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					 Shrine Circus Season
       Kicks Off

     Circus Carnival - March 14
Lloyd Center Event - March 28 & 29
      Al Kader OASIS
      Published Monthly                                                From the Potentate
Al Kader Shriners A.A.O.N.M.S.
     25100 SW Parkway Ave.               The month of January has flown by. My Lady Carol and I were busy
  Wilsonville, Oregon 97070-9600         almost every day with one Shrine project or another. The Divan and I
        Phone 503-682-4420
         Fax 503-685-5080                installed most of the Club and Unit heads and officers over the last
  email        two months. I think we will have a banner year with all of the Club
   Subscription Price $5.00/Year
                                         and Units participating in all of our functions and parades through
         Potentate...Ard Pratt           out the year. We are planning to continue with the Rendezvous with
    Chief Rabban...Cecil Hammer          the outlying clubs. Try to think of some place fun to go and we will be
    Asst. Rabban...Greg Jenkins          there.
 High Priest & Prophet...Warren Gray
 Oriental Guide...William Newhouse       At the Sweethearts Social on the 14th of February, we honored our
      Treasurer...Robert Keller
                                         Shrine widows. We introduced the 32 widows who attended, and
       Recorder...Hap Baldwin
       Asst Recorder...JB Dick           had four more who had to cancel. It is an Honor to have that many
         APPOINTED DIVAN                 widows who still keep in contact with us. For those outlying Clubs, never    Ard Pratt
    1st Cer. Master...Ron Ellenson       forget your widows and invite them to you Club socials.                   Potentate 2009
  2nd Cer. Master...Dannie Adamson
         Director...Tom Bland
        Marshal...Bernie Stanfill
                                         After the Occasional Grand Lodge held here at the Shrine Center, we had a cold sands initiation
    Capt. of the Guard...Ray Glass       for 5 Nobles and received 5 more petition's from other Masons. If we keep this trend going we may
 Temple Outer Guard...George Hueth       be able to have a positive growth year. It is important to encourage all the Masons that you know to
        Chaplain... Noel Keister         join us in the Shrine. Once they have had a chance to see what we do at the Hospital, they would
      Outer Guard...Richard Crist
    Outer Guard... Henry Stockhoff
                                         have to be pretty cold not to want to help make our children whole again. It also would not be a bad
        Outer Guard...Bill Quier         idea to talk to our patients’ fathers and if you find suitable candidates bring them into the fold. Who
       Outer Guard...Vic Morton          better to tell people about the good that we do than a parent of a child we have or are helping.
    Outer Guard...Carey Huckaba
       Outer Guard...Joe Maze
       Outer Guard...Todd Allen
                                         It's never too early to start making plans for Baker City and the East West Football game. We are
     Outer Guard...Scott Freeman         going to have a fun time there and will be very busy with all of the activities. The game will start at
         POTENTATE'S AIDES               1:00 PM this year so we will have the BBQ after the game rather than before. Plan on being there
      Executive Aide - Tom Bland         for lots of good food and fellowship.
        Chief Aide - Dave Steele
Aides - Frank Brewington, Bob Brown,
  Jim Conner, Tom Chappelle, David
                                         We have a chance to have a bus going from the Center to Baker City. If we can get enough
 Cramblett, Steve Dunn, Rick Eiden,      people to sign up, it will cost about $65 per person if we fill it up. The bus will hold about 44 people.
  Robert Goodson, Jack Hipes, Rick       If only 35 signed up it would run about $77 each, you could barely drive over for that. If we do have
Laird, Keith Leamon, Pete Ohlman, Bill   a bus, it will leave the Center on Thursday, July 30th and return on August 2nd.
    Spencer, Claude Weldon, Chris
       TEMPLE UNIT STAFF                 Lady Carol's project this year is to continue to send the Boxes of
       Director...Orin Sundeen           Love to our troops overseas. We have been told that they have
     Staff Officers...John Nerski,       plenty of the shampoo and conditioner but need things like socks,
      Tom Killion, Gib Thonstad
                                         books, crayons, pencils, and small gifts for children.
           TEMPLE STAFF
   Temple Attorney...Richard Lee
    Temple Auditor...Brad Henry          Mark your calendars for the pre-Circus events, especially the                 2009 AL KADER
   Facility Manager...Jelmer Blum        Circus Kick-off Carnival and the Lloyd Center Circus Kick-off. And
   Hosp. Transportation...JB Dick        don't forget to wear the Green on St. Patrick’s Day.
      Webber C. Harrington, PP -
          Imperial Treasurer
    Ken Jubb - Temple Photographer
      Roy Armentrout...Recorder
                                                                                             This is a note reminding
                                                                                             everyone to return the
     Publisher..Ard Pratt, Potentate                                                         2008 Mustang tickets
        Editor...Dave Johnson                                                                or the money.
     Photographer...Art Thompson
Items must be received by the 10th of
                                                                                             Thanks, JB
  the month preceding date of issue.
    Advertising Rates On Request

                                               Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 2
   An “After St. Patrick’s Day” Irish Social
           Al Kader Shrine Center
         Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oasis - 5:30 PM                Dinner by Daltons
Dinner - 6:30 PM           Corned Beef and Cabbage
Program - 7:30 PM             with red potatoes
 Wear your very                 Chicken fixed yet
 best Irish outfit                another way
  and your fez                    and veggies

   Child care                            Dessert is
    will be                             Key lime pie
                                $20.00 per person
                                  (vegetarian entre’
                                 available on request)

                Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 3
From The Director’s Corner                                              Membership Corner
by Noble Orin Sundeen, 2009 Director of Units                           by Noble Dave Simpson 503-949-1111
                    Wow another month has gone by. Here are             I was reading a story that touched me deeply, and Iwanted to
                    some things that will be going on in March.         share it with you. I will omit some of the story due to space
                    The Circus Carnival will be held at the Center      limitations here, but if any of you want to know more details, let
                    on March 14th from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM,             me know and I’ll see you get “the REST of the storey”.
                    bring your grandkids, great grandkids, or even      Nine-year-old boy gets the help he needs to recover
                    your great great grandkids for fun and              When Jessica Free first saw Marius in a Romanian orphanage,
                    enjoyment.                                          he’d already been there two months. He was horribly burned in a
                  The Stated meeting will be on March 16th              house fire that killed his parents, and suffering great pain. Broken
                  please attend, as this is your Centerand we           hearted and missing his family, he would often cry. Team Marius
need your involvement.                                                  was started and fundraising to bring Marius to the United States.”
                                                                        “It was so tragic. He lost both of his parents in the fire that injured
St. Patrick’s Social will be held on March 21st. Please get your        him. But he still had his brother, Ionut, who was working away
reservations in early. The on-line reservations and clothing line is    from home when it happened.” With the help of dedicated
now up so you can make them through your computer.                      friends—and a “miracle” team coordinator in Romania—the Free
The circus promo will be held on March 28th and 29th at the Lloyd       family raised enough money, and worked through all the red tape,
Center. We will be showing off some of the motorized units. This        to bring Marius and his brother to their home in Mesa, Ariz.
year we will be selling coloring books with an insert program of        They soon scheduled an appointment to have Marius evaluated at
the circus. The cost will be $2.00 with $1.00 to go to the Units. We    the Los Angeles Shriners Hospital. Free describes the family's
will also be selling Big Dad tickets to the circus for $9.00 and will   experience at the hospital as “nothing but amazing.”
have free tickets for children.
                                                                        Even so, he was a little nervous about being in a hospital again.
The Circus will be on April 4th and 5th at the Memorial Coliseum.       So rather than rush into surgeries, the team at the Los Angeles
There are two performances on Saturday the 4th 2:00 PM & 7:00           hospital gave Marius time to play and get familiar with his
PM and one performance on Sunday April 5th at 2:00 PM. There            surroundings.
will be a march-in with all the Units. We don't have any parking                               Continued on page 5
spaces available. We may have some spaces available for other
equipment trailers. The Center will have the van available for
transportation from the Lloyd Center. Some of the members can
also take Max from the Lloyd Center for free.
I strongly urge the motorized units to have their equipment
checked and ready for all the events coming up this year. I do
have the parade schedule and other activities at the next Unit                      What’s Inside This Month
head meeting on March 26th.
                                                                          Pote’s Message                                         Page 2
                                                                          After St. Patricks Day Social                          Page 3
               From the Editor’s Desk                                     Director’s Corner                                      Page 4
                  by Noble Dave Johnson, Oasis Editor                     Editor’s Desk                                          Page 4
                                                                          Membership                                             Page 4
               The support for the Oasis continues. I am pleased          Recorder’s Report                                      Page 5
               to recognize those who sent a check to the Shrine          Sweethearts Social                                     Page 6
               Center in February with the designation that it was        Units News                                             Page 8
                                                                          Clubs News                                             Page 10
               meant for the Oasis. Thanks again!                         Crab Feed                                              Page 12
                      Rodger "Buzz” Blanton                               Ladies News                                            Page 14
                          Florence Reid                                   Poet Laureate’s Corner                                 Page 14
                            Jack Hipes                                    Auction                                                Page 15
                          Chester Schink                                  Stated Meeting Notice                                  Page 16
                            H W Linker                                    Black Camel                                            Page 16
                    Robert and Carol Goodson                              Big Game Photos                                        Page 18
                          George Hueth                                    Hospital Happenings                                    Page 20
                     Dave and Lynn Johnson                                Grand Master’ Gleanings                                Page 22
                            Gary Scott                                    Potentate’s Ball                                       Page 23

                                             Al Kader OASIS - March 2009- Page 4
The Recorder's Report                                                   And, brethren, please don’t forget our Transportation Fund. We
by Noble Hap Baldwin, Recorder                                          assist families with children from 28 counties in Oregon get to our
                                                                        Hospitals for treatment. We assist with transportation, housing
                 We are off to a great start this year. We have had
                                                                        and meal vouchers This is a huge commitment on our part and it
                 very good seminars: Divan seminar and Club and
                                                                        is appreciated immensely by the parents of our Shrine children.
                 Unit Head seminars in Wilsonville; one in La
                                                                        My hat is off to all our hard working, dedicated Shrine Masons for
                 Grande; and one in Prineville. Thank you for the
                                                                        fulfilling the mission of the Shrine on a daily basis.
                 wonderful receptions in both Central and Eastern
                 Oregon. Your Divan and Club & Unit heads have          We have lots of fun ahead with parade season just around the
                 the tools to carry us forward in 2009. That being      corner, followed by preparations for the East West Shrine Game
                 said, don’t hesitate to call if you have a questions   in Baker City and Mary’s Peak Trek in Philomath. We have
                 or situation you can’t address. We are always          Socials every month and picnics to look forward to.
                 here to help.                                          Everything is more fun when doing it with a great group of friends,
This year presents many challenges for all of us. Our troubled          i.e., Nobles and their Ladies. Blessings to you all and I hope to
economy will teach us to get back to basics and take care of each       hear from you or see you soon at a function.
other. As long as we stand united, we will rise from these times        That’s all for this time.
A suggestion was made to me from Noble Steve Herling of
Vancouver, Washington and I think it might be a good idea. If you
                                                                                         The Oasis is now
need help with something, hire a brother that is in need of a job.                        on-line! Go to:
Put an ad in the Oasis either looking for assistance or offering            
your talents--often there is a Brother who makes his livelihood
doing the everyday things, like plumbing or carpentry, or just
general handyman type things for a home repair job. Let us know
if you need help with transportation to a doctor’s appointment, etc.              Membership Corner - Continued from page 4
In keeping with the Grand Master’s February message: Let’s              When they decided he had adjusted enough to get started,
“leave no brother or sister behind.”                                    Marius’s first procedures included surgeries that used skin grafts
I would like to ask every Noble in Al Kader to join together with       to reconstruct his eyelids, since the fire had destroyed much of
our membership chairman, Noble Dave Simpson, in turning our             the tissue around his eyes. Specialists also separated the joints in
membership around. Just to bring you up to date with our year           his hands. Amazingly, his toes will eventually be transplanted to
end figures, we ended 2008 with 1,587 regular, affiliated and           his hands to act as fingers.
associate members. Our losses for the year were 16 demitted, 80         Today, Marius calls the Free household his home, and he calls
deceased, 34 suspended, one resigned and one Associate                  Kristin “mom.” He’s learning English and attends computer and
member dropped. That is a 5.21 per cent loss. Members, we               gym classes at school.
cannot afford to decrease our membership at this rate and remain
                                                                        “He goes a few times a week,” shared Free. “It’s a gradual
a healthy organization. Proudly we welcomed 32 new members,
                                                                        process so the other kids get used to Marius and he can adapt to
received 8 affiliates and 3 associate members and restored 4
                                                                        them. So far, it’s been great.”
members. And, this year already we did a Cold Sands after
Occasional Grand Lodge and welcomed 5 more new Nobles. The              The Free family—and everyone on Team Marius—feel an
new men, brothers & Nobles are our future for what history has          overwhelming gratitude for Shriners Hospitals for Children. Kristin
taught us. Let’s keep our newly created members involved and            says knowing his medical care is taken care of allows them to
help a brother renew his place in our Shrine activities.                focus on other areas of Marius’s life and helping him adjust.
Our work has just begun for 2009. Shriners are “the worlds              “The need is huge,” she said. “There is no way we could have
greatest Philanthropy” through our fundraising efforts we are able      changed this child’s life, no way we could have given him his life
to provide for our Hospitals, the children put into our care and our    back without this gift from Shriners Hospitals for Children.”
members. Our second annual car raffle has started up, and we            My brothers and sisters, is there any better reason to be proud to
have an Auction on March 7th with net proceeds going to the             be a Shriner? Remember that you can be a part of helping a child
Shrine Hospital. Clubs and Units are planning their various             in need. If you know any child who might be able to use help from
fundraisers, and we have Circuses coming to town with BIG DAD           one of our hospitals, please let me or any Divan member know
tickets in the mail.                                                    the name, and we’ll take it from there.
                                                                        Remember, if WE don’t do it, who will?

