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Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church


									                        Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church
                                            Nuestra Señora de la Asunción
1/2 hour before the 5:00pm & 7:00pm
Saturday Masses, and 1/2 hour before
the 11:00am Sunday Mass.
Marriages/Matrimonios: In this diocese,
arrangements must be made at least six
months prior to your proposed wedding
date. For information, phone Deacon Peter
Duca at 704-573-0097.
En la diócesis, arreglos para matrimonio
deben hacerse por lo menos seis meses
antes de la fecha de la boda. Para más
información, llame al Padre Felipe @ 704-
Baptisms: Baptisms are held every month.
Parents who wish to have their children bap-
tized must be registered active parishioners
for at least 6 months and attend a Baptismal
Preparation session. Both parents and spon-
sors should be present for this important
class. Call the office or Deacon Peter Duca
to register. Please make sure your parish
registration is up to date. The next prepara-
tion session will be held on Saturday,
December 3, 2011 at 10am.
Clases de Instrucción Para el Bautizo:
Las Clases de Bautizo son el primer y
segundo domingo de cada mes después de
la Misa de las 3:00pm. Las próximas cla-
ses son Domingo, 4 y 11 de diciembre.
Se requiere la asistencia de los padres y
padrinos en todas las clases. La familia
tiene que ser registrado en la parroquia por                   4207 Shamrock Drive Charlotte, NC 28215
lo menos 6 meses antes de la primera cla-                         Tel: 704-535-9965 Fax: 704-535-3621
se. Se registra uno en la oficina de la pa-                       Website: /charlotte/ola
rroquia para las clases de bautizo. Si tiene
preguntas hable con Marcos González
después de la Misa.
                                                                                  Horario de Misa
Sponsor Certificate: In order to receive
permission to be sponsor for baptism or con-
                                                              Tuesday (Martes)..……….…….……9:00 am (English)
firmation, you will need to be a registered
and a contributing parishioner for at least
                                                              Wednesday (Miércoles)……….....7:00 pm (English)
three month.                                                  Thursday (Jueves)………..9:00 am (School English)
                                                              ………………………………..……….……...7:00 pm (Spanish)
Sick/Hospital Visits                                          Saturday Vigil…………………...……..5:00pm (English)
If someone in your family is sick or admitted                 Sábado Vigilia…………………..…...7:00 pm (Español)
to the hospital, please let the church office                 Sunday (Domingo).……………...…8:30 am (English)
know so that we can visit them.                               …………………………………….…...……...11:00 am (English)
                                                              ………………….……………………...….....3:00 pm (Español)

                                            First Sunday of Advent • November 27, 2011
                                        Primer Domingo de Adviento • 27 de noviembre de 2011
First Sunday of Advent_______                                            _____                          November 27, 2011

Date:            Time:     Intention:                Requested By:                                Readings:
Mon., 28th                     ---                              ---              Is 2:1-5; Mt 8:5-11
Tues., 29th     9:00am     +Rita Reiser                         ---
Wed., 30th      7:00pm      Angelica Ogabido (Thanksgiving) Mom & Dad
                                                                                 Is 11:1-10; Lk 10:21-24
Thurs., 1st     9:00am         ---                              ---              Rom 10:9-18; Mt 4:18-22
                7:00pm         ---                              ---              Is 26:1-6; Mt 7:21, 24-27
Fri., 2nd                      ---                              ---              Is 29:17-24; Mt 9:27-31
Sat., 3rd       5:00pm     +Victor Manuel Espin       Familia Espin              Is 30:19-21, 23-26; Mt 9:35 — 10:1,5a, 6-8
                7:00pm     +Mia Hernandez             Familia Hernandez
Sun., 4th       8:30am     +Robert Nickerson          Ann Nickerson & Family     Is 40:1-5, 9-11; Ps 85; 2 Pt 3:8-14;
               11:00am     +Julianne K. Watson        Gabrielle Ross             Mk 1:1-8
               3:00pm          ---                              ---

                                                                     A Mass intention is a special way to remember your
                Office Hours/Horas de Oficina                        family members and friends, living or deceased, and anni-
             Monday-Wednesday (lunes-miercoles)                      versaries, birthdays, or any special occasions. This is a
                        8:30 am-5:30 pm                              wonderful opportunity to obtain special blessings for your
            Thursday (jueves) — 1:00 pm - 5:30 pm                    loved ones.
