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       Minutes of the Meeting of Marston Moreteyne Parish Council held at Bedford Road Methodist
       Church on Tuesday 19th April 2011. The meeting commenced at 6.47pm following a presentation to
       the outgoing Chairman.

       Present:       Cllr M. Petty (Chairman)
                      Cllrs F. Keep, C. Banks, Mrs. C. Yates, B. Chandi, C. Martin, Miss E. Johnstone, P. Neale
                      & G. Spriggs. Cllr Mrs. E. Houghton (arrived 8.05pm)
                      Central Bedfordshire Councillors R. Baker & M. Gibson
                      Mrs. J. Ellis & 3 members of Street Watch (left 7.15pm)
                      PC Keith Glen – Bedfordshire Police (left 7.15pm)

11/04/68      Apologies for absence were received from Cllr B. King & R. Morris. Late arrival apologies were
              received from Cllr Mrs. E. Houghton.
11/04/69      Declarations of interest in agenda items: Cllr C. Banks declared an interest in agenda item 12 in
              relation to the cemetery.
11/04/70      Public Participation
              The Chairman informed the Parish Council of the death of Mr. R. Ambridge – NMT Cranes.
              Mrs Ellis that she had attended the meeting to say goodbye to the Chairman who would not be
              standing as Parish Councillor at the elections next month. She paid a brief tribute to him and
              thanked him for all of his hard work over the years. The Chairman in response thanked Mrs. Ellis
              and the Street Watch representatives for all of their hard work and commitment to the village.
11/04/71      Report from EB Security: Owing to the absence of a representative, no report was available for
              March. The Chairman confirmed that as from 1st April, the contract was terminated.
              PC Keith Glen – Neighbourhood Officer gave a brief report to the Parish Council. He advised
              that the Marston Street Watch was in the top 3 in the country and that the ESP issues were the
              lowest in the county owing to the efforts of Street Watch. He acknowledged that there had been a
              rise in burglaries in the village recently but added that the culprits had now been caught. The
              Chairman advised KG that the Parish Council would like to see him at more Council meetings –
              ideally quarterly. KG acknowledged the request.
11/04/72      To confirm and agree the minutes of the meeting of Marston Moreteyne Parish Council held
              on Tuesday 15th March 2011
              It was RESOLVED that the Minutes be accepted as an accurate record, and were duly signed by
              the Chairman. Proposed Cllr B. Chandi, seconded Cllr G. Spriggs.
11/04/73      To confirm and agree the minutes of the meeting of Marston Moreteyne Planning Committee
              held on Tuesday 5th April 2011
              It was RESOLVED that the Minutes be accepted as an accurate record, and were duly signed by
              the Chairman. Proposed Cllr F. Keep, seconded Cllr P. Neale
11/04/74      Update of information from Central Bedfordshire Councillor R. Baker & M. Gibson
              MG: MG advised that this was his last Council meeting as well and thanked the Parish Council
              for their hard work and good working relationship with him. He cited several successes over the
              years which had involved both himself and the Parish Council.
              RB: RB confirmed that the Development Framework has now been signed off by Central
              Bedfordshire Council at their recent meeting. The planning application in Church Walk has been
              called in and has been pulled for a review of required unilateral undertakings and a site meeting.
              The planning officer for the application at 2 Station Road should be contacting the clerk shortly.
              RB confirmed that he had been liaising with BK regarding opening up Woburn Road junction at
              the C94 (old A421). P. Connolly (Area Technician-Amey) has asked the Transportation Dept for
              a review. It is felt that if opened up it will relieve a lot of traffic on Beancroft Road.
11/04/75       Brief update of information on the following committees:
       75.1   Community Safety Group – Cllr F. Keep: Cllr Keep circulated a report to all councillors. FK
              advised that he is having difficulty finding funding to cover the individual member insurance for
              Street Watch. Unfortunately the Police and Central Bedfordshire Council will not fund the amount
              required of £270.00. The group has been asked to get sponsorship. The Parish Council agreed that
              they could cover costs if requested officially, however, Cllr Keep stated that he was personally
              against this and felt that the money should come from other sources, but accepted that if all else
              failed he may have to approach the Parish Council.
        75.2    Bedfordshire Councils Planning Consortium – Cllrs P. Neale/B. Chandi: No meeting has been
                held recently.
        75.3    Landfill Liaison – Cllr Mrs. E. Houghton/Miss E. Johnstone: No meeting has been held recently.
        75.4    Village Hall Committee – Cllr C. Banks: The last meeting had to be cancelled. A subsequent
                meeting has yet to be arranged.
        75.5    Church End Lower School – Cllr P. Neale: Nothing to report.
        75.6    Shelton Lower School – Cllr M. Petty: The Head teacher; Mr. J. Smart retired and Connie White
                is the new Acting Head teacher.
        75.7    Playing Field Committee – Cllr C. Banks: A new committee was appointed at the recent AGM.
                CB confirmed that Mrs. B. Oakley remains as Chairperson, with Mr. T. Robinson as Vice Chair.
                He confirmed that Mr. R. Garner is no longer a committee member.
                Two car boot sales have been held so far this year with the second one raising £207. They are
                looking to provide refreshments at the next one.
                The Parish Council advised that the committee still needs to forward an official letter requesting
                the project back for the pavilion extension and also submit a copy of their accounts within the next
                two months. Grants will also need to be sourced for the extension work.

