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									                                                                               The Ocean Professional Series

                                                      Contact information

                   WHAT IS
    THE OCEAN PROFESIONAL SERIES?:                       0769 358 243
The Ocean Professional Development series
                                                 March  18  and  19,  2011
is a series of lectures, trainings, and skills
empowerment projects done through the                                            Dar  Es  Salaam,  Tanzania
Ocean International Community. Using
contacts inside and outside of Tanzania,
                                                      Purchase tickets at
the Ocean seeks to improve the business,
                                                                                   Take your business to the next level
media and arts community of Dar Es Salaam             Steers Restaurant,
through affordable, high quality events.                                              Turn your ideas into reality
                                                      Millenium Towers         Practical Skills from Proven Professionals
                                                   and opposite NIC building

          What People are saying...                  Mr. Price, Mlimani City
                                                         (ask for Sandy)
“The Summit is rare opportunity to help position
yourself and your business for the challenges
of the current decade and beyond!”                    New World Cinemas
                                                    (Sunday mornings only)
-‐Femi Banigbe, CTO TIGO Tanzania

                                                                               like an MBA...
                                                                                                           in a day.
                                                                                                                         Summit  Schedule
         Do you have a great idea for a new
                                                                      STEVE        FINTON          has
business? Or maybe you have a business up and                          spent his career helping non-‐
running, and now it’s getting complicated? How                                                           Banquet  Dinner
                                                                       profit organizations reach
                                                                                                         Friday,  March  18th  2011
do manage customer relations and cash flow?                            their financial goals, expand
                                                                                                         Venue:  Paradise  City  Hotel
What about the internet, can it help your business?                    their services and impact
Facebook? What about employee relations? And                           in the areas of education,
                                                                                                         7  PM
what if it’s a family business and your spouse is                      human services, and crisis
                                                                                                         Benjamin  Mkapa  Pension  Towers
your partner? Is Public Speaking a real problem
                                                                       intervention. He has managed
                                                                                                         Downtown  Dar  Es  Salaam
                                                      and raised budgets ranging from $300,000
to you? Are you wondering how to grow in your                                                            Tickets:    30,000  TSH
                                                      to $2.2 million and has never seen less then a
                                                      fifty percent increase in overall budget in any
         The Ocean In Dar Business Summit is what                                                        Lectures/Training
                                                      of his positions. He specializes in motivational
you’ve been waiting for! Proven professionals                                                            Saturday,  March  19th,  2011
                                                      talks and how personal and emotional health
                                                                                                         New  World  Cinemas,  Mwenge
giving practical teaching on skills you need now      impact the bottom line.
                                                                                                         Tickets:  50,000  TSH
to make it in the business world.                              Steve Finton has been married for
                                                                                                         8  AM  to  4  PM
                    Our Keynote Speakers              twenty-‐three years and has three sons.
                                                                              Also featuring             Total  Conference  Pass:  75,000  TSH
                ISAAC BINDERT is currently the
                President/CEO and co-‐founder                                                              
                                                                APRIL LINDAHL
                of Installation Solutions, Inc
                (ISI), which was established                    Fortune 50 Company Corporate
                in April of 2002. With over 15                  Trainer in public communications
                years of experience in the                      and business presentations
                project management and
                interior installation services                                                                                                 l  
                market, he has lead the ISI
                                                                          SCOTT ANGUS
                                                                                                                                       ic  pane
                                                         Founder of Clearspace Creative                                        open  m
team with his expertise in Sales/Marketing,                                                                           de  an
project management, strategic planning, and
                                                            Webdesign and multimedia                             inclu
                                                              communication specialist.
team development. He and his two business                                                                                               own
                                                                                                                               a nia’s higa
partners have grown ISI into a multi-‐million                                                                              Tanz ta  Ma
dollar corporation with the help of eighteen                                                                               Mod
fulltime employees and a network of 1500+             Luke and Kristi Shank, on success on working
contractors.                                          with your spouse...
        Isaac was honored as Top Young                Oliver Nkwonkam, Cameroonian immigrant
Outstanding Minnesota Entrepreneur. He is an
author, husband and proud father of 2 girls.
                                                      with a fast growing homecare business in
                                                      the US. And more...                                like an MBA...    
                                                                                                                                          in a day.

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