Slot Machine Myths Busted by CrazyHarryVonSchlusselburgsgestaltmeier


									Slot Machine Myths
     Slot Machine Myths Busted
As there is such an abundance of information
available about slots, they do lend themselves to
superstition and even myth. In reality, slots are
based on random number generators, which
generate millions of combinations of numbers in a
minute. Thus, there is no pattern, least of all one
that a human mind can track. So, the next time an
‘expert’ tells you that he can determine a pattern
through careful study, know that it is just a myth.
     Slot Machine Myths Busted
By the same token, if you walked away from a slot
machine and found out shortly afterwards that
someone else scored a jackpot on the exact
machine on which you were playing, then you
might be tempted to think you’d just lost out. But
that in no way means the same thing would’ve
happen to you. To hit the jackpot, you would have
had to hit the ‘spin’ button or pull the handle at the
exact same moment as the other player.
     Slot Machine Myths Busted
Any variation in timing will yield different results.
This is dictated by the random number generator
and is entirely out of your control.
Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that
your odds of hitting the jackpot are better the
longer you sit at a machine. Your odds are the
same on each and every spin. Slot machines are
never due.
     Slot Machine Myths Busted
You might play for 1 000 hours at 500 spins an hour
and reach 500 000 spins and yet, you will not be
guaranteed a jackpot. This means that if a machine
has just paid out a jackpot, you don’t need to avoid
it. Your chances of winning at this machine are just
as good as at any other. The odds will not change
before and after the jackpot. Nor will they change
if you vary your bet size.
      Slot Machine Myths Busted
Whether you bet only one coin at a time, or just a few is
immaterial to the machine. The same spin will be
produced whether you bet the minimum or maximum
coins. Machines do not necessarily pay more if you bet
with coins or bills. Machines cannot differentiate
between the two, much the same as they cannot
distinguish between cash and card. When playing with
coins, players have been known to claim that warm coins
will increase their chances of winning.
      Slot Machine Myths Busted
This extends beyond a myth to an outright lie – the
temperature of the money you put into a machine simply
cannot affect the results of your spin. Should you find
yourself acting on such fallacies, cash out and call it a day.
It makes no difference whether you use the handle or
push the ‘spin’ button – they both give the slot machine
the exact same command. Neither will improve your
chances of winning.
     Slot Machine Myths Busted
As we have established, a machine simply spins according
to a random number generator. Thus, it cannot, by
definition, be ‘hot’. Although a machine may pay out a
higher amount for a short period of time, this does not
mean that your odds have improved. And if a machine is
‘cold’, it does not mean it is destined to become ‘hot’.
And, when all hope is lost, because of the random
number generator, the casino cannot control when the
jackpot will be hit and therefore, cannot be blamed
               Slot Machine Myths Busted
When playing slots, remember to have fun – and don’t
play above your bankroll. Take advantage of the comps,
but remember to always approach the machines soberly
and honestly – you should always know what you’re
getting yourself into.

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