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DIARY 09.10
Hello and Welcome
We are delighted that you’ve chosen the University of Stirling – the Best University
in the UK for a ‘good place to be’ (International Student Barometer 2008).

You are part of the diverse community that makes up the University of Stirling – a
community we are very proud of and this diary has been designed for you as an
introduction to, and companion to life here.

• Handy easy-view, tear-out timetables at the back of the diary to keep track of
• Blank pages for keeping notes and personalising your diary
• More space to write your stuff, and a special ‘to do’ section each day
• Key ‘prompts’ at the top of the pages to remind you of useful contacts and
• All the important dates throughout – exams, holidays, freebie days at the
  Students’ Union, graduation, and workshops on study support, career options
  and IT training

• An invaluable phone directory and spaces to write down your own contacts
• A handy page marker that you can pop out and slot in anywhere in the diary to
  keep you right. (Also, some students have used it as a ruler!)

Most of all, the diary is a way of communicating with you - keep in touch!

We are really grateful to all the students over the last year who offered their

incorporate many this time round. Without your support and input each year, we
couldn’t keep developing our diary, so thanks!

We also need to mention the support of our sponsors, who continue to make the
production of the diary possible. All our advertisers have something valuable to
offer you on your student journey – from advice and guidance on wellbeing, money,
careers and study, to getting a well earned break away, an evening out at the movies
or theatre, or a work-out at the gym. They offer you the opportunity to have your

get your thesis bound (when it comes to it!). Oh, and don’t forget to treat yourself

the advertising section between pages 110 and 111.

Good luck and best wishes for the year ahead.

Mark Wilkinson
Head of Student Development and Support Services

DIARY 09.10
design it
print it
promote it
display it

let’s do it
  we can separate you from the crowd.

  t 01224 878799
  t 0131 226 2913
  www.      .com

      practice in the locality of your semester    APPEALS
      accommodation. Current regulations
      require all students to submit a medical
                                                   decision of an academic body charged
      seven consecutive days or longer, and
      in all cases of absence from compulsory
      examinations and tests. If you miss a
      compulsory class for any reason you
      should self-certify. If the missed class
                                                   (i) Challenges to the academic judgement
                                                   of examiners on an assessment outcome,
      Students should submit an electronic         (ii) Claiming that academic performance

      found via the Student Portal. If your
      absence through illness is prolonged         no contemporaneous, independent,
                                                   medical or other evidence to support
      students on the Stirling Campus should       the application.

      or Programme Director, or one of your        Note that there is a time limit for
                                                   submitting an appeal.

      students should notify the department if     COMPLAINTS
      they are absent for any amount of time,
      and if they are on clinical placement they
      should also contact their supervisor.        concern about the adequacy or quality
      Students at the Western Isles Campus         of the provision of a programme of
      should inform the Campus Secretary of        study or related academic service. The
      any absence.
                                                   interests to resolve complaints as quickly
      See also: Advisers of Studies Scheme,        as possible, as close to the source of the
                                                   problem as possible, and by informal
                                                   means in preference to formal ones. A

      ACADEMIC APPEALS AND                         should normally take the matter up in
                                                   is immediately responsible for the
                                                   situation. The approved procedures

be resolved at this stage.
                                            experiences that demonstrate potential

                                            and then asked to submit a short piece

                                            time basis.   The Access Programme is
Students may request a formal transcript
of their academic performance at any
time from the Student Matriculation and
                                            This programme is taught on our Stirling
                                            campus and you can take it either in
                                            the evenings, daytime or a mix of both
the transcript relates. Transcripts can     – depending on your availability and
either be collected from the Student

sent directly to the student or sent to a   take a Learning Strategies module to
                                            help you generally, then you can choose
                                            from a variety of subjects.

of the request. Details of charges and
information required from enquirers
                                            Kevin Cloherty, Access Secretary



                                            accommodation available for student
You should note that you may access         occupancy during semesters and the
details of your academic history via the    summer months. The current portfolio
Student Portal.                             has 2,799 directly managed bedrooms
                                            and includes a range of accommodation
                                            from standard study bedrooms in
                                            traditional halls of residences to en

                                            for 5/7 occupants.

The   Access   to   Degree     Studies      Accommodation is available to all
programme is used as a stepping-stone       students, regardless of year of study
                                            and returning students are advised
                                            to book their accommodation early

      to avoid disappointment.        Students     into   a   legally   binding   contractual

      Residential Services to discuss their        released in exceptional circumstances.

                                                   Life in a communal residence can be
                                                   great fun but also requires a degree
      semester dates and generally students        of mutual respect and tolerance of

      extended full year lets are available to     students are therefore asked to take
                                                   this into account.

      In most accommodation the total rental

      although there are some exceptions.
      Students should check these details          you may have.

      also available on the Residential Services

      The Halls of Residence (Murray Hall,                                     There is
                                                   no university accommodation at either

                                                   from outlying areas.
      remaining residences have concierge
      cover from 9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday                             For further details
      – Friday. Emergency cover is provided        contact Susan McKay, Accommodation

      outside these hours.

                                                                           For further details

      The residences are smoke free areas and
      smoking is only permitted in individual
      student bedrooms.                            See also: (Code of Student) Discipline,
      accommodation are required to accept
      an occupancy agreement during the on-
      line booking process. (A limited number      ADVICE AND DEVELOPMENT
      of rooms are available on a single           SERVICE
      semester basis). By agreeing to this
      occupancy agreement, you are entering        Our team of Advisers specialise in the

areas of student money and disability

other appropriate services as needed.
We do not cover academic advice.

Disability Adviser

If you are a disabled student, including

are strongly recommended to make            Advice and Support Centre containing

the Student Development and Support         exam stress, to getting free condoms!
Services, Advice and Development
                                            our information, book an appointment
The Disability Adviser can assist you to
identify your support needs and ensure
appropriate arrangements are put in         or simply pop your head into the Vice

the Student Development and Support

                                            ASC Volunteers

See also: Disability Support, Mental        Our     student   volunteers   are   really
Health Issues, Exam and Coursework

Student Development and Support
                                            Volunteers receive invaluable training
Student Money Advisers                      in communication skills, sexual and
                                            mental health advice, campaigning and
The team of Student Money Advisers          much more! At the end of their year
                                            they receive a nationally recognised
related issues. They are also responsible
for administering a range of funds
including the Discretionary Fund, the       Stirling.

the Access Student Support Fund and

      or simply get involved in helping your       nurses as a clinical supervisor. She is a
                                                   registered nurse and health visitor.

      Development and Support Services             IAN BONNAR-EVANS

                                                   Based in Inverness, Ian practises as an
                                                   integrated counsellor and uses a number

      The Student Adviser, a member of the         clients including cognitive behavioural
      Student Development and Support              (CBT) interventions. His background is
      Services team, is normally available         in secondary and higher education and
      at the Highland Campus on Tuesday,
      Wednesday and Thursday mornings.             counsellor. Ian has a lot of experience

      Careers Adviser.

                                                   MS LYNDEN EASTERBROOK

      A counselling service for Highland
      Campus students is provided by local
      counsellors. Students can make contact       Based in Elgin and Forres, Lynden
                                                   trained as a Person Centred Counsellor

      BA (Hons), Ad.Dip.Couns. MBACP (Sen
                                                   refuges, schools, Employee Assistance
                                                   Programmes and in private practice.
      Based in Inverness, Vivien has trained       She is also a counselling supervisor.
      as a psychodynamic counsellor and
                                                   of    concerns   including     family   and

                                                   and    loss,   anxiety   and   depression,
      distressing emotional problems or
      symptoms. These include depression,
                                                   explore their creativity.
      anxiety and stress. Vivien is a supervisor

FIONA LESLIE                                video link may also be used. The local
MBACP Ad.Dip.Couns.                         counsellor for students at the Western

Based   in Inverness     and Dingwall
Fiona   practices as     an integrated      MRS MARILYN WEMYSS

range of theories and ideas, including
psychodynamic, gestalt, humanistic
                                            Based in Stornoway, Marilyn has
                                            been trained as a person-centred and

as a counsellor in a variety of settings,
including a postnatal depression project,   in general practice having previously
community health and a primary school.

clients experiencing anxiety, stress,
depression, eating distress, loss and       abuse. She is a supervisor of counsellors
bereavement, abuse, life transitions and    in the voluntary sector.
relationship problems.

                                            When the Adviser at Highland Campus
                                            is not available and the matter is urgent
                                            students may contact the Student
                                            Development and Support Services in
                                            Stirling for assistance.


See also: Counselling and Wellbeing,
Student Development and Support

                                            See also: Student Development and

The Student Adviser from Highland
Campus provides a service to students
via telephone and e-mail and also visits    Scheme, all students have ready access
the campus at least once a year. A          to appropriate and informed advice

      and guidance from their Departmental

      Advisers are in each department and            •   provide       general    advice   on   the          and
                                                     • guide you to, and provide information
                                                       on, support services and appropriate
      responsible for the operation of the             sources of advice on non-academic

                                                         personal and emotional, cultural),
      If you are taking modules from more than           including support for disabled
      one department, then it is recommended             students.
      that you contact the Departmental
      Advisory Team for your main subject (or        There      are    no   obligatory     meetings
      the subject your enquiry relates to, e.g. if
      you are considering a change of degree
      programme). For research students the          attend any individual or group advisory

      principal research supervisor.
                                                     In addition you may seek guidance from

      your programme of study and – upon             Relevant members of the Departmental

                                                     provide academic references for students
      you    to   the   appropriate    specialist
                                                     courses or for jobs. But you should bear
      that responsibility for your choice of         in mind that, as a matter of courtesy at

                                                     should be asked before their names are
      It is the responsibility of the Advisers       given.