                                            Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 5
Sweethearts’ Social
                      A good party from the start. The hors d'oeuvres featured smoked salmon and skewered chicken. Noble
                      Clem Norton played the piano during the Oasis, and The Al Kader Dance Band entertained us. However,
                      the highlight of the evening came when IS Ard introduced the very special guests--our Shrine Widows.
                      In attendance were: Ladies Juanita Alf, Nancy Berry, Jean Coates, Elizabeth Cram, Lorraine Donnelly,

                              Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 6
Marilyn Dunn, Nancy Faes, Jan Ferlisi, Sharon Greenstein, Grace Grove, Nellie Hobson, Velna Holgate, Jackie Horton, Elvira Kaufman,
Sharon Kemnitz, Joy Kracke, Doris Kuntz, Blanche McGee, Alta Metcalf, Renata Morales, Mary Morris, Ritchie Muckridge, Florence Reid,
Margaret Schuler, Doris Severson, Gayle Sheer, Margaret Smith, Patricia Stoddard, Jean Stump, Evelyn Vandette, Charlotte Warner,
Donna Watson. Edith Aanderud, Shirley Clergy, Margie Thomsen and Donna Warkentin had to cancel at the last minute.

                                         Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 7
AL KADER PATROL                                                        We are in the process of getting different jackets as there are not
by Noble Bill Harris                                                   enough of the old Oriental jackets large enough to go around. The
                                                                       Concert Band gave us there blue blazzers and we should have
Past captain Jim Nielsen and Lady Rita are preparing for their trip
                                                                       them ready in time for the Circus.
to sunny Palm Springs. Have a great trip Jim and Rita. Noble Jim
you owe me another marker.                                             On October 3rd we will again be having our 3rd Annual Oyster
                                                                       Feed at the Shrine Center. This has been our biggest money
The Patrol’s 2009 installation dinner was held January 25th with
                                                                       raiser for the year and helps make it possible for us to make the
forty three in attendance, including IS Ard Pratt and Lady Carol,
                                                                       various parades. Your support in this event is appreciated and we
Chief Rabban Cecil Hammer and Lady Barbara, High Priest &
                                                                       hope to make this as good an event as the Oriental Band’s Crab
Prophet Warren Gray and Lady Donna. Two honored Ladies,
                                                                       Feed someday. SO PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS.
Mary Dolan, and Charlotte Warner were our guests. Thanks
Captain Dana and Lady Judy for a beautiful and successful
dinner.                                                                                          E-W SHRINE GAME
                                                                                                  by IS Rennie Johnson PP
                                                                                                Meeting Notice
                                                                       When: May 8-9, 2009
                                                                       Where: St Helens, Oregon
  Al Kader Patrol had their formal installation of officers on         May 8 - Hospitality at Best Western Oak Meadows Inn
  Sunday January 25, 2009. The officers are: Captain, Dana
  Tawney: 1st Lt., Rich Blizzard; 2nd Lt, Larry Ward                   6:30 PM Dinner at Columbia County Shrine Club
Congratulations to Noble Rich Blizzard the 2008 Patrolman of the       7:30 PM Program (to include Columbia County Players and
Year. Rich was recognized for his continuing support of the            Coaches). Also a Speaker from the Hospital.
Patrol’s activities. Rich also served as the 2008 Patrol Secretary.    May 9 - Breakfast at Columbia County Shrine Club
Captain Dana Tawney presented past Captain, Bill Harris a              7:30 AM - 8:30 AM
plaque thanking him for his two years as Patrol Captain.               Meeting at 8:30 AM
The Patrol will serve as honor guard for the installation of Nydia     Cost $10.00 each includes hospitality, dinner and breakfast.
Temple No. 4 Daughters of the Nile. Our own Lady Paulette              Please make your hotel reservations at the Oak Meadows Inn by
Schlee, will be installed as Queen. The installation will be at 2:00   April 18th. Special Rate for Columbia County Shrine.
PM, March 15th, at the Scottish Rite Temple.
                                                                       Best Western Oak Meadow Inn
The circus promotion at the Lloyd Center is March 28th and 29th.       585 So. Columbia River Hwy (#30)
The Patrol will be there with our jeep. The Shrine Circus is April     St. Helens, OR 97051
4th and 5th. Later, we will be getting our jeep and people hauler      503 397-3000 Fax 503 397-2782
ready for the upcoming parade season.
                                                                       Meeting Location:
Looking for a Shrine Unit to join? You and your Lady are invited to    Columbia County Shrine Club Building
our March 2nd meeting at the Shrine Center. Attitude adjustment        315 No. 18th Street
at 5:30 PM, meeting at 6:00 PM. Ladies project at 6:00 PM. Pot         St Helens, OR 97051
luck dinner and fellowship after the meeting.
                                                                       There is RV parking at the Columbia County Shrine Building and
                                                                       also near the Best Western Motel, please contact Rennie John-
CALLIOPE CORPS                                                         son 360-891-0636 or 360-624-0117 for details.
by Tony Mortensen                                                      E-mail for Rennie Johnson --
Well another year is under way and we hope to participate in most      The Best Western is on the same highway as Columbia County
of the parades again this year. We had a very good year last year      Shrine Bldg. - just travel north on Hwy 30 less than a mile. We
making 14 parades and hoping to do as well this year.                  look forward to serving the East West Shrine Committee. Colum-
We lost two of our members in the last year, Pat Sweeny and            bia County Shrine Club.
Larry O'Dell and both of them will be missed. We have also
gained two new members, Jesse Jones and Russel Michaels.

