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									“Lesson 13: Jesus Christ Heals the Sick,”
     Primary 7: New Testament, 44
     new     commandment

 unto                 ye         one
             as   have          you,
        ye        love one

    commandment        new       love A
ye you, ye give another; I     one That
                 also    that John 13:34
 Jesus had great love and
  compassion for the sick.
 A leader of the Jewish people had
  a son who was dying.
 He traveled many
  miles to find
 The leader asked
  Jesus to come
  heal his son.
                    Jesus told the leader
                     his son would be
                    His servants ran to
                     meet him when the
                     leader returned home.
   They told him his son was better and
    would live.
   The man knew that Jesus Christ had
    healed his son. He and all his family
    believed in the Savior.
   After the Sermon on the
    Mount, Jesus healed many
    more people.
   A man with a terrible skin disease
    called leprosy asked Jesus to heal him.
   Jesus touched the leper and told him
    he was healed.
   The leper’s skin instantly
    cleared and he was
   Jesus asked the man to
    tell no one other than the
    priest, but the man told
    everyone he met.
   A Roman army officer heard about
    Jesus. He had a servant who was
    very sick and dying.
                When Jesus entered the
                 city, the officer told
                 Jesus about his servant.
                Jesus said he would
                 come to the officer’s
                 home to heal the
   The officer said he was not worthy to
    have Jesus enter his home.
   He said if Jesus said the servant
    would be healed then he knew it
    would happen.
   Jesus said He had never
    met anyone whose faith
    was as strong.
   Jesus said the servant
    would be healed
    because of his faith.
   Jesus went to the home of Peter who
    was one of His disciples.
   The mother of Peter’s wife was sick
    with a very high fever.
                        Jesus was asked
                         to heal her.
                        When he did the
                         fever immediately
                         left her.
   Jesus saw a
    widow at the
    funeral of
    her only
   He saw how
    sad she was.
   He went to the body of her son and
    told him to get up.
   The widow’s son was alive again.
       Jesus healed the sick, crippled, deaf
                                   and blind.

   He forgave
                  He cast out devils.
                He brought
                 back from
   Many people
    heard of Jesus.

                     Many people came
                      to Him.
   It became difficult
    for Him to openly
    enter the cities.
   Jesus wanted to
    help everyone
    who tried to come
    to Him.
   He knew many
    were too sick and
    weak to come to
   Jesus sent His apostles throughout
    the land to teach and heal.
                       He told His
                        apostles, “And as
                        ye go, preach,
                        saying, The
                        kingdom of
                        heaven is at hand.
   “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers,
    raise the dead, cast out devils: freely
    ye have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:7-8).
   Why do you think Jesus
    performed these miracles?
                   Let’s read:
                     Mark 1:41

                     Luke 7:13

                     John 9:1–3
 How did these healings bless
  the lives of the people
 Let’s read:

    Luke 7:2, 12

    John 4:52–53
 What qualities do we need to
  develop in our lives if we are
  going to follow the Savior’s
  example in these accounts?
 Let’s read John 13:34–35

 How can we show love,
  compassion, and concern toward
  people who are in need?
 How have you felt when someone
  helped you?
 Did Jesus know all of the people
  he healed?
 Let’s read Matthew 8:5–8

                  What does this
                   tell us about
                   whom we should
                   help if we see
                   someone in
   After Jesus healed the leper,
    what did He ask him to do?
   Let’s read Mark 1:43–44
   What does this tell us about
    how we should help others?
   Because leprosy was thought to be
    highly contagious, those with the
    disease were often not allowed to live
    in the cities and they were shunned
    by those without leprosy.
   How does helping others in need
    bring us closer to Heavenly Father
    and Jesus?
   Let’s read Matthew 25:45
   How do you feel when you help
   Can any of you tell about an
    experience when you helped
    someone in need or when you
    received help from another person?
   Let’s read 1 John 3:18
                 This verse is telling
                  us that we should not
                  only tell people we
                  love them, we should
                  show our love
                  through our actions.
   It is what we do for someone else
    that shows we love them.
            Act out ways you can
             show love for your
             family and friends.

Enr Act 1
 President Spencer W.
  Kimball said:
 “God does notice us,
  and he watches over
  us. But it is usually
  through another
  person that he meets
  our needs”            (“Small Acts of Service,” Ensign,
    Dec. 1974, p. 5).

    Enr Act 2
 Do you know of anyone who has
  helped someone else in need?
 This person has developed love,
  compassion, and concern for
  others and shows that love
  through acts of service.

    Enr Act 2
 Let’s read the following
  scriptures about serving others:
    Matthew 25:34–40

    Mosiah 2:17–18, 4:14–15

 Let’s make a list of the things
  these scriptures tell us we
  should do for others.
 Choose an act of service you will
  perform during the coming week.
    Enr Act 3
   Act out ways you could show love
    and compassion and serve people in
    one of these situations:
      A new child comes to Primary and
       doesn’t know anyone.
      A child in your Primary class gets
      Your friend is not a member of The
       Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-
       day Saints.
    Enr Act 4
   Act out ways you could show love
    and compassion and serve people in
    one of these situations:
      Someone in your ward or branch
       is lonely.
      Your parents are busy and ask you
       to help take care of your little
       brother or sister.
      Someone says unkind things to a
       friend of yours.
    Enr Act 4
   I am grateful for the life and example
    of the Savior.
   I testify that we are
    following Jesus’
    teachings when we
    show compassion
    and love to those
    around us.
   During the week all of us should try
    to show more love and do small acts
    of service for our families and others.
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