      •                                              Student Development and Support
          in particular on module choices,
          programmes of study and progression
          programme is required or if you still
          require academic guidance, having
          consulted the Student Programmes
                                                     helpline         providing     advice      and

information on AIDS, HIV, sexual health,    ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGIES
local services, clinics and support. 0800
567 123. Minority ethnic and minicom
services available.

                                            the use of assistive technologies.
ALCOHOL                                     The IT element of assessment takes

                                            needs, academic programme and other

go too far. Drinking in excess can lead     an Assistive Technologies Trainer. The
                                            holistic approach aims to ensure, as
and physical health, studies, money and
relationships. If you do drink, try to      practices can be supported by the IT
stick to the recommended safety limits

                                            that, as far as possible, IT facilities are
                                            accessible to all. Most of the facilities
of spirit or half a pint of beer.)

                                               full multimedia functionality, some

                                               approximately 800     computers have
Alternative sources of funding may be
available for students from a number
of trust funds, charities and schemes.         visually impaired/blind users including
                                               students of modern languages.

Development Service.

                                               machine to machine), and have access to                  and Thesaurus is also available and
                                               linked directly to Microsoft Word.
                                            • A number of text scanners are
See also: Educational Grants Advisory

Development Loans                              good quality photocopies and books

                                                   range of enabling technologies, it
                                                   must be noted that centralised lab

                                                   and therefore may not be available at
                                                   all times.

      Some portable systems can be loaned       Assistive Technologies &
      obtain personal equipment. These

      recordings of lectures from almost
                                                these during examinations, class-tests
      lecture halls.
                                                Examination arrangements (to include
                                                class tests) are discussed during the IT
      remains a dedicated computing facility    assessment.
      located in the Murray Hall residence.
      It houses, on height adjustable           Disability Adviser:
      tables, a full range of IT equipment
      and emulates all central computer
      labs. 2A81 is also a dedicated
      computing facility located in Cottrell,
                                                see a Disability Adviser in the Advice and
      There are 4 sound-proofed booths          Development Service to determine if you
                                                should be referred for an assessment of
                                                your assistive technology needs. You
                                                may then be referred to an Assessment
      facilities in central computer labs. It

      is used as a class test venue during
      semester, and as a main venue during      Adviser)
      the December and May exams. At
      these times, there is no student

      as such permission must be granted
      to use them

                                                All students on taught programmes must

A                                          A/B
                                           practical classes and to complete such
note paragraph 14 of the First Degree      assignments, tests, and examinations as

                                           or to complete such assignments, tests
behalf of the Academic Council by
Departments. Where the mode of study

                                           It is in your interests to ascertain at the

placement situation.                       compulsory or prescribed. This should
                                           be clearly set out in every departmental
                                           and programme handbook but if you
                                           are in doubt you should ask the Module
presence in a remote classroom or          Co-ordinator or Programme Director.
by appropriate contribution to those       Please also note that regulations may
online discussions that have been set      not be the same for every module.
by Departments.
                                           students must attend all compulsory
                                           health and safety classes.
compulsory or prescribed. Where a class
                                           See also: Calendar
Department, attendance at that class is
a pre-condition for receiving credit for
other than in exceptional circumstances,

                                           necessary for the organisation and

is a part. Attendance at a prescribed      need it to receive payments of your

absent from more than a third of           if you have a part time job. There are
                                           various types of account though most
                                           people use a current account for most
                                           daily transactions.
Students on postgraduate taught
programmes are asked to note               There is a Halifax Bank of Scotland
                                           branch located on the Stirling campus
for   Higher   Degrees,   Postgraduate
                                           of various high street banks in nearby
                                           Bridge of Allan and Stirling. Online
                                           only banking facilities are increasingly

such lecture, seminar, tutorial and

                                                  group or campaign contact your Black

      interest free overdraft facility. You can
      discuss this option and its conditions

      Highland and Western Isles: There is
      no bank available on campus but there       BOOKING ROOMS
      are branches of various banks in the

      the surrounding areas.
                                                  Designated      representatives   of    the

      BENEFITS                                    Societies can book lecture theatres,
                                                  seminar rooms, classrooms or centrally
                                                  controlled exhibition spaces for club or

      not be eligible for support except for      campus.
      some disabled students, lone parents
      and some part time students. A couple
                                                  for all student      Room    Bookings    is
      may have some additional entitlements       required.
      during the summer vacation.

      Contact the Advice and Development
      Service or your local Jobcentre Plus

                                                       Society Room Booking. Completed
                                                       request to be delivered to Commercial
                                                       Operations, Cottrell Building room

      challenge discrimination and prejudice
      faced by students of an African, Asian      OR

      university community and on a national      •
      basis. Campaigns run through links

      against fascism and for “Black Students
      in Education”.                                   deliver to Commercial Operations,

B/C                                          C
   Cottrell Room 2B10.      (Hard copies     Honours admission can be found in this
   available from 2B10).
                                             All postgraduate programmes and their
                                             regulations can be found in the Taught
                                             Postgraduate Programmes volume.

Atrium area in order to carry out an         programmes and you are advised to

students carrying out market research        governing your academic programme.
as part of their academic programme.
Such booking requests should to be           See also: Student Portal
made via the academic department.

Commercial Operations/Room                   CAR PARKING

                                             CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTRE
                                             The Career Development Centre provide

that contains the rules and regulations      make informed career decisions, pursue

study and other activities that take place
                                             careers throughout their lives. . It can also be accessed via
the Student Portal. The main volume
contains the Charter, Statutes and

the regulations governing degrees by

A separate volume for undergraduate          • Online guidance facility
programmes gives details of all
                                             Careers Education

                                             • Credit-bearing   career   planning
                                               courses (see Personal Development

         courses (see Personal Development      See   also: Job   Shop,   Personal
         modules)                               Development    modules,    Student
      • Experience of psychometric tests        Development and Support Services
      • An on-going programme of career
      • Student Tutoring programme for          CAREER DEVELOPMENT LOANS
         budding teachers
                                                A Career Development Loan (CDL) is a
      Careers Information                       deferred repayment bank loan to help you
                                                pay for vocational learning or education.
      • An online vacancy facility              If you are not eligible for mandatory
      • A Job Shop for part-time, casual and    funding, you may be able to take out
        temporary vacancies (see Jobshop        a Career Development Loan (CDL) of
      • Careers Fair                            your course fees plus other costs for up

                                                of Stirling CDLs are most commonly
                                                used by non-research postgraduate
        room                                    students to fund their programme of

                                                part time and distance learning courses
        funding opportunities
                                                loan or grant.

      The Career Development Centre is based    Find more information at
      in room 3A1 of the Cottrell Building on
      Stirling Campus and is open Monday        0800 585505

                                                See also: Alternative Sources of
                                                Funding, Career Development Centre,

                                                CATERING (Eating on Campus)

      Highland and Western Isles: Sheila

      careers related enquiries. Students       prices.
      may contact her at anytime but, due to
      the nature of the courses, most of the    Catering Facilities are available as

                                                • Haldanes
                                                • Pathfoot Dining & Study Centre
                                                • Stir Café

• Atrium Fast Food Bar                     CHAPLAINCY/ FAITH CENTRE

                                           both interfaith and interdenominational,
– the Pathfoot Dining & Study Centre,
located in the Pathfoot Building, and
                                           philosophical belief. It is an independent
Building. Both dining areas provide

lighter snack options. Both of the main    respective churches and communities.

dishes.                                    representatives of other religious faiths

Snack options are also available from
the other campus catering outlets. The     The Chaplains operate on a rota of
                                           attendance (Monday - Friday) on
                                           Stirling Campus. One of them is usually
its sister establishment, the Atrium       available in the Chaplaincy situated at
                                           the approach to the Robbins Centre.


Stir Café provides a range of exciting     and lead groups or other activities as
                                           required to deepen understanding of

local and/or organic produce and this      biscuits and cereal bars are available
commitment has led to its accreditation
on the EatScotland scheme run by
                                           for meetings or used as a quiet study
Stir Café, the Atrium Fast Food Bar and

                                           space is available to both religious and

                                           the Chaplains.

Highland and Western Isles: Students
have access to cafe facilities on campus
                                           Rev Hamish Wishart (Baptist)
See also: Chaplaincy/Faith Centre,                             (Methodist)
                                           Rev Gillian Weighton

      (Church of Scotland)                      Fund. Certain students and their families
      Fr Kenneth Owens (Roman Catholic)         could also be entitled to funding through
      Rev Dominic Ind
      (Scottish Episcopal/Anglican)
      Rev David Pattie
                                                Where students do not meet the
      Rev Andy Thomson                          eligibility criteria for the above funds,

      Imam Mohammed Arif                        at nursery, limited support may be
      (Islamic Representative)
      Nicola Livingstone

      Joan Montgomery                           Contact the Advice and Development
      (Chaplaincy Coordinator)

      Highland and Western Isles: Chaplains
      at the hospitals on both sites speak to   Psychology Department Playgroup

                                                A morning playgroup is run by the
                                                psychology department on the Stirling

      CHILDCARE                                 availability tel 01786 466869. An
                                                afternoon parent and toddler group is
                                                also run by the department.

