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					                              RMMHA Board Position Job Descriptions

The following is a summary of the type of duties that are performed by the various board members. The
list is not exhaustive but is designed to make those running for positions aware of the type of commitment
that is required. It is difficult to say how much time a position consumes per week or month as it depends
on the time of year and how organized and committed an individual is.

All Positions
     Attend Board Meetings
     Attend AGM
     Attend AFM
     Find a replacement when you decide to leave the board
     Document your job description and job duties
     Volunteer for Committees of the Board/Association

Division Managers (Hockey 1-4, Atom, Peewee, Bantam, Midget)
     Assist with Head Coach Selection
     Ensure appropriateness of Asst Coach and Manager
     Conduct Coach Manager Meeting early in season
     Ensure Coach and Manager are aware of responsibilities
     Act as Liaison between Teams and Board
     Conduct Player Evaluations
     Create balanced teams
     Address Team issues during season
     Conduct discipline reviews with players and officials
     Send board communications to teams
     Assist with providing team with association equipment
     Assist with collections of association funds
     Assist with Coordination of Development for coaches and players
     Ensure Certifications of all Team officials (Coach, Safety, Speak Out)
     Attend PCAHA and BCAHA Div manager meetings

Coach Coordinator C Division
    Make head coach recommendations to association
    Ensure appropriateness of Asst Coach and Managers
    Develop Coach Development programs with Rep Coordinator
    Approve Coach Post Task Certifications
    Assist in setting up Coach Certification courses where/when necessary
    Conduct discipline review with Coaches
    Assist Coaches with problems and concerns during season
    Develop Support Programs for coaches
    Mentor new coaches
    Conduct Coach Meetings early in season
    Ensure coaches are aware of responsibilities
    Act as Liaison between coaches and board
    Send board communications to coaches when necessary
    Attend PCAHA and BCAHA coaches meetings
    Assist with Development of Coach Development Budget
    See duties as per constitution

Rep Coordinator
    Hybrid between Division Manager and Coach Coordinator
    See both job descriptions
    Some coordination with Coach Coordinator and Div Managers
      Attend PCAHA and BCAHA rep related meetings
      See duties as per constitution

    Take board, executive, AGM, and AFM meeting minutes
    Distribute minutes to board prior to next board meeting
    Create board, executive, AGM and AFM meeting agendas
    Distribute agenda prior to above meetings
    Arrange facilities for board, executive, AGM and AFM meeting agendas
    Record keeping of all important association documents
    Maintain history of all discipline issues
    Manage PMA hockey office meeting requests/reservations
    Maintain constitution and policy manual

Equipment Manager
    Allocate Jerseys to all teams for season (Jersey Bags)
    Allocate Tryout Jerseys to team for Try Outs
    Allocate Socks to all teams for season
    Allocate Goalie Rental Equipment to goalies for season
    Collect Rent fees for goalie Equipment
    Develop program to ensure return of jerseys at end of season
    Inventory quantity and quality of jerseys
    Replace jersey where appropriate
    Source Equipment suppliers
    Order and Receive Equipment
    Assist with Development of Equipment Budget

    Preside over Board, Executive, AGM, AFM meetings
    Attend PCAHA President Meetings
    Attend BCAHA AGM (weekend Meeting travel required)
    Attend PCAHA AGM (weekend Meeting)
    Attend FVN meetings
    Initiate member discipline where necessary
    Appoint Rep and C Coach Selection committees
    Appoint Other Committees where appropriate
    Attend Arena Planning Meetings
    Attend Other Hockey related meetings as necessary
    Report Information from various meetings to the board
    Association signing authority
    See duties as per constitution
    Assist with creation of financial budget
    Review Auditors report and meet with Auditor if necessary
    Form Committees for Association initiatives
    Sign Tournament Permission forms
    Sign other authorization forms
    Disseminate PCAHA, BC Hockey, and Hockey Canada information

Vice President
     Perform President functions in Presidents absence
     Conduct Member discipline hearings that move beyond Division manager, Rep Coordinator or
       Coach Coordinator
     Appoint Discipline Committee
      Appoint Appeals Committee
      Attend PCAHA and BCAHA discipline meetings
      Special Projects
      See duties as per constitution

