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                        parents’ guide
1      welcome
2      our history
3      bradford life
4      guidance and care
6      home away from home
7      money matters
8      student and parent profiles
10     question time
12     useful contacts and information

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University of Bradford parents’ guide                                                 welcome | 1


                                        Seeing your son/daughter leaving home is a
                                        stressful time for all parents/guardians. You are
                                        bound to have plenty of questions for them and for
                                        the institution of their choice.

                                        That is why the University of Bradford has produced
                                        this booklet. Addressing your concerns will help you
                                        to feel more comfortable about your son/daughter’s
                                        choice of University.

                                        Our facilities and support services are available
                                        to all our students; no matter what course your
                                        son/daughter chooses.

                                        The main campus is big enough to offer extensive
                                        facilities, yet compact enough for our students to
                                        feel part of a close-knit friendly community.

                                        The aim of the booklet is to help you discover the
                                        University of Bradford, its history, the facilities,
                                        and what life can be like on campus.

2 | our history                                           University of Bradford parents’ guide

our history

The University was granted its Royal Charter in 1966      By the end of the 1980s, the University responded
so we are an ‘old’ University. Its origins date back to   to the expansion of student numbers by introducing
1860, when it was founded as Bradford Technical           new disciplines. These included Biomedical Sciences,
College. So our academic roots are firmly embedded        Electronic Imaging and Media Communications,
in scientific, technical and professional fields.         Forensic Science, Cybernetics, and Medical Engineering.

The first Chancellor of the University was the then       The 1990s brought greater expansion. The
Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, and Dr Edwards             Bradford and Airedale College of Health merged
became the first Vice-Chancellor. Soon after, the         with the University. This brought Physiotherapy,
University broadened its course offer to include          Radiography, Nursing and Midwifery.
Languages, Management and Social Sciences.
                                                          The University has recently developed new courses in
From the 1970s through to the early 1980s,                areas such as Media Studies, ICT, Psychology, Law,
the undergraduate student numbers doubled,                Occupational Therapy, Geography, and Computer
and new courses were introduced such as Optometry,        Animation.
Technology and Management, and Environmental
Sciences. We also became the first University             The new Millennium has brought greater innovation
to offer Peace Studies at degree level.                   and investment in student facilities and has meant
                                                          the University has a very strong future.
                             University of Bradford parents’ guide                                                  bradford life | 3

                                                                                bradford life

Bradford is a vibrant place full of diverse cultures,                the city life
wide-open landscapes, and a strong arts culture, and                 In recent years Bradford has gained its own ‘West End’.
of course cuisine from around the world, which is the                This lively part of the city offers visitors a wide selection
envy of most cities.                                                 of cafés, bars, nightlife and international cuisine. The
                                                                     recently opened Leisure Exchange includes a bowling
enjoying the arts                                                    alley, multiplex cinema and numerous food outlets.
The National Museum of Photography, Film and
Television provides the perfect opportunity to                       getting involved
lose yourself in modern and classic visual art.                      The Students’ Union offers a wide range of societies
                                                                     and sports clubs. So there are plenty of opportunities
For the theatre goer, the Alhambra provides                          for your son/daughter to get involved and meet
the ideal venue to catch up on all the great                         new friends.
musicals. The 1853 Gallery in Salts Mill in
Saltaire houses the finest collection in Europe                      looking forward
of paintings and sketches by David Hockney.                          Great changes are afoot in Bradford, with the city
                                                                     gaining a new confidence and looking forward to an
The annual Bradford Arts Festival is home to                         exciting future. Significant investment has already been
the famous Mela – a fusion of Asian popular                          ploughed into regenerating some of the forgotten
music, visual arts and food. The Mela lasts a                        corners of the city, and there are mind-blowing plans to
whole weekend in one of Bradford’s parks.                            create an open space at the heart of the city centre.

the quiet moment
Bradford is surrounded by beautiful countryside.
You can enjoy the Pennines, the Dales or Yorkshire
Moors. In addition, Bradford has 140 parks and an
incredible 5,800 listed buildings.

