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					                               Woodlands School Lesson Plan
Teacher :                      Class / set: Y7 all        Date & period :

Subject: Maths                                            Boys :                    Girls :

Resources / organisation :                                Differentiation/SEN notes :
Centimetre square paper                                   To be determined by set.
Celtic Knot 1.ppt                                         Pre-constructed grids for pupils who encounter
Irish monkish costume                                     difficulty in keeping up (to be given at weave phase of
CD of Gregorian chants                                    lesson).
Fire extinguisher

Context of lesson: (Ref: National Strategy; Framework; Specifications etc)
Explore mathematical situations and tackle problems by identifying the mathematical aspects of an area of
graphic design.
Solve complex problems by independently and systematically breaking them down into smaller, more
manageable tasks.
Written and spoken language will explain and inform their use of diagrams.
Make connections between the current situation and situations they have encountered before (historical, artistic,

Learning objectives :
Review rectangular dimensions.
Expand mathematical vocabulary
Derive and define sets of rules
Follow, extend and modify rules for new situations.

Key points? Key words? Key questions?
Primary, secondary, tertiary
What does the primary grid control?
What does the secondary grid control?
What does the tertiary grid control?

Starter activity:
       Develop historical perspective:
              Dress as 8th century Irish monk.
              Play Gregorian chants as prelude and background music.
              Turn out lights, light candle and explain political, social and educational circumstances of the
                 Early Middle Ages.
              Display examples of illumination and manuscripts.
              Discuss spiritual outlook and meaning of the designs.
              Observe that combining simple patterns creates a complex result. Use knots and Gregorian
                 chant to emphasize.

Main teaching sequence :
       Derivation of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary grids:
               Building on pattern identification from students, highlight the primary grid and note
                      Determines the size and shape of the plait.
                   Discuss the dimensionality of the primary grid.
            Highlight the secondary grid and note significance:
                   Determines the location of plait rotations.
            Highlight the tertiary grid and note significance:
                   Determines the location of plait intersections.
     Knot Construction
            On graph paper, students construct a 2x3 grid with primary, secondary and tertiary points,
               then follow instructor through the next steps.
            Weave the centerline through the grid noting the pattern of intersections and rotations.
            Finish plait by drawing in interlace edges and filling in background. Note that edges follow
               same path and pattern as centerline.
            Compare completed knot to list of patterns developed during Prelude noting which perceived
               patterns are confirmed by this new knot and which may be suspect.

Plenary :
               Choose and construct one of: 2x2, 3x3 or 3x4 grid.
               Weave.

Assessment (in class & homework) :
            Acquisition of grid patterns and knowledge (Teacher assessed during lesson)

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