                                                For occasional childcare needs, the

                                                treehouse crèche Monday to Friday from

                                                an hour for babies and children aged
      Highland Council Childcare
      Information Service                       reserved through macrobert tickets and
                                                information on 01786 466666

      Western Isles Childcare Information

      It may also be possible for students      See IT Services

      from the Childcare Fund or the Hardship

                                            Highland and Western Isles: See
                                            section on Advice and Counselling at
Most full time students are exempt          Highland and Western Isles
from Council Tax. Contact the Student
                                            See also: Student Development
in the Student Services area in 2Z of the   and Support Services, Advice and
Cottrell Building if you need assistance.   Counselling at Highland campus,
                                            Advice and counselling at Western
                                            Isles Campus

Highland and Western Isles: Forms
are available on campus for students to

a student.                                  is all about representation, becoming a
                                            course representative is your opportunity

The Student Counselling and Wellbeing

                                            you can voice the opinions of your

                                            module is being run to assessment
troubling you.                              and any other issues that may arise.
                                            From the SSCC you can be elected as a

clearer understanding of your problems
                                            discuss motions on issues relating to
Counselling is free. Each session lasts     the student experience in general, to
about an hour.


                                            more about being a course rep contact the
counselling disciplines and approaches.

                                            Course reps are also elected in February
counselling                                 so there are lots of opportunities to

      CRIME PREVENTION                                 a garage or shed. And keep house
                                                       and car keys out of sight in the house
                                                       – car theft through burglary is on the
      goods per head than the rest of the              rise.
      laptop, nearly all have a mobile phone           The average cost of a student burglary

                                                       get cover for your most valuable gear
                                                       like your computer, TV, and stereo.
      prevention – but if 1 in 3 students is the   •
      victim of a crime, are you really doing
      enough to protect yourself and your

                                                   • HOLIDAYS

          halls. Make sure all the doors and           you during the Christmas, Easter and
                                                       summer holidays, arrange for them
          move in.                                     to be held in secure storage or left
          Half of all burglaries happen on         • SAFETY FIRST
          the spur of the moment through             If you see signs of a break-in

          lock your door. And if you live in

        to the kitchen or bathroom.                    police.

          hate them because you need a key to      CRIMINAL OFFENCES
          open deadlocks from the inside as

        – use them.                                incidence of such cases, although
      • LOOK SHARP                                 some types of indiscipline, for example
        If you live in halls, make sure nobody
                                                   enough to be considered as criminal
          main entrances.
          Make sure your TV, video and other       the police for investigation and action,

      • KEYS

C/D                                        D
The Principal, or a Deputy Principal,      particular,   your name and semester

suspend or exclude any student from        authority for Council Tax exemption
subject to a report to the Academic
                                           Other than as described above, the

See also: Calendar

DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998,                  such disclosure is for the prevention or
                                           detection of crime, the apprehension
                                           assessment or collection of any tax or
                                           duty .

the Information Commissioner in terms
of the Data Protection Act 1998. The       data only as long as necessary for its
                                           purposes as described. Please note,

certain personal data relating to you,
by virtue of your being a student of the
                                           require to retain your personal data to
                                           satisfy its obligations to keep certain
                                           records for particular periods under

prevent unauthorised disclosure.    The    all personal data remain current and
                                           accurate.    There are some areas,
on your application form, as part of
the enrolment process and by other         upon you to inform it of any changes to

and educational purposes.     For these
                                           therefore request that any changes to
                                           address details be communicated via
Information Commissioner, personal         the Student Portal. Changes to other
data may also be transferred outside the   personal details should be reported to
European Economic Area, to countries       the Student Matriculation and Records

student information are given in the
                                           to Departmental Registry. All Highland

      Campus students should report changes        about this you should enquire at the
                                                   Information Desk in the Library.
      Western Isles Campus students to the
      Campus Secretary. (See Student Portal
      for a list of contact details).              DENTISTS
      For further information on Data

                                                   dentist in your area. More and more

      data-protection/index.php      or contact    under the health board. This means

                                                   this could be costly. Look around for a

                                                   patients. Students in the Stirling area
                                                   may like to contact the Airthrey Park
      in   the   Regulation   of   Investigatory   Dental Centre.

      of Communications) Regulations. The

      system, monitor and record outgoing          HC11 form. These are available from
      e-mails, monitor incoming e-mails and        the Airthrey Park Dental Centre and the
      monitor and record Internet usage for        Campus Pharmacy. A list of dentists is
      the purposes set out in the Acts and         available from Student Development
      Regulations. These purposes include
      investigating and detecting unauthorised     HC11 if required.
      use, the prevention and detection of

      operation. Such surveillance must be

                                                   For students at Highland and Western
      automatically scanned in order to add the    Isles campuses information is available
                                                   from Student Adviser.
      mails are checked for viruses and “spam”
                                                   See also: Student Development and
      not routinely monitor e-mail or Internet     Support Services

                                                   A Code of Discipline has been approved

      you have understood these matters at
      enrolment. If you have any questions

to student membership of the academic
and campus community can be dealt
                                             of your individual situation.
penalties related to the seriousness
of a particular act of misconduct. The       For this reason, you are encouraged to
detailed procedures for the operation
of the Code can be found in Ordinance        This can be done by contacting a

                                             the Student Development and Support
                                             Services, Advice and Development team.

See also: Calendar

                                             any additional support you may need
There are a range of disabled parking
bays available over the campus. Disabled
Parking Permits are available through

apply for a Car Parking Permit should
                                             and personal support that you require to
range of applications is available online.   support you throughout your academic
If you are not a blue badge holder you       career.

See also: Student Portal

                                             to ensure that all your needs are taken
                                             into consideration. If you decide to keep
                                             your circumstances private, the matter

consider all reasonable steps to meet
your individual needs. We seek to
foster an inclusive community and to
prevent disabled students from being         Disability or Dyslexia Adviser.
marginalised or unable to realise their
                                             If you prefer, you may speak to any
such that often your needs are met as

                                                 problems, you may require dispensations

      in your best interest. If you choose to
      make a formal disclosure, the Disability
      Adviser can be informed by the member      disclose a disability, or have a mental

      Disability Adviser:
                                                 should seek advice from the Disability

      Highland and Western Isles: Students
                                                 you and the various support agencies

      Co-ordinator.                              place. The Disability Adviser is located
                                                 in Student Development and Support
      See also: Assistive technologies,          Services, Advice and Development
      Exam and Coursework Arrangements,          team.
      Student Development and Support
      Services, Mental Health Issues             For general information and guidance

      Disability - Exam And Coursework           students or mental health problems,

      you should be enabled to become as
      academically self-reliant as possible,     index.php
      taking increasing responsibility for

      the academic programme.
                                                 If you face extra costs because you have
                                                 a disability you may be eligible to apply

      arrangements     for   delivering   the    from your funding authority.

      sitting examinations are appropriate       Although application forms are available
                                                 from your funding authority, you
                                                 should speak to the Disability Adviser
      may require additional arrangements to     as soon as possible in order to discuss
      enable you to undertake your studies       your requirements, and to start the
                                                 application and support processes.
      you are experiencing mental health

personal or other educational support
you may require.
                                              through the various funds administered
                                              by the Advice and Development Service.
                                              The Service administers a range of
items of equipment and consumable             funds including the Discretionary Fund,

equipment such as computer technology         Fund, the Access Student Support Fund

personal assistance.                          Forms are available from the Advice and

still speak to a Disability Adviser as soon
as possible regarding support, course
and exam adjustments etc.

For further details please contact the
Disability Adviser
                                              integrate the principles of equality and
                                              diversity into all its activities from
                                              key decisions on its mission and
                                              strategic objectives through to day-
                                              to-day operations. It does not tolerate
                                              discrimination on the grounds of gender,
                                              race, disability, age, religion and belief,
to achieve equality of opportunity for        sexual orientation or other irrelevant
disabled people, through the removal of
societal barriers and the eradication of
negative and discriminatory attitudes.        to promote understanding, equality and
Meetings are held regularly and are open

                                              visitors to our campuses should receive
The   group   and    the   campaign    are

contact for any other information at
                                              that the principles of equality and
                                              diversity apply to all its key functions,


      D                                            D/E
      • Research                                   and Support Services, 4Y4, Cottrell
      • Recruitment and admissions                 Building. For students on Highland and
      • Learning and teaching                      Western Isles Campuses, information is
      • The management of human and other          available from the Student Adviser.
      • Commercial operations
      • Communications

      strategy in relation to equality and

                                                   about any drugs concerns you may have
      • Disability equality scheme                 about yourself, friends or relatives.

      • Race equality policy
      • Equal opportunities policy
      • Equality impact assessment toolkit

          disabled students

                                                   assessment can be arranged through
                                                   the Disability Adviser.
      during 2009 and replaced by a Single

      plan to embed and promote equality
      and diversity across all its functions.      See also: Disability Support, Student
                                                   Development and Support Services

                                                   EATING DISORDERS


                                                   If eating becomes a real problem or if

                                                   from the Counselling and Wellbeing
      located in the Airthrey Park Medical         Service or from your Doctor.

      A list of doctors in the area is available
      from Reception, Student Development

Disorders Association.

                                            See also: IT Services

SERVICE (EGAS)                              EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTIVE
Educational    trusts    are   charitable
                                            An emergency contraceptive service
                                            is available from the Stirling Campus
information and advice to students          Pharmacy free of charge. The Stirling
on sources of funding and Charitable        Campus Pharmacy provides free,
                                            pill and sexual health advice.