4 | guidance and care                                           University of Bradford parents’ guide

guidance and care

health and welfare                                              religion
The University provides a confidential and comprehensive        The University of Bradford is a secular
service of health care, and access to special facilities. The   institution and believes that all individuals
student health service has four doctors and three nurses,       have the right to practise their beliefs in an
and minor procedures can be undertaken.                         atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect.

care and counselling                                            safety and security
Your son/daughter is assigned a personal tutor;                 The campus is covered by CCTV, monitored by the main
to whom they can turn for help and advice. If                   Security office. This office is manned 24 hours a day,
they are living in Halls, the warden will answer                7 days a week. The majority of the Halls of Residence
questions that may arise day or night. The                      have intercom entry systems. The Halls also have
Student Financial and Information Services (SFIS)               wardens who will assist students to settle in. We
acts as the first point of contact for your                     suggest that all students take out insurance to cover
son/daughter outside of their academic areas. Health            their personal belongings – though, if they live in
Studies’ students should contact the support office in          Halls, personal possessions insurance is included in
the School of Health Studies.                                   the Halls fees.

The Counselling service has a team of professionally            The Students’ Union provide a safety bus (UBUS) for
trained counsellors who can give your son/daughter              all our students. This is a free service for students
time and space to address personal issues such as               that runs during term-time. The UBUS will take you
bereavement, depression, family problems, fear of               anywhere within a two-mile radius from the University.
failure, growth and relationships. All issues are
discussed confidentially and will not be disclosed.
                            University of Bradford parents’ guide                                       guidance and care | 5

disabled students                                                   further information
The University positively welcomes applications from                Student Financial and Information Services (SFIS)
disabled students. The Disability Office works closely              T: 01274 236500
with academic and other University departments as well              E:
as external agencies to meet disabled students’           
individual needs. The University is continually improving
access to all facilities/aspects of student life.                   Recruitment & Student Support Office
                                                                    School of Health Studies
career development services                                         T: 01274 236367
Your son/daughter will benefit from a range of career               E:
services available to them. These include: confidential
impartial advice, careers advice via email, online                  Career Development Services
vacancy database, job-hunting assistance, University                T: 01274 234991
employers’ events and a JobShop (earn while you learn).             E:
The University has an excellent record of graduate
employability and has been ranked No.1 in the North of              Bradford Student Health Service
England for the last two years in the Times Good                    T: 01274 234979
University guides, and was placed second in the whole     
of the UK in the 2006 edition.
                                                                    Disability Office
                                                                    T: 01274 233739

6 | home away from home                                   University of Bradford parents’ guide

home away from home

We recognise the needs of our students to feel they       further information
have a home away from home. All students who elect to     Accommodation Office
hold an offer, either conditional or unconditional, as    T: 01274 234883 or 235501
their firm offer are guaranteed a place in University-    Fax: 01274 234882
owned or allocated accommodation for their first year     E:
(subject to application procedure).             

All University-owned Halls are connected to the           Unipol
University network, which means that students have        T: 01274 235899
free Broadband access to the Internet. Each room          Fax: 01274 235824
has a phone socket, so your son/daughter can              E:
make direct contact with relatives.             

An Accommodation Manager is available during normal
working hours, and Wardens who live in the Halls are
always available to discuss and solve problems.

If you would like your son/daughter to stay in private
accommodation, then you can contact the Unipol
Accommodation Bureau. They work in partnership with
the University to house students. Unipol’s services are
free to all students.
                               University of Bradford parents’ guide                                                  money matters | 7

                                                                        money matters

Financing education is an investment, not a                            student loans
cost, although it may seem this way for a short                        The Student Loan is the main income for most students. It is
time. The benefits your son/daughter will                              available for home students, dependent on family income
receive in the long term far outweigh the initial                      and eligibility. Please read the detailed information you will
investment required to go to university.                               receive from your LEA with the application form. Repayments
                                                                       begin in the April following the student’s graduation, and are
tuition fees                                                           subject to their income. For full details contact the LEA or the
The fees cover tuition, registration, examination and                  Student Loans Company website
graduation. The fees for full-time undergraduate courses
for 2005/06 are £1,175. The new top-up fees come                       other support
into force in September 2006 when fees for most                        Higher Education Grant
courses will be £3,000 but not payable until your                      This award is for new eligible home students, with upto
son/daughter graduates. There are also bursaries                       £1,000 a year available, dependent on family income.
available for many students, which are detailed in our                 Eligibility will be decided at the same time as the
‘Investing in Your Future’ guide.                                      Student Loan and Tuition Fee Support.