                                             Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 8
CONCERT BAND                                                             DESERT PATROL
by Noble Clem Norton                                                     by Lady Nora Timm
The Concert Band held its annual dinner meeting on Monday,               The first Monday of February found the Desert Patrol at the
January 19 at the Wilsonville Shrine Center. We were honored to          Shrine Center with about 22 members and wives present, sharing
have as our guests IS Ard Pratt, Chief Rabban Cecil Hammer and           a potluck dinner. Our next meeting will be March 2, 6:00 PM for
High Priest and Prophet Warren Grey, who swore in the 2009               another potluck dinner at the Shrine Center. Anyone who would
officers of the band. The band thanks Noble Durwood Jaeger for           like to join our fun group to play on an ATV is welcome to come
his hard work during the past year as president, and looks forward       "try us on for size." There are a few ATVs available for new
to the leadership of Noble Richard Green during 2009.                    members.
MEET YOUR BAND. Our featured bandsman this month is                      Captain Dave shared a list of all the parades that he hopes will
Warren F. Cook. Warren started playing clarinet in the 4th grade         have a fine representation from the group.
at Garden Home Elementary School, taking lessons at (Brother)            IS Dan Moyer PP will be in charge of a 'clean-up tune-up' day to
Don Wunn's music store. His musical education was supported by           be scheduled prior to the March 21st and 22nd Lloyd Center
his uncle, Jackie Souders, a well-known Seattle big band leader          Circus Promo weekend. We have been asked to bring 2 ATVs into
and booking agent, who had the Horace Hite Band and the 1962             the Mall to promote the Shrine Circus.
Seattle World Fair Band with Gracie Hanson.
                                                                         Our Ladies will decorate for the Valentines Day Social. If you have
In the 7th grade his band director, Phil McGriff, said he needed a       any 2008 Mustang Raffle tickets left over, they must be returned
drummer, so Warren moved to percussion, which carried him                immediately and any outstanding monies need to be turned in so
through his band days at Beaverton High School under the                 a final accounting can be completed.
direction of Al Robertson and Hal Swafford. Upon graduation, he
was awarded a music education fellowship at the University of            Several members went to the Portland Auto show to sell lots of
Portland, planning to teach music at the high school level upon          this year’s Mustang raffle tickets. They are available for all Nobles
graduation. He took percussion lessons from (Noble) Don Worth,           (and Ladies) to sign out and sell to friends, family, neighbors, etc.
and learned the basics of brass and woodwind instruments.                If you know of a gathering of car enthusiasts, take your tickets
                                                                         and sell, sell, sell!! They are always willing to buy a chance on a
While at the University, Warren felt he needed a change. A mentor        new car.
advised him to look into criminal justice work, so in 1967 he joined
the Portland Police Reserves, and then went into the Washington          Noble Frank Ross is home from the hospital and improving slowly.
County Sheriff's Office, and in 1968 was appointed as Deputy             Please keep him in your prayers.
Sheriff with the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office. He held
positions from Deputy Sheriff up through Captain, working the
majority of this time in corrections. He retired in 2000 with the
rank of Captain after 33 great years in service. He also served
part time as a Deputy U.S. Marshall, which was very close to his
heart, as he had a great uncle who was the first U.S. Marshall in
the Territory of Oregon. Warren teaches at Portland Community
College and does criminal justice consulting throughout the
United States.
He was a member of Beaverton DeMolay, rising to Master
                                                                         ORIENTAL BAND
                                                                         by Noble John P. Smith
Councilor. He was raised in Orenomah Lodge #177 and became
Worshipful Master of the Lodge in 1994. He is a Scottish Rite            A flying carpet is soaring about spreading the word that our village
Mason, and he became a Noble in Al Kader in 1998. He says "I             had another fun and bejewelled crab feed this year. Thank you to
enjoy serving the Shrine through my percussion work with the             all attendees and workers who made it so.
Concert Band and the Dance Band. I am known as "the drummer              Welcome to our many new-er members. Our tent greet them as
who reads music!"                                                        they are our future. Our mystical tunes and arid melodies would
Parade season is coming! The first will be in the The Dalles on          be akin to the blowing sands without them. Though we may, at
April 25th, so for all of your good "claquers," it is time to practice   times, sound more like a herd of camels we also bring frolic and
up on your waves and cheers. More about "claquers" next month.           togetherness.
Fine for now.                                                            The end of March revels with another LNO. We will host our wives
                                                                         at a Ladies Night Out feast and fest.

                                             Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 9
COLUMBIA COUNTY SHRINE CLUB                                        GRESHAM SHRINE CLUB
by Noble Ron Ellenson                                              by Noble Don Slezak
The CCSC meet in the St. Helens Shrine building for its regular    Our next meeting will be March 18, 2009 at the M & M Restau-
February Meeting.                                                  rant, 137 N Main, Gresham. The cost is $14.00 per person. The
After a hearty beef stew buffet dinner served by President Noble   business meeting will be at 6:15 PM, the Oasis starts at 5:30 PM
Jim Ziegler and Lady Jean the meeting agenda items were            and dinner at 6:45 PM.
discussed with a review of the E-W All-star dinner and regional    It is March, so that means the dinner will be corned beef and
meetings highlighted. We are anticipating a good attendance and    cabbage. Of course you can always order from the menu if you
an excellent opportunity to honor the players and coaches from     prefer.
Columbia County.                                                   The speaker is Ron Weinman. He is with Clackamas and will give
Fundraising opportunities were also discussed and a Sunday         us an update on the Sunrise Freeway. This is a project that was
breakfast at the Shrine building and an extension of the St.       supposed to start a couple of years ago. By the time it gets
Helens parade picnic were ideas for consideration.                 completed, cars will probably be outlawed in the region. However,
                                                                   it should make a beautiful bike path.
                 HELP NEEDED                                       Get your reservation in by March 16, 2009. All you have to do is
              Volunteers Needed for the Shriners                   call Donna Dennis at 503-665-3955 or Betty Stowell at 503-666-
              Hospital for Children. Drivers needed.               6134. Reservations are very important to the restaurant and the
              You need not be a Shriner to fill this               Club.
important need. Must be at least 21 years old, in                  We always have an update on all Shrine activities so come on out
good health, possess a valid drivers license (any                  so you won’t miss anything.
state) and have a good driving record. Contact                     All Shriners and their Ladies are welcome, and be sure to wear
Christina Paggetti at (503) 221-3426 or email at                   your fez!

                                         Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 10
NORTHEAST SHRINE CLUB                                                   Also at the January meeting we made some other major decisions
by Lady Peg Schuler, Reporter                                           that may cost the club some money so I am sorry if you were not
March greetings to all. May the luck of the Irish be with ye all. The   there to vote on some of them. First off, we voted on sponsoring a
Northeast Shrine Club will meet at the Refectory Restaurant on          page in the Shrine Circus Coloring Book again this year. I believe
122nd and Halsey on March 11, 2009. Socialize and register at           that is going to set us back about $600.00. We have done this
5:30 PM, and at 6:30 PM dinner will be served..                         every year and it is always for a good cause – our Shrine Hospi-
                                                                        tals for Children. Let us always keep that goal in mind as we go
Our menu will be an Irish type dinner--Corned Beef or the
                                                                        about our club and unit activities.
alternate will be baked white fish. The salads are tossed greens
or cottage cheese and fruit.                                            Next you need to get your planning calendars out and mark a
                                                                        couple of important dates. The first date is Wednesday, August
Be sure to make your reservations with our telephone Lady,
                                                                        19, 2009. That will be the Shrine Club picnic. Again we are
Peggy Schuler 503-287-6627, and of course do be sure to let her
                                                                        planning of having it at Cook Park in Tigard, the same location as
know if you find you must cancel. Bring your family or friends,
                                                                        last years event. Remember the rain storm and yours truly trying
they are welcome.
                                                                        to get a fire going to cook hotdogs and hamburgers. Was that fun,
Our speaker this meeting will be Lady Nancy Berry, President of         or what?
the Forget Me Nots, (the widows club).Several of us enjoy this
                                                                        The next date to put in your planner is Sunday, September 13,
group and having lunch once a month together at a special
                                                                        2009. We are going to do the Shrine Club sponsored Crab Louis
                                                                        Dinner again at the Al Kader Shrine Center in Wilsonville. Last
Take care and do enjoy the sunshine when we get it.                     year’s crab dinner was great but we got off to a slow start and
                                                                        ticket sales were less than many of us were hoping for. Let’s see
SANTIAM SHRINE CLUB                                                     if we can’t do better this year. Remember that this is not just for
by Noble Noble Stan Miller                                              Shriners so get your friends, neighbors, and associates involved
Greetings Nobles. Wow, what a great meeting this past month             and get tickets in their hands early. I promise you that this will be
with all the members of Salem Shrine Club joining us for our            a sell-out event this year.
monthly meeting. It’s hoped this is a tradition which can carry on      The next general meeting of the Tualatin Valley Shrine Club will
for many years to come. They have also invited us to help with          be at 11:30 AM on Wednesday, March 18, 2009. We will gather at
the Shrine Circus here in Salem.                                        the Beaverton Elks for lunch and a short business meeting.
With the players now selected, it was decided to have the
East/West Shrine Football Banquet on the 17th of May. Cost will
be $10 for a fine Swiss Steak dinner. We again invite any local                                        Don't forget your
Nobles to come out and join us each month at Neufeldt’s in
Aumsville on the 2nd Monday of each month.                                                              Masonic Roots
                                                                                                      Visit a Blue Lodge
by Noble Herb Richardson
Well I, for one, have had enough snow and cold and I think it is
now time to look forward to spring. It’s only three weeks away so                                   Proofreaders’ Contest
hang on folks. I’m sorry that I had to miss the February meeting of                                 Noble Clem Norton, and
the Shrine Club at the Beaverton Elks but I can imagine there was                                   Noble Orin and Lady Jan
a good turn-out and the meal and meeting went according to plan.
                                                                                                   Sundeen submitted entries
I understand that Peter Stidd was going to have a “story time” so I
will be looking forward to hearing how that went.
                                                                                                 for the February issue. Their
                                                                                               names have been entered into
At the meeting of the Tualatin Valley Shrine Club on January 21st
                                                                                                the drawing.
IS Ard Pratt and Noble Bernie Stanfill administered the oath of
office and installed the new officer for 2009. They are:                     The February issue is closed. However, a
President, Bob Strong; 1st Vice President, Peter Stidd; 2nd Vice           whole new set of errors has been hidden in
President, None; Secretary, Herb Richardson; Treasurer Walter              this issue. We will be offering a pair of free
Peters (not present).                                                      Social dinners for the winner this year.

