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					     Official Newsletter of                                                                                  Gold Wing Road Riders
        Chapter WA-L
    Tri-Cities, Washington
     “The Looney Tunes”
                                     ACME TIMES                                                                    Association
                                                                                                              Region I — WA District
                                                                                                                    April 2008

                     WingNut                                                  RIDER EDUCATION
                                                                                           Safety is for Life

  Hello Chapter L:
                                                                                            Riding Slow
  Well I guess I was wrong last month when I said                                     By Tom Denny, Rider Educator
  warmer weather was coming. Can you believe it we
  got snowed on yesterday. On a personal note I have                     Generally speaking, the faster a motorcycle goes, the
  been going through skin cancer surgery. Two places                     more stable it is. Virtually anyone that can ride can ride a
  on my forehead. One required a small skin graft. All                   motorcycle at 50 or 60mph. At velocities above 35 mph it
  the stitches have made it hard to wear a helmet so I am                is almost impossible for a motorcycle to fall over. Your
  looking forward to getting back on my wing. Doc says                   motorcycle does not need you to travel down the high-
  I will have a full recovery just some scars. That’s                    way. As a matter of fact, if the throttle is locked and noth-
  what I get for not wearing sunscreen when I was                        ing interferes with it, a motorcycle will happily run along
  young and foolish.                                                     at speed without a rider until it exhausts its fuel supply.
                                                                         One reason cruising is so relaxing is that your motorcycle
  Last month we had the East Side Rider Ed Workshop                      makes few demands on you while traveling along the
  here in Pasco. The classes had a lot of good informa-                  boulevard.
  tion but unfortunately the atten-
  dance was poor; especially                                             Riding slow is an all-together different matter. A low
  from our own chapter people.                                           speed your motorcycle is inherently unstable and it is up
  With the workshop being right                                          to the rider to keep it from falling over. Riding slow is a
  in our own backward I thought                                          skill that can be learned. It is something that one can im-
  we would have had a better                                             prove with practice. Once you know the techniques and
  turn out. Terri Morris put on                                          practice them a little you will almost immediately notice
  another great class on tires.                                          an improvement in your ability to ride slow. Jerry “The
  Gary Oldright received a cer-                                          Motorman” Paladino is an ex-policeman that has made
  tificate of appreciation from                                          several DVD’s teaching people to ride slow. According to
  the district for his work as      Gary Oldright receives Certificate
                                                                         Jerry the average person can become proficient in slow
  chapter educator.                                                      riding after about 8 hours of practice. I think you can no-
                                                                         tice an improvement in only 20 minutes of practice.
  Our own Georgia Finley give a class for Co-Riders,
  and Gary Oldright presented a class on how to navi-                    I am not going to go over the techniques here. The chap-
  gate a curve. One of the classes I took was Enhanced                   ter has one of Mr. Paladino’s DVD’s available if anyone
  Driver’s License or passport. Diana and I have called                  is interested in watching it. I heartily recommend learning
  and got an appointment to get the Enhanced Drivers                     and practicing these slow riding techniques, as I believe

                                            Continued on page 2                                                 Continued on page 2

