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					~ BMC Naval Station Norfolk (Sewells Point) VA, Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) Process 2008 ~
                                         Revised Jan 3, 2008

        To offer the most flexibility to complete the PHA for calendar year 2008, the below options have been
implemented. The PHA is an annual requirement that will be used to review, verify, and correct Individual
Medical Readiness (IMR) deficiencies. The optimal time to complete the PHA is 30 days prior to the members’
birthday. Commands may choose to keep their PHA’s 30 days prior to the members’ birth month others may
not, however your Command chooses to complete their PHA’s, once it is completed that PHA is good for one

* Completion of the PHA: The PHA is considered complete when all PHA components identified have been

* PHA Requirements for Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA): To participate in the semiannual PFA the
active duty service member (ADSM) must have a current PHA completed within the preceding 12 months.

* Medical Records: Receiving the ADSMs’ Medical Record in a timely manner has been a challenge over the
last year. Thousands of ADSMs’ records are screened by this department and Medical Records, please have
your Medical Record on board at the BMC Naval Station Norfolk, Medical Records Department, 96 hours prior
to your appointment to ensure proper screening.

* Same Day PHA Clinic: Offered Monday – Thursday from 0600 to 1430. Call the PHA appointment line @
953-9039/9042 to schedule. Anyone who chooses the Same Day Clinic must be in the Health Promotions/PHA
Department, NLT 0600 (located in the New Bldg, Room 1F22). In preparation for possible lab work, you must
fast 12 hours which means: nothing to eat, drink or chewing tobacco for 12 hours prior to your appointment
except water and prescribed medications, additionally, no alcohol can be consumed 48 hours prior to your lab
work being drawn. Once you are screened by our staff you will be assigned to either the morning or afternoon
clinic. You may bring a snack to eat after your labs have been drawn.

* Regular PHA Appointment (Part 1 and Part 2 Appointments required): At the Part 1 Appointment we
identify your IMR discrepancies and at the Part 2 appointment you are seen by a Provider. In preparation for
possible lab work you must fast 12 hours prior to your Part 1 appointment, which means: nothing to eat or drink
for 12 hours prior to that appointment except water and prescribed medications, additionally, no alcohol can be
consumed 48 hours prior to your lab work being drawn. Call the Hampton Roads Appointment Center at 1-866-
645-4584 or Health Promotions/PHA Department at 953-9039 and schedule your Part 1 appointment.

* Individual Medical Equipment to bring with you: If the ADSM has prescribed eyeglasses, bring the
recommended 2 pair of eyeglass with you for that appointment. If contacts are used (unless mission essential
contact lenses prescribed) they must be removed 48 hours prior to your appointment for proper visual testing.
**Deployable personal must bring in Ballistic Protective Optical Inserts, Protective (Gas) Mask Inserts, and

* Current Medication: Bring a list of ALL medications (drugs) currently used to include prescription
medication, over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, herbal supplements, and dietary supplements.


All ADSM must bring in the following forms to you appointment: Health Risk Assessment (HRA) at, or log on to Navy Knowledge online at the
“Personal Development/Health and Wellness” by using the unit identifier (UIC).
Marine ADSM will utilize a 5-diget numeric UIC proceeded by the letter M. Example: M13212 is the login for
RFL Co, 2/11st MARDIV. Complete, sign and bring in the Physical Activity Risk Factor Questionnaire
(PARFQ) and the SF600 only if a waiver is needed by going to the PRIMS website @ save, print, and bring with you.
* BIG TIME SAVER:       To expedite the completion time of your PHA the ADSM can complete many of their
IMR requirements prior to the scheduled PHA appointment by utilizing the BMC Naval Station Norfolk PHA
Pre-Appointment Check-List. Clicking on to the Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth Homepage, look under
BMC Sewell, PHA @ * .

If you need additional assistance or have questions: Please contact HMC (SW/AW) James Hill
 @ 953-8815 or email him @ for assistance.

BMC Medical Records Department Leading Chief: HMC (SW) Jody Tison. Please contact via main phone:
757-953-8700 or directly line @ 953-8712 or for assistance.

Commands with medical assets onboard Naval Station Norfolk who perform their own PHA’s, use the
following link for the most current PHA form: Select “Navy Medicine
Directives” then the “Form” tab NAVMED 6120/4 (6-2006) Periodic Health Assessment.

FLAG OFFICER PHA APPOINTMENTS are scheduled by Ms. Annette Harrod from the Executive Medicine
Department @ 953-8861.

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