Development and Support Services,
Finance/Money                               EMERGENCIES

                                            – DAY OR NIGHT

                                            To summon the Fire Brigade, Ambulance

                                            a First-Aider on Stirling Campus, dial
                                            2222 on an internal telephone or 01786
(e.g. the Library, your department,

                                            Calls to extension 2222 take priority

to check your account frequently for
messages.                                   action is co-ordinated from it.

account, it is your responsibility to set   at Highland and Western Isles Campuses

account to ensure that you receive all
                                            if you study in these locations.

                                                    • Leave the building by the nearest safe
                                                      exit – do not stop to collect personal
      •                                               belongings.
          operating the nearest call point.         • Close any doors you pass through to

      • From an internal telephone dial 2222        • Do not use lifts.
                                                      assembly point (see location map)

      •                                             • Do not re enter the building until you
                                                      are instructed that it is safe to do
          to do so and you must ensure you
          havean adequate means of escape.
                                                       team (main buildings) or the Duty
          to get out of hand leave it to the Fire      Concierge (residences).
                                                    Assembly Points
      • Leave the building by the nearest safe
        exit – Do not stop to collect personal
        belongings or re-enter the building.
                                                    They are clearly marked by assembly
      • Close any doors you pass through to
                                                    their locations.

      • Do not use lifts.                           Assembly points are located at a safe
                                                    distance from buildings. This is to avoid
      •                                             congestion at exits and enables clear
          assembly point (see location map)         access for the emergency services.

          Internal courtyards in Cottrell and       nearest assembly points.
          Pathfoot are not an alternative to
          assembly points.
                                                    use any assembly point. Assembly points
      • Do not re enter the building until you      are also a point of communication, in
        are instructed that it is safe to do
                                                    the building.

          team (main buildings) or the Duty         Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans
          Concierge (residences).
                                                    The aim of a Personal Emergency
                                                    Evacuation Plan PEEP is to provide

                                             dog is also given ample opportunity to
information to be able to manage their       learn these routes.
escape from the building, and also to give
the departments concerned the necessary      See also: Fire safety, Safety and
information to ensure that the correct       Environmental Services

It is the responsibility of the Department   ENROLMENT

and Support Services to talk to disabled     In order to become fully enrolled at

they require any assistance in the event     online    Administrative    Enrolment.

or a student requires assistance the
                                             email account. This should be completed    Full details on enrolment can be found

support from the Department Safety           reg-enrol-home.php

Support Services. Further guidance on        See also: Module Registration, Student

Deaf and Hearing Impaired persons
alongside hearing colleagues/students
                                             ALBERT HALLS

                                             Since its opening over a hundred years
                                             ago the Albert Halls have been at the
the behaviour of those around them.

                                             and conferences and acting as a focus
                                             for the local Stirling Community.

been activated.

Blind and Partially Sighted persons
                                             and entertainment centre has a 270
                                             seat theatre in addition to a 800 seat

applicable this must include alternative     and restaurants.

uses a guide dog it is important that the

      mac                                        of regular live acts and special guests.
                                                 Recently, these have included Rachel
      The macrobert arts centre is located in

      features a diverse programme of cinema,
      drama, dance and comedy. The cinema

                                                 status (2005 – 2007).
      screenings take place every Wednesday
      afternoon, an ideal time to relax in the   For more information on entertainment
                                                 and activities in the Robbins Centre,
      café bar restaurant serving a full menu,
      snacks and hot and cold drinks from
      9am till late every day.

      seater mainhouse auditorium include
      top choreographer Hofesh Shechter,
                                                 music and the arts.

                                                 Re-opened in 2002, after a sensational
      and Tim Minchin.

      Call our tickets and information line      Tolbooth has quickly established a
      on 01786 466666 or pop in for more         reputation as one of the best live music
      information. To join the student E-mail    venues in the country.

      List” in the subject box.

                                                 and hosted a parliament in the reign of
                                                 James VI.

                                                 and the home to some of the best
      of entertainments run by students, for
      students. Based in the Robbins Centre,     Scotland.

      campus, it is perhaps best loved for its
      a social focus for students day and
      night. The student union also operates

ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY                       Students must inform the examiners,

See     Sustainable      Development,
Recycling                                  are any medical or other circumstances

                                           performance in their examinations. It is
                                           not acceptable for such information to

be taught in the evenings until Spring
2010. They are available to full-time      examination results (on your portal
and part-time students. For information

evening, please refer to your Adviser of   the resits begin. Resit examinations
Studies team. Further information about    take place in late January and late June.
evening modules is available on the

                                           normally be restricted to assessment
parttime/parttime-evening-degree.php       by examination. Resit examinations are
                                           available for all undergraduate modules
See also: Advisers of Studies Scheme,      Please note that mobile phones are not
Part-time Student Funding

Examinations are held at the end of        2009/2010
each semester, in December and May.
A draft examination timetable is issued    Repeat/deferred examinations are held
in October for the December diet and
in March for the May diet. You should
check the draft timetable for the time,    deferred examination by email to their
date and place of your examinations.       student email account, so it is important
If you notice examination clashes, ie      that you check your email regularly.

registered that have been timetabled for   Main Autumn diet
the same morning or afternoon session,     Tuesday 8 December – Monday 21
you should inform the appropriate          December 2009

                                           Wednesday 2 7 January – Friday 29
examination timetables, issued in mid      January 2010

time, date and venue of each of your       Main Spring diet
examinations.                              Tuesday 18 May – Saturday 5 June 2010

      Resit/Deferred                                  attend or complete a subsequent
      Wednesday 30 June – Friday 2 July 2010          examination

      schedule,   and   examination     periods
                                                      be/has been impossible for you to
      examinations.                                   attend examinations.

      Deferred Examinations

      examinations are only granted in             examinations are set out in section 3
      exceptional circumstances. If it is
      impossible for you to attend or complete
                                                   and applications must be made to the
      an application to defer all of your
      examinations for the semester. If it         of the application forms and student
      becomes impossible for you to attend or      guidance are available from the Student
      complete an examination after you have       Services desk in the Cottrell 2Z area, or
      taken an earlier examination during the      via the portal. These provide full details.
      examination period, your application         Please read the information carefully. If
                                                   you believe that you have grounds for an
      all of your remaining examinations for
      the semester.
                                                   1 Submit to the Student Programmes
      You are not eligible to apply for deferred
                                                      cause evidence as soon as possible
                                                      (at the latest by the last day of the
      1 By the end of the teaching period in a        semester) and b) your fully completed
        semester, you have completed all the          application form by the deadline
                                                      stated on the form (normally the last
                                                      day of the semester)
                                                   2 Inform      the     Chief    Examiner/

                                                      currently registered that you are
         scheduled examination                        making an application for deferred
         OR                                           examinations.
         b) since you sat an earlier examination
         during the examination period, it         If you decide to make an application,
         has become impossible for you to          it is in your interest to ensure that all

the relevant information is submitted
to the appropriate bodies as quickly as
possible.                                    See also: Student Portal, Academic
If you are permitted to take a deferred

                                             FEE WAIVER

send you a copy of the resit/deferred
examination timetable.

January repeat and deferred examination      may be eligible to apply for a tuition
results are often available only shortly
before the beginning of the spring
semester and if you are concerned

the January resit examinations, you
should contact the Student Programmes
                                             study, you should contact the Advice
grades.                                      and Development Service.

Where a repeat examination is available,

is not eligible for a deferred examination   Support Services
to take the repeat examination under
the conditions that apply to students
re-sitting the examination.                  FINANCE/MONEY

If you have any queries about the            Life can be tough for a student on a
                                             limited budget and our Student Money
Student Programmes and Examinations

                                             applications for hardship , childcare
                                             and other grants, budgeting and other


                                             Financial support is generally available
at   scheduled    times   by   accessing

Student Portal. Any student requiring        requirements. Most support is means
evidence of their examination grades         tested, and depends on individual
can request a formal transcript of their     circumstances.
academic performance from the Student

                                                      adaptor instead.
      loans. Where students are unclear, they     •
      Continuing students should apply for            appliances.
      their funding for the next academic year,   •
      in time to receive it for the beginning
      of the semester, and before the busy
      period in July and August. SAAS usually     Candles
      accept applications from the end of April
                                                  • Candles of all types (including tea
      year. If for any reason your funding is
      unlikely to arrive on time, contact the         You are also advised not to use these
      Advice and Development Service.                 in any other accommodation.


                                                  • Only smoke in permitted areas.
      See also : Career Development Centre,       •
      Career Development Loan ; Job Shop            detectors.

                                                  Preventing false alarms

      One of the biggest risks to your safety
                                                  alarms - and almost a third of these
                                                  came from educational establishments.

      Cooking                                     •
                                                  • Smoking in non smoking areas that
      •                                             have smoke detectors.
      •                                           • Burning food (especially toast).
        fryers.                                   • Cooking in non designated areas.
      • Keep the kitchen door closed.             • The method of detection in the
      • Keep the cooker clean.
                                                      in other areas.
      Electrical appliances                       •
                                                      rooms and kitchens - remember to
      • Make sure these are in good order (an

          for equipment in Halls and Flats).      • Deodorant sprays and hairsprays can

F                                           G
  also activate smoke detectors.

signage or to activate a malicious false
alarm.                                      (Inverness and Stirling). If you are
                                            expecting to graduate either in person
Renting private accommodation:              or in absentia, the Student Matriculation

If three or more students are sharing
private accommodation, the landlord
must have a House in Multiple Occupation    graduation) and the beginning of May
License from the local council. This        (for June graduation) inviting you to book
ensures that certain standards for safety   online. If you hear nothing from us then

premises have been inspected by the All other information regarding

See also: Emergencies


                                            The Alumni Association is the
                                            organisation for all former students of

funding through    trusts and charities.

