Round by Gecko Commando and Dallin Kelson by hedongchenchen


									Sun ‘n’ Fun XI: Ars Longa Tossups Brevis
Packet by Gecko Commando (Sabrina Fritz, Dylan Becraft, Ikshu Neithalath, Emilee Johnson) and Dallin Kelson

1. One of this man’s plays features Mother, John and Kitty Vockerat at the time of Anna Mahr's arrival into their
lives, to whom John attaches himself, thinking that she understands his innermost feelings. This man also wrote
a work, which focuses on the title girl who experiences an illness and an “assumption” and is subtitled a “dream-
poem.” In addition to Lonely Lives and Hannele, this playwright wrote a work featuring Magda and Rautendelein,
the two love interests of Heinrich, who is attempting to construct a flawless bell. In addition to The Sunken Bell, one
of this man's most famous works has a "mob" for its protagonist and includes such characters as Ansorge, Mother
Baumert and Jaeger, who starts a rebellion with the titular group. For 10 points, name this pioneer of German
naturalism and author of The Weavers.
ANSWER: Gerhart Hauptmann

2. After the defeat of the Meccan army at Badr, this man vowed to give up fried foods until the defeat was
avenged. He led soldiers of the Kuraish tribe to victory at Uhud against the Muslim armies of Medina. After
Mohammed married his daughter, Umm Habiba, he reluctantly converted in 628. Originally a merchant, he
found himself in charge of Mecca’s conversion to Islam, in which the Muslims armies smashed Meccan idols at the
Kaba. Mohammed placed this man, his third cousin, in charge of Mecca and showered him with gifts from his
personal treasury. For 10 points, name this early Muslim leader, who originally opposed the spread of Islam, whose
descendants ruled over Islam in the Umayyad Dynasty.
ANSWER: Abu Sufyan ibn Harb [or Sakhr ibn Harb]

3. The 8-Br variety of this molecule is a brominated derivative of it, and is therefore longer lasting. In the slime
mold Dictyostelium discoideum, this molecule acts as an acrasin by regulating the process of aggregation. After
determining the role of epinephrine in the liver, Earl Sutherland discovered this molecule. By permanently
activating a G-protein, cholera increases the amount of this molecule produced. It binds to the catabolite activator
protein in the lac operon when glucose levels are low. This molecule’s production is catalyzed by adenyl cyclase,
while its inactivation is performed by phosphodiesterase. It usually functions by activating protein kinase A. For 10
points, name this second messenger derived from ATP.
ANSWER: cyclic AMP [or cAMP; or cyclic adenosine monophosphate]

4. The choral work Chant Sacre contained the first use of this instrument in an arrangement conducted by its
composer in 1844, the same year that this instrument was exhibited at the Paris Industrial Exhibition. This
instrument was used in Georges Bizet's L'Arlesienne suites 1 and 2. Hector Berlioz was a good friend of the
creator of this instrument, and described it in an 1842 magazine article. Played by such figures as Andres
Lundegarde and Eugene Rousseau; Benjamin Vereecken wrote a book about the Foundation of playing this
instrument, which was also notably featured in Charles Ives' Symphony No. 4 and Sergei Prokofiev's Lieutenant Kije
and Larsiene suites. For 10 points, name this namesake single-reed woodwind instrument, which plays a famous
solo in Bolero.
ANSWER: saxophone

5. One poem by this author discusses “watching tired housewives” who try “to fight off/their beer-maddened
husbands.” Another poem by him mentions “a tomb of a room/without cigarettes.” In addition to “And The
Moon And The Stars And The World” and “Poem For My 43 Birthday,” Ecco Publishing has released a number of
new volumes by this poet including The Flash of Lightning Behind the Mountain. He castigates poets, poetry and
himself in “B as in Bullshit,” and a novel by him is about a man who searches Los Angeles for a job. In addition to
Pulp, another work follows the same protagonist and his love Jane Conney Baker, known as “Betty.” For 10 points,
name this author who included Henry Chinaski in works like Post Office, Factotum and Ham on Rye.
ANSWER: Charles Bukowski