            Saturday (sábado) — 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
            Sunday (domingo) — 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm                                 PRAYER LIST- Please kindly remember the
                                                                                 following friends and family members in your
                                                                                 daily prayers: Gloria Mahoney, James Baustert,
              Parish Staff/Personal de la Parroquia                             Susan Falco, Rhonda Tompkins, Michael O’Keefe,
                             Pastor                                             Lucy Panjloe, Elsie Alomía, Hannah Battaglia,
  Rev. Philip Scarcella, PhD, JCD             704-535-9965         Anna Fitch , Mary Sparger, Mary Ann O’Brien, Charlene Love,
                                                                   Dave Campagne, Lisa Tarnate, Maralee Battaglia, Hien Phan,
                        Deacons/Diáconos                           Chi Chi DeCaro, Angelica Colon, Yvonne Durham and
  Rev. Mr. Steve Horai (Retired)              704-568-4944         Phil Neumann.
  Rev. Mr. Kevin Williams                     704-537-9973
  Rev. Mr. Luis Flores                                             If you or someone you know would like to be on the prayer list,
       (Coordinador de Grupo Carismatico)     704-777-2711         please notify the church office. God always hears our prayers
  Rev. Mr. David Reiser                       704-535-3310         and in His goodness blesses us with His Strength, Love and
  Rev. Mr. Peter Duca                                              Peace.
       (Director of Music)                    704-573-0097
                                                                                             DECEMBER WEDDING
                   Church Secretary/Secretaria                                            ANNIVERSARY BLESSINGS
  Martha Roman                                704-535-9965                          A special blessing will bestowed upon cou-
                                                                                    ples celebrating their wedding anniversaries
               Faith Formation Coordinator                                          in the month of December at the 11:00am
             Coordinador de Formacion de Fé                                         Mass, December 11, 2011.
              RCIA (Inquiry into Catholicism)
              RICA (Catolicismo para Adultos)
  Deacon David Reiser                      704-535-3310
                                                                     Please call the church office to be on placed on the list,
                                                                     (704) 535-9965.
              Our Lady of the Assumption School/                             Annulment Process or Marriage Blessing
           La Escuela de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción:
  Allana-Rae Ramkissoon,
    Principal                                   704-531-0067         Should you have any questions, please contact the priest
                                                                     or one of the deacons.
    LOS SANTOS Y OTRAS OBSERVANCIAS                                               SAINTS AND SPECIAL OBSERVANCES
Domingo:           Primer Domingo de Adviento                                  Sunday:          First Sunday of Advent
Miércoles:         San Andrés                                                  Wednesday:       St. Andrew
Viernes:           Primer viernes                                              Friday:          First Friday
Sábado:            San Francisco Javier;                                       Saturday:        St. Francis Xavier;
                   Primer sábado                                                                First Saturday
Primer Domingo de Adviento_________________________________ 27 de noviembre de 2011
         Membresía y Beneficios de la Parroquia                         PARISH MEMBERSHIP AND BENEFITS
Para ser considerado como miembro activo y participante         To be considered an active, participating member of the
de la parroquia, y así ser elegible para asistencia financie-   parish, and thus eligible for tuition assistance and sacra-
ra de matrícula y la elegibilidad de un patrocinador sacra-     mental sponsor eligibility, Our Lady of the Assumption
mental, la Señora de Asunción toma en cuenta una fami-          takes into account a family or individuals ministry
lia o individuos envueltos en ministerios y la asistencia a     involvement and Mass attendance. Since OLA weekly
la Misa. Como la Señora de Asunción determina su asis-          Mass attendance envelopes are the primary way we deter-
tencia semanal a Misa y si asiste a Misa regularmente,          mine if parishioners are regularly attending Mass, we ask
principalmente por medio de los sobres, le pedimos que si       that if you can’t make a contribution on a given Sunday,
un domingo no pueda contribuir, de todas maneras ponga          that you still place your envelope in the collection basket
el sobre en la canasta de la ofrenda para así registrar su      so we can record your attendance.
