff Van Dyken                dental exams:
Elizabeth Ringer                   Roger & Mary Ann Van Dyken    Dr. Scott Lawson
Margaret Robertus                  John & Ruth Van Wyk           Dr. George Carson
Brand Robinson, DDS                Barb VanRy                    Dr. Chad Russell
NoraRochford                       Dave & Doris Wallace
William & Cheryl Roller            Carol Wambeke                 The following optomotrists
Scott & Andrea Rosenzweig          Charles & Tina Wambeke        donated eye exams:
Carol Sabol                        Corinne Warden                Dr, Jeff Squire
Bonnie Sachatello-Sawyer           Kara Warden                   Dr. Jeffrey Sperry
Guy & Me Ay Santiglia              Penny Wastcoat
Kathleen Satake                    Philip Weiser                 Cheryl Drost/Big Sky Ear, Nose and
Greg& Sarah Schemper               Daniel & Eva Wendell          Throat donated hearing
Ken & Lorene Schmit                Harold & Donna West
Suzanne Schussler                  Douglas Westlake
Dick Schwaller                     Albee Willett
                                                                 Thanks to Big Timber Water Slide
Fred & Jan Schweitzer              Meredith Wiltsie
                                                                 for giving us a discount rate,
Bill & Sandy Senecal               Donald & Maria Wolslagel
                                                                 Bozeman Hot Springs for free swim
Ron Severson                       Alice Woods
                                                                 passes, Big Sky Ski Resort for free
Skip & Sharon Shields              Judith Worley
Pauline Short                      Greg Wubben                   tram rides, Big Time Inflatibles
Larry & Sharon Sidders             Robert Ypma                   and clown, Tom Eastty, for
Megan Sidders                      Joel & Stacey Zaborowski      providing entertainment at our
Michael & Lisa Sidders             John Zwaanstra                Three Forks potluck, Little Pinay for
Vallie Simonson                                                  donating food for our Despedida.
Dan & Georgia Sjaardema-
Katherine Slocum

                             OUR CONTRIBUTORS
                              Gifts Received from 4/26/2006 - 9/30/2006

              General                   Child Sponsorship                   Summer Miracles
Gaston Engineering and Surveying      Jack & Tana Devine               Andrew & Susan Beth Breuner
C.R. Bard Foundation, Inc.            Jerry & Shawn Cole               Bonnie Millar
Evangelical Free Church               Tim & Wendy Hiebert              Greg & Rose Vallor
Gay & Gordon Gallup                   Marvin & Deb Erickson            Mike & Joni Westfall
Livingston Paradise Valley KOA/       Sam Nelson                       Ronald & Colleen Howell
Terry & Diane Devine
                                      Loren & Sandi Van Middendorp     David & Mary Seivert
Thomas & Jacquie Anderson
                                      Kalie Druckenmiller              Robert & Karen Utzinger (in honor of
Jamin & Tanis Casey                                                    John & Harriet Tamminga)
                                      Phil & Greta Clark
Mary Karen Grande                                                      Doug & Ione Daniels (in honor of
                                      Jeff Van Dyken                   John & Harriet Tamminga)
Van Dyke Angus Ranch/Keith &
Evelyn Van Dyke                       Ken & Lorene Schmit              Dell & Holly Fuller
Mark & Anne Olson                     Fred & Jan Schweitzer            Scott Lawson, DDS. PLLC
Danielle Frost                        Jeff & Wendy Brown               Action Pawn Take 3
Richard & Muriel Hill                 Steve & Kris Van Dyken           Betsy Palmer
Jack Hargis                           Larry & Deborah Schulz           David & Patricia Loia
Dell & Holly Fuller                   Eric & Connie Wooten
David & Molly Thompson                Roger & Mary Ann Van Dyken
Fred & Virginia Traeger               Keith, Julie & Katie Heidecker
                                                                         Adoption Assistance
Darrell Conklin                       David & Loann Aardema
Phil & Cindy Bruckner                 Sally Herpst                     Kandy Kim Zanto

Microsoft Matching Gift Program       Ron & Donna Nauta                James & Donna McCreedy

In Memory of Lucille Hendrickson                                       Howard & Jane Plouffe
(mother of Jan Druckenmiler who
passed away on July 3, 2006)           Rehoboth Children’s             Emma Beirwagen

Eileen Gillespie                             Home                      Rick & Janet Lee

Gay & Gordon Gallup                   National Christian Foundation    Lawrence & Nancy Ward

                                      Scott & Maggie Walters           Arlene Stricker
*******************************       Tony Dunne                       Ronald & Debra Doll

                                      Leanne Maree Downey              Jack & Norma Fritz
  A Grateful Thanks also goes to
   those contributors who have                                         Duncan & Susan Hill
                                      Expansion Project:
         chosen to remain                                              Ronald & Patsy Long
                                      Ed & Shirley Visser
                                                                       Kem & Gail Allen
                                      Tom & Melanie Burnett

Name _________________________________ Address _______________________Phone ___________

        I would like to support this ministry in the amount of $ ___________

        r   monthly                       r    quarterly              r       annually
        r   general                       r    special projects       r       adoption assistance fund
        r   I am interested in serving on the Board of Directors of SPCO. *
        r   I would like to help make teaching materials or with other hands-on tasks.
        r   I am interested in joining a work team on an overseas mission.
        r   I will commit to praying for this ministry.

The Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach is seeking to expand its Board of Directors. This commitment
     involves attending a two hour meeting approximately every two to three months and some possible time on
special projects. If you have a heart for orphans, an interest in adoption issues, or an area of expertise such as
     grant writing or fund raising, please consider this opportunity to serve. For more information call 586-5773.

                                             Please return to:
                                  The Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach
                                            7104 Bristol Lane
                                          Bozeman, MT 59715
                  e-mail:     web site:

                                The Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach
                                                                                                         NONPROFIT ORG.
                                7104 Bristol Lane                                                         U.S. POSTAGE
                                Bozeman, MT 59715                                                            PAID
                                (406) 586-5773                                                            BOZEMAN MT
                                                                                                         PERMIT NO. 160

      SPCO                Craig Druckenmiller, Jan Druckenmiller, Elsa Geist, Sandi Van Middendorp,
    Board of                           Ramona Linabary, Jeff VanDyken, Leni Gaston,
                                               Tami Harms, Matthew Monforton

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