6. One of this leader's concerns was whether a bridge or a tunnel was best for connecting Oakland and San
Francisco. This man fired the governor of Virginia, Henry Wise, following the hanging of John Brown, and
decided that John Breckinridge should take his place. Edward Jump drew a rendering for the magazine The
Wasp, the subject of which was the funeral of this man's pet dog, Lazarus, which was purportedly run over by a
fire truck. According to one of his famous decrees, Congress was no longer allowed to meet in Washington and
some of the political bodies that he disbanded or dissolved during his reign include the Democratic and Republican
parties and the United States as a whole. For 10 points, name this prominent San Franciscan, a self-proclaimed
ruler of the US.
ANSWER: Joshua A. Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico

7. One section of this work claims that Cain, Abel, and the hunchback of Notre Dame are the only characters in
this work not expecting rain or making love. Another character in this work moans, "You belong to me, I
believe", before being told that is in the wrong place and had better leave. Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot are seen in
this song fighting in the captain's tower, and a 22 year-old maid stares at Noah's great rainbow in another section
of this song. Another character is described as "the perfect image of a priest" before shouting to skinny girls that
"Cassanova is just being punished for going to" the title location. The last section begins, "Yes, I received your
letter yesterday about the time the doorknob broke", and this song begins by claiming, "They're selling postcards of
the hanging". For 10 points, name this song from the album, Highway 61 Revisited, by Bob Dylan.
ANSWER: Desolation Row

8. Mössbauer spectroscopy involves the observation of phenomena including isomer shifts and this. An
equation describing it contains an electron spin g-factor of approximately two. It was first observed by its
namesake in the D lines of sodium and its anomalous variety occurs when electron spin contributes to this
phenomenon. A potential energy associated with it is proportional to the Bohr magneton, the Lande g-factor, and
the z component of the total momentum. This is the magnetic analog to the Stark effect, and in strong fields it
becomes the Paschen-Back effect. The inverse type of it considers absorption lines as opposed to spectral lines. For
10 points, name this splitting of spectral lines in a magnetic field.
ANSWER: Zeeman Effect

9. One can use a bedikah to determine if a person is still in this state. Many of the rules related to this condition
are described in Leviticus 15:19-30, and an abnormal version of this is known as Zavah. The name for this is used
in the description of the red heifer ceremony in reference to the “waters of sprinkling, and Abraham ibn Ezra
suggests that this condition is related to menadekkem which means “to be cast out.” Also naming the Talmudic
section concerning laws regarding sexual relations, such relations are forbidden in this state. Typically lasting for
seven days after which a mikveh may be performed, for 10 points, name this term from Judaism that means
“separation” and generally refers to the state in which a Jewish woman is considered ritually impure due to her
menstrual cycle.
ANSWER: Niddah [accept “separation” until mentioned or clear knowledge equivalents like “ritually impure state a
woman is in because of menstruation”]

10. He wrote about the effect that a convert had on the local villagers in one novel, while the real-estate investor
Boris’ Upper West Side party is attended by a number of academics including Professor Shrage and Halperin,
whose moustache made him look like Nietzsche. In addition to Shadows on the Hudson, his interest in
vegetarianism can be seen in works like The Slaughterer, and he wrote another novel in which the title character is
the daughter of Bashele and Zelig and is loved by a writer named Aaron Gredinger, who is nicknamed Tsutsik, and is
titled Shosha. This author’s first published novel focuses on two characters who commit adultery on the eve of Yom
Kippur. For 10 points, name this author of Satan in Goray and The Family Moskat, a Yiddish-language Nobel
laureate from Poland.
ANSWER: Isaac Bashevis Singer

11. The losing commander at this battle had just taken control of his country after a viceroy who had previously
failed to subdue the Kebbi and quell the Katsina revolt. The winning commander at this battle was able to
maneuver his arquebusiers into place against the opposing forces’ cavalry, and the noise of the gunfire and
cannon sparked a stampede by the cattle that the losing commander at this battle had hoped to use to as a
screening force for his infantry. The winning side captured the salt mines of Taghaza before advancing to this
battle’s site just north of the capital of its losing side, Gao. For 10 points, name this battle, in which Askia Ishaq II
was defeated by Judar Pasha, a 1591 battle that eventually resulted in the destruction of the Songhai Empire.
ANSWER: Battle of Tondibi

