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Windows XP/Vista L2TP/IPsec Client Configuration

Note: Only the Windows XP and greater L2TP/IPsec clients are supported and
covered in this guide. Windows 2000 does have a built in client, but it is not
designed for remote access connectivity without the presence of a full CA

Windows XP L2TP client configuration

   1. Go to Start Button->Control Panel->Network and Internet Connections.
   2. Select "Create a connection to the network at your workplace". A new
       window will appear
   3. Select "Virtual Private Network" connection.
   4. Enter "Gatorlink VPN" for the Company Name. Click Next.
   5. Enter "l2tp.vpn.ufl.edu" for the hostname. Click Next. Note: The first
       letter in the hostname is "elle" not one.
   6. Click Finish.
   7. Go to Start Button->Connect To->Gatorlink VPN
   8. Click on the Properties Button.
   9. Click on the "Networking" Tab.
   10. Under Type of VPN, select "L2TP IPsec VPN".
   11. Click on the "Security" Tab.
   12. Click on "IPsec Settings" button
   13. Check "Use pre-shared key for authentication". gator+vpn!
   14. Click ok, then ok again. You are now ready to use the Windows XP
       L2TP/IPsec client with the UF Gatorlink VPN service.

Note: Please do not store you password on the local client by typing it in at setup
time. This is a security risk.

Windows Vista L2TP client configuration

   15. Go to Start Button->Connect To and select "Setup a connection or
   16. Select "Connect to workplace" and click Next.
   17. Select "Use my Internet Connection (VPN)".
   18. For Internet Address type l2tp.vpn.ufl.edu (that is an elle, not a 1).
   19. For Destination Name type Gatorlink VPN and check "Dont Connect
   20. Click the "Create" button and then click the "Close" button.
   21. Go to the Start Button->Connect To and right click on "Gatorlink VPN"
       and click "Properties".
   22. Click on the "Networking" Tab.
   23. Under Type of VPN, select "L2TP IPsec VPN".
   24. Click on "IPsec Settings" button.
   25. Check "Use pre-shared key for authentication". Type they key found here
   26. Click on the Security Tab and select the "Advanced" radio button.
   27. Click on the "Settings" button and check PAP. Uncheck CHAP and MS-
       CHAP-V2 and click "OK".
   28. Click "OK" to close the properties window. You are now ready to use the

Windows XP/Vista L2TP/IPsec Client Use

   29. Go to Start Button->Connect To->Gatorlink VPN. A new window will
   30. Type your Gatorlink username without the @ufl.edu extension.
   31. Type your Gatorlink password.

You should now be connected to the UF Gatorlink VPN service. To disconnect
simply right click on the appropriate "double computer" icon in the lower right
hand corner of the Windows desktop and select "Disconnect".

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