; Recognition Manage Projects BSBPMG510A
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Recognition Manage Projects BSBPMG510A


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									                                    RECOGNITION UNIT GUIDE – BSBPMG510A – Manage Projects
                                    Candidate Name:

This template outlines the Performance Criteria for the unit. You need to address each of the criteria and provide evidence to support your application
for recognition.
NB: Evidence provided such as work/life experience, qualifications etc can be no more than 3 years old.
Types of Evidence:                                                  Delegating authority may include:                       Support for project team members may
       A portfolio of work                                            customer or client                                  include:
       Workplace samples                                              funding body                                           additional physical, human and technical
       Reports – budgets, meetings, etc                               manager or management representative                    resources (within allocated budget) if and as
       Letters from employer/supervisor                               project sponsor                                         required
       Video recordings                                                                                                       encouragement
                                                                    Project Parameters may include:
       Audio recordings,                                                                                                      feedback
                                                                      finances for project
        Results from TAFE NSW
                                                                       integration of project within organisation             learning and development
       Results from external Training Organisations                                                                           regular project team meetings
       Community/organisation committee involvement                   legislative and quality standards
                                                                       physical, human and technical resources available      supervision, mentoring and coaching
       Photographs of work
       Articles written                                                or required for project                             Required record keeping systems may include
       Performance Review                                             procurement requirements associated with project    systems for:
                                                                       reporting requirements                                 correspondence
                                                                       risks associated with project, including OHS           financial data including costs, expenditure, income
Element Explanations:                                                  scope of project                                        generated, purchases
                                                                       time lines                                             project outcomes
Project scope and other relevant documentation:
   contract or other agreement                                     Project management tools:                                  quality data including any test results
   project brief                                                      cost schedule control system                           recording of time spent on project and progress in
   project plan or summary                                            Critical Path Method                                    completing project
   other documents outlining expected outcomes of the                 Gantt and bar charts                                   samples, prototypes, models
    project, inclusions and exclusions from project, timeframes        life cycle cost analysis
                                                                                                                            Risk management may include:
    for project, quality standards for project, project resources      logistics support analysis
                                                                                                                               changing roles and responsibilities within project
Stakeholders may include:                                              PERT charts
                                                                       project management software
   clients or customers (internal and external)                                                                               negotiating an extension of deadline, or redefining
   funding bodies                                                     spreadsheets                                            completion or quantities or quality of outcomes
   management, employees and relevant key personnel                   technical resources required for the project, for      outsourcing some aspects of the project
    (internal and external) with special responsibilities               example OHS management system tools                    reducing costs
   project sponsor                                                                                                            researching and applying more efficient methods
                                                                                                                                for completing project tasks
                                                                                                                               seeking further resources to meet deadline
                                                                                                                               sharing of ideas to gain improvements to work
                                                                                                                                undertaken within the project

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                              RECOGNITION UNIT GUIDE – BSBPMG510A – Manage Projects
                              Candidate Name:

Specific role where performance criteria was carried out:

                                                                              Relevant Work/Life Experience
Unit Content                                                                                                     Evidence attached
                                                                              Professional Development Courses
                                                                              Workshops attended

Element 1 – Define project
1.   Access project scope and other relevant documentation
2.   Define project stakeholders
3.   Seek clarification from delegating authority of any issues related to
     project and project parameters
4.   Identify limits of own responsibility and reporting requirements
5.   Clarify relationship of project to other projects and to the
     organisation's objectives
6.   Determine and access available resources to undertake project

Element 2 – Develop project plan
1.   Develop project plan including timelines, work breakdown structure,
     role and responsibilities and other details of how the project will be
     managed in relation to the project parameters
2.   Identify and access appropriate project management tools
3.   Formulate risk management plan for project, including occupational
     health and safety (OHS)
4.   Develop and approve project budget
5.   Consult team members and take their views into account in planning
     the project
6.   Finalise project plan and gain any necessary approvals to
     commence project according to documented plan

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                              RECOGNITION UNIT GUIDE – BSBPMG510A – Manage Projects
                              Candidate Name:

Element 3 – Administer and monitor project
1.   Take action to ensure project team members are clear about their
     responsibilities and the project requirements
2.   Provide support for project team members, especially with regard
     to specific needs, to ensure that the quality of the expected
     outcomes of the project and documented time lines are met
3.   Establish and maintain required record keeping systems
     throughout the project
4.   Implement and monitor plans for managing project finances,
     resources (human, physical and technical) and quality
5.   Complete and forward project reports as required to stakeholders
6.   Undertake risk management as required to ensure project
     outcomes are met
7.   Achieve project deliverables

Element 4 – Finalise project
1.   Complete financial record keeping associated with project and check
     for accuracy
2.   Assign staff involved in project to new roles or reassign to previous
3.   Complete project documentation and obtain any necessary sign
     offs for concluding project

Element 5 – Review project
1.   Review project outcomes and processes against the project scope
     and plan
2.   Involve team members in the project review
3.   Document lessons learnt from the project and report within the

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                          RECOGNITION UNIT GUIDE – BSBPMG510A – Manage Projects
                          Candidate Name:

Candidate’s Signature: ______________________________________        Date: ___________________________

Assessor’s Name: _____________________________________________

Assessor’s Signature: ________________________________________        Date: __________________________

Assessor’s Comments:

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