11/04/76        Matters arising from the minutes of Tuesday 15th March and Tuesday 5th April 2011
    10/06/77 Traffic flow through the village: Nothing heard back from Sarah Lister yet re meeting.
    11/01/10.3 CCTV Maintenance Contract: No response yet from AVES Security.
    11/01/11 Bottle Bank: No response has been received from residents after the advert for potential
               alternative sites had been placed in the village diary. The Clerk confirmed that she has requested
               the bins at the Indian Restaurant be emptied more frequently.
    11/03/50 NMT Cranes: The Clerk confirmed that she had spoken with Mr. R. Ambridge prior to his death
               and communicated the Parish Council’s views in respect of finding alternative premises outside the
    11/03/54.1 Invite to A. Hitchcock – Bedfordshire Police: The Parish Council confirmed their wish to invite
               Mr. Hitchcock to attend a future Parish Council meeting – Parish Clerk to action.
               The Parish Council confirmed their wish to find out the costs to having speed stats along Station,
               Beancroft and Bedford Roads. The aim is to obtain accurate traffic flow information for the
               village. The clerk advised that no provision for these costs have been made in the precept/budget.
    11/03/56.4 Internal Audit: The clerk advised that she will be providing the relevant information to the internal
               auditor on 6th June.
    11/03/56.5 Payroll Service Provider 2011/12: The clerk confirmed that the contract has been extended.
    11/03/58 Opening up Woburn Road/C94 junction to allow two way traffic. As previously mentioned, the
               Transportation Team is looking into the feasibility of opening up the junction to two way traffic.
    11/03/59 Play Area License - Rear of Lower Shelton Road: The clerk is waiting to hear from Sue Murphy
               (Head of Estates at CBC) who has contact Children Services regarding the council’s request.
    11/03/60 Grass cutting Contract: The business case has been signed off by the Portfolio Holder at CBC.
               The clerk is waiting to hear from Sarah Hughes (CBC) to see what the next steps are. The contract
               between the Parish Council and Warners of Bedford needs finalizing before submitting for