                             “Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge”                                                                                              April—Page 1
     License. 509-734-7031. Anyone planning on attend-        they make every rider a safer rider. Immediately fol-
     ing the District Rally in Lynden should get this done    lowing our next chapter meeting there will be a
     or get a passport. We will only be a few miles from      “Parking Lot Practice” where everyone can learn,
     the Canadian border and there is some pretty country     practice or show off their skills at slow riding. It will
     to be seen.                                              be set up in the boat launch parking lot at the East end
                                                              of Columbia Park next to the Blue Bridge, in Kenne-
     This month we are starting off with the multi-chapter    wick. Hope to see you there.
     meeting in Prosser at 10 am. We plan on meeting at
     Fred Meyer’s in Richland and leave about 7:45 am         In a different vein, Doug Heider sent me the follow-
     for Benton City and the Shadow Mountain Grill to         ing article that he found at:
     have breakfast. After breakfast we will ride on to the
     Barn in Prosser.                                         howto/122_0608_50_ways/index.html
                                                              I think it is an excellent list and worth sharing with
     Bad news is Chapter R has announced they will not        everyone. Thanks Doug.
     have the Blue Mountain Rendezvous in June due to
     lack of support from their members. We are hoping                 50 Ways to Save Your Life
     they can get things worked out somehow.
                                                              1. Assume you're invisible
     I want to remind everybody our next rally meeting is
                                                              Because to a lot of drivers, you are. Never make a
     April 8th at the library on Union in Kennewick. We
                                                              move based on the assumption that another driver
     will start at 6:30 pm. Tom Denny is planning a park-
                                                              sees you, even if you've just made eye contact. Bikes
     ing lot practice in Columbia Park after our monthly
                                                              don't always register in the four-wheel mind.
     meeting on the 12th of April at Cousin’s. It’s time to
     get our skills sharpened for the riding season ahead.    2. Be considerate
     April 20th is the Brown Bag Auction in Spokane. I        The consequences of strafing the jerk du jour or cut-
     would like to see us have a good showing for that.       ting him off start out bad and get worse. Pretend it
     Alex is getting volunteers to work the Walk America      was your grandma and think again.
     March for Babies on April 26th. Also mark on your        3. Dress for the crash, not the pool or the prom
     calendar May 3rd & 4th Chapter M’s Fun Run in            Sure, Joaquin's Fish Tacos is a 5-minute trip, but no-
     Yakima. Gary Oldright is planning a ride to Leg-         body plans to eat pavement. Modern mesh gear means
     ends Casino the morning of the 3rd. Ride Safe!           100-degree heat is no excuse for a T-shirt and board
     Gary Domas                                               4. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst
     WA-L CD                                                  Assume that car across the intersection will turn
                                                              across your bow when the light goes green, with or
                                                              without a turn signal.
       Birthdays & Anniversaries                              5. Leave your ego at home
          Rollin & Jennifer Mackintosk     April   2          The only people who really care if you were faster on
                                                              the freeway will be the officer and the judge.
          Chuck & Joyce Hull               April   4
          Gary and Diana Domas             April   6          6. Pay attention
                                                              Yes, there is a half-naked girl on the billboard. That
          Bill Gilyeat                     April   12
                                                              shock does feels squishy. Meanwhile, you could be
          Becky Harris                     April   13         drifting toward Big Trouble. Focus.
          Don & Cindy Brock                April   15
                                                              7. Mirrors only show you part of the picture
          Monica Thielen                   April   17         Never change direction without turning your head to
          George Burnside                  April   21         make sure the coast really is clear. Mirrors only show
          Dan Hagedorn                     April   22         you part of the picture.
          Bill & Judith Gowey              April   25         8. Be patient
          Mark Kennedy                     April   27         Always take another second or three before you pull
          Chris Lyon                       April   27         out to pass, ride away from a curb or into freeway
          Jeff & Alisha Jones              April   29         traffic from an on-ramp. It's what you don't see that                                                                                April—Page 2
     gets you. That extra look could save your butt.             you can stop 88 feet shorter. Think about that.
     9. Watch your closing speed                                 20. Look where you want to go
     Passing cars at twice their speed or changing lanes to      Use the miracle of target fixation to your advantage.
     shoot past a row of stopped cars is just asking for trou-   The motorcycle goes where you look, so focus on the
     ble.                                                        solution instead of the problem. Check your mirrors
     10. Beware the verge and the merge                          every time you change lanes.
     A lot of nasty surprises end up on the sides of the road:   21. Keep your eyes moving
     empty McDonald's bags, nails, TV antennas, ladders,         Traffic is always shifting, so keep scanning for poten-
     you name it. Watch for potentially troublesome debris       tial trouble. Don't lock your eyes on any one thing for
     on both sides of the road.                                  too long unless you're actually dealing with trouble.
     11. Left-turning cars remain a leading killer of mo-        22. Think before you act
     torcyclists                                                 Careful whipping around that Camry going 7 mph in a
     Don't assume someone will wait for you to dart              25-mph zone or you could end up with your head in the
     through the intersection. They're trying to beat the        driver's side door when he turns into the driveway right
     light, too.                                                 in front of you.
     12. Beware of cars running traffic lights                   23. Raise your gaze
     The first few seconds after a signal light changes are      It's too late to do anything about the 20 feet immedi-
     the most perilous. Look both ways before barging into       ately in front of your fender, so scan the road far
     an intersection.                                            enough ahead to see trouble and change trajectory.
     13. Check your mirrors                                      24. Get your mind right in the driveway
     Do it every time you change lanes, slow down or stop.       Most accidents happen during the first 15 minutes of a
     Be ready to move if another vehicle is about to occupy      ride, below 40 mph, near an intersection or driveway.
     the space you'd planned to use. Scan 12 seconds ahead       Yes, that could be your driveway.
     for potential trouble.                                      25. Come to a full stop at that next stop sign
     14. Mind the gap                                            Put a foot down. Look again. Anything less forces a