                                                                Attendance at Mass is the most important thing as
La asistencia a la Misa es lo más importante que hace-          Catholics and most meaningful way we model and live
mos como Católicos y la manera más significativa que            our Catholic faith.
modelamos y vivimos nuestra fe Católica.
                                                                ARE YOU MOVING - Please remember to notify
                          ¿NO ESTA REGISTRADO?                  the Parish Office as soon as possible!
                     Si ésta es su iglesia “base”, se debe-
                     ría registrar                              __Address Change __Other change __Delete from Parish Rolls
                                                                Family Env. #___________Effective Date:________________
                                                                Family Name:_______________________________________
                     •Para recibir el periódico
                                                                New Address:_______________________________________
                   The Catholic News & Herald, y                __________________________________________________
otras informaciones del Diocesis.                               New Home Phone #________________Unlisted: Yes No
• Para facilitar la expedición de certificados y otros          Change in Marital Status______________________________
    documentos a medida que surja la necesidad.                 Change in Occupation_____________________________
• Más que nada para saber que usted es un miem-                 New Work #________________________
    bro importante de la familia de nuestra gran
   iglesia.                                                     Comments:_________________________________________
Para registrarse en nuestra iglesia, debe completar la          __________________________________________________
                                                                  You may drop this form in the wooden box next to the
forma Inscripción de la Parroquia. Puede recoger una
                                                                      church office door or mail to the church office
de éstas formas en el estante de circulares próximo a la
puerta de la oficina en el vestíbulo o en la oficina de la                       Stewardship of Treasury
iglesia de lunes a jueves de 8:30am-4:00pm                      Offertory Collections for weekends of November 19/20 & 26/27
                                                                will be in the December 3/4 bulletin.
                   Parroquianos Nuevos
Le damos una calorosa bienvenida y esperamos que parti-                      Thank you for your Generosity!
cipe en nuestra familia parroquial. Las formas de regis-        EL JESÚS DE SAN MARCOS
tración están localizadas al lado de la puerta de la Secre-               El Evangelio según San Marcos es el más corto y ter-
taria. Regréselas por correo o déjelas en la caja próxima       so de los cuatro. Los discursos de Jesús tienden a ser concisos
a la puerta de la Secretaria.                                   también. El retrato de Jesús que nos da Marcos no tiene nada
                                                                de la poesía del Sermón del Monte o del Sermón de la Llanura
                  Bulletin Information                          como en Mateo ni Lucas, ni la extensión y reflexión de los “Yo
Deadline is 10 days prior to the requested notice date.         Soy” los discursos en Juan. El Jesús de Marcos “va al grano”,
All announcements must be submitted in writing to the           diríamos hoy. Esto se refleja muy bien en el pasaje de hoy.
                                                                          No es una casualidad que el diálogo de Jesús en este
parish office with your name and phone number.
                                                                momento en el Evangelio según San Marcos, las palabras fina-
                                                                les sobre el fin del mundo, inmediatamente antes de su pasión,
                Información en el Boletín                       esté plagado de signos de exclamación y una sensación general
La fecha límite es 10 días antes de la fecha que usted          de urgencia.
solicite que aparezca el anuncio. Todos los anuncios                      Haríamos bien en remodelar nuestra manera de vivir
deben ser presentados por escrito a la oficina de la            este Adviento, ya que vivimos en un mundo con necesidad ur-
parroquia con su nombre y número de teléfono.                   gente de escuchar el mensaje que Jesús proclamó. Es hora de
                                                                que nos “despertemos” y salgamos al mundo para hacerlo.
First Sunday of Advent_______            _____          November 27, 2011
                                Questions/Preguntas? Contact/Contacto, ,
   Faith Formation Coordinator/Coordinador de Formacion de Fé Deacon David Reiser (704) 535-3310
            Office Hours/Horas de Oficina: Monday—Thursday/Lunes—Jueves 9:00 AM-3:00 PM
                    The Knights of Columbus and                                 What a wonderful way to learn the rosary.
                         the OLA Ladies Guild                                   This is a sacred tradition we could pray as
                      will be conducting a Warm                                 families at home, and pass on to our chil-
                          Winter Coat Drive                                     dren. Every Wednesday at OLA, pray the
                  We are collecting warm winter                                 Rosary with us at 6:30 pm followed by
                  wear for those in need within our                             Mass at 7:00pm. All are welcome.
                  parish and community – thru the                                For information call Juanita Thompson
weekend of November 26-27. Specific ITEMS to be col-                              @ 704-536-0784.