12. Christian Erich Hermann von Meyer described one of the initial discoveries of a fossil of this animal, and its
first skeleton was found near Langenaltheim, Germany before being given to Karl Häberlein. This species
features a notable hyperextendable second toe, sometimes referred to as a "killing toe" and John Ostrom found
that this species was similar to the family Dromaeosauridae. The least complete skeleton of this animal is
currently located at the Teylers Museum, and the most complete specimen of this animal was discovered by Jakob
Niemeyer before being traded for a cow. The Haarlem and Berlin Specimens are examples of, for 10 points, what
animal, whose fossils were found in the limestone deposits of Solhnofen, Germany, a primitive species of bird?
ANSWER: Archaeopteryx

13. Her breasts are depicted as soft and flaccid from nursing, and this goddess wears a necklace made of human
hearts, hands, and skulls, and a skirt of snakes. One child of this goddess was depicted as a dog-headed monster
and accompanied the dead on their journey to Mictlan. This mother of Xolotl was killed by another child of hers
who led the Centzonuitznaua against her and whose head was thrown into the night sky to become the moon after
being killed by another child of this goddess. That child was the patron of Tenochtitlan and had a messenger
named Paynal. For 10 points, name this goddess, the patron of women who die in childbirth and who gave birth to
Coyolxauhqui and Huitzilopochtli after being impregnated by a ball of feathers.
ANSWER: Coatlicue

14. The tenth section of this work ends with the lines, “a sense death-like of treacherous desertion, felt in the
last place of refuge, my soul”. The sixth section of this work is subtitled “Human Nature Seeming Born Again”
and also discusses crossing Simplon Pass with the lines “That very day, from a bare ridge we also first beheld
unveiled the summit of Mont Blanc”. This work begins with the line, “O there is blessing in this gentle breeze”, and
its first section is entitled “Introduction, Childhood, and School-time”. For 10 points, name this work, subtitled
“Growth of a Poet’s Mind”, an autobiographical poem in blank verse by William Wordsworth.
ANSWER: “The Prelude; or, Growth of a Poet’s Mind”

15. This city’s medieval archbishop Ariberto lead its brief rebellion against Holy Roman Emperor Conrad II from
1036 to 1038. The Swiss drove Louis XII from this city in the Battle of Novara, but Francis I recovered it for the
French in the Battle of Marignano. Maximian made this his capital after Diocletian established the tetrarchy. In
1848, republican forces here expelled the Austrians under Josef Radetzky during a rebellion known as the “five
days” of this city. Its first duke, Gian Galeazzo, almost captured the entire Po valley, and was a member of the house
that ruled it before the Renaissance, the Visconti. Another ruler, known as “il Moro” brought Leonardo da Vinci to
work there; that ruler, Ludovico, was a member of its Sforza family. For 10 points, name this Italian city where
Constantine proclaimed a 313 CE edict tolerating the practice of Christianity in the Roman Empire.
ANSWER: Milano

16. A formal nucleophilic substitution at enantiopure 1 when catalyzed by titanium(IV) chromate can be
classified as anti-this rule, and that term also describes hydroboration. This rule occurs because of induction
and hyperconjugation, and because of the formation of a stable carbocation during an addition process. This rule
is also illustrated by the reaction of propene with hydroboric acid. This rule was stated after its namesake observed
the reaction between hydrogen iodide with vinyl bromide, and it was based on another rule. For 10 points, name
this rule, which states that when a protic acid is added to an alkene, the hydrogen atom gets attached to the
carbon atom with the greatest number of hydrogens.
ANSWER: Markovnikov's rule