     Remember Driver's Ed? One second's worth of dis-            snap decision with no time to spot potential trouble.
     tance per 10 mph is the old rule of thumb. Better still,    26. Never dive into a gap in stalled traffic
     scan the next 12 seconds ahead for potential trouble.       Cars may have stopped for a reason, and you may not
     15. Beware of tuner cars                                    be able to see why until it's too late to do anything
     They're quick and their drivers tend to be aggressive.      about it.
     Don't assume you've beaten one away from a light or         27. Don't saddle up more than you can handle
     outpaced it in traffic and change lanes without looking.    If you weigh 95 pounds avoid that 795-pound cruiser.
     You could end up as a Nissan hood ornament.                 If you're 5-foot-5, forget those towering adventure-
     16. Excessive entrance speed hurts                          tourers. Stay in your comfort zone riding with a group.
     It's the leading cause of single-bike accidents on twisty   28. Watch for car doors opening in traffic
     roads and racetracks. In Slow, Out Fast is the old ad-      And smacking a car that's swerving around some goof-
     age, and it still works. Dialing up corner speed is safer   ball's open door is just as painful.
     than scrubbing it off.
                                                                 29. Don't get in an intersection rut
     17. Don't trust that deer whistle                           Watch for a two-way stop after a string of four-way
     Ungulates and other feral beasts prowl at dawn and          intersections. If you expect cross-traffic to stop, there
     dusk, so heed those big yellow signs. If you're riding in   could be a painful surprise when it doesn't.
     a target-rich environment, slow down and watch the
     shoulders.                                                  30. Stay in your comfort zone when you're with a
     18. Learn to use both brakes                                Riding over your head is a good way to end up in the
     The front does most of your stopping, but a little rear     ditch. Any bunch worth riding with will have a rendez-
     brake on corner entry can calm a nervous chassis.           vous point where you'll be able to link up again.
     19. Keep the front brake covered--always                    31. Give your eyes some time to adjust
     Save a single second of reaction time at 60 mph and         A minute or two of low light heading from a well-                                                                                    April—Page 3
    lighted garage onto dark streets is a good thing. Other-    stability by minimizing unwelcome weight transfer and
    wise, you're essentially flying blind for the first mile    potentially bothersome driveline lash.
    or so.                                                      42. Flashing is good for you
    32. Master the slow U-turn                                  Turn signals get your attention by flashing, right? So a
    Practice. Park your butt on the outside edge of the seat    few easy taps on the pedal or lever before stopping
    and lean the bike into the turn, using your body as a       makes your brake light more eye-catching to trailing
    counterweight as you pivot around the rear wheel.           traffic.
    33. Who put a stop sign at the top of this hill?            43. Intersections are scary, so hedge your bets
    Don't panic. Use the rear brake to keep from rolling        Put another vehicle between your bike and the possibil-
    back down. Use Mr. Throttle and Mr. Clutch normally         ity of someone running the stop sign/red light on your
    --and smoothly--to pull away.                               right and you cut your chances of getting nailed in half.
    34. If it looks slippery, assume it is                      44. Tune your peripheral vision
    A patch of suspicious pavement could be just about          Pick a point near the center of that wall over there. Now
    anything. Butter Flavor Crisco? Gravel? Mobil 1? Or         scan as far as you can by moving your attention, not
    maybe it's nothing. Better to slow down for nothing         your gaze. The more you can see without turning your
    than go on your head.                                       head, the sooner you can react to trouble. Everything is
    35. Bang! A blowout! Now what?                              harder to see after dark.
    No sudden moves. The motorcycle isn't happy, so be          45. All alone at a light that won't turn green?
    prepared to apply a little calming muscle to maintain       Put as much motorcycle as possible directly above the
    course. Ease back the throttle, brake gingerly with the     sensor wire--usually buried in the pavement beneath
    good wheel and pull over very smoothly to the shoul-        you and located by a round or square pattern behind the
    der. Big sigh. Hedge your bets at intersections.            limit line. If the light still won't change, try putting your
    36. Drops on the face shield?                               kickstand down, right on the wire. You should be on
    It's raining. Lightly misted pavement can be slipperier     your way in seconds.
    than when it's been rinsed by a downpour, and you           46. Every-thing is harder to see after dark
    never know how much grip there is. Apply maximum-           Adjust your headlights, Carry a clear face shield and
    level concentration, caution and smoothness.                have your game all the way on after dark, especially
    37. Emotions in check?                                      during commuter hours.
    To paraphrase Mr. Ice Cube, chickity-check yoself           47. Don't troll next to--or right behind--Mr. Peter-
    before you wreck yoself. Emotions are as powerful as        built
    any drug, so take inventory every time you saddle up.       If one of those 18 retreads blows up--which they do
    If you're mad, sad, exhausted or anxious, stay put.         with some regularity--it de-treads, and that can be ugly.
    38. Wear good gear                                          Unless you like dodging huge chunks of flying rubber,
    Wear stuff that fits you and the weather. If you're too     keep your distance.
    hot or too cold or fighting with a jacket that binds        48. Take the panic out of panic stops
    across the shoulders, you're dangerous. It's that simple.   Develop an intimate relationship with your front brake.
    39. Leave the IPod at home                                  Seek out some safe, open pavement. Starting slowly,
    You won't hear that cement truck in time with Spinal        find that fine line between maximum braking and a
    Tap cranked to 11, but they might like your head-           locked wheel, and then do it again, and again.
    phones in intensive care.                                   49. Make your tires right
    40. Learn to swerve                                         None of this stuff matters unless your skins are right.
    Be able to do two tight turns in quick succession. Flick    Don't take 'em for granted. Make sure pressure is spot-
    left around the bag of briquettes, then right back to       on every time you ride. Check for cuts, nails and other
    your original trajectory. The bike will follow your         junk they might have picked up, as well as general
    eyes, so look at the way around, not the briquettes.        wear.
    Now practice till it's a reflex.                            50. Take a deep breath
                                                                Count to 10. Visualize whirled peas. Forgetting some
    41. Be smooth at low speeds                                 clown's 80-mph indiscretion beats running the risk of
    Take some angst out, especially of slow-speed maneu-        ruining your life, or ending it.
    vers, with a bit of rear brake. It adds a welcome bit of
                                                                                                                                                                                                             April—Page 4
   End-of-Winter Refresher Class                                  Saturday Social Breakfasts
     Steve Williams: Rider Educator for Chapter-M.                      Pictures courtesy of Joyce LoParco

