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                                      Food Vendors: We limit the full service food vendors to 8. You must show
                                      current health inspection papers prior to setting up your booth. Please
                                      send a sample menu and a picture of your trailer (first time vendors) with
                                      your dimensions written on back.

                                      Registration Fees:                 Vendor space: $130.00

                                            Trailer dimensions: __________________________
                                            Electric needed _____________________________

                                      Craft Vendors: Each space will be 12’ X 12’. Please give brief description of
                                      items that will be sold at your booth:

      29th Annual

Cherry Blossom Festival               Inside Booth: ______ QTY @ $45.00 = $___________

                                      Outside Booth: _______ QTY @ $40.00 = $___________

 Saturday, May 7, 2011                ***Inside booths include electricity. If an outside booth requires
                                      electricity, please add $15.00 per hook up. Non-Profit, $25 (craft only)

                                      ***No food items can be sold at craft vendors spaces unless approved. No
                                      hot foods in craft spaces at all. If in doubt, please call before event.

                                      Total Fees Enclosed: $_________________________
     Logan Park                       Name: ________________________________________________

  Cherryvale, Kansas                  Address_______________________________________________

      Arts, Crafts, Food, Music,
                                      Phone Number ________________________________________
  and Car Show in Shady Logan Park!
                                      Email address: __________________________________________
       Spend your day with us!
                           RULES!                                             Other Lodging:

General: Your cancelled check is your receipt for registration. You will
                                                                              Big Hill Lodge    www.bighilllodge.com 877-244-4455
receive a confirmation with additional information by mail during the first
week of May. Typically, we assign spaces during April, but we reserve the
                                                                              Leatherock Hotel B&B Inn www.leatherockhotel.com 620-336-3350
right to switch if needed. Cherryvale Chamber of Commerce is not
responsible for accidents or inclement weather. No refunds will be given if
                                                                              Groceries: We have a nice full service grocery store 2 blocks north of the
event is cancelled because of weather!
                                                                              park. G & W Foods phone number is 620-336-3181.

Rules: We try to make things run as smoothly as possible, so we would
                                                                              Sales Tax: We will have tax charts available by request. Any questions can
greatly appreciate your cooperation adhering to the following rules. If you
                                                                              be directed to Kansas Department of Revenue at 877-526-7738. Kansas
have problems with any item listed in this brochure, please let us know
                                                                              requires us to furnish them a list of vendors prior to the event.
before the event.

DEEM INAPPROPRIATE. This is a family oriented festival and for                If you have any other questions about our event,
interest of all involved, we must prohibit the sales and/or display of        please contact us at:
weapons (toy/real), dangerous items (i.e., potato guns, marshmallow guns,
etc), offensive items, etc. If you have items that may be questionable,
please contact the chamber.

Setup: Setup is from 1:00 to 7:00 PM on Friday night and 6-8AM Saturday
                                                                                           Cherryvale Chamber of Commerce
morning. All vehicles must be moved out of the way by 8AM Saturday. You
may continue setting up your booth, but must be unloaded at this time!                         www.cherryvaleusa.com/chamber
You cannot close down until after 6:00 PM on Saturday. Vehicles will not
be allowed in the park until 6:00 PM on Saturday.
                                                                                                       620-891-0072 Phone
Water: There are a few water hydrants located throughout the park.
Please bring your own hose. Let us know in advance if you will need water
so we can locate you within 150’ of a hydrant.                                                 Cherryvalechamber@hotmail.com
Parking: Limited areas are available for you to park directly behind your
booth. You will need to pay for another booth space to do so, and will
need to note that at registration. Vendors must park in the West Parking
                                                                                                          PO Box 112
lot (less than a block away)                                                                          Cherryvale, Ks. 67335

. Street parking is reserved for visitors, not exhibitors! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Overnight Parking: You may stay with your booth on Friday night as long as
you are not parked on the grass. No security is provided.

Camping: Camper and RV parking is located at Big Hill Lake. The lake is 3
miles east of Cherryvale and can be contacted by calling 620-336-2741.

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