Steam Fittings by 18EV0q9


									Connecting to industry
Fittings for
Steam Hose
Steam is………

         minimum 212 F
   DPL Catalog
 Information in the back
      of the catalog

Direct relationship
between pressure
and temperature of
 saturated steam.
            The RMA
  (Rubber Manufacturers Association)

Has designated Steam the most
  potentially dangerous of all
    materials that is handled
   through a hose assembly.
 As such, it carries a Safety
Requirement Factor of 10 to 1.
  Dixon …… in keeping
     with the RMA’s
  recommended Safety
Factors, has approved for
  Steam Service, only a
 handful of products for
  use with Steam Hose.
          WARNING …….
 NEVER use any
 Dixon fitting, or
accessory item for
  Steam Service
unless Dixon Valve
    & Coupling
  Company has
  approved it for
  such service !
The Boss System
 for steam service
        The Boss System

• Available from ¼” through 6”
• Good for up to 450 degrees F
• Available in Steel, Iron, Stainless
  Steel, and Brass.
            Boss Male Stems

 1” ID & smaller is
machined bar stock
steel with standard
   barbed stem.

                      1 ¼” ID & larger is cast
                       iron with “Cor-O-Zig”
                         impression shank.
      Boss Male Stems
                    Male NPT

                   Heavy Duty
                    Hex Nut
Boss Clamping
     Boss Washer Style Female

collar    Flat surface            Flat surface
         on hose stem               on spud
     Boss Female Ground Joint

 Rounded       Rounded head   clamping
seat in spud   on hose stem     collar
              Boss Accessories
               for steam service

 LP Boss Male Stem                         Female
                            Wing Nut

                  Female Spud
                                 Male Adapter
Double Spud

 Washer        Male Spud        Boss Hose Mender
    Cold Flow …
  … is a phenomena related to rubber
(elastomers). Rubber moves away from
           points of stress!
 Pressure and heat intensify the Cold
          Flow movement.
Since steam presents both pressure as
well as heat, it becomes very important
   in choosing the proper means of
        clamping the assembly.
                Boss Clamps
                    Gripping fingers to engage
                    Boss collar on hose stem

Nuts & Bolts
 to retighten
the clamp as
            Multi-section design
             for “even” take-up
                   Clamp sections do
                   not touch …. plenty
                        of room for

 Clamp fingers
properly engage        Warning label
  fitting Boss          installed.
clamping collar.
                     Clamp sections
                     touching each

  Clamp fingers
“bottomed out” on
  neck of fitting.      No warning
      Boss Clamps
Torque values on the nuts &
bolts of the Boss clamps will
         vary by size.
Torque values in Foot Pounds
  can be found in the Boss
 Clamp section of the Dixon
        DPL Catalog.
  DPL Catalog
   Boss Section      Hose ID

 Information can               Hose OD
be found for both               range
clamp sizing, and
for torque ratings
 on nuts & bolts.
STEAM Quick Disconnects

Do not disconnect under pressure
     STEAM Quick Disconnects
• Rated to a maximum of 100 psi saturated
  steam (338 degrees F).
• Spring loaded safety shut-off valve in
  both the plug and the coupler.
• Large gripping collar on sleeve of the
  coupler for ease of handling with gloves on.
• Available ¼” through 1 ½” sizes.
  STEAM Quick Disconnects
    are Female NPT threaded …..

In order to be properly used in Steam
Service they must be threaded onto a
 “Boss” male that has been secured
  in the hose with a “Boss” clamp !
STEAM Quick Disconnects
In order to properly drain a steam hose
assembly that has valve type fittings, you
have two options available:
• Allow media to completely cool.
  Completely remove the valved Quick
  Disconnects and drain the water.
• Allow media to completely cool. Insert
  a spare plug into the coupler end of the
  assembly, and roll the hose towards the
  open end to drain the water.
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