   I wanted to talk a little bit about YPD Rider Course.      When Chapter L mem-
                                                              bers get together for so-
   This course is all about you getting back into riding      cial breakfast on the “off
   after a long winter. Sgt. Gary Jones is a neighbor, and    Saturdays” (no meeting)
   we were talking and he offered to put on this course for   they usually expect good
   us.                                                        company, great conversa-
   I had the chance to go to one last year and was amazed     tion, and a chance to talk
   how good these officers were with the riders. They         about rides they have
   went beyond just instructing, they became part of the      made or places they hope
   group and enjoyed doing this as much as anyone there.      to ride to this year.
   They taught a lot of things I had never seen before.
   They never criticized or acted superior, but realized      March 22 was no excep-
   that all riders ride for fun. And they have fun teaching   tion, but the group was
   it.                                                        greeted by a 6 foot bunny
                                                              in honor of the season!
   They will have beginners and advanced course. You
   can ride as much as you want, or stop and watch if you
   choose. There is no pressure; go at your own pace.
   The course will be held April 19th from 9am to 5pm
   and April 20th from 9am to lunch. After lunch YPD
   will lead a cool down ride, and upon returning YPD
   will demonstrate their skills.
   There will be a BBQ both days for a nominal fee.
   Hope to see you all there. Please call Gary Domas at
   509-582-7214 to sign up. We need to give Sgt. Jones a
   count so he can adjust for officers.