                                            providing a forum for lifelong social
charitable trusts most applicable to you.
Funder Finder is installed and available
to use in the Career Development Centre
and in the Information Centre systems       at Stirling. The Association produces a
located behind the main desk in the
library. It is available on the Library     and organises a programme of alumni
systems in the Highland Campus.
Students at Western Isles have access to

See also: Alternative Sources of            living.
Funding, Career Development Centre
                                            Further information is available from
                                            the Alumni Relations & Development

      G/H/I I
                                               duration of your programme, taking
                                               into account a short period for any
                                               extended assessments. The card is only
                                               valid if your enrolment status is current.
                                               Students are still required to enrol

      Both guide dogs and hearing dogs are

                                               asked to return your ID card.

                                               You should ensure that your card is kept
      See Discretionary Fund                   safe for the duration of your study. It
                                               must be produced at examinations.
                                               If your ID card is lost, students on the
      HEALTH SERVICES                          Stirling Campus should report the loss
                                               to the Student Matriculation and Records
      See Doctor and Dentist

                                               Students on the Highland and Western

                                               card should contact their local Student

      The Bridge (advice and information

      01786 448699. Shelterline is available   reg-enrol/CollectionofIDcard.php


      ID CARD                                  If you are over 18 and studying on a
                                               part-time basis you may qualify for up

                                               module fees. To qualify for this funding
      purpose of the card is to act as an
                                               less. Further information is available on

      act as an electronic purse to purchase   0808 100 1090
      catering services.

also obtain advice on the detailed           around campus or do a product search

Stirling by contacting contact the Advice
and Development Service.

During the Autumn and Spring                 student population and all academic
semesters, CELT provides up to 20 hours      and support services are common to
of in-sessional language support free
of-charge to overseas students paying        In addition, the International and Study
international fees. Students requiring

contact their departmental administrator     to international students before arriving
or CELT directly.

                                             The International Student Adviser, Ian
courses/english-lang/In-                     MacLellan, is located in the International
                                             like an appointment to speak to Ian, to

INFORMATION SERVICES                or phone 01786 466681.

Information Services is an integrated

libraries, computing, media services         nformation on student life and living in
                                             Scotland and includes a discussion board
                                             and announcements (notice board). To
                                             access, log onto the portal, click on
See also: IT Services, Library

It is important that your personal

theft, etc. Many insurance companies

halls   of   residence   and   term   time

      I                                           I/J
                                                  are available to students 24 hours a day.

                                                  The Information Centre provides help
                                                  and advice to students on using the
      automatically become members of The

      issues they need help in solving or face    to Stirling. These can be connected to

                                                  on campus including many of the rooms
                                                  in the residences. There are a number

      your issues.

      The International Society also provides
      numerous popular social events for
      international students to meet each
      other and to get involved in the Stirling
      social scene.                               itusepolicy.pdf

      For   any       information   about   the

      international                               require advice may contact Kate Hanney,
                                                  AV and IT Support.


                                                  JOB SHOP

      the basics of using the Library and

      a training programme that runs for

      Further training opportunities are          opportunities. The Job Shop can also
      available throughout the academic year.

                                                  opportunities advertised through the

J/L                                       L
                                          advice, or simply getting involved just

See also: Career Development Centre

LAPTOPS                                   The main library building on Stirling
                                          campus is undergoing an extensive
                                          refurbishment from June 2009-August

purchase of laptops at discount prices.   of the art facility for students. While the

as other makes) are available to our
students. Details of models and prices
                                          house the study materials required to
                                          support taught courses and temporary

                                          near to the Library. A variety of library
LEAVE OF ABSENCE                          resources can be accessed online from
                                          any of the computing labs on campus.

                                          automatically enrolled on a joint library
                                          and IT services induction event. This
(LGBT)                                    incorporates a basic library induction

                                          your course materials, printing and much

or judgement. The group also actively     library and its services at the Information
campaigns against the discrimination      Centre on Level 2 of the library.

throughout their lives. The group meets
                                          Centre, Level 2, Library.

student can attend.

                                          The Highland Health Sciences Library is
                                          located on the Inverness campus and the
information about joining, support or     Western Isles Health Board Library is on

      L                                          L/M
      at Highland campus undergo the             personal possessions should not be left
      same induction process as at Stirling.     unattended in public spaces. When using
      Throughout the year information skills
      support sessions are held every Friday
      from 2-4pm.                                it is advisable to leave any valuables at
                                                 the Reception Desk.

                                                 We have a good track record in reuniting

                                                 improve on this, and make it easier

      LONE PARENTS                               that you identify your possessions in

                                                 putting your Student ID on items such
      registered childcare costs from their      as memory sticks, mp3 players, mobile
      Local Education Authority or the Student   phones, notebooks/folders, keys, name
                                                 tags on clothing, etc. Where items

      if you pay for registered or formal        of possibly resulting in the loss of
      childcare and you receive the Lone         important information or data.

      guidance and support for lone parents
      contact One Parent Families Scotland on
      0808 801 0323

      Tax Credits, Council Tax, Alternative
      Sources of Funding                         macrobert ARTS CENTRE

                                                 The macrobert Arts Centre based on
                                                 the Stirling campus is open seven days

                                                 cinema, dance, comedy, theatre and
      campus should contact the Estates and
                                                 cafe and bar. A discounted student
      Cottrell Building, or by telephoning

      from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Found
      property should also be handed in to
      Room 4.Z2 or to any of the Reception       For further information or to receive
                                                 a brochure, please call tickets and

      Everyone needs to take care of their

                                             in the neighbouring area are asked to

                                             so that any urgent medical matter can

                                             There is a medical and dental practice

                                             Court. Appointments may be made

challenges faced and the experience

campaign, coordinated by the Mature

                                             For students on Highland and Western
                                             Isles Campuses, information is available
                                             from the Student Adviser.
you through your time here at Stirling.
                                             See also: Dentist, Doctor
additional support for parents through

can apply for by contacting the Student      MENINGITIS

                                             Common symptoms of meningitis (only
For more information on the mature
students campaign, advice and support
                                             diarrhoea,   dislike   of   bright   lights,
                                             pain, fever, rapid breathing, stomach

maturestudents                               under pressure. Trust your instincts and
                                             if you are concerned get medical help

and their families, are entitled to health

Students resident on Stirling Campus or

                                                    exceptionally include permission to be

      occasionally,   you      may   experience
                                                    cases, the consideration of a leave of
                                                    absence may be recommended to the
      degrees depending on the severity.            relevant department.

                                                    The mental health guidelines cover

                                                    undergraduate, postgraduate taught
      are    depression   and    acute   anxiety    and postgraduate research. The mental
                                                    health guidelines can be found on the


      recognition of possible symptoms of           hard copies are available from Student
                                                    Development and Support Services.
      of concern, or in crisis situations, advice
                                                    See also: Disability Support, Student
                                                    Development and Support Services,


      If    you   experience    mental    health    MID SEMESTER BREAKS

      seek appropriate professional advice          During the course of both the
      (e.g. by consulting a student counsellor      Autumn and Spring semesters, most

      speak to a tutor, Adviser of Studies,
                                                    is important to understand that a mid
      from the Student Development and              semester break is not simply a holiday
      Support Services, Disability Adviser.

      appropriate academic arrangements or          to prepare for assignments and other
      other support is implemented to alleviate
      pressure on you, if you disclose mental
                                                    The dates for mid semester breaks for
      grant appropriate academic concessions

      usually consist of extensions to deadlines

                                            For undergraduate students academic
Mon 26th Oct - Fri 30th Oct (inclusive)
                                            is opened at the beginning of May and

Fri 2nd April - Fri 9th April (inclusive)   expected to choose modules a semester

                                            study, and then for a year ahead in
                                            the third and fourth year. Students
                                            are encouraged to register as soon as
                                            possible after registration opens, and

                                            until they are registered for modules.
coordinators or the module outline for
                                            For postgraduate students, academic

                                            process at the start of each semester.

At the Stirling Campus Pharmacy you         to register for modules 24 hours later.

service, free advice and treatment for      The online registration system enables
common conditions.                          students to choose modules, based
                                            on the academic regulations for their

                                            as to the amount of credit you have to

It is important that due consideration
                                            important that you ask to change before

examination rooms.
                                            registered. The ideal time to request a
                                            change of degree programme is in early

Academic Registration is the process of     For   module    registration   enquiries,

semester or academic year (as opposed

                                            MORNING AFTER PILL
                                            See Emergency Contraceptive Service

      M/N                                        N/P
      Supported   and   encouraged    by   the   card today.

      Survey is an excellent opportunity for     PARKING AND TRAFFIC

      part time students in their 4th year)      Access by vehicle to the Stirling campus
      to comment upon their experience at        is controlled by means of parking
      Stirling. The results are used to help
      future students                            number plate recognition. These barriers
                                                 are in use Monday – Friday, from early
                                                 morning to late afternoon, throughout
      improvements for future students. There
                                                 on campus must apply for a parking
                                                 permit. Application is available online
      out for more information on the survey     via the student portal, or alternatively,
      at the beginning of the Spring semester.
      See advert in this diary.
                                                 Building. The cost of a parking permit

                                                 on emissions.