Whichever year of entry your son/daughter is                           Access To Learning Fund
considering, they will need to contact your Local                      To access this fund the student has to have taken the full
Education Authority to see how much they will have to                  student loan and to be able to prove they are in hardship,
pay. Fees for international students and postgraduate                  but have managed their money well. This money is given
courses vary. Further information and copies of the                    as a grant; applications are assessed by the University’s
‘Investing in Your Future’ guide can be obtained from                  SFIS department throughout the year. Loans can also be
our Enquiries Office on 01274 233081.                                  given if a student is without money due to minor problems.

The funding for students undertaking health professional               Financial Relief Fund
courses in the School of Health Studies is different, therefore        The University has a small fund, which is given in
please contact the School directly, tel: 01274 236367 or               loans to all students, it is interest-free and available
email for details.                      from the University’s SFIS department.

8 | student and parent profiles                              University of Bradford parents’ guide

student and parent profiles
Aimi Forrest graduated from the                              Q. What is Bradford’s best-kept secret?
University of Bradford with a BSc Honours                    AF: “Well if you don’t know that Bradford serves the
degree in Physiotherapy.                                     best curries in all the land you certainly should. Even so
                                                             I would say the best-kept secret has to be the
We caught up with Aimi and her mum, Eileen Forrest,          surrounding countryside, I had no idea. There are some
on graduation day to find out what their experiences of      great walks around Bradford and the scenery is
university had been.                                         stunning.”

Q. What was the best and the worst thing about being         Q. How did you feel about your daughter leaving for
at university?                                               university, did you have any worries?
AF: “I have so many great experiences and fond               EF: “I was very pleased for Aimi when she went to
memories of my time at university. I would probably          university. This is something that she had always
have to say the best thing has to be all the great, ‘life-   wanted to do and something that as a family we were
long’ friends I have made, though a close second is          all very proud of. I had no worries for Aimi at all, I knew
gaining the job I have always wanted – working as a          that she would handle it just fine.
physiotherapist for the Southport NHS Trust.”
                                                             Q. What did you think about your daughter choosing to
Q. What advice would you give to someone considering         study at Bradford?
university now?                                              EF: I thought it was a great decision as Bradford is one
AF: “The thought of leaving home for the first time to       of the best universities to study physiotherapy. In
start a university education can be really scary, but        retrospect she could not have chosen better, Aimi has
there is honestly no need, especially here at Bradford.      made some great friends, she has come out with a great
As soon as I arrived I felt quite at home and I guess the    education and awaits a promising career. I couldn’t be
rest is history! The only other advice I would give is, if   happier for her.
you’re going to play hard then make sure you work hard
too.”                                                        Q. Are there any tips that you would offer to parents
                                                             whose children are leaving home for the first time?
                                                             EF: Make sure your child is aware that they have your
                                                             full support but the best thing to do is don’t worry, your
                                                             child is in capable hands at Bradford.
                            University of Bradford parents’ guide                                  student and parent profiles | 9

Nicola Shaw from Market Rasen,                                      Q. Have you made any friends for life at University?
Lincolnshire, is currently studying                                 DS: Without a doubt! It has been brilliant coming from
Pharmacy at the University of Bradford.                             a small place to a place as big as Bradford with its
                                                                    fantastic community spirit. I have met so many different
We spoke to Nicola who is currently in her second year              people.
of study and her dad, Dave Shaw, to find out what their
experiences and views of the University of Bradford                 Q. Where is your favourite place in Bradford?
were.                                                               DS: Around campus is the best (lectures / gym / labs)
                                                                    because you are always guaranteed to see someone you
Q. Why did you choose to study Pharmacy?                            know. You don’t have to leave campus if you don’t want
NS: Before I came to university I worked for Boots. I               to – everything is there. However the best place off-
really enjoyed my work there. However there is only so              campus is Saltaire.
far you can go without a degree, so in order to further
my career and to give me the opportunity to carry on                Q. How did you feel about Nicola going to University?
working for Boots, I decided to apply for a pharmacy                DS: I was very proud, it had always been my ambition
degree.                                                             for her to go to University.