                                                                                      ABOVE: Phil LoParco and Alex Piper

                                                              BELOW: Tom Didway, Joyce LoParco and Rikki Beaulieu

 Keeping your membership information current is your
 responsibility. Don’t forget to update your information if
 you move, change phone numbers or email address and
  Manage your membership online at
  Call to make changes or updates at (800) 843-9460
  Fax them at (623) 581-3844
  Email your updates to:                                                                               April—Page 5
                      MARCH 2008                                driving in with a rig that wasn’t working correctly. Don
                  (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona)                  did a GREAT job and we make the 15 miles to the
                                                                place and they got us right in. We were keeping our
     Photos can be seen at:              fingers crossed that it was not going to be anything
     photos/12192572@N07/sets/                                  catastrophic. We got the news that it was only a fuel
                                                                filter that was plugged…whew…that was a lot better
     I still get up every morning and look out the wind-        news than we could have wanted. Since they were al-
     shield to see if Steve and Beanie are up in their mo-      ready in the engine, Don had some routine service work
     torhome and then realize that we are not traveling to-     done…we were almost due anyway. Fern was able to
     gether. We sure do miss them but we both had differ-       get the grandkids and great grandkids to meet us for
     ent schedules for returning home this year. We hope        dinner. The last time we saw them Tim & Cody (Don’s
     that when they pass through Washington in May that         nephew’s) were about 6 and 10. Wow, they are all
     we are able to spend some time together.                   grown up with families of their own. It was great to
                                                                meet all of them and spend some quality time together.
     We had not been in San Antonio for a little over a year
     and not much has changed. There is still a whole lot of    The weather cleared in Lubbock and we headed to Al-
     traffic and all the freeways are under construction. I     buquerque to spend several days with Art & Ada
     think that San Antonio grew too fast and the infrastruc-   Carnes. These two are some of our favorite people.
     ture just didn’t keep up. We still enjoyed our time        Those of you who know them, all agree that they have
     there though! I was able to spend several days with        never met a stranger. As always, they rolled out the red
     Debbie Krause (girl friend for many years) since she       carpet for us. Ada and I spent a lot of time in the
     was off work after some surgery. It was great, since       kitchen. She is a wonderful cook and I was itching to
     last year, we didn’t get that much time together. We       watch her prepare some of her favorites so that I could
     spent each day just enjoying each others company and       learn from the master! She made her world famous pea-
     eating all the good food that San Antonio has to offer.    nut brittle and snickerdoodles. Don and I have enough
     Boy do they have some good food! Don and I ate our         “Ada Treats” to last us until we make it back to Wash-
     belly’s full of Tex Mex. I was also able to spend some     ington and I can try them on my own. I may have to
     time with a good friend Rick Jamieson who is Chief of      call a few times to make sure I get it right! Art & Ada
     Police of Converse, TX. Hard to believe the years I        truly hold special places in Don and I’s heart.
     knew him before the police force…hum, the stories I
     could tell…He still looks great and it was such a joy to   We arrived in Camp Verde, AZ to wonderful weather.
     catch up on all that has been going on for both of us in   Our resort there is nestled off the beaten path and in a
     the last year. He is married to a wonderful lady and has   quiet area surrounded by trees. We didn’t realize the
     a son that is considering the Air Force. God has           trees were Cottonwoods and in full bloom. Come to
     blessed him with a wonderful family. Rick was my           find out, Don and I have allergies to these trees. Boy,
     ROCK when my sister was killed. He is the one that         did we do a lot of sneezing the 2 weeks we were there.
     helped me and my family in so many ways. Thanks            While there, we finally succumbed to the flu that has
     just don’t cover all that Rick did during that horrible    been going around. So, not only did we have allergies
     time. We hope to spend time with him and his family        to deal with, we also had the flu bug. We were sick
     the next time we come through the area.                    pretty much the whole time we were in Camp Verde.
                                                                Needless to say, we didn’t do much in the area.
     From San Antonio, we decided that the weather was
     going to hold for us to shoot up to Lubbock to visit       Our drive to Phoenix from Camp Verde was SPEC-
     Don’s sister. During the trip up, we discovered that the   TACULAR! It had recently rained and the entire coun-
     motorhome did not have any power. We could barley          tryside was GREEN. Yes, GREEN! It was absolutely
     make it up a slight hill. We got to our RV park and        beautiful. The flowers were blooming, the trees were
     called a huge truck center and they could see us the       budding, it was amazing to see, since most of the year
     next morning. We contacted Fern & Carlos (Don’s            it is BROWN.
     sister and brother-in-law) and they stopped by for din-
     ner. We had a great visit. They are both just as funny     We were able to spend time with good friends Ray &
     as I remember them to be. The next morning we woke         Sandi Garris and Benny and Shirley Stephens-Garcia.
     up to SNOW! Yes, SNOW! Not what we wanted to be            The Garcia’s had us over for BBQ and it was like old                                                                                 April—Page 6
   times. We laughed way too much and our sides hurt        Desert Spring Fling 2008 is going…
   the next day. We are looking forward to spending
   more time with them this winter when we return. We
   also spent a morning at the GWRRA Business Office
                                                             Back to the 50’s
   visiting friends and previous co-workers. They have       Everyone is tired of the winter, tired of the sleet and
   added a few new faces so it was nice to meet up with     snow and cold. BBBrrrrrrrr! It’s time for spring!
   them and welcome to the team.
                                                            Well think fun, think spring... think loads of fun at the
   While in Phoenix, we went to several RV Resorts to       Washington Chapter L Desert Spring Fling Rally
   turn in applications for this winter to Workamp. One     scheduled for Memorial Day weekend, May 24-25-26,
   of the places we applied, called us within the next 24   2008 at the Benton County Fairgrounds in Kennewick.
   hours to have us come back and meet with the man-
   ager. The place is called Pueblo El Mirage and is on     You can expect the best attending the DSF! Rides and
   the west side of Phoenix, which is the side we are       tours, Show & Shine, bike games and vendors. Return-
   trying to stay on. This place is like a 5-Star Country   ing this year will be the Coffee Lady and our favorite
   Club. There are over 1500 sites that cover over 350      ice cream vendor! We plan on having pinstripers too!
   acres. There is an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts,
   several pools, a computer room with over 30 com-
   puters—they offer computer classes too—there is a
   full ceramic shop, wood working shop, lapidary, 2
   card rooms, sewing room with classes (I’ll need to
   take some of these), and so much more. We met with
   the manager and the Activity Directors. We spent 3
   hours with them and they were interested in us for
   help with Activities. By the time we made it back
   home, we had an email from the manager stating that
   they all had fallen in love with us and just had to                            For entertainment you’ll want to
   HAVE US for their “dream team.” So, it looks like                              dig deep into the closet and find
   we will be employed in a FABULOUS 5-Star resort                                those old saddle shoes and poo-
   this winter! The best part…we will have weekends                               dle skirt! Roll up your short
   off and be able to get involved in Chapter life while                          sleeves and slick back your hair
   in the area!                                                                   for a real 50’s sock hop. We’ve
                                                                                  got over 10 hours of some of the
   We will be leaving Phoenix on April 8th and be back                            best music of the 50s just wait-
   in Washington by the 13th. We will spend some time                             ing to rock-n-roll!
   with my family at the ranch before we head “home”                              No gathering of Wingers would
   to Richland. We have been blessed with such a won-       be complete without a great light show. And this year
   derful trip this year and are ready to take some time    you’ll be helping Chapter L celebrate their 25th anni-
   off from traveling. However, during our “down time”      versary as a GWRRA
   we’ll start making plans for the next big trip in an-    chapter!
   other year!
                                                            Check out the flyer
   We are truly living our dream and having a wonderful     and the registration
   time and encourage everyone to be sure to take time      form emailed along
   to ENJOY LIFE!                                           with this newsletter
                                                            and get your registra-
   Hugs to all and hope to hear from you soon!              tion mailed in today!