                                            Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 11
Oriental Band Crab Feed                                             and will try to defend their World Champions title, currently at
by IS Bob Walliker PP                                               eight successive years.
This year’s Oriental Band crab feed was another resounding
success. Harrington Hall was filled to capacity as Nobles, Ladies
and members of the public came to enjoy the games of chance,
the raffle with super prizes and the scrumptious fresh cracked
crab – with slaw, bread, beans and all the fixings. Of course
libation was a given and by the mood of the crowd, everyone had
a great time. Kathy and I sat at the Hospital table where we
enjoyed the company of staff and volunteers alike. It was nice to
visit among friends and to also see the community support that
the Band has created over the past few years. People are looking
forward to the event next year.
I must say the Oriental Band has this down to a fine science and
by word of mouth and repeat customers, they may have to do a
two day event next year. Our auctioneer, IS Bud James PP, was
very funny with his quick quips and comebacks. This year there
were some neat prizes. Kathy and I did not win anything, but had
fun trying. It was well worth a quick return from the E-W Game
Committee meeting in Prineville- a great time and a great cause –
support of our Band.
The Oriental Band wisely uses the funds they make to pay for
their travel to compete at WASOB (Western Association of Shrine
Oriental Bands) and other functions, like the Game in Baker City
each year. This year they will compete at WASOB in California,

                                         Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 12
Harrington Hall was filled to capacity as Nobles, Ladies and members of the public came to enjoy the games of chance, the raffle with super
prizes and the scrumptious fresh cracked crab – with slaw, bread, beans and all the fixings.

                                          Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 13
                Nydia Temple No. 4                                                           Al Zahrah Court #58
                Daughters of the Nile                                                        Ladies Oriental Shrine
                by Queen Joan Blizzard                                                           by Lady Phyllis Brewington
                 February was a very busy month at Nydia                                      Please join us for our 2009 Installation.
Temple. At our stated session, Princess Chaplain, Coleen Howard       The LOS Installation will be held on April 19th at 2:00 PM in the
directed our beautiful Memorial Service, assisted by 12 Ladies of     Blue Lodge Room at the Scottish Rite Temple---1525 SW Yamhill,
the household and three Past Queens. There was not a dry eye to       Portland, Or.
be found in the room during this very moving tribute to our
                                                                      Reception to follow.
departed Princesses, who have gone ahead.
On February 10th, the Ladies braved the blowing snow to               The Forget Me Nots
accompany Supreme Queen Muriel Knapp, from Hatasu No. 1 in            By Lady Nancy Berry
Seattle to the Shrine Hospital during her Official Visit to Nydia
Temple. The Ladies were greeted by Gareth Duggan a member of          There was a group of 22 Ladies who enjoyed our January
the Board of Governors, and Christine Pagetti, Volunteer              luncheon visit by the Al Kader Potentate Ard Pratt and his lovely
Coordinator of the Shrine Hospital. Captain Dana Tawney and the       Lady Carol. The Forget Me Nots were invited to be the guests of
Al Kader Patrol formed an Honor Guard and raised Supreme              Al Kader at the Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Social. We so
Queen Muriel’s personal American Flag which she has had flown         appreciated the personal invitation extended by IS Ard and many
over all the Shrine Hospitals she has visited. It was a very moving   of us attended this special event. We thank you both for the
and solemn moment with the snow gently falling and the flag           Shrine pins we received and Carol, the chocolates were deca-
flying in the breeze. After the ceremony, everyone enjoyed a          dent!. Please try to visit us again if your schedule permits. You
delightful lunch and a great tour of the hospital.                    are both always welcome. We enjoyed our tasty lunches at the
                                                                      Newport Bay Seafood Grill at Mall 205 and the servers and
Her Supreme Majesty viewed Nydia Temple’s Ceremonial at the           restaurant personnel did their usual excellent job taking good care
Scottish Rite Center. The floor work was lovely. Nydia was            of us. There was never an empty coffee cup!
honored to welcome into our fold three new Princesses: Pamela
Anderson, Tracey Brawley and Kristin Cramblett. The Ceremonial        Our March luncheon will be held at 11:30 am on Wednesday, the
ended with a great performance by the Nydia Patrol, 12 strong, in     25th at:
their new drill. Such precision, what footwork. Nice Job Ladies.                      Heidi’s
After the Patrol’s performance they lead everyone to the                              1230 N. Cleveland Ave
auditorium for the PADIR Extravaganza called “Imagine “!! 14                          Gresham, OR
PADIR Ladies put on a performance of a life-time, with a real         Anyone who is not on our calling or Email list and would like to
Oriental Flavor, complete with a Lion Dance! (Please note this        join us, please call Laura Hylton @ 503-289-8770 or Florence
group is available to take their show on the road). Supreme           Reid @ 360-256-5003 so we will know how many to plan on.
Queen Muriel was over-whelmed with the production.                    There is no charge should you be unable to attend.
In her remarks following dinner, the gracious Supreme Queen
Muriel was truly touched by everything that was done on her
behalf. She said she was so glad to be back in the Pacific                                       Poet Laureate’s
Northwest, and that the only place she ran into snow and ice, was                                    Corner
here in Seattle and Portland. She was especially touched that                                     by W. Dale Burkett
Nydia had given her the FIRST ever unanimously approved
honorary membership in our temple.                                                               March 2009
In March, we will hold our annual election and a new Queen of                    Wind is blowing through the trees,
Nydia Temple No. 4, will be elected. Every Daughter of the Nile is               Their branches snap and pop.
encouraged to attend the March Stated Session, because                           The icy cold of winter,
following our meeting Queen Joan will hold her “Queen’s                          May it never, never stop.
Appreciation Tea” as a special thank you to all the Princesses for
all their work and help in making her year so special. Please join               The Ides of March upon us,
us to you “Good-Bye to Queen Joan and a Hearty Hello to the                      We like it, even so,
new Queen-Elect Paulette Schlee”. Mark your calendars for                        Looking forward to an early spring,
March 15th at 1:00 PM for the Installation of Nydia Temple                       After the winter’s snow....
Daughters of the Nile at the Scottish Rite Center.

