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									Yorkshire and Humber MTL - Sheffield Hallam University
Briefing for Senior Liaison Coaches 21st/22nd June2010

These are the expanded notes for, and from, the meetings with SLC’s on 21st and
22nd June. They refer to several handouts which accompany these notes. If you have
any questions about issues raised please do not hesitate to contact myself or Angie

Sean Cavan, Regional lead for the Y&H MTL,
June 23rd 2010

1.      MTL for NQTS
1.1     recruitment overview
Y&H is the most successful of the 8 comparable English regions in terms of MTL
recruitment , in no small way due to the tremendous support of our SLC and other
colleagues in our partner schools. The figures are:
 SHU 81 enrolments , by LA: Sheffield 44, Rotherham 23, Doncaster 14
 Y&H 210+ overall
 Nationally 2000+ ( inc. around 1400 in the north west where all schools are

1.2 funding to schools
 MTL funding has been received from TDA

    We need to have partnership agreement signed and returned to SHU, we have
     the vast majority , if you have no sent yours in please do so asap as we cannot
     make payments without them being with us. The partnership agreement will also
     cover the MTL for our TLR colleagues – see section 2 of these notes

    first tranche ( £516) for phase 1 being transferred now to schools

    the “guide for bursars” document ( Handout 1) was previously circulated but
     another copy is with these notes , this gives a breakdown of the payment pattern

    the “principles for expenditure” document ( HO 2) , again previously circulated
     gives advice as to the very wide range of things that the funding can be spent on,
     this is an open list and if you have ideas for use of MTL funds that are not
     included please check with Sean re adding them to the list.

SLC briefing June 21&22 post meeting notes   1                               23/06/2010

Sean Cavan
     The TDA have indicated very limited audit expectations of these funds – we feel
      that it is politically expedient hat we have in place a simple process that can help
      us report to Government on the use of the funds passed to schools. We are
      proposing the use of simple proforma to gather info re the % breakdown spend
      on the different ways of supporting the participants – this would be based on the
      expenditure principles document. We would be asking for this around next
      Easter to reflect the first years funding. It will be designed to take the minimum
      amount of times whilst providing us with information to defend the funding levels.

1.3      NQTs and current coaches & tutors

     allocation of coaches to participants – we need to get confirmation asap as to
      which coaches in your school are supporting which MTL participants. We have
      had some information , so thanks to those of you who have supplied it , but if you
      havn’t informed us , or have any updates , please send names of the coaches
      and their participant(s) to Raela Mclaughlin via

      we are asking that SLCs checking that coaches are meeting with participants –
      enclosed is “ Overview of weeks activities” (HO3) , this an extract from the
      module handbooks that we emailed to all coaches before the start of the
      programme – these have also been enclosed again – HO4 and HO5. we are also
      we are sending out a participant's learning log proforma to all the participants for
      them to record how they feel they are developing and as a record of their
      meetings with their coach - see HO 6-

     We are currently organising SHU tutors visits to schools – these will be by the
      SHU University Link Tutors (ULTs) , the enclosed “ SLC-ULT” document details
      (HO7) which SHU colleagues are working with which SLCs at which schools. The
      ULTS provide continuity of link between SHU and our MTL school partners. If you
      have a more effective emails or phone number for yourself , can you please email
      Raela to provide her with the details and we will update the contact list. The 4
      ULTS – Sean, Angie, Sarah and Kath are also the module tutors for modules 1
      and 2 and we would be wanting to arrange to meet with the participants and
      coaches when visiting. Once we settle into the pattern of phase 2 modules after
      Christmas, there would be a module tutor visit and a ULT visit to the school each
      term. We are drafting an MTL partnership visit form, similar to those used for ITT,
      to help manage and track any actions or issues that are raised at the meetings.
      We will be forwarding the final version shortly once additional points from the
      21/22 June discussions have been added to it.