   Don & Cindy
   Don & Cindy Brock
   Living Our Dream!                                                                                                                       April—Page 7
                                        2008 Event Calendar
                                     More information will be added as it becomes available.
    April 4            WA-Q Auction, Puyallup, WA
    April 5            Multi-Chapter Breakfast Meeting; WA-L, WA-M, WA-N, WA-R. Red Barn in Prosser.
                       We will be riding up, weather permitting. Meet at Fred Meyers in Richland, kickstands up at 7:30
                       a.m.; ride to Benton City for breakfast at Shadow Mt. Café. The ride will go straight on to
                       Prosser on I-82, but the ride home is sure to be one of Tom’s “shortcuts”.
    April 12           WA-L Gathering at Cousins Restaurant, Pasco, WA—Breakfast 8AM/Meeting 9AM
    April 12           WA-C Spring Fever Run, Everett, WA
    April 19           1st Annual American Legion Riders Benefit Run, Pasco [ or 509-521-6916]
    April 20           WA-N Brown Bag Auction, Spokane, WA
    April 26           March for Babies (March of Dimes) Contact Alex Piper at 509-546-0846.
    April 27           Honor the Vets Poker Run & BBQ—Walla Walla VA Hospital at noon
    May 3              Ride to Legends Casino. Contact Gary Oldright at 509-375-1353
                       Meet: Richland Fred Meyer parking lot
                       Time: 9:45AM with kick stands up at 10:00AM
                       What: Heading to Legend’s Casino in Toppenish for lunch
                       Who: Everyone is invited on bikes or cars
                       Tom Didway will guide us “the long way” to Legends in Toppenish in time for lunch. Buffet or
                       grill food is available. After lunch everyone is invited to stay for some fun “gaming” action.
                       Watching is fun too!
    May 3 & 4          WA-M Fun Run, Poulin’s Honda, 513 S. 1st Street, Yakima, wa. 8:00AM. Last Out: 10AM
    May 10             WA-L Gathering at Cousins Restaurant, Pasco, WA—Breakfast 8AM/Meeting 9AM
    May 10             WA-F Crazy Ride, Spanaway, WA
    May 23-26          WA-L Desert Spring Fling, Kennewick, WA
    June 6-8           WA-R Blue Mt. Rendezvous, Walla Walla, WA
    June 7             WA-D Duck Hunt, Aberdeen, WA
    June 12-15         Oregon District Rally, Crook County Fairgrounds, Prineville, OR
    June 19-21         Wyoming District Rally, New Castle, WY
    June 20-22         WA-X Disabled Veterans Campout, Vancouver, WA
    July 3-6           Wing Ding 30 in Greenville, South Carolina
    July 18-20         Washington District Rally, at the NW Washington Fair & Events Center in Lynden, WA
    July 25-27         Montana District Rally Kirkwood Resort & Marina on Hebgen Lake, West Yellowstone, MT
    August 2           WA-F & WA-G Mountain Run
    August 14-16       Region I Region Rally, Powell, Wyoming
    August 16          WA-O Picnic in the Park. Port Orchard, WA
    August 29-31       WA-B at the Beach, Bremerton, WA
    August 29-31       Idaho District Rally in Kellogg, ID

                                     WA-L 2008 Ride Calendar
               The FIRST Saturday of each month WA-L will have a planned day ride or campout-ride, except for July.
        May 3 ........... Chapter L Day Ride                        August 2-3 ........... Chapter L Campout-Ride
        June 7-8 ....... Chapter L Campout-Ride                     Sept. 6-7 ............... Chapter L Campout-Ride
        July 12.......... Chapter L Day Ride                        October 4 ............. Chapter L Day Ride                                                                                     April—Page 8
                   Have You Seen….                                        March Dinner Social
  Washington State Senate Bill 6900                                                  By Gary Domas

  For those who don’t usually consider “Bill Watching” as      We had a small turnout for the March Dinner Social but the
  a spectator sport, you might want to watch this one.         food was great! We even brought along our oldest son, Chad
  2008 Senate Bill 6900 establishes vehicle engine dis-
  placement and emissions fees. Yes, new fees for the          Shown below (R-L): Lloyd Finley, Buddy Boling, Diana & Chad
  motoring public. Introduced by Senator Rodney Tom (D         Domas, Alex Piper, Sherry & Mark Bridge.
  -Medina) on February 1 2008, the bill has now moved
  onto the Transportation Committee.
  The proposed vehicle engine displacement fee would be
  based on engine size in liters, which is correlated with
  vehicle size and vehicle emissions. It would be paid and
  collected annually with the monies going to
  “transportation purposes” according to the bill.
  So how would this bill affect the GoldWing rider, the
  car owner, the SUV driver, or the pickup owner?
  (There’s a big “except motor homes” in the bill.)