                                                                       FALLS PREVENTION FOR SENIORS
                                                                          AT WILORA LAKE LODGE
Jackets     Coats (Cardigans or jacket type)
                                                                           6053 WILORA LAKE RD.
Hoodies      Winter Hats    Gloves      Scarves                             CHARLOTTE, NC 28212
Any sizes, children and adults are needed. Items need to          DATE: WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2011
be new or gently worn and cleaned before donat-                        TIME: 10:00 AM TO 11:00 AM
ing. Boxes will be in the Vestibule for collections each
week. They will be distributed on an as needed basis in     FREE Admission! Everyone is welcome! Join us for this com-
the parish and community.                                   munity outreach program sponsored by Shepherd’s Center East
                                                            and Wilora Lake Lodge. Learn the causes and how to prevent
For more information please call Jeff Matthews 704-890-     falls. Light refreshments will be served. Please call Shepherd’s
4237 or Mary Sparger at 704-455-5365                        Center East to RSVP by November 28th, 2011. 704-338-1511

Hermandad de Señoras de nuestra parroquia y Los             MARK’S JESUS
Caballeros De Colon están colectando ropa de invierno                Mark’s Gospel is the shortest and tersest of all
para adultos y niños más necesitados en nuestra comuni-     four. The discourses of Jesus tend to be terser as well.
dad. Las cajas donde usted puede dejar su donación están    Mark’s portrayal of Jesus has none of the poetry of the
en el vestíbulo. Los artículos tienen que estar nuevos o    Sermon on the Mount or the Sermon on the Plain as in
estén en buenas condiciones. Se esta recibiendo ropa de     Matthew or Luke, nor the extensive, reflective “I Am”
invierno solamente.                                         discourses as in John. Mark’s Jesus “cuts to the chase,”
                                                            we would say today. This is reflected quite well in to-
Abrigos                   Guantes                           day’s passage.
Bufandas         Gorros         Suéter                               It is no accident that the dialogue of Jesus at this
                                                            point in the Gospel according to Mark—the concluding
No traer otra clase de artículos (ropa). La Colecta de      words about the end of the world—immediately before
abrigos, guantes, etc. es hasta 26/27 de noviembre.         his passion, is riddled with exclamation points and an
                                                            overall sense of urgency.
      Para más información llame a Martha Román,                     We would do well to re-tool our own way of liv-
                     704-535-9965                           ing this Advent, for we live in a world urgently in need of
                                                            hearing the message of Jesus proclaimed. It’s time for us
LECTURAS DE HOY                                             to “wake up!” and get out into the world to do it.
Primera lectura — Isaías ruega por el retorno del Señor
(Isaías 63:16-17, 19; 64:2-7).                              TODAY’S READINGS
Salmo — Señor, Dios nuestro, restáuranos que brille tu      First Reading — We are the clay and you, O LORD, are
rostro y nos salve (Salmo 80 [79]).                         the potter: we are the work of your hands
Segunda lectura — Pablo está agradecido por las ben-        (Isaiah 63:16b-17, 19b; 64:2-7).
diciones que los corintios han recibido debido a su fe en   Psalm — To You, O Lord, I lift my soul (Psalm 25).
Jesús (1 Corintios 1:3-9).                                  Second Reading — God is faithful; by God you were
Evangelio — Jesús dice a los discípulos que estén siem-     called to fellowship with the Son (1 Corinthians 1:3-9).
pre alertas a la llegada del tiempo designado               Gospel — Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when
(Marcos 13:33-37).                                          the time will come. (Mark 13:33-37).
Primer Domingo de Adviento_________________________________ 27 de noviembre de 2011
                                         News Continued/Más Noticias
            Nosotros somos los siervos de Dios, cada
            uno con su propia tarea. Seremos juzgados                         How much of your time, other than an hour
            como buenos Administradores de Nuestro                            on Sunday, do you give back to God for the
            Tiempo, Talento y Tesoro como Bienes de                           many blessings that you have received?