                                                 As part of a series of measures aimed at

      receive a non means tested Bursary
      and do not have to take out a student      to apply for a parking permit (including
                                                 being named on a car-sharing permit).
      or a disability can receive additional     Other students resident on campus are
                                                 entitled to apply for a parking permit
                                                 but may only park in the car parks
                                                 located adjacent to the Residences.
                                                 (Only residents of Alexander Court are
                                                 entitled to park at Alexander Court.
                                                 Alexander Court residents may also
                                                 park adjacent to the other on-campus
                                                 student Residences).
      can get discounts in shops all over the
                                                 Certain categories of students may
      HMV and many other national and local
      companies are already on board and the

    charge                                 modal change in the travel habits of
•                                          congestion on campus and thus improve

    discount or if daytime attendance
                                           range of initiatives have already been

Students should note that the holding of   funded from any surplus generated
a parking permit does not guarantee the    from the sale of parking permits, include
availability of a parking space.           discounted fares on First Bus routes,
                                           improved public transport information,

                                           enhanced facilities for cyclists. Details
                                           of all these initiatives are available on
denied for the rest of the parking year    the Travel Information section of the
and may be subject to action under the     Student Portal.
Code of Student Discipline.
                                           Disabled Space

                                           Any permit holder found illegally parked
Regulations by continuing to bring a
car onto campus after their permit has     receive an immediate ban from parking
                                           on campus for the remainder of the car
bringing a car onto campus or applying     parking year.
for permit in the subsequent year.
                                           for parking on site. Students may get a
                                           reduced rate by paying by direct debit.

Regulations by bringing a car onto
                                           See also: Calendar
a car onto campus or applying for a
permit in the subsequent year.

Full details of the car parking
arrangements and regulations are           Part-time    undergraduate      students

(Cottrell 4.Z2), and can be found in       may be eligible to have their tuition

Information section of the Student

                                           part time students may be entitled to a

                                                   The Career Planning modules run either

      fees. Application forms for the scheme
      are available from the ILA Scotland
                                                   the other half module next semester.

                                                   • PDM9L2
                                                   This half module is an excellent starting
      What+is+ILA+Scotland/ILA+Scotland+           point in the career planning process.

                                                   identify their career options, develop
                                                   presentation skills and learn the
      to a disability and related to your study.   techniques of creating an impressive CV.
      More information and advice is available
      from the Advice and Development              • PDM9D2 online
      Service. Some part time students can         Covering the same ground as PDM9L2,
                                                   this half module is delivered via the
      Contact the Advice and Development
      Service or your local Jobcentre Plus for
      details.                                     useful   for   part-time   learners   and

                                                   courses into their timetable.

                                                   • PDM9L3
      Alternative Sources of Funding               This half module continues the career
                                                   planning process by developing job
                                                   hunting   strategies,  completing   a

      Development modules including Career
      Planning, Learning Strategies, IT Skills     • PDM9LW
      and Data Skills.
                                                   above including psychometric tests,
      Career Planning                              assessment centres, team roles and a
                                                   detailed job study.
      • Career Planning Modules
      Open to all year groups, these               • Work Experience Modules
      creditbearing modules are of an              These    innovative   credit-bearing
      interactive nature, involving research

                                                   and to develop a variety of skills through

practical volunteering   experience.         Learning Strategies
The placements consist of 30 hours

additional 1-2 hour seminar sessions a       available to consolidate and enhance
                                             study skills. They are credit-bearing
based      volunteering.     Assessment      and aimed primarily at 1st and 2nd years.

of the placement experience, and a           they run subject to student demand and
presentation and project report.

• Active Learning in the Community -         PDM9LA – Learning Strategies for
                )                                     Arts
                                             PDM9LB – Learning Strategies for
to apply for this full module if they have            Human Sciences
                                             PDM9LC – Learning Strategies for
other students interested in this module     PDM9LD – Learning Stategies for

Development Centre to discuss this.
                                             All modules are interactive and include
data analysis, befriending/buddying,         discussion and practice of many
marketing and     event organising.          aspects of study skills, ranging from
This runs in the autumn and spring           time management to critical analysis, a

• Active Learning in the Community           for presentations and preparing for
– Social Work (PDM9AW)
Compulsory full module for 1st year
Social Work students. Projects include       provides other forms of learning support
befriending, research and policy making
in a variety of social care settings.

Career Development Centre
Room 3A1
Cottrell Building                            Student Learning Services
                                             Room 2A1,
Stirling                                     Cottrell Building
FK9 4LA                                      T 01786 467030,

      Data Skills                                 PDM9L7

      PDM9L4 and PDM9L5

      statistical and/or mathematical skills
      relevant to their main subject areas.       of e-Commerce.
      Students can choose from four main

      using statistics in solving practical       Carron Shankland Room 4B62
      problems, key mathematical skills and
      calculus. For more information please

                                                  See also: Student Learning Services,
                                                  Career      Development     Centre,
      courseunits/dataskills.html                 Information Services

      Information Technology Skills
                                                  PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT
                                                  PLANNING (PDP) – HOW CAN IT

      emphasis placed on good document            PDP is an on-line facility for students

      understanding.    Both   are   delivered
                                                      learning and achievements,
      Both modules run in Autumn and Spring       •
      semesters.                                     educational development,
                                                  • identify opportunities and resources
      PDM9L6                                         for skills development,
      This module is suitable for beginners and      by creating a portfolio of evidence
                                                     including CV.

      applications essential in the academic      The more you put in the more you get

                                                  referees. The Careers Development
      also addressed.                             Centre is available to provide career
                                                  guidance through drop-in sessions

or e-mail and are ideally placed to        •
give student advice and guidance on            you drink.
PDP. Subject specialist support is also    •
available from the relevant departmental
advisory team.                                 something into your drink.
advice on study skills, managing your      •

                                           • Programme     emergency    contact
                                             numbers into your phone.
                                           • Report all accidents to the Safety
PDP can be accessed via the Student
Portal.                                        soon as possible.

See also: Career Development Centre,
Student Learning Services, Student

                                           goods per head than the rest of the

                                           in three students becomes the victim of
                                           a crime each year at university.
                                           So follow our simple advice and
                                           secure your place…your safety…your
                                           car or bike.


    the surface.                           • Security operate a 24 hours a day,
•                                            365 days a year service.
                                           • Security operate from the Security
•                                            Control Room at the entrance to
    the pedestrian crossings. If you are
    on a bike, use the dedicated cycle       Court.
                                           • Security has responsibility for the
  to, pedestrians                            security for the main campus and
• Observe safety     signs   and   never     halls of residence.
                                           • Advice on Police security matters can
• Place litter, especially glass bottles
    provided.                              • Do         not   leave   valuables/bags

          unsupervised even for a moment.         and think before using it in public places,
                                                  you can insure your computer, but not
        home to on-campus residencies
        (contact Cottrell Security Reception).
      • If you see or hear of anything                                - Robbers look for
        suspicious happening either on or         easy targets. If you are returning home

                                                  taxi. If you go out together, come home

                                                                   - Avoid confrontation.

      You might feel comfortable in your

                                                  BE AWARE - If you regularly go jogging

                                                  consider varying your routine. If you
      been drinking.

                       - Most muggings and        approaching from behind you.
      assaults happen outside pubs and clubs,
                                                                     - Carry your bag close

      having a big night – be careful.            strap it over your shoulder. If someone
                                                  grabs your bag, let it go. Your safety is
                                                  more important than your property.

      – be alert and make it brief. Keep your     BE READY
                                                  before you reach the door. And carry
      too. If your phone is stolen, immobilise    them on you, if possible, not in your

                                  - There are

      use cashpoints at night, but if you must,   nearest public place and call the police.

                                                                   - Consider carrying a

                                                  available from DIY stores.

                       - Carry your laptop        CALL THE POLICE - If you are attacked,
      in an anonymous bag like a rucksack,        call 999 immediately. By attending the

scene quickly, the police are more likely
to catch your assailants, and possibly      Department, the Career Development
stop them from hurting others.              Centre and Information and Advice
                                            Service may also be of assistance.
See also: Crime Prevention
                                            Public Funding Bodies

                                            of eligible Scottish domiciled students

plagiarism extremely seriously, and is
committed to ensuring that plagiarism

                                            courses may receive support – e.g.

                                            Scottish Social Services Council may
                                            support eligible Scottish domiciled Social

                                            Students   from   England,   Wales    and

                                            funding agency.
You should also look at “The Little
Book of Plagiarism”. This is available

                                            to postgraduate students. Selection is

Student Learning Services run short         performance and the quality of the
                                            application. For additional information
                                            contact the relevant department directly.

                                            Arts and Humanities Research Council

                                            Biotechnology and Biological Sciences
Funding for courses may be extremely        Research Council (BBSRC)
competitive, start your research into
funding at the same time as investigating

      P                                          P/R
      Economic and Social Research Council
      (ESRC)                                     PROGRAMMES

      Engineering & Physical Sciences Research   appropriate to your programme but
      Council (EPSRC)

      Medical Research Council (MRC)             postgraduate programmes. These are

                                                 Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas and

                                                 Postgraduate Programmes volume of

      Particle Physics & Astronomy Research      copies may be found in the Library and
      Council (PPARC)                            the regulations are also published in the

      The British Academy
                                                 PRINTERS (and PHOTOCOPIERS)

      Employer sponsorship                       Printers in the labs and photocopying
                                                 in the library is managed via the same
                                                 system and supported by Information
                                                 Services. You have a print account

      this happens after an employee has been
                                                 each academic year. Other printing
      period of time. Examples of this include   and copying services are available at

      to study for an MBA or science-based

      such study is undertaken part-time to      RECYCLING

      Many   students   fund   post-graduate     Recycling points are clearly marked

                                                 residences. A map of recycling points
      See also: Career Development Loans,
      Alternative Sources of Funding,

                                                 • Recycle all bottles and jars (no
                                                   mirrors, crockery or pyrex).