       Engine Size (liters)      Rate Schedule
             Up to 1.9               $0
             2.0-2.9                 $70
             3.0-3.9                 $225
             4.0-4.9                 $275
             5.0-5.9                 $325
             6.0-7.9                 $400
             Over 8                  $600                                                
  The vehicle emission fees are slated to hit your wallet as
  well under SB6900. The emission fees would also be
  paid and collected annually with the monies going to
  “transportation purposes” according to the bill, with an-
  other “except” for motor homes. The fee is based on                  April Dinner Ride
  grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission per mile. Then
  starting in 2012 this fee would be paid at the time of                    April Dinner Ride will be at
  initial vehicle registration and any subsequent renewal.                   Chico's Tacos on corner of
  So what would you be paying? Well, the “department”                   Clearwater & Columbia Center Blvd
  would base the fee on data provided by the manufactur-                   at 6:00 on Sunday, April 27th.
  ers or “other sources defined by the department”.
     CO2Emissios (grams/mile)         Rate Schedule
             Up to 161                   $0
             162-193                     $70                             WA-L GATHERINGS
             194-241                     $225
             242-266                     $275                   Chapter L gets together at 8:00 AM for break-
             267-298                     $325                   fast at Cousins Restaurant on Road 68 in
             299-362                     $400                   Pasco, WA on the second Saturday of each
             Over 362                    $600                   month. After breakfast we discuss the business
  So check out SB6900! Be informed! Thanks to Royce
  Tollman for bringing this to our attention.
                                                                of the Chapter, share news and safety informa-
                                                                tion, and have fun! Please join us.
                                                                                                                                           April—Page 9
                                                                                                                  FOR SALE: Floorboards
                         FOR SALE                                                                              for 1800 with heal/toe shifter.
                                                                                                                       Kuryakyn # 4038 Reg:
     FOR SALE: For Sale. Wood Panel cargo trailer. Made to                                                         $304.99. For sale $200.00
     resemble a western buckboard. Measures 80” tongue to end.                                                      firm. Contact Alex Piper
     Box is 47”L X 40”W X 18” H. (approx. 22 cu. Ft.) Pull with                                                                509-492-0100
     auto or motorcycle. Solid metal hinges. Lock and key. Foot                                               
     box is a small storage box for small items, i.e.; green pro-                                              [May08]

     pane bottles. 12” wheels. Carpeted. Does not leak. Pulls
     excellent. Very sturdily built. Screwed, not nailed. Licensed              Looking for a bike to restore? I have a 78 GL1000 with
     in 2005. Used about 10 times. Asking $950.00 OBO. Please                   11K miles. I would like to find a good home for it. I figure
     call Suzanne Kasko (509)585-2129 or email at                               there is no better place to look than a Goldwing for more info. [Jun08]                                 club. Would prefer that someone restore it. E-mail,
                                                                       Mike Van Alstine [May08]

                                                                                WANT TO TRADE: I need to
                                                                                downsize from my 2000 Kawa-
                                                                                saki Concours. I am looking for a
                                                                                straight across trade/swap for
                                                                                something in the 650-750cc
                                                                                range. rather than an open sale.
     FOR SALE: BRAND NEW 2005 BLACK SILVERWING                                  Call Danny Sanders 509-786-
     Ridden, only to and from dealership for addition of trunk.                 4836. [Jun08]
     Title Free and Clear. Oregon Licensed with tags good
     through 4/11 (with Chrome Eagle plate holder). 60 Miles on                 FOR SALE: 1986 Goldwing Aspencade, two tone silver.
     odometer. Detachable aftermarket Givi Trunk with light kit -               29K original miles; I put 18K of them on since purchase in
     never used. Enough storage in both trunk and under seat to                 2001. Runs excellent. Have all maintenance records. Used
     hold 2 full face helmets each (4 total). Always kept garaged               Amsoil synthetic oil and
                                       on battery tender. New                   gear lube since purchase.
                                       with trunk – was $7000                   Trailer hitch and wiring in-
                                       plus. Asking $6500 obo,                  stalled. Consistent 47 MPG.
                                       plus you pick up or pay for              Bought 1995 SE, not enough
                                       delivery (negotiable). Call:             garage space for both. Lo-
                                       Cheri Huffman – 503-307-                 cated in Richland. $3950
                                       8245 or Terry Huffman 503                obo.
                                       -648-0343. [Apr08]                       [Jun08]

