Slab Construction by liwenting


									Slab Construction

-Students will learn the basic techniques for planning a slab pot,
rolling out and cutting the clay and construction.
-Students will construct a clay pot that is taller that it is wide.
-Students will use texture to embellish the pot.
-Students will be able to distinguish between a Symmetrical and
asymmetrical pot.

   1. Introduction. Provide a number of examples of slab built
      work in actual pot and prints. Discuss the differences and
      similarities of the various pots.
   2. Discuss the rule of 3rds.
   3. Demonstrate the procedure for drawing and planning the
      pattern that will be used to cut out the pieces for the pot.
   4. Have students plan and draw the pieces for their own pots.
   5. Demonstrate the process of construction: name tools
      needed, roll out clay, describe 45degree or mitered cuts.
      Demonstrate construction of the pot with great attention
      to detail. Discuss need of consistent dryness of clay.
   6. Demonstrate the use of texture to embellish the pot.
   7. Have students construct their own pot.


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