R/S                                         S
• Recycle all steel and aluminium cans      SAMARITANS
  in the same recycle bin (remove
  labels and rinse out food cans).
  catalogues and junk mail (no plastic

    before disposal (no plastic, shrink     SEMESTER DATES

                                            For   the   majority   of   students   the
Please do not contaminate the recycling

                                            Autumn Semester runs from September
                                            to December and the Spring Semester
                                            from February to late May. The
                                            midsemester break is a period for self-
                                            on your learning so far and prepare
•                                           for the rest of the semester. A three-
    your car.
•                                           semester in December and May. The
  cycle or use public transport. There      semester dates and timing of the mid-
  are good cycle routes, cycle facilities   semester break are set out in the calendar
  and public transport facilities.          at the start of this diary. Variations to
• Think before you print.                   the session dates are approved from
                                            time to time by the Academic Council for
See also: Sustainable development
                                            this applies, details are given in the
                                            programme descriptions or regulations.
SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL                    Some programmes involve attendance
                                            be provided by your department.
Safety and Environmental Services are
responsible for providing competent
advice and guidance on all matters

                                            Look after your sexual health by
and students.                               making sure you are properly protected
                                            against not only pregnancy but also
                                            sexually transmitted infections. Advice
                                            on contraceptives and sexual health is
                                            available from your Doctor. Condoms

                                            available   from   Reception,    Student

      Development and Support Services
      (Room 4Y4). Condoms are also freely    •
                                                 smoke free legislation are also liable

                                                 criminal prosecution.

                                             Highland and western Isles: Students
                                             should note that the whole of the
                                             Raigmore and Western Isles Hospital
                                             campuses , including the car parks,
                                             is non-smoking apart from the
      of other goods. There is a Bank on     designated smoking areas.

      and Pathfoot Buildings.
                                             SPORT AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY

      SMOKING                                Stirling is one of the leading universities
                                             for sport in Britain. There is a really
                                             vibrant atmosphere in and around the
                                             sports facilities based on the Stirling
      Stirling recognises its duty to seek   campus. Stirling has a great collection
      to ensure that employees, students,    of sports facilities on a single site, some

      tobacco smoke. Smoking is prohibited
                                             range of sports services for students.

                                             classes to very popular intra-mural 6-
      vehicle.                               a-side football leagues. You can make

      Smoking is permitted in the bedrooms   recreational opportunities available to

      during student occupancy only.

      This policy applies to all premises
                                             sports facilities, an annual membership

                                             sports pitches. You can also sign up for
                                             sports classes (e.g. tennis) and sports

                                              are expected to provide an opportunity
sports facilities. There is also a cracking   for ALL students to participate.
intra-mural programme if you enjoy
competing. 6-a-side football is very
popular and there are also competitions
in hockey and golf. Details of all of these
opportunities can be obtained from our        clubs and utilise the fantastic facilities

                                              physical activity and sport are important
compete in sport by joining one of the        aspects of your student experience.
                                              Please make time to participate in
over 40 of them for almost every letter
of the alphabet from American football        your standard. You are part of a quite
                                              unique sporting environment.

and compete in structured leagues and
knock-out competitions against other
Scottish and British universities. There
are non-competitive clubs too such

Stirling is such a good base for these        SCHOOL


sports facilities, a member of the Sports     If you are a postgraduate research
                                              student, you automatically belong to
(there is a small fee).

                                              encounter research training activities
                                              and/or research seminars relevant

range of sports. There are approx. 43         organises a programme of seminars and
clubs and all of these are accessible to      other activities for research students

experience or expertise levels are.

Many clubs compete in the British
                                              • To strengthen, support and provide a
                                                focus for all early career researchers
leagues against other universities. Even        (this includes postgraduate research

          students)                                on IT for research students (various
          early career researchers and other       to the use of electronic data-bases and
          researchers and students, and
          thereby enhance the research culture
                                                   as time management and presenting
      • To co-ordinate the provision of            and publishing your research. We also
        generic training and to disseminate        provide events designed to help you
        models of good practice in discipline
                                                   achieve them. These generic skills are
      • To co-ordinate and stimulate other         an important part of the experience
                                                   of being a research student, and they
          to early career researchers and their    are greatly valued by employers and
          supervisors.                             research funding bodies. Students
                                                   are expected to attend those sessions

      students. Students are introduced to         at Departmental level. A full programme

      opportunity to meet other students
      embarking upon a research degree.
      Postgraduate       Research      Student

      each year. This one day conference
      provides PhD students from all

      a short presentation on their research
      topic and/or design a poster detailing
                                                   students   from   other   areas   of   the
      take advantage of the opportunities for
                                                   nominations for student representatives
      students from other academic areas.

                                                   Research students are directly involved

      to bring together all information relating
      to the completion of a research degree       Steering Committee provides a focus
                                                   for thinking and planning across the

                                                   for our researchers.

Facilities for Research Students
                                           AND LEARNING MATERIALS
As a research student at Stirling, and a

available to other students (including     MATERIALS

are on taught, rather than research,
                                           on student payment for teaching and
to most computing and library facilities

                                           core modules in departmental literature,

your department, or the use of a carrel    materials   relating   to   core   provision
in the Library.

                                           include module outlines, reading lists,
STOP SMOKING                               and student handbooks.

The Stirling Campus Pharmacy has a free
stop smoking service for young people      the provision of teaching and learning
- patches, gum, advice and more            materials over and above core provision,

STRESS                                     notes, replacement handbooks, document
                                           delivery for non-dissertation students,
Stress is a normal part of life and can    and postage of library materials.

Try simple lifestyle changes like making
time for exercise, proper meals and        Students on the main Highland and Stirling
                                           campuses are given an annual free printing
the Counselling and Wellbeing service      allocation by Information Services. The quota

                                           Once students have used up their IS quota,
freely available from Reception, Student   printing is charged at the current rate.
Development and Support Services
(Room 4Y4)                                 With the exception of dissertations,

                                           acceptable on all modules. Departments

                                           See also: IT Services

      TEXTBOOKS                                     Shop (located in Cottrell Building,
                                                    Room 3A1)
      Students should have all essential          • Counselling and Wellbeing Service
      reading readily available to them           • Advice and Development Service
      through the Library and bookshop              (this includes Disability and Dyslexia

      identify core textbooks and indicate          Finance Advice)

                                                  (Both located in Cottrell Building, 4Y
                                                  Corridor. Please call at Reception, Room
      notional maximum cost of textbooks          4Y4)
      for each semester for the module(s)
      they are teaching, and publish details in   Student Support Services at Highland
      the Module Handbook. Students should        campus

                                                  A Student Adviser is normally available
                                                  at the Highland Campus on Tuesday,
                                                  Wednesday and Thursday mornings.
                                                  You can talk to her about anything
      not buy textbooks for their option
      modules in semester 1 until the module
      allocation has been completed, and their    placements.

                                                  Room 34. There is no need to have an
      semester).                                  appointment.

                                                  Student Development and Support
                                                  Services At Western Isles Campus
      For Library and IT training, see IT
      Services.                                   The Student Adviser from Highland
                                                  Campus provides a service to students
                                                  via telephone and e-mail and also visits
                                                  the campus at least once a year. A video
                                                  link may also be used. When the adviser
                                                  at Highland Campus is not available
                                                  and the matter is urgent students may
      Support Services team aim to enhance        contact Student Development and
      the student experience and assist           Support Services in Stirling for help and
      done through the provision of a range of

      • Career Development Centre and Job

                                             Student Learning Services, Room 2A1,

(This is part of the Centre for Academic
Practice and Learning.) Student Learning
Services aim to enable undergraduate
students     to    become      successful,
independent learners, to manage their

perform to the best of their ability. We
can advise on many aspects of studying,      Student Loans for living costs
for   example,   time    management,
research and reading skills, essay           Student Loans are available for eligible

avoiding plagiarism, referencing, using
journals, revision strategies and exam       The amount of loan you can apply
techniques.                                  for depends partly on your and your

                                             is not income-assessed. The amount of

insemester (See Personal Development

services for all undergraduate students

students from the same discipline area,      instalment, after applying to the relevant
                                             funding agency, students must have
SLS WebCT site and reference materials.
Workshop timetables for the Stirling         Enrolment. A delay in enrolling could
Campus are on the SLS WebCT site. For        lead to a delay in the receipt of the
details on Student Learning Services at      student loan payment. Please refer to
Inverness or the Western,Isles, please

the SLS WebCT site.                          paymentofstudentloans.php

Short questions on the service can be

                                             entitled to apply for a Student loan.

      Repaying your loan

      start repaying the student loan after     RECORDS OFFICE
      you leave your course, and are earning

      repayment is income-contingent).          Services area in Room 2Z in the Cottrell
                                                Building on Stirling Campus. It is the
                                                place to go for advice and information
      through HM Revenue and Customs
      either by employers taking amounts        enrolment, tuition fees, payment of
      from pay through the PAYE system
      or through the tax self-assessment        council tax matters for non-university
                                                replacement ID cards, graduation invites
      you earn. You can also make voluntary     and any other general enquiries. The
      payments, at any time, direct to the
      Student Loans Company.                    9.15am – 4.45pm and on Friday from
                                                9.45am – 4.45pm.

      complicated. If you are in any doubt
      about your residence status, you should
      contact your funding agency for advice.   php
      Full information including personal and
      course eligibility is available on the    See also: Enrolment, ID Card,
                                                Graduation, Academic Transcripts,
                                                Student Portal, Fee Waiver
      discuss your circumstances, or if you

      if Scottish domiciled -                   services, accessible from on-campus or
                                                from home.

      if English domiciled -                    Currently, by logging on to the Portal

      if Welsh domiciled -                      • Register for modules at certain times

                                                • Contact   a   departmental   advisory

•                                        Any   requests   for   consideration   by
•                                        Committee (e.g. applications for leave
•                                        of absence, extensions or variant
                                         programmes) should be addressed to
                                         you can contact Student Programmes

• And much more!
                                         Cottrell 2A1 to Cottrell 2Z during 2009.
The Portal also provides convenient
                                         4.45pm Monday-Friday.