17. This work claims that "the anxiety of mankind to interfere in behalf of nature, for feat lest nature should not
suceed in effecting its purpose, is an altogether unnecessary solicitude", and this work also claims that "the
unspeakable ignorance and inattention of mankind in respect to the influences which form human character" is
the greatest "of all difficulties which impede the process of thought". This work's author wrote that his purpose
in writing this work was to explain that "the principle which regulates the existing social relations between the
two wrong in itself", and it ends by asserting that women have been left with a Hobson's choice between
being an odalisque or a domestic servant. For 10 points, name this early feminist essay by John Stuart Mill.
ANSWER: The Subjection of Women

18. One of this band’s earlier works talks about “destroy[ing] the spineless” and to “break the silence/‘cause I’m
drifting away.” Another song tells listeners to “look through a faithless eye” and asks “are you afraid to die?”
Showbiz was the group’s debut album and was released in 1999. Many of the songs share a theme of revolution,
conspiracy, corruption, and love. With such albums as The Origin of Symmetry, this group is known for their
symphonic atmospherics, such as the use of a pipe organ in the song “Megalomania” and an orchestra in the three
part “Exogenesis.” For 10 points, name this British rock group that features Matthew Bellamy as its singer and lead
guitarist with such albums as Black Holes and Revelations and Resistance.

19. Norbert Elias critiqued this model for its over reliance on the concept of the nation-state and its use of social-
context free “pattern variables.” Its formulator associated a “symbolic medium of exchange” to each function,
they include: money, power, influence and commitment. Its functional scheme can be divided into external and
internal problems, as well as long and short intervals. A central function in this model is carried out by
institutions such as religion and the media, and is called Integration. Outlined in its developer’s work The Social
System, for 10 points, name this sociological paradigm of structural functionalism, some of whose core functions
include Adaptation and Latency, developed by Robert Merton and Talcott Parsons, it is typically known by its four-
letter acronym.
ANSWER: AGIL paradigm

20. Flowery wreaths hang over a stone statue with two faces on the left side of this painting, just above a baby
who is blowing bubbles through a golden pipe while sitting on an orange cloth. In the top of this painting, a
naked angel holds a large bronze ring while being pulled in an ornate gold chariot being pulled by two brown
horses, a white horse, and a black horse, which follows a female angel in a shining robe dropping flower petals on
the central figures of this painting. Another baby on the right side of this painting holds a small hourglass next to a
naked bearded man with gray wings, who plays the lyre while watching Poverty, Labour, Wealth and Pleasure hold
hands and frolic in a circle. For 10 points, name this painting by Nicholas Poussin.
ANSWER: A Dance to the Music of Time

1. Name some John Donne poems, for 10 points each:
[10] This poem starts off with “I wonder by my troth, what thou and I/Did, till we loved?” It enforces to “let sea-
discoverers to new worlds have gone” and “Let us possess one world; each hath one, and is one.”
ANSWER: The Good-Morrow
[10] This other poem’s second stanza opens with “But when I have done so/Some man, his art and voice to show.”
Love and grief are “increased by such songs.”
ANSWER: The Triple Fool
[10] Love is said to “fix itself in thy lip, eye, and brow” in this poem. It also says that “every hair for love to work
upon/is much too much; some fitter must be sought.”
ANSWER: Air and Angels

2. The Aztecs were famous for playing games with serious consequences, inventing such useful items as calendars
and chocolate, and having a ridiculous language. For 10 points each:
[10] Name that language, still spoken in some parts of Mexico today, which was the main form of communication
between Aztecs.
ANSWER: Nahuatl (nah-what-ul)
[10] This game was popularized by the movie The Road to El Dorado, during which it was played with an armadillo
instead of a ball. Name this game, in which a ball is hit through a hoop using only the elbows and knees, famous for
its punishment for the losing team -- ritual sacrifice.
ANSWER: tlachtli (tlack-tlee)
[10] The Aztec calendar is famous for being 365 days long. Name this calendar, with 18 months of 20 days each and
an extra "unlucky" five-day period at the end of the year.
ANSWER: xiuhpohualli (zee-ooh-po-hwa-lee)

3. When foreign DNA is inserted into them, they are known as fosmids. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this bacterial DNA sequence, often found in a plasmid, which is required for the formation of a sex pilus
and hence allows the bacteria to engage in conjugation.
ANSWER: Fertility-plasmid factor [accept F-plasmid]
 [10] This term refers to a cell with an F factor built into its chromosome. Unlike cells with an F plasmid, these cells
do not endow their conjugative partners with an F factor, but instead cause the development of recombinant DNA.
ANSWER: high frequency recombination
[10] This gene encodes a non-coding RNA sequence that is complementary to the TraJ 5’ UTR. A system involving
this gene and its O variety regulates the transfer of F-plasmids.