                                          Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 14
   Fundraising Auction
    Shriners Hospitals
  for Children - Portland
Al Kader Shriners Center
Saturday March 7, 2009
Doors open at 5:30 PM
No host bar
Silent auction from 6:00 to 7:00 PM
Buffet dinner at 7:30 PM - featuring roast pork loin
    with applesauce; chicken cordon bleu and
    Caesar salad
Live auction to follow dinner
       Cost: tickets on sale for $20 for admission to event and dinner

                    Please come and support the event.
         All net proceeds are for the support of Shriners Hospitals
                        for Children - Portland Unit.

           All items donated for the auction are tax deductable.
  Your Unit or Club can help by obtaining auction items or selling tickets.

              Call the Center Office for tickets at 503-682-4420
Contact our Chairman, Chief Rabban Cecil Hammer or a member of the Divan.
     Cecil’s number is 503-557-1774 or email:

      If you would like to purchase a table (eight people), cost is $150.
 If you have a suggestion of a person or a company to whom we can send a
        letter of invitation, please call or email Chief Rabban Hammer.

                     Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 15
    64th Annual Golf Tournament                     Be A Sponsor For The 64th Annual
         August 21, 2009                             Al Kader Shrine Golf Tournament
The Al Kader 64th Annual Golf Scramble will                  August 21, 2009
be held at the Oregon City Golf Course which        Course Sponsors - $750.00. Being a course
is located at 20124 S. Beavercreek Road in          sponsor entitles you to have a large advertising
Oregon City. Just take the Molalla exit off         banner displayed at the Clubhouse and a
I-205 and turn left on Beavercreek which is at      banner along the street adjacent to the
the top of the hill. The course is located just     course. You will also receive a quarter page ad
east of the Oregon City High School on the          in 6 issues of the Al Kader Oasis within the
North side of the road.                             next year. You provide the ad copy. This is a
                                                    $960.00 value if purchased separately. The
This year‛s tournament will be different. All
                                                    Oasis has a monthly circulation of over 2,000.
Lady golfers are welcome. You can team up
                                                    You will also receive a plaque to display at your
with your husband or boy friend or other
Ladies. Whatever you feel comfortable with.
All the Ladies will tee off from the red tees
                                                    Hole Sponsors - $100.00. A hole sponsor has a
on all holes and are eligible to win the long
                                                    sign by the tee on the hole of their choice.
drives and KP‛s. The team prizes are the same
                                                    Your name will be listed at the course and
as last year. A Shrine team must consist of at
                                                    acknowledged in the Oasis.
least 2 Shriners.
Remember we are limited to 144 players and
                                                    Sponsor‛s Name_______________________
the places are going fast. Don‛t wait until the
last minute because the entry fee goes up           Address ____________________________
after the August 17th if there are any spots        City ______________State ____ Zip _____
left. Entries are processed on a first come
                                                    Telephone Number (____) ____-_________
first served basis. You must send money with
your entry form.
                                                          Course Sponsor $750.00 or
The shotgun start is at 7:30 AM with check in
at 7:00 AM. Coffee and doughnuts will be                  Hole Sponsor $100.00 (Hole # ____)
available in the clubhouse. The prizes will be
awarded after the catered lunch from Busters        Please make your check payable to:
BBQ. There are long drives by age and some-         Al Kader Shrine Golf
thing on all of the par threes. Low gross team
                                                    25100 SW Parkway Ave
prizes will be the same as last year. Golf balls
are given for team birdies and eagles. There        Wilsonville, OR 97070
will be a limit on the golf balls awarded per       503-682-4420
team.                                               ________________________
Your entry fee gets you 18 holes of golf with a
cart, lunch, 2 drinks, a sleeve of logo balls and   Nobles you can get a 10% commission for your
a raffle ticket for the door prizes. Get a team     Club or Unit for each non-Shrine organization
together or sign up by yourself and we will put     sponsor you signup. This can be any business or
a team together for you.                            fraternal group.
                                                    For more forms call 503-682-4420.
Entry forms will be in the Oasis or you can get
one from the Shrine Center by calling 503-
                                                    Noble ________________________
682-4420. Any questions you have will be
answered at this number also.                       Unit _________________________

                               Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 16
 Annual “Q” Mother's                                          NOTICE OF
  Day FlowerSale                                           STATED MEETING
Make the Ladies in your life happy and support
  the Transportation Fund at the same time!
 Purchase one of the three 10” hanging bas-
 kets, shown below, by Hart‛s Nursery ($20).              Monday, March 16, 2009
Flowers will be available at the Shrine Center
Tuesday, May 5th – in time for Mother‛s Day.                         5:30 PM
  Orders must be placed by Friday, May 1st.
                                                          Al Kader Shrine - AAONMS
  HOSPITAL TRANSPOTRATION FUND                         Shrine Center - Wilsonville, Oregon

                                                              2009 Dues Card Required
                                                               Doors open at 5:00 PM

                                                          By Order of: Ard Pratt, Potentate
  10” Mixed Victorian   10” Calibrachoa Tinker Bells       Attest: Hap Baldwin, Recorder
  For orders or more
 information contact:                                                Al Kader Shrine Presents
 Program Chairman:                                                   Our Fourth Annual
    Bob Walliker
   503-698-5430                                                    Circus Kickoff Carnival
                                10” Fuchsia
                                                                    Saturday, March 14, 2009
                                                                       11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
                                                                      Al Kader Shrine Center
                                                                           Wilsonville, OR
                                                                 Fun, Games, Food, Prizes, Photos
                                                                           Bring the Kids!!

                                                                                 Warren Baglien
                                                                               Walter J. Hickmon
                                                                                   Forest Grove
                                                                                 Earl T. Lawhead
                                                                                  Lake Oswego
                                                                               Lawrence W. O’Dell
                                                                                Irving C. Stevens
                                                                                  Cannon Beach
                                                                                William F. Wagner

                                Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 17
by IS Mel Hervey PP - Guest Reporter
Something has happened with the Super Bowl…the
games have become exciting; or could it be the atmo-
sphere in which it is viewed.
For the third year Al Kader has been the place to be for
that big game…FREE beer FREE food GREAT friends
can’t get much better than that.
This year I was asked to be a judge in the 3rd Annual
Chili Cook Off. Now it is FREE beer, FREE food and
CHILI… now it does not get any better. Noble George
Hueth walked away with the award for BEST Chili. The
runners-up were the Stanfills, better luck next time
Bernie, Shirley once again prevailing…
IS Ard and his Lady Carol were gracious hosts, THANK
YOU, it was fun and the “prize” I received at the end of
the game was, well how do I say it…rewarding.
We have a great Fraternity with so many events to enjoy.
I know it is not possible to attend all events so we have
to pick and choose. My advice is to put this event on
your calendar for next year. (I hope our Chief Rabban
gets the hint). I am laying down a challenge to George,
Shirley and out for the Hervey Chili

                                          Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 18
Shriners Hospitals Rated One of the
Most-Trusted Nonprofits