                                         The Student Services area in Room 2Z in
See   also:   Information   Technology   the Cottrell building on Stirling Campus

                                         Student Programmes and Examinations

                                         go for advice and      information on a
responsible for a range of activities

                                         council tax matters for non-university
• academic    registration,   and        accommodation and any other general
  maintenance of online rules for        enquiries.

•                                        from 9.15am – 4.45pm and on Friday
• handling requests for changes of       from 9.45am – 4.45pm.
  programme, leave of absence, or                          Students may drop
  any variation to the normal degree
• admission to honours at the end        these times they need to make an
  of semester 4, or late admission to    appointment.

• assessing eligiblility for academic    See also: Fee Waiver, Registration,
                                         Student Portal

                                                   Joining clubs and societies are a great

      From mid-June until early August, the
      Summer Academic Programme (SAP)
                                          for a full list
      full-time and part-time students to gain     of clubs and societies.

                                                   union is the place to go. You can get
                                                   cheap food throughout the day from
      modules should discuss their choice
                                                   catering facilities on campus, promos on
      The SAP examinations are held during
                                                   There are a variety of nights throughout

                                                   look out for the great events lined up in

                                                   stationary need, if it is pens, pads of
                                                   paper, birthday cards or folders that you
      place for your voice, your support and

                                                   We hope you have an exciting and

      or Islands you are all an integral part of

      services, events and nights out. Your

      and over 40 sports clubs for you to
      choose from. There is a large variety        an appointment to talk to one of our
      of non-sporting clubs and societies,         fully trained student volunteers, or pop
                                                   in to see your Vice President Welfare &
                                                   Education to chat about any problems

      in anything from the journalism to

S                                             S/T
01786 467166. We can give you advice          consumption and emissions, increasing
on anything from academic problems

                                              by means other than the car, and
problems. All of our services are run by      ensuring that sustainable development
students, just like you, and are completely   and procurement are embedded in our


or enquiries can be directed to them          See also Recycling
to ensure you get the help you need.

                                              information service designed especially
Sustainable      Development         means
                                              use the site but it is free to do so. Find it

the ability of future generations to meet

social and political imperatives of taking
                                              Students and their families could be
sustainable future.                           entitled to more money through the tax

There are real opportunities for the

to   sustainable      development.     The
                                              THESIS BINDING
published 2007 to 2017 and Strategic

                                              hard binding service that meets the
key strategic messages and an
institutional strength rather than a
                                              services including softbinding. Contact
already taken action on many aspects of
sustainability, including cutting energy

                                                    fee arrangements. Contact your funding
      AND PART-TIME                                 authority for more information or see

      This requires the permission of the
                                                    if Scottish domiciled -
      should seek advice from a member of

      thereafter, students should contact the       if English domiciled -

      Research    students    should     discuss    if Welsh domiciled -

      See also: Advisers of Studies Scheme,         are liable for their tuition fees on a

                                                    relevant criteria. It is also possible to
                                                    pay fees on an instalment basis.

      see alternative sources of funding
                                                    See also: Fee Waivers

      Scottish domiciled students and those

      full time higher education course at a        refundpolicy.php
                                                    It is imperative       that   the   Student
      normally be paid if you have previously
      studied a full time higher education          and taught postgraduate programmes)
                                                    and the Student Matriculation and
      have had help from public funds to do
      so. In these cases it is common practice
      to only cover tuition fees for part of your
      course. Contact SAAS for details.

      Students   from    England,   Wales   and


You need a TV licence at any address       in September.

receive television programme services.     See also: Student Portal
This includes halls of residence. If you

                                           WITHDRAWAL FROM THE

year. More information about licences

                                           their programme must notify the Student

                                           opportunity. In addition Residential
                                           Services should be informed by students

the Portal logon at the bottom of this     See also: Tuition Fee Refund Policy
homepage to gain secure access to
relevant information, services and

WebCT                                      comfortable and safe enough to chat

majority of modules at Stirling are
available via WebCT. In the WebCT area

discussion boards, online assessments      coordinates campaigns and provides
or other features.                         information, support and guidance to

To access the WebCT system, logon to
the Portal and click on the WebCT link.    community.

                                           campaign, getting involved or for
                                           support and advice on any issues, please


                                                  of the course

      of loan you need to take out.

                                      up-to-date information

The four digit numbers given throughout the                                   01786 449471
                                              Murray Hall                             6965
by 46. The area code for Stirling is 01786.   Pendreich Way                           6963
Emergency (Stirling campus)                                                   01786 447633
2222 (or 999 on external telephone)
                                              ACADEMIC DEPARTMENTS:
Stirling Campus                01786 473171
Highland Campus                01463 255655   Accountancy and Finance Division (SMS) 7280
Western Isles Campus           01851 708243
                                              Applied Social Science                    7695
                                              Aquaculture                               7878
Airthrey Park Medical Centre          6070
Airthrey Park Dental Centre           6072    Biological & Environmental Sciences       7840
Academic Registrar                    7030
Car Parking                           6065    CELT                                      7934
Career Development Centre             7070
                                      7123    Computing Science & Mathematics           7421
Chaplaincy                            7164    Economics Division (SMS)                  7600
Examinations                          7023
External Relations                    7055    Education (Stirling Institute of)         7940

                                      6900    English Studies                           7495
Human Resource Services                713
IT Information Desk                   7250    Film, Media and Journalism                7520
Library Information Desk (Stirling)   7235    School of History & Politics              7580
Library Information Desk (Highland)
                              01463 255600                                              7282
Lost and Found                        7102
macRobert Tickets and Information     6666    Business and Organisation Division (SMS) 7311
                              01786 474712
                                      7200    Marketing                                 7380
Residential Services                  7060
                                      7079                                              6340

  Advice & Development Service      7080      Philosophy                                7555
  Counselling & Wellbeing           7080
  Career Development Centre         7070      Psychology                                7640
Student Development &
Support Services (Highland) 01463 255611      Religious Studies                         7565
Student Learning Services           7030      School of Modern Languages Cultures and
                                    7048      Religions
                                    6685        French                             7531
                                    7038        Spanish                            7530
                                              Social Work                          7710

                                      7000    Sociology & Social Policy & Criminology   7691
                                              Sports Studies                            6901
A K Davidson Hall                     6972
Alexander Court                       6094
Fraser / Donnelly                     6986

Breathing Space                0800 838587      Police
                                                  (Central Scotland)         01786 456000
Brook Helpline                0808 802 1234       (Highland Constabulary, Inverness)
                                                                             01463 715555
Citizens Advice Bureau        01786 470239      (Highland Constabulary, Stornoway)
                                                                             01851 702222
Citizens Advice Direct        0844 848 9600
                                                Racial Equality Council       0131 556 0441
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar
(Western Isles Council)       01851 703773      Rape Crisis Scotland          08088 01 03 02

Drinkline                     0800 917 8282     Samaritans                    08457 90 90 90

Eating Disorders Association (BEAT)             SAMH                          0141 568 7000
                            0845 634 1414
                                                See Me                        0131 554 0218
Equality & Human Rights Commission
                          0845 604 5510         Sexual Health Helpline         0800 567 123

Gamblers Anonymous            020 7384 3040     Shelter Scotland Helpline     0808 800 4444

Gay & Lesbian Switchboard 020 7837 7324         Skill (National Bureau for
                                                Students with Disabilities) 0800 328 5050
Highland Council              01463 702000                          minicom: 0800 068 2422

                              0845 302 1484     Stirling & District Association
                                                for Mental Health               01786 451203
Job Centre Plus (Inverness)   01463 888100
                                                Stirling Council              0845 277 7000
Job Centre Plus (Stirling)    01786 432600
                                                Student Awards Agency Scotland
Job Centre Plus (Stornoway) 01851 763100                                   0845 111 1711

Know the Score (Info and advice on drugs)       Student Loan Company          0845 026 2019
                            0800 587 5879
                                                Traveline                     0871 200 2233
National Association for Mental Health (MIND)
                             0845 766 0163      Unicorn Travel                 01786 472023

National Debt Helpline        0808 808 4000     Victim Support Scotland       0131 668 4486

National Drugs Helpline       0800 77 66 00     Western Isles Council

National Health Service Help Line               (Comhairle nan Eilean Siar)    01851 703773
                              0800 22 44 88
                                                Womens Aid National Helpline
National Rail Enquiries       0845 748 4950                                0808 2000 247

One Parent Families Scotland
                            0131 556 3899
DIARY 09.10

Highland Campus      University of Stirling   Western Isles Campus
Centre for Health    Stirling                 Western Isles Hospital
Science              FK 9 4LA                 MacAulay Road
Old Perth Road       T: 01786 473171          Isle of Lewis
Inverness, IV2 3JH                            HS1 2AF
T: 01463 255655                               T: 01851 704704


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