Evaluation for THE OUTSIDERS Summative Project by qingyunliuliu


									                  “The Outsiders” Summative Project
                        Evaluation Guidelines

Oral presentation – 16 points
*This will be graded based on the Oral Presentation Rubric (individual grade)

Classmate evaluation – 20 points
*This will be graded based on group member evaluations (individual grade). The
evaluations you give the members of your group are CONFIDENTIAL and PRIVATE.

Content evaluation – 30 points
*This will be graded based on the quality of the PASSAGES, INFORMATION, and
other CONTENT featured in your Powerpoint presentation. If you do not use EXACT,
SPECIFIC passages from the book (TAKEN FROM THE BOOK), you will receive
50% of the point value in this area. **This is not an individual grade. To ensure that
you receive full credit in this area, REVIEW and VERIFY the information and content
your group members provide.

Class work – 14 points
*I will grade you based on the work that I see you complete in class. If I have to give you
multiple reminders and warnings in class, I will automatically take 2 points from this
score (I will give you a warning before). Also, if I see that you are NOT helping the
members of your group in class, I will also take this into consideration.

“The Outsiders” Project Plan – 10 points, due Friday, October 21st
This component of your project will be incorporated into the final grade. It is not
necessary for everyone to complete the PROJECT PLAN (one plan per group). However,
I recommend that you ensure the representative that completes it does a good job. It is
WORTH 10 points of your grade.

          Total point value – 90 SUMMATIVE points
                           Rubric for Group Member Evaluation

Your name: _______________________________
Name of group member you are evaluating: _________________________

                   4–             3 - Good           2 – Needs            1 - Poor          Total
                Excellent                          improvement                              points
Collaboration       Group            Group          Group member             Group
                member was       member was        was collaborative     member was
                    always          typically      and cooperative            not
                collaborative,   collaborative,     at times but not     collaborative
                cooperative,     cooperative,        consistently.             or
                 and easy to      and easy to                            cooperative
                 work with in    work with but                               at all.
                 the project.     not always.

                    Group              Group        Group member              Group
  Attitude         member             member            showed a          member did
                    always            typically          positive,        not show a
                 displayed a         showed a      beneficial attitude      positive,
                   positive,          positive,     at times but not       beneficial
                  beneficial         beneficial      consistently.       attitude at all.
                 attitude for          attitude
                 the group.         though not
   Open-            Group              Group        Group member            Group
mindedness         member             member       showed an open,       member was
                    always            typically    accepting attitude     not open to
                 showed an         showed an         towards new         new ideas at
                     open,              open,          ideas and              all.
                  accepting          accepting     contributions but
                    attitude           attitude     not at times and
                towards new       towards new       not consistently.
                  ideas and          ideas and
                contributions.   contributions.
                   Member             Member        Member did not        Member did
Contribution     completely         completed        fully complete      not complete
                 did his/her     his/her part of    their part of the     their part of
                  part of the    the work, and     project, and gave     the work and
                   work and        gave ‘some’       limited help to      did not help
                    always             help to           others.          others at all.
                    helped             others.
              “The Outsiders” Summative Project Oral Presentation Rubric

Student Name: ___________________________________________________

                    4–          3 – Good         2 – Needs       1 - Poor       Total
                 Excellent                     improvement                     Points
 Category                                                                      Earned
Eye contact        Holds        Consistent      Displayed         No eye
               attention of    use of direct   minimal eye     contact with
                   entire      eye contact     contact with    audience, as
                 audience           with        audience,      entire report
               with the use     audience,      while reading   is read from
               of direct eye     but still      mostly from        notes.
                 contact,       returns to      the notes.
                   rarely        notes at
                looking at        times.
                Movements          Made          Very little        No
   Body               are      movements movement or           movement
 language       appropriate,   or gestures      descriptive          or
                descriptive,   to describe       gestures.     descriptive
               and help the    and explain                      gestures.
                 audience          ideas,
                  visualize       though
                    ideas.     sometimes
                   Student    Makes minor        Displays     Tension and
                   displays     mistakes,     some tension; nervousness
  Poise        relaxed, self-  but quickly     has trouble     is obvious;
                  confident      recovers       recovering    has trouble
               nature about    from them;          from        recovering
                 self, with a displays little    mistakes.         from
                  few (2-3)         or no                       mistakes.
                  mistakes.      tension.
               Student uses     Student’s        Student’s       Student
               a clear voice      voice is     voice is low.    mumbles,
 Elocution      and correct,        clear.        Student      incorrectly
                   precise        Student       incorrectly   pronounces
               pronunciation pronounces        pronounces      terms, and
                of terms so    most words         terms.       speaks too
                    that all    correctly.       Audience     quietly for a
                  audience          Most         members       majority of
                  members       audience      have difficulty students to
                  can hear      members           hearing         hear.
               presentation.    can hear      presentation.

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