4. It contains the arias "Moi surtout" and "Il est blessé, il est vaincu, mais il l'ignore encore". For 10 points each:
[10] Name this opera, in which one title character has five wives trapped in his enchanted castle, and the other title
character saves him from being killed by angry peasants.
ANSWER: Ariane et Barbe-bleue [or Ariadne and Bluebeard]
[10]Ariane et Barbe-bleue was composed by this French composer of Variations, Interlude, and Finale on a theme
of Rameau and the ballet La Péri.
ANSWER: Paul Dukas
[10] Dukas is most famous for this work, which is based on the Goethe poem. "Der Zauberlehrling".
ANSWER: The Sorcerer's Apprentice [or L'apprenti sorcier]

5. The most well-known style of Japanese plays is kabuki, for 10 points each:
[10] Name this theater style, popularized by Chikamatsu Monzaemon with works like The Love Suicides at Sonezaki,
which is based around the synergy of narrators, musicians, and puppeteers.
ANSWER: bunraku
[10] This other Chikamatsu play features an extended go-playing sequence and includes characters like Watonai
and Tei Shiryu on their journey to destroy the Tartars and bring the Ming dynasty back to its former prominence.
ANSWER: The Battle(s) of Coxinga
[10] Noh is another style of Japanese theatre, pioneered by this father of Zeami, who edited and completed many
of his father's plays, including Eguchi and Jinen Koji.
ANSWER: Kan'ami Kiyotsugu

6. Name some Nazi officials, for 10 points each:
[10] He was a captain in the SS and the chief medical officer at Birkenau.
ANSWER: Josef Mengele [or Angel of Death; or Todesengel]
[10] He chaired the Wannsee Conference, which made him a key figure in the development of the Final Solution.
He was a General in the SS and had a strong partnership with Heinrich Himmler.
ANSWER: Reinhard Heydrich
[10] He co-founded the Sturmabteilung or SA and worked closely with Hitler until he was executed in 1934 as a
threat to Hitler's power.
ANSWER: Ernst Rohm [or Ernst Roehm]

7. Ring-closing metathesis and enyne metathesis are variations on this process. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this process whereby carbon-carbon double bonds are broken and alkylene fragments are redistributed.
ANSWER: olefin metathesis [accept alkene metathesis]
 [10] This transition metal carbene complex catalyzes olefin metathesis. It contains ruthenium and was synthesized
by its namesake, a winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
ANSWER: Hoveyda-Grubbs’ catalyst
[10] Metal carbenes can be classified as either the Fischer type or this type, which is generally nucleophilic and has
a high oxidation state. Tebbe’s reagent is treated with a Lewis base to produce one of these.
ANSWER: Schrock carbenes

8. Name these poems by Pablo Neruda, for 10 points each.
[10] This poem begins, “The memory of you emerges from the night around me and discusses how the speaker was
“Deserted like the dwarves at dawn”.
ANSWER: “A Song of Despair”
[10] One title character of this poem walked into a bar naked and was “blackened…with burnt corks and cigarette
stubs” by the other title characters, after which she went back to the river and “swam towards emptiness, swam
towards death”.
ANSWER: “Fable of the Mermaid and the Drunks”
[10] The speaker of this poem sees the title object “among the market greens”, before describing it as a “bullet
from the ocean depths” and “The vessel of the wind, the one and only pure ocean machine”.
ANSWER: “Ode to a Large Tuna in the Market”