Shriners Hospitals for Children
ranked as one of the top three most-
trusted nonprofit organizations in a
recent survey of wealthy individuals
conducted by the Luxury Institute, an
independent research firm.
   The New York City-based Luxury
Institute conducts a variety of
impartial surveys and research to
guide and educate extremely affluent
individuals and the companies that
market to them on trends, net-worth
consumer rankings, and ratings of
luxury brands and best practices.
   This was the first year the
institute conducted its Luxury Brand
Trust Index survey of nonprofit
organizations, said Martin Swanson,
the firm’s vice president of business
   Shriners Hospitals for Children        Shriners Hospitals for Children is dedicated to improving the lives of children through pediatric specialty care,
ranked third among the most-trusted       innovative research and outstanding teaching programs. This one-of-a-kind health care system helps kids with
                                          orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate defy the odds, at no charge.
nonprofits. Children’s Hospital of
Philadelphia ranked first, and St. Jude
Children’s Research Hospital ranked
   “Being recognized as one of            service, being innovators and leaders,                          “We should all be very proud of
the top most-trusted nonprofit            using the highest legal, ethical and                         the fact that Shriners Hospitals has
organizations demonstrates that the       moral standards, and being good                              received such a high ranking by this
medical care provided by Shriners         corporate citizens. Fourteen of the                          group of individuals,” said Semb.
Hospitals is highly regarded and          nonprofits included in the survey                            “Their trust in our hospitals and
respected,” said Ralph Semb,              were medical institutions or health-                         our mission reinforces the fact that
president and chief executive officer     related organizations.                                       all our 22 Shriners Hospitals have
of Shriners Hospitals for Children.          “High-net-worth consumers are                             been successful in honoring our
“That’s a great honor for us.”            the largest donors and are expecting –                       number-one commitment to provide
   A sample of 1,666 consumers with       even demanding – measurable results,                         exceptional specialty treatment to
an average income of $348,000 and         transparency, lack of conflicts of                           children who need it, at no charge.”
an average net worth of $3.7 million      interest and fiscal responsibility from
was asked to participate in the online    nonprofits,” said Milton Pedraza,                  
survey. Respondents rated 41 national     the Luxury Institute’s chief financial
nonprofit organizations on several        officer.
factors, including trustworthiness for
delivering superior quality, customer

                                     Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 19
HOSPITAL HAPPENINGS-PORTLAND                                             the work horse that moves material such as ironwork, trusses,
by Lady Pat Grennan, Director of Community Affairs                       concrete and equipment about the job site. Although Mother
                                                                         Nature temporarily shut down the task of getting the crane erected
It is with great pleasure that the Board of Governors announce the
                                                                         on the north side of the hospital due to high winds for 3 days, by
appointment of Suzanne Diers, RN, MN as the new Director of
                                                                         Tuesday January 20th, the crane was finally in place and ready
Patient Care Services (DPCS) at Shriners Hospitals for Children
                                                                         for the official state certification and inspection. Each week brings
Portland. The Board is confident that under Suzanne’s leadership,
                                                                         us closer to the completion of the project, a highly anticipated
Shriners Hospitals for Children Portland will continue to provide
                                                                         celebration for all!
high quality care for our patients who seek our services from
throughout the Pacific Northwest. Suzanne’s appointment is
effective February 9th, 2009. Suzanne has more than 15 years of
experience at Childrens Hospital in Los Angeles as Director of
Medical – Surgical Services and Manager of the Bone Marrow
Transplant Unit. As a nurse since 1978, Suzanne brings a depth of
experience in direct patient care, management of medical units and
leadership for departments including Nursing Services, Outcomes
Management and Peri-Operative Services.
While at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, her primary responsi-
bilities were for planning, directing and evaluating the operations of   With an eye to guiding the clinical and business activities of the
the medical-surgical units. She brings in-depth experience with          Portland Hospital over the next five years, the Board of Governors
accreditation surveys, planning for new inpatient spaces, imple-         approved a strategic plan this past November. Many factors
mentation of electronic medical records systems and using quality        prompted the Board to take this step including the uncertain
data to improve care and as part of the Magnet status application.       economy, the expansion project and the needs of Shriners
Suzanne brings a track record of facilitating strong collaborative       patients, volunteers and employees. Many people from through-
relationships between departments and disciplines.                       out the hospital, including the research department, helped draft
Complementing Suzanne’s acceptance of the DPCS position is the           the plan. The plan identified steps to take in four different areas-
promotion of Sonia Bouchard, OTR-L, MPH to the newly created             stewardship, organizational efficiency, clinical excellence and
role of Director of Clinical Support Services. Sonia will represent      market demand – to maintain and improve the Hospital’s reputa-
those clinical care areas, such as the Rehabilitation, Orthotics and     tion among pediatric hospitals. The Board has also adopted
Prosthetics, Radiology and Nutrition Services departments. The           procedures to see that the plan is implemented according to an
Board of Governors thanks Greg Sabin, Manager Inpatient Unit, for        approved time table and that it is periodically updated.
his willingness to take on the added responsibilities of interim         In adopting this plan, the Board approved for the Portland hospital
Director of Patient Care Services over the past several months.          a revised mission statement. For the first time, all Shriners
Greg brought his calm, level headed management style to the              Hospitals share in the same mission, emphasizing similar areas of
Director position during this interim period. His help during the last   care and service. This revised statement calls upon Shriners
four months is greatly appreciated by all who worked with and for        Hospitals to
                                                                         • Provide the highest quality of care to children with musculosk-
“The construction on the hospital’s expansion and renovation             eletal conditions, burn injuries, and other special health care
project continues to go according to schedule.” States Keith             needs within a compassionate, family centered and collaborative
Rogers, Facilities Director. One of the main steps in this multi-year    care environment.
project is the process of securing adequate power supply for the         • Provide for the education of physicians and other health care
additional 66,000 square feet of the expansion. Sounds simple,           professionals.
right? Yet, to get this additional power supply, the hospital’s          • Conduct basic, translational, and clinical research to discover
electrical transformer that supplies the current building needed to      new knowledge that improves the quality of care and quality of life
be relocated and upgraded. On Saturday January 10th, Portland            of children and families
General Electric cut power to the building to complete the upgrade.
                                                                         As the year moves along, further information about the hospital’s
During this downtime, the hospital ran on the emergency generator
                                                                         strategic plan will be shared with our supporting Centers. Working
power supply without incident. It went so smoothly that this
                                                                         together with this plan as guidance, Shriners, hospital employees
upgrade, anticipated to take approximately 12 hours, was accom-
                                                                         and supporters can ensure that children throughout the Pacific
plished in 8 hours. Proceeding along, during the next weekend
                                                                         Northwest will continue to be served in a family centered world
began the erection of the 250 foot tower crane. This crane will
                                                                         class healthcare facility.
remain in place for the remainder of the expansion project and is
                                              Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 20
Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 21
Grand Master Gleanings                                                I tip my Grand Master Top Hat to everyone at the Al Kader Shrine
By MWB Bob Richmond, Grand Master                                     Center for hosting the Portland Occasional Grand Lodge on
                                                                      January 17th. Over 150 people enjoyed a tasty lunch and the
This report centers on the many good Oregon Shrine events I’ve
                                                                      entire event went well from start to finish. The Shrine Center
enjoyed during my tenure as Grand Master. Things began on a
                                                                      certainly serves as a well equipped, well staffed, and well located
high note with the Imperial Shrine Session in St. Louis where IS
                                                                      facility for use by all members of the Masonic Family.
Dan, PP presented me with my Al Kader “Grand Master” Fez.
Lady Joyce and I appreciated the many courtesies extended to us       I thank all of my Shrine Brothers throughout Oregon for sustained
by IS Dan and Lady Jennifer and the Divan as well as IS Jack          zeal and support of the World’s Greatest Philanthropy, the Shrine
Adams, PP and Lady Carole and the Hillah Divan. We enjoyed            Hospitals for Children! Thanks, too, for helping make my year
everything, most especially the brotherly love and Shrine fellow-     such a memorable experience!
ship that prevailed. I wish everyone could have seen the purple
shirted Al Kaderites marching in the Really BIG Shrine Parade on
that balmy summer evening!
                                                                                            Spare Yarn?
The next outstanding event happened on the entire weekend of                                         If you have any extra
the East-West Shrine Football Game in Baker City Bob’s home-                                         yarn for Noble John
town. This historic Game ranks in my estimation as the top                                           McClellan and friends to
Masonic charitable project in Oregon. The close cooperation                                          turn into caps, slippers,
among all of the participants, including the entire Baker City                                       and ear warmers please
community, always results in raising thousands of dollars for the                                    bring to the Shrine
Shrine Hospital and creating a million dollars of good will!                                         Center office. All goods
Then on September 13th we dedicated the cornerstone for the                                          made are delivered to
$75 million dollar addition to the Portland Shrine Hospital. What a                                  the Shrine Hospital for
wonderful day for Oregon Shriners! The strong words of support                                       Children in Portland.
for Blue Lodge Masonry spoken by Imperial Potentate, Doug
Maxwell during the Ceremony can only be described as “uplifting!”
Everything that occurred that day made me feel both humble and        Boxes of Love
proud to be a Shrine Mason!                                           First Lady Carol has announced that her Project this year will be
I accompanied Lady Joyce and a group of Grand Lodge Officers          to continue Al Kader’s “Boxes of Love” tradition for our troops
and District Deputy Ladies on a most informative tour and             overseas. Details of “get-togethers” to sort and pack the boxes
luncheon at the Portland Shrine Hospital on January 16. These         will follow.
Ladies, and others who were unable to attend, agreed to partici-
pate in a project to sew Hospitality Bags. These colorful bags are
given to the children when they enter the Hospital so they can
carry their “stuff” on their wheelchairs.
Special thanks to Deputy Grand Master, Art Bush, and the Grand                       Boxes of Love
Officers, Deputies, and their Ladies for accompanying Lady Joyce
and me at the Installation of IS Ard Pratt and the Al Kader Divan.
We enjoyed the gala evening and agreed that it was a great way
to begin a New Year!                                                  In preparation; what kinds of items should be included in Al
                                                                      Kader’s “Boxes of Love” for the servicemen? There is an exhaus-
                                                                      tive list at:
                                                                      Include encouraging notes, your e-mail address, local news,
                                                                      Music CD's, books on CD, hand held games, cookies, jam,
                                                                      granola, energy bars, skittles (they don't melt), magazines, etc.
                                                                      Hard candy and school supplies will get distributed to the local
                                                                      children. Let your imagination be your guide!
                                                                      if you have relations or friends, who are active in the service and
                                                                      overseas, you can send in their names and addresses and we will
                                                                      get a love package off to them sometime this year. We will need
  MWB Bob Richmond, IS Ard and RWB Art Bush at the OGL                a complete address.
  recently hosted by Al Kadeer Shriners