            Dios si, a Su venida, El nos encuentra listos
y conscientemente dedicados a las tareas que se nos ha
encomendado.                                                                   What am I most thankful for in my
                                                                               marriage for this past year? Make the
            Encuentro Matrimonial Mundial                                      blessing of your spouse come alive in
 ¿Están buscando un fin de semana perfecto? ¿Un fin de                         your life by enriching your marriage.
semana para acercarse más? ¿Quieren aprender una téc-                          The next Worldwide Marriage En-
nica de comunicación que le permita a cada pareja ex-                          counter Weekends are Feb 3-5,
plorar áreas importantes de su relación en un espíritu de                      2012 in Charlotte, NC and Apr 27-29,
amor y comprensión? Un fin de semana del Encuentro            2012 in Greensboro, NC. Early registration is highly
Matrimonial Mundial es exactamente lo que buscan. Se          recommended. For more information visit our web-
pueden escapar de las distracciones de la vida cotidiana      site at: or contact
y concentrarse en su matrimonio. Feb 3-5, 2012 in             William & Elizabeth Nickles at applica-
Charlotte, NC. Para aplicar visite http://           or 704-469-3866. o para más infor-
mación pónganse en contacto con Diego y Claudia Gon-
zález: 704-698-1010 o                           "NEW St. Patrick's Dinner for the Homeless!"
                Night for Prayer for LIFE                      We are working to put together this year’s Christmas Din-
This year is the 22nd annual Night of Prayer for Life,                       ner at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.
linking the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Decem-        Last year, we were able to provide a meal and clothing/gifts to
ber 8th with the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe to       almost 3000 less fortunate in Charlotte. We hope to be able to
St. Juan Diego on December 9, 1531.                           do this again. I am working with several non-profit groups to
                                                              compile lists of needed items, to help those they serve have a
The National Night of Prayer for Life bridges these two       better winter. Rather than setting up a distribution point in the
feasts to pray for the sanctity of life. During the Hour of   school gym on Christmas day, we have agreed that we will be
                                                              delivering clothes and other essentials to shelters and non-
Unity, 12:00 am - 1:00am, we will be united in prayer
                                                              profits before Christmas.
with churches across the country to end abortion and in
reparation for sins against the Gospel of Life.               We are thrilled to announce the "NEW St. Patrick's Dinner
The National Night of Prayer of Life is a pro-life prayer     for the Homeless!" Our leadership team is working hard to
service consisting of exposition of the Blessed Sacrament,    ensure an amazing dining experience for our guests. Because
the Rosary, silent prayers and hymns.                         we are so committed to a wonderful meal and great service, we
                                                              will not be able to accommodate the gift-giving portion of the
Please visit Nationalnightofprayerfor, to obtain     dinner. There will be a great need for volunteers to help set-up,
downloads you may wish to use. You will find prayers in       serve, and clean-up after the event. Please feel free to email
both English and Spanish.                                     Brice Griffin at for more informa-
                                                              tion or to volunteer.
                                                                      If you have any questions, please fee free to call
                                                                                    Lisa at 704-241-0683

                                                                                     KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS
                                                                               Once again this year the Knights of Columbus
                                                                               will be selling Christmas Cards. Starting the
Remember your generous giving at the kiosk helps keep                          weekend of Nov 19-20, the Knights will have
these CDs available at our parish. **Your donation of                          religious themed Christmas Cards. Also avail-
just $3 for each CD helps to keep these CDs in stock.                          able will be cards in Spanish, Tagalog, French
                                                              & Polish. We will be in the vestibule after all of the masses.
Just place in the box at the kiosk. Our Lady of the As-
                                                              Boxes of cards range from $4 to $12 dollars. Please support the
sumption retains all proceeds from the donation of each       Knights! We will also be there the weekends of Nov 26-27 and
CD. Check are also accepted - made payable to OLA             also Dec 3-4. Any questions, please call Jim O'Brien (704)
Church.                                                       597-8257 or Jeff Mathews (704)890-4237.
First Sunday of Advent_______   _____   November 27, 2011
Primer Domingo de Adviento_________________________________ 27 de noviembre de 2011
First Sunday of Advent_______   _____ _____ _____ November 27, 2011
Primer Domingo de Adviento_________________________________ 27 de noviembre de 2011

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