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									                  September 26: Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time                         Thursday, September 30
Today’s readings invite us to focus on our recognition       8:00am Jonathan Costelo                   In Memory
and service to the poor.                                     11:00am Laurie Angelaras                  Intention
                                                             Friday, October 1
Gospel:        Although Jesus spoke frequently and
                                                             8:00am Margarita Anez                     In Memory
passionately of God’s mercy, he speaks in today’s
                                                             11:00am James Brown                       In Memory
parable of a day when the choices we make in life will
                                                             Saturday, October 2
be irrevocably sealed. The rich man’s neglect and lack
                                                             9:00am Robert Rabil                       In Memory
of awareness, even of Lazarus’ presence, results in his
                                                             5:30pm Victor and Micki Donofrio Intention
eternal separation from God and his people. May our
                                                             Sunday, October 3
eyes be open to the needs of our sisters and brothers, and
                                                             7:30am Rose Folan                         Intention
may our hearts be generous in acts of loving kindness.
                                                             9:00am Parishioners                       Intentions
First Reading: Amos prophesies against those who are         10:30am Charles Cerami                    In Memory
consumed and captivated by their own wealth and so           12:30pm Vicky Brown                       Intention
neglect the needs of their brothers. Prosperity can blind
                                                             Join as we pray for members of our parish who are sick:
us by covering over and falsely satiating our deeper         Eleanor Ahern, Maria L. Bratran, Alexander Beale,
needs for universal solidarity with our sisters and          Wayne Beard, Johnnie Mae Berry, Francisco Cabrera,
brothers, and peace with God.                                Marie Cavallo, Rosina Cervini, Margaret Coughlin,
Responsorial: We sing of the faith that lives in acts of     Maureen Decherd, Vera Dowhan, Cathy Fiorillo,
justice for the poor.                                        Kathleen Flood, Pat Frohman, Robert Gelb, Mercedes
Second Reading: Paul exhorts his listeners to a life of      Gonzales, Dolores Harrison, Eunice Hawley, Ryan A.
faithful witness modeled on the witness of Jesus before      Jacinto, Shirley Kallas, Mary Kay LeMense, Lillian
Pilate. As Jesus bore witness to the truth, so believers     Lleras, Helen Lynn, Robert MacCarthy, Cornelia Meder,
                                                             John O’Neill, Louise Parker, Lucy Porter, Lidia
who professed their faith in the assembly of the Church,
                                                             Quinteros, Travis Sarkees, Rebecca Urmeneta, Daniel
are called to do so before the world. Our faith, while       Urso, June Villarreal, and Bernard Wise, Jr.; may they
deeply personal, is not a private matter. We are called to   have relief from their suffering.
witness to it in word and deed.
                                                                    Please use prudence if contacting the above.
Poor Box Donations                                           We pray for the repose of the souls of the deceased
Poor box donations for the month of September will           especially the servicemen and women who died serving
support Catholic Relief Services for assistance to the       our country. We offer our sympathy, love, and prayers
Pakistani flood victims. Thank you for your generosity.      to their families and friends.
Support our parish offertory and second collections by       6:30am Mass Postponed
signing up with Faith Direct; direct debit deductions.       Due to illness and scarcity of priests at this time, the
Enroll at; parish code is DC43.          6:30am weekday Mass will not resume until further
             Second Collection schedule                      notice.
September 26            Church in Africa
October 3               Building Maintenance                 Weekday Readings
October 10              Church Utilities                     September 27 Job 1:6-22; Luke 9:46-50
October 17              Annunciation Catholic School         September 28 Job 3:1-3, 11-17, 20-23; Luke 9:51-56
October 24              Propagation of the Faith             September 29 Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14; John 1:47-51
                                                             September 30 Job 19:21-27; Luke 10:1-12
                                                             October 1    Job 38:1, 12-21; 40:3-5; Luke 10:13-16
MASS INTENTIONS                                              October 2    Job 42:1-3,5-6,12-17; Matthew 18:1-5,10
Monday, September 27                                         Square Dance – Friday, October 15
8:00am Donna Leonard                     In Memory           Join us on Friday, October 15th for a night of square
11:00am Carl Hobelman                    In Memory           dancing and fun from 8:00pm to 10:00pm. We will have
Tuesday, September 28                                        live music and a professional caller in the Parish Center.
8:00am Margarita Ariza                   In Memory           Everyone is welcome, admission is free, no