11/04/77        Finance
       77.1     To approve invoices for payment and be notified of any income since the last meeting
                Clements Play Management     Skate Park & play area repairs         £ 1,746.00
                Bedford Borough Council      April payroll                          £ 2,577.67 DD
                3CD Group                    Diary delivery (Mar)                   £ 288.00
                Warners of Bedford           Grass cutting (April)                  £ 618.00
                Venture Finance PLC          Security Patrols (March)               £ 1,172.45
                Copykatz                     Diary printing (April)                 £ 180.00
                Mrs H Trustam                Petty Cash                             £     30.00
                Clements Play Management     Safety inspections Jan-March           £ 306.00
                Mr. J. Millard               Cleaning notice board & bus shelters
                                             Jan-March                              £     30.00
                Marston Bed Rd Method Chch Hall Hire Jan-March                      £     81.00
                MKM Agriculture              Service mower & strimmer               £ 120.00
                Pier One Solutions           2011-12 Content Management Service £ 240.00
                Marston Shelton Meth Church Hall Hire – Marston Pk Working Grp £          16.25
       Marston Village Hall comm.       2011/12 Grant                             £ 2,700.00
       Mr. C. Procter                   Refund allotment key                      £     5.00
       FJ Beddoe                        Litter Picking                            £ 182.00
       D. Cray                          Churchyard grass cutting                  £ 295.00

       Central Beds Council             ½ 2011/12 Precept                         £44,532.50
       Allotments                       Rental & Keys                             £ 145.00

