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Historical development, modern
   symbols and celebrations.
    • “In ancient times, people of many cultures
      (including the ancient Greeks, Romans,
      Hebrews, Egyptians and Chinese) gave
      thanks to their god or gods for a
      successful harvest”

History information from:
• “In 1621, near the end of the Plymouth colony's
  first year in America, the settlers gave thanks for
  a plentiful first harvest. The pilgrims and the
  natives celebrated together (they had arranged
  a peace treaty), and everyone feasted on geese,
  ducks, deer, corn, oysters, fish and berries”
• Without the help of the native Americans the
  settlers would have died in the harsh winter
• Soon after the first thanksgiving, the Europeans
  broke the treaty
• “Despite the harmonious relations that
  may have existed between natives and
  pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving feast,
  many subsequent American
  Thanksgivings involved settlers giving
  thanks for victories over the natives.”
• “In 1863, during the Civil War, President
  Abraham Lincoln proclaimed that
  Thanksgiving should be a national
  observance. To some degree, this was a
  way to brighten the spirits of the American
  people, who were dealing with a great deal
  of difficulty and deprivation.”
Modern Practices
     What is it all about now?
• Giving thanks and gratitude
• Spending time with your family and friends
• Sharing with the poor so that everyone
  may have a thanksgiving dinner
• No one should spend thanksgiving alone!
        What do families do?
• Many people watch football and go to see
  local thanksgiving parades!
• Play American football and horse-shoes
• Watch classic American films
  (It’s a wonderful life, Mr.Smith goes to WA)
• Cooking, cooking and more cooking!
• Eat snacks before the big dinner
• No diets on thanksgiving day!
Modern Symbols
                   The Turkey
                It must be cooked perfectly!!! Each region
                of the country has their own unique
                cooking style:

 Southeast: Hot and spicy, pork and cornbread stuffing
Midwest: Marinated in butter, sausage and wheat stuffing
  Northeast: Boils the liver and neck, adds to stuffing
 Western: Roasted over a fire, served with baked beans
         *Vegetarian: Many eat a “tofu” turkey

Traditional Ceremony: The head of the household speaks
 to the family, everyone shares what they are thankful for,
          the head of household cuts the turkey!!!
“Tofu”   “Doufu”

             The Final Dinner Table
    Fruit                              Pumpkin

 Potatoes                             Turkey

Green Bean                             Sauce
• You will be in a group of nine students.
• There will be a grandmother, grandfather,
  mother, father, aunt, uncle, one teenager, one
  toddler (2-3), and a cousin.
• The head of the household will give a speech
  about gratitude and go around the table asking
  what everyone is thankful for.
• The main cook will review the dishes for
  everyones enjoyment.
• Everyone will discuss what activites they will
  partake over the weekend.
                  Activity II
• Your groups skit must be at least 8 minutes long.
• No one is allowed to read off a sheet of paper!
• All other groups must be silent during other
  presentations or you will loose group points.
• There should be two scenes before the big
  dinner scene! For example, one in the kitchen,
  one outside in the yard.

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