11:00am Carl Hobelman                    In Memory           experience    is    necessary,     and     light
Wednesday, September 29                                      refreshments will be served. If you would like
8:00am Edward Kennedy                    Intention           more information, contact Don Kursch on 202-
11:00am Evelyn & Joseph Costas           Intention           244-3043.     Leo      Gorman       at     202-244-2394;
Newly Registered – January 2010 to August 2010                  Dear Parishioners,
                Kate and Ryan Samuel & family                            What a nice day it was for the Parish Picnic. It
                Thomas and Brunhilde Magovern
                                                                was so nice to have the adults and children come
                Vsevolod Horodskyj
                Monika Siulyte                                  together and have fun.
                Paul and Evelyn Ratcliffe                                I appreciate everyone who contributed to make
                Elizabeth Clifford                              the event a success. Many thanks to Classic Tents,
                Fernanda Howard & family                        Fun Services, Laverne and her cooking crew; our
                Robert Flint                                    Facilities Manager, David Slusarczyk; the volunteers
                Barry and Kathleen Ambrose & family             who barbecued, served and cleaned. Thanks also to
                Matthew and Alyson Dunn & family                Rose, Lillian and Patrice.
                Tyler and Susan Raimo & family
                Christopher and Grail Sipes & family                     A good day was had by all.
                Helena Falla                                    Msgr. V. James Lockman, Pastor
                M. Antoinetta Barbi
                Frank Stearns and Caroline Smith                The Feast of St. Francis of Assisi
                Stephen & Jennifer Chippendale & family         We will commemorate the life of St. Francis with the
                Reyna Larios                                    Blessing of the Animals on Monday, October 4th on the
                Edison Machado, Jr.                             parking lot near the School entrance. Bring your pet to
                Chris and Marissa Mikoy & family                the parking lot for blessing at 6:30pm.
                Jose Gijon and Tomoko Suzuki & family
                Denise Pflugfelder                                 Newly Baptized – January 2010 to August 2010
                Luis and Susana Ramos-Izquierdo & family
                Elena Escapini and Daniel Shea                                 Sondra Elizabeth Marcus
                Lori Camalier & family                                        Mia Caroline Manifold
                Hazel Huete-Rosenbusch & family                               Maximilian Eckhart Scordo
                Douglas Carney                                                Benjamin Breslin Samuel
                Joan Fischetti                                                Nathan Wessman Stewart
                Liz Avila & family                                            Emaline Kate Adams
                Yvonne Dawson                                                 Aimee Suzanna Wijesinghe
                Julie Albert                                                  Rory James O’Hara
                Rosalind Paguio                                               Therese Marie Pearson
                Suzanne Schaeffer
                Willem Nijhof and Rafia Simaan
                                                                              Lucas Gijon-Suzuki
                Jason and Ellie Robinson                                      Clayton Christopher Chippendale
                Mary Rooney                                                   Luis Andres Ramos-Izquierdo
                Lauren Schussler                                              Mahina Huia Diaz-Asper
                June Israel and Aileen Mayo & family                          Anne Darling Smith
                Moises Benamor and Maria Pardo & family                       Jonathan Christopher Burwood
Tuition Assistance and Annunciation School
                                                                Save the Date – Annual Clothing Drive
Annunciation School has received applications from
                                                                The annual Annunciation/Holy Trinity clothing drive is
parents who wish to have their child attend our school.
                                                                scheduled for the weekend of November 20th and 21st.
Some parents have financial difficulties and are unable
                                                                We will be looking for donations of clothing and
to pay the full tuition. Many Parishioners have had their
                                                                household goods, as well as soliciting volunteers to help
children educated at Catholic schools and are great
                                                                with sorting and deliveries. More details will be in
supporters of Catholic education. Sponsors are needed
                                                                future bulletins. Please contact Michael Truscott at
to help finance a child’s education at Annunciation
                                                                202-305-1637 or if you
School. If you can help to sponsor partial tuition for a
                                                                have any questions.
child’s education, please contact Msgr. Lockman.

