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					                                                                                                     PLANNING OUTLINE 2008-2009
                                  Jul                     Aug                    Sept                       Oct                      Nov                       Dec
Objectives             1. Refresh Champions     1. Focus on Local       1. Focus on               1. Raise awareness        1. Review progress       1. End of year report
                       & Case Studies           Authorities             Communicating with        through engagement        and evaluate success
                       2. Expand links to                               and through the SC to     with business leaders     2. Submit proposal for
                       other DfT initiatives                            expand the network        and representative        continued funding for
                       3. Review plan and                                                         bodies.                   2009
Tasks                  1. Engage SMMT           1. Prepare for SC /     1. Identify new case      1. Identify new case      1. Identify new case     1. Present final year
                       2. Review current        Champions event         study                     study                     study                    report to DfT
                       champions list &         2. Prepare for DfT      2. Promote CCC            2. Research and target    2. Draft end of year
                       replace as necessary     report                  model to local            business leaders from     report for DfT
                       3. Identify new case     3. Identify new case    authorities               the 13 key sectors
                       study                    study                   3. Develop business       3. Write to CBI/ FSB/
                                                4. Promote Cambridge    contacts through the      BCC/ IoD to encourage
                                                model to local          SC members                engagement in the
                                                authorities             4. Written Report to      programme
Communications:        1. Sixth and Seventh     1. Eighth eNewsletter   1. Ninth eNewsletter      1. Tenth eNewsletter      1. Eleventh              1. Twelfth eNewsletter
                       eNewsletter              2. Article for LARSOA   2. Press release          2. Articles in business   eNewsletter              2. Press Release on
                       2. RoadSafe magazine     website                                           publications              2. RoadSafe magazine     the future of the
                                                3. Press release on                                                                                  programme
                                                Cambridgeshire model
Key Events:            3 – BVRLA                19 – Sussex Safety      8 – RoSPA Young           17 – Devon County         24-30 Road Safety        Prince Michael
                       presentation             Partnership Policy      Drivers at Work           Council Driving for       Week                     International Road
                       9 – Meeting with         Meeting                 Research Group            Better Business Event                              Safety Awards
                       Cambs County                                     16 – ISO WRRS             21 – Sussex Safety        BVRLA Event (TBC)
                       Council and TRL to                               Standards Meeting         Partnership Policy                                 SC / Champions drinks
                       discuss evaluation for                           16 – Fleet News Hit for   Meeting                   TBC – DfBB               and networking
                       DfBB.                                            6 Conference Oxford       24 –Food Industry         Champions Event at       reception
                       10 – RoadSafe                                    16 – Sussex Safety        Health and Safety at      TBC
                       Midterm review                                   Partnership Policy        Work Conference
                                                                        Meeting                   (Greene King)             TBC – Local Authority/
                                                                        30 – Fleet News Hit for   28-30 – Road Safety       Partner Event
                                                                        6 Conference Leeds        Scotland Conference
                                                                        and Bradford              30 – Arval Road Safety
                                                                                                  Working Group
Contact Base Events:   Motor Show                                       NBTN quarterly            Sustainable Transport     ECA Staffordshire
                                                                        meeting                   Show.                     Annual Conference

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