                                                                                FOR SALE: 1998 KWIK KAMP CAMPER
     FOR SALE: Men's leather jacket (3x) worn twice w/                          Excellent condition, easy one person setup, queen size bed,
     liner $50.00. Chaps (3x) worn once $50.00, Right hand                      inside table, Box color white, cover gray, Tires in very
     glove box double pocket cover to fit 1500. Never been in-                  good condition, spare tire fair condition, cooler blue, alumi-
     stalled $35.00. Royce Tollman 509 522-0650 or Cell 509                     num diamond plate cooler cover and table, 2 folding chairs
     520-0851. [Apr08]                                                          and some miscellaneous camping stuff. Location Yakima
                                                                                WA. $2,500.00 Contact: Richard Olszewski wingrider1_
     FOR SALE: 2004 Alfa Gold 5th wheel, 38ft, 3 slides, heat          Ph 509-457-1671 Cell 509-388-6449. WA-
     pump, Corian® counter tops, and more. This is 1st class.                   M Asst. Chapter Director, & Chapter Educator. [JUN08]
     lost job, will sacrifice. Call Rikki @ 509-619-3175 or e-mail
     me @ for more info. [May08]

     FOR SALE: 1993 Kawasaki KZ1000 police cruiser. Bike
     is 100%. Really comfortable, CB and MP-3 hook up w/
     headset. Lots of extras. Have all orig. police equip.
     too, $2750 or OBO. Call Rikki @ 509-619-3175 or e-mail
     me @ for more info. [May08]

 For Sale items are listed for three months. If your item sells, please email
the newsletter editor. To extend the listing email and request an extension
                         by the 25th of the month.                                                                                                    April—Page 10
   Gold Wing Road Riders Association                                                   Washington Chapter “L”
           Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge                                  Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge
                   Melissa Nordeoff, Executive Director                     Gary & Diana Domas                     Chapter Directors
                             Region “I”                                     Alex Piper                             Assistant CD
                                                                            Cathy Stephens                         Treasurer
    Roy & Pearl McKenzie            Region “I” Directors                       509-967-7213
                                                                            Tom Denny                              Rider Educator
               Washington District Staff                                             509-582-8779
                                          Della Heideman                         Newsletter Editor
    Mike & Peggy Hudnell          WA District Directors                     Gary & Christy Oldright                Membership Coordinator
    Hank & Marilyn Smith          Asst. District Directors                           509-375-1353
    Bob & Patty Spencer           Asst. District Directors
    Bill & Barb Ellis             District Leadership Training Div.         Mark Blake                             Computer Phone Tree
    Erv & Phyllis Granahan        District Treasurer                               509-783-4701
    Carmen Weakland               Membership Coordinator                    Lloyd Finley                           Telephone Tree (Non-PC)
    Jim & Pam Swart               District Educators                                                               509-783-9789
    John & Barb Smith             District Webmaster                        Kelly Humble                           Dinner Ride Coordinator
    Dale & Shirley Dufner         District Couple of the Year                         509-586-4873
    Bob & Thess Thurgood          District COY/IOY Coordinators             Tom & Santana Denny                    Couple of the Year
    Ronnie & Peggy Lopez          District Ambassadors                               509-582-8779
    Shirley Dufner                District Newsletter Editor                Gary Oldright                          Individual of the Year
                                                                            Tom Didway                             Ride & Tech Coordinator

          Crossword Puzzle                                                  Georgia Finley
                                                                            Santana Denny
                                                                                                                   Sunshine Coordinators
 WIN A FREE BREAKFAST! This crossword puzzle                                         509-582-8779
 contains words associated with GWRRA, Chapter WA-L,                        Mike & Beth Messinger                  Webmaster
 and motorcycling. Solve the puzzle and then detach from                             509-582-4560
 the newsletter and bring to the April 12th WA-L chapter
 meeting at Cousins. There will be a drawing for a free               Before entering… write your name here
 breakfast from the puzzles that have all the correct
 words. (Maximum value $10. Brought to you by Mem-
 bership Enhancement Coordinators Gary Oldright                                              1                            2

 and Christy Krul-Oldright) Hint: Here's a starter
 word: #8 Across is "EDUCATION".
                                                                                                               3                   4

 ACROSS                                                                                             5
 1.  What the adjunct shares with students
 3.  To toss haphazardly                                                                            6

 6.  Come together for a common effort                                 7
 8.  Most have secondary, some advanced, some seat of the
 11. A pair of English fellows                                         8                     9                                               10
 13. Having one is twice as nice as having none.
 14. Mine are dated 1705
 15. Not the other "H" brand
                                                                                                    11                    12

 2.  FDA recommends 3 servings of this per day
 4.  Au
 5.  It makes perfect                                                  14

 7.  The one above "His Nubs"
 9.  Bling
 10. This word has one "S"; if it had two you'd want more of it
 12. Starts on the vernal equinox
                                                                                                                                                                   April—Page 11

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