SLC briefing June 21&22 post meeting notes    2                                 23/06/2010

Sean Cavan
     Coach & Tutor partnership working – how do we best manage any participant's
      “concerns “ – we agreed at the meetings that if a participant had concerns about
      their support from their coach then this should be raised with the SLC at the
      school. Likewise, if the participant felt that there were any problems with their
      tutor then this should be raised with either the ULT for the school or Angie Evans
      as the Phase leader for the programme

1.4    current assignments - Module 1
An over view was given of the assignment for modules 1 and 2,
“The assignment is based on a structured reflection on your professional
development to date and a focussed study of a targeted aspect of your professional
1. context of ITT and school
2. their views on teacher professionalism and identity
3. reflecting on their own professional practice
4. how can your reflection impact on your practice and your choice of focus for
module 2
 5. examples of lesson plans etc in an appendix

1.5    current assignments – Module 2
“to undertake a small enquiry( perhaps 2-4 weeks) into a specific area of your
classroom practice that you and your coach have identified as being of particular
interest to you at this stage of your professional career.”
1.     what’s the rationale for your focus
2.     what did you take into account when planning
3.     what data did you create / generate
4.     your key conclusions

1.6      Managing MTL teachers moving

We discussed the 3 main patterns of MTL participants moving school and how we
would support each person, we have created 2 proformas to help with this which are
enclosed as HO8, They are quite similar but have different guidelines and the
second one needs the MTL participant to include information on where they are with
their modules , this will be used by their new university.

     Moving within Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster - they stay with SHU for this
     Moving out of Sheffield, Rotherham or Doncaster - this means they also change
     Moving into Sheffield, Rotherham or Doncaster from other LAs - this means they
      Move from another university to SHU
SLC briefing June 21&22 post meeting notes   3                                23/06/2010

Sean Cavan
1.7      Coach training – day 2

We have scheduled 4 runs of day 2 from which your colleagues can choose, these
 Coach training – day 2
       o East – Hull , Wed June 23, South – The Source , Fri June 25
       o West – Leeds , Mon 28, Regional sweep-up , The Source, Fri July 2
 Book in via: Raela Mclaughlin, MTL coaching Admin lead, 0114 225 3308,

If your colleagues have not yet booked in can you please ask them to do so asap.

1.8    Coach capacity for 2010-2011
we will be organising further rounds of the coach training package during next
academic year as follows:

     Autumn training – dates TBA , towards end of first half of term
     Spring Term – dates TBA – suggestions re “best time” of term
     Same funding support £200 for each day cover, same package of 2 days

SLC briefing June 21&22 post meeting notes   4                             23/06/2010

Sean Cavan
2.       MTL for TLRs

The TDA will be fully funding TLR colleagues who have been newly appointed to
TLR posts ( 1 or 2 with responsibility for a subject area) in your school at any time
between 1st Sept 2009 up to and including this September ( 2010). "Newly
appointed" includes: coming into an existing TLR post from outside the school or
internal appointment, taking up a newly created TLR post ( from inside or outside the
school) , the school restructuring and creating new posts for existing staff, or the
school changing status , e.g. becoming an academy where everyone is in effect on a
new post.

2.1      Eligibility and recruitment

     the eligibility form that we will use is HO 9 "SHU eligibility proforma", we will use
      this in the same way as for the NQTS, i.e. it will be signed off by the Head or
      nominee and attached to each individuals enrolment form

     we have a target date 6th November for launching the MTL for TLRS

     Sean is very happy to arrange to discuss this with you at your school and/or with
      your TLRS - it would be very helpful if you could email Sean with an
      estimate of how many potential TLRS you might have who would be eligible

     the TLR’s MTL modules will be scheduled 1 term later than for NQTs , e.g. Phase
      2 starts for TLRs April 2011

     we intend to use peer coaching as main model and are looking now at the
      feasibility of integrating coach training into the MTL content for TLRs

2.2      delivery and focus of the MTL for TLRs

     module scheduled one term after NQTs
     foci will be on them addressing issues for TLRs inc whole school issues
     very strong potential for the school/ departmental development plan to influence
      foci for individuals and for groups of TLR participants

3.       Some FAQs from day 1 of coach training

HO 10 provides answers to the key questions raised at Day 1 of the coach training

SLC briefing June 21&22 post meeting notes     5                                  23/06/2010

Sean Cavan
4.     SHU contacts update:

General issues:
For questions about eligibility, funding and MTL partnership agreement:
Sean Cavan, Head of CPD, SHU, 07718 638 327,

For programme issues such as schedules, modules, assessment, etc:
Angie Evans, MTL Phase Leader, 0114 225 5193,

For coach training and Senor Liaison coach briefings
Raela Mclaughlin, MTL Admin lead, 0114 225 3308,
Unit 2 , Science Park, SHU, Sheffield, S1 1WB

For the MTL programme management group and module development teams
Faye Baler, MTL development administrator, 0114 225 6010,

For enrolment, module delivery, ongoing student administration
James Kirwan Student Admin lead, 0114 225 5345,

SLC briefing June 21&22 post meeting notes   6                            23/06/2010

Sean Cavan

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