9. This event occurred when the Governor General of Canada refused a request from the prime minister to dissolve
parliament and call a general election, for 10 points each:
[10] Name this 1925 Canadian constitutional crisis.
ANSWER: King-Byng Affair
[10] This rival of Mackenzie-King became prime minister after the fallout from the King-Byng affair, and was the first
Prime Minister born after the Confederation.
ANSWER: Arthur Meighen
[10]Meighen was a member of this Canadian political party, which became the Official Opposition despite finishing
third in the 1922 election when the Progressive party declined it.
ANSWER: Conservatives

10. Robert Kirk pairs these creatures with Consciousness in the title of a work, for 10 points:
[10]Name these hypothetical entities often used in the philosophy of mind. In David Chalmer’s The Conscious
Mind, he conceives of an entire world for these entities that would lack conscious experience.
ANSWER: p- zombies
[10]Philosophical zombies are often used to disprove this theory about the nature of consciousness, which
suggests that consciousness and in fact all phenomena supervenes on materialistic processes, there exists token
and type versions of this theory.
ANSWER: physicalism [accept eliminative materialism prompt on “materialism”]
[10]One of the first philosophers to effectively leverage the zombie argument against physicalism was this NYU
professor of philosophy, who wrote The Possibility of Altruism and an article which asks the titular question
regarding the experiences of members of the order chiroptera.
ANSWER: Thomas Nagel

11. Answer some questions related to Okazaki fragments, for 10 points each.
[10] Reiji and Tsuneko Okazaki discovered Okazaki fragments while studying bacteriophage DNA in what gram-
negative bacterium?
ANSWER: E. coli
[10] Okazaki fragments are joined together by DNA ligase using what kind of strong covalent bonds, which can be
broken in some biological systems by alkaline hydrolysis.
ANSWER: Phosphodiester bonds
[10] What nucleolytic enzymes help to structure DNA structures during replication and are a domain of DNA
polymerase I in prokaryotes?
ANSWER: Flap endonucleases or FENs

12. It opens by describing the Nellie as “a cruising yawl”, and ends after the Director says, “We have lost the first of
the ebb”. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this novella, in which the narrator, the Lawyer, and the Accountant are told a story by a man who
“followed the sea”.
ANSWER: Heart of Darkness
[10] Heart of Darkness was written by Joseph Conrad, who was discussed in Joseph Conrad and the Fiction of
Autobiography, the first work by this author of On Late Style.
ANSWER: Edmund Said
[10] This other Conrad work features a preface entitled, “The Task of the Artist” and focuses on the tuberculosis
death of the titular character, James Wait.
ANSWER: The Nigger of the Narcissus [accept answers which clearly indicate knowledge like “N-word” or The
Children of the Sea]

13. For 10 points each, name the following about Soviet newspapers.
[10] This newspaper, with a name meaning "truth", was originally founded by Trotsky before becoming the official
newspaper of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.
ANSWER: Pravda
[10] Before the April Party Conference of 1917, this co-editor of Pravda with Stalin argued against Lenin's April
Theses and his stance on the provisional government, before siding with Lenin's views and condemning the
provisional government as "counter-revolutionary."
ANSWER: Lev Kamenev
[10] Khrushchev used his alliance with Pravda editor-in-chief Dmitry Shepilov to gain power after Stalin's death
over this man, the prime minister at the time. This man would later be expelled from the Communist party after a
failed attempt to depose Khrushchev and exiled to Kazakhstan.
ANSWER: Georgy Malenkov

14. Name the following physics experiments, for 10 points each.
[10] This experiment exploited the Transverse Doppler effect, and was the first direct, quantitative test of the time
dilation factor.
ANSWER: Ives-Stilwell experiment
[10] This 1908 experiment was designed to test the Lorentz ether theory and consisted of the two namesakes
putting four coils in a Wheatstone bridge and measuring changes in resistance.
ANSWER: Trouton-Rankine experiment
[10] This modification of the Michelson-Morley experiment served as a test for special relativity by making the
arms of the MM apparatus very short. It concluded that the frequency of a spectral line varies in the way required
by relativity.
ANSWER: Kennedy-Thorndike experiment