       Resolved that the invoices for payment should be agreed. Proposed Cllr P. Neale, seconded
       Cllr F. Keep.
       The Chairman asked for at least one councillor to stay after the meeting whilst the clerk locks up
       to ensure her safety. The Parish Council resolved that this should happen in the interests of the
       clerk’s safety.
77.2   To approve the budget for 2011/12
       A copy of the draft budget was attached with the agenda to all Councillors. The Chairman and
       Clerk went through the figures for the budget. It was resolved that the £13,689.00 under the EB
       Security heading could be split to £4,703.00 to cover the grass cutting of verges/amenity areas in
       the village. This allowed an additional amount of £525.00 to cover an extra cut this season should
       it be required. It was resolved to place the remaining amount of £8,896.00 towards the cemetery
       The Chairman advised that the amount in the budget for the cemetery was not sufficient to cover
       all of the work required. Unfortunately there are no grants available to cover this type of project.
       Therefore it was resolved to precept a minimum of £8,896 under the cemetery provision for the
       financial year 2012/13. Proposed Cllr G. Spriggs, seconded Cllr P. Neale.
       It was resolved to place £3,290 currently in the CCTV Maintenance budget to the war memorial
       budget in order to allow for repairs to be carried out to the memorial and conifer trees. The CCTV
       maint budget is no longer required after the PC resolved not to renew the contract. The Clerk
       advised that grants will be available for any additional funds required.
       Following the lack of response from AVES Security re 11/01/10.3 it was resolved to redirect the
       amount of £1,450.00 and add to the replacement play equipment budget. Proposed Cllr C. Banks,
       seconded Cllr Miss E. Johnstone. A new see saw is desperately required at the Bedford Road play
       area, along with the potential of replacing the roundabout as well.
       Following the above amendments, the Parish Council resolved to set its budget for 2011/12 at
77.3   Section 137 limit for 2011/12
       At 15th October 2010, there were 3,400 electors registered on the Electoral Register. The S137
       limit for 2011/12 is £6.44 per elector, giving Marston Moreteyne Parish Council an expenditure
       limit of £21,896.00.
77.4   To agree a contribution towards meteorological study report from Met Office obtained by
       Cranfield Parish Council in regards to Covanta proposal.
       An area of concern for many residents is whether the temperature inversions that occur in the vale
       will affect the safe dispersal of emission from Covanta’s stack. Cranfield Parish Council has been
       able to obtain data from the met office, taken at Cardington, which has helped to quantify the
       frequency with which inversions do occur in the vale. They have included this new evidence in
       their response to the IPC on behalf of the 25 Town & Parish Council Group, which shows that
       inversions do occur frequently, and should be investigated more carefully. The total cost for this
       information was £397.44. Cranfield Parish Council is asking for a contribution from each council
       of around £20-25 to cover the costs of this information. Cllr P. Neale feels that not all councils
       will be agreeable to this request and feels that as Marston Moreteyne would be majorly affected by
       this application a higher contribution should be agreed in principle. He proposed an amount of up
       to £100.00. Seconded by Cllr G. Spriggs. Having discussed it further the Parish Council resolved
       to provide a contribution of up to £100.00 to assist with the above information.
       Open floor hearings will be heard on 5th & 6th July. It was resolved to send a representative to this
       hearing. However owing to next month’s elections, it was resolved to appoint a specific councillor
       until the May meeting.
       77.5    Grant Application from Marston Moreteyne Indoor Bowls Club
               The Parish Council received a grant application for 2011/12 from the Indoors Bowls Club to
               replace worn out equipment. Two proposals were put forward, £300 & £750. After voting, it
                         Resolved that the council in accordance with its powers under S137 & 139 of the Local
                         Government Act 1972 should incur the following expenditure which, in the opinion of the
                         council, is in the interests of the area or inhabitants and will benefit them in a manner
                         commensurate with the expenditure:
                         Marston Moreteyne Indoors Bowls Club                 Grant £750.00
       77.6    Parish Council Elections – 5th May 2011
               The Clerk advised that Central Bedfordshire Council has received 14 candidate nominations for 12
               seats; therefore there will be a Parish Council Election held on 5th May. It is anticipated that
               Marston will have two Polling Stations which will bring election costs to around £3,000. It was
               resolved to cover the costs of election from reserve funds. The Notice of Poll has been issued and
               is posted on all three notice boards around the village. The count will be undertaken at Dunstable
               Leisure Centre.
       77.7    Notice of annual audit for year ending 31st March 2011
               An audit date of 1st July 2011 has been advised by when the annual return and supporting
               documentation must be submitted to BDO LLP. The Parish Council has not been selected this year
               to receive an intermediate audit questionnaire as part of the 5% selection.
       77.8    Vehicle Activated Signs – future maintenance
               Warranty on the VA Signs located at Bedford Road, Opp 65 Upper Shelton Road, Station Road