    Manage finances of association
    Perform Association bookkeeping
    Manage Association Accounts payable
    Manage Association Accounts receivable
    Perform AR collections
    Assist with creation of association budget
    Assist with creation of association annual financial statements
    Provide financial reports to each board meeting (payables, cash position)
    Request approval for cash transfers
    Cut cheques
    Assist with registration where necessary
    Provide Actual to Budget Analysis when necessary
    Bank Reconciliations
    Collect Tournament revenues and appropriate documentation
    Attend BCAHA and PCAHA Financial or Treasurer Meetings

Referee In Chief
    Develop referee training programs
    Advise referees of training programs
    Mentor young referees
    Train referees
    Manage referee discipline issues
    Oversee scheduling of referees
    Attend PCAHA and BCAHA referee meetings

Ice Coordinator
     Negotiate Ice Contracts with Planet Ice and PMA
     Schedule practice and game times for all teams
     Return unused ice for refunds from vendors
     Assist with development of budget regarding ice costs
     Manage ice conflicts within association and with other user groups
     Schedule tournament ice
     Schedule ice for other events beyond the above
     Advise teams of available ice for extra practices time
     Schedule development ice
     Schedule ice for playoffs
     Assist with the schedule of extra ice with Rep Teams paid by team
     Attend PCAHA and BCAHA Ice Coordinator meetings
     Attend Government Ice and User Group related meetings

    Manage registration system
    Market and Promote registration and growth of association
    Advise board/Division Managers of registration count for budget purposes and team numbers
    Assist with determination of team size
    Manage online registration system
    Oversee registration page on website
       Manage New Registration sessions
       Assist with collection of registration fees
       Manage subsidized registration programs
       Assist Treasurer
       Advise board/rep coordinator of rep tryout numbers
       Manager registration from other associations and audit for PCAHA and BCAHA rules
       Manage members in good standing/bad standing
       Provide Registration Tax Receipts
       Manage Hockey Canada RMMHA Database
       Attend PCAHA and BCAHA Registrar Meetings

Risk Manager
    Ensure safety of association and teams
    Ensure all team have first aid kit
    Manage deposits on first aid kits
    Ensure all teams have safety person
    Advise RMMHA members of safety certification courses
    Update Hockey Canada database for members completing safety certifications
    Manage Criminal Record Checks
    Ensure Team Officials have Criminal Record Checks performed at appropriate intervals
    Manager reimbursement of Criminal Record Check fees
    Manage Database for completion of coach certifications
    Manage reimbursement of coach certification course and exam fees
    Attend PCAHA and BCAHA Risk Management Meetings

Are responsible for the following critical areas (Tournaments, Communications, Fundraising/ Sponsorship,
Development, Volunteerism, Apparel, Special Projects, etc...)
Director Positions are 2 year terms so if a director handled one area in their first year they would typically
do the same in their second year

    Coordinate Tournament Committees and Volunteers
    Oversee Tournament Operations
    Oversee Tournament Reporting (Financial, BCAHA, PCAHA)
    Develop and Improve Tournament Controls
    Provide Tournament Budget to Board

    RMMHA Newsletter (about 1 a month)
    RMMHA Email and Other Communications
    RMMHA Website

    Coordinate Fundraising Activities
    Picture Day Scheduling
    Negotiate Picture Contract
    Coordinate Fundraising Committees and Volunteers
    Enhance and Develop RMMHA Fundraising Program
    Provide Fundraising budget information to board
    Coordinate Sponsorship Committees and Volunteers
    Jersey sponsorship
    Website sponsorship
    Tournament sponsorship
      Enhance and Develop RMMHA Sponsorship Program
      Provide Sponsorship Budget Info to Board
      Coordinate Sponsorship Committees and Volunteers
      Jersey sponsorship
      Website sponsorship
      Tournament sponsorship
      Enhance and Develop RMMHA Sponsorship Program
      Provide Sponsorship Budget Info to Board

    Coordinate Development Activities (Players/Coaches)
    Member of Development Committee
    Assist with selection of Development Vendors
    Manage Development Budget

    Coordinate Volunteer program for association
    Develop and increase volunteer base for the association

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