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									                 SECOND GRADE GUIDELINES

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the second grade! We look forward to an enjoyable year with your children.
We would like to share some important information and procedures.

   1. Please label all belongings—art smock, lunch box, jackets, boots, and backpacks.

   2. Please inform teachers with a written note or email when your child has been
      absent, or will be eating lunch at a friend's home, or if there is a change in your
      regular schedule.

   3. Parent conferences are formally scheduled twice a year--in November and April.
      We support active parent involvement and encourage you to contact your child's
      teacher if you have any questions or concerns and would like to schedule
      additional meetings.

   4. Excused absence: Please file an educational trip form (form number 173) in the
      office prior to the trip.

   5. Please check your child's take-home folder each day for papers, notices or special
      notes. Also, look for the second-grade newsletter and the Week in a Peek to keep
      you informed.

   6. We do recognize children’s birthdays during the school year. Edible treats are
      not allowed due to food allergies and our school policy of no food in the
      classroom. We invite a parent or other special person to come to class on the
      child’s birthday to share a book with the class. The school librarian has
      suggestions of books that may be donated to the library in honor of your child’s

   7. Our special subjects are:

                                  Mrs.Chamber             Mrs. Tucker
                 Monday                 Gym                     Gym
                 Tuesday          Spanish/Library         Spanish/Library
                Wednesday              Music                   Music
                Thursday           Spanish/Music          Spanish/Music
                  Friday              Art/Gym                 Art/Gym
                        OUR DAILY SCHEDULE

Harcourt Trophies is a literature-based, integrated Reading/Language Arts program. It
provides for the integration of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing. This
year we will emphasize modes of writing: procedural, narrative and informational. The
program also uses collaborative learning and higher-order thinking skills, and builds on
the students' interests and experiences. For technology activities visit The Learning Site!


Students will be given direct instruction using the Peterson Directed Handwriting
Program. Correct letter formation and neatness are stressed. Cursive handwriting will be
introduced during the second semester. Spelling tests will used as an assessment tool for


Our Mathematics Program is a combination of Scott Foresman – Addison Wesley
Mathematics and Investigations in Number, Data and Space. Scott Foresman – Addison
Wesley Mathematics is a traditional text focusing on procedural understanding.
Investigations in Number, Data and Space is an activity-based program focusing on
conceptual understanding. For technology activities in math visit

Key Points:
   *Problem solving, technology and manipulatives integrated into lessons.
   *Student-centered activities encourage creative thinking and enable students to
   construct knowledge.
   *Students participate in engaging games that reinforce their understanding of
   important mathematical concepts and skills.
   *Communicating mathematically is emphasized both orally and in writing.


In social studies, we incorporate the Social Studies Alive program. We study rules,
neighborhoods, good citizenship, map skills, and communities. In the fall we take a
walking tour of Mt. Lebanon. We teach character education through stories, discussions,
and activities. We will be incorporating character education themes (respect, honesty,
love, justice, courage, loyalty, and hope) with other areas of our curriculum. This year
we are continuing, Building Foster Friends Against Bullying Behaviors, that teaches
how to be kinder, more respectful and more helpful to one another. If you haven’t done
so already, please review the parent letter packet, and sign and return the pledge form.

We use an inquiry approach in science, which incorporates hands-on materials. In
Science we study Plant Growth and Development, and Changes (ASSET programs).
In Health Science we study the Human Body, Nutrition, and Drug and Alcohol
Awareness. Miranda is the bird puppet who helps children learn about drugs, self
esteem, and how to ask for help in our "Here's Looking at You" program.


We are continuing to use student portfolios. Work will be collected throughout the year,
and students will reflect upon their work. This portfolio will demonstrate student progress
and self-reflection. Two writing samples are passed on to third grade.

Our schedule was developed in order to allow a common time, called Team Time.
During this time, students in second grade will be placed in heterogeneous groups in
order to differentiate instruction within our curriculum.


Two times a week, all second graders meet for poetry, news, songs, and sharing time. A
note with detailed instructions will be sent home when it is your child's turn to be the
Newscaster, Poetry Reader, or Very Important Person (VIP). Each homeroom takes turns
conducting Group Time.


We encourage your child to develop good study habits and responsibility with 15-20
minutes of daily homework. The packet will include activities to review and practice
daily skills. It will also contain a book, play or poem to be read daily to strengthen
fluency and comprehension skills.

We look forward to working together with you to make your child's second-grade
experience meaningful, enjoyable, and intellectually stimulating.


                                                     Anastasia Chambers
                                                     Amy Tucker

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