                                          Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 22
    Red, White and Blue Social
    Al Kader Shriners Center
    Saturday, April 18, 2009
        The Potentate’s Ball

5:00 PM - Oasis in the                      Menu
          new upstairs                    Prime Rib
          asembly area                        or
5:45 PM - March-in                         Salmon
6:15 PM - Dinner                      (Vegetarian Entre’
                                         by Request)
Entertainment by the
Al Kader Concert Band                         Price is
                                         $30.00 per person
  Dress is Formal                               and
 Men in tuxes and fez                      every one will
  Ladies in gowns                        receive a nice gift.

          Childcare is
            available.                 Reserve on-line at
          Please advise 
           of number                or call the Shrine Center
            and ages                   at 503-682-4420
         when reserving

              Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 23
                                                           Al Kader Shrine                        NON PROFIT
CHANGE of ADDRESS                                             AAONMS                            ORGANIZATION
Name _____________________________                                                               U.S. POSTAGE
Old Address ________________________                                                                  PAID
City ______________State ___ Zip ______                                                         PERMIT NO. 497
                                                       25100 SW Parkway Ave                     PORTLAND, OR
NEW Address ______________________
                                                      Wilsonville, OR 97070-9600                 Dated Material
City ______________State ___ Zip ______
                                                                                                  Please Rush
Please add Telephone # (   ) __________
   Recorder, Al Kader Shrine Center
      25100 SW Parkway Ave.
     Wilsonville, OR 97070-9600

                                             All-New                               Your Leasing and Sales
                                         Award Winning                             Automotive Specialists
                                          Cadillac CTS
                                       Starting At $32,990                               “We provide
                                                                                      excellent service
                                      633 NE Twelfth Ave.                              to meet all your
                                      (2 blocks South of Lloyd Center)
                                                                                     automobile needs.”
                                       503-314-0851        Gary Scott
                               Mon.-Fri. 8am-7pm Sat. 9am-6pm Sun. 11am-6pm

                           CALENDAR OF COMING EVENTS
      Please note that all dates and events shown here are subject to change without notice
        March 2009                                         April 2009                      May 2009
      Saturday, March 14                                 Saturday, April 4                 Saturday, May 2
    Circus Kickoff Carnival                       Shrine Circus 2:00 & 7:00 PM          Newport Loyalty Days
          Shrine Center                            Portland Memorial Coliseum             10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
      11:00 PM - 3:00 PM                                 Sunday, April 5              Friday-Saturday, May 8-9
       Sunday, March 15                              Shrine Circus 2:00 PM                East-West Football
     Daughters of the Nile                         Portland Memorial Coliseum            Committee Meeting
           Installation                                 Thursday, April 16                 Saturday, May 9
    Scottish Rite - 1:00 PM                                “Q” Meeting                         21-40 Club
       Monday, March 16                                 Saturday, April 18                   Casino Night
   Stated Meeting - 5:30 PM                       Shriner’s Ball - Shrine Center           Saturday, May 16
     Thursday, March 19                                      5:30 PM                     Social- Shrine Center
           “Q” Meeting                                   Sunday, April 19                       5:30 PM
      Saturday, March 21                              Ladies Oriental Shrine               Monday, May 18
Social - Shrine Center - 5:30 PM                      Installation - 2:00 PM           Stated Meeting - 5:30 PM
     Thursday, March 26                                 Saturday, April 25                Thursday, May 21
 Unit Head Meeting - 6:00 PM                           Parade - The Dalles                    “Q” Meeting
Saturday-Sunday, March 28-29                            Thursday, April 30           Friday-Saturday, May 22-23
 LLoyd Center Circus Kick-off                     Unit Head Meeting - 6:00 PM         Candidates’ Hospital Visit &
                                                                                          Thursday, May 28
                                                                                     Unit Head Meeting - 6:00 PM
                                                                                           Saturday, May 30
                                                                                           Wilsonville Parade

                                      Al Kader OASIS - March 2009 - Page 24

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