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					Croatan High School

 Agriculture Department
  Agriculture Mechanics
                    Why Am I Here?
   The agricultural education program is a comprehensive year round
    program built on the three core areas of classroom/laboratory
    instruction, supervised agricultural experience programs and FFA
    student organization activities/opportunities. The program is
    designed for delivery through these three components as follows:
       Classroom/Laboratory Instruction – quality instruction in and about
        agriculture that utilizes a "learning by doing" philosophy.
       Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs – all students are
        expected to have an agriculturally related work-based learning
        experience while enrolled in agricultural education courses.
       FFA Student Organization activities/opportunities – FFA activities are an
        integral part of the agricultural education program that all agricultural
        education students should participate in if they are to fully benefit from
        their enrollment in the program.

   Horticulture I
   Horticulture II
   Agriculture Mechanics I
   Agriculture Mecahnics II
                   Classroom Policies

   No food items.
   Have a seat upon entering the room.
   Class starts when the tardy bell rings.
   Student will have class materials ready.
   Raise your hand to participate in lesson.
   Conversation is to be kept in line with the curriculum.
   Missed assignments are your responsibility.
        2 Days upon returning – Day 1 is the day you return.
   Remain in assigned seats until dismissal bell rings.
   2 bathroom visits each grading period.
        Asking uses a pass regardless.
   Other policies as designated by the student handbook.
               Infraction Policy
   First, identify your priority after school. Write it
   Verbal reprimand
   30 minute afterschool assignment within 2 days.
   30 minutes becomes 60 minutes if I have to call
    home. Time doubles on second time.
   If student’s actions become disruptive to the
    class and/or the student is uncooperative, then
    the student will be subject to dismissal.
   Lunch detention for excessive bathroom visits.
Grading Practices
               Grade Scale
          As dictated by handout
 Total Points Earned/Total Points Assigned

                 3 Parts
            Graded Class Work
       Behavioral Expectations

   One should conduct him/herself as if
    they would like to keep their job.
   Conduct Grade:
      Above satisfactory
      Satisfactory
      Needs Improvement
      U
              Course Materials
1 ½” 3 Ring Binder Green for Horticulture/Orange for
   Agriculture Mechanics
Basic Calculator
1 Flash Drive
Appropriate lab clothes for working in the shop or the
   greenhouse. No open toe shoes are allowed in the work
 Lab Fee = $5

 Club T-Shirt = $15
            Class Web Sites

   Home Web Site
   FFA Web Site
   Lab Shots

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