               near Forest Centre, will expire in September 2011. Any maintenance required after this date will
               be at the Parish Council’s cost. Amey will be pleased to quote for any maintenance required. An
               average job would cost in the region of £450.00 plus parts.
       77.9    Report on structural testing of Parish owned street lighting columns
               Amey conducted a recent street lighting structural survey throughout Central Bedfordshire. The
               survey looked at the condition of each column specifying if they are in a good condition or whether
               they need remedial work or replacement. The report on the condition of Parish Council owned
               street lights was received (5 columns listed). The column in Tylecote Close (by garages) was not
               included. The report indicates that the column in Bedford Road (outside No. 15) needs replacing
               and the column in Church Walk (at app St. Mary’s Church) needs some repair.
               It was resolved to obtain quotations for the work from Amey, A. Muskett & Peacocks.
       77.10   Finance correspondence
               (a)       Came & Co have written with a one opportunity to move the insurance renewal date; ie if
                         we renew our policy on 1st June 2011, the next renewal date will be 1st October 2012. This
                         will move it away from elections, year-end and annual audit dates. The PC would benefit
                         from a few months free cover but would have to enter into a 3 year Long-Term Agreement
                         which would also fix the renewal premiums for that period.
                         It was resolved that the Clerk find out what would happen to premiums if there was a
                         claim, and also if the availability to protect a no claims bonus was available.
               (b)       It is anticipated that the new cemetery will be open next year. Therefore, the Clerk has
                         found a Cemetery Management course which she feels is of essential benefit before taking
                         on such duties. The course is on 14th September 2011 at Newport Pagnell and is being
                         organised by SLCC at a cost of £95.00. Mileage costs will be additional. The Chairman
                         confirmed that the Parish Council has a duty to keep abreast of changing legislation and it
                         was agreed many years ago that the Clerk should be supported in attending training
                         courses that she feels are necessary.
                         It was resolved that the Clerk attend the Cemetery Management course on 14th September
                         2011. (Local Government Act 1972 s111)
11/04/78       Planning Matters
       78.1    To receive details of any approvals / refusals / withdrawals of planning applications – for
               information only.
               The Clerk advised that she is still unable to access this information from Central Bedfordshire
               Council web site. The matter has been reported to CBC Planning who are looking into the matter.
       78.2    To receive any planning correspondence
               A copy of the Growth Review has been received from the Dept for Communities and Local
               Government. It gives information on material planning considerations as well as planning
               obligations. Owing to elections the Clerk advised that a copy of this document will be included
               with these minutes and the May agenda.
11/04/79   Cemetery
           Owing to a personal interest, Cllr C. Banks leaves the meeting.
           The Chairman explained that the cemetery land will be up to the boundary of 154 Station Road.
           Following investigation an electric cable has been found close to the boundary. There is also an
           obligation for the PC to allow a space for the owner of 154 Station Road to maintain his fence.
           Therefore a new post & rail fence with rabbit netting will be erected approx 3ft in from the
           boundary with a locked gate at the end. In order to enable both sides to maintain their fencing the
           solicitor has advised the PC to draw up a Deed of Easement which will grant the property owner a
           right of access to maintain his fence. It will not confer a right of way. Anticipated costs to draw
           up this legal document are between £390 - £560 + VAT. Following further discussions, it was
           resolved that the Clerk arrange for the Deed of Easement to be drawn up once the land is conveyed
           to the Parish Council.
           Cllr C. Banks rejoins the meeting.
           The Chairman confirmed that following a meeting with O&H Property’s surveyor and Mr. Eddie
           Ball (Highways) the boundary issue (Station Road side) has now been resolved and agreed by all
           parties. The transfer documents can now be finalized.
           The working party had received a copy of the rules from Harlington Garden Cemetery. These are
           very in-depth and would be a good set to base those for Marston upon. Therefore the working
           party wish to put forward for agreement the following start of rules:
                    Set memorial sizes,
                    Memorial colours: Brown, grey & black,
                    No kerb stones to be allowed, to allow a memorial vase in front piece of headstone,
                    Fresh flowers only – no artificial etc,
                    Ashes – memorial stones to be set flat a ground level allowing ease of grass cutting,
                    Green Burials: the need to specify coffin material,
                                     wild flowers and a wooden cross with engraved name to be the only
                    No ashes to be scattered in cemetery,
                    The cemetery to be of non consecrated ground,
                    No discrimination of persons to be buried.