Q. What are the best and worst things about being at                Q. Did you have any worries?
University?                                                         DS: No. Nicola had two years out before going to
NS: The best thing is having independence. Also the                 University so she was reasonably mature.
community of Bradford is brilliant and everyone is really
friendly. I chose Pharmacy at the University of Bradford            Q. Are there any tips that you would offer to parents
because the course is unique. The 5-year course                     whose children are leaving home for university for the
includes two six-month placements, meaning you                      first time?
graduate as a fully qualified pharmacist. However the               DS: Parents need to be assured in their own minds that
major problem is money.                                             their child has self-confidence, independence and the
                                                                    ability to look after themselves before they go to
Q. What’s the most remarkable thing that has happened               university. They need to make sure they are able to
to you since starting university?                                   support their child financially, as times can get hard.
NS: Meeting so many people has been brilliant and I
am also very proud of being the Social Secretary for

Q. Bradford has students from 110 different countries –
what new things have you found out about different
NS: In my first year I lived with a Moroccan student and
I have developed a taste for Moroccan food. I have also
learnt lots of great Hindu stories from a girl on my

10 | question time                                              University of Bradford parents’ guide

question time

Can my son/daughter change courses if they                      Can I find out about my son/daughter’s attendance?
are not happy?                                                  Due to legal constraints we cannot provide direct
There is a possibility of transfer; this is subject to places   responses to third-party enquiries, including those of
available. We recommend this should be done as soon             parents, in relation to, for example, attendance, health,
as possible, as academics will not allow transfers if they      performance, relationships. We can of course via tutors
feel there will be too much study to catch up on.               advise that students contact/inform parents, but they
                                                                are under no obligation to accept such advice.
Does my son/daughter need to register
                                                                What career support is offered to my son/daughter?
with a doctor?
                                                                The University Careers Service has a number of ways
Yes. The Bradford Student Health Service will contact
                                                                that can help your son/daughter find a job after
them soon after arrival, and provide details of registration.
                                                                graduation. These include one-to-one interviews, CV
                                                                workshops, online vacancy database, and employer
My son/daughter has a disability, what assistance
                                                                visits. In 2003, 95% of our graduates had obtained
can he/she get?                                                 employment or further study soon after graduating.
If your child has indicated a disability on their UCAS
form or any other application form, they will be invited        Can we visit the University more than once?
to contact the Disability Office to discuss their               Yes. We encourage this. This is an important
requirements (see useful contacts page).                        decision for you and your son/daughter, and
                                                                you have to be sure. Please contact our Course
If there is an emergency, can I contact my                      Enquiries Office on 01274 233081.
Yes. You will have to contact their academic                    How can my son/daughter apply for accommodation?
department, who will know if they are in lectures or not.       The offer letter pack will contain an accommodation
Of course you may be able to call them on their mobile          application form. Complete this and return it to us.
or directly in their room if they have a phone connected.
                                                                Do you provide a TV?
                                                                No. Students should bring their own and they are
                                                                responsible for the purchase of a TV licence.
                             University of Bradford parents’ guide                                               question time | 11

