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									                            Transfer Alliance Program

March 12, 2007
To:     TAP Colleagues
From: Tom Yacovone, TAP Director
Subject: Retirement

I plan to retire at the end of the Spring 2007 semester. I want you to know how much I
have enjoyed working with you. Your passion for teaching has helped to create the best
Transfer Alliance Program in California. See “Progress of L.A.V.C. Transfer Alliance
Program 1998-2007” (on opposite side of this page).

A flyer advertising the position of TAP Director shall be circulated in a few weeks.

Again, thanks for your cooperation, professionalism, and friendship.

Best Regards,

Tom Yacovone
Progress of LAVC Transfer Alliance Program—1998-2007

    I. Over 90% of LAVC TAP applicants have been accepted to the College of Letters
       and Sciences at these colleges/universities from 1998-2006:
           a. University of Southern California
           b. University of California, Irvine
           c. University of California, Santa Barbara
           d. University of California, Santa Cruz
           e. University of California, Riverside
           f. Occidental College
           g. Pepperdine University
   II. In the Fall 2006, 85% of our TAP applicants to UCLA were accepted versus 40%
       of non-TAP applicants; the average GPA of UCLA TAP transfers was 3.61.
           a. LAVC transferred 21% more TAP students to UCLA than LA Pierce
               College from 1998-2006.
           b. Of 43 community colleges in California, with a Transfer Alliance
               Program, only Santa Monica College transferred more TAP students to
               UCLA than LAVC.
                     Santa Monica College has 24,454 full-time equivalent students as
                     compared to 11,429 full-time equivalent at LAVC (7-06)
                           1. Proportionately, SMC transfers 2.91 TAP students to
                               UCLA per 1,000 FTES.
                           2. LAVC transfers 4.64 TAP students to UCLA per 1,000
                           3. Thus, LAVC transfers more TAP students to UCLA per
                               FTES than SMC.
  III. UCLA awarded forty-six $10,000 scholarships to TAP transfers in the Fall 2006
           a. LAVC TAP students won six of these scholarships, more than any other of
               the forty-three TAP colleges in California.
           b. Pierce TAP students won four of these scholarships and SMC TAP
               students won three.
           c. Analysis: The median household income in Van Nuys is $44,779, as
               compared with $85,152 in Woodland Hills and $75, 989 in Santa Monica
               (2,000). Over 70% of LAVC students are immigrants of children of
               immigrants. Seventy percent of LAVC students need remediation in
               English and 88% in Math. Both of these colleges have greater FTES than
  IV. In the spring 2007, there are 84 TAP classes and over 400 students participating
       in TAP. In the fall 1993, there were 9 TAP classes and 70-80 students in the
   V. In the spring 2007, $8,000 will be given in TAP scholarships. In the Spring 1992,
       $125 was given for a single TAP scholarships.

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