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					Name___________________                  Date__________                     Period_____

                                       Mi carpeta
                                  Binder cover design homework

   Design the front cover for Spanish class binder (la carpeta de español)
   Your front cover must include all the information listed below.
   Your front cover should reflect you and your personality.

Homework assigned on_________________                  Due_____________

Directions:  Please check the boxes below as you complete.

Your cover should have the following:
     Your first name (in Spanish) and last name (top of the cover)

     The number of the period you have Spanish (eg. 2b, 5a).
                                                                           Bottom rectangle
     Team number and homeroom number.

     Use 4 adjectives in Spanish that describe you (eg. “artística”)

     Use at least 4 symbols, drawings or pictures that represent who you are.
      -Ideas (drawings or clip art of things you like to do, people you admire, family, pets, flags)

     Label your drawings or pictures in Spanish (eg. “mi perro Buddy” or “el fútbol”)

     Use at least 3 colors in your design.

     Complete carefully and thoughtfully!

     Additional touches and creativity are welcome.

     Must be on time! (Covers that are late will not get homework credit)

     Complete heading (name, date, and period) on this rubric.
Clase de español: Período: ________ Profesora:_______________

Team ___________                        Homeroom__________

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