My son/daughter has a PC – can they bring this                       When do accommodation fees have to be paid?
with them?                                                           An initial payment of £200 will be requested with the
Definitely. This will prove to be a very useful tool                 offer of a place, to act as a refundable deposit. The Halls
throughout their time here, and our Halls offer free                 fees are paid in 3 instalments, which must be paid
Broadband access.                                                    promptly on the due dates. The charges cover heating,
                                                                     lighting, hot water, electricity and gas, with the exception
What about insurance?                                                of Wardley House. They don’t include telephone charges.
The University has arranged personal possession insurance
for each student living in Halls. Detailed information is            Does my son/daughter have to pay council tax?
sent out with individual offers. Students living in private          If you are a full-time student you are exempt from
accommodation will have to arrange their own insurance.              paying Council Tax. No Council Tax is payable if you live
                                                                     in University Halls, or a shared house/flat where all the
What about security in the Halls?                                    residents are students.
Student safety in Halls is important, and every resident
shares a responsibility for security in their Hall. The              My son/daughter cannot cook, will they eat properly?
University has a 24-hour security service, and staff are             Most restaurants on campus offer a wide choice of food
there to help students out of office hours. When                     – sandwiches, pasta, hot and cold snacks, vegetarian
students take up their place in Halls they will be given             meals and salads – all are reasonably priced. We do
details on how to contact security. There is the added               encourage you as a parent to teach your child how to
protection of CCTV across the campus, and intercom                   cook a couple of basic meals.
systems on the entrance doors in many Halls.
                                                                     If you feel you have some more questions, feel free to
Where can my son/daughter do their washing?                          contact a relevant department within the University
There are two University launderettes for student use,               (see contacts list at the end of the guide)
and both are equipped with high-specification washers
and tumble dryers. Current charges are £1.60 to wash
and 20p to dry. Wardley House has its own launderette.

12 | useful contacts and information                 University of Bradford parents’ guide

useful contacts and information

university contacts                                  Disability Office
Student Financial and Information Services           T: 01274 233739 E:
T: 01274 236500 E:     
                                                     other useful contacts
Recruitment & Student Support Office                 Student Loans Company
School of Health Studies                             100 Bothwell Street
T: 01274 236367 E:    Glasgow G2 7JD
                                                     T: 0800 40 50 10
Course Enquiries and Admissions Office               Fax: +44 141 306 2005
T: 01274 233081 E:

Career Development Services                          Aim Higher – Student Information Line
T: 01274 234991 E:            T: 0800 731 9133
                                                     useful websites
Bradford Student Health Service                      UCAS:
T: 01274 234979                      NMAS:

Accommodation Office                                 Higher Education & Research Opportunities:
T: 01274 234883 or 235501 Fax: 01274 234882
E:                     Department for Education & Skills:
Student Counselling Service
T: 01274 235750 E:        The Higher Education Funding Council:
Standard Semester Dates                                Policy on Equal Opportunities
2005/06                                                The University of Bradford, in conformity with the
Semester 1                                             intention of its Charter, confirms its commitment to
26 September 2005 – 27 January 2006                    develop, maintain and support a comprehensive policy
Public Holidays 19 December 2005 – 13 January 2006     of equal opportunities within the University. It aims to
                                                       create the conditions whereby students, staff and all
Semester 2                                             others associated with the University are treated
30 January 2006 – 16 June 2006                         equitably regardless of gender, colour, race, ethnic or
Public Holidays 27 March 2006 – 21 April 2006          national origin, age, disability, socio-economic
                                                       background, religious or political beliefs and affiliations,
2006/07                                                marital status, family responsibilities, sexuality, or other
Semester 1                                             inappropriate distinction.
25 September 2006 – 26 January 2007
Public Holidays 18 December 2006 – 12 January 2007
                                                       The contents of this publication represent the intentions
Semester 2                                             of the University at the time of printing. The University
29 January 2007 – 15 June 2007                         reserves the right to alter or withdraw courses, services
Public Holidays: 26 March 2007 – 20 April 2007         and facilities without notice and to change Ordinances,
                                                       Regulations, fees and charges at any time. Students
                                                       should enquire as to the up-to-date position when they
                                                       need to know this. Admittance to the University is
                                                       subject to the requirement that the student will comply
                                                       with the University’s registration procedures and will
                                                       duly observe the Charter and Statutes and the
                                                       Ordinances and Regulations of the University from time
                                                       to time in force.

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