15. Name these Mannerist painters, for 10 points each:
[10] The paintings The Presentation of the Christ Child in the Temple as well as The Life of the Virgin in the St.
Mary's Church of Lubeck, Germany are attributed to what anonymous Antwerp Mannerist, usually thought to be
either Jan Mertens the Younger or Jan van Dornicke.
ANSWER: The Master of 1518
[10] This Florentine mannerist, executor of a Deposition of Christ and Crossing of the Red Sea, is better known for
an allegorical painting featuring four titular figures.
ANSWER: Agnolo Bronzino
[10] This Italian mannerist and teacher of Bronzino painted a notably colorful Deposition From the Cross and a
Portrait of a Halberdier, but he may be better known for his fresco Visitation and a series of paintings depicting
Joseph in Egypt.
ANSWER: Jacopo da Pontormo or Jacopo Carucci

16. The battle of Kurukshetra features prominently in this story, which includes characters such as Duryodhana and
his father, the blind king Dhritarashtra. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this Indian epic about the conflict between the five Pandava princes and their cousins, the Kauravas,
purportedly written by the sage Vyasa with Ganesha’s tusk.
ANSWER: Mahabharata
[10] This eldest Pandava was born when Kunti invoked Yama, the god of death and judgment. Unfortunately, his
affinity for gambling caused him and his brothers to be forced into exile for thirteen years.
ANSWER: Yudhisthira
[10] Bhima, the strong man of the Pandavas, sired this half-demon with the Rakshasi Hidimbi. He was essential to
the Pandava victory since Karna was forced to use his Shakti to kill him instead of Arjuna.
 ANSWER: Ghatotkacha

17. Name some anthropologists, for 10 points each:
[10] This author of The Lost Universe is best known for co-writing The Races of Mankind with Ruth Benedict. She
was later fired from Columbia University for her supposed Communist sympathies.
ANSWER: Gene Weltfish
[10] This anthropologist associated with Northwestern developed the principle of cultural relativism in his book
Man and His Works, and he is also the author of The Myth of the Negro Past.
ANSWER: Melville Jean Herskovits
[10] This other American anthropologist, author of The American Beaver and His Works is also known for his
comprehensive Systems of Consanguinity and Affinity.
ANSWER: Lewis Henry Morgan

18. Frank Booth is a sadistic villain in this man’s film Blue Velvet. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this mind-bending director of the TV series Twin Peaks as well as the films Eraserhead and The Elephant
ANSWER: David Lynch
[10] This Lynch film includes the talented young actress Betty Elms who falls in love with the amnesiac Rita.
However, those characters may only exist in Diane Selwyn’s dream.
ANSWER: Mulholland Drive
[10] This actress portrayed Betty Elms as well as Diane Selwyn in Mulholland Drive. She also starred alongside
Adrien Brody in King Kong and as Rachel Keller in The Ring.
ANSWER: Naomi Watts

19. For 10 points each, name the following epic poems.
[10] The title character of this Kyrgyz epic is given to the shepherd Ospur by Jakip as a young child, before killing
200 men of Esenkhan and plundering their cattle and goods.
ANSWER: The Epic of Manas
[10] This epic poem opens with the line, "The sound of the Gion Shoja bells echoes the impermanence of all
things", and it was famously translated by Helen Craig McCullough. It details the battle between the Taira and
Minamoto clans during the Genpei War.
ANSWER: The Tale of the Heike
[10] The title character defeats Soumaoro Kante at the battle of Kirina after being exiled by the mandinka people in
this semi-historical epic poem about the founder of the Mali Empire.
ANSWER: The Epic of Sundiata

20. Name the following about the anthropology department at Cal-Berkeley.
[10] This student of Boas and author of Handbook of Indians in California and Cultural and Natural Areas of Native
North America founded the department.
ANSWER: Alfred Kroeber
[10] Alfred Kroeber relationship with this member of the Yahi tribe in California was made into a film starring Jon
Voight, The Last of His Tribe. His name in the Yana language means “man,” and Theodora Kroeber collected her
husband’s notes and comments to compile the work [this man] in Two Worlds.
[10] Besides being director of the Anthropology department at Berkeley, Kroeber was also the director of this
museum named after the mother of William Randolph Hearst.
ANSWER: Phoebe A. Hearst Museum

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