Sample-Memo by liwenting


									Shelley Stanley                                                                 4th Period
October 19, 2010                                                            Pages 117-119

TO:            Faculty and Staff

FROM:          Lenore M. Fielding, Principal

DATE:          November 15, 2009


At a recent meeting, department heads recommended that memos be processed on plain paper
instead of preprinted forms. This recommendation is a cost-cutting measure that requires only a
little more effort on the part of the keyboard operator.

The customary standard margins are used: 2” top margin: default (near 1”) side margins; at
least a 1” bottom margin.

Standard double spacing separates memo parts, including paragraphs, which are individually
single-spaced. If someone other than the writer keys the memo, that person’s initials should be
keyed at the left margin a double space below the message. If an attachment or enclosure is
included, Attachment or Enclosure should be keyed at the left margin a double space below the
message or the keyboard operator’s initials (if any).

Headings begin at left margin. After TO: tab twice to key the name; after FROM: tab once to
key the name; after DATE: tab once to key the date; after SUBJECT: space twice (or tab once)
to enter the subject (may be keyed in ALL CAPS or C/lc—Cap and lowercase).

Please use this format for several days; then let me know if you experienced any difficulties.

Shelley Stanley                                                               4th Period
October 19, 2010                                                          Pages 117-119

TO:           Student Council Officers

FROM:         Lenore M. Fielding, Principal

DATE:         November 18, 2004


Reports from a number of faculty and parents suggest that the behavior of a few of our students
at two recent athletic events violated the Code of Student Conduct.

Only a few students were involved, and only three incidents were reported. Even so, the
reported behavior does not create the image Lakeview wants to portray to members of our
community or visitors from other communities.

Because you along with your fellow council officers monitor such events and participate in the
evaluation of Code of Student Conduct violation, I want to meet with you and the assistant
principals to review these reports and their impact on our school image.

This meeting is scheduled for 2:30 this Thursday afternoon in Conference Room B. Be prepared
to tell us what you know about any such incidents and what action you think we should take.

Shelley Stanley                                                                 4th Period
October 19, 2010                                                            Pages 117-119

TO:            Joan Doyle, Principal

FROM:          Sandra Gallups, Business Department

DATE:          December 1, 2007


I have used the plain-paper memo format for several years. I have found it quite satisfactory. In
fact, keying the headings is easier than aligning my copy on preprinted forms. This is especially
true on computers because printers do not have an aligning device. Therefore, keyed copy is
slightly above or below the printed copy.

It is possible to create a computer template that when called up will automatically take you to the
points of copy entry. You may wish to consider doing this if a sufficient number of people have
difficulty with the new format. I'm enclosing a disk containing such a template for you to try.

In any case, I favor cutting cost wherever possible.


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