                                        Annunciation Catholic School News

Classroom Technology Upgrade
Annunciation School is seeking to enrich our children’s educational experience by making technologies
available to our teachers and students in the classroom. You may be able to help us achieve our goal of
challenging and developing our students in creative and exciting ways. For more information or if you have
any equipment to donate (desktop, laptop, LCD projector, whiteboard; etc.), please call the School Office.
Admission Applications
Admission applications for the 2010-2011 school year may be submitted for families having recently moved into the
Washington, DC area. Limited enrollment may be available in certain grades, Pre-K through 7th Grades. For application
information, please contact the School Office, 202-362-1408, or visit our website
Green Craft Club Project
         Annunciation Catholic School’s Green Craft Club is an afternoon arts and crafts program for students in grades
          4 – 8. The program sparks creativity in children by learning new ways to reuse, refashion and repurpose every
          day materials. This year we will make useful eco-friendly household products and fabulous wearable art. We
          are seeking the following (used) materials to create our projects. If you have any of these at your house, please
drop your donations at the school office during regular school hours or call Annette Fekete (202/966-0692) to arrange a
pick up. Thank you for your consideration.
        Fabric, felt, draperies, tablecloths & textiles                    Spray bottles (rinsed out)
        Neck ties                                                          Small glass jars
        Thread, yarn, buttons, beads, zippers, ribbons and trims           Long glass bottles with tops (not wine bottles)
        Colored t-shirts (stretch cotton knit)                             Beer bottle caps, Hard candy/mint tins
        Metal cookie cutters, Muffin tins                                  Used or broken crayons

                                                  Religious Formation
Do you want to know more about our Catholic faith? The RCIA program meets every Tuesday from 7pm to 8:30pm in
the Parish Office. These sessions are not only for those who wish to become Catholic or complete their sacraments of
initiation, but also for those who would like to know more! Our Session on Tuesday, September 28th will be focusing on
forming a relationship with God. All are welcome.
Is there someone you know who might like to be invited to explore our catholic faith and what it might hold for them –
someone un-baptized or in a Christian tradition (child or adult) who is searching, or someone who was baptized Catholic
(child or adult) but never completed reception of the sacraments of Eucharist or confirmation. If so, please contact Patrice
Would you like to be a Catholic Companion or join our RCIA Team and lead sessions for our adults who want to become
catholic or complete their sacraments? Consider volunteering for these ministries:
RCIA Team – Lead a session approx. every 6 weeks, attend sessions…mentoring and materials provided.
Catholic Companion – volunteer to be a friend, meet our inquirers and candidates at Mass and help them to become
familiar with our parish and the various ministries. Mentoring provided.
                                             NOW IS THE TIME!!!!

               Children’s Religious Education Registration – Our program has begun on Wednesday, September 15th.
               Sessions for children in grades 1 to 8 are held on Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 8:15pm. Kindergarten
               sessions are held every Sunday after the Children’s Liturgy at the 9am Mass. The Kindergarten children
               attend the Children’s Liturgy of the Word, then they attend a 30 minute session held in the parish center.
Parent whose children attended last year will receive a registration packet via email. If you are new to the program or our
parish, email or contact Patrice Morace and a packet will be emailed to you or you may pick up a packet in the pamphlet
rack in the church foyer.
                 Take a walk with the Apostles every Tuesday morning from 9:45am to 10:45am in the Parish office and
                 join us for Bible Study led by Patrice Morace as we journey through Paul’s Letter to the Romans. No
                 Registration is required. Bibles are supplied. Contact Patrice for more info.

                                                  Archdiocesan News
Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
Our Lady of Good Counsel High School will hold a Parent Information Night for interested parents of 7th and 8th grade
students on Wednesday, September 29 at 7:00pm in the Kane Center. A formal presentation on the Admissions process,
academic offerings (including the International Baccalaureate and Ryken programs), co-curricular and athletic programs,
and student life will be presented. For information and directions, please contact Emmy McNamara at 240-283-3235.
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