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Kenya Farmer


									                                     Kenya Farmer

Kenya Farmer, a native of Tallahassee, has always been fascinated with the way things
work. She would sit and watch reruns of the A-Team just to see what plan the General
was going to concoct to get his band of buddies out of trouble. She also enjoyed
watching MacGyver for the very same reason. In 1997, she was introduced to the World
Wide Web. It was her first year attending high school and she often found herself
spending all of her spare time web surfing. Before the internet, the only interactive
technology that appealed to Kenya was video games. During this time Kenya was just a
bandwagon consumer of technology and she had no idea that that would soon change.

Kenya decided to enroll in Florida A & M University the in fall of 2001. It took her three
long years to finally major in computer science after a conversation with her mother.
Kenya’s mother simply said, “You like computers, why don’t you major in that?”
Kenya’s decision was confirmed when reminiscing on conversations she and her older
cousin had about being video game designers when they were younger. That was the day
Kenya discontinued being just a consumer of technology. Now she was going to be
equipped with the tools to be a working part of technology.

Ms. Farmer is scheduled to graduate from the major of her choice in the fall of 2007. She
recently completed an internship with her home university’s web applications and
development team. There she showcased her technical and logical skills as one of the
most well prepared and well rounded interns among her colleagues: she was the only
intern offered employment during the fall semester. Upon graduation Kenya will enter
the IT field with a job that’s focused on application development or securing an IT

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