Musee Rosette Rochon

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					Musee Rosette Rochon

      Doug Detiveaux
       Tonya Dollar
      Michael Brown
        Erin Taylor
 In loving memory of
Karla Hardberger-Ortiz
Rosette Rochon
Site Location
Existing Site
Restored Site
        • Technology
        • Model
          – Physical
          – Virtual
        • Illustration
        • Writing
        • Research
Field Trip
Existing Exterior
Existing Interior
Restored Rear Elevation
Restored Front Elevation
Dormer Detail
Restored Front and Interior Views
Restored Loggia
Restored Parlor
Restored Master Bedroom
Restored Secondary Bedchamber
Restored Study
       Field Research-Magnolia Mound

pressurized water pipes in attic   water pipes in crawl space

      duct work                    HVAC in crawl space

                                                                A/C vent in the floor
ADA Floor Plan/Circulation
ADA Compliant Ramps

Portable Ramp

                Wheelchair Lift
                  Physical Model
The model-making team worked
in collaboration with the
technology team to assemble
AutoCAD drawings into a
working study model. This
process allowed the team to
discover inconsistencies between
drawings and devise a plan for
building the final model. The
next step in the model-making
process will be to construct an
additional model to be displayed
in Rosette Rochon Musee for
visitors to view.
                  Physical Model

                      Rear Elevation           Side Elevation 1

Front Elevation

                                  Side Elevation 2
AutoViz Model
                Mr. Don Richmond, Director, Musée Rosette Rochon
                              Jan Shoemaker, Director
                        Dr. Lillian Bridwell-Bowles, Director
                        Ms. Karen Powell, Assistant Director
                        Consultants, Research Assistants
                      H.P. Bacot, Professor, LSU School of Art
 Mr. Carey Coxe, Manager, Magnolia Mound Plantation, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
 Kenyota Combs, Docent, Magnolia Mound Plantation, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
       Mr. William Highland, Islañeos Museum, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana
 William Brockway, Professor of Architecture, LSU School of Architecture, retired
Mr. Lester Sullivan, University Archivist, Xavier University, New Orleans, Louisiana
            Mr. John Abajian, Director, New Orleans Auction Galleries
        Tom Halverson, Director of American Furniture and Decorative Arts,
                           New Orleans Auction Galleries

     Nancy Jensen, Kate Jensen, The Potts House, Baton Rouge, Louisiana,
                                 The Reveille
                           Amy Brittain, Journalist
                         Holly Williams, Photographer

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