           It was resolved that the above rules were acceptable and would form part of the completed set of
           Burial Rules for the Cemetery. Proposed Cllr C. Martin, seconded Cllr Miss E. Johnstone.

           It was resolved that one tap for water would be provided initially and be located near the car
           parking area. Proposed Cllr B. Chandi, seconded Cllr Mrs E. Houghton.

11/04/80   Sports Pavilion Extn – update
           The Clerk advised that she has not yet received an official letter from the Playing Field Committee
           requesting that they take back control of the project. Nothing can be actioned by the Parish
           Council until this has been received. The Clerk has contacted both the QS and CDM Co-Ordinator
           with regard to termination of the contract with the PC. The QS has advised that they will invoice
           the PC for £2,000 +VAT for the pre-contract fee and then release the Parish Council from their
           contract. The CDM Co-Ordinator has sent an invoice for £259.50 +VAT to cover the work she has
           done to date. She also will release the PC from the contract. Both parties have indicated their
           willingness to enter into a contract with the Playing Field committee to continue the project if they
           so wish.
11/04/81   Community Building – update
           O&H Properties and Barratt Homes do not believe that they will have submitted all of their
           Reserved Matters details before 7th October 2011 (as required by the planning permission). This
           means that they will have to apply for a new planning permission to replace the existing one. They
           will also be re-visiting the S106 agreement with the Planning Authority to “tidy it up”. Barratt
           Homes have changed their architect for the building and presented the working party with a new
           revised drawing of the building layout. It was agreed at the meeting to invite the architect to the
           next group meeting to facilitate discussions and enable the architect to get a feel of what is required
           from the building. It is hoped that ideas for heating and lighting will be discussed at the next
           meeting as well.
           Discussions were made in respect of public art. £96K index linked is available. Possible uses
           were discussed and these included: gates to community building, enhancement to bridges within
           the site, enhanced gateways, enhanced garage gates, school railings, tree guards.
              It was discussed whether to have a theme going through the site. Hilary Western agreed to produce
              a brief and then Barratt Homes and the Parish Council will put in their priorities to compare with
11/04/82      Covanta update
              Cllr Neale advised that the group of 25 Town & Parish Councils are putting together their
              objections for the Environmental Agency. He confirmed to the clerk that there was no need for the
              Parish Council to submit an individual letter as all comments would be included in the group letter.
              A letter was received from the Examining Authority concerning the application for development
              consent by Covanta. The letter included a number of questions and requests for information which
              have arisen from the ExAs consideration of all the submitted information.
11/04/83      War Memorial – update
              The Chairman stated that the conifers will be felled once the children have gone back to school.
              The Parish Council can then look into replanting a better type conifer.
              The Chairman and Clerk met with Lisa Swannell (CBC Legal Dept) regarding the ownership of
              land to the rear of the war memorial and subject to the planning application adjacent to 2 Station
              Road. LS explained that the land is in the ownership of the application but is also highway land.
              However, owing to the fact that the land has not been maintained by the local authority and not
              used as highway land by residents there are no real grounds to object to an application by the
              applicant to “stop up” the highway to enable the development to go ahdad. Not all of the land
              belongs to the applicant though and the PC could utilize the highway owned land to expand on the
              war memorial site – subject to permission.
11/03/66      Correspondence
       66.1   A421 Bedford to M1 Junction 13 improvements – Noise insulation regulation 1975
              The above regulation gives a right of appeal to the occupier or person entitled to occupy any
              dwelling or other residential property where the dwelling is within 300m of the scheme and no
              offer of insulation or grant has been made. As requested by the Highways Agency a public notice
              to this effect has been placed on the Parish Council’s notice boards. The HA will also include
              notices in the local newspapers.
       66.2   Central Bedfordshire Prioritised Works Programme 2011/12
              The Clerk advised that there are no proposed works within the village. It was resolved that the
              Clerk send a letter of protest at this.
       66.3   Wootton Upper School – proposal to convert to an Academy and a proposal to form a
              Community Partnership for 2011/12.
              At a recent Governor’s meeting the Governing Body of the school unanimously approved the
              following resolution “the Governing Body of Wootton Upper School support a resolution to make
              a declaration of intent to make an application to convert to and Acadamy”. The Governors will
              now consider comments from staff, parents, students and local representative groups at their next
              meeting (23.6.11) before determining whether to proceed.
              At the same meeting the Governor’s considered a short paper from the Head teacher regarding the
              cross-border nature of the admissions area served by their pyramid of schools, subject to the
              disaggregation of Bedfordshire County Council (2009). He believes there to be a worth in
              developing a Partnership Forum which would create a Community Partnership and asked the
              Parish Council if they would be willing to put forward a representative to sit on the Partnership.
              The Parish Council resolved that they welcomed the opportunity to work with the school and have
              a representative on the Community Partnership. However, it was resolved not to appoint a
              councillor at this time owing to impending elections next month.
       66.4   Empty Homes report from Central Bedfordshire Council – information received.
       66.5   CPRE Spring newsletter: Cllr G. Spriggs took the information.
       66.6   BRCC Network – Spring: Cllr C. Martin took the information.
       66.7   Bedford & Milton Keynes Waterway Trust-April newsletter: information received.
11/04/67      Clerk’s Monthly Report
              The clerk advised that she has received a circular which annexes the Code of Recommended
              Practise on Local Authority Publicity which was approved by both Houses of Parliament and
              comes into force on 31st March 2011. The Clerk has confirmed that she will investigate whether
              this will have an adverse impact on the village diary.

              The Chairman gave a final statement stating that it has been a privilege to work with the Parish
              Council and hopes that Marston Moreteyne Parish Council will go forward and continue to do the
              best for the village and its residents.

              There being no further business to transact, the meeting was closed at 9.52pm.

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