KMP RIC-RIT Packs are built for your needs by toVV2OW


									 KMP RIC-RIT Packs
  are built for your needs.
• RIC-RIT Packs for air, rope and
• RIC-AIR for air and tools.
• RIC-ROPE for ropes and tools.
• Two variations of RIC BREAK-
  AWAY TOOL holders are available
  or an IRON SLING may be used for
  carrying irons.
RIC-RIT Pack with Break-away Tool-2    • The RIC Break-
                                         away Tool
                                         holders can be
                                         attached to any:
                                        RIC-RIT Pack,
                                         RIC-ROPE Pack.
                                          RIC-AIR Pack.

                                       Triple pouch for
                                       wedges,cutters and shears.
RIC-ROPE Pack with Break-away Tool-2
            IRON SLING
                                                TOOL SLINGS
                                                 IRON SLING:
                                                 complete with adjustable
                                                 shoulder belt.

                                                 RIC Break-away Tool-1:
                                                 for up to three straight
                                                 handled tools.
RIC Break-away Tool-1

                                                 RIC Break-away Tool-2:
                                                 for multi-end handled tools.
                        RIC Break-away Tool-2
                                                 Both attach to any
                                                 RIC Pack and remove
To Load
1                                                     2
1. Standard Mask hood shown with mask and quick connect, also shown is the NFPA RIC Trans-fill
connection. 2. Side pocket can be used for rescue webbing or a mask. 3. A short hood is available when only
hose storage is necessary. 4. One hour bottle in padded storage with 1000 liter per minute regulator.

3                                                     4
Tear-away Mask Hood
 1               3

 2                4
                     Removable Rope Bag

Rope can be tethered to RIC Pack.
Up to 200 feet of 8mm may be used.
If the rope is anchored at the building’s entrance,
it may be used with a significant mechanical
advantage. This is achieved by attaching a